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Old Apr 21st, 2020, 04:45 PM
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Player Roster

Please post your Characters here. Please include a link to your character sheet.
"This is where the fun begins."

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Thomas Jaeger
right-aligned image

Name: Thomas Jaeger
Age: 25
Profession: Coach / Ace Trainer
Appearance and Personality:
Thomas is a slim young man with a tone body owed to his daily training regimen. As part of his daily training, both he and his Pokemon exercise; Thomas always participates to help motivate the Pokemon.

Thomas is extremely meticulous when it comes to the health and well being of his Pokemon, carefully regulating everything they eat, and ensuring they get adequate daily training and rest to maximize growth. He takes extensive notes in a daily journal, tracking everything about his Pokemon's health, from their mood to their droppings. Needless to say, he is a total Maniac about tracking data.

Trust and Love is obviously what Thomas lacks, he puts all his faith in the training, not the Pokemon. While this may be obvious to many, it is completely oblivious to Thomas. In his current state of mind, the idea of Love being the missing component is laughable and as unscientific as people who claim they can bend spoons with their minds.

Thomas first entered the Pokemon League at age 15. He displayed a keen skill at training Pokemon, which the media latched onto. His tactical planning and meticulous training schedules caught the attention of many and soon sponsors were practically bashing down his door. Despite all the training, the tactical training, and money provided, Thomas was never able to climb higher than the top 8, even after 10 years of trying. Now, the sponsors have all dried up and no one believes anymore that he could be a Champion.

Thomas can't understand why he hit this wall and cannot overcome it. Despite a decade of research, making sure his pokemon's diets were perfect with maximum vitamins combined with carefully planned out daily training should have resulted in a perfect team, yet try as he might, his team was missing something.

Desperate and at the end of his rope, he sought out many of the greatest trainers in history that were still alive and asked them for advice. Most would not see him, but one former Champion took pity upon him. He invited Thomas in, and the two had a long talk over tea. The Champion told Thomas of an island that was still mostly wild and unexplored. He told Thomas to start over from scratch and search for that missing element. Lastly, he told Thomas to take a young Zubat and not return until it became a Crobat. This left Thomas a little confused, but since had had no other options, he decided to take the advice.

Starting Pokemon:
Zubat (Adamant)

Character Sheet: Click here
"This is where the fun begins."

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Old Apr 21st, 2020, 05:16 PM
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Aaron PrinceName: Aaron Prince
right-aligned image

Age: 17

Archetype: Aura Guardian, Chronicler, Ace trainer

Starter pokemon: Glint, the nuisance of a gastly.

Appearance: Aaron hides his milky white eyes behind a pair of black wayfarer sunglasses, which sit over a long crooked nose. While Aaron manages to conquer his blindness and mostly make it work for him, tending to his facial hair is still a bit difficult: The evidence of that lies in his unkempt circle beard, sideburns and disheveled hair, all of which are rather dark in colour. He enjoys lounging in the sun, and that can be seen from his tan complexion, and clothing. Aaron wears a black and white patterned shirt, with the sleeves rolled up and the buttons opened whenever suitable. His black cargo jeans are more functional though, and offer many pockets to keep things handy. To accesorise, the aura guardian has a multicoloured belt, with slots for pokéballs. Currently those sit empty however, as he's only officially caught his gastly, who he mostly just has hovering about him to spot anything he might miss.

Aaron carries himself in a confident manner, and many who only just met him wouldn't know he was blind from the way he walks. Nonetheless they might get a bit of a hint from the lack of facial expressions or the fact that he doesn't necessarily look in the direction of who he's speaking with.

Personality: Aaron practically radiates positivity and high hopes. And he's quick to share his outlook with just about anyone, even if people don't care to hear his notions. While surrounded by more pessimistic or quiet people, he'll simply ignore the fact that he's getting on their nerves and try to shine bright enough to turn those frowns upside down. It is around these people that Aaron shows himself at his fullest, as if to offset the negativity, and works twice as hard.

