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The Party

Once you've arrived, please post your character descriptions from the applications, linked to your RPGx character sheet, here! Also, later in the game if you guys decide you want a name for the party, let me know and I'll add it
Current Posting Status: Returned to the site, now catching up on the past few weeks after moving into college.

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left-aligned image
Name: Kaia Dursk

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Alignment: NG

Class: Warlock - Hexblade

Background: Faction Agent

Backstory: Kaia was born in a small farming community somewhere between Berdusk and Iriaebor, though closer to Iriaebor. Unknown to her until a few years ago, a Dragon, and possibly the cult, razed her small community to the ground. Just a toddler and one of very few survivors, a priestess of the Temple of Selune in Iriaebor, took her in. She worked as an Acolyte in the temple, though she wasn't much interested in the Goddess or the faith. When she hit her first year as a teen, she overheard some other priests of the faith talking about her and how she was doing given her age. Thinking she'd get an edge on what to do in the Temple, she heard about her past, where she came from and the attack of the dragon.
Up until this moment she had been told she was an orphan from the streets. She went from being numb, to feeling lost, to finally feeling anger at those who had killed her family and home. It was on this day that she was doing her studies and came across some scripts on the Raven Queen. She didn't know why, but something in her stirred, and she felt the Queen could give her a means to avenge her family.
It was a year later on her 14th birthday, that a dark shadowy patron revealed itself to her during an evening when things hadn't gone well for the day and she was blaming it all on that dragon and its followers that did her and her family wrong so many years ago. She suddenly felt imbued with knowledge of armor and arms, and these spells and cantrips that she had been merely glossing over for these last few years, some of them made sense to her now.
Confiding what had happened to her to her adopted mother, the Priestess Jisnereih Rhilad, she found out a very kept secret. Her adopted mother belonged to another order, and took her there for questioning and examination.
After a time, it was decided, with Kaia's agreement, that she would join the order. Being of the lowest level, many things were kept from her. But, testing what Kaia had said was revealed to her, and finding it to be true, she needed training. So, she was put under the tutelage of a warrior and an Eldritch Knight, also a harper, who happened to be a member of what remained of the Blacktalons Mercenary Company. Using what spells and Cantrips she could understand, along with armor and weapons proficiency, she was finally ready a month after she turned 17 (though it's a guess, but close, due to her past). She took up an old helm and remnants of some old armor adornments used for training that had the markings and emblems of a raven.
Having been given a flail, crossbow, two daggers and a breastplate, along with the rest of her adventuring gear Dungeoneer's Packequipped for even clearing a dungeon, she set out by the instructions of her adopted mother. She's been hired by a woman named Cynthia Marthen, in the city of Berdusk, and it was all arranged. She was going to look for someone, a monk, (she had the name scrawled down somewhere) in another small town to the West of Berdusk.
Though she knows how to use any weapon proficiently, and wear all but the heaviest armor and fight well, she must use what she's been given until she can improve her means. Although, what she has is pretty formidable.

Description: Kaia stands at an even six feet in height and due to her athletic build and training regime, she's fairly thick, weighing in around one hundred and sixty something pounds. She's a mixture of Chondathan and Tehtyrian with her skin being Dusky like those with Tethyrian blood, though a bit lighter. Her hair is white blonde and her eyes green which only add to her CHA = 16natural beauty. She's loyal to a fault, and won't tell a soul a secret she knows. Driven to complete the job she's taken, she will seem to have some ulterior motive at times.
She wears a new breastplate with older armor moldings and a matching helm of a raven design. If asked, she'll talk a lot about the Deity she prays to, The Raven Queen.
It doesn't take long to realize that she's a bit of a fish out of water culturally, and hasn't been out of whatever training, order, or Temple she's been living in, probably her whole life, very long.

