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Old Apr 18th, 2020, 12:54 AM
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Human Resources Archive (Characters)

Please post your character in that thread.

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Old Apr 18th, 2020, 02:34 AM
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The Story So Far

That 'Coyote' wasn't the typical UNIT recruit was immediately obvious. The existence of Cyborgs isn't exactly a secret, but he was easily the most Chromed-Out of the Class. Even the former Special Ops Military guys thought his cyberware was a bit much as at a glance it looks like both of his legs and the entire right side of his body is cybernetic. The attitude he gives off is one that is unapologetic, and there's no small amount of pride.

The name 'Coyote' might be something heard before the academy though, as a criminal. 'Coyote' was the net handle of a particularly prolific and notorious hacker. Mostly known for their use of the imagery of Indigenous Cultures in their hacks, mostly to promote anti-corporate and 'pro-human' causes. Via cybertheft and vandalism, of course.

During the Academy, 'Coyote' got quite a bit of attention from Dr. Fred Doucet and Leila Shirvani and often would be pulled out of more official training courses for work deeper in the base on secret projects.

For those who got to know him, the real name of 'Coyote' was Jared Badheartbear - born and raised on the Crow Reservation in Montana. Intelligent with a knack for Machines, there is debate on if he's a Machine Empath or he's just talented in the field. Explains why the techie's are grabbing him up though as he designed and built his own cybernetics.

They're not just for show, a bomb by a right-wing extremist white supremacist organization destroyed two-and-a-half of his limbs and maimed the right-half of his face including destroying the eye. The same bomb also killed two family members and six other people and he's sworn revenge against Ivan Clarke, a multimillionaire entrepreneur who semi-secretly leads the group that perpetrated the bombing.

He's not above bending rules to get things done and probably still dabbles in the occasional illegal activity but he's taken it down a notch since UNIT. A bit of a loose cannon, he doesn't really worry about little things like the Law when it comes to doing what he thinks is right. While not entirely sure he believes the mystical side and stories of his tribe, he does respect the stories his people have handed down. In one of them, Coyote the Trickster used cunning and self-sacrifice including letting himself get burned so badly that his tail was burned completely off to give Fire to Huamnity. Sometimes he can't help but wonder if there's something going on there.
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UPDATE -Extra Life - Helping Children's Hospitals with a Gaming Twist

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Old Apr 20th, 2020, 02:15 PM
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right-aligned image

Name -Sgt. Remy Kale
Alias: Recharge Sarge
Race: Transhuman (T-Scale 2)
Age: 35
Nationality: American
Occupation: New Recruit
Location: Montreal
Rank\Title: Junior Agent (Level 2), SPECIAL FORCES WEAPONS SERGEANT (18B)

Prior to the flash Remy was a member of America's Elite special forces holding the rank of Special Forces Weapons Sergeant. It was his job to employ U.S. and foreign small arms, light and heavy crew served weapons, anti-aircraft and anti-armor weapons. They also relied upon him to control and supervise tactical offensive and defensive operations as well as perform various airborne operations. Remy had won some marksmanship competitions within the Corp as well and had earned the respect of his peers.

Then that fateful date nine years ago happened when the flash of solar energy or whatever the hell it was upturned the entire world. Remy knew he should not complain he was one of the lucky ones. There were a 100 million souls who would fail to push through the challenges that they were wrought with from severe injury to starvation. It was all they could do to rebuild and keep everyone else in the world from falling in total chaos. in years past America would have looked outward to help those who could not support themselves, but due to recent political events America took more of a nationalist standing looking to improve itself first. It turned out Remy would need to do the same.

Something in the flash had changed him. Whenever he went near a computer or other electronic device there were sparks and it nearly blew up. At first he tried to just stay away from them all but shortly after he ended up in the veterans hospital. Luckily the doctors there had seen it before, a change from the flash that now changed how his body worked. However the veterans hospital was under sourced and under manned before the flash so there was absolutely no way they could provide Remy with the care he needed.