His optimistic and careless nature doesn't only display itself in sharing his oppinions, Aaron has rather bad impulse control and often just does things for the sake of fun or want. This often manifests itself into a thrillseeking streak. Ever since arriving on the island, Aaron's been talking about being the first a lot. The first guy who finds such and such pokémon living on the island, the first guy who finds discovers or climbs this landmark, et cetera.

Backstory: Aaron Prince was born in Eterna City, or just a bit outside of it. His parents moved there from the Kalos region when Aaron was about five years old. While the house was spacious and luxurious, it stood at the edge of the eterna forest, stood empty for ages before they moved in and Aaron wasn't known for being a particularly courageous lad. It didn't help that the boy came from the bustling Luminoise city, which was the polar opposite from the snoozy Eterna. The moving was rough on him, and before he got fully settled down Aaron had to go to school.

School became the next frontier, many of his peers were more sporty types, and since Aaron was born blind that wasn't going to work for him. He was picked on and bullied, but eventually the school organised a day off with his entire class to grow some compassion. The day was spent playing games like dodgeball, hide and seek and tag... but with blindfolds. While, as usual Aaron was picked last when it came to dodgeball teams, he was the unquestioned MVP in the game. The rest of the day, Aaron gave some pointers, like to listen for the noises people made, and soon his classmates frustrations were turned into a fun challenge, though it did still remain a battle for second place more than anything else.

After this day, Aaron made friends much more quickly. Before long, he had a nice little clique of friends. They had fun, played games (ones that accounted for Aaron's disabilities), told stories, had laughs and watched TV (allthough, for Aaron that was mostly listened to TV). Eventually the group camped out in the woods near Aaron's home for a night. That night, while they were telling scary stories, a group of ghost-type pokémon came and chased them back inside. Since that day, Aaron's been deahtly terrified of pokémon, and much more introverted.

His newfound shut-in and loner attitude really came in handy when around the age of 10 his friends all left on their own personal pokémon journeys. He stayed at home, and read a lot and watched a lot of TV. While his parents kept urging him to go out and explore the world, Aaron saw his disability as a carte blanche to stay inside and away from pokémon. His parents tried everything, from talking to a professor, to a pokémon ranger, to getting him a specially trained Abra to help guide him on his journey. Aaron wouldn't do it. Eventually, during a conversation with a psychologist he got the advice to confront himself with his fears again, and so his parents showed him tough love and sent him out into the nearby forest to find some pokémon. Ofcourse, his family had a pokémon ranger to shadow him and make sure he didn't get himself hurt.

The ramnifications of a nearby pokémon battle set fire to the forest, and Aaron's ranger had to step away for a moment to capture some water type pokémon and extinguish the fire. This left the boy alone, with nothing to go by except for the panicked screams of pokémon. His fears drove him in the opposite direction, towards the fire. When he found himself caught between two perils. In his stress, he heard a bit of whimpering, and decided that it might be best to investigate. Whimpering wasn't panicking, so they must be safe, Aaron reasoned.

When he arrived, Aaron felt fire between himself and the source of the quiet fear, so he took off his jacket and beat down the nearby flames before joining the scared kid in his hiding spot. He stayed there, in a cave that was more of a ditch for a while before he heard the splashing of water and the sizzling of flames. When the pokémon ranger came to rescue him, he looked up at him, as if allready expecting him. The ranger pulled him out and brought him home, but Aaron could only worry about the kid with him.

When he was home, the ranger told him that he was alone, and that there was no one there with him. This left Aaron shocked and confused but he was tired, and in bed so he fell asleep quite easily. that night, he had the weirdest dream however: It was uncharacteristically vivid and lucid and had a pokémon in it, a gastly who thanked him for freeing him from the forest fire and was happy to have made a friend. Since then, he felt his partner following him around, and both fooling about and helping out Aaron. This partnership is what eventually broke Aaron out of his isolation, and he felt more of a longing for the outside world. Eventually, he brought the gastly, which he named Void, along on several errands he ran for the professor to explore the region a bit.

