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The Ill-Fated Protagonists

For ease of my and your reference, please copy and paste your application into a single post in this thread. Once character sheets are finished, please include a link to your sheet in the same post.
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Breya d'Medani


left-aligned image
Name: Breya current nom de guerreGreenfinch (d'Medani, but rarely introduces herself that way) [sheet]
Race: House Medani Mark of Detection, Variant Half-ElfDragonmarked Khoravar
Class: [Lore] Anticipating Warlock 2 at some point, but otherwise Lore Bard all the way.Bard 2 / Warlock 1 (Great Old One) for some Mourning special effects
Details: female, approximately late teens on Day of Mourning, plus four years since then20-23, found floating down the river from Cyre, but House Medani is very Brelish, so hard to say if her family was just visiting Cyre (during a war?) or if she were born and raised thereprobably Cyrean
Background: House Agent

Backstory (691 words): On the Day of Mourning, while so many were in shock and wondering what was going on off there on the horizon, a Khoravar teenager was found drifting down the river Brey clinging to the wreckage of a small boat. Barely conscious when discovered, the man who found her took her home, tucked her into a real bed to combat the mild case of hypothermia she was already shivering from, and ran for a healer. It seemed likely she had been in Cyre right when whatever it was had happened; that said, she didn't recall a thing. Not her name, not where she was from, or whom she may have left behind. All she had left besides the clothes on her back was a locket cleverly made from a d'Medani signet ring in which was a picture of a lady very similar in appearance to the child herself. For lack of a better name to call her, the villagers took to calling her Breya, and she moved in with the healer to assist the old woman as a way of thanking her.

Six months after recovering physically, the Medani dragonmark appeared on her shoulder one stormy night in a moment of stress when the storm blew out all their light sources. The mark glowed gently, as did Breya's eyes, and for a moment it was as though she could see everything clearly: the objects in the room, the magic within certain potions, and she was able to relight the fireplace before the feeling faded. It gave her hope that she might have family, or at least extended House Medani folk who could be a replacement for what Breya assumed she must have lost. It saddened her to leave the village which had taken her in, but if she wished to find people to help her in her quest for self-knowledge, she needed to head west to Wroat. It took her another six months to finally convince herself to go, but go she did.

House Medani accepted her without question when they saw the mark, though unfortunately their records didn't say much about the woman painted in her Medani-marked locket, nor any specific d'Medani family living in Cyre. What they did not expect came within the first week of her studying its uses; the mark grew and changed. It wasn't a shift to a more significant form of the mark, as some might have after years of study and use. Tendrils of light grew outward from the mark, as if just under her skin, causing a vine-like or spider web pattern easily double the size of the original mark on closer inspection. Whatever had happened, it was an oddity spreading on her neck and shoulder, no longer quite the Mark of Detection. It also wasn't an aberrant mark, but it made her new extended family nervous enough to leaving this interaction open-ended since he's a canon NPCinvolve Baron Trelib d'Medani. Several serious conversations led to Breya finishing her training and keeping her House status, even becoming House Agent backgroundan agent of the house, but doing her investigating and exploration while ultimately traveling to Sharn in order to secretly, black mark if Medani finds outseek out House Tarkanan and see if those with aberrant dragonmarks had any more to offer on the subject of her strange mark.

In the three years since, she's gone back and forth to Wroat and in and around Sharn, even joining the Clifftop Adventurer's Guild for some running around money, but for all her seeking, she has primary goal, pretty much eclipses anything elseyet to find a solid answer for what it is that affects her mark and her magic. Along the way she discovered the Circle of Song and "Mantra", Kalashtar bard, details below as they occur to mefound a mentor to improve the musical skills she didn't consciously recall learning as a child. It's far more her speed to travel as a bard, singing and playing for her supper along the roads than as the house agent she technically is, and she tries to stay near the Circle of Song instead of living in Dragon Towers with her House (though she does that too, depending on her current activities). Most have ever seen the fine garments kept folded at the bottom of her odd assortment of belongings.

