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Character Sheets

Please post here a link to your character sheet and your character application.
It will be 27 points for Attributes, and for equipment, the usual starting wealth.
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This character is 100% complete. Thank you for your patience!

Petra, the "Witch" of the Old Dale Forest
right-aligned image
Petra Lockheart
Patchouli "Petra" Lockheart
The "Witch" of the Old Dale Forest
- (Character Sheet)

Name Patchouli Lockheart
Race Human (Variant)
Sex Female
Class Druid (Circle of Spores)
Background Hermit / Folk Hero
Alignment Neutral Good
Personality Traits Affable: I believe that a friendly smile can turn the tide of a battle, whether that war about to happen before my eyes or one that I see when I look into someone else's.
  Sedulous: I never give up. I know I can do anything I set my mind to, regardless of what it is. No matter how many times I fall down, I'll get back up and try again!
Ideal Empathic: I don't think there is such a thing as an 'evil' person. I think sometimes we have to do bad things for good reasons, even if others can't see that at first. Everyone deserves to be heard, to be understood, and to be forgiven.
Nickname(s): Petra, Patchy
Age: 34 Years Old
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Mahogany
Skin Tone Caucasian
Height 160 cm
Weight 54 kg
Bond Heartbroken: I entered exile to stop others from harassing my family. I wanted to go back, but when I saw how happy they were without me, I couldn't bring myself to. It's better this way.
Flaw Strange Vibes: Despite my best efforts, most people have a tendency to shun me, and I rarely feel welcomed in civilized communities no matter how much I help them. I guess I'm just meant to be alone.


Patchouli, or more commonly called Petra by those who know her, is a slender young woman who looks almost a decade younger than she is, with smooth, milky white skin and striking reddish-brown hair that seems to shine like lacquered string in the sunlight. It's actually quite astounding how young and energetic she looks, which in part is what makes people wary of her--I mean honestly, no one looks that youthful for that long!

Petra's attire usually consists of simple dresses that descended down to her knees or calves. Her trademark, however, are the long, vibrantly colored coats she tends to sport, which are usually longer than her skirt and are filled inside and out with pockets. She stuffs most of her ingredients and supplies in these pockets, and as a result, they're usually filled cluttered and filled with dirt grains, pebbles, and leaves, or grass blades. Thus, she often appears messy to others, which doesn't help with the whole pervading aura thing.

Petra's voice is light and feathery smooth, though it can be rather high-pitched whenever she gets excited about something. Though not entirely graceless, she is, however, somewhat clumsy and has a bad habit of not watching where she's walking or who or what she's about to walk into. Nevertheless, she is extremely well-mannered and quick to apologize--even sometimes for things that aren't even her fault.


A gentle and compassionate soul, Petra is a humanitarian and hopes one day to live in a world free of suffering and hatred. She seeks to understand the actions and ideas of everyone around her, mend broken fences, rebuild burnt bridges, and in general try to bring peace and harmony to the world and the people living in it. To that end, she pervades an aura of positivity, believing that everything will work out in the end and prefers not to inflict pain or cause death, though she knows that conflict is sometimes unavoidable.

Tender and loyal to a fault, she works hard to see others smile, yet for whatever reason, she has a singularly odd effect on those around her to shy away or scorn her company. As a result, she leads a largely solitary life, and it shows in that she often has a hard time interacting with anyone beyond simple pleasantries and formalities. In the uncommon event that someone isn't swayed by her seemingly unnerving presence, she tends to descend into muddled words and half-hearted attempts to socialize.

A skilled hedge-wizard and master of the forest environs, the lonely life that Petra leads is fulfilling enough knowing that her abilities allow her to help people, even if they never thank her for it.

right-aligned image
Character Backstory (
  • Petra is born in rural society.
  • Due to the strange unnerving feeling she gives others, her family endures hardship.
  • Petra and her family move to a forest to find solitude.
  • Eventually, solitary life becomes too difficult for the family and they move back.
  • Petra decides to leave the family in hopes of stopping others from absuing them.
  • She travels until she finds an old forest with an abandoned cottage.
  • She discovers an ancient druidic text within the cottage and learns to control her newfound abilities.
  • Petra lives this way for almost fifteen years, slowly growing in power.
  • Eventually she is out collecting shells when she is captured by pirates.
  • The pirates need her to heal their slave, who was poisoned.
  • Petra heals Alie, thier slave, but lies about her getting better so the pirates leave her alone for a while.
  • Eventually, the pirates figure out the ruse and threaten to throw Petra overboard.
  • Alie, her strength regained, flies into a rage and escapes with Petra.
  • The two live together back on the island for about a year.
  • Petra and Alie are recruited to help with the Special Operations team.
Short Version)

Originally born the middle child of three siblings, much of Petra's early life was full of turmoil and struggle, as even during her infantile years she possessed an otherworldly presence. At first, this presence seemed to only unnerve people, but over time it grew into dissent, and by the time she was twelve years old, her family had had to move at least six times just to get away from the constant abuse that others inflicted on them.