During his travels, Aaron quickly became much more adept at moving through the world and recognising people. As if he'd sense their vitality, their soul itself. A run-in with an aura guardian in training who explained that he was sensing auras around him. It was a rare ability, but he seemed to be proficient in it and if he chose to hone it, he'd be able to do incredible things. He joined the trainer on a mission, to resolve some territorial disputes between a number of steelix and onix on an island off the coast of Canalave city, and learned a lot about Aura in the process. The aura guardian, Riley, also taught him to better see aura's of living creatures and how they reflected on the world around him to use that as an alternative to sight. This, ofcourse only grew Aaron's desire to explore the world more than he allready did.

His newfound explorative streak left his parents a lot more worried. They tried to keep the blind Aaron safe much more than they did before and subtly moved against his further explorations. Aaron noticed, and talked about it with the professor and his psychologist, who both disagreed and urged him to continue exploring. The two told his parents, but they wouldn't listen so Aaron stayed mostly at home and conceeded that he'd likely live a boring life (albeit one with a poképall). When his father was asked to come back and work for the company back in Kalos, however an oppertunity presented itself. His family went to the bustling Canalave docks, to take a boat back to Kalos. That day, Aaron went to the bathroom, and met up with the professor, who'd prepared an exploratory backpack and produced a ticket to board the boat to "X" island. He also told him he'd tell his parents once they arrived in Luminoise city what had happened and take full responsability.

Preferred playstyle: Mostly exploring, I'd like some story driven stuff and a more tactical approach to battling or avoiding battles. Aaron would be up for a gym run, though it wouldn't be particularly high on his list of priorities.

Player: Illeryces - Aaron - Ion
DM: Pokemon Island Expedition - Prowlers & Paragons

I'm operating normally!

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Old Apr 21st, 2020, 05:28 PM
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right-aligned image
Name: Casey Scott

Age: 19

Archetype: Mentor & researchers: pokemon caretaker

Appearance & personality: young-looking, thin and rather frail with jade color hair and eye Casey is a average-sized man that gives off a gentle nature to his movement and mannerisms he always dresses in white robes for easy movement.

Kind-hearted and gentle are the traits that define Casey the most as he grew around people and pokemon he concerns for the best for both and his actions are toward improving that always some curiosity sparks on him as pokemon reveal new things to the world.

Starter Pokemon: Sparky the Shinx

Background:Casey grew in Sinnoh helping his grandparents take care of the pokemon in the pokemon day-care of Solaceon town where he has witnessed hundreds of pokemon and trainers and has grown connecting with pokemon while also seeing happy trainers receive their pokemon back this has given him the opportunity to learn a lot about pokemon.

Solaceon town is also something of a hot-spot for archeologist and researchers cause of the Unown ruins that can be found there many of those left their pokemons at the daycare before adventuring into the ruins this gave Casey the chance to meet and befriend many archeologist, scientist and researchers that passed through the daycare simply to leave their pokemon there or to research pokemon behavior and by his relationship with these people he also started to pick up some interest to investigate about pokemon as well with the discovery and exploration of the new island Casey was recommended by many of his scientist and researchers friends to be one of the crew to explore and learn about the pokemon that inhabit it.

prefered playstyle: Exploration and raisinig pokemos maybe some gym crawl
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right-aligned image
Name: Andrew Mancini

Age: 17

Profession: Rogue and Ninja

Starter Pokémon: Fireball the Litten.

Type Preferences: Fire, Dark, Poison, Dragon, and Ground.

Appearance: Andrew stands just under six feet with dusty red hair and a lithe, toned, pale body wrapped in dark brown and black clothes. Keeping to the shadows he prefers to stay out of sight and out of mind. He has a scar on his right shoulder from he got into a fight with an older boy while scrapping together a living in Jubilife City. Fighting over spare coins in the gutter, the other boy had his Meowth scratch Andrew, and he has had the scar ever since.

Background: "I want rare Pokémon, not your pathetic excuses!" Rank Up: Adept - Stealth; Novice - Acrobatics
Rank Down: Intimidate, General Education, Command

Starting Edges: Skill Up – Guile, Perception, Combat; Categoric Inclination – Body
Starting Features:

left-aligned image
Character Background: My earliest memory? My earliest memory is me crawling around on the floor of the Celadon City Game Corner trying to collect enough game tokens to buy some food. It wasn’t uncommon for some of the young ace trainers to hand out a coin or two, but the real coinage, the real chance for a meal ticket, was the old woman who settled down in their chairs for eight hours a day barely paying attention to anything around them.

