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Round 0 - D&D 5e Applications

PrologueThe 9 had found a new champion to fill their ranks in Tobias. Now that they were at full strength, the world was supposed to go back to normal. Balance restored. But, it wasn't. Every step the Nine made to bring things into balance was countered by unknown forces working against them. As their strength grew, so did that of the opposition, seemingly by double. The troubles of the world seemed to be just too many for such a small group, powerful as they were, to control.

So, what does one do, when there is no help to be found? Take matters into their own hands! Adventuring Guilds sprung up like weeds dotting the land, taking in those who would stand up to face the problems of the day. For a small fee of course. Experienced and Novice adventurers alike joined their ranks, in order to band together and defeat the evils of the day.

Without the association of an Adventurer's Guild, one would be hard-pressed to find work. Want to clear that grandmother's basement out of overgrown rats? Better have the right paperwork to show you are bonded and insured before any self-respecting commoner would let you take on the job. And so, would be Adventurers flocked to such associations in droves, increasing their renown and profitability, all while providing necessary services to the communities they served.

Today is special. In the modest-sized city of Harthford, The Crossing Companions Adventuring Guild is looking for new recruits! All interested parties are advised to attend the mingle, with open Q and A at the Waltzing Witches Tavern and Inn. There, they will have the chance to meet other recruits, turn in applications, and seek to impress potential customers and sponsors. All are invited to attend, open positions are available for all adventuring skill sets. No credit check or references required, but please leave all familiars and other pets outside. Exceptions may be made for emotional support Fey.

Application rules
  • This year we are starting at Level 1.
  • Abilities are determined by 27 point buy (remembering that the Standard Array is one option under 27 point buy)
  • Feats are allowed (as is variant human). No alternate rules from the DMG are allowed.
  • Use max hit points at first level.
  • PHB + 1: Create your characters using the core rules of the PHB, plus no more than ONE other published resource (XGtE, VGtM, or SCAG). If you use another source, please say which you're using.
  • Use the RPGX official character sheet when building your character, and provide a link in your application. Make sure your name does not appear anywhere on the sheet. Be as clear as you can within that sheet about all calculations, including ability scores, skill ratings, and gold spending.
  • Because we are starting at level 1, you will begin with the standard equipment for your Class and Background. Later in the adventure, you will have the opportunity to purchase more gear. If you wish to spend the gold given by your class/background (e.g. a pouch and 10 gold coins), you can do so to buy items from the PHB at the prices listed there.
  • Your application should be anonymized. When you post your application, please put it under BOTH a spoiler tag AND a secret tag
  • There is a MAXIMUM length of 1000 This excludes and BBcode mark-up, but DOES include any and all visible text in the applicationwords.
  • Images are not required, but may be included. Please keep them to a reasonable size, if you include any. Musical selections will likely not be considered by the judges.
  • Your character write-up should provide:
    • A backstory
    • Tell us why your character is interested in joining the Crossing Companions.
  • Applications close on Friday June 26th at 6pm EST. You may freely edit your submission up to that due date. Any edits after that time will result in disqualification.

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Shugaro Engendarm - Dwarvern Barbarian

Level 1 Dwarvern Barbarian

left-aligned image

Shugaro is a gruff, ageing dwarf whose family has lived in Hammerfall for generations. Strong and bronzed, years of working in a smith has left its mark on the dwarf and his hard-set features and piercing green eyes bear witness to a strength of fortitude and a merchant's guile. His broad shoulders and arms showed scars of a fighter's upbringing, as a young dwarf, he was often embroiled in street fights. A wife (Aya) and two sons (Jalk and Isger) are all he has left in the world and he loves them dearly. They only recently moved from the Old Town to the Midlands, in an effort to push Shugaro's trade skills as a smith. He joined the guild of armaments, but costs were astronomical in the area. He had heard of a money lender who was generous with repayments, both in time and interest. His wife begged him not to take the option, but Shugaro ignored her warnings, choosing to borrow 5,000 gold sovereigns from Emery Carver to cover the rent. Thinking nothing more of it, Shugaro enjoyed the newfound wealth and status his position.

Four months passed before the requests started coming in. Notes passed by ragged urchins on the street, strange packages left at his shopfront door, new 'clients' who would utter the agreed-upon code-word for the 'special stock'. Soon, Shugaro was in too deep, but the worst was yet to come. He had tried to buy himself out of the game, but there was no budging. The guild were beginning to suspect something, but Emery himself had laughed off Shugaro's attempt, taking the 5,000 gold back and ignoring the stout dwarf's protestations. The following night lived on in Shugaro's memory, burned in as a constant reminder of the worst decision he had ever made.

Jalk's abduction at the hands of Emery nearly unhinged Shugaro. Only the cold, seething calm that Aya somehow possessed focused his mind, along with a calculated plan to rescue their boy. There was a warehouse, near the dock where they knew Jalk was being held. Acting with haste and with little regard for their own safety, they stormed the warehouse, taking the smugglers by surprise. Together, the two cut a swathe through the warehouse, killing all they could find until they came upon Emery holding Jalk at knife-point. Shugaro was mad with grief and rage, nearly charging the man down in cold blood, but Aya once again stepped in with calculating ease, offering a trade while holding a burning rag stuffed in a bottle of firebreath ale-Jalk for the warehouse. After a tense standoff, Emery relented, smiling sadly as Jalk ran towards his parents. Reunited at last, the trio moved swiftly towards the exit, freedom in sight.