Yet no matter how bad things got, her family always supported her and loved her, despite the fact that they, too, felt estranged from the girl. At one point, the family settled into a small wooden cottage in a forest nearby the coast and, for a time, at least, were content with their solitude. Thus it was much to their dismay when strange and mysterious events throughout the world began to make frontier life more dangerous. Additionally, her older brother had reached an age where he would be able to gain an apprenticeship as a silversmith, and thus lessen the worries of the struggling family.

Thus, they moved again, but much as before, the moment they returned to the civilized world, people slowly began to grow uncomfortable with their presence, so much so that Petra's brother lost his apprenticeship, and had to turn to a mining trade instead.

All of this time, Petra never understood what it was that made people so wary of her, but at the tender age of fourteen, she finally came to the realization that she was the focal point of their ire. All these years, it was her fault that her family had suffered, and so she made up her mind to do the only thing that she could think of to make her family happy. And so, one night in the middle of her 15th summer, she left while her family slept, and disappeared forever from their lives.

It was, of course, difficult for a young girl to be on her own, but having spent a great deal of time learning bushcraft from her father when their family lived in the forest, she eventually grew competent in surviving.

But even still, each day was a struggle, and many nights passed where Petra went hungry or was able to subsist only on what she could forage. She found herself traveling frequently from forest to forest, careful not to stray too close to the villages and towns she passed.

Thus it was that Petra came to at last to the coast, whereupon she came to an ancient place--a forest, far deeper and older than she had ever seen, and so vast that she could walk for miles in any direction and still be amongst the thick canopy and winding brush. What's more, it was home to plenty of wild edibles, as well as had several small crystal-clear streams running through it. This, she thought, was perfect. Such a grand place was perfect for anyone who simply wanted to disappear, and she soon set about exploring so as to get a better bearing of her new home.

It was during this exploration, however, that she happened upon something wholly unusual to her: an old, abandoned cottage deep within the forest's interior, hidden at the base of a tremendous oak tree. The glade around it blossomed with all manner of strange plants, and birds and other small animals seemed drawn near to it, though they of course fled at the mere sight of her. And what's more, it seemed to have been abandoned in a hurry, for most everything its previous inhabitant had was still there.

She waited many days to see if anyone would come back to claim the domain, but none came, and thus Petra decided to make this place her new home.

Over the next few months, Petra sifted through the items left in the house, curiosity driving her to investigate what the previous occupants must have been like. The house had been filled with all sorts of glass jars and bottles, some of which were filled with all manner of strange things like reptile eyes, old plucked feathers, or even whole newts! But perhaps the strangest thing of all was, of course, the giant book, which was easily the thickness of three normal-sized books, as well as twice as tall. The book itself was filled with notes written in a language she didn't know, as well as pictures of different plants, animals, and other curiosities that intrigued her.

What at first became a pastime in reading the book, however, soon turned into a consistent hobby. Petra found that she slowly began to understand the words, and was able to follow the strange recipes within. And not only that, but she discovered that as she learned the strange language, it was as though her knowledge attracted the creatures of the wilds to her, just like they were attracted to the glade. She could chitter with the squirrels, sing with the birds, and howl with the wolves. And for once, the girl whom no one wanted to be around was finally surrounded by friends.

Such was Petra's life for many years thereafter, and slowly, with the help of the mysterious tome, she began to awaken dormant abilities within. And though she continued to seem strange any outlandish to the people that she would meet throughout her life, she found solace with the forest and its creatures.

She also became something of a folk legend among the small cities and towns nearby, largely at first for her skill in herbalism and her ability to calm the wrath of animals and nature. Yet as always, no matter what good she did in the world, those who at first would see her for the kind and benevolent being that she was would eventually find themselves unnerved and afraid of her. Some even began to believe she was a devil or a witch.