Disposition: Kaia seems intelligent enough when dealing with others, and it's clear that wherever she learned what she knows also taught her about surviving on her own. She's a bit strong willed and can be quite persuasive and intimidating when she wants to. She seems to know when to listen and actually seems interested in what people are saying or doing.
All this in mind, it becomes quickly apparent when she's spent any time around you that she spent so long in training that she has little practical experience dealing with people in the outside world. She understands the ways of fighting and combat, and the basics of bartering, getting by, and surviving, but most nuances, cultural givens, and jokes are just lost on her. She'll get it if explained, but her wisdom doesn't come from experience - in the outside world at least. Though not a priestess or Cleric, she can come off as one if on the topic of the deity she serves.
If there's a single word that could be used to describe her it would be "Driven."

Posting Status: Normal speed

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right-aligned image
Name: Gammel Ulv
Gender/Race: Male Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Barbarian

Description: Scars decorate Gammel's leathery brown head and brawny torso; marks of numerous encounters with wild beasts or enemy tribes. He still stands tall and proud at more than six feet in height, towering over most men and almost twice as wide. His bushy brows, wild sideburns, and topknot are now starting to show signs of white, but the man is still hale and hearty as he always was.

Gammel wears no armor; travel clothes do the job just as well. But strapped to his thick cloth belt around his shoulders is a tall, two-handed sword in an ornate sheathe. Around his waist rested a few javelins and two hatchets, which he used for hunting. Finally, on his back is a thick rucksack containing his provisions and other equipment, while on his feet were wooden sandals that clicked sharply on cobblestone streets.

New acquaintances would note Gammel's ready and open smile, but would internally waver at the hint of a certain wildness behind it. True enough, since Gammel Ulv comes from a little-known tribe of nomads, strangers to the civilized ways and habits of places like Berdusk. The man has a strange notion that his ancestors, though long dead, walk with him and are even among the land of the living. He talks as if they even thinking of going the Ancestral Guardian (Xanathar's) route aid him in battle, of all things. As such, he makes a bit of a conspicuous figure in more industrialized settlements. Add that to the fact that he acted as if ale and cooked food were the most wondrous inventions...

Background: PHB's OutlanderExile

Backstory: Gammel belonged to a tribe of nomads known only by few historians as the Navlos; it is said that they were a proud dynasty, hundreds of years ago. What they are more known for today is that they revered their ancestors, to the point that they viewed them as deities and guardians in spirit form who watch over them and bring them prosperity. Even in battle, they went to great lengths to retrieve their fallen, for it is a great disgrace for one of the Navlos to be buried away from his people. They had a rigid, if strange, sense of honor, and as such were valued as loyal soldiers when hired by local lords as mercenaries.

Gammel was one such warrior, and he was viewed in honor by many of his tribesmen. But when Hanz, the chieftain's son, desired Gammel's daughter and used unmanly schemes to take her honor, things started to fall apart. Gammel was away at that time, off in a minor spat between nobles, serving as cannon-fodder. When he returned, he found his daughter Brunwen so stricken that she had refused to eat for days, shamed by what was done to her. Gammel demanded trial-by-combat, which was his right; things of import were settled in the presence of their ancestors, not in the shadow of darkness as Hanz had. Yet both chieftain and son denied any such wrongdoing, and therefore denied Brunwen justice.

One night, Brunwen was gone.

It was unknown if the girl had simply run away, or was the victim of a darker plot; nonetheless Gammel was in a fit of rage and grief, and he stormed the chieftain's house intending to exact justice. Things escalated, and he struck the chieftain's chin with the back of his fist. For the Navlos, however, to strike the Elder was an unforgiveable crime; not even death was enough payment. Knowing that he had dishonored himself greatly, Gammel went into voluntary exile. Now he roamed the world with his family sword, seeking an appropriate death, while at same time holding out hope that somewhere, his daughter yet lived.

Of late, Gammel had been spending his days in the city of Berdusk, having been hired by the priestess of the temple of Deneir for simple jobs. Retrieval missions were a common task for Gammel by now, which was why he was an easy pick for Cynthia Marthen. Accompanied by his new companions, Gammel made his way to Greenest.

