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hall of heroes

post character info here
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The Scarlet Child
right-aligned image
Elucidara Scarlet
Elucidara Scarlet
Phoenix Soul Meijai Prodigy
- (Character Sheet)

Name Elucidara Scarlet
Nickname(s) Luci
Race Human
Age 15 Years Old
Class Undecided (Arcanist?)
Alignment Chaotic Good
Sex Female
Eye Color Crystal Blue
Hair Color Deep Scarlet
Skin Tone Caucasian
Height 148 cm
Weight 41 kg


Short for her age, Elucidara thin and wiry due in no small part to her deep with of energy and will to explore the world around her. Her most defining feature is that of her deep scarlet hair that falls down in flowing locks to just below her shoulders. Her vibrant blue eyes shine with an intelligence far beyond her age. A pale girl, whenever she uses magic, strange glyphs activate all over her body in the shape of feathers and fire plumes, and if she uses too much magic or her emotions get the better of her, her flesh begins to crack, exposing these lines as streams of magical energy that seep out of her until she's able to calm down.

Elucidara typically favors heavier outfits, having been born in an alpine hinterland where days are often shorter and colder, and the rugged terrain requires a greater need for durability and warmth over fashion. Feathers and furs are common components of her attire, and much of it is handmade by locals. Most of her outfits are either robes or dresses with heavy scarves, usually red, and interwoven with magical runes on the fringes.


Though raised in sheltered, small-town atmosphere, Elucidara is surprisingly outgoing, and her keep will to learn drives her to study the world around her makes her an incredibly affable individual. She feels compelled to help those around her, is more than happy to fight for someone who can't and often willingly puts herself in harm's way rather than risking someone else to do the same.

Sharp-willed, competative, and courageous, Elucidara tends towards actions instead of words, but rarely without hatching some sort of clever plan to see her through.

Elucidara has a wide variety of interests and what some might call hobbies, though she favors the study and practice of magic, as well as the understanding of language. She is fluent in numerous dialects of many different races and enjoys interacting with people who have accents or who use words in different ways in which they are commonly attributed.

Character Backstory

Roughly fifteen years ago, Elucidara was born to a mother and father, much like any child might have been. A sickly and frail child, she took ill quite easily. Her family, too, was poor and could not afford her a proper education. She was not expected to live beyond her eighth birthday, and so during those times when she was not ill, her parents allowed her a great amount of freedom, believing she should enjoy what little time she had left on this earth. A rambunctious and curious child by nature, Elucidara liked nothing more than to go on walks through the hillsides, even if she couldn't go very far.

It was during one such walk that she found herself at the edge of an old forest. This forest, like many in the cold, alpine realm she was born in, was avoided by hunters and woodsmen who believed the place cursed and haunted. They had told Elucidara stories of a witch who lived there and would snatch her away if she ever went in them. Though enamored by the stories, however, Elucidara was smart enough to know when she was being hoodwinked, and so when she stood before the forest, she felt only a rush of excitement rather than fear. She wouldn't go in just because her parents would be cross, but the fact that she had come to the edge and looked in seemed enough of an achievement that she might brag about it to the hunters later.

As she was about to leave, however, her eyes caught a glimpse of a woman who was kneeling at a nearby stream. She was a radiant sort, with brilliant flame-colored hair and bright white skin. Elucidara felt hot even just being near the woman, but her curiosity overcame her, and the little girl called out to the woman. The woman smiled and they introduced themselves--the woman bearing the name Arathine and that these woods were her home. This prompted Elucidara to ask the woman if she was the 'witch' the hunters spoke of, to which Arathine shook her head. She explained that she could indeed use magic, but her magic was different than that of a witch.

The two talked for an hour before Elucidara had to go home. A week later, they met again and resumed their conversation. To Elucidara, Arathine was the epitome of beauty and grace, a woman whom she desperately wanted to emulate, whilst in Elucidara, Arathine found friendship long denied her by superstition and misconception. They enjoyed one another's company, and she even taught Elucidara a few magical spells, though even after many months of meeting, she could still only barely use magic.

Then one day when the two promised to meet again, Arathine arrived at their usual spot, where she waited for the better part of an hour. Elucidara had never been late before, and so concerned for her little friend welled in Arathine's heart, and for the first time in many, many years, she left the forest and went in search of Elucidara. She found her halfway down the path leading up the hill, having collapsed due to fever. The poor environment in which she had been raised had finally taken it's toll, and Arathine could tell that Elucidara had contracted a terrible disease. She was dying.