That’s how I got out of that city. I snatched an old woman’s coin case and ran and ran. I nearly fell out the door I was running so fast. Eventually I sold the coins off and I bought myself a ticket to Sinnoh.

There I was, a seven year old kid sailing the high seas off on my own – heh, I guess not much has changed in the last ten years.

When I was twelve I was scrounging a living together in Jubilife city. There’s a surprising amount of crime there and a lot of good opportunities to lift money off people… but I wasn’t the only person looking to score. I got into a scuffle with another kid, only he had a pokemon – and I didn’t. His meowth’s claws tore right through my shirt and there was blood every. It hurt like hell and it was really scary. I had to run again, luckily they were only interested in the yen I dropped, I don’t think I could have survived another one. Here look.

The young man slides his hand into his robe and undoes one of the buttons and rotates his shoulder revealing his bare shoulder. Three large claw marks still mar the supple flesh stretching down his shoulder toward his defined chest.

When I was fifteen I made it all the way to Hau’oli city. Not gonna lie, not a huge fan of the climate, but that’s where I met my little buddy – so it’ll always be a special place.

I found him while we were both diving in the same dumpster looking for food. He was agitated at first and so was I – we almost fought, but then something else appeared that scared us both so much we suddenly became fast friends. There was a grimer coming out of the sewer, probably looking for some of the grosser things in the alley, and it came right towards us. Well Fireball and I put our differences aside and fought like hell. And afterwards we split the leftover sandwich we were fighting over.

We’ve been together ever since.

Andrew scratches the head of the Litten right behind it’s left ear.

Prrrrr… Litten!

That’s right buddy.

Personality: Clever, headstrong, and sneaky Andrew has had to squeak out an existence his entire life. He's been roaming from city to city hitting up marks, collecting enough money to keep himself going and doing the occasional odd job offered by less than respectable persons. He may be cold and aloof, but he tends to be kind to others in need because he knows how hard things can be. That said, he isn't afraid to steal from the rich and give to himself.

Play-style: "I may not make a lot of money but at least I have my freedom… but I’m working on that money thing."

Posting Status: I got new cat! Slight delay due to biscuits and cuddles 17Nov2023.
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Aiden Cook
right-aligned image
Name: Aiden Cook

Age: 23

Archetype: Traveler, Backpacker, Explorer

Starter Pokemon: Rhyhorn - nicknamed Crash for his tendency to go not so much around as through terrain.

Appearance: Aiden is a fit young man, recently graduated from college in Saffron City. He has curious blue eyes and a head of dark hair that won't stay down, regardless of effort. Thick eyebrows guard his eyes, and a striking nose center his face. His lips often crack into a comfortable, unassuming smile, though the more time he spends inside, the less genuine it becomes.

In the last few months, he has given up his pressed shirts and fitted trousers for loose, many pocketed pants, a backpack, and hiking boots. Digging through his old belongings has turned up a couple of other treasures: a set of old, stone-colored t-shirts and rock climbing gloves were two such finds. Another, buried deep at the bottom of an old chest, was a thread necklace with an odd-looking stone attached. A girl he used to date made it for him after discovering a more substantial chunk atop a mountain they hiked together. Aiden hasn't talked to her in years. The necklace is by no means stylish, but it sits draped around his neck anyway, a reminder of simpler times.

Personality: Even-keeled, Aiden is a rock in calm waters. He moves with the easy nonchalance that comes with self-assurance, and endeavors to be friendly towards everyone, though he considers very few people friends. "Less is more" is one of his driving principles, whether in regards to acquaintances, to words, or to possessions.

Growing up with few people his own age has made him comfortable being on his own. He feels best when exploring the outdoors, finding a level of peace in the natural splendor. Especially fond of mountains, he is equally comfortable hiking up them with heavy gear strapped to his back and hurtling down them attached to thin, fiberglass planks.

