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Old May 7th, 2020, 11:14 AM
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A Touch of Insane Realities

What the hell happened here?
Strawberry MoonZar 6:09 AM
somebody cast call lightning

kingmonkey 6:09 AM
I mean, that you're feeling rough, not that you lived.

whimsky 6:09 AM
Now you have to find the water, earth and fire towers

kingmonkey 6:09 AM
It's the only way to complete the ritual, I guess.

Elfman6 6:10 AM
Not without Leelo

kingmonkey 6:10 AM
So, Moon, if the Great Seal opens and That Which Was Forgotten pours out to eradicate us all, that's on you now.

Elfman6 6:11 AM
Wait... how did you remember That Which Was Forgotten if it was forgot?

kingmonkey 6:11 AM
Handwaves plot point
[6:11 AM]

Elfman6 6:11 AM
King.... are you dangerously remembering things? Again?

kingmonkey 6:11 AM
Is that what these daydreams are?

Elfman6 6:11 AM
Remember the last time you had to reset the world to the last save point?

kingmonkey 6:11 AM
Oh, ****.
I'll go fall off a bunk bed and hit my head right

Elfman6 6:12 AM
We have the semisoft hammer in case you're having trouble getting the correct angle for head injury

kingmonkey 6:14 AM
Yeah, I may need you to fax that to me; I keep bouncing.

Elfman6 6:15 AM
Okay, I'll send it later today and it should show up sometime 3 days ago.
If it gets lost, just keep an eye out for the man in the bright red rubber boots and the neon green stetson. He'll have the locust.
In all seriousness, this sounds like the premise to a very offbeat game of Mage

Scimmy 6:18 AM
Wait...why are yíall talkin bout my Sunday best

Elfman6 6:18 AM
Because you'll have the locust Scimmy
Scimmy, did you trade the locust for jacks again?

Scimmy 6:19 AM
Listen, itís just easy to trade away

Elfman6 6:20 AM
Okay, you're going to collapse a few universes again to get that back. The drone is of the locust is prone to waking sleeping elder god's cats. Which is bad news.

kingmonkey 6:21 AM
Confirmed, Elfman6 is a Mage
But which Tradition?

Scimmy 6:21 AM
I donít see how it could get worse

kingmonkey 6:21 AM
Order of Hermes, I'm thinking

Aethera 6:21 AM
Wait, someone's thinking about Mage?

Scimmy 6:21 AM
I think things are fine

kingmonkey 6:21 AM
Elfman did it!
Oh, no...
That's more like it

Elfman6 6:21 AM
Dammit Scimmy, that's how we know things will get worse. You keep the locust. Don't listen to it. And definitely stop trading it for jacks.

Aethera 6:22 AM
can play the elder gods' cat?

kingmonkey 6:22 AM
I will definitely be the droning locust

Scimmy 6:22 AM
But it sings so pretty and I like to share!

kingmonkey 6:22 AM
the drocust, if you will

Elfman6 6:22 AM
Aethera, we should not have put Scimmy in charge of the creation ending locust.

kingmonkey 6:23 AM
Way to drop the ball

Scimmy 6:23 AM
Itís mine now!
You canít have it
Wait....where did it go?

Elfman6 6:23 AM
You traded it for jacks.

kingmonkey 6:23 AM
Dammit, Aeth. You know how Scimmy is with reality-warping artifacts!

Elfman6 6:23 AM
Was it the Purple Prince again?

Scimmy 6:23 AM
Oh right, it always comes back though

Elfman6 6:23 AM
Is that who you traded it to?

Scimmy 6:24 AM
Nah the artist formerly known as prince didnít want it

Elfman6 6:24 AM
After multiple universe collapses. The genocide is really getting to kingmonkey. I don't how many more head injuries he can take.

Scimmy 6:24 AM
He can take a lot!

Aethera 6:25 AM
He can take a lot

Elfman6 6:25 AM
Back on topic. Who needed to wake elder gods' cats Scimmy?

Aethera 6:25 AM
Can confirm

Scimmy 6:25 AM
Youíve heard of boop and bop, now try BAM BAM!

kingmonkey 6:25 AM
I have taken a lot of head injuries, that doesn't mean I should.
The twin rainbow snakes of dreamtime, coiled in a double helix through the umbra?

Scimmy 6:26 AM
It was Gerry

kingmonkey 6:26 AM
Was it them?