The sound of the arrow slamming into Aya's back still haunted Shugaro. She had just placed a hand on the warehouse door when the treacherous smuggler had fired a coward's shot. Even as Shugaro turned to confront the man, he disappeared down a trapdoor, gone forever. Shugaro turned to his wife, the light in Aya's eyes dimming even as he watched. He lent down, hearing Aya's final words.

Family and Honor"Knor Oz Arth..."

Blood pooled as Shugaro knelt, devastated by what his life had become. Jalk stood numbly nearby, shocked and confused. An hour passed, Shugaro and Jalk remained in place. The night brightened, dawn was coming. Shugaro heard the earliest sounds of morning business starting and he stirred from his vigil. He knew what to do, but it would break his heart.

He pulled Jalk close and hugged him tightly. "My boy, We must leave. Aya will not come back, but those others will. I must send you and Isger away for safety-they will be after me." Jalk's tear-stained face looked up in worry at his father. "But Father, how will we survive? What will we do?" Shugaro and Jalk made their way through the city's morning light with haste, Shugaro knew there was little time. "Isger will know what to do-he is nearly of age and can look after you. Take my gold, supplies from the shop and go. Quickly now! I will come for you!" Together they woke Isger and told him of their plan-to travel to Kirdan, where there was family. Shugaro knew he couldn't go with them, danger would continue to follow him. Penning a hastily-scrawled note, he left it on his shop counter for the guild to find, tears of rage betraying his emotions as he left his city of birth and all he had built. The Crossing Companions accepted all-comers, that he knew. He would travel to Harthford and sign up, spend some years on the road until his troubles had been forgotten and his strength had grown. Taking only his necessities and his wife's locket, he set off in the early morning, turning his back on Hammerfall.

Personality Traits: - Blood, sweat and tears in pursuit of hard work is worth its weight in gold.
- I never place myself above other folk. We all have the same blood.

Ideals: - Family: I am committed to the people I care about, not to ideals (Neutral)
He has a deep affection for children, not just his own, as he sees their future is crucial to the well-being of the world. Passionate and fierce, he will stand up for his rights and that of his family.
- Respect: People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect (Good)

Bonds: - I had two sons, but I have had to send them away. One day, I hope to see them again.
- My wife died and my son was abducted because of a mistake I made. That will never happen again.

Flaws: - I judge others harshly, and myself even more severely.
- No one must ever learn that I unwittingly borrowed money from a drug lord, becoming indentured and bringing ruin to my family.


Have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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Lumin. Scourge Aasimar - Wild Magic Sorcerer

Lumin was raised in an orphanage. He has no knowledge of his heritage, except for a strange tale told to him by a carnival fortune teller about his mother. (I will save this tale for in-game.)

He is quite young and is strikingly beautiful in appearance, despite a prominent scar across his face. His Aasimar features are subtle. He easily passes as human most of the time. His hair is blond. His skin has only the slightest hint of gold. His silver-blue eyes are the biggest give away that he is not an ordinary human. Only recently have these features begun to draw attention. He sometimes dresses to hide himself, but this is a new fairly new thing for him.

He actually has no idea what an Aasimar is. He thinks that he is simply a gifted human. He has discovered through his adolescence that he has innate magic. Two years ago, he defended himself from a bully at the orphanage with magic. He nearly killed this bully by mistake. The priests that ran the orphanage decided it was no longer safe to have him around. They asked him to leave. He'd been living on the streets ever since, making a living doing odd jobs in the merchant district.

He does feel at times that he has a deeper purpose, somehow related to his mysterious background.

Why Join The Companions:
The adventuring guild seems like a steady path to food and shelter. And it feeds Lumin's need to seek out service to a higher purpose.

Character Sheet

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left-aligned image
Name: Kelsey Twice-Born
Background: Sailor
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Barbarian

Backstory: Kelsey grew up on a ranch, learning all about how to manage unruly animals, but staying there was the last thing on his mind. He was still a youth when he ran away, and despite his lack of formal education, his quick wit and seasoned work ethic served him well in larger communities. Eventually he settled into maritime life. Being a seaman is all well and good, but Kelsey became addicted to the excitement of naval combat after the merchant ship he served on was targeted in an unsuccessful attack by pirates. As soon as he could, he left the ship's service and ingratiated himself with a band of privateers.

And it was exciting, for a while. Kelsey worked hard on deck, and he became known on deck for his ability to hold off boarders with determined enthusiasm. It seemed like he had found his calling. Then he learned a brutal lesson: everyone loses eventually. His ship was pursuing a new quarry as far as the other side of the Veckian Sea, only to be ambushed at night and sunk. Kelsey barely had time to figure out what was happening - screams everywhere, and a barrage of water rushing over his head in the pitch black mayhem of the lower decks. He drowned alone and confused.

Except he didn't drown. He came to ashore a reef, although he was certain he had died. He remembered the sensation, the horror of leaving his mortal self behind. But nothing else. Although in the years since, nightmares show him vivid surreal landscapes, impossible to conceive of in his own reality, and the sensation of being stuck in a very strange, bleak place for a very long time. A second of death may have been a lifetime of purgatory. Something pulled him out at the end. He never perceived what.

