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Heroes of the Purple Wastes

Character Concept Name:

Alignment: Non-Evil please
Personality Traits: Two

Appearance: Include both a picture and a description of your character.
Personality: A more in-depth look at your personality traits. As part of this ask yourself the following:

What is your greatest dream?
What do you like most about yourself?
What do you hate most about yourself?
What do you see as your biggest strength?
What do you see as your biggest weakness?
Why have you chosen to head east across the Dragonwall?

Backstory: Please include the following:

What is your earliest memory?
What was your greatest triumph
What was your worst defeat?
What, if you could, would you go back in time to change?

RP Sample: Tell me of the moment that made you decide to head east and cross the Dragonwall in search of a legendary place that may or may not exist.

You may use anywhere in the Western Realms as a basis for your applications - your characters may originate from anywhere in the Realms but at the point of the game start they should be based in the West and have moved to the Bitter Well Oasis to seek transport past the Dragonwall.

In addition, you may also use Kara-Tur or the east as a basis for the concept as long as the character is returning east across the Dragonwall at the game start.

Character GenerationAcceptable Sources: PHB, SCAG, Volo GTM, XGE

Beginning Level: 4

Ability Generation Method: 27 Point Buy

Starting Gold: Roll as per optional PHB rules

Starting Equipment: As per PHB

Magic Items: Yes, each can start with a potion of healing and one other chosen magic item of no greater than uncommon rarity
GM: What Lies Beneath - a Gothic Horror role-playing extravaganza

Recruiting for: Baldur’s Gate: Descent to Avernus
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Tajsa of Akhir

left-aligned image

Name: Tajsa of Akhir

Race: Half-Wood Elf
Class: Level 1Ranger/Level 3Rogue - Skirmisher (if allowed) or Scout (if not)
Age: 21
Alignment: Neutral Good

Background: Outlander (Homesteader)
Personality Trait 1: I'm driven by a wanderlust, that led me away from home.
Personality Trait 2: I place no stock in wealthy or well-mannered folk. Money and manners won’t save you from a hungry owlbear.
Ideal: Life is like the seasons, in constant change, and we must change with it.
Bond: My family is the most important thing in my life, even though they are far from me.
Flaw: I have an insatiable curiosity, that ofttimes finds me in trouble.

Appearance: Medium-dark brown skin, with blue eyes. She has long braided hair only slightly darker than her skin tone. There is a brightly colored tattoo over her left eye in a flower/vine pattern. She's young, perky, and 5'7". There isn't an ounce of fat anywhere it shouldn't be, and there is obvious definition in her abs, legs, and arms.

Personality: Tajsa doesn't speak much at first. She prefers to listen to people in order to better understand and know them. She isn't as cold and distant as she tends to think she is, unless she really doesn't like that person. And once she gets to know someone, they are considered family, as far as she is concerned. Life is short, so why make enemies?
  • What is your greatest dream? I want to find myself a kindred spirit. One that wishes to share my life with me, through our many adventures, and into our old age.
  • What do you like most about yourself? I'd have to say it's my ability to adapt to new situations. Whatever comes my way, I'm sure I can handle it.
  • What do you hate most about yourself? Hate is such a strong word, isn't it? Hmmm, what do I dislike... Oh, my naivete. I know so little about the world, and long to know more.
  • What do you see as your biggest strength? My skill as an archer. I am pretty damned accurate, and not too modest to admit it.
  • What do you see as your biggest weakness? My health. I developed a.k.a. Pneumonialung sickness as a child, which has left me weaker than I let on.
  • Why have you chosen to head east across the Dragonwall? Curiosity? Oh, and the promise of payment once the expedition was over.

Backstory: Tajsa was born at the Oasis of Akhir, which is where she gets her name. Her mother was a hunter of the Desert of Desolation, and her father was a farmer and carpenter. Living along one of the Sandvoyager Guild's trade routes between Southern Durpar and Northern Mulhorand and Semphar, has made Tajsa's family relatively wealthy among the desert inhabitants.

Growing up, Tajsa was very popular with both the boys and the girls of the surrounding villages, the caravans, and the wandering tribes that passed through. Though with many of the boys, she found she had to make it very clear that she wasn't their property, and she would see who she wanted to see. Her parents had raised her to give respect to others, and expect them to return it the same.

At 17, Tajsa was announced as a woman. After many long hours giving it thought, Tajsa decided she wanted to see more of the world than just desert. She joined a caravan heading North, where everyone knew there was treasure to be found, lost tombs to be looted, and plenty of opportunities to be had. Once she found Ilphanar, she made it her home. It took little time to find someone to mentor her for a year, but she found an old rogue that was wanting to pass on his knowledge. Working almost for free, she learned about her new home, and the land around it. She's been as far East as Leopai Shan, has traveled all along the Great Wild Wood of Shalhoond, and as far West as Phannaskul. And everywhere in between.

After establishing herself as reliable and knowledgeable, Tajsa began hiring herself out independently. Her first job was quite easy. Just a group of treasure hunters looking for an easy win. But her second.... that was a problem. First, the company that hired her insisted upon hiring a second person, this turned out to be a ranger by the name of Karnag. Karnag was gruff, and obviously seasoned with something hard as stone. He'd lived a hard life, and they took it as wisdom. Tajsa knew it was just as likely that he had made a lot of bad decisions. And soon they'd be led into one.