Scimmy 6:26 AM

Elfman6 6:26 AM
F**king Gerry

kingmonkey 6:26 AM
Do you mean Jerry?
Or Garry?

Elfman6 6:26 AM

Scimmy 6:26 AM
Dude you know how they feel about misspelling their name
Very sensitive

Elfman6 6:27 AM
I'm not certain we can get another sea of fudge on short notice. Scimmy?

kingmonkey 6:27 AM
If you ever need a sea of fudge, Scimmy is your man.

Scimmy 6:27 AM
Well all I know is I for sure didnít eat the last one
Definitely not
I was too busy singing
With my buddy
The locust
Dude sure likes to sing about waking up

Elfman6 6:29 AM
Kingmonkey, do the cyan space gorillas still owe you a favour?

kingmonkey 6:29 AM
No, they gave me a fancy hat.

Elfman6 6:29 AM
with a yellow and red feather?

Aethera 6:30 AM
Ooh, kingmonkey, you should really get rid of that hat. >.>

Scimmy 6:30 AM
I think the locust is an Avicii fan

kingmonkey 6:30 AM
But it's sooooo fancy

Aethera 6:30 AM
You don't want to know where it's been.

Scimmy 6:30 AM
Donít listen to them Km

kingmonkey 6:30 AM
Mmmmm, fancy hat... no one will ever take you from me

Scimmy 6:31 AM
They just want you to not have pretty things!

Aethera 6:31 AM
Elfman, I think they're a lost cause. We'd better go bribe Gerry ourselves.

Scimmy 6:31 AM
Oh are you coming to karaoke night?

kingmonkey 6:31 AM
Too bad I can't edit my name, or it would be 'kingmonkey, with the fancy hat'

Elfman6 6:32 AM
I think you're right Aethera, but where do we get a chimpanzee that crochets ties for butterflies at this time?

kingmonkey 6:32 AM
Speaking of karaoke...

Scimmy 6:32 AM
Gerry said we were doing a theme party tonight with karaoke

kingmonkey 6:32 AM
Spotify just brought up a song I used to have on cassette that I love and haven't heard in ages

Scimmy 6:32 AM

Elfman6 6:33 AM
No, Gerry undoes reality when he sings.
Usually painfully

Scimmy 6:33 AM
He is quite good

Elfman6 6:33 AM
Although one time there was cake

Scimmy 6:33 AM
I agree

Elfman6 6:33 AM
He is, but I do enjoy reality
Its where my stuff is

Scimmy 6:33 AM
Donít get so attached man
Just let go

Elfman6 6:34 AM
No, Gerry sung that last time and Frozen Cania interposed itself over Manhatten with a side of fudge.

Scimmy 6:34 AM
Traverse into the unknown

kingmonkey 6:35 AM
Uh, I hate the unknown.
I never know what to order there
Everything looks weird.

Elfman6 6:35 AM
Always get the soup
The soup is always safe
Crap, the locust is getting to me.

kingmonkey 6:35 AM
It had a neck in it

Scimmy 6:35 AM
I just order a burger. Itís on the secret menu

Elfman6 6:35 AM
Scimmy, did you tell Gerry where I'm living this dimension?

kingmonkey 6:36 AM
Worse, he told where you aren't living!

Scimmy 6:36 AM
Listen, Gerry and I are real close. He gave me wine!

Elfman6 6:36 AM
Can we fold 8 universes into a mobius strip or are we out cheese again?

Scimmy 6:36 AM
We donít keep secrets

Elfman6 6:36 AM
That's not wine...
That's locust juice

Scimmy 6:37 AM
Close enough

kingmonkey 6:37 AM
Hmmm, is Elfman6 actually Grant Morrison?

Scimmy 6:37 AM
You seem real concerned with my locust dude

Elfman6 6:37 AM
That's because you were supposed to guard it
but now you have jacks

Scimmy 6:37 AM
I am!
I gave it to a very responsible person for one night

kingmonkey 6:38 AM
I am wondering who will be the first stiff to sign in here and try and catch up on this nonsense.

Scimmy 6:38 AM
One song

Elfman6 6:38 AM
Giving it to Gerry the double helix serpent of the song of unmaking is not guarding it.