It took a couple of days, but he was lucky enough to be picked up by a passing ship and disembarked at Harthford, realising as soon as he touched upon the wharf that he could never board a ship or set out to sea again. And he was still separated from his homeland by the Veckian Sea - a relatively narrow sea, but it might as well have been boundless.

Still remembering his own death, he decided he was on borrowed time and needed to establish a better life for himself in this new locale - an honest living, calm and peaceful without battle or death. He did fairly well for himself, having enough general knowledge from his pre-naval years to entrench himself in the local guilds as a gopher and middleman for logistical operations. It was never a prestigious position, but people liked him, and he was good with the wagon horses. He told his story of near-death (or actual death) often as small talk over drinks, and gained the moniker 'Twice-Born' from the locals (even if they got a little sick of hearing about it). He was even sweet on a gnomish chandler, Elinatta, buying a candle from her every week just for an excuse to enter the cramped little shop - he had a lot of unused candles stocked up in his modest cottage on the edge of town.

But even with the concerned whispered conversations and increasingly tight budgets, he never saw the collapse coming. For all the efforts of the venerated Nine, the world outside Harthford became more dangerous, and guild profits plummeted from lack of secure trade. Kelsey lost his job. Looming economic depression meant there weren't other jobs to be had in the guilds. Desperate, he had to consider his fallback skill sets. Not much market in mounts and horses that with reduced travel, and he wanted to get away from that in the first place. Get on a ship again? By the Gods, never. So that left his proficiency in hurting other people. The idea of seeking combat didn't thrill him - in fact, it terrified him. He was already on borrowed time, and he had no desire to return to that half-remembered purgatory. But at least he knew he could defend himself against a blade better than he could against drowning.

So here he was, at the Waltzing Witches Tavern and Inn, with a couple of weapons he'd bought with the last of his spare change and an attempt at a winning smile. He hoped he could hide the tremors in his hand.
SummaryKelsey is a former sailor with thalassophobia from a drowning experience. He's looking to join the Crossing Companions Adventuring Guild out of sheer desperation, as his other prospects dry up. As a close combat fighter, he's propelled to greater prowess not by rage or bloodlust, but sheer terror. Kesley is obsessed with the idea he's escaped death once and won't be so lucky again. He'll avoid fighting if there are other options - but if push comes to shove, he will tear an opponent to pieces without mercy to preserve his own life.

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right-aligned image
Name: Ginnifer Gooseblossom
Race: Human (Variant)
Class: Sorceress (Divine Soul)
Additional Resource: Xanathar's Guide to Everything
Background: Modified from Hermit, using PHB rules for Custom Backgrounds
Skill Profs: Medicine, Arcana
Tool Profs: Herbalism kit, Alchemist tools
Languages: none
Equipment: A scroll case stuffed full of notes, a winter blanket, a set of common clothes, an herbalism kit, alchemist tools, and 5 gp
Feature: Rustic Hospitality (taken from Folk Hero)
Hedge Witch's Apprentice

BackstoryOnce there was a witch. She was both ancient and powerful

”Oooh, was she me?”

Honestly child, I’ve just told you she was ancient. Are you ancient?

”Well … I guess not”

Are you powerful?

”I don’t know. I could be.”

She wasn’t you, dearie. Now may I get on with the story? This witch was also very kind and very wise. She saw to the well-being of all who lived in the realm - as is the responsibility of any good witch worth her salt, as I’m sure you remember. She tended to the elderly, cared for the sick, and played midwife to women when they were with child. But, though she ushered nearly every new life into the realm, the witch had no babe of her own.

’Always the midwife, never the mother,’ she would say, with a smile and a laugh at first. But over time something changed. The words grew sour, her heart aching a bit more each time. It hardly seemed fair, for who knew more about the care of children than she? And so the witch made up her mind: she would have a child of her own. But what man could she enlist? The witch was very discerning, after all, and only the finest specimen could be good enough for her daughter-to-be. She examined every option, and found flaws in all of them. But do you think she gave up, little one?

”Nope, because witches always find a solution, no matter how … um … orthodontic?”

It’s ‘no matter how unorthodox,' luv, but your intent is true. If the witch could not use conventional means, she would find her own way. She reached into the sky and plucked the light of the crescent moon. She cupped her hands around a breath of wind. She lifted the babble off of a babbling brook. Gathering them together, she bathed them all in the colors of the rainbow. Sculpting the pieces, giving them form, she drew them to her breast and gave a piece of her own heartbeat. And so her babe was born - a child of pure, raw magic.

”Yay! I love happy endings.”

It’s no ending, child. True stories never have endings, just places where people stop listening. Where was I?

”Ummm, the baby?”

Ah yes, the witch soon discovered her plan had its own flaws. You see, to wield magic takes control, discipline, understanding - things one cannot expect of a babe. To protect the child and those around her, the witch used her own magic to construct a barrier within the child’s mind, restricting her access to the magicks coursing through her veins, until there was time to teach the girl - not only how to use magic, but also when and why.

But holding raw, unfiltered magicks in check was terribly taxing. Each day the witch felt more of her own magic fading. Though she had walked the earth for centuries, it was the first time she ever felt … old. As the girl’s years drew close to three times three, the old witch knew she did not have much time. She only hoped she had taught the child enough, though she knew there was much the girl needed to learn for herself.

