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Old 06-12-2020, 12:51 AM
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Extraordinary Experiences: Completed Games!

Completed Games!
As any long-term play-by-poster can tell you, games can be slow at this speed. Unlike the time commitment for an afternoon's game session, play-by-post games take a long time, and often there are complications before they are completed. It takes years to complete a game in play-by-post, so when they are completed, we should celebrate them!
Game Masters, please post your game and a little bit about it here for us to enjoy! There is a DISCUSSION THREAD for everyone to enjoy, let's keep this thread for a list of completed games!
Suggested FormatName: (include a link to your game forum)
GM(s): Self-explanatory.
Players: Feel free to group them as "Cast Who Completed" and "Former Cast" if there's a distinction, or however is suitable.

What made this game great? Tell us something you're proud of!

Game Hook and/or Summary: How did this game start? What was the big picture of the whole game? Ideally no spoilers! Please keep this short (try 300 words or less), please. You're trying to get people to come read your game, not make them wade through your novel about said game!

Highlights: If there are specific chapters you recommend, major combat scenes... feel free to include links and short blurbs about why you've highlighted that particular section. Opening scene hijinks and final big boss combats are always great, assuming that you aren't spoiling the game plot by linking to the bad guy. Finale sequences are always great.
I also recommend some kind of summary/overview thread stuck to the main game forum for reader comprehension purposes, but that's totally up to you.

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Old 07-24-2020, 04:48 AM
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Game: The Breaking of Exandria
GM: 4eyedBadger
Players (alphabetically): AmonBlackwood, Drachenspirit, hafrogman, kymrel, Lazer, Odyssey, Syne, Vislands

We have no “former” cast because these eight great players lent their talent and effort to our story for the entire 21 months it took to complete! Their wonderful characters from our game can be found here.

Game Hook: Set in Matt Mercer’s world of Exandria, this game was about a group of down-on-their-luck characters who worked for the local smuggling syndicate. Hired to carry some illicit cargo through the wild swamps of eastern Tal’Dorei, their priorities and allegiances shift when one of the artifacts they are smuggling haunts their sleep with nightmares and visions of a coming apocalypse!

Disturbed by the shared knowledge and carrying an artifact of the goddess who will bring madness and death to their world, the characters set off on a quest for answers. This adventure took them across Tal’Dorei, from the slums of Stilben to the libraries of Westruun, then south to the ancient stronghold of the goddess’ most powerful prophet, in an attempt to stop the spreading shadow of The Void.

It was an exciting adventure, hunted by the goddess’ faithful and the growing violence of her influence. They did not all emerge from the site of the final battle, in the dark halls of Wrettis. The ones who did were not the same afterwards, as we got to see from the terrific epilogues each player wrote for their character at the conclusion of the adventure.

If you are interested in a longer summary, I kept a running game summary thread of the entire campaign, with links to the game posts referenced.

What made the game great? What are you proud of?: Definitely what made this game great was the level of investment from everyone involved. Like I mentioned above, each of the players were invested in their character, each other’s characters, and the story throughout the game. One of the themes of our game was “Growth and Redemption.” In the game ad, I asked for characters who weren’t perfect, who had made mistakes, and who had something about themselves to overcome. The players delivered and we all got very attached to these flawed characters as they struggled to find their way through very dark world events.

But redemption isn’t guaranteed. I think one of the most memorable moments was when Confire, the party warlock played by Lazer, defied the warnings of his patron and investigated a powerful artifact of a dark, alien goddess. The fallout from this moment changed the campaign. Confire was lost to the madness and became a major NPC villain. And it was something that I as DM had not anticipated or planned. It was born of the in-character choices of a great player.

That is just one example of what I am most proud of in this game; the fact that the story and characters took on a life of their own. I found myself wondering what would happen next, and I was excited to see where the characters would take us, as played by very talented and creative people.

Highlights: One of my favorite scenes in the game was during the journey to Westruun when the party came under attack at night from a living mound of corpses (affectionately called the “meatball” by the players). During this battle, it looked like Ron, the party barbarian thug played by kymrel, would likely die, having been engulfed by the corpse mound. As the battle raged beneath rain and dark clouds, an unconscious Ron found himself alone on a field of grass, with a distant storm approaching. Out of the storm came a Valkyrie, the herald of the Storm Lord. She waited with Ron for death to arrive, so she could carry him to Ysgard in the afterlife. The conversation between the simple-minded thug and the Valkyrie, as the battle raged around him but beyond his view, is one of my favorite moments in any game I have played!