Scimmy 6:38 AM
No biggie
Gerry is totally trustworthy man!
He promised to keep it safe for me

kingmonkey 6:38 AM
He's not even a man
He is literally a rainbow serpent

Scimmy 6:38 AM
Way more trustworthy than people
I mean look what happened to the last almost person that had it

Elfman6 6:39 AM

Scimmy 6:39 AM
That wasnít my fault

Elfman6 6:39 AM
That was entirely your fault

Scimmy 6:39 AM
He was in pieces when I found him

Ziether 6:40 AM
It's always Scimmy's fault

Scimmy 6:40 AM
You canít blame me for EVERYTHING!

kingmonkey 6:40 AM
Listen, I have to go and get some breakfast; Scimmy, if reality is undone before I get back, I shall be very cross.

Ziether 6:40 AM
Scimmy is today's Canada

Scimmy 6:40 AM
Ooo youíre going cross next time around?
Interesting choice

kingmonkey 6:40 AM
I shall certainly dress as such

Scimmy 6:41 AM
Chris cross will make ya

kingmonkey 6:41 AM
I will not participate
Dang 90s hip hop lyrics

Scimmy 6:41 AM
You heard it
In your essence

Elfman6 6:42 AM
Yeah, that won't defeat Gerry again. He developed flow in the last century of Twisting Universe

Scimmy 6:42 AM
The rap album was a huge hit

Elfman6 6:43 AM
admittedly in 3 universes
but those are universes where tupac never existed
now back to the locust
Do you remember how to get a sea of fudge Scimmy?

Scimmy 6:44 AM
Duuuuuuude youíre being so booooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiing
The locust will be back
Donít worry

Elfman6 6:44 AM
Gerry won't trade the locust for anything less than a sea of fudge
Dammit Scimmy, I hate having to remake reality every time you trade that locust for jacks

Scimmy 6:45 AM
Gerry said he just wanted to borrow it then I could have it back
Gerry is trustworthy

Elfman6 6:45 AM
He said that last time and you died 7 times

Scimmy 6:46 AM
Yeah but I got better
The voice promised Iíd always get better

Elfman6 6:47 AM
Stop listening to the locust drone! Why do you keep taking it out of the lead box of Hamstring?
Was it the Piebalds? Did they give you bad advice again?

Scimmy 6:47 AM
Do you KNOW how heavy a box of lead is?

Elfman6 6:47 AM
It's a small box

Scimmy 6:47 AM
Lead is heavy

Elfman6 6:48 AM
Not with the locust in it

Aethera 6:48 AM
Uh, so, I went and uh, 'talked' to Gerry. He lost the locust in a poker game.

Elfman6 6:48 AM
Do we know the players?

kingmonkey 6:48 AM
Well, fu

Scimmy 6:48 AM
Man Gerry promised me he was done gambling

Aethera 6:48 AM

kingmonkey 6:48 AM
GOddamn it gerry

Scimmy 6:48 AM
Km I think itís time for an intervention

Elfman6 6:48 AM
So do we reset the universe to 2014 again?

Aethera 6:49 AM
I think it's time we take the locust away from Scimmy.

kingmonkey 6:49 AM
I wouldn't know what to build

Aethera 6:49 AM
Ugh, 2014? Really?
C'mon we can do better than that.

kingmonkey 6:49 AM
2014 BCE, maybe

Elfman6 6:49 AM
Can we? The rampaging blueback bears didnt' go away until late 2012

Scimmy 6:50 AM
You really should just let the dads come in and help. They only want to help. Itís all they talk about

Aethera 6:50 AM
So take them out of the reset, Elf. C'mon, use some common sense.

Scimmy 6:50 AM
They have this really great idea for a window

Aethera 6:50 AM
Do I really have to go reality diving again? Aww, man...

Scimmy 6:50 AM
And they miss us!

Elfman6 6:50 AM
I tried that last time Aethera. There's a bug in the programming of the universe where without the bears, we get unending locusts, that Scimmy manages to trade for jacks

Scimmy 6:51 AM

Ziether 6:51 AM
Godless killing machines...

Scimmy 6:51 AM
I like that one
Do that
Iím a good trader!

Elfman6 6:51 AM
It's hard enough keeping one reality teethered, let alone infinite.

Scimmy 6:51 AM
Infinite hugs

kingmonkey 6:51 AM

Scimmy 6:51 AM
Infinite songs

whimsky 6:51 AM
I wonder if my brain were pulled and kept alive if I'd be alive.