Roleplaying Sample: Jurgen, small-town bard in the big city
Mal'kizadek, Guardian for the Simic Combine
Felfri, a young gladiator in the Endless Arena



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Name: Torfrey Flaxmane
Race: Variant Human (Illuskan)
Gender: Female
Class: Druid
Background: Folk Hero


Torfrey grew up in a small village on the western edge of the Lurkwood just south of Mirabar. As a child Torfrey was known to be headstrong, often running off into the thick forests that neighbored her small village, but mysteriously always returning unharmed. Around the age of eight, she started to show the first flickers of an affinity for natural magic - she seemed to be able to mysteriously calm frightened livestock, and seeds she planted always seemed to survive unseasonal cold snaps better than those of her peers.

The elders of her village quickly noticed her gift, and so once she turned ten, Torfrey and her father began the long trek along the Blackford Road to Luskan in order for her to become a novice in the temple of Selûne. Torfrey lasted no more than eighteen months in the Temple before the boredom of ritualized prayer and the disciplined temple environment began to grate on the free-spirited Torfrey. The Illuskan child fled the temple, heading back East to her birthplace.

The remaining villagers were extremely displeased to see Torfrey return, and while her parents were not so cruel as to outright exile her, she was largely shunned by the rest of the village for the next two years or so. Over time, though, Torfrey's affinity with natural magicks blossomed, and she used this ability in combination with what she had learned during her time in the temple to make herself useful to her peers with her skills - as a healer, a woodcarver, a rearer of livestock, and a gatherer of herbs and berries from the deeper parts of the Lurkwood that no other villager dared tread into.

Still, the rest of the settlement were never quite comfortable around Torfrey, and she spent increasing amounts of time in the woods, communing with Selûne in her own, more individualistic and contemplative manner., carving her own shrine from the stump of a dead tree on the edge of a forest glade. This all changed, though in one night, during a particularly harsh winter in her late teens. A starving Dire Wolf came into the village, risking the open in order to fill its belly with anything it could. The wolf broke into the villager's communal barn and tore apart around half of their livestock before Torfrey, by chance returning from her nocturnal worship, killed it with spell and staff. Torfrey's own mother, the first of a commotion of villagers alerted by the noises of combat and terrified animals, found an exhausted Torfrey slumped against the wall of the barn, the lupine corpse next to her and a large open wound across her chest.

Without her own magic to heal her, Torfrey's recovery took around six months, aggravated by the meagre rations left as a result of the death of so many animals. Once she returned to the world outside her house Torfrey noticed a sea change in the attitude of the other villagers to her. Where once she was seen as mysterious and threatening, the Flaxmane girl was now lauded as a heroine, the savior of her people. While this was clearly preferable to being a pariah, Torfrey often found it overwhelming.

Worse, though, was the increasing pressure to marry. Before, at least, none of the young men of the village showed any interest in her. Now, though, her increased status brought with it the amorous intent of a handful of male villagers. While she was willing to do her part for the settlement, the thought of having to obey any of the men who'd treated her so cruelly for years, the thought of not being able to disappear when things were getting too much, the thought of motherhood- this terrified her.

Unwilling to confront her parents, unwilling to go back to being the black sheep having known the love of her peers, Torfrey left her home for the second time. Leaving a note for her parents, she slipped out of their home in the middle of the night - easy enough when you'd been doing it for your whole life - Torfrey struck out for the city, hoping to join up with an adventuring group who would allow her to be herself.

Description: Torfrey is a tall (around 5'9"), blonde-haired woman, with somewhat plain features and a slight build. Despite her relatively young age, her face is quite ruddy and weathered-looking from the harsh conditions of her upbringing. Her dress sense reflects a life spent in the frigid forest, with thick furs to protect from both the elements and the wolf packs that roam the Lurkwood, hide pants and fur-lined leather boots. Beneath her clothing, a large scar crosses her chest from her right collarbone to her left armpit.