As her little legend spread, she began to find strange offerings made to her at the forest's edge, and only people with no one else to turn to might leave a note asking for a blessing of healing for a sick loved one--to which she responded by journeying to their house under the cover of night to administer special medicines, then promptly leave before she was noticed.

There were even times when soldiers were sent to the forest to oust her from her dwellings, but because of her skills, they were never able to find her quaint little haven, which by now had naturally--and with a little extra coaxing from Petra's strange new magic--grown over by the tree's boughs.

Now and again, however, Petra did have to leave the safety of the forest to gather supplies not readily available where she lived. One of these little sojourns inevitably took her to the coast, where while collecting mollusks and shells on the beach with which to make powder, she was suddenly beset upon by a gang of ruffians, overpowering the fledgling druid and taking her aboard their ship.

Having heard many terrible stories of pirates and slavers that preyed upon people in the shallow waters of the coast, Petra feared the worst, only to be surprised to learn that she'd actually been captured and taken for a very specific reason: her skill in herbalism. The pirates, as it turned out, had a slave aboard their ship who had been injured and fell terribly ill as a result of an encounter with a strange creature. Petra was meant to heal the woman, and thus was to be their captive until the deed was done.

This was how Petra first came to meet the slave Algara, who at first recoiled away from the druidess, expecting Petra to hurt her just like the pirates. With time, however, and more than a little bit of convincing, Petra finally got through to Alie enough to let her help, only then realizing that the woman had been afflicted by a poison--barbs had been driven into her skin, and were constantly seeping out enough toxin to kill a horse. How on earth Algara survived was beyond Petra's comprehension, but nevertheless, she made it a point to save her from her ill-met fate.

Extracting the barbs and healing the wounds was no small feat, but the poison remained in Algara's system for almost a week. In that time, the two women became good friends, however, and, filled with a feeling that she hadn't known since she'd been with her family, Petra did something she never had before: she lied.

Using her herbalism, Petra made it seem to the untrained eye that Alie was still quite ill while using all the negotiating skills that she had to convince the pirates that Alie was unable to work. After all, it would've been a great waste of time for all involved if the pirates lost their favorite workhorse to their own impatience.

But try as she might, Petra couldn't keep her lie up forever, and another week later, the pirates grew suspicious of her motives. One day, the first mate burst open the cabin door and seized Petra. The pirates had never meant to let her return to shore, and now that they believed she was no longer needed, it was time to get rid of her: by throwing her overboard and letting the sea claim her.

Vastly outnumbered, it seemed Petra's fate was about to be sealed once and for all, but then, out of nowhere, came a whirlwind of rage. Alie had not only completely recovered from her illness but was healthier--and thus stronger--than she had been in a very long time. She made short work of the pirates, and the two stole away from the ship on a dinghy, arriving on the nearby shore before the rest of the pirates even realized they were gone.

Over the next year, Petra returned to her forest with Alie close in tow. The latter had next to no experience with being on land and the people who dwelt there, and thus, preferred to stay near her friend, at least until she felt more accustomed. Petra, on the other hand, was simply overjoyed to have someone else in her quiet life, and thus happily accepted Alie's company.

One day, however, when the two had been out collecting supplies, they returned home to find a cadre of suspicious individuals had somehow managed to find Petra's home. They had heard of the famous 'Witch' of the Old Dales, and wanted to recruit her for a project they were putting together. Apparently, an important figure had died in the nearby city of Four Winds, and her expertise in medicine was deemed absolutely necessary.

Curious to know how the world beyond her forest had changed in the years since she left, Petra made the decision to go despite knowing her presence there would no doubt cause problems. Alie, too, decided to tag along, if not only to see what city life was like and perhaps find her own path in this new world. Thus, the two left the forest, and a new adventure began.

Why Are You Interested In This Game?This game stood out to me because it felt very non-standard. I'm used to the traditional epic adventure, dungeon-delving, combat-infused sort of thing, so a game where the focus is exploring, discovery, detective work, and social conflicts is something I've definitely been looking forward to. Really let's me stretch my legs into a pair of pants that I don't often get to wear. That and when people say 'realistic', they usually mean 'gritty realism', but I don't think that's the case here. It's fantastically realistic! Let's have fun!


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right-aligned image
Name/Alias: Hon. Gideon Colfax, Coroner
Race: Human, Variant
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Cleric (Kelemvor, Grave Domain)
Character Sheet | Spell List

Personality: Gideon is a deeply sensitive and intelligent man, though horribly awkward. He is as likely to spontaneously treat a child with a smile and candy as he is to insult people accidentally with a poorly worded and conceived observation. He is devoted to serving the community through his Calling.