Tajsa's former mentor had mentioned to her that they should never, ever, head East during the rainy season. Karnag insisted that it'd be fine, better than fine even. He promised them that now was exactly the time to be heading East, and that a great many treasures were to be found. Tajsa isn't exactly sure what they would have found, because during a snow storm, she and another archer fell away from the rest. She isn't sure what happened to the archer, but she counted herself to be lucky just to have survived.
  • What is your earliest memory? My earliest memory was when Momma took me hunting for the first time. I got to see such wonderful sights, and enjoy the freedom that was to be had in the desert. It was the beginning of my love of adventure.
  • What was your greatest triumph? When I was thirteen, I kissed a boy named Jimeson. Well, I guess he got it into his mind that made me his girl. Well, I'm not anyone's to own, so I challenged him to a fight. He laughed it off, until I raised the stakes. I told him that if he won, I'd be his girlfriend, just as he wanted, for the next year. And if I won, he had help my Poppa work the land for a year instead.

    He thought it was an easy bet to win, but when my fist broke his nose, he immediately began crying and ran home. His father had to force him to uphold his end of the bet.
  • What was your worst defeat? When I allowed Karnag to intimidate me, and take over as the lead of our expedition. I don't know what it was about him, but I just felt a fear wash over me when I stared into his eyes. I swear, I almost... nevermind. *blushes*
  • What, if you could, would you go back in time to change? I should have tried harder to dissuade Aldere the Broker from going during the rainy season. That, and I should have charged more than I already had.

RP Sample: Tajsa stood outside the manor house of Aldere the Broker, her soon-to-be client and benefactor. To say that Aldere was a wealthy merchant, was to say the the Desert of Desolation was dry. Both statements were underwhelmingly true, but neither did they speak to the true magnitude of his wealth, or the desert's heat. A grin spread across the young scout's face. ~ I am going to be so wealthy! she thought to herself, then tried to steal her features away from the silly grin.

Taking a breath, Tajsa walked up to the manor door, and used the knocker to announce her presence. She hadn't even released the knocker, when the door was opened for her by a young looking woman in a long white dress, her hair pulled back into a tight bun. "Right this way, Miss Tajsa." the girl said in a polite and precise manner. "The Master is expecting you." Tajsa followed, soon arriving in a large open room. Tajsa couldn't help but take in the room with open-mouthed wonder. Everything was pristine, and white. So very, very white. The walls, the floors, the ceiling, the tables, the chairs. Everything! It was strangely impressive and also intimidating. Tajsa was lost to the world, mesmerized by the room.

Aldere the Broker just watched the young ranger's face. He loved when new people came into his palace and were overcome by his opulence. It made him feel in control, not that he'd ever admit that to anyone, not even himself. After a moment of watching her, he gave a sharp whistle to get Tajsa's attention. It wouldn't do leaving her gawking for an eternity. They had business to conduct, afterall. "It's wonderful, isn't it?" the man said, the tone of his voice was sweet, with the same manner of speech as the... door maid? The pitch of his voice was a bit unsettling though, a bit higher than most of the men she was used to dealing with. "Perhaps I'll allow Conscience to give you a quick tour after our business has concluded." he says with a small smile, nodding toward the doorway the woman in white had exited through.

It was only when her attention was redirected did Tajsa notice a second man in the room. A man that clearly did not belong. His uniform was unkempt, dirtier even than hers. She had intentionally had her best clothes cleaned, so as to present her best self. This man, evidently didn't care. Tajsa studied him for a moment longer. ~ Is he the competition? she wondered.

Aldere noticed where Tajsa's attention was, and was a bit annoyed that it wasn't himself. But he put on an amused smile, nonetheless. "Have you two met?" Aldere asked, looking between the two of them.

Whereas the rugged not-bodyguard gave a non-verbal, single shake of his head 'no', Tajsa stated it. "No. Should we have?"

Aldere shrugged. "Perhaps not. It is no matter. I hired Karnag to help you with this expedition." Tajsa opened her mouth to speak, but the merchant raised a hand, keeping her silent. "Don't worry. Don't worry. You'll get paid the same amount we initially agreed upon. And you are still the expedition leader." Aldere just holds up his hands in supplication, asking for Tajsa to indulge him. "When I first sent my assistant to hire you, I had heard that you were an excellent scout. Leader of many expeditions across the mountains and elsewhere." He then frowns. "But upon his return, he told me that it was your master, now retired, that we had initially heard about. That you yourself had only the day before returned from your first, and happily successful, expedition as lead." he shakes his head slightly. "This expedition is much too important to trust in someone so youthful." he then looks over his shoulder toward the silent walking scar. "And that's why I've hired Karnag here. He'll act as your adviser. Perhaps even helping you find new paths you didn't know about."

"I think you misunderstand my experience, sir." Tajsa starts, trying to sound polite, and not frustrated as she was. "I have lead many expeditions through and over the mountains, even into the Black Canyon. I've been as far East as the Wild Yak Meadows and Saikhoi. This latest expedition, the one I just returned from, was just my first without Master Linsev." she then looked directly at Karnag, unintentionally challenging him. "I don't need anyone to babysit me further."