Scimmy 6:52 AM
Infinite jacks

kingmonkey 6:52 AM
Reality is teething; that explains things

whimsky 6:52 AM
Could I still think

Scimmy 6:52 AM
Elf just wants things to be boring

Elfman6 6:52 AM
Yeah, that's an effect of the locust drone
random teeth in the universe

Aethera 6:52 AM
Alright, I'll go look for a better dimension. I'll... probably be awhile.

Elfman6 6:52 AM
the elder gods' cats like to bat them. Usually destroys planets

Scimmy 6:53 AM
There are a lot of planets anyway
Listen, I know a guy who told me the universe is a bit full anyway!

Elfman6 6:53 AM
That was Gerry
We were all there
Then he tore you two

Scimmy 6:53 AM
Offered to clean up the superfluous stuff

Aethera 6:54 AM
Scimmy, the dude unmakes sh*t
By destroying reality

Scimmy 6:54 AM
No mess!
Canít create garbage if it never existed in the first place!
Very tidy

Elfman6 6:55 AM
I realize this is a slim chance, but does anyone still have the Ruby Rod? Gerry was using it as a toothpick when he tore Scimmy in two.

Scimmy 6:56 AM
Youíre so hung up on the past. I mean look at me I got better

kingmonkey 6:56 AM
I have a Garnet Rod, will that do?

Scimmy 6:56 AM
The past, and things, and reality

Elfman6 6:56 AM
It's a cheap chinese knockoff, but maybe

Aethera 6:57 AM
Check my closet, Elf? I think I made it into a scepter.

Scimmy 6:57 AM
Just go with the flow

Aethera 6:57 AM

Elfman6 6:57 AM
I was going to say, don't you have the shadow of the void hanging out in there?

kingmonkey 6:57 AM
A "scepter" huh?

Scimmy 6:57 AM
You have my cloak?

Elfman6 6:57 AM
She's been trying to avoid Gerry for centuries

Scimmy 6:57 AM
Dude I loved that thing
Elf asked to borrow it and gave me the locust

Marshmallow 6:58 AM
Itís almost 2pm and Iím still in bed help

Scimmy 6:58 AM
Never got it back

Elfman6 6:58 AM
Dude, the shadow of the void isn't a thing. Well, she doesnt' like to be referred to as a thing.
I'm not even sure 'she' is the right term

Aethera 6:59 AM
She got a little drunk, and, um. I think it's hazardous to even open the door.

Scimmy 6:59 AM
She always liked to drape over my shoulders and whisper in my ear

Aethera 6:59 AM
Yeah, definitely don't open the door.

Elfman6 6:59 AM
oh yeah... the shadow of the void cannot hold her liquor

Aethera 6:59 AM
Or look inside. >.>

Elfman6 6:59 AM
That was an awful mess that time she went boozing with the city of Grand Forks

Scimmy 6:59 AM
Makes sense Aeth would turn a cosmic tool into a vibrator
Glad you finally took mine and Gerryís suggestion

Elfman6 7:00 AM
Please stop listening to Gerry

Scimmy 7:00 AM
You got Gerry all wrong brah Iím telling you
They are cool

Aethera 7:01 AM
It's not a vibrator, sheesh!

Scimmy 7:01 AM
And tell shadow I miss her!

Elfman6 7:01 AM
That's because he keeps using the locust to rewrite reality over you Scimmy

Scimmy 7:01 AM

Aethera 7:01 AM
It's a scepter. I needed to make my once a millenium appearance and I didn't have anything new to wear.
And then I needed to accessorize...

Elfman6 7:01 AM
Well that seems plausible

Scimmy 7:01 AM
No judgement

Aethera 7:02 AM
@Marshmallow There is no help here. Only inane babble.

Scimmy 7:02 AM
Use the tools at hand

kingmonkey 7:02 AM
I am now wondering if Aethera is some kind of Sailor Scout

Aethera 7:02 AM

Scimmy 7:02 AM
You should hear Gerryís theme music for the show!

Aethera 7:02 AM
Hey, that reality loves me, KM. Do not tease.