Torfrey is a woman of few words in general, but can become a torrent of speech when talking about a handful of topics close to her heart - the Goddess Selûne, woodcraft, and anything relating to forests. She speaks with a thick rural accent, which sometimes makes her struggle to be understood among city folk. She lacks any sense of social niceties, a flaw magnified by her perceptive senses, which leads her to spot, and bring up, details which are embarrassing for those around her.

Torfrey doesn't bear any particular ill-will towards any one part of society, but she is uncomfortable with hierarchy and unused to the customs of any society beyond the village she grew up in and, to a lesser extent, religious orders. She tends to find being in crowds overwhelming. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, and a conscience which insists that she act on it. Torfrey is a passionate character with strong emotions, and tends to act on instinct, rarely contemplating her course of action for more than a moment. She enjoys stories, but finds the written word boring, strongly preferring the oral tradition.

Torfrey's Character Sheet

Roleplaying Sample:
Fully back online and up-to-date.

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Name: Harliam Baile, Lord of Coabrook

Race: Human (Illuskan)

Gender: Male

Alignment: Lawful Good

Class: Paladin

Background: Noble (Knight variant)

Backstory: TL;DR Son of a lord exiled for leading a coup attempt, raised on a distant family estate by one of his father's old advisors, Walheard. Educated and trained to fight, hunt, track, and so on, his childhood best friend was Walheard's daughter, Mara. As a young man he had a desire to adventure, but also a desire for women, which strained his on-and-off relationship with Mara. Decided to swear a holy oath and become a paladin, to serve as a beacon of light. He decided to permanently leave the estate in Walheard's hands and to travel. Mara, with whom he had trained, also became a paladin, but upon finding him in bed with another woman tried to kill him, breaking her oath, and has sworn to finish the job if she ever finds him again. He has also established some renown, and created a handful of enemies. He has taken a squire and has two other retainers.


Description: The image is representative, the description is authoritative.

Harliam Baile is a young man, in his mid-twenties. As an Illuskan, he has fair skin, and stands quite tall at 6’1”. He has the characteristic Illuskan steely grey eyes and short raven black hair. His body is quite muscular and well built, from many years training, adventuring, and fighting. He is conventionally quite attractive, although his upbringing, as a noble, was quite pampered compared to the common folk.

Harliam has three principal outfits. He either wears chainmail with a tabard depicting the heraldry of Coabrook, which is kept clean and polished by his valet, undergarments when he has taken off his armor, or is resting in preparation for a fight, and a set of fine clothes befitting his station as a lord, kept clean and well-mended. He also carries a shield adorned with the symbol of Tyr, the god of justice.

A righteous servant of justice, and a humble lord, Harliam tries not to place himself above other folks. He has learnt many lessons as an exiled lord, not least that all good folk have the same blood. Respect is very important to Harliam. Respect is due to him because of his position, because of what his ancestors achieved, but believes that all people, regardless of station, deserve to be treated with dignity. He wants common folk to see him as a hero of the people, not a hero of the other nobles. He is also a good talker, and his flattery makes everyone feel like the most important person in the world during that conversation. But he is not without flaws – he has an insatiable desire for carnal pleasures, something he has tried many times, through force of faith, to break – so far, without success.

Roleplaying Sample: An example from another site (I'm Krumbia) of a Game of Thrones RP. I have probably improved since then. Link:


left-aligned image
Tharrey Exleys pledged to serve the 'hero of Haywood', Lord Harliam, after he saved his life during an orc incursion into the small town. Tharrey worked as an apprentice scabbard-maker in Haywood, and now assists Harliam and his retinue with his repair skills. He is often occupied keeping Harliam's armour in good shape, and well-polished, as well as sharpening his blade. The oldest of the retinue, he finds he gets on best with Harliam himself. He prays to Gond, the god of craft, and speaks only Common, which he does with a croaky voice. He cannot read or write. He stands at 5'7" tall. He smokes a pipe, and has a number of habits, like counting all the people he can see, and he loves to play with a small collection of wooden dolls. He is 31-years-old.