”Mother, that was a strange story. I’m not sure I understand.”

You will someday, my luv. You must.
Why the Crossing Companions?”Why am I here?” The little ginger-haired witch repeated the question back as she fumbled for an answer. She stared down into her hands, fingers twiddling nervously in her lap. She appeared monumentally out of place among the seasoned adventurers in the tavern. Her little legs swung absently beneath her stool, overly large boots still inches away from touching the floor.

”I guess, to help people, right?” she offered tentatively, ”But then you’re prolly just gonna ask me why I wanna help people? (I’m just guessing; this is kinda my first time doing this.) I guess the reason I wanna help people is because of my mom. She was an amazing witch. Taught me everything I know about magic - least everything I needed to be taught; some things just sorta come to me. Anyway she always said it was our responsibility to help others because not everybody is fortunate enough to use magicks like we do. And she really did help everyone. She took care of sick people, and old people, and women who were having babies. She helped make crops grow and made the weather nice, and all sorts of things to take care of people in all the villages around our cottage.”

The little witch paused briefly as a wistful grin spread across her face. The memories of her mother that came flooding back were a source of comfort, but also brought a stinging reminder of her loss. Shaking her head as if loosening cobwebs, she pushed the complicated feelings deep down where she wouldn’t have to deal with them.

”So yeah, I’m looking to help people, but I’ve gotta find my own way to do it, because that’s what she wanted me to do: find my own way.”

While this last part was true (her mother had told her to go out into the world and find her way), it also left something out - the horrible guilt. Ginnifer knew that in a way she had been the cause of her own mother’s death, since it was protecting her that had slowly drained all the magicks from the elder witch, and staying in her mother’s cottage and taking over her position helping all the local villagers would’ve been an all-too-constant reminder of that. As much as Ginnifer said she wanted to help others (and she was sincere in that), she was also looking for a way to heal herself, while avoiding the crushing responsibility that weighed on her.
"He looked to the Kender for wisdom. If there was one thing she was good for, it was pearls of wisdom. Wisdom buried beneath twelve hours of stories about obscure relatives." -- Imveros
Help Me Find a Home for These Characters

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Additional Source: Reserved (haven't used one yet).
Name: Rudolph the Unbowed
Background: Entertainer, Gladiator Variant.
Personality Trait 1: I'll settle for nothing less than perfection.
Personality Trait 2: I'm a hopeless romantic, always searching for that "special someone."
Ideal: Beauty. When I perform, I make the world better than it was. (Good). (Note. Performing is fighting in gladiatorial combat with specific stakes and rules for this variant background).
Bond: I respect all my fellow fighters, no matter who they are. I will never act dishonorably toward others with a martial nature. (Custom for Gladiator variant).
Flaw: I once humiliated a noble who thought himself worthy to the ring. Gave him a scar on each of his pretty cheeks to remember me by. It was a mistake that I will likely repeat. (Edited for Gladiator variant).
The grand circus master spins slowly, long red coattails fluttering artfully. His commanding voice swells magically to fill the massive silk tent, augmenting rather than competing with the excited roar of the crowd. "You've seen the daring acrobatics of the Darrin brothers! Feats of strength from Arno the Strong! Graceful ballroom dancing from lions, tigers, and bears! But now, the moment YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!"

The wall of sound from the crowd begins to undulate, forming two competing chants. Unbowed! Breaker! Unbowed! Breaker! Unbowed! Breaker!

The circus master suddenly spins, pointing to one dark corner. A bright magelight illumines a dark corridor. "INNNTROOOODUUUUCING! Our challenger, a gladiator from the far isles, you know her as BREAKER!" A swarthy, blue-skinned Triton woman wielding net and trident strides forth, seaweed and salt dripping from her hair. The crowd reaches fever pitch as she raises her trident, sickly green light emanating from the barbed tips. Ethereal music provides a capstone to the excitement, produced by enormous conch shells and curious steel drums.

The circus master spins adroitly on tiptoe to the opposite corner, and a hush falls like a thunderclap over the crowd. "Does our champion need any introduction? You know him - tougher than a full-blooded Orc, more tenacious than a mountain Dwarf, more graceful than a wood Elf, fierce fighter, the Halfling who slew a rampaging leopard in his tender youth! I give you, the ONE, the ONLY, RUDOLPH THE UNBOWED!" The crowd screams in approval, high silk tent straining at its seams at the pressure of that tidal wave of sound, stiffened by a spine of primal acoustic music, full of drums and large wood instruments. Stark lights show a snarling albino leapord's head; it moves sinuously, drawing upward and forward to reveal a beautiful pelt worn by the tall (for a Halfling) gladiator. A red-trimmed hole sits over his breast, highlighting the entry wound by which Rudy once slew the beast with a tent spike. He shrugs off the costume, revealing ridged scars over his neck and chest. Scimitar and shortsword adorn his belt, beautifully hilted, blades covered with tournament sheaths. Today will not be a blood match. Too few of those lately, Rudy laments internally. The noise of the crowd, already deafening, intensifies as Rudy hefts his weapons with a well-practiced flourish. He feeds off their energy - even as the sport changes, the audience never does. He grins - exotic weapons, his favorite. This should have been an interesting match...a profound sadness overcomes Rudy, even as adrenaline floods his body. This may be his last bout for quite some time - yet, he knows it is for the best.