TBDAdditional flavor could be worked out about weird dragonmark, or nixed by DM.
  • Considering other "infected" by the Mourning mechanics. At present, I'm sticking to Bard 2/Warlock 1 and just considering the aberrant mark flaw list as likely RP fuel.
Working on two NPCs...
  • House Tarkanan NPCs (from writing sample scene): Brekr Thane ("Sarge", "Bull", human weapon/security chief), Nalaea Reylamin (elven sage of aberrant marks), and brief mention of Thora [Tavin] Tarkanan
  • House Medani outpost NPCs? Likely knows whoever is in charge in Sharn, since Agents would be given tasks by the nearest outpost even if she chooses not to live there while in the city.
  • Breya's bardic mentor: "Mantra", middle-aged lanky male Kalashtar bard of the Circle of Song in Sharn, met accidentally because she is a telepath and so is he. Not a father figure, more like a slightly zany uncle with different views on life and religion but otherwise similar outlook.
A New Festhall for "our" SharnArcadian Ambrosia
District: Firelight (Middle Menthis)
Owner: Madam Fredda (usually female changeling, probably middle aged but hard to tell... changeling), a madame in most senses of the word.
Other NPCs: Devan/Devana, mid to late 20s changeling, good friend of Breya's.

This festhall specializes in ways to enjoy yourself and relax, so while it does service as a brothel, it also has a wide range of food and drink, spa treatments, a hot spring pool (magic, not a natural spring), genial games that could be played across a table (heavy wagering frowned upon, there are casinos for that sort of thing). The goal is to relax.


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Are you new?: I'm well versed in 5e, but new to the setting of Eberron. The idea of pulp fiction and high fantasy mixed together appeals to me though. I really like The Mourning as a concept, and the sort of post-Hiroshima fear it foments in the setting. The idea of injecting maddening Lovecraftian forces from beyond in a setting already dealing with a major inexplicable crisis really entices me and I hope to see themes of cosmic horror used and expanded on.

Character Details - Ilyana
right-aligned image

Character Sheet
Name: Ilyana Crontioram
Race: Fallen Aasimar
Class: Sorcerer - Aberrant Mind
Background: Hermit
Personality Trait #1: I feel tremendous empathy for all who suffer. Ilyana has always been gentle with others, but ever since the Day of Mourning, she has been able to sense other people's thoughts, especially pain and suffering.
Personality Trait #2: Due to my seclusion, I have yet to mature in some ways. Ilyana is book smart and has a certain amount of intuition due to her psionic abilities, but she is not street smart by any means.
Ideal: If you know yourself, there's nothing left to know. Because she's been caught up in the mystery of her new abilities and appearance, Ilyana envies those who know themselves completely, and strives to achieve the same.
Bond: My isolation gave me great insight into a great evil that only I can destroy. Ilyana feels responsible for the tragedy that occurred two years prior, and she believes she is supposed to prevent it from happening ever again. How she would go about doing this eludes her.
Flaw: Too often I let my own fear rule me. Ilyana is a nervous individual. One of her greatest fears is hurting someone in a way that could never heal.




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Am I new?
I am a long time member here and am quite experienced with PbP, 5th edition D&D and Pathfinder.

Not so much with the Eberron setting. For all practical purposes, I'm new to the formal Eberron setting. I've borrowed bits and pieces for my own games and have played in games that use warforged and the Eberron map, but little else. I know very little about the actual setting. I thought this might actually be an advantage regarding the exploration aspect of this game.

applicationimage credit: supergroverfanclub (I colored it)
left-aligned image

Common Name: Meg
Goblinoid name: Corpse-Mother (Ul'dar Mula)
Race: Bugbear
Class: Barbarian (Totem: Bear)
Alignment: Lawful Good (?) (she tries)
Background: Outlander (outcast)
Character Sheet
♪♫ Musical Theme ♩♬: (Insert tragic doom-metal song here)

Concept: A grief damaged barbarian who harbors a seething hatred for evil of any kind, but from goblinoids especially. Good and Evil are concepts that she's still trying to understand, largely by trusting her own moral compass, but also in trusting in the laws of people she tends to see as just and good.

During the Last War, while her Marguul highland warriors fought, she remained at the encampments. Her duty was to the hearth and the children and preparing food for the warriors. War was a life she was born into and all she knew. It wasn't until she had lost her first child to war that she began to examine her culture more critically. She knew he died a warrior and for the good of the tribe, but the cost seemed too high; the value empty and hollow when she looked at his empty spot by the fire. Two more of her children would loose their lives to battle in the next few years. She had even embraced the way of the bear in the hopes that the totem's strength would protect them. It had not.

Like all of the other youths she fed and clothed, her children had been bloodthirsty for battle. Again and again she watched as young warriors died in pointless violence. Them and so many other youths, throwing their lives away, sometimes even literally over a scrap of meat around the fire when rations were low.