Elfman6 7:02 AM
Dammit Scimmy

kingmonkey 7:02 AM
Sailor Planet X

Scimmy 7:03 AM
Dude has a lot of good ideas and I am a good friend

kingmonkey 7:03 AM
Scimmy and Gerry gonna do a podcast

Aethera 7:03 AM
I think Sailor Goddess might be more accurate? In that set of dimensions, anyway.

Elfman6 7:03 AM
Okay, new idea. Scimmy, can you unmake yourself and ask Gerry nicely who he lost the locust to? Wear the bright red rubber boots and the neon green stetson.

Aethera 7:04 AM
...I approve that idea.

Scimmy 7:04 AM
Unmaking myself sounds like work. And it never sticks very long. Unmake here then remade there. Yadda yadda window to eternity yadda yadda access key yadda yadda let us return

Elfman6 7:05 AM
Yeah, but if you step out of time to unmake yourself, you'll have essentially forever to ask him, and we only need forever a day before the locust drone is at the correct frequency.

kingmonkey 7:06 AM
Guys, this is at least as coherent as any game of Mage I've ever played.

Scimmy 7:06 AM
I guess I could see the great old dad if I did that...

Aethera 7:06 AM
We've been at it an hour, it had better be, KM.

Scimmy 7:06 AM
He keeps asking about ďmy new digsĒ
And Gerry wants to meet him

Elfman6 7:07 AM
Didn't they meet at the Restroom at the end of Universe 78654?

Aethera 7:07 AM
Dammit, Scimmy. Gerry is not your friend!

Scimmy 7:07 AM
I know friends, we just razz each other is all

Elfman6 7:08 AM
Aethera, do you know if the Discombobulators of Erith are still on call or did they move a couple dimensions over to avoid... well, Scimmy?

Scimmy 7:08 AM
He hasnít done anything I couldnít recover from
Oh yeah they moved far away
Pretty rude

Aethera 7:09 AM
I think they should be... but yeah, definitely a couple dimensions over.

Elfman6 7:09 AM
Okay, could you check if they are willing to remake Scimmy once Gerry unravels his birth again?

Scimmy 7:09 AM
They were jerks
Probably shouldnít talk to them

Aethera 7:10 AM
Oh, sh*t. Uh... no, they're not going to do that.
They're... colorfully... upset with him still.

Scimmy 7:10 AM
Told you, jerks
One block party

Elfman6 7:10 AM
I was afraid of that.
That you invited Gerry to Scimmy

Scimmy 7:10 AM
No one was even IN that galaxy

Aethera 7:11 AM
Shadow was, Scim. Why do you think she's avoiding you?

Scimmy 7:11 AM
She left me first! I was trying to give her space like she asked

Aethera 7:11 AM
You "gave her space" by unraveling a galaxy around her!

Scimmy 7:12 AM
She wasnít supposed to be there. And the party got out of hand a bit I admit

Elfman6 7:12 AM
Seriously Scimmy, stop hanging around Gerry. Even if he gives you jacks.

Scimmy 7:12 AM
But we cleaned up after

Aethera 7:12 AM
She's lucky I was in the middle of fiddling with that gizmo, she never would've made it out.

Elfman6 7:12 AM
You shoved that galaxy under your rug Scimmy! I'm pretty sure it's still there

kingmonkey 7:12 AM
Pfft, Elf and Aeth acting like they haven't ended the odd reality, here and there.

Aethera 7:13 AM
The ashes of that galaxy.

Scimmy 7:13 AM

kingmonkey 7:13 AM
So much shaking my smuh head

Aethera 7:13 AM
I'm very responsible with my realities, thank you very much.
I've only ever banned one.

kingmonkey 7:13 AM
I mean, I agree that Scimmy is just the worst, but we've all ended cosmoses from time to time.

Elfman6 7:13 AM
To be fair KM, we ended realities to get back the locust in the lead box that Scimmy keeps trading off to Gerry.

Aethera 7:14 AM
Well, there was that one time, Elf... but yeah, it's really Scimmy's fault.

Elfman6 7:14 AM
It's a harsh premise, but the unmaking of everything is a bit steep of a price. Do you know how hard it is to get a good cup of tea when nothing exists? Nothing except Gerry and that guy couldn't boil water with star.

Scimmy 7:15 AM
The locust really deserves a better living space anyway
He says the box is uncomfortable and stuffy

kingmonkey 7:15 AM
I always get confused; is Gerry both double helix rainbow snakes, or just one of them?