That was where Unit came in. They saw his potential and offered him a choice. Come with them and learn how to surive or try it lone wolf and see if he could manage not to kill anyone else before he took himself out. The choice was clear and Remy joined UNIT.


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Old Apr 22nd, 2020, 02:30 AM
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Name: May Elizabeth Carter
Alias: Lizzie
Race: Transhuman (T2)
Age: 27
Nationality: Irish
Height: 5'10" / 6'4" (177.8 cm / 193.04 cm)
Weight: 110 kg (242.5 lbs)
Eyes: Blue / Crimson
Hair: Brown
Skin: Pale with freckles / Blue with a white section running down from under the jaw to halfway up the under side of tail.
Rank\Title: Junior Agent (Level 2)

Motivation:May is willing to make any sacrifice to protect the ones she cares for.
Motivation:Acceptance: May wishes she people would stop looking at her like she was some kind of monster.
Obligation:Family: Her younger Sister Gwen
Complication:Involantary change: Being caught outside during solar flare activity can cause May to transform to her less human side.
Complication:Prejudice: Some people don't like Transhumans, May might be bitter about this.

At the academy, May blended into the crowd, There are some tales of that Irish woman who wouldn't back down from a fight, be it with fists or competitive poetry (she wasn't so crash hot at the latter, but she tried anyway) and was a good sport regardless if she lost or won. She made friends but was never really close to anyone. The fact that she was a transhuman came up occasionally, most thought it was a kind of joke or her 'power' was something trivial, that she was classified as a T2 was even more of the joke to a point there was a betting pool between other recruits over what her 'Lethal power' was. Especially when she chose the codename 'Lizzie' which quickly got shortened to Liz. The trainers knew and tried to encourage May to utilise her power so they could help train her how to use it effectively. Having spent years hiding it May was reluctant. She was also reluctant to spend much time outside especially if solar flare activity was predicted as she knew it could trigger her power. Eventually, she agreed to some private training.

Posting Status: Internet is back. Catching up slowly.
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Alpha Male
right-aligned image
Name: Ray Coffman
Alias: Alpha Male
Rank\Title: 2
Race: Transhuman / T2, USA
Age: 28.375
Physical Description: "Alpha", as he goes by, stands 6'2" tall, and has been voted "Sexiest Man Alive" by several media sources over the past few years. Likewise, if there's a list of the top ten best physical physiques for men, He's on it - looking like he's someone who can handle himself and you don't want to mess with. He almost always has his charming smile on when before a crowd or camera, or thinks a photo op is in the making.

Personality: Ray doesn't seem to be shaken easily, or put off his game in most any situation. Calm, cool, and level headed. That said, he does love the spotlight when he's got time for it, and not on the job.

Motivations\goals: Ray wants to be taken seriously. He has a skill set, Transhuman though it may be, and he wants to use it to make a difference. He wears the agent uniform and doesn't identify who he is when on the job. That's not easy however, and he understands that. At the end of the day, he wants to make a difference.

Complications: Fame (Famous, or infamous for his exploits as a Thrill Seeker, and as a public figure), Reputation( known or perceived as a playboy, and adrenaline junkie, and media hound), Rivalry (with other such thrill seekers), Motivation: Making a difference/doing good

Background: Ray's mother had only been expecting a few weeks when the Flare of 2020 hit. Born with a bit of a physical and mental advantage over most people, he stood out. He excelled in athletics, and academics as he grew up. Offered many scholarships at colleges and even possibly professionally for Athletic Leagues, he instead took his low level fame to the world. He videoed himself with friends doing all manner of extreme sports and thrill seeking. He turned this into a business by age 23.
Alpha has developed his reputation as an "Alpha Male" from the early years of his notariety and took the name as his. He even branded it. He caters to the media, and they to him on his adventures. He goes on talk shows, does cameos in T.V. and movies, and there's talk of a Movie starring him about his exploits in the making.
He's the chair of his own media empire, and nothing, save a few charity appearances (and even those are paid by companies or people fronting these events), with him in it, showing his likeness, or even name is free. There's even an action figure and accessory line a few months old on the market.
What's interesting, aside from all the glam and show is that he's been able to back up his claims. He gets a lot of hate mail, verbage, and flak from those who think he's just a media hound after glory, but he's still alive and still a true athlete and adrenaline junkie with stories to tell. On the personal side, because of all his fame, he can get a date with just about any woman, and often does, but its the adrenaline junkies, like himself, that he's truly attracted to and most often found in the company of. Of course, quite often they are world famous athletes in their own right...
And, like most people who are well-reknown and "go-getters", his idea of what's fair is best summed up by one of his own quips - modified of course to fit his needs.
"All's fair in war and fame." When asked about how love fits into his fairness category, he simply says that's an interview for another time.