She had one more child before taking measures to ensure she would bear no more. She had also begun to notice how outsiders always viewed her kin, as monsters. They were attacked on sight if they encountered any other humanoid race. Why? She became mindful of just how sadistic her tribe was. Pain and violence were like siren calls to the hot-blooded young bugbears, leading them to be dashed on bloody rocks. She witnessed the pain and suffering they wrought on their enemies, something she had always accepted as a necessary part of war, but had noticed that their enemies did not do this. They would demonstrate compassion and mercy on the battlefield, even to her own people. Despite this weakness, the other races were just as strong in battle.

While out collecting herbs, she happened upon a group of gnomes who were camped near her territory. When she approached peacefully, they did not attack on sight, but they were clearly mistrusting. One of the gnomes, an older man who called himself Buddynutty, offered to share his meal with her. They conversed long into the night, largely about good and evil, the war, and what kind of future they all wanted. When she returned, it was like she saw her people through different eyes.

Her doubts became judgement, her faith turned to cynicism. She began to secretly hate her culture and her tribe. Her last child was young enough to maybe be saved from this perpetual cycle of violence. Working with a group of about eight youths, she tried, in secret, to teach them to control their rage and to consider that, possibly, the tribe's ways were wrong.

She failed. As they reached adolescence, they shunned her efforts. They insulted and mocked her. Then they did worse. She hated them for that, and for what they had become. She hated all of them, and pitied her own. One night, like one would put down a mad dog, she fed these eight young warriors their last meal, meat marinated in poison. After watching her child take his last breath, she laid him with his still brothers and sisters. Then she tried to remove the head of her chief, Tooth Breaker, the bugbear who had lead so many to their deaths. He was too quick, however, and her inexperienced cut too shallow. With his throat cut, he struggled to catch her as she fled, but he was unable to stand. His gurgling shouts called after her in the night. That was the last she saw of her tribe.

Word spread among goblinkin of her bloody betrayal. They spat a cursed name when they told the story, branding her the Corpse-Mother. She knew she would be hunted and killed if she continued alone. Then the mist came. She was spared by the deadly mist, despite her calling after it to take her. The war ended. Was there a place for her in this new era? Would she be able to find acceptance in the city? Years later, she was still trying, but at least she had found the Clifftop Adventurer's Guild.

Goals and other:
Find a new 'tribe' whatever that may be (adventuring party maybe). Ideally, a group of like-minded people who work to actively do good in the world. She doesn't expect to live long enough for long term goals, but she hopes that one day she might find a sense of personal peace and redemption. Perhaps be a grandmother, or grandmother type, with influence over children she that she can be proud of. She has a great desire to ensure that this new peace is a lasting one.

What relationship, if any, do you have with the Dragonmarked Houses?
She has no opinion on Dragonmarks. She suspects they are portents but lacks the understanding to interpret them and doubts those who claim to be able to do so, unless that person might be an actual dragon.

Do you have a trinket, and if so how did you get it?
Yes. She wears a skirt made from arrow shafts and bolts. Each of them have been fired at her personally. In addition to those fired at her in combat, many came from simple preemptive strikes. Some came from outpost archers, others came from elven scouts, more than a dozen from travelers on the road, still others came from guards atop city walls. Over the past couple of years, she has collected them and used them to form her skirt.

What would bring your character fulfillment and/or peace?

Having an active role in achieving a lasting peace so that a generation of children wouldn't know war at all. In a more immediate sense, she finds enjoyment in happy children.

Flaws: I like to think about what flaws my character has. It is easy to get caught up in the coolness and power of a character and forget about the not-so-good parts. Meg buries her pain deep, for she views guilt and emotional pain as weakness. She also has a healthy hatred for herself and what she is, both as a race and what she's done as a person, but she tries not to show it. With all her repressed self loathing, guilt, regret, and fear she has little emotional room left for witch to deal with other people's baggage or drama. Also, she ironically tends to judge goblinoids quite harshly. She feels she has a reason to hate them on sight, because she knows them all too well.

About me:
I have no active games at the moment, (other than running one or two New Player Solo Games at any given time). I've been on this site for a long time and don't plan on leaving any time soon. I can post every day, but do better with a few days to post between DM updates. The most recent game I was in just ended. (The Return to Karredral) If you want to read my posts as an RP sample, feel free. I played a much different character in that game than I'm applying with in this game though (jolly gnome wizard).

bonus writing for funzies


Personal Notes
Link to a decent map of the Khorvaire continent.