Born into a family of animal tamers, young Rudy loved the bright colors, constant travel, and curious characters a circus attracts. He had little aptitude for beasts, however, and was scarred heavily across the chest and legs in a brutal mauling. He would have been killed, had he not pulled a tent spike from the ground and rammed it into the albino panther's heart. Ever since, Rudy has worn that pelt as a reminder; the hole he made has been outlined in brilliant scarlet silk, positioned conspicuously over his heart. His will to live found kindred spirits among the gladiatorial sect - while defeated as often as not, Rudolph's tendency to fight until the end in spectacular, gory, brutal contests earned him the epithet 'Unbowed.' As he gained skill and renown, the Ramboline Circus began headlining Rudy; it was not unusual for the mention of the Unbowed to empty villages thirty miles from the venue to see the main event. As more gladiators began making full tours, traveling with the wagons, the sport became more highly organized. Intense betting, exotic weapons, and even recreations of historic battles - all good additions, exciting for audiences and fighters alike. However, this came with a double-edge; as the stakes grew, organizers became increasingly invested in the gladiators. To protect these valuable investments, old rules were replaced - once relatively uncommon, fighting with blunted weapons has become universal. Fights to death or dismemberment are almost unheard of. In essence, the risk has been all but eliminated. Rudy, forged in brutal life-or-death struggles, can no longer be satisfied with this changed life. He had already decided to let his contract lapse, with his last bout - a scripted loss to an outlander in the town of Harthford.

To Rudy, the Crossing Companions Adventuring Guild offers a chance to reclaim his lost sense of identity. Real danger, real stakes, and real glory. To Rudolph the Unbowed, what could be better? Rudy is used to tag-team matches, uneven odds, historical recreations of famous battles - in essence, he is prepared to fight tooth and nail for good and glory. He hopes to recapture the camaraderie of his nostalgic, younger days with his new Guildmates. Most of all, he wants to escape what he perceives as a corrupted world of false stakes
Race: Halfling (Stout)
Class: Fighter
Abilities: STR 8, DEX 15+2=17, CON 15+1=16, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 13
Character Sheet: Link

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Well here goes!
John FaradayName-John Faraday
Background- City Watch (Investigator)

Personality- Faraday carries a heavy burden of guilt on his shoulders which has cultivated a feeling of worthlessness as well as a generally pessimistic outlook on the world. Although he is cynical, sarcastic, and can be grumpy (especially in the mornings), Faraday has a kind heart and is perfectly capable of being friendly and outgoing when he has the energy. The ex-inspector is especially good at hiding his depression and self-loathing with a witty comment or a joke at his own expense, and has become a master of thinking one thing and convincingly saying another.

Appearance- Although not unattractive, Faraday sports the unkempt appearance of someone who has stopped trying. Beneath clothes which might once have been expensive but are now faded and threadbare, his otherwise underweight frame carries the round stomach of a man who enjoys too much ale. His hair and beard are dark with a generous sprinkling of silver at the temples, and are generally scruffy and disheveled. His eyes are muddy brown- kind like his smile, but tired and sad.

Backstory- John never really wanted to be an inspector. He was pressured into taking the position by his city watch colleagues who insisted he was smart and detached enough to succeed, and his wife who demanded he take the job to make a better life for her and the children they had not yet been able to conceive.

For the most part he was good at it, but the stress soon took a toll and he developed an unhealthy relationship with drink to help him cope.
To make matters worse, a series of grisly murders and arson attacks swept through the town and despite his best efforts the culprit eluded the inspector and his team. Depressed by his failure and desperate to find the murderer, Faraday was an easy target for a fiend seeking mortal bonds.
An Adaru by the name of Sofiznyx painted a picture for John in which his powers could solve all his problems, and one night, after a heavy drinking session, he finally relented to the fiend’s persuasion and agreed on a pact.
Barely a week later, still no closer to solving the crimes and drunker than a peach orchard sow, John came home early from the tavern to find his wife in bed with another man. In a fit of blind rage and despair he used his new abilities to burn the house to the ground. Distraught by his actions, but too afraid to face the consequences he panicked and fabricated a story implicating his wife’s lover as the murderer, and she as his final victim.
Knowing him to be a kind and honest man the towns-folk accepted his story and pitied his loss, unsurprised by his departure a few days later.

Reason for joining?- Redemption. Traumatised by his crime of passion, John is determined to try and do some good in the world orelse die trying. Whatever comes first; he’s not particularly bothered.