On his agent level, he has been on a few "missions" though a bit underwhelming in his opinion. He hasn't been out of the Academy long, though he did graduate top of his class.
Also, there are a lot of other Agents who think his level is due to his fame, and not his ability. Some think he should be at a Rank of 2, and even some think a 1.

Posting Status: Normal - If I need to post in a thread as either a player or DM/GM, please send me a PM.

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right-aligned image
Name: Denton Harlowe
Alias: Stretch
Rank\Title: 3
Race: Transhuman / T2, USA
Age: 26
Physical Description: Denton is 5'9' inches in height and has a lithe slender build. He has short brown hair in a flat top style and blue eyes. While not an imposing figure he carries himself as a much larger person.

Personality: Denton is an outgoing and jovial guy in nature. He enjoys interacting with other people on a personal level and is almost always courteous, unless the need to be otherwise arises.

Motivations\goals: Denton was raised by his grandparents and was always taught that doing the right thing was important. If he could help someone he should, even though his grandparents are no longer alive he tries to do his best to make them proud.

Complications: Denton feels that he has a responsibility to help others in any way he can. His grandparents always went out of their way to help the less fortunate and it is a virtue he has taken to heart as well.

Background: Denton was raised by his grandparent's when his mother passed away during child birth. His father was never in the picture and his grandparents never even knew who he was. He had an average childhood, his grandparents taking excellent care of the young boy and instilling in him their values. Everything was normal until the flash. Shortly after Denton started to notice changes in his body uncertain what to do he consulted his Grandfather. At first he was very afraid of the things happening to him as he had very little control with his grandfathers help though he began to understand and control them.

His grandfather had heard of others experiencing strange changes after the flash and worked with Denton to explore and learn to control his abilities. Together the pair worked at discovering exactly what he could do and the limits of his abilities overall. Over the next few years while in school he worked hard at controlling his abilities and using them to complete tasks. Being able to manipulate his body in such strange ways compared to others. After graduating high school Denton was recruited to the academy. Instead of going on to college he decided the academy was his best option. While in the academy he made friends much easier many of the people having abilities as well it helped him not feel so alone. They even created him a suit that could change with his body and adapt where his normal clothes could not. Denton worked hard while at the academy and graduated near the top of his class.

Upon completing the academy he was sent on a few missions to get his feet wet minor challenges that he was able to complete relatively easy with his skills and special abilities. Thus far he has been successful on each of his deployments and is eager to continue his work protecting and helping others. During his time since graduating he has also taken some basic medical training on the side considering his line of work. When not on missions he can often be found doing charitable work for the less fortunate or working at testing the limits of his abilities. Denton lives alone and is not currently in a romantic relationship of any type. He is dedicated to helping people in as many ways as he can.

Abilities: Stretch's primary abilities originate from his incredible ability to control the length, shape and dimensions of his body. From reaching incredibly long distances, of becoming so thin he can flow through tight spaces, or make his body billow in the wind allowing him to glide. His body is even capable of becoming elastic in nature to rebound physical or projectile attacks.