Eberron History Timeline

Download my custom Goblin font! (or typeface if you're technical). (Sample text)




Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	meg-color2.jpg
Views:	379
Size:	170.5 KB
ID:	83372  
Attached Images

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Ren Squirrel-Herder
Name: Ren Squirrel-Herder
Race: Forest Gnome
Class: Revised Ranger with Class Feature Variants (Horizon Walker)
Background: Noble

Backstory and Goals: Ren was born to a wealthy family that lived within the woods of the Aundair, a tree filled town known as Elandora, it was a beautiful mix of technology and magic. His family were rangers that specialized in fighting creatures of the other planes. They were hired from all around Eberron to fight them when local authorities could not, including aiding the Dragonmarked houses and had a good relationship with most of them. As their reputation grew, others came to the town to learn their trade or to join in training others. Together they had made Elandora an ideal academy ground for others who wished to learn such skills and become master rangers.

Gnomes, mostly known for their innovation and sensitivity to magic made for excellent Horizon Walkers, their natural resistance to magic made it tough for them to attack and their use for speaking to small wild animals made it easy for them to hunt. His family had been in the practice for centuries, not long after the great migration of his ancestors from Thelanis, and to think, before then, they were simple squirrel herders.

During the war, Ren, his family and those that lived and trained in the town were bought to fight for them when it involved planar creatures. Those that were not trained enough, but sought adventure left the academy in search for glory and fought in the Shadow Marches. Those with completed training, were hired to fight in the mines with the dwarves in Mror Holds, attacking the demons that had claimed land in the underground.

Ren and his family, chose to venture to aid their fellow gnomes, helping them become the nation of Zilargo. Ren with his training made for a good scout for the gnomish armies, but was kept out of any major battles because of his youth. The war was long and the family, as well as the academy, had stretched themselves very thin. Many were lost during this war, sacrificing themselves for the greater good.

Ren and seven others were the only ones that survived from Elandora, and the town that his family had created had been burned to the ground by forces they could not clearly detect or point a finger at. They were acknowledged for their acts during the war, rewarded nicely, given titles and badges. The first given to Ren was a medal that had his families crest on it, it was from his father who died, it was requested to be given to Ren as his last, dying words. The other was a medal for his bravery and skills, the gnome and his remaining family accepted the medals and were allowed to leave.

The seven that were left were his love, Jae, his uncle Doren, his twin older brother and sister Faren and Garen, Jaska, a friend of the family as well as Loke, Maren and Beda who were training within the town. Those that did not have a relationship with the family took off, where to, he did not know. His family, and loved one chose to continue fighting, even if it wasn't the Daelkyr. They joined the Clifftop Adventurer's Guild because it seemed that the guild was doing good things, and took in many lost soldiers who no longer had a home. The family put most of their wealth into the guild to make sure that there was enough space for all the new recruits, making sure that they were all welcome.

His days of training were over, his time now consisted of checking in with his loved one, Jae at the guild, as well as the rest of his family. After a drink or two, they find out what they are assigned and then go on with their day completing whatever the guild asked of them. They would then return to the guild, celebrate with whoever was there and continue on with their lives. If someone from the family was assigned to a longer mission they would send letters or leave notes at the guild to let them know what was going on. They all remain close to this day and hope to one day, under the leadership of the guild, to build a new academy to train rangers in their arts, as well as start families and die of old age, or die doing what they love.

Recently, Ren has found himself in the spires of Sharn, he had just completed a mission of disposing of a small band of dealers that were selling Dreamlily, a powerful drug that was used in the war to stop pain, but was deemed illegal because of it's addictive nature. What Ren found though, was not actual Dreamlily, but a version of it, with much harsher side effects. During their investigation, before they took down the dealers, they had met a man who was high on the drug, he began to speak of the ancient evil that lurked under them, something about them coming back, but he then reacted like he saw something, something horrifying. He had a heart attack and died in his bed, the look frozen on his face.

Ren decided to stay in Sharn for a little longer, to have some time to himself, see the city of spires and have some fun before he went back to the guild. After sending his letter and receiving the approval from the guild he had been on a tour of the taverns there, having drinks and meeting the people that lived there.

- To hunt rare and dangerous creatures from the other planes.
- To one day build an academy through the guild and continue to train others in his families ways.
- To settle down with Jae, become strictly a teacher, have a family and die of old age.
- To contribute to his friends and family as best he can and keep their bond strong with each other.


Character Sheet:

Appearance Description: Hard to find a gnome ranger haha, so a description would better be in order.