Ron ended up surviving that encounter. But much later, when tragedy struck in the halls of Wrettis before the final battle, I was impressed by the depth of feeling from the characters and players over the loss of a character that we had come to know over nearly two years. As powerful as the character reactions were following that event, they paled in comparison to the player reactions in our out-of-character chat! And I think that’s the best praise for our game. Everyone involved cared deeply about it.

Conclusion: So that’s a glimpse at our game, The Breaking of Exandria. It was the best RPG experience I have had. It was my first time as a DM in a play-by-post game and I am hooked! The depth of play is unmatched!

And even though this game is over, our group from that game is still together and planning what’s next for us. We just came together to run a D&D adventure a couple years ago. But now I consider them friends, because we shared much more than this game during that time.

left-aligned image
The PCs, and NPCs of The Breaking of Exandria

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I've been on this site a looong time, and I've been lucky not just to finish one game, but several. The ones I've run from one end to another are:

My first real game on the site:

DM: ronarscorruption (this was long before I was an admin)
Players Corruption hosted a total of 21 players over its 3-year run. Some stayed, most eventually left, their characters to be reinvented by new players who came in to fill the ranks. Among the notable players include Nightstalkers, Amy (then Axeman), Toad, Embrodak, and Admin Chuck.

The Hook: A bunch of evil characters are roped into serving as an off-the-books strike squad by the evil Baron Snerk. His goal was to find a powerful magical sword hidden nearby - which the party finds and immediately loses control of. The end of the story has the party reigning in the sword with a discarded weapon from a forgotten war between the gods, all the while fighting off a group of zealous paladins who want nothing more than to stop this group of villains from getting their hands on a bunch of powerful artifacts.

What made it great? There are a lot of things I love about this game. It was an evil campaign. It finished. It let me develop lots of things about my home setting that remain to this day.

The players were all amazing people (and many went on to be admins or moderators). The story came out fantastic, driven by decisions made by those same players, including character deaths and resurrections that were very much not planned. There was a heck of a lot of interpersonal drama, especially near the end, all of it spurred on by real relationships created during play. Romance, rivalry, and introspection. It was all amazing.

One of my favorite moments of the game as a DM was the accidental prophecy. I think it was in the 4th chapter, when one of the characters, Elias, was granted a vision. This had been meant, at the time, to be a test of faith for his current patron, The Baron. Elias decided to killed The Baron, saving the stranger, and play continued onwards with a cool new treasure as a result. Then, I think it was the 5th chapter Elias was battling one of the main antagonists, who began casting baleful polymorph. The spell was interrupted by a dramatic and battle-ending Attack of Opportunity, but I decided in the moment that Elias was still touched somewhat by the spell - he changed just enough that he couldn't recognize his own face, but it wasn't enough to actually affect his stats. Then, near the end of the campaign Elias actually came into conflict with the Baron. I hadn't really planned this to happen - but I decided it would be a nice twist to set the scene to match the original vision... and then I threw in his past self to stab the Baron in the back, just like the first time. Basically none of it was planned, and I still remember it fondly more than 10 years later.

A combination of short adventures that developed a life of it's own:

DM: RonarsCorruption (I think I had capitalized my name properly by the time this game had started)
Players There were about 10 players who graced Desert Sands over four years. Some notable players include Aosaw, Gath, Foggyknight and Admin Dirkoth (then just Dirkoth), and Nightstalkers again

The Hook: A party of adventurers is hired to recover a lost caravan, and ends up with wishes and the enmity of a dragon in the process. After many adventures, some of which went very much not as planned, the party does even manage to take down this great fiend.

What made it great? For one, this was a fairly easy campaign to run. Across seven chapters, I only wrote three adventures, and I got to use four pre-built ones without having to do much work. That was nice.

Like Corrupted, a lot of what made the game great was the players. I stayed friends with some of them for years (I still am, really, but as with internet friends, we've drifted off to other things), and the relationship between Dirkoth Garig, the gnome wizard and Koma the minotaur barbarian was deeply touching the way unexpected friendships often are.

But Desert Sands also had conflict, both between players and characters. Some of the characters didn't get along, some of the players didn't mesh with the rest of the party, and I allowed people to play homebrew classes and crazy combinations that I don't think I would allow nowadays. We had one conflict where I allowed a good-aligned warlock and they briefly died and met their patron and found out it was a demon and it was a huge out-of-game upset, since they didn't like the twist. There's a reason this game wasn't in Hall of Fame.

But there were a lot of great positive moments, too. Chapter 2 is an example of it. The Fate of Apples was a chapter that was supposed to be about a magic stone that turned things to stone. It ended up being about forming an alliance between werewolves and the owners of an orchard. It was meant to be a throwaway rumor, and it developed into practically a whole adventure on its own as the players really grabbed onto the world.