As Tajsa looked at the man, he stared right back at her. It didn't take long for her to look away. Swallowing and blinking, she tried to dissuade the fear she suddenly felt from overwhelming her. "But if that's what you feel you must do, then I must ask for another hundred gold." she looked back to Aldere the Broker, her head held high once again. "To ease my pride."

Aldere clapped his hands, and stood up quickly. "Then we are in agreement. We shall leave in the morning of the seventh day."

This took Tajsa by surprise. "What? But, that's still during the rainy season. It's treacherous to cross at that time."

Aldere waved her worries away. "Karnag says it's fine. He says that it's a lot safer than many would have you believe."


"The seventh. That's final, unless you wish to reneg on the agreement?"

Tajsa would later come to regret her decision to lead the expedition when she knew it was dangerous. But gold makes you do stupid things. And so it was, Tajsa ended up walking the last miles alone, toward the Bitter Well Oasis.

Magic Items: Potion of Healing and While you wear this cloak with its hood up, Wisdom (Perception) checks made to see you have disadvantage, and you have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks made to hide, as the cloak's color shifts to camouflage you. Pulling the hood up or down requires an action.Cloak of Elvenkind.
Has taken the Oath of Sangus.

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Character Concept
left-aligned image
Name: Jiltanith Yīnghuā
Race: Grey Elf
Class: Sorceress/Descendant of Honor-Origin
Age: 98 (Elven equivalent to 15)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality Trait: My favor, once lost, is lost forever.
Personality Trait: I am mortified if I am caught making an etiquette or social error.
Ideal: It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath me.
Bond: My family, clan, or tribe is the most important thing in my life, even when they are far from me.
Flaw: The tyrant who rules my land will stop at nothing to see me killed.
Background: Urchin

Appearance: Her silk gown whispered around her ankles as she walked; it's cherry blossom white hue faded against her porcelain complexion. The starkness of her raven black hair and dark red lips made it clearly evident any emotion she felt, as none were hidden. Her long, delicate fingers, fluttered easily through the air, seemingly reaching for something to grasp as sparkles of pink and purple formed around her illusory crafts; crafts that reflected in her eyes granting them the color of lilacs in spring in place of their golden brown pools of glory.
Personality: The captain looked at his scribe. "You see that girl there, Jiltanith? She's a force to be reckoned with one day. There's just something about how she carries herself - as if aloof but hyper-aware; demonstrating a strength of character through the weakness of her body. She may have lost her family, her ancestral temple, and her land this day, but she is not defeated."

What is your greatest dream? To be married to an honorable soldier, to bring honor to my clan, and to produce honorable children to serve the Empire.
What do you like most about yourself? What is self when one has duty? Duty is honor, with honor self will be purified.
What do you hate most about yourself? It is often impossible or improbable to do the right thing all the time.
What do you see as your biggest strength? I am adept at befriending would be opponents, often turning conflict into cooperation.
What do you see as your biggest weakness? I am conflict averse. This is not the same as cowardice, I just realize my biggest weapons are not force of arms, but rather force of personality.
Why have you chosen to head east across the Dragonwall? To seek out new friends, new experiences, and to bring honor to my clan.

Quote: Events change the future, and they change us. It shows us that we need to care for one another, for if we do not, who will? Events show us our strength may come from unlikely places; that courage is not an absence of fear, but a willingness to run at your fears. Ultimately, they show us that we have to create the future, or others will do it for us.

WIPBackstory: Please include the following:

What is your earliest memory?
What was your greatest triumph?
What was your worst defeat?
What, if you could, would you go back in time to change?

RP Sample: "I will come back home!" she vowed to herself, to her ancestors, to the fallen, to no one in particular, yet everyone who ever is/was/will be. It was an oath of significance that rippled through the weave of the arcane, an oath that the universe would prevent one from breaking short of death.

Behind her the smoldering ruins of Kitsuki whispered into the dawn. A field of soldiers in blue and purple lay strewn like freshly cut bamboo, piled together in random chaos. Somewhere, in her home, enemy officers were stripping the shrine to her ancestors - carefully and delicately moving the monuments to a new home, but still moving the monuments from their place of honor and significance to a new home.

Jiltanith had been away at one of the other outposts when the last fortress of her family fell, Kitsuki, once a mighty castle of pink and white, a shining beacon and great hope to many. A shogun's castle dedicated to peace and diplomacy. She wondered, now that the last bastion of hope had fallen, did this mean that diplomacy had been defeated, or was it up to her to revive it?

Kintarō, her beloved friend and mentor spoke with authority, though greatly diminished in stature, he had the form of a small fox, perhaps the size of a cat, or small dog. "It is time to leave, Jiltanith. There is nothing for you to do here. Though you will one day return, it will not be for many moons and it will not be alone.

I will remain with you, always. Our fates are intertwined as they were when you were born, and will be once you join us for supper on your last day.
Go now. Find allies. Find peace. Find friendship, and above all else, find yourself for without yourself, how can you be expected to help others?"

Kintarō had always been there. A friend her parents could not see, but whom they believed she saw. A spirit she had eventually learned was an ancestor, a hero of her line that had distinguished himself through cunning action. He had died after many decades as patriarch of the family, siring many children through his wives. Of course, being an ancient ancestor, he was rather upset his charge was a mere woman, but they were adapting nicely - at least, once he learned that she would not be charging into battle in full regalia.