RP sample-

He stared deadpan into his own reflection in the little grubby mirror, the light of the small dormitory casting a sickly yellow glow on the diseviled hobo of a man he saw there. John Faraday took a deep breath and flicked the razorblade open. For a little while he entertained the idea of simply slashing it across his throat and ending his pitiful existence, but the chambermaid who had cleared the bunk for him had seemed so pleasant and cheery that he simply couldn’t bring himself to ruin her day by making her scrub up after his sorry corpse. Getting the blood out from between floorboards would be a nightmare. He sighed at himself and shook his weary head. As good an excuse as any, he supposed.
As he began to shave the reflection suddenly distorted and he jumped, yelping in surprise and cutting his cheek as he fumbled the blade which clattered into the cracked sink.
”Still going through with it then?” The face sneered. It was a hideous thing with the chubby cheeks of a baby, a mouth full of jagged teeth, and small dead eyes like polished pebbles. John wondered with repulsion how he had ever become involved with something so obviously vile. Then he remembered that he was a worthless idiot and it all made sense.
He picked up the razor with a hand which was only slightly shaking,
”Do you mind?” he hissed to the demonic reflection which was perfectly mirroring his every move and making it rather difficult progress with his makeover.
”I just thought you might appreciate some friendly advice, but if you’re going to be like that...”
Advice?! You think-” the shrillness of his own voice stopped him. Anyway he knew that arguing with the creature was a hopeless endeavor. He cast a quick glance around the dormitory to be sure he hadn’t drawn any attention and leant into the mirror, speaking through gritted teeth.
”Sure, give me your advice- it’s worked out so well for me up until this point...”
”Don’t tell them you murdered your wife.”
Before he could even open his mouth to respond the face was gone and he was looking at himself again, expression twisted somewhere between grief and rage. The trickle of blood from his cheek had painted a thin line all the way down his neck and into the collar of his new shirt, where the red blossomed outwards like an inverted sunset. He swore and tried to blot at it with his thumb, suddenly aware of the sound of activity in the tavern below- hopeful adventurers from far and wide mingling and trading stories, jostling to earn their place in the guild.
What chance did he even have, he wondered? Still, he was here now. Might as well try. Besides, if he failed at least it wasn't a long walk to the bar.
”Great advice, thanks, I’ll remember that.” He muttered sarcastically to no one but himself.
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Here we go again...!
right-aligned image

Sources: PHB + XGE
Name: RillLlalee Lingold
Race: Halfling (Stout)
Class: Fighter (Samurai)
Ideal: "I was sent here to secure aid for my homeland before it can be torn apart. Will you please help me?"
Bond: "I'll fight for those who struggle beneath boots and sneers just because they don't LOOK like they belong."
Flaw: "No I'm not a thief! I didn't steal this sword, it's my Grandma's! Well take it if you dare!!"

Deity: None, but if pressed he'll choose Ruomil
Background: The Lingolds are a Halfling family that had long resided in the Feywild, specifically serving the Summer Court. His Ma and Grandma both served in the courts as highly proficient swordswomen, able to bring down foes far larger than themselves with aplomb. His earliest memory as a child was when he first visited the Seele Court. His Grandma was a retired knight in the court and had brought everyone along to show them the grand architecture, the amazing magics and technology at play, and glimpsing at what he later learned was Lady Titania who gave a passing greeting to his Grandma. But that felt like a lifetime ago.

Having grown older and also being taught the ways of the blade, Rill was nominated by his Ma to be part of an expeditious force into the plane outside the Feywild; The Material Plane. She had told her son that there were rumblings that The Shadow Court were making moves in the Shadowfel, consorting with powerful demons and things long since thought sealed away. The Summer Courts were safe for now, but not knowing exact numbers, Oberon was taking no chances. Many parties would be sent across the planes, made up of only highly capable fighters and diplomats to secure aid for their kingdom. Rill had been nervous all the way up to the day he left, not knowing when or if he'd make it back home to see his family. But this was something his Ma, his Pa, and his Granda had great faith in him to accomplish. Even being given his Ma's army pin and his Grandma's trusted rapier. He hugged everyone with teary cheeks and waved goodbye as the ritual to send them out began, unaware of the extra passenger going with them.

Through his inherent good luck he found himself transported very near the city of Harthford. And an adventuring guild looking for help! Though separated from the rest of his group. Did the ritual go awry at some point? And who knows where everyone ended up, or even as safely as him? He hoped everyone made it through okay. For the time being he would focus on his goal, the whole reason so many had been sent to this plain. He could see himself rising through the ranks, securing honor and influence and gold to bring back home, requesting the aid of hundreds if not thousands to save his homeland. He had scraped and saved up enough to cover the entry fee to enter The Crossing Companions Adventuring Guild, ready to make a name for himself and ensure The Summer Courts never grew dark!
My collection of niche/uncommon characters!
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Submitted for review.

At the risk of abandoning any hope for sleep, I’ll give this a try...

Sebastian - Tiefling Sorcerer
right-aligned image
Used with permission

Character name: Sebastian
Theme Song Alternate theme
Race: Tiefling
Class: Sorcerer (Shadow)
Source: Player's HandbookPHB + Xanathar's Guide to EverythingXGtE
Background: Entertainer
Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Personality Traits: #1 = Confident - my abilities and heritage allow me to overcome any obstacle.
#2 = Eye for the Ladies - enjoys flirting with women.
Ideal: I'm a hopeless romantic, always searching for that "special someone."
Bond: I'd do anything to protect my mother.
Flaw: I'm a sucker for a pretty face.

Appearance, personality, and history: Blue skin, yellow eyes, blue horns, and a long tail that darted playfully about left no doubt in anyone's mind as to Sebastian's true nature. Yet, if you asked him, he'd respond that his most striking feature was his platinum blond hair! With its natural wave that was the envy of all the other children he grew up with, although nobody would think twice about mistaking him for anything other than a Tiefling, he still somehow managed to find his place in any society.