And, of course, I love that the end of this adventure follows up on the conclusion of Corrupted. They return to the Barony, see how it looks now, and tie in the end of this campaign to the end of that one.

Man, I should run a sequel to this...

The Community Supporter Exclusive Adventure:

DM Admin RonarsCorruption (and briefly, Avner)
Players Dozens if not hundreds of players have taken part in the Genesis Gauntlet. I can't name them all here, but I can call out players who have actually played reached THE END: ZeeBeDe, MrD, Elucidus, GleefulNihilism, mountainbound, Ricktur63, Anodyzed, wodine, and FamMedKing

The Hook: The party finds a clue to an artifact of incredible power. What happened to it? Only one way to find out.

What made it great? Actually, there were a lot more than one way. I wrote four different endings to the CSEA, across twelve adventures, some of which ended up ported across four different game systems. Intending lots of people to play it, players would make key decisions in each adventure to follow the trail of the Gauntlet, and in the end track it down.

They all kind of blend together, especially now that I've stopped running them (I don't have the time to run dozens of games, nowadays), but I recall they were all fun.

I'm especially proud of the first adventure; An Obelisk Stands Alone, which I've run something in the realm of dozens of times. Even after so many plays, players kept finding ways to surprise me, even consistently 'breaking' what I felt was a simple adventure with lots of clues. It was an adventure I loved running in a campaign I also loved, and I continue to love being surprised by the things my players get up to.
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Name: Honey Heist: The Ex-panda-bles

GM(s): Cactus Jack

Players: Imveros as Hatrack, burglar extrodinare
Arkaon as Hun-Ni Chow, the slick martial artist
Raiven as Jasper Three-foot, deranged wheel bear
GodBob as Ted E. Bear, expert confidence bear
Kanly as Ruxpin, tech guru

Game Hook: This game had one simple premise; be bears, wear silly hats, do crime. What more do you need to know? Oh, and the entirety of the rules is all on one page, and most of it is fluff and pictures? You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.

Highlights: Oh you know, just regular everyday stuff. Like a helicopter chase with a jetpack over an erupting volcano for a briefcase containing the secret to immortality. You know, Tuesday

What made this game great? This game was nuts, plain and simple.

I'd gamed serious games with some of the other users, but here everyone just let loose and truly embraced the absurdity of the setting and the rules. What followed was one of the most fun and wacky games I've had the pleasure of being a part of here on the crossing. Cactus gave us all the literary license we wanted, on one condition, that it was as crazy as possible. The sequence I linked above only came into being as the result of all of us doing our best to be as ridiculous as possible while having the legal maximum amount of fun.

Being short and sweet was also perfect. We had our fun, claimed our W, and hung it up before it got old. Though how Be Bears, Do Crimes, could ever get old, I'll never know

Iron DM 2020 is live!!!
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The Lost MinesName: Lost Mines of Phandelver It seems the link is not working so here is a link to the opening chapter

Length: 1 year 9 months and 1661 posts!

GM: Begon Ugo

Players: Elwen as Shaeria, the cerebral Bladesinger
OldSchool as Ohlund, the kind hearted killer
Disaster Master as Vierna, the drow cleric who may have found the light
Maladict as Hadarai, the dashing bard
Fuerdrake as Leomenor, the shadow touched warlock

MemoriesGame Hook: Welcome to 5e! The starter adventure was my first attempt at Dming... ever. All I knew when I started was that come hell or highwater, dragon or ghoul, I was going to get my players across the finish line.

Highlights: The highlights were many but the final battle within Wave Echo Cave was epic in every possible way. I decided to tie my Drow cleric's family from Menzoberranzan into the campaign and made her sister the new Black Widow. I also tied in the backstory concerning her other sister that had been murdered, making her into a drider.

Long story short, the whole campaign came down to a single dice roll. The drider had attacked with some friends and was held with a clutch phantasmal force from Maladict's bard. I gave Disaster Master a single roll to pierce the drider, her sister's, madness... one roll only. Would you believe... natural 20!

Together with the rest of the party, Phandalin was saved and her sister now lies under gentle repose in Sister Garaele's shrine, miraculously transformed back into a drow.

What made this game great? What made this game great was the players. We were basically a bunch of newbies swinging for the fences with Elwen as our veteran guide. I remember slaving over my opening post, trying my damndest to get the formatting right, find the right picture, hell I even looked up a dwarven accent translator.

In the end though, it was all about the characters. Once their Phandalin adventure was over the group decided to continue on and are now meeting Moog the lonely Hill Giant made famous in Storm Kings Thunder. The adventure continues.
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Name: The Lost Writings of Aureon
DM: hvg3akaek
Players: Phil, Sakure, Coeur de Lion, Olorian, fox-master, Hyregoth, kedcoleman, sneakybastard, LoveBug, sammichweasel, Howling Winds of, William Imm, Wulf, Soporte Vaca, PalladiaMors, UnseenShade, Illya, Waugh.
All the game threads are in the archive folder, though a summary thread has been left in the main folder, with links to each chapter of the game.