Roleplaying sample:


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Digger's Deets
right-aligned image

Name: Digger
Race: Warforged Envoy
Class: Druid of Spores
Background: Hermit
Character Sheet
Personality Traits
  • I am very idiosyncratic in my view on life, death and undeath.
  • I am still learning many things in this world, and am prone to ask many questions.
Ideal: Compassion - All beings need compassion in life, as they cross the border, and as they lie forever in death.
Bond: The shifter community of The Eldeen Reaches welcomed me into their fold when I was alone and did not know how to proceed. They helped me find a purpose worth living for, and I feel very protective of them.
Flaw: I am still very young and naive.
Player Goals: I'd be interested in exploring the status of Warforged following the Last War. The reaction to these artifacts of war slowly and uncertainly integrating back into a society scarred by the very event of their inception seems really interesting to me. In fact it's more or less the primary premise of my character!

IC Goals: Learn more about this odd and enchanting world they are just beginning to get a handle on.

Backstory and Goals: Digger was commissioned by Aundair less than two years before the close of the Last War. They were intended to fill the sorely depleted ranks of combat medics. After their creation they were trained in the arts of medicine and healing by their creator, and in how to scurry about the battlefields quickly enough to patch up the wounded without being immediately skewered. They deployed to Aundair immediately after their training was complete, but by this point the long war of attrition was coming to it's end and Digger never actually saw combat personally. Even so, the depredations of war had left a grisly task behind, and it quickly became Digger's task to prepare and bury corpses rotting on old battlefields.

Before long the Treaty of Thronehold was signed, officially bringing the Last War to a close, and Digger planted the few remaining bodies to rest in the ground before being released from service to their own devices.

Not knowing what to do, Digger retreated from society and went into the deepest parts of the forests of The Eldeen Reaches. They found a quiet place with shade, and a small cave to inhabit, and thought about death. When men and beasts died, their bodies were claimed by nature. When Warforged died, their bodies remained preserved from nature. They sat and meditated on this for a great deal of time.

That was where Tieth, the Cliffwalker Shifter, found them, standing silently still in a glade staring at a dying poplar unmoving.


Digger began training as a druid under Moonspeaker Eleorosh. They spent the next year learning much from the old shifter about nature and about life. The warforged proved a surprisingly adept student, quickly picking up the ways of nature and the druidic arts.

During their training Tieth would make regular visits at Eleorosh's Glade, and they quickly came to view her with great fondness. Fortunately for them, she seemed to feel the same way. Though she was destined to become a Loreguard, for digger this was some other inscrutable role in Shifter society.

Because of his advanced age, Eleorosh had a hard time travelling between the Shifter clans, so once they became adept enough, he sent Digger out in his place. At first the shifters found this strange to the point of affront. But with the help of Tieth and Eleorosh's blessing Digger began to be viewed as a member of the community.

Less than two years after beginning their training, Digger was summoned urgently back to Eleorosh's Glade. They found the old man in poor shape.


Digger stayed by Eleorosh's side continuously for the next three days as the old man drifted into and out of consciousness, sometimes he was well enough to tell stories of the old days, of his own adventures across Khorvaire. Other times he could do little more than lie in bed quietly. Then, on the morning of the fourth day, he didn't stir. Digger sat there with his master's now stiffened hand cradled gently in their own.

Tieth, who had been sitting vigil as well, came in to find the two of them in that motionless state, like a tableau. Wailing she grabbed Digger and hugged them tightly, crying onto their stiff wooden shoulder.

Once again, Digger did their duty, preparing the body and burying it in the glade. Planting a poplar to mark the spot where their master would rest for eternity.

The next day, Digger and Tieth set out for Sharn.


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Required ApplicationName: Charming
Race: Warforged
Class: Artificer (Battlesmith)
Background: House Agent (Cannith)
left-aligned image

Backstory and Goals: By the time of The Mourning, no one needed to be sold on Warforged anymore. The possibilities--for war and worse--were already well-explored, and recent advancements into leadership and true autonomy were rumbling across Eberron. Sentience was given value and equated with a soul, at least for some, and this shift began to breed both suspicion and wonder.

It was Charming, so long in service to House Cannith--thirty-three years long--who began to see the path to freedom. This warforged had commanded armies of machines and men and monsters; he'd acted as obedient servant and slave to foreign dignitaries and ambitious businessmen; he'd taken up books and strategy and learning, made a true study of magic, and became adept at working the forges--so much so that, for a time, Charming helped create the very race he was trying to unchain.