A plague took both Gideon's parents when he was 11, sending him into a deep melancholy, both from the loss and his newfound terror of death. His bachelor uncle, Brendan Colfax, the city's Head Librarian, became his guardian and tutor.

Seeing the boy's pain, Uncle Brendan encouraged him to read ancient works by priests of Kelemvor, a devotion that had died out in the Free Cities. Gideon found great comfort there, and as he grew older, educated himself in the faith and in the study of death, spending time with physicians, morticians, and anatomists, besides books and scrolls. His knowledge and faith grew until Kelemvor himself noticed Gideon and lent him divine power, making him the first genuine cleric of Kelemvor in the Free Cities in generations.

Upon his majority, he needed a job, so he offered his services to the City Guard, where his rare skills and knowledge were eagerly accepted. He served as a forensics specialist and sometime field medic. His star really rose as part of a Special Operations Committee set against a necromancer, who had arisen and threatened to overrun Four Winds with his undead minions. For Gideon (and Kelemvor), that fight was personal!

Now in his late 30s, Gideon has been retired from the Guard for several years. Upon his retirement, the City Council appointed him Coroner, mainly as a sinecure to support his scholarship and charity for the dead and dying. Deaths that require he personally conduct an inquest and offer testimony are rare, and he has assistants who handle the more mundane work of the office. His day-to-day duties are light.

But now the High-Counselor has been murdered. The City Council has demanded he personally conduct the inquest. Further, because of the peculiar nature of the murder, his deep knowledge, and previous Guard service, the City Council and his old boss, the Captain of the Guard, have requested he join the Special Operations Committee in following the investigation wherever it leads. He agreed without hesitation!

Background Selection: Sage

* Personality Traits:
– I am horribly, horribly awkward in social situations.
– There’s nothing I like more than a good mystery.
* Ideal: Knowledge. The path to power and self-improvement is through knowledge.
* Bond: I am devoted to comforting the dying and finding justice for the dead.
* Flaw: I speak without really thinking through my words, invariably insulting others.

Why are you interested in this game?

First, role play is king to me when it comes to DnD. Second, I love investigation-oriented adventures. Third, I've long wanted to play in a low magic setting where the risk of death is great enough that avoiding a fight is preferable to melee.

I have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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right-aligned image

Name No known last nameAlgara
Race Mechanically Triton, narratively a mutt between a Triton and HumanTriton
Sex F
Class Wild Soul Barbarian
Background Inheritor
Alignment CG
Personality Traits Mindful: I'm mindful. In everything. It was my only way of learning things since I was young. Be mindful of things and people. Learning by observing.
  Loyalty: I haven't know much of true kindness in my life. Not until I met Petra. So I know how precious a gift it is. Such a gift deserves to be answered in kind. With loyalty. I give it freely to people who show me they are capable of the truest kindness. Measuring up to Petra, however, is not an easy task.
Ideal Freedom: I found freedom late in life, after living most of it as a slave. I will not stand for people's freedom being infringed upon. If I see something, I will not only say something... I'll do something!
Nickname(s): The pirates who kept her as slave would called her 'algae'. She is very triggered by this and it is not safe to call her anything even remotely sounding like algae. She responds to Al, or even Gar. Al, Gar; One person ever gets to call her Alie. The first person to ever think of calling her something so nice, gentle and feminine sounding.Alie
Age: 37
Eye Color Blue-grey
Hair Color Jet-black with grey highlights
Skin Tone Very fair
Height 157 cm
Weight 50 kg
Bond Independence: It is very important for me to be my own person and in charge of my own life and my own destiny. I will never again allow someone else to take my freedom away. Or someone else's.
Flaw Reticent: I am slow to trust and open up to people. I am hesitant to approach people, to initiate contact and form new relationships.

Description: Alie is not the tallest woman. In fact, she is quite short. Shorter even than her dear friend Petra. Years of malnutrition have left her body slim and wiry. But at the same time the hard labor she was forced into her entire life has granted her endurance that belies her appearance. Alie's jet-black hair, peppered with strands of silver, is in stark contrast with her vibrant grey-blue eyes and her milky-white skin. Almost surprising for someone who's lived her entire life on the deck of a ship at sea, under the unforgiving rays of the sun. Her features are soft and gentle with dark, shapely brows, high cheekbones and generous lips.