Highlights: The game ran from November 2009 until April 2015, and was been quite an enjoyable game to DM. The players have kept things interesting, even going so far as to create well-written and in-depth posts for the rounds where they are lying unconscious on the ground! Olorian has a lot of fun describing Pogo's relation with his summoned animals, as well as creating a unique, one-legged kobold druid, who spends the time when he's not a swarm of tiny insects hopping around. Throughout the game, the characters interact well, such as an early archery lesson between Amaranta and Vance, Phil's ranger; or the distrust of the introduction of newer characters, such as the half-orc Udodak, played by fox-master, who arrived claiming to have killed a former enemy.

Coeur de Lion's Valna, the head of an expedition into a twisted and corrupt tower, struggles to hold the group together whilst they bravely fight to destroy a curse that threatens to encompass them all. Enemy NPCs are interacted with (not merely slaughtered), and scary or tense moments have an effect on the characters beyond mere mechanical applications. Over time, the party had a strong warforged-theme, with sammichweasel's Six being joined by GinJapan's protective Bulwark, and Coeur de Lion returning with the dangerous Titan. Sneakybastard's succubus (a re-flavoured tiefling) was at odds with many of the group's ideology, and ricktur63's Cassi, the only human in the group, had a lot to work with!

Link #1: Reading from here will give you the start of what happened to Sakure's character, Amaranta, when she fell unconscious in one particularly nasty battle. There is not a lot of background needed - indeed, the following posts give a lot of the background - but the short of it is Amaranta's fiancée died, and she misses him. And as she drifts closer to death, she meets him once more! Hopefully, this deathly tale gives you a taste of what is to come, and you may well want to skim further ahead and find more

Link #2: You can't cover all the interaction between the party with a single link, but reading from here shows not only the depth of characters, but also shows that when combat rolls around, the interesting characters don't disappear.
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Sign of VirgoName: The Sign of Virgo (Call of Cthulhu)
GM: robertod
DemonSlayer as Dr. Casey Harrel, a doctor and veteran of the Great War, still haunted by the loss of his son.
penbeast0 as Kateryna Kabinoff, a wealthy Russian aristocrat who survived the Revolution.
ruffdove as Lou Cazazza, a reformed hoodlum on the run from the Boston mafia.

What made this game great for me was that as PbP games go, it was an underdog. Only three aps for a fairly ho-hum advertising post, so all three got in. I applied on a whim to give CoC a try. None of the players had more than a 1,500 or so posts, and the GM had fewer than 100. The pictures and maps and visual aids were sparse and not flashy--probably rendered by the GM himself. The adventure was home-brew. Just looking at the surface of this game when it began, I don't think anyone would have laid down money on it going the distance with all original players finishing. Two years and four months later, we crossed the finish line.

I give robertod the lion's share of the credit for the success of the game. He designed his own adventure, made it come alive with obviously well-researched detail on 1920s New England (the architecture in particular seems to be a passion of his). It all came alive with his writing. The tale was derivative of Lovecraft's Deep Ones (which I believe is kind of the point of the game, right?) and it was engaging and creepy. The mystery was just involved enough the we could get to the bottom of it without it being too easy. For my part, I thought it was an excellent introduction to the game--it certainly kept me hooked for a system I was only casually checking out to begin with. Kudos also to my fellow players. DemonSlayer gave us a fun character who really seemed to have stepped out of the 20s, and penbeast0's cold hearted Russian aristocrat was a joy to have along.

Game Hook and/or Summary: In this game, the investigators all have some connection to a wealthy man in rural Maine whose son has been kidnapped. They all knew the boy and were keen to help. The trail quickly led them to a small coastal town where some odd things are occurring around the local bootlegging/speakeasy operation. Later the search for the boy leads to a strange fishing village on a remote island.

Highlights: This scene in a lighthouse highlights the kind of clipped pace of the posts, most of which were short and focused on the action. It also showcases how robertod gave out clues as well as some of his custom visual aids. Shortly after that scene was this one, in which the investigators have their first brush with the super natural. Another highlight was the ending, in which decisions made by the investigators lead to a more ominous ending than they would have hoped for, but one in which at least their humanity remained intact.

One other small point: I believe that it was me crowing about the completion of this game on the Milestones thread that got the discussion going that resulted in the Completed Games thread becoming a thing, so I definitely thought the game should get a write-up here.
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