Growing up in an orphanage taught Sebastian to be resourceful and provided him with the skills he'd use to overcome his 'disability'. Although not strictly speaking an orphan, after having lost his father when a young infant, his mother gave him up to the orphanage when she was unable to raise him on her own. She did not disappear from his life, however, as she would visit him frequently and thus became the anchor in his life.

The orphanage provided Sebastian with an education, despite his Tiefling appearance. Although basic in the fundamentals, he showed an aptitude for the arts and thus was schooled in playing the pan flute, as well as creative poetry. More importantly, growing up in the orphanage taught him how to overcome his sinister features by using his personality to make friends - especially with females, whether they were those girls attracted to the 'bad boy' image of his infernal visage, or those that would see past his physical appearance and realize the good heart inside - he was able to appeal to both types and learned to actively seek out the attention, which he discovered was all too readily given.

Eventually, the day came when he reached an adult age and was set to leave the orphanage. Shortly before his 18th birthday, he started to show the signs of his infernal heritage. Initial phenomena such as fire manipulation, then later generation, were soon followed by other, rapidly-developing eerie abilities. It was then that his mother first told him of his long-lost father, and how his appearance and burgeoning abilities originated from him. With her blessing, he struck out to discover for himself the truth of his heritage, with the hopes of both mastering his abilities and making his fortune through a life of romance and adventure.

Secret #1: Known Secret = Sebastian tells people that his father died when he was young, to hide his infernal parentage from his father being a demon.
Secret #2: Unknown Secret = Sebastian's father is actually alive...and is a normal human. It is his mother who comes from the Shadowfell that provided his innate Sorcerous abilities, and herself actually a Sucubus that provided the Infernal heritage (Tiefling).

  • Tell us why your character is interested in joining the Crossing Companions.
Why am I here? Well, if you want to start a life of adventure and find romance, everyone knows that you have to sign up with the local Adventurer’s Guild! And, what better Guild could one find than Harthford’s finest? The Crossing Companions is just the place to find an adventure or two! And with all the beautiful ladies always hanging around, I’m sure there’s plenty of romance to be had, as well. Isn’t that why you’re here? I know it’s not just for gold or chivalry - that, you can find anywhere! No, my good friend, I know what your heart desires and it’s the same for me - the love of my life is waiting for me just beyond those doors. I can feel it! How can my heart be wrong?
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right-aligned image

Name: Nicole Brimstone
Race: variantHuman
Concept: Tinker, Mason, Bard

Description: Nicole carried herself with poise and determination. Often smiling and laughing at wondrous things, she struggled to keep a professional demeanor. Her pale skin, rounded ears, soft complexion, and graceful symmetry juxtaposed her thick flaming shoulder length hair that was typically braided yet, like her, was fighting to be free. Her hazel eyes were like primordial pools of cosmic waters. Speckled with constellations and celestial bodies, they were ardent and knowing. With her elegant, muscular frame, even her work clothes looked trim and fashionable, consisting of secondhand naval outfits which focused on utility and served this purpose well, with high boots, breeches, a pocketed tailcoat, linen blouse, leather bracers, broad leather belt and sash, and a small lace ascot adorning her attire. Even though she had a penchant for picking sweets from her sister Sophie's Bakery in the mornings, the physicality of her work kept her in shape.

Personality: At the Consortium Library in hometown Ethea, Nicole engaged in debates and seminars with erudite masters devoted to the sage god, Winnun, including her father, Thamus, an illuminated manuscript illustrator and typesetter for Wizard’s Press: noted publisher of "The World Today." The tabloid headlined suspicious Utopian Trading Company's scandalous activities competing with Crossing Companions; corruption in Bel-ingran's bureaucratic capital, Ibatus; as well as headlines regarding recent events concerning the proliferation of adventuring guilds and the dilemmas of strict licensing policies. Having embarked on the path of a scholar, Nicole often focused more on banter than books. It helped to have fuel for the fire, so she dabbled in both. Relying heavily on intuition, which annoyed plenty of folk at the old agora, Nicole was smart, kind, sassy and wise. She took pleasure in having good conversation and getting the job done well - and occasionally enjoying some music!

Background: An old soul, Nicole tampered with magic trying to contextualize it into a contemporary framework. In a time of relative peace, pragmatism seemed most apropos when learning spells and magic. The most sensible functionality is versatility, so she strove towards adaptability, open-mindedness, and always looking for her advantage when encountering novelties.

A neophyte performer, Nicole chose the shawm; a curious type of reed instrument with a throaty, warbled, baritone, hypnotic sound to study and play. Her introduction was intensive. While back home in Ethea visiting her mother, Moyra, a music instructor at the Magic College, she enjoyed some weeks of impromptu performing at the Tilted Lantern soothing patrons with her playful, transient sound.

With a handful of clients at the Artisan Guild, Nicole was a licensed Tinker and working on a Masonry apprenticeship as well. Offering maid services to nobles in Harthford, she employed her practical application of skill and magic for cleaning and mending residences. She also worked part-time at construction sites using magics to help her lay bricks on walls and foundations.

Nicole enjoyed putting her talents to the test each day to increase her efficiency and effectiveness. Deep down she dreamed how she might fair in more heroic applications. Despite her burning intrigue, Nicole’s humility and doubt kept her away from Crossing Companions and Utopian Trading Company. Her idolization of real heroes and adventurers made her talents with bricks and thread pale in comparison. Nicole kept busy and out of trouble, but she’d learned an offensive spell at the Magic College and practiced fencing in her apartment. Her favorite client, Raylana, who was well established at Crossing Companions, offered lessons with the foil.