left-aligned image
Third son of a small-time lord that Harliam befriended on his travels, Alec Haucey has pledged to become a paladin when he has finished his knightly training, which he is completing with Harliam. Formerly a page in another noble household, he has had a martial upbringing, although it was only by chance he was squired to a paladin. His instructor was part of his father's army, and so Alec learnt from those soldiers about teamwork. He is very keen and does what he can to learn from Harliam, often assisting with foraging and other activities. He gets on well with everyone else in the retinue, and also tries his hand at charming those that they meet in their travels. He stands at 5'11" tall, and is 17-years-old. He is fascinated by the astral plane and is scared of loneliness. He prays to Helm, god of protection, and sees his path as one of righteousness.

left-aligned image
The bastard son of one of the yeomen of Iddcot, Marimir was apprenticed to Harliam's household at a young age. He trained with Walheard and other veterans of Lord Naldear's day to become a sergeant-at-arms, guarding the manor house of Iddcot. Several years younger than Harliam, when Harliam decided to set out travelling to fulfil his holy oath as a paladin, Marimir agreed to accompany him as a valet. Their relationship can sometimes be fraught as Marimir is certainly the lowest in the pecking-order of the retinue, however he has been a valuable assistant to Harliam and a trusted companion. His role is to look after Harliam's possessions, especially during battle. He helps him to don and doff his armor, and sometimes acts as a sparring partner. He also helps Alec Haucey with his training when Harliam is busy. He stands 6'4" tall and is 22-years-old. He loves to drink beer, and is scared of thunderstorms. He prays to Tymora, the goddess of good fortune. He claims to speak deep speech, but makes random noises whenever he is asked to demonstrate, which is often the cause of great hilarity (or offence).

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Application of Ellerand Windleaf
left-aligned image
Name: Ellerand Windleaf
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Fighter
Gender: Male

Description: Eyes, the likeness of deep green pools; peer out from a fair, noble face. Though there is a regal bearing about them, there is also a sadness lurking just under their surface that is difficult to place. Thin wiry hair flows down to his shoulders, kept in a ponytail, and back from his face, by a thin leather band.

Soldier (Scout)
Trait #1 I am ALWAYS polite and respectful
Trait #2 I have a crude sense of Humor
Bond Those who fight beside, me are those worth dying for
Ideal I help those who help me, that's what keeps us all alive
Flaw Violence is my answer to almost anything... Anything!

Backstory/Roleplay: A sharp whistle pierced the warm afternoon stillness, as a small band of elves sat about their campfire. Quickly those assembled were to their feet, grabbing up weapons and kit as they arose. Their meager possessions now hastily stowed, they awaited orders; or at the very least, for the scout who had sounded to alarm to appear with information. It was to this commotion that Ellerand appeared, emerging almost silently from the foliage of a tree near the edge of camp, before sliding down the trunk and saluting his Commander briskly. "Orcs Sir. About 10, maybe a Kilometer out, and opening. If we were to give chase, we could easily catch up to them by nightfall, and depending on how the Watchers are feeling after the pursuit, fall upon them under the guiding star's light."

At a nod, the warband quickly set out after their targets, and indeed as Ellerand had predicted, they had caught up to the Orcs shortly before sundown. Falling upon the unsuspecting victims, his unit made quick work of their prey. One moment, the night was still and calm, the next pandemonium, as the Watchers riddled the outliers with arrows, while another detachment rushed into the frey, blades glinting evilly in the moonlight. It was over in seconds, the surprised Orcs never truly standing a chance against the combined onslaught of Elven ferocity that took place that night.

It was through actions undertaken by his troop that Ellerand developed a taste for the adrenaline, the pure exhilaration that came with the combat. He quickly learned the benefits of many skilled individuals working together as one tempered instrument, overcoming against all odds due to their combined strength. And he learned that there existed the ability to make a substantial living, working together with others to solve problems. This is how he came to find himself travelling to Berdusk, searching for a Miss Cynthia Marthen, and hoping to add to his fortunes.

