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Old Mar 16th, 2020, 10:46 PM
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A Message from the Staff of RPGX:

A message from the staff of RPGX:

My dear RPGX community,

As I am sure you are well aware the world is currently facing the most widespread pandemic in any of our lifetimes (with the exception of my grandmother, who I kid you not, remembers the Spanish flu). I’m sure you’ve seen dozens of news articles, memes, and general nonsense concerning the novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19. We’re not going to belabor the importance of flattening the curve, the significance of social distancing (and let’s be honest we’re an online community so we’re pretty awesome at that anyway), government failures, and we’re not going to try to dissect the psychological machinations of hoarding toilet tissue for a respiratory disease. No, that’s not what you’re here for and that’s not what we’re here to do.

You’re here to game, to write, to read, and to escape. You come here to enjoy the fun that is living in a world of fantasy and magic, or technology and magic, or some combination thereof. Most of us started playing these sorts of games with the same basic premise, “save the princess McGuffin.” Now princess McGuffin is a generic term that could be a town or village or what have you; the point is we started off with the goal of saving people – of being kind and compassionate and having the strength and abilities to overcome whatever problem lay before us, whether goblin, werewolf, or dragon.

During these turbulent times what we’re asking is to take some of that compassion, some of that empathy, some of that heroic desire that each of us have deep down and extend it outwards into reality. People are scared for themselves and their loved ones; people are sick; and in some cases, people are dying – and it isn’t going to end any time soon. We have a great community here which is reaffirmed every winter season with our charity fundraiser and what we’re asking now, is to keep that up, keep that going, and be the best person you can be right now. We have the privilege of gaming with people from all over the world and that’s a beautiful thing, so be there for one another, support one another, and take that support and extend it outwards into the real world. People are in dire need of leaders, of heroes, and of people who will look panicked hysteria in the face, and say, "No, we don’t need to panic. I was there when the Kingpriest of Istar brought down the Great Destruction, I’ve walked the blasted plains of Athas, and I’ve Run the Shadows of the Fifth Age. We will get through this. It may be hard, it may be difficult, and it may be different from anything we’ve ever done, but we will not succumb."

Be hopeful, be heroic, and be good my friends; it doesn’t cost anything, and it is in shorter supply than toilet paper.

With electronic love and hugs,
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