Background: Born in Pewter City, Aiden grew up an only child in the quiet, mountainous region. He did passably well in school, though no one would ever have called him an exceptional student. Most of his free time was spent outdoors, hiking in the jutting and rocky mountainscape around the city with nothing but his imagination and the occasional wild Geodude for company. The end of childhood snuck up on him. His parents pushed him to go to college, and he acquiesced, though he would have been just as happy staying in Pewter as a local mountain guide.

Eventually, Aiden decided on Saffron University. It was a safe decision. With Silph Co so close, a job after school was all but guaranteed. Again, Aiden performed adequately in school, falling easily into academic life. He joined some societies, dated some girls, went to some parties, and came out on the other end with a degree. He was happy in a vague kind of way, but the only times he found real joy was when he was high above the world, either at home in Pewter City's mountains or exploring Kanto with the Mountaineering Club.

Between the second and third years of school, when he was interning with a research division of Silph Co near Cerulean City and hiking above the rocky mountain tunnel every chance he got, he met Crash. There was no auspicious meeting. No daring rescue from an avalanche or three days in a cave healing a leg wound. One day, Aiden spotted a Rhyhorn mirroring his trail along a sheer ridge. Then he saw him again the next week and the next after that. He started leaving bits of trail mix out for his not so stealthy observer. A silent understanding grew out of their time together on the mountain paths. At the end of the Summer, a friend at Silph offered him a Pokeball, and the Rhyhorn came willingly.

After graduation, he took a job at Silph HQ in Saffron. For the next year, he saw next to nothing of the mountains he loved, or of Crash. Wake up, put on a tie, go to HQ, sell their newest product to the buyers at PokeMart, go home, rinse, and repeat. He didn't realize how little he enjoyed his new life until a colleague returned from vacation to a sparsely inhabited, newly discovered island with stories of his time there. For the next month, Aiden couldn't get the island, or the freedom it promised, out of his head. Then he said "Screw it", left Silph Co and used a good chunk of his savings to buy a ticket to the island. He flew home to Pewter, told his parents of his plan - "Only for a month or two, promise" - grabbed Crash, and headed out.

Preferred Playstyle: Exploration and adventure. Go where no man has gone before, and see things no man has seen. If there are gyms, I might not be able to help myself, but that also wasn't what I had in mind when coming up with Aiden.

I would like him to join up with a few other companions and explore the wilderness. I think this is one of those characters that could do with a bit of socialization.

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Maaz Hadar
right-aligned image
Name: Maaz Hadar (Sheet)

Age: 31

Profession: Tracker, Hunter, Outdoorsman and Explorer with a focus on deserts, caves and eventually mountains (translating to features taken in Survivalist, Ace Trainer, Hunter)

Starter Pokemon: Thuban (.jr) the Sandile

Appearance and Personality: Maaz is a tall but rather thin man with golden-brown skin and a head of wiry black hair. His eyes are of a deep near-blac, colour, sitting to either side of a nose that only appears a little oversized for the hollow of his cheeks. He prefers functional and unassuming clothing adapted to his task and environment, though when he is "off-duty" he tends to mix it up with flowy and loose, even a dash of bright red or forest green. His thinness comes from a spartan approach to delights of the flesh, and that he only very sparingly indulges in anything edible but tea and water has also influenced his personality it seems. To start Maaz is very economical with his words, especially when he is on a trail of course, though it can soon be found that he enjoys a laugh as much as the next person. It just takes him a tiny bit longer to get warmed up with new acquaintances, or maybe he just takes his time examining them before fully comitting.