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What would become of this multiverse if githyanki didn't guard the Astral Plane from the illithid menace? What would reality become if beings of thought ruled the plane of thought?
left-aligned image
right-aligned image

Name: Lhashyara Adiris | Persona - Elora Durothil
Race: Githyanki | Persona - High Elf
Gender: Female
Alignment: LE | Persona - LG
Deity: Vlaakith CLVII | Persona - Seldarine
Caste: Gul'othran, Inquisition Caste(secret)
Class: Graviturgy Wizard | Persona - Eldritch Knight
Starting Feat: Wild Talent
Familiar: Finduil the Raven
Background: Faceless



Roleplaying Sample: Here is a solo stretch in a game I run, had some pretty good stuff in it.

Insert clever post title here
right-aligned image






The Bird of Hermes is my Name, Eating my Wings to Make me Tame.

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Sox the Exile
left-aligned image
Name: Sox the Exile
Race: Kobold
Class: Rogue
Gender: Male

Description: Sox looks like an average representative of his race with the exception of the bright golden coloring that envelops the lower part of his legs. Due to this marking, he was derisively named Sox and made to know that he was not a real kobold due to having the blood of filthy metallic dragons in him, whether that was true or not. Sox has numerous scars from being beaten and bullied by his clan. As a result of this treatment, Sox has a tendency to flinch when someone raises their hand to him as well as having a habit of constantly apologizing for any slight he may or may not have caused. He is quite intelligent however due to his lack of schooling of any kind he tends to talk in improper grammar similar to a young human child. For example, instead of I went to the tavern, he would say Me go bar! Sox is looking for a way to thank Bahamut for saving his life by bringing his adventurer friends to him...then asking why he took them away by letting them die? He wears brown and black studded leather armor and carries multiple daggers and shortswords with a bow secured across his thin shoulders.

Trait #1 I ask a lot of questions
Trait #2 I like to squeeze into small spaces where no one can get me.
Bond I'm going to prove that I'm worthy of a better life.
Ideal I owe my survival to a group of adventurers who saw past my heritage, I try to do the same
Flaw I'd rather kill someone in their sleep than fight fair.

Backstory: The day Sox realized that dragons were not gods, was also the day that his clan tried to sacrifice him to one. The red dragon Physciax, was bored and demanded an offering from the kobold clan that served him. He gave them one hour, ostensibly to test them, but Sox thought that it was more to see them scurry in fright and desperation. They immediately went searching for someone, anyone that could be given to the dragon to sate his terrible will. Alas, they were unsuccessful as the area around them had been largely deserted due to the presence of the Physciax. Sox was the son of the clan chieftess, and was whom they offered up in the end. Sox tried to fight against his brethren, pleading with his mother to save him. His cries fell on deaf ears...or so he thought. He was brought into the sacrificial chamber, bound in leather straps, and placed upon the makeshift altar in front of Physciax's giant bulk. The monster teased every last ounce of terror out of Sox while his clan laughed at his cries, all deliriously happy to not be where he is. Sox was just giving up hope when he looked fully at the dragon, and to his surprise, he saw not just the red dragon, but the ghostly form of a silvery-white dragon of noble bearing in his mind. As he closed his eyes and the dragon's maw began to descend, screams broke out amongst the kobolds in the back of the room. Sounds of metal striking metal, roars of flame, and the crackle of lightning, surged through the cavern as a group of adventurers burst forth to do battle with the evil Physciax, and claim it's hoard for their own. The first into the cave was a large human, heavyset and with muscular arms, covered in thick metal, swinging a spiked ball and chain with deadly accuracy, while fending off clumsy spear thrusts from the kobolds with his shield, emblazoned with the image of a black bird, a lizard clutched in it's talons. Next came a pale elf, who moved with the fluid grace of a stalking jungle cat, who held aloft a platinum medallion, a regal dragon etched upon it, as bright light burst through the room, momentarily blinding the creatures within. The last member of the group was quite odd, small, perhaps even as small as Sox himself. She walked with her nose buried in a book, green hair flowing wildly as magical energies coursed around her. The dragon began to move and a bolt of lightning as thick around as the fighters legs, exploded into being slamming into Physciax and throwing him back against the wall, smoking from multiple holes. Sox promptly passed out from the sight.
When he awoke, he was in a wagon, hands and feet bound in chain. Scared out of his mind, Sox shifted and the adventurers stopped short. Turning to him, the elf told him he was spared death momentarily so that he may tell them the circumstances of his capture. Seeing no other choice, Sox told them everything. When he got to the part about seeing the other dragon, the elf stops him short. "This one?" she said, showing him the medallion. Sox nodded vigorously. The elf looked at her companions before reaching down towards Sox. Thinking he was about to be killed, he started thrashing before feeling the chains fall off of him. Stunned, Sox looked up and saw that the elf was staring at him with kind eyes, "We should talk," she said "and perhaps see if and why the Platinum Dragon has marked you as his own." (Leaving this a little open ended to allow for any hooks)