She looked toward the west, away from Kitune, away from the breaking dawn. Perhaps it was the glittering of the sun that turned her focus toward the Dragonwall, perhaps it was fate. Who knew, and for that matter, who cared? With her bow strapped to the saddle, a quiver double filled with arrows situated next to the saddlebags, and her family's sword upon her hip, she lead her steed westward.

Character Demographics
My first born, born male @ 1:43am 11 Jan, 2020 - 7lbs 3oz Luc (Luke) Ignatius (surname)
Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist.
Children already know that dragons exist!
Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed!

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right-aligned image

Name: Vanithessa
Race: Yuan-ti
Class: Witch (Bard)
Age: 20
Alignment: True neutral
Traits: I have my own ideas about what is and is not food, and I find the eating habits of those around me fascinating, confusing, or revolting.
Traits: I honor my deities through practices that are foreign to this land.
Ideal: I must be careful, for I have no way of telling friend from foe here
Bond: I honor my deities through practices that are foreign to this land.
Flaw: I am secretly (or not so secretly) convinced of the superiority of my own culture over that of this foreign land.
Background: Far Traveller

Appearance: As a pureblood Vanithessa can easily pass as human, any snake-like feature's she hides under her dark clothes. While Vanithessa doesn't concern herself much with her appearance she does keep as clean as she can while traveling. While not particularly strong, Vanithessa has spent a lot of time walking recently and building up dexterity with her slim build.

I prefer not to speak to those I consider lower than me… which is everyone not of my people. When I do I like to show off how intelligent I am and have no trouble speaking my mind. The quickest way to get into my good books is to praise me. Being new to feelings I can sometimes get overwhelmed and struggle to understand them.

What is your greatest dream?
To return home curse-less and with some great information that will help further my people's goals.
What do you like most about yourself?
My intelligence, I’m far smarter than my peers
What do you hate most about yourself?
My lack of charisma that makes infiltrating a village hard, despite my designated role.
What do you see as your biggest strength?
I can pick up things easily after watching someone else do them for a time without instructions and can later extrapolate and develop my abilities on my own.
What do you see as your biggest weakness?
My feelings.
Why have you chosen to head east across the Dragonwall?
To get rid of my biggest weakness.

My childhood was like all other purebloods, filled with lessons, training, and worship. The difference stemmed from being smarter than most of them but less charismatic. I found it hard to emulate the emotions and manners of the inferior races, which meant it took me longer to “graduate” and be assigned my first mission. When I did, it was a simple infiltration of a nearby village. While I failed to pass myself off as a lost traveler I was able to use my intelligence to get around this and spy on the village to get the sacrifice I needed.

While I was spying on the village I found a witch living in the jungle close by. While not part of the mission she did interact with my target a few times and exhibited a few skills I thought might be useful to learn and so I also watched her a fair bit. This was my downfall, because at the end of my mission when I had captured my target and was taking them back to my people she came upon me and curse me. While I was able to escape and return with the sacrifice, successfully completing the mission I was scared by her magic. I found I could not just go on blithely following orders, suddenly I had feelings over my people’s actions. Feelings that were not happy about the way of things.

What is your earliest memory?
I don’t know. There’s no big scene, no life-changing event. Just vague memories of lessons, fights, and worship. You average childhood activities.
What was your greatest triumph?
The successful completion of my first mission.
What was your worst defeat?
...Getting caught as I was returning from my mission and getting cursed.
What, if you could, would you go back in time to change?
What do you think? I’d avoid getting caught, and avoid getting cursed!

RP Sample:

Vanithessa burst into the hut, face twisted into a snarl, fingers clenched into fists, rage radiating from them.

"What did you do to me?!" They hiss, staring daggers at the hits only other occupant. Stirring a large bubbling cauldron hinges over a fire set in the center of the hut, the woman looked up idly, unconcerned by the imminent threat of violence by her visitor.

"I have blessed you, given you a great gift."

"Blessed me?! You have cursed me!"

"Don't be so dramatic. You're fine."

"Fine?! I am angry! I felt… sympathy for the sacrifices. Sorrow at their deaths, I am as far from fine as I have ever been! They will kill me because of what you've done."

"Then go somewhere else." Vanithessa stared at the witch stunned. Their mouth moved wordlessly for a moment before their voice came back to them.

"No! They are my people, my family! I will not leave. You need to undo what you've done to me."

"I do not need to do any such thing. Besides, even if I wanted to, I could not." Apart from the bubbling stew in the cauldron, the hut was silent. Vanithessa felt like something had just ripped their heart out of their chest. It took them a moment to label the emotion. Despair. Vanithessa legs felt weak, and they stumbled backward reaching out an arm to touch the wall of the hut before sliding to the ground.

“I am ruined…” They whisper, eyes glazed. The woman snorts.

“Get your act together.” She says dismissively. Then sighs when Vanithessa doesn’t react. “Look, I can’t help you, but there may be someone in the hidden kingdom who can.” Vanithessas head snaps up and she looks at the witch hopefully.

“Who?” And then, after a moment’s thought. “Where?”

“The hidden kingdom, it is a place of magic and rumored to contain great healing abilities. I can tell you you need to go to the Bitter Oasis and seek transport past the Dragonwall. After that… well, it’s called the hidden kingdom for a reason. As for who, that is again something you’ll figure out for yourself.” Vanithessa scrambled to their feet, unable to stop the grin spreading across their face.