Current Characters: Barthal, Fezaliax, Galileo, Thorin, Vesden,

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Benjamin 'Ben' Sirus
right-aligned image
Name: Benjamin "Ben" Sirus
Alias: Masked Rider Harbinger
Rank\Title: 3
Race: Transhuman/T2
Age: 19
Physical Description: Ben is a young man with silver hair and eyes, both strange coloration having come from his transhuman-gene activating. His build is unassuming, and he's not particularly tall either. On the job, he now wears a standard UNIT uniform, though generally with minor alterations - jackets left open, shirts never tucked in, etc.
When transformed, his body is suddenly covered in a 'black bodysuit', which is actually a thin layer of natural armor that he has everywhere. A chestplate materializes over it, with a simple old design meant to artificially look like a muscled chest and abs. Two arm bracers, knee pads, shin guards and shoulder pads also materialize. The chestpiece, shoulder pads and bracers are white, with a thin golden engraved ring on the collar, the borders of the shoulderpads, and the wrists of the bracers. His kneepads are almost entirely gold with a white portion in the very middle, while the shinguards are solid gold in color, over black boots that are almost impossible to differentiate from the bodysuit. On his head, a helmet materializes, which looks partially bug-like - two massive, silver 'eyes', a completely covering mouthguard shaped to resemble the mandibles of a scarab, and a bit of golden metal going up between the eyes, to the sides, and strutting forward and outward slightly at the edge of the eyes to resemble the feelers. The backside and sides of the helmet are entirely black as well.
On his waist, in this form only, an intricate belt can be seen, with a massive, black gem surrounded by intricate gold designs, while the rest of the belt is silver. The 'buckle' part of the belt is massive, to accommodate the large stone and to seemingly "contain" it.

Personality: Ben is a very easy-going young man. A bit snarky, especially with friends and colleagues, he has a good heart with a lot of courage left to spare, but he's painfully aware of his limits too and that he can't really keep up with ordinary human agents before he has to rely on his powers, so he has a lot of respect for any mundanes that have the same rank as himself or are even above that. Once transformed, he becomes quieter, yet also with more intensity and determination than before. He can seem almost menacing... Until he talks, because the slight echo that the armor adds really doesn't make the jovial young man underneath sound any more intense.
He's not pure-hearted by any stretch, but rather good-hearted - he helps people because he can, and because it feels good to help, not out of any perceived obligation. He feels somewhat responsible for living as a criminal for years though, and thinks if anyone can make Transhuman villains reform, it'll be him, someone chosen by gods for nebulous reasons.

Motivations\goals: His power stone's powers can only be unlocked by those that fight for the protection of the Earth, and he wishes to understand it fully. Furthermore, he also wants to make up for the damage he caused as a crook, and maybe help a few transhuman criminals turn themselves around as well.
Complications: Code of Honor - Once, an "honor among thieves" code about not destroying someone's life or stealing from other thieves, now, a code to give everyone a chance for redemption and not acting with overbearing violence right away.

Power Loss - If the "buckle" of his belt in transformed form is hit by a hard enough attack to damage the stone, his powers shut down immediately while it mends itself, which can last hours or even days. This leaves him completely defenseless, as without it, he's an ordinary human with his only "transhuman" ability being to have silver hair and eyes. If the stone is hit hard enough to shatter, the feedback sent through his nervous system which it is now linked to will instantly kill him.


Once, in ancient Egypt, the god of war and chaos deigned to choose a champion. The call of his priests gathered the strongest warriors of their time, to fight for the right of Set's blessing. In brutal carnage, these warriors slaughtered each other, until only one remained, destined to be granted a magical stone which would link to the warrior, and make him an invincible avatar of war. However, the death caused by the competition and potential for boundless destruction within Set's stone caught the eye of Osiris. The god of judgement placed a curse upon the stone, so that only one truly righteous, one dedicated to protection, would ever unlock its full potential.

The ancient warrior become known as the 'Masked Rider', as he rode into combat atop his war steed. However, the curse proved effective - while he almost managed to dethrone the pharaoh on his own, he was eventually stopped by his brave elite guard and the pharaoh himself, and killed. As punishment, his body was sealed within a massive stone sarcophagus without being mummified, buried within the desert, and his name struck from all records. Even his existence was not mentioned in any recordings or spoken, and so, his legend died before it began.

