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Jennifer Webb (The Chosen)

CrunchName: Jenny, JenJennifer Webb (she/her)
right-aligned image

Skin: The Chosen
Look: Popular
Eyes: Impassioned
Origin: Marked by trauma

Impassioned Warrior
Hot 1, Cold -1, Volatile 2, Dark -1

Harm: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Experience: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


  • Take the Blow: When you leap into the way and take the blow instead of someone else, roll with Volatile. On a hit, you take the harm instead of them. On a 10+, reduce the harm by 1 first.
  • Growing Pains: When you fail to protect your friends, mark experience.
  • from the outside, Jenny looks like she has everything; people are drawn to her. They even make promises to maybe get a little of the popularity or success. Once they realize how different it is to live under those pressures, however, they may just fade away. This would almost be the opposite push of Can't Save Myself: Jenny has the pull to get others to make promises, but when it comes down to it, she finds out she is really alone and all they wanted all along was to bask in the glow of the spotlight shining on her for a little while.Lure (Fae): Whenever someone makes a promise to you, they mark experience. Whenever someone breaks a promise to you, you mark experience.

Darkest Self:
None of your friends can help. They're not strong like you are. You need to chase down the biggest threat imaginable, immediately and alone. Any challenges or dangers that you encounter must be faced head on, even if they might kill you. You escape your darkest self when someone comes to your rescue or you wake up in the hospital, whichever comes first.
Intimacy Move:
When you are intimate with someone, heal all of your wounds, and cure all of your Conditions. If they disgust you, give them a String. If you disgust yourself, give them a String.

Strings Jenny holds:
  • Jenny holds 1 string on Sasha because of crime-fighting team!
  • Jenny holds 1 string on Teresia because of crime-fighting team!
  • Jenny holds 2 strings on Ted because she watched him die!

Strings held against Jenny:
  • Isabella holds a string on Jenny (in the form of an old "self-portrait" doll from their youth)
  • Ted holds 2 strings on Jenny because she watched him die!

Someone Knows Jenny is the Chosen:
Coach Rob Fields: the new varsity coach. Jenny had run into him several times over the summer. He had just been a creep then, but now that she has spent time with him, she knows that he knows. And worse, he has it out for her specifically. She should have known when he introduced himself as Coach Rob, but as soon as she called him that, he had insisted that it was ‘Coach Fields’ to her. Dick move, but whatever. Then the hellish week of practice. Oh, not for the team, just for her. Everything has been done ‘wrong’ and she has spent the better part of every practice running sprints.

FluffConcept: Chosen in every sense of the word. Chosen by her grandma to take over the family business; chosen by her mother to take care of her grandparents and father; chosen by everyone else to be the one to get out of the small ass town; chosen by fate to find out about a great evil.Always chosen, never asked

Description: Smart, athletic, pretty, fun, competitive as hell… and popular for all those reasons. If someone wants to be it, Jenny is it. What no one sees is the pressure to be all those things all the time, and the pressure to do what everyone else wants. Not overly outgoing, but very friendly, Jenny will hang out with the jocks, the nerds, the band geeks, and the outcasts in equal measure, though she gets pulled away just as easily. A bit naive, she is fairly easily manipulated by the whims of others. She doesn't understand the impact her actions have on others and she ends up being a bit of a tease. Jenny's just being nice and trying to please everyone else and she doesn't intend to leave anyone flapping in the wind, but she does - often. She dresses well all the time, though the venue dictates the style. She looks good in a dress, bikini, or just chillin' clothes and she sports each when the occasion calls for it.

The one thing Jenny doesn't have is direction. Everyone wants something different for her, and they all have merits. She doesn't really want to leave, Cressida Bay is home, but she can't really imagine working the B&B for the rest of her life either. So maybe getting out is the best option. Get out, see something different, disappoint the entire family. You know, good times.

Hag’s Hideout Bed & Breakfast – Hag’s Hideout B&B is located just outside of town, nestled in the woods just off the beach. It has been owned and operated by Jenny's ancestors for as long as anyone can remember. Rumors swirl about the building and its history, and those fires may just be stoked by the family. It is rumored that Lilla ‘Hag’ Liggit constructed the cellar as a smuggling hold back in the early days of the town, then settled down in the area building a small mansion on top of the hold and selling her services to anyone that could pay. There are rumors of a tunnel network in the same vein as the ones below Split Falls. Somehow the building fell into Jenny's family's control and turned into a home and then a bed & breakfast.