“I will go at once,” Vanithessa says, leaving as quickly as they had arrived.
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Haj the DeserterName: Refuses to give a name other than Haj.
Race: Half-elf
Class: Fighter/Cleric
Age: 22
Alignment: Neutral
Personality Traits: I’m haunted by memories of war. I can’t get the images of death out of my mind.
I'm always polite and respectful.
Ideal: Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them.
Bond: I don't care much for others, but I will raise my blade in a heartbeat to protect children.
Flaw: I judge others harshly, and I judge myself even more so.
Background: Urchin

Appearance: Haj's olive skin is weathered and covered with cuts and abrasions, not that much can be seen under hear clothes. Even her armor is cloaked in black and brown cloth, with a scarf wrapped around her head to hide the complex patterns of tattoos on her face. Her eyes are perpetually tired, regarding whatever see looks at with either disinterest or disdain. She is on the short side, and in no way physically imposing, but manages to lug around an impressive array of weaponry. None of the knives, swords, crossbows ever enter her hand or thought as much as a large, old book that she keeps in a pouch on her belt where one might keep a dagger in case of emergency.

Personality: Formal in all things, Haj veils her thoughts behind layers and layers of etiquette. She regards most others as unimportant, neither lesser or greater than her, but as ghosts that will enter and leave her life in passing. She commits as much attachment to them as she expects to receive: None at all. Despite a stony exterior, Haj's mind is constantly working, considering escape routes, high ground, potential threats, and ways to either circumvent them or kill them. While violence is rarely her first choice, she is terrified of dying and will lash out at anyone and everyone if she feels cornered.

Haj loves rituals, and practices them in almost any situation. Washing, cooking, eating, and caring for her equipment all carry with them a specific order of actions, and anything that prevents her from performing said rituals leaves her unnaturally irritated. However, when she finds enough time to tend to her own things, she can be patient with everything else. One could spit on her face and she would turn the other cheek, so long as she had been able to say prayers the night before.

What is your greatest dream? To never die.
What do you like most about yourself? I can build things. Even the tools I build for war are oddly beautiful.
What do you hate most about yourself? Everything else. I'm a deserter, a coward.
What do you see as your biggest strength? Determination. If I set my mind to something, I can never be stopped.
What do you see as your biggest weakness? Self-doubt. I judge myself so harshly that I spiral into bouts of depression and anguish.
Why have you chosen to head east across the Dragonwall? I want to find the secret to immortality.

Backstory: Haj grew up in the free islands south of Zakhara, where her name had once been Ana. She had grown up poor, the daughter of fishermen, who died when she was young. She survived as a beggar, a thief, and a pickpocket for years, until the Zakharans invaded, seeking to expand their empire and bring Enlightenment to all the "barbaric" societies. Ana was taken prisoner, branded a slave, and taken to the capital. There, she was placed into a barracks, and forced to become a soldier.

But the Zakharans did more than make her a soldier. They schooled her, trained her as an engineer, forced upon her their religion, and fed and clothed her. While that was more than Ana had received from her own home, the Zakharans also beat her for her failures, and refused her any opportunity to slip out of line. She was still a slave, after all.

They gave her another name, too. Safiyya. Safiyya didn't mind after a while. She took to the Enlightenment, in fact, particularly Najm, the god (or goddess) of adventure and curiosity. Najm promised Safiyya far off lands and wonders, as soon as she finished training and became a mamluk.

That wasn't what she found.

Safiyya's first battle was also her last. In an effort to Enlighten the free states to the north, the Zakharan's encountered resistance, the free nations having banded together by the dozens to repel the massive, looming empire. Safiyya watched tens of thousands die, Zakharans, enemies, soldiers, and innocents. Each death was unique in its own way, and more horrible than the last. The battle lasted days. She does not remember all of it. However, at the end, she pretended to have died. She fled, a deserter.

Hiding her face and the tattoos that marked her as a mamluk, Safiyya made her way back south to her homeland, hoping to leave her life in Zakhara behind her. Hope of that ever happening quickly left her heart. Not only was the nation changed, now sporting Zakharan architecture, and art, citizens and soldiers, but even the natives were no comfort to her. They barely remembered her from before the wars, and now, years later, the joy of seeing one of their own returned quickly disintegrated when it became clear how much she had changed. She still followed Najm, she still practiced Zakharan customs. Soon enough, Safiyya left there as well. She journeyed east a few islands over, and caught a ship with some merchants traveling far east to Kara-Tur in search of exotic goods to sell. Now, she was neither Ana nor Safiyya, or any other name or title.

Haj was a good enough name.


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The blood cleric on a never-ending path of redemption
right-aligned image
Name: Alena Provost
Race: Vampire
Class: Blood Cleric
Age: 85
Alignment: Chaotic (trying to be) Good
Personality Trait: I'm haunted by memories of war. I can't get the images of violence out of my mind.
Personality Trait: I'm always polite and respectful.
Ideal: Independence: When people follow orders blindly, they embrace a kind of tyranny. (Chaotic)
Bond: Someone saved my life on the battlefield. To this day, I will never be able to repay their kindness.
Flaw: I did horrible things in battle that cost many lives and I would do anything to redeem myself and atone for the monster I was.
Background: (Ex) Soldier

~ Age: 85
~ Height: 5'9''
~ Weight: 145lbs
~ Hair: Red
~ Eyes: Light Brown, almost yellow, vertical pupils
~ Complexion: Fair

Personality: Alena is taciturn and introspective. When interacting with others she is often kind and empathetic. But if one cared enough to look deeper, they would notice how deliberate she is in her social interactions. Almost as if she is afraid to say or do the wrong thing. She is very considerate. Almost to a fault.