Enter Benjamin Sirus, or really, "Ben" to everyone who knows him. He was never anyone special, but always someone with quick fingers. The world after the Flash he was born into was a tumultuous one, even if he and his family weren't directly impacted in any violent manner. They certainly were economically, and so, Benjamin quickly put those quick fingers to the test - he became a pickpocket as a thief, and quickly moved on to stealing from stores as well. Never anything massive, never enough to really harm someone else. He knew what being poor and in a crappy situation meant, and never wanted to inflict it on others.

As a juvenile delinquent and thief, he fell in with a small-time gang of other criminals around his age. Some of them were even secret Transhumans with very minor, often simply debilitating abilities with little advantage. Ben never graduated from any school, and as an apparently ordinary human, nobody cared too much about him, aside from his parents he continued to support through "the little oddjobs I manage to pick up", as he put it. The gang followed a simple code in the beginning, a 'honor among thieves' he held true to even as some older members were arrested and the membership came into flux. Quickly, he himself became one of the older members at 19 years.

In a larger scheme, he and some others infiltrated multiple stores around their hometown, using fake names and IDs to get jobs and then rob them blind, or open the gates in the dead of night for the others to go to town. Ben was assigned to a small pawnshop. The older gentleman running the store proved to be a very witty, very interesting person, to whom his store was everything he really had. Seeing that going through with their plan would destroy him, Ben called off the heist to the annoyance of his accomplices, many of them indicating he'd no longer be part of their little gang if he kept this up. But, he remained adamant, and abruptly quit 'his' job at the pawn shop. As a farewell present, the owner handed him a strange black stone he once found, many years ago, during an expedition to Egypt. The language on the stone was similar to ancient Egyptian script, yet had never been deciphered - many thought it a fake, and so, it was deemed worthless and the owner had been allowed to keep it.

At home, Ben attempted his own translations using the internet, yet to no avail. As he spun the strange black stone the size of his own fist between his fingers, though, it suddenly became warm - and for just a second, he could've sworn he saw the word 'Set' on one side, and the word 'Osiris' on the other.

Blinking, he lost where he had most assuredly just read that line. Spinning the stone in his hands, it suddenly grew so hot that he nearly dropped it.

Then, the heat was gone. Rubbing his eyes, Ben was shaken out of the strange trance the stone put him into by the sound of gunshots outside! Looking out his dirty window in the bad part of town he lived in, he saw multiple policemen and some of what he could only assume to be UNIT agents attempting to take down a massive Transhuman, with a huge, crabshell-like exoskeleton. As he swatted two men aside with a massive pincer-hand, he went in for the kill with its sharp cutting edges. Instinctively, Ben did the only thing he could think of - picking up a cheap plastic deco plant in his room and fling it at the back of the head of the monster. Whirling around with a snarl, the Transhuman slammed its weight into the side of the building instead, cracking it. Losing his balance, Ben began to fall out of the fourth story window. Spinning around his own axis with a yell, he could feel the stone loosening in his grip and attaching itself to his waist.

An all-consuming shadow covered Ben for a brief moment, intersected with silver light. From that light came forth an armored figure with a black 'bodysuit' underneath, wearing a helmet which looked similar to a scarab.

Utilizing his sudden burst in speed, strength, stamina and actual fighting skill, Ben joined the agents and their arriving backup in subduing the powerful Transhuman villain. With their help, Ben figured out how to deactivate his "armored" form, and he was taken in for a checkup. Apparently, the artifact had fully fused with him - it was now inside of him, and had somehow rewired part of his nervous system already, with more strands following and its influence spreading. So deeply connected to him that it could never be removed, Ben soon learned that he could summon forth the stone and its "belt" around his waist at will, and transform again. Joining UNIT officially as a new agent, he seeks to uncover the secrets of his newfound power, learning how to fight properly beyond the basics the belt taught him. And there was a nice down payment for joining up, as well as a regular salary, both entirely new and very pleasant things to have.


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