It was at that point, as she looked into the half-conscious face of the silly little girl whom had so brazenly befriended her that she realized it was finally time. A pair of flaming wings erupted from her back, and fire burned in the sockets of her eyes. The woman was consumed in the blazing inferno from within, and as she did, she turned to small, sparkling grains of dust that fell upon the child at her feet.

When at last the conflagration ended, the woman was gone, and Elucidara took in a sudden gasp of air. Her strength returned instantly, even greater than it had been since she was born, and she felt livelier than she ever had before. The strange gift that Arathine gave her purged the disease--as well as her frailness--from her body. Elucidara, who had been on the verge of death moments ago, was reborn anew, free of all the ills that plagued her. Would that the story had ended there, it would have made for the perfect storybook. But a person's story doesn't simply end at happily ever after, and little did Elucidara know that this was just the beginning.

That night, she returned to her home, where her parents were overjoyed at her seemingly miraculous recovery. And not only that, but she had seemingly mastered the magical spells that Arathine had taught her to a point that few without many years of training could boast. But even more than this, she realized she'd developed something else, something she had never seen Arathine do: when she was near a fire, she could reach out and pull it into her hands where it would hover without burning her. Similarly, she could make it fly around the room or turn it into little dancing shapes.

Seeing their child bewitched by her strange new abilities concerned her parents, but it was a problem for tomorrow, and tonight, they were simply happy that their daughter was alive and healthy once again. When Elucidara slept, however, strange and powerful dreams tore at her. She felt hot, and a burning sensation erupted from inside her body.

When she awoke the next day, she did so to the light of the sun beaming down on her from overhead, and the smell of ash wafted into her nose. She looked around to see that she was surrounded by mounds of soot, ash, and embers where there once stood walls, rooms and...people. All but the house's stone foundation was turned to a charred crisp. Her mother and father were gone, and the people, fearing for their lives in the wake of so absolute a destruction, sent Elucidara away. She was turned over to the local church, into whose care she eventually came under, but as her powers grew, so too did her inability to control them.

Thus it was decided that another touch was required, and it was into Ellemeia Gildenglove's lap that Elucidara fell. A retired instructor for a prestigious magical academy and an expert in magic control, she initially took Elucidara in to study her strange wealth of raw power. Sorcerers--those with the innate ability to call upon magic rather than as a result of study and process like a wizard--were incredibly rare, after all, and Elucidara was a cut among even the most well-known journeymen mages at the academy even without proper training. Yet in the end, Ellemeia grew fond of Elucidara's presence, and since she was now an orphan who would likely be sent back to the convent, she opted to adopt the girl and become her guardian, as well as her personal teacher in the arcane arts.

Thus, Elucidara turned the next page in her life, one that was fraught with challenges, unlike anything she had ever experienced. Yet she took to it--especially the magical practice--like a moth to a flame, and by the time she was a mere 14 years old, she had learned and mastered more than most second-year academy students and had even managed to attract the attention of a curious "Elucidara's familiar isn't actually a familiar in the standard sense. She didn't cast a spell to bind it to her service, she simply met what she perceived to be a magical beast and befriended it. Fidget has his own backstory, detailed in the short story intro I wrote called Scarlet Origins, but it's not required reading by any means. Mechanically, Fidget will just be her familiar, though.familiar", a ferret named Fidget, to her service all without even knowing how she did it.

Eventually, however, Elucidara began voicing her want to attend the academy, and though Ellemeia insisted that she wouldn't learn much by doing so as she was quite far ahead of those she would be attending with, she eventually acquiesced. That same summer, however, Ellemeia fell deathly ill, and died at the beginning of autumn.

Elucidara, now 15 years of age, stayed at her home until winter, living off of the retirement pension of her former mentor and guardian. Her spirit was shaken by yet another loss. In the end, however, she resolved to go to the academy and learn to become a wise and powerful wizard just like her guardian.

Of course, her time at the academy was short-lived. Much as her guardian had predicted, Elucidara was far and well beyond her classmates in terms of skill with magic, which earned her all manner of enemies. What's more, she had retained her curious and mischievous nature, and one too many slights resulted in her eventual expulsion.

That said, the experience was not without it's benefits, for Elucidara found lasting friendship in another unruly mage--a necromancer named Medea---who had also attended the academy (and, frankly, had been the root cause of many of their misadventures). Teacherless, the two decided that if they couldn't learn at the academy, they would have to find a new instructor. After all, neither of them had a home to return to.

Thus Elucidara and Medea set off into the wide-open world, and many adventures, new friends, and strange destinies littered their new horizon.

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