What is your greatest dream? Alena dreams of one day being worthy. Worthy of the second chance she was given by Saoirse.
What do you like most about yourself? Alena doesn't like most anything about herself. If there is one thing, it is that she never stops trying to atone. It is that whatever is thrown her way, it never deters her from her path of redemption.
What do you hate most about yourself? Alena hates who she was. Or more specifically, she hates the fact that she never question if she should be the way she was.
What do you see as your biggest strength? To Alena her biggest strength is the ability to never again allow herself to blindly fall prey to cult mentality and mental and emotional manipulation.
What do you see as your biggest weakness? Following blindly the ideals and teachings of others. Not questioning whether what you are doing is right or wrong, regardless of what laws are in place to help appease your guilty conscience.
Why have you chosen to head east across the Dragonwall? Alena feels a bit lost. Having arrived in this foreign land through experimental means with no hope of every going back home, she has lost her guiding light. But she still has her purpose - redemption. And so she explores this strange, new world in search of a new guiding light.

Quote: I thousand lifetimes cannot wash the blood off my hands!

Backstory: Alena was born about two decades into the Last War. Her kin hailed from Karrnath, a nation that prided itself on its military tradition. By the time Alena was born her country had suffered a series of horrible food shortages and plagues that had cut into Karrnath’s military numbers. This caused the king to embrace the Blood of Vol as the national religion. The priests of this faith bolstered Karrnath’s forces with undead.
However Alena’s clan went down a different path. A darker path. They joined the Emerald Claw. An extremist sect that is rumored to serve a lich queen. All members of Alena’s clan were turned into vampires upon reaching physical maturity. Around the age of twenty-five. It was no different for Alena.

Raised as the heir apparent of her clan of vampires hellbent on destruction and domination, she was taught to believe vampires are superior creatures and as such were owed respect. She was raised to believe that possessing power and strength meant you can take as you please and not even consider the consequences of your actions. Because being a creature of superiority, you were owed everything and twice more.

As such, Alena grew up to be cold, calculating and ruthless. She took as she wanted and did as she pleased. She was cruel, unforgiving and vicious. And she followed almost blindly the edicts of her clan and her lord-father.

During a war campaign her clan was a part of, the vampire forces of the Emerald Claw were met with unexpectedly strong resistance by forces of the Seekers of Divinity Within, both human and vampire alike, and ultimately were even defeated. Alena, serving as a cleric-captain for the Emerald Claw forces, was left for dead on the battlefield. All soldiers of the clan usually were, since their lord did not care for warriors who failed him. Even if that soldier was his own daughter. His hеir apparent! And there, laying on the ground, her life blood seeping out of her numerous wounds, Alena found unexpected salvation. In any sense of the word.

A cleric from the opposing side was scouring the field for survivors and came upon Alena. They showed mercy even though Alena had been among the most vicious enemy warriors who were just minutes before slaughtering their kin without so much as a second thought. It took the cleric a long time to get the dying enemy captain back to her feet as the healing focus her kin used had been stolen weeks prior by spies of the Emerald Claw. And without it any healing took much longer.

During her time spent in and out of consciousness and after that, during her convalescence, Alena came to live among the cleric’s people. Learn their culture and their ways. She came to realize that the teachings of her vampire clan were severely distorted and closed-minded. Change slowly began taking root inside Alena. She became appalled with herself and the monstrosities she’d been an active and willing part of. She felt ashamed with all the blood she’d so heedlessly spilled. And partaken on! As well she felt heavily the burden of all of those who had fallen on her blade and had been mutilated by her teeth.

After making a full recovery, Alena begged on bended knee of her saviours to allow her to try and atone for her sins by going on a quest to retrieve the healing focus the Emerald Claw had stolen. She was granted the freedom to do so upon the cleric vouching for her newly acquired intentions. She left her savior with a heavy heart and a tarnished soul, intent on paying for her sins for the rest of her life and not really expecting to be redeemed.

In her quest for redemption and the search of the healing focus she wandered villages, cities and towns until she finally arrived at Sharn.

One night shortly after arriving at Sharn Alena received a vision.

She was contacted by an entity calling itself Sounetar, Spirit of Blood and Veins. She offered the former vampire Lady-Heir to patron her while she walked her path of redemption. Sounetar promised the vampire cleric to watch over her, restore her cleric powers even. But with the caveat that should Alena ever use them with malicious intent Sounetar would make her suffer the pain of all of Alena’s victims.

Alena didn’t hesitate for even a moment accepting the patronage of this Sounetar entity, elated that she would be able to continue her pursuit of the healing focus. As well as that she would be able to use her tarnished cleric abilities on those truly deservant of the healing arts.

With the deal struck Sounetar granted Alena with her symbol through which the cleric would be able to channel her abilities.

What is your earliest memory?
What was your greatest triumph?
What was your worst defeat?
What, if you could, would you go back in time to change?

RP Sample: "Alena, you don't have to do this!" Saoirse's familiar warm, kind voice was filled with anxiety and distress.