Webb Family
Jenny’s grandparents are still alive and live in a room in the B&B. Patti is still a petite fireball who meddles in the B&B constantly although her health is starting to fail while Richard is the latest in a long line of men that have taken care of Hag’s Hideout to come down with some form of dimensia in their later years. Richard sits and stares at the cellar door and talks to himself. On several occasions he has been found crumpled at the base of the cellar stairs mumbling unintelligibly.

Mary and Robert are Jenny’s parents and the current proprietors of the B&B. Robert has spent as long as Jenny can remember zealously maintaining the B&B. She has started to worry about his mental health as she has become more aware of … the world. Tyler is her older brother and he was a real knucklehead; always in trouble with the law, especially when it came to tourists. Now he has moved out of the B&B and settled down in town and the longer he has been out of the house, the more stable he has become. Jenny resents him a bit because he has already decided to stay in town, but the family expects her to take over the B&B rather than him. He is the oldest, isn't he?

PC relationships
Teresia -
Connections are few but cherished for a newcomer in town. It's always interesting news for the residents when new blood, especially one with mechanical skill, move in. Neighbors show up at the door with introductions and welcoming baskets.

This is how they met that summer. The B&B's car broke down, again for the second time this month. Luckily the old auto shop at the edge of town has opened again with new tenents. Instead of having the car towed to the nearest city, mechanic Keith Moore, takes care of it. The next day Keith calls and confirms the old spark plugs were defect and replaced. Knowing the mechanic and his daughter are newcomes, the Webb's prepare a little something-something for Keith's trouble and giving them a warm welcome to the community. And Jenny were dragged along, 'cause it was only decent to introduce the new girl to some new friends.

Since then Jenny have showed Teresia the ropes around town. Where the teens meet up to make out, where the hang-outs were and what house ol' mister Murray was found murdered. Jenny is soured over the relationship because it feels like another obligation, another choice that she didn't get to make. Jenny doesn't specifically hold it against Teresia, though, and tries to balance her feelings about the new kid by including her in Jenny's new favorite past-time: crime-fighting. Does it hurt that it puts Teresia in danger and potentially invalidates the adults' trust in Jenny? Not in the least ...
Isabella -
old elementary school friends; have sort of grown apart through middle school and high school, but old friendships don't die easily; Jen still holds Isabella in high esteem even though she has gotten a little weird.
Ted -
Jenny took an interest in boys starting in middle school, but never really 'went out' with anyone, preferring friends over boyfriends. It made her cool ... and a tease. Then, in high school something finally changed and for some reason her first interest was Ted; maybe this was because Jenny viewed Ted as a sort of halfway point between herself and Isabella as their interests continued to diverge. Jenny was popular and Isabella was the weird outcast, Ted was firmly staked as the average guy, somewhere between the two diverging friends.

Then the day Ted died happened. It is the day that changed everything for Jen. She went from oblivious to the real way of things in town to keenly aware, and more. They were in the woods and got separated. No big deal. Until the scream, the gut-wrenching scream. Jen ran toward the sound of her friend's pain, charging headlong into the unknown, intending to do everything in her power to save Ted. But she froze when she fell upon the actual scene. It wasn't the physical scene that brought her up short. It was a presence, a will writhing through the air and flailing to grasp anything around. And the source? The pit where Ted's body had fallen. She could not confront that will and charge into the midst and try to save Ted. She fled. Jen raced back to town and got help, but by the time a party had set out to search for Ted, a battered (but seemingly alive) Ted walked out from the woods. The look he gave Jen crushed her soul. She had failed him. Ted always called it a wolf attack, but Jenny had seen everything. Wolves they were not.

The relationship between Ted and Jenny is strained, but old friendships do die hard and some old feelings still exist. Jen blames herself and has set out to make it right. But where does one start when there is no physical enemy, only an awakening to a truer reality.
Nickolas -
two of the oldest families in Cressida Bay, Nick and Jenny know each other though there isn't a lot of overlap in social circles; Jenny and her family are always cordial to Nick and his family despite the many unflattering rumors floating around town. Jenny has started to take more of an interest in Nick as her crime-fighting turns from a distraction from Ted to a drive.
Sasha -
Jenny and Sasha were not close growing up and the divide increased as Jenny's popularity blossomed in middle and then high school. Then, Jenny began taking to solving crimes after the Ted incident. Through a chance encounter, a slip of the tongue, and an odd assortment of luck, Jenny and Sasha began working together on crimes around town. Slowly an actual friendship began to blossom. Sasha still doesn't fit with the in-crowd at school (nor would she try?), but Jenny sits with her on occasion at lunch and stops to talk in the hall or outside the school.
Aaron -
Fenian -
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