Elfman6 7:15 AM

Scimmy 7:15 AM
Loves walksies

kingmonkey 7:15 AM
Ugh, quantum metaphysics

Scimmy 7:16 AM
Just let your eyes unfocus when looking at Gerry and he comes into perfect focus

Elfman6 7:16 AM
I swear, If Scimmy wasn't the only person in the entirety of everything who could hold the box with locust that wasn't Gerry... I swear....
Seriously Scimmy, why did you trade your hands to Fanza for Gerry scale hands?
I realize it's useful, but why?

Scimmy 7:17 AM
I had a great idea for a little harness for the locust
Needed the extra dimensional flexibility

Elfman6 7:18 AM
I... I honestly have no counter for that... Still, dammit Scimmy. I hate dealing with Gerry.

Scimmy 7:19 AM
And that energy is clearly visible and aggravates him
Probably why you donít get along like we do

Elfman6 7:19 AM
I've told you this before, you get along because you keep letting him remake reality where he's your best friend.

Scimmy 7:19 AM
That doesnít seem right
Remaking me doesnít change me

Elfman6 7:21 AM
That's a line from Gerry. Shadow of the Void has told you countless times not to trust Gerry. That was before our realities even met.

Scimmy 7:22 AM
You just sound crazy

Aethera 7:22 AM
is still waiting for someone to wander in and try and keep up with this.
Scimmy, he's telling you the truth.

Scimmy 7:22 AM

So youíre telling me I should believe people who are mean to me and not the ones who treat me nice

Birched 7:23 AM
@Aethera also working for me for chrome and firefox....

Elfman6 7:23 AM
Yes Scimmy, that's what we're telling you

Scimmy 7:23 AM
You realize how ridiculous that sounds right?

Elfman6 7:24 AM
I just had a thought. Do you still have Rutherford's rainbow duster?

Birched 7:24 AM
without reading back (because who wants to do that) it sounds like you think Scimmy is deplorable and should only trust people who are honest with him about that

Scimmy 7:24 AM
I used it in my last production of Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat
I think itís in a box

Elfman6 7:25 AM
Great, go put it on.

Scimmy 7:25 AM
And exactly birched!

kingmonkey 7:25 AM
There's a Freudian slip if ever I read one

Scimmy 7:25 AM
That coat is itchy

Elfman6 7:26 AM
No, scimmy traded the locust whose drone wakes up elder gods' cats to Gerry the double helix serpent of the song of unmaking for jacks, who in turn lost it in a poker game. But yes, it's scimmy's fault

Scimmy 7:26 AM
Although I do like how it swishes

Elfman6 7:26 AM
It also forces you to our reality and away from Gerry
Jesus... it sounds absolutely insane when I say when I say it out loud, but that's reality for you.

Babipoki 7:27 AM

Scimmy 7:28 AM
Oh hey look! The locust! And...huh what is that bottle of liquid...oh right Gerry and I were drinking the other night

Aethera 7:28 AM
****, Scimmy, please tell me you didn't let the locust drink anything.

Scimmy 7:28 AM

Ziether 7:28 AM
Gremlins all over again

Scimmy 7:28 AM

Elfman6 7:28 AM
Nothing is even worse
Was it the orange juice Scimmy?
I swear if it was the orange juice...

Scimmy 7:29 AM
His little voice was dry and crackly

Elfman6 7:29 AM
The locust feeds on the dreams of madmen and only madmen Scimmy. Giving it anything else gives it indigestion.

Scimmy 7:29 AM
And the soul juice was too high a proof

kingmonkey 7:29 AM
I once gave some cicadas of invention some hard cider to drink

Scimmy 7:30 AM
That was a good time

Elfman6 7:30 AM
I remember that time KM, the space gorillas found it amusing

kingmonkey 7:30 AM
Space gorillas, man... such a good bunch

Scimmy 7:31 AM
Gerry was extra grumpy then, had trouble sleeping or something, and shadow of the void and I were still talking

Aethera 7:31 AM
@Birched I'm not sure what to think. I restarted Chrome, tried renaming the anchor in case it was something to do with that... none of it works.

Scimmy 7:31 AM
Locust and I had a pretty great duet that killed at parties

Birched 7:31 AM
@Aethera try putting text into the aname tags

kingmonkey 7:32 AM
Did Scimmy's shenanigans also extend to corrupting cyberspace?