On her way to study inventory efficiency and fencing at Raylana’s, Nicole’s curly haired friend Ariel hooked her elbow excitedly. ”Walk with me.” Nicole welcomed the embrace of the ebullient sprite. ”Rumor is, there’s a maid who’s using magic to serve her clients. Rumor is, just this very moment she’s going to a client’s house to trade cleaning services for fencing lessons. I’ve been working to get you involved in the Adventure Guild. It’s a tough process, especially for a woman whose talents have been squandered cleaning houses and hauling bricks.” Ariel’s sidelong glare exuded skepticism.

”I know you’re just trying to make some extra coin, but you’ve got talents that could be put to better use,” said Ariel. ”I’ve enrolled you, hope you don’t mind.” She added with a devious smirk, playfully skipping in the air alongside Nicole. ”There’s to be an open audition, a big party at Witches. Come out with me for once. Mingle, it will be fun! Raylana said she looks forward to seeing you there…” Nicole’s passionate dreams about adventuring were regularly riddled with uncertainty about logistics. ”And I spoke with Creasy at the Artisan’s Guild. He wrote you a very nice letter of introduction!” Ariel said, brandishing a neatly folded parchment with the Tinker’s Seal.

”How’d you get that?” Squawked Nicole, unable to hide her smile as Ariel guided her to the party.

The sprite beamed, ”He rather fancied the notion of his apprentice ascending to Crossing Companions! He’ll be swarmed with apprenticeship applicants!”

Ariel had been Nicole’s emotional support guide as she embraced the fey god Shimu, who favored indulgence and revelry. As she improved at fencing and magic, the fire inside demanded heroism, but she’d been too methodical to give into impulse. Nicole was recognizing that restraint and inhibition were losing battles.

Accepting the letter, Nicole grinned while fingering the embossed red wax seal thinking, Finally... ”The worst they can do is say no, right?” She mused aloud, grinning at Ariel. Stepping into Witches with renewed purpose Nicole scanned the eccentric crowd. She swallowed the frog in her throat, which chased a butterfly swarm through her belly fluttering into her racing heart. When Ariel pointed out the host, Nicole smiled, ”I’m Nicole, prospective initiate. Is there a registry?” she asked, reaching out to offer Creasy’s letter, but Prestidigitationtarot cards spewed out from her sleeve instead. Ariel vanished. Laughing awkwardly, Nicole blushed, but quickly snatched one from the air. ”Here’s my card…” She said, smoothly, displaying an upturned Magician.
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Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Coffee
right-aligned image
Name: Gary Bryman
Class: Fighter
Race: V.Human
+1 Book: SCAG
Background: City Watch (SCAG)
Appearance: Life has not been kind to Gary. Years upon years of stress have grayed the man’s hair and even taken it from the crown of his head. Small wisps of white fluff cling for dear life to the back of his head knowing the day will arrive when they, too, will fall. Rough weathered brown eyes portrayed the mental exhaustion he felt while eluding to the fire that still burned bright in his soul. Bronzed skin that had been subjected to the sun for most of its life has started to become splotchy in recent years.

Personality Traits: I am always polite and respectful. I’m haunted by memories of past adventurer’s mischief. I can’t get the images of violence and chaos out of my mind!
Ideals: Live and let live. Ideals aren’t worth killing over or going to war for. (Neutral)
Bonds: Those who fight beside me are those worth dying for.
Flaws: I rather eat my armor than admit when I'm wrong.

It was a cool dry autumn evening; I was enjoying what was likely my fifth or sixth cup of coffee – I stopped counting after three. One of the younger watchmen came running to the base of my watchtower exclaiming that a large bear was loose in the nearby tavern. Odd. Though when I thought about it, was it?
The answer was practically roaring at me.

The bane of my career.

Whenever there was a rumor of something going on near-by you could be sure a party of bird-brained fools would show up in town seeking glory and making a mess of things. Fights, physical property damage, magical property damage, illegitimate children, you name it – adventurers were likely the cause. It was also darn near impossible to hold them accountable! Toss them in a cell and take their gear from them, they would still find a way to worm out or convince the town leaders to let them free. It was an impossible battle! One that has worn me down into the jaded old man I’ve become.

Walking into that tavern and bearing witness to the sword-wielding tiefling standing upon the shoulders of a dancing bear wearing a fez all I could think of was: ” That looks fun!” Those words, typically mentioned in a sarcastic tone were serious for the first time in my life. It was obscene, brawls were going on, it was utter chaos – yet it seemed fun!

That sight was the poisonous seed planted into my mind that would bear the fruits of my careers demise. The notice of Harthford’s Adventuring Guild seeking recruits, the fertilizer. Finally, the ale I decided to consume along with those adventurers that night, the water the poisonous seed needed to put my decades of service to an end.

There was no winning against such a force, why try anymore? Why not just enjoy the rest of my days embracing the chaos that will surely unfold and enjoy some new blends of coffee along the way?

After years upon years of fruitlessly trying to keep peace in the presence of the adventuring type Gary has finally given in to the saying “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Surely this endeavor could pay more than what his old job did. Or at the very least, take him to places with exotic blends of coffee he could enjoy!

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