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Dwarf Cleric
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Name: Vokgraela Icebraids
Race: Female Hill Dwarf
Alignment: CG
Class: Cleric- Tempest

Appearance: Vokgraela stands at 4’6” and weighs in at 130 pounds. Her skin is tanned and weathered due to the harsh sun and sea spray that she has acquired over time sailing. She keeps her blond hair off her face by braiding them in dreadlocks and ties it back with a leather strap. She has numerous tattoos all over her body that the Dread Captain Roberts gave to her as well as blue war paint on her face as single vertical lines below her eyes and on her chin.

Personality: Vokgraela comes off as gruff, but she has a soft spot for kids, especially orphans. To her, a tavern brawl is a nice way to get to know a new city, but her friends know they can rely on her, no matter what. The smell of blood turns her stomach. She hates being around wounded people who are blooded and can’t help but heal them. She only washes with saltwater and sleeps in a hammock, even when offered a bed.

Background: Vokgraela was found rummaging through cast-offs in a back alley one morning. After a quick questioning, the city guard brought the dirty young dwarf to the city's orphanage who begrudgingly welcomed the young girl into their ranks, too many mouths to feed as it is, putting the girl down as the lone survivor from a terrible storm that swept through a few days before. Vokgraela had very few friends in the orphanage and spent her days running around on the beach. It was on a sunny day like this that a stranger came into town and offered the orphanage a sack of gold for its oldest orphan, no questions asked. No one waved farewell as Vokgraela sailed off with the Dread Captain Roberts.

A half-elven pirate with a regard for the finer things in life, the Dread Captain Roberts sails up and down the coast giving mainly merchants cause for worry. His crew, who later became known as the Six Sages, were all orphans that Roberts had taken under his wing knowing what it's like to be shunned by society. One day their ship was attacked by Sahuagins out at sea. The cook was knocked off balance and was thrown overboard. The other sailors look on in horror as a Sahuagin dragged them down into the water. Vokgraela didn’t think twice, she dived straight in after them. She managed to rescue the cook, hauling herself up a rope back onto the ship, blood pouring from countless wounds. The other sailor’s rallied, raining arrows down on the Sahuagin. The ship’s doctor was sure she wasn't going to make it through the night. But she doesn’t die. She dreamed of Valkur and awoke a cleric. Seeing this as good luck, Vokgraela was welcomed with open arms into their ranks, becoming a member of the Six Sages.

As the Dread Captain Roberts grew older, he talked of settling down and opening up a tattoo business instead of sailing. With his recent retirement and the crew dispersing, Vokgraela sets out on her own in the hopes of exploring the land for the time being. She has been floating from town to town taking odd jobs to keep food in her belly for the last year. She has now wandered into the city of Berdusk where she meets Cynthia Marthen and agrees to help locate her friend.

Roleplay Sample:

“I think the best stories always end up being about the people rather than the event, which is to say character-driven.” ― Stephen King
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