"But I need to! Don't you see, Saoirse?! I could never atone for all..." Alena's voice broke and she felt silent, her throat working hard to swallow all the heavy emotions down.

"Alena..." Saoirse's voice was even kinder and warmer now as she approached the distraught woman being strapped and secured in a most peculiar contraption. "Throwing your life away will not amount to anything."

The vampiress shook her head vehemently.

"It's not like that and you know it! Your people need the Focus. We know where it is now. The problem is how to get there. This is the only way."

Saoirse knelt before Alena and peered into her stubbornly-set features. "There's no guarantee it will work. We'll find another way."

"When?!" Alena's voice choked out. "When my..." Her voice broke again, bloody tears streaming down her face. "When my clan has demolished your people?!? You know I can'd let that stand, Saoirse! I have to try and at least repair a minuscule portion of what I did to your people."

"You've done more than enough!" Saoirse's eyes were glistening with tears as well.

A sad smile pulled at Alena's lips. "You're too kind, my friend." Alena chuckled now. "We wouldn't be here now, arguing about a done deal, if you weren't." She turned her restrained hand, palm up as if in an invitation. Saoirse complied without hesitation, clutching at Alena's hand with her own. "Please, let me do this, Saoirse. Please!"

Saoirse stared at Alena's blood-stricken face, peering into the depths of her light-amber eyes. The vertical pupils no longer unsettling for her. What she saw in those eyes now was why she'd decided to take pity on the dying enemy cleric captain so long ago. Somehow she'd known, or felt the depth of compassion and empathy Alena could be capable of, if only given the chance and proper encouragement.

"I don't want to lose my best friend!" Saoirse finally confessed.

Alena smiled now, a full, uninhibited smile. "You were the gift I never knew I needed. You took a monster, cleansed it, and transformed it into a semblance of a decent being. I will be your best friend for all eternity! Wherever I am. However far apart we are! You will never lose me! If you ever need me, I will move mountains, drain oceans, cross deserts to help you. And even then I still wouldn't have done enough to repay your kindness." Alena's hand squeezed tight Saoirse's fingers. "So, please, let me at least try."

Saoirse stared at Alena for another moment, her tears freely running down her cheeks. Then she nodded and stood up. Her hand slowly releasing Alena's. "Just don't die! You were a bitch to bring back from the brink the first time around." Saoirse tried for some levity.

Alena grinned a cocky grin. A rare occurrence nowadays. "I'll try to not mess up your first grade work too much." The vampire nodded. Then her gaze flickered to the head engineer. She gave her the thumbs up and settled more deeply into the seat of the peculiar contraption.

As Saoirse settled behind the protective glass of the observation area, she heard Alena's final words through the intercom system. "Take care of yourself, my friend."

The engineers pressed buttons, toggled levers, cranked handles. A crystal hanging over Alena's head released a blinding glow that began engulfing the transportation room. The light began to pulse. Slowly at first. But then it picked up in intensity. Like a heartbeat going haywire. Lightning bolts started shooting out of the crystal and the engineers in the control room began to frantically adjust things on their consoles.

Saoirse clenched a fist to her heart. Her worst fears realizing before her very eyes. "What's happening?!" She shouted. But no one was listening to her. The engineers were all in full-blown panic mode trying to stay a step ahead of whatever was going wrong.

And then... Nothing. Silence! Darkness! Emptiness!

The transportation room, though scorched and smoking, showed no signs of ever holding an experimental contraption or a passenger within it.

"Goodbye, my friend!" Saoirse whispered, her palms pressed to the security glass. "Stay safe!" She dared not entertain the thought of Alena not surviving this absurd experiment.


Alena lowered the arm she'd used to shield her eyes from the blinding light. She lay flat on her back, her still blurry eyes not believing what they saw. Blinking rapidly to clear the cobwebs from them Alena sat up and looked again. And again her yellow eyes beheld a sky that was most peculiar and very, very unfamiliar indeed.

The vampiress stood up and looked around. Closing her eyes slowly she sighed.

"When you're right, my friend, you're right all the way!" Alena shook her head, knowing full well that wherever the prototype of a transportation machine had landed her, it definitely wasn't anywhere on Eberron.
How do you wanna do this?!

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Molly Tespin
right-aligned image
Madeline Mallory "Molly" Tespin

"Ats' right, I'm a biiig bloomin' 'ero, yeah? Protector o' the
realm an' all at hog spit. Got a problem with'at, cupcake?"

left-aligned image
Unpredictable, impatient, and ill-tempered, most people give Molly a bit of a wide berth, which suits her just fine. Though she looks like a buccaneer fresh off the coast and has the wily eyes of a roguish miscreant, few would guess that within there resides a soul touched by a divine hand, as the terms 'noble' and 'gallant' are not in her repertoire.
right-aligned image
Molly's Birthmark
In fact, this belligerent mockery of a paladin couldn't care less for her heavenly benefactor, actively scorning her own status as her goddess's 'chosen champion'. Yet even as she does everything she can to besmirch and deride her true calling, the truth is that Molly is a deeply compassionate person, and her instinct to see justice done to the world around her is all her deity really needs to keep granting her power, even if Molly has--and will--never ask for it.

