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Old Apr 27th, 2020, 09:42 AM
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Those Who Go West

Post Your Characters Here!

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Old Apr 27th, 2020, 10:48 AM
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Name: Avobena (Sprite) and Mexoryl (Centaur)

left-aligned image

Concept: A duo that has traveled for years together and serves the same deity.

Avobena - Priestess of Parasol Avobena's charge as a Priestess of Parasol is to guide travelers and protect them on the roads through the Ultraviolet Grasslands. Uninterested in the settled down life of a franchised road-side shrine, her wanderlust drives her through the lands. The tiny fairy rides on a diminutive, but comfortably appointed howdah atop her protector, Mexoryl.

Mexoryl - Protectorate of Parasol
Mexoryl joined the Protectorate of Parasol in his youth and made excellent marks in the Brotherhood. The Protectorate serves as security for shrines and personal protection for wandering priestesses. The burly centaur was assigned to protect Avobena ever since her anointment ceremony. His commitment to the goddess Parasol is rivaled only by his loyalty to Avobena.

right-aligned image

Avobena wants to convert and grow the faith and worship of Parasol. She is proselytizing and collecting followers as she travels. That is the mission of the Church of Parasol and her aim, as well. Mexoryl serves this same purpose and upholds the protection of Avobena as something worth dying for.

Avobena - Her wanderlust is matched only by her desire for followers. She hopes to find powerful artifacts and relics to propel her fame as a priestess and have her own temple someday.
Mexoryl - Is secretly in love with Avobena. It is forbidden for the Protectorate to consort with Priestesses. Plus, there's the size problem...

Pledged the Oath of Sangus

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Old Apr 27th, 2020, 11:06 AM
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The Lost One
left-aligned image
Name: Urch ((Char sheet should be mostly done))

Concept: Tiefling(-ish) Warlock, Archfey patron. ((I like Archfey as a patron for this due to whimsical vibe that isn't necessarily "I am straight up using you for my gain" like I infer for Fiend and Great Old One, though that is certainly an aspect to it))

I've adapted best I can to the Violet City. All I know for sure is I'm not from 'round here. Woke up one morning on the street with no prior knowledge of, well, anything. Folk called me Urch. Was meant as a slur to someone livin' in the street, but I didn't know no better, and thought that musta been my name.

Things was dark until my cat found me. I can hear her speaking clear as day, but nobody else can. They just figure I'm another crazy urch when I ask if they can hear her. She says her name is Artemis, and we're inseparable.

Want: Artemis is all I have, and I feel guilty I can't do much else for her than to sleep in some rags on the street. Can't seem to hold down a job with the meritocrats more than a few weeks. Maybe this caravan job'll set us up for a good long while.

Need: The closer my bond to Arty, the more I dream of...somewhere else. Is it where I'm from? Before I found myself here? Maybe this journey will lead to some answers, because there ain't any in the City, I knows that fer sure.

But unknown to Urch, Artemis is actually a ward of Vile, and Urch is actually being led to a relic from the Long Long Ago
Playing Urch in Ultraviolet Grasslands

I've taken the oath. Will you?

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Old Apr 27th, 2020, 11:13 AM
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right-aligned image
Name: Berkeley

Concept: Skeletal psionic soul sorcerer

One day, Berkeley forgot he was dead. It's been a nasty habit he can't shake since then. Some things he doesn't forget, like hunger, although no one's sure if he actually digests what he's eaten. And he still talks despite lacking a tongue. Oh, by the Sacred Cats, can he talk.

He won't talk about who or what he was when he wore skin and muscle. As far as he's concerned, moving around with less weight and being a little less susceptible to burns is a plus. He claims to come from a lost city beyond the Dark Hills, a moving metropolis always in darkness, lit by phosphorescent light and always blistering with music that trembles the cracked pavement. It is a place of constant stimulation, and he craves supplements in this blasted landscape, although he never elaborates on why he would want to leave this vaunted city in the first place.

Want: Some would consider Berkeley mad. His wants change fluidly, often directed by whim, and fancy for the new and exotic. Consistently, he's impatient and easily bored, so the prospect of venturing out into the wilds suits him fine.

Need: Berkeley is a solipsist. He feels The Black Sea calls to him as a void beyond all voids, a place untamed by the illusory rules of conventional reality - a place that may finally allow him to fully realise his own self-enclosed reality. Maybe Berkeley can find there what he seeks out of life, death and being. Maybe he can use his revelations to shine a light on the rest of so-called 'reality' to show it for the bundle of falsehoods and illusions it truly is. Either way, he seeks to prove a point to himself and to everyone else.
RUNNING: Omega Blue [SWN], Do Good in the World [FATE] | WORLDBUILDING: Ethereal Lands

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Old Apr 27th, 2020, 08:15 PM
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right-aligned image

"The Goddess Descends!"
Shouts the high priestess at the commencement of the amalgamation ceremony. The writhing bodies of the chosen host proclaim the rebirth of their deity with their exotic dance while the newly crowned host of the Gloaming Goddess glides down the steep stairs from her lush purple dais. "She is renewed!" they exclaim in chorus as they adorn her shimmering body with the crown of stars and place in her hand the sidereal sword that grants her authority over her clandestine sisterhood. When the dancing stops, she is ushered into a side room, and while the sisterhood continues to shout, her attendees strip off her golden crown and reveal to her the terrible secret of the ritual she has completed.

Name: Éclate WIP

Concept: Priestess of the Gloaming Goddess-a merged soul who hosts her deity within. Warrior cleric of the Twilight Domain on the run from her mystery cult sisterhood.

Want: Merging your soul with a deity weighs heavily on your mortal body. Those who merge with the goddess are not long for this world, and even the strongest among her priestly caste die after a few years. After years of preparation, Éclate finally learns this secret of her cult. When she learns of this she secrets herself away , and her goal is to visit where her goddess sleeps so she can return the goddess' soul and save her own life. This is considered heresy among her sisterhood and they are likely hunting her.

Need: Éclate was raised from a young age to become the eventual host to the goddess, and hence, only knows the ways of her coven. Though she was well-educated in preparation for her eventual duties, she has never had the clarity of mind to think about her own desires or to act on them. For the first time, she's felt the thrill of operating under her own volition and now needs to experience everything that she's missed. No longer merely a vessel, she must learn what it is to be.

I've taken the oath!

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