Background (including reason for coming to Prism Island):

Preferred Playstyle & Character Goals (Primary/Secondary): Exploration and Story-based / Classic Gym-crawl (Other playstyles I can think of might be Contest oriented rather than Gym-battle based, but that is not in this particular character's future)

Maaz Roster
Maaz, Level 6 Trainer
Thuban, Level 15 ♂ Sandile
Gomeisa, Level 14 ♂ Krabby
Caph, Level 13 ♂ Paras
Enif, Level 10 ♀ Drowzee
Keid, Level 9 ♀ Vullaby
Pinsir, Level 19 (Backup)
73/73 HP
42/58 HP
51/51 HP
47/47 HP
50/50 HP
52/52 HP 
1/1/2 EV
1/1/2 EV
2/1/2 EV
2/2/1 EV
1/2/1 EV

Character Sheet

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Emira Oran
right-aligned image
Name: Emira Oran
Age: 19
Class: Channeler/Sage
Starter Pokemon: Confetti the Vivillon

Appearance: A young woman with long snowy-white hair and pale blue eyes that appear to be entirely devoid of pupils. Emira is a very pretty woman by most standards, with a smooth, fair complexion, and softly rounded facial features that place her firmly between her teenage years and full on adulthood. She has a smallish, slightly upturned nose, set above a pair of pale pink lips. Her hair tumbles down to her mid-back, growing slightly more wavy the further down it goes, but otherwise has the appearance of being straight and silky, clearly well cared for.

If she had wanted to, Emira could have probably taken up work as a model instead of a wandering trainer. She's a curvaceous woman; puberty and good genes have clearly left her in incredibly good shape, giving her a nearly perfect hourglass figure. Her neck is long and slender, leading down into a pair of narrow shoulders and somewhat thin arms and dainty hands with thin, dexterous fingers. Emira is fairly chesty, something that would be difficult to hide at the best of times -- and so she doesn't bother, instead favoring clothing that compliments her assets without drawing undo attention to her body. Emira's waist pinches inward slightly, before flaring out into a pair of wide hips and long legs with somewhat thick thighs.

Emira's clothing preferences tend toward fairly conservative, comfortable, but flattering choices that hug her figure in the right places, but leave her plenty of room to move around comfortably while traveling across the island. She favors T-shirts and jeans for most climates, and padded clothing for colder temeratures.

Background: Emira was the youngest of 9 children, and the only one born blind. She was born in the Sinnoh region, and raised just outside of Floaroma Town in the Sinnoh region, on a small farm where her family grew and harvested Oran berries. During her early years, her parents doted on her, sheltering her from the outside world for fear that her disability would lead to her hurting herself. They may have had a point, of course. Emira had a habit of getting into places she shouldn't and being as independent as she could be despite her blindness. As she grew older, however it became harder for her to sneak off and get into trouble.

Emira had few friends, her overbearing family situation and her relative distance from Floraroma Town itself left her relatively isolated. The few friends she did have more often than not walked on eggshells around the blind preteen, and like her family, tended to stifle Emira's sense of adventure rather than fostering it. Like most children her age, Emira received her first pokemon at the age of 11; a scatterbug caught in the Oran berry fields by one of her older siblings. She spent much of her time with the pokemon, who quickly became her best friend. While she couldn't effectively battle with the pokemon, she nevertheless did manage to explore a bit more on her own with the help of her pokemon. Just having the scatterbug with her opened up her world considerably. And that was before she turned 14, and discovered that she could somehow connect with her pokemon on a mental or spiritual level, and found that she could actually see the world through the eyes of her scatterbug.

Though Emira never told her parents or siblings about her new ability, she practiced with it in secret, using her scatterbug to explore the house and spy on the activities of her family. She taught herself to read using something other than braille, and memorized the interior of her house to help her become better able to get around without the help of a cane. As she became more comfortable with her newfound ability, and how it connected her to her pokemon, she eventually started to venture further from the farm. She never went too far... with only one pokemon, she didn't want to risk becoming lost should something happen to her scatterbug, but during her travels she did manage to get in some battles with wild pokemon she could find around her farm. She wanted to be able to convince her parents that she was strong enough to allow to go out into the world on her own... and the best way she could think to do that was to make sure that her pokemon companion was able to protect her.

Though the battles were infrequent, Emira's pokemon did eventually evolve into a Vivillon by the time Emira turned 19, and with a fully evolved pokemon in her possession, Emira convinced her parents to let her go make her own way in the world. Of course, they weren't willing to just let her go with nothing... they provided her with money, just to get her started on her travels... enough that she certainly wouldn't have to worry about food, at least, and gave her explicit instructions to call often and keep them updated on where she was and what she was doing.