General Appearance

Tall, lean, and powerfully built, it is clear that Molly has lead a rigorous lifestyle over the years, having been tested by both the land and the sea. Faintly visible wrinkles drag off from her nose--a result of age and a lifetime of either scowling or smirking--and for whatever reason, she wears a black, sooty powder all around her dull green eyes, making them look like emeralds glistening from within shadows.

Incidentally, Molly is a rarity among half-elves, born with very blatantly mismatched physical features: high cheekbones like an elf, but a rounded jawline like that of a human, alongside her stubby, upturned nose, yet sharply pointed ears. Even her hair can't seem to make up its mind, being mostly blond save for an odd, mahogany-colored strip up from her left brow.

Personal Attire

Life at sea has taught Molly the value of loose, breathable clothes, and she tends towards such things as fluffy blouses and breeches, with the occasional corset mixed in. Most assume she doesn't wear much in the way of armor except for a few bits here and there, but in truth, her piecemeal garb keeps her quite well defended, with chain linings and plates placed so that they defend her most vital areas without getting too much in the way. She also generally wears a head-piece of some kind, usually ranging from a snood or flat bonnet to a simple headband. She almost always wears her hair up in a high tail.


Molly's personality shows in the way she presents herself; that is to say, loud, deliberate, and with about as much tact or grace as a bow-legged bull in a glassmaker's workshop. She speaks with a loud, high-pitched screech which is almost immediately recognizable to anyone who has had the ill favor to deal with her before, and if you can manage to make out what she says through her thick cockney accent, then you must surely be a linguist.

Short-tempered or just to the point; confident or just egotistical; brave or just out of her bloody mind. There are a lot of ways one could spin her, but in the end, Molly is just uniquely herself, which just so happens to be an ill-mannered, ill-tempered little renegade who has a real bad habit of shooting first and asking questions later. She rarely has a plan for anything she does and tends to act on reflex or instinct more than anything but backs it up with her crude and barbaric, but highly effective skill with the flanged flail.

But behind all of her pomp and carrying on, underneath the showy demeanor and raucous attitude, Molly is, in fact, a good person, and it glimmers through every now and then when she is faced with something that, to her, seems incredibly unfair--a feeling she closely identifies with. In these moments, Molly shines, even if her light is buried beneath the guise of a sordid, roguish sort like her.

right-aligned image

Molly's tale is long and storied, so rather than spin the entire thread, here's what you need to know:
  • Earliest Memory: Molly was born in Siltwater, a riverside community famous for its ferry-boat-based establishments. Her mother was a priestess of Sharess, the goddess of sensual fulfillment and plied her faith from one of these boat-based establishments in the form of a brothel (and dedicated shrine to Sharess). Molly's father was one of two men (one being a noble, the other being a monk), both of whom 'adopted' her in their own way, though it was never proven which was the actual father.
  • Molly's mother grew ill and died while Molly was still young, and the establishment was taken over by a woman who cared more for the 'donations' of their patrons, and planned to use Molly as her 'star attaction' when she came of age. She was eventually rescued by her two fathers and went to live with her noble father.
  • Molly proved to too much for her noble father to handle, so he sent her to live with her monk father. She ended up growing close to him, and in so doing, also his faith, and planned to become an acolyte in his temple.
  • During the ceremony to 'baptize' her into the clergy, however, the water in the baptismal pool receeded and refused to touch her, after which it was discovered that Molly bore a mark of Raeaqueral, a little-known, but powerful goddess of luck and protection, and she had been chosen as the goddess's champion.
  • Infuriated that her destiny had been chosen for her, she ran away and bumped into a noble harassing a mute peasant child. Still steaming, she picked a fight with the noble brat and during the ensuing scuffle, accidentally activated her divine smite ability.
  • When her father found out what happened, he had some caravaners take Molly from the city to escape the nobles' wrath, and while traveling she met the child that she had stood up for. She was taken to the child's homeland where Molly discovered that the child was in fact a princess whom had run off from home. The king and queen thanked Molly for what she had done and incidentally 'knighted' her.
  • Molly served as the guardian for the mute princess, but the princess had a habit of stealing away from the castle to go on adventures. Her royal parents tolerated these escapades, and asked that Molly tag along, which she was more than happy to do. In time, the two became very close.
  • Eventually, the king and queen passed away, and the princess was called to shoulder the burden of ascending to throne. Sensing Molly wasn't quite done exploring the world, however, she ordered Molly to go out into the world and return with many stories of her travels and adventures. Molly was happy to oblige, though it wasn't quite the same without her mute companion.
  • Greatest Triumph. Since then, Molly has traveled far and wide, taking on a number of professions, from bounty hunting, to sailor, to caravanassary, and all sorts of other odd jobs to help her get by, only staying long enough to make what she needed to move on. She was particularly good at ship-sailing, however, and even served as a privateer over the course of her life. Her shining moment was, of course, besting Black Captain Flaagen in a battle and subsequently putting his reign of terror on the high seas to an end.
The Goddess Raeaqueral

Though not a particularly well-known deity, Raeaqueral is a goddess of luck and protection, and is largely included in prayers for safety from weather, beasts, and other minor prayers. Her symbol is a koi fish swimming towards it's own tail around a dot, which many of the faith suppose is it's clutch or something else of great importance. Though rare, paladins and clerics of Raeaqueral are typically stalwart, noble defenders, traveling across the lands in order to promote peace and good will.
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