It was only sheer luck, the very best of good timing, that had Charming away from Cyre when The Mourning occurred. Still, it shook him--so many lives lost, so many lives prevented. His were a finite number, now, made even more real by the Treaty that prevented warforged propagation. In his years observing the peoples of Khorvaire, Charming had realized that small groups had smaller voices; what, then, would become of the warforged, who could now only live and die out?

A people need dignity if they're to be respected. A people need to demonstrate talents outside death and destruction if they're to be respected in wider circles. The warforged were becoming a people, loosely, but Charming had begun to wonder if they could become actual, accepted people. He spoke these thoughts aloud, but few of his fellow constructs would listen, their purposes all but perished in the cataclysm. With determination and a single-minded drive to lift his race from the doldrums, Charming set forth to become as charming and talented as possible. He encouraged modifications. He encouraged proper dress and etiquette; at times, he encouraged partaking of food and beverage, or at least the actions of such, just to make others feel more comfortable in his presence.

Charming was a great purveyor of tea, not to mention an excellent sommelier.

Some laughed at him. Some did much worse. Yet, there were a few who saw value in adopting this new role. Thirty-three years ago, one of the first out of the forge, Charming had a much different name. He could still remember it, still bore it with pride among those of his House—those who remembered. Here we have AV3307, affectionately known as Victory: The line that started it all.

Victory, he would have.

ConnectionsBaron Merrick d'Cannith: Although Charming's interaction with Merrick of Sharn seems much tempered and terribly rare these days, the warforged can recall a time when he was Merrick's gem--a glowing advertisement for the possibilities presented by sentient constructs crafted for war. Although Charming has little time for gods and spirits, it could be said that the warforged worships Merrick, mostly from afar, absorbing the man's teachings and discoveries and hoping desperately to be included in Merrick's inner circle. Much of this is borne from the loyalty Charming had for Arren d'Cannith, his ultimate creator, and there is little that would make Charming betray a cause that helps put Merrick ahead of the other House Leaders--or that would prevent Charming from taking on a mission that could catapult his beloved Merrick ahead of the others in the House.

Lisel Lightfoot: Although it may seem strange that an old warforged would befriend a youthful halfling, Lisel and Charming have been fast friends for nearly three years, ever since Charming visited The Honoured Hound and saw the girl getting etiquette lessons by her mother. Intrigued by the exercises in ways that Lisel was not, Charming managed to ingratiate himself to both mother and daughter, and Lisel suddenly had a friend with whom to endure her studies. In truth, Charming excelled in etiquette where Lisel faltered, but the halfling's improvements were so great from the disaster she once was, her mother allowed the relationship to continue. Born in Sharn, Lisel dreams of one day travelling to the Talenta Plains and riding the raptors her father swears exist--and, of course, she'll be taking Charming for protection. The warforged, who never really had a friend before, absolutely adores and dotes on the girl, and he believes that one day, perhaps soon, they will take that trip!

Integrity has no need of rules.
(Albert Camus)

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Skyr's Scintillating Summary
left-aligned image

Name: Skyr of Clan Doldarun
Race: Dwarf (Mountain)
Class: Bard (College of Lore)
Background: Noble
Ideal: Generosity - My privelege was given to me so that I could use it to benefit the world.
Bond: Clan Doldarun - I hold close to my family's ideals, but know that there is a lot more gray in the world than black and white. Most of my kin refuse to acknowledge this, but I've adopted a more realistic approach to life, particularly the constant battles, in the realm below. My clan expects me to delve even deeper and take a spire of my own, but I've shied from the traditional Doldarunic battlecraft and use my talents to weave tales and song instead. At least for now, I've turned my back on the expectations of my heritage, and am traveling in secret to find a potential solution to The Dol Udar or War Below.
Flaw: I'm idealistic to the point of inaction.
Trinket: Jhorash'tar Axe- As a young child, I was often left to my own devices while my family was focused on making battle. Once, I found a small passage out of Doldarunhold where I could slip in and out without arousing the suspicions of the guard. Wandering the wilderness outside of the mountain, I met a lone Jhorash'tar child and knowing little better, we became friends. We would often meet while our respective clans were doing battle. Though neither of us could speak the other's language, we would spend our time singing our favorite children's songs to one another. For weeks we continued to meet until one day, the orc child didn't show up to their meeting place. Instead, I found the boy's delicately wrapped war axe at the spot. I've never told anyone about my rendezvous, and have kept quiet about the source of the axe. I named the the weapon, Hljomrsbrodir, or Brother Music after my friend and fashioned the head of the axe to a fine piece of dwarven cedar.
Backstory and Goals:

I've taken the oath!

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