Once she was out on her own, Emira almost immediately set about leaving the Sinnoh region, her sense of adventure leading her to a mysterious island somewhere to the South that she'd once read about, along with her Vivillon companion.

Current Roster1. Confetti the level 10 Vivillon

SheetEmira's Sheet

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Name Leo Logan
Age 17
Region of birth Galar
Leo can be cold, and quiet. Except when he's dealing with pokemon. He loves them. Alpha, his Deino most of all. His relationship with Alpha is more akin to a brotherly bond.
He's distrustful of adults, given a couple of bad experiences in the foster care system. He had to rely on himself and Alpha for most of his life.
The exception being his mentor Franziska. She got him a education, albeit one focused on pokemon. It led to an unexpected side interest of paleontology.
Leo has always enjoyed battling, as has Alpha. They don't start fights, but they'll finish them.

Leo Logan was born to loving parents. Unfortunately his parents died when he was young. Catapulted into the foster care system, Leo Logan was first placed with an abusive drunk of a foster father, and a foster mother terrified of her husband. After his hand was burned in a hot pan, Leo ran away. He was found and placed with another family. This family equated foster children with slave labour. He was forced to work in a sweatshop. Whilst he escaped multiple times, he was always brought back. His final escape at age 12 was the charm. Managed to rob his foster parents too. Only got a little money and a couple of poke balls.
On the streets he had to rely on his wits to survive. Made a living conning people. Occasionally got into fights with other street kids. A year later he got wind that his social worker was closing in on him.
He made the decision to leave the city. Not being the best outdoors, he got lost in the wilds. Hearing a sad howling, Leo approached it, thinking it might be an animal got in a trap.
It wasn't. It was a Deino by the body of his dead mum. Mawile bites looked like the cause of death. Likely they had driven the Deino family from their cave home, and the mother died from her injuries later. Sensing Leo, he attacked the teenager. However Leo could see his heart wasn't really in it. Speaking softly to the Deino, Leo managed to talk him down, then comfort the dragon. Wanting to protect the little guy, as Leo knew what it was like to be orphaned, he poke balled the guy. That's how he found his brother Alpha.
Leo didn't know what he was doing at first. Looking after a pokemon was new to him. However he always made sure Alpha ate, and the Deino probably was fed better than Leo, whom always put Alpha's welfare first.
By the time they reached the new city, Alpha was big and strong. Most of the time Leo used his guile to make ends meet. Occasionally he and Alpha would participate in illegal fight tournaments. These would sometimes end badly, and Leo would have to fight too, to protect Alpha.
It was in a poke center where he met Franziska, a pillar of the community, whom offered to take the teenager and Alpha in. Leo was very resistant to the idea at first. Franziska used his one weakness against him. Alpha. She promised him an education in how to care for him better, as well as regular food.
He couldn't say no to better care for Alpha, so he accepted. She enrolled him into a learning program. Whilst he enjoyed the technical information, the slant his instructors took, made him feel uncomfortable, that pokemon were only commodities. At Franziska's house, he got combat training from her Hitmontop. He was hard on Leo, but ultimately both earned a mutual respect. Alpha, as always, was well cared for by Leo, but they weren't fighting others whilst he was studying, leading to a decline in the combat skill in the young Deino. In one of the rare battles they had during this time, they teamed up with Franziska and her Sneasel. Leo was kind of impressed how well the Sneasel worked with Alpha. He liked it's cunning which was a welcome ally to Alpha's strength. If the opportunity to catch one arose, Leo would definitely take it.
After his training and education was over, Franziska told him about Prism Islands and the possibility of new pokemon and fossil that may be found there. He takes a job with a research team and so begins the new journey. Leo joins a paleontologist expedition to the colder parts of the islands. There may well be rare fossils there! Even those of unknown pokemon.

Somewhat of a pretty boy, with messy blond hair and blue eyes. A slight physique, and medium height. He wears light armour, a parting gift from Franziska.
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