Elfman6 7:32 AM
Scimmy, can you at least put the locust back in the lead box?
Yes KM, yes they did

Aethera 7:32 AM
@Birched I did that too! But your "jump to bottom" of post link works now. So something's wonky.

Scimmy 7:32 AM
But I wanted to try taking him on a walk with his new leash!

Elfman6 7:33 AM
You carved that leash from the dying energy of a neutron star. Phyllis is pissed.

Scimmy 7:33 AM
He likes meeting new people and they love singing his little song!

Aethera 7:33 AM
@Birched Got it! Needs to have text. Why, I've no idea. I'd edited the #1 to make it more like your link, with no text. Now I put it back, it works.

Elfman6 7:34 AM
That's because he rewrites their souls Scimmy. We've talked about this.

Scimmy 7:34 AM
Phyllis was just hoarding it! Wasnít even using it. I offered to pay her or trade favors or anything!
He only rewrites the ones that arenít using it
People get so touchy about souls

Aethera 7:34 AM

Scimmy 7:34 AM
Like they really matter

Elfman6 7:35 AM
sighs put the locust back in the box. Stop rewriting souls.

Scimmy 7:35 AM
I get along just fine without mine!

Elfman6 7:35 AM

Birched 7:35 AM
@Aethera those are built-in codes, so they work in some default way; I know that with custom bbcode there is an option to strip bbcode with no 'filling', I am guessing that is what is happening

Elfman6 7:35 AM
and please make a nice gift for Phyllis. She's still very upset.
not the locust or the box it's kept in

Scimmy 7:36 AM
She wouldnít be mad if she could see locust in his harness he is so cute!

Birched 7:36 AM
@Aethera I am not going to edit your post anymore for fear of messing up your revisions; I only added test stuff to the very top and bottom that you can feel free to remove

kingmonkey 7:36 AM
Heh heh, Birched is testing Aeth's bottom.

Elfman6 7:36 AM
If you show Phyllis the locust in the harness, that will just make things worse. That star used to be her husband man.

Scimmy 7:36 AM
Look how cute he is

kingmonkey 7:36 AM
very mature snickering

Scimmy 7:37 AM
Harold was a terrible husband

Elfman6 7:37 AM
You can't even ask Shadow of the Void for help because of what you did to her last time you hung out with Gerry.

Scimmy 7:37 AM
Also birched is about to check out Aethís scepter I believe!

Imveros 7:37 AM
It's not a schooner it's a sailboat!

Elfman6 7:38 AM
He was, in our opinion. But you should not have skinned him as the dying heart of a neutron star to make a leash and harness for the locust.

Scimmy 7:39 AM
Hey at least thatís ALL I did to him! He deserved much worse. I didnít even let Gerry play with him

Elfman6 7:39 AM
You should have just let Phyllis deal with it man. It wasn't your place.

Scimmy 7:39 AM
But fiiiiiiiine, Iíll take locust for walksies later

Elfman6 7:40 AM
No, leave the locust in the lead box

Scimmy 7:41 AM
You canít be that cruel to pets. Thatís why I ended up with locust, peta got involved and it was a whole thing

Elfman6 7:41 AM
That wasn't peta... that was Gerry
Why do we keep going in circles on this Scimmy?

Scimmy 7:42 AM
It was all ďtransfer of responsibilityĒ and ďeternal watchĒ and ďopen the doorĒ and just blah. But yeah now I have locust and I gotta be a good dad

Elfman6 7:42 AM
Okay Scimmy. I need to rest. Reality better be this reality when I get back or I will be angry with you.

Scimmy 7:44 AM
I am not responsible
For the state of the reality!

Elfman6 7:44 AM
That was the entire point of you having Gerry scale hands and the locust

Aethera 7:44 AM
Scimmy you screwed up so many realities, can we keep this one for a bit? Pretty please?

Babipoki 7:45 AM

Aethera 7:45 AM
Sorry, Babi, we've been rather... bored this morning.
For... 1hr 40min, apparently.

AwesomeEli 7:45 AM
Itís been impressive

Babipoki 7:45 AM
I can see that

Outplay 2011 Second Place
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We went on for a bit, did we?
Somehow a host of RPGX Radio!
This can only end well.
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Just a little bit.
Outplay 2011 Second Place
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But that Gerry, man. What a [censored].
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