Most often than not Alie can be seen wearing a simple dress, tightly fitted over her torso, but offering more freedom of movement from the waist down. Her wrists and ankles are almost always covered by wide, thick leather bracelets to hide the scars from the manacles the pirates used to bind her with. She also loves going barefoot, but knows there are times when appropriate footwear is necessary.

Personality: Alie is very caring and considerate person. All the pain that she's endured in her life has made her empathetic and quite sensitive to others' pain and suffering. She can be quite shy. Or more aptly put, socially awkward. Alie is unaccustomed to social decorum and etiquette and will feel quiet embarrassed if she commits some sort of faux pas. Mostly because she will not understand what was it that she did wrong.

She is more open and free in her interactions with Petra. She trusts her implicitly and is not afraid to show Petra all her insecurities and vulnerabilities.

And with someone like Algara, being born and having lived all her life as a slave, she has some. She will often worry about not knowing stuff. About not having being taught how to behave, how to use utensils, how to dress. How to read and write. All sorts of things. She will also get genuinely excitable whenever people are willing to teach her stuff. But not because they thing she ought to know them, but because she wants to learn them.

Overall, Alie is somewhat quiet and introspective. Almost demure-like at times. But at the same time she is keen to learn new things and make up for missed time and missed opportunities.

Algara grew up without knowing the tenderness of a mother's caress. All she ever knew growing up was obedience. And the consequences of not following orders. She knew work and rest. Plenty of the former and never enough of the latter. But complaining was fatal. All a born slave as her could ever do was do the work and hope her body was hardy enough to endure the labors of her bleak existence. And as it turned out, her's truly was. She barely got sick, even malnourished as she was. She grew up to be wiry and lean. Her body somehow managing to subsist on the pitiful daily rations the pirates spared her.

This sturdiness however was not her only selling point. Over the years Algara had discovered she possessed certain abilities her pirate masters valued greatly. It was those abilities, coupled with her heartiness, that kept her alive and relatively safe over the years. Well, as safe as any slave could be under the boot of their master. And the pirates were not gentle masters by any means. If anything, they were extra cruel to her. And they were exceedingly good at torturing her without damaging her so much so that she wouldn't be of any use to them.

This was the only life Algara knew. The sea and the ship. She knew of nothing else. She only knew of masters and slaves. She knew it was preferable to be a master than a slave. That was a no-brainer. But she couldn't fathom treating someone the way the pirates treated her. So in her mind she abhorred being born a slave. But even the thought of being a slaver disturbed her deeply. And so she worked and endured. Endured and worked.

Algara's spirit grew strong even as her body remained lean. But the young woman had a keen mind as well. And with no books and scholars to provide her with education, the only way Algara could learn was by watching. And listening. By absorbing anything and everything that could be of any use to her. And her survival. She learned from the pirates as they did their damnedest to break her spirit as they sought to preserve her body in working order. Not the best teachers, but everybody in this life had some knowledge. The pirates knew the seas. They knew nature. And how to survive. They had lessons to teach young Algara, even if they didn't know it. So blinded were they in their bloodlust when torturing her and dolling out punishment for some perceived infraction, that they never even stopped to think that this girl was smart and motivated to endure and learn from each miserable experience.

By the time Algara had seven and thirty years behind her on the seas, she'd seen and lived through more pain than any creature had the right to. She'd also outlived at least half of the ship's crew. Much to the disgust and disdain of those very same pirates who'd tortured her mercilessly and treated her as less than human. She was more or less a permanent fixture on the ship. Not unlike the ship's figurehead - an intricate carving of a sea horse. The pirates remaining of the original crew still treated her as the fish guts on the souls of their boots. But to any new additions to the crew she was a curiosity. Well, at least until the bastards got a taste for taking their frustrations out on her with the cat o' nine tails. Some even tried forcing themselves on her only to discover quite the ingenious protection placed there by the captain of the ship. A man only know as The Eunuch.

Not so much to protect the girl's chastity. Nothing so benign and considerate. No. Rather it had been quite pragmatic on behalf of The Eunuch. For you see, who needed a pregnant slave. He hadn't bought the girl all those years ago to bread her. No. She was his work horse. His work sea horse with skills and abilities no other slave could boast. Or at the very least no other slave on any of the rival pirate ships out there on the seas. And The Eunuch knew that even under the penalty of death eventually one of his men would slip and try scratching an ever-present itch. And he could not afford his prized slave devalued by an unwanted pregnancy.

And so Algara was spared the most intimate of pains and her chastity preserved. While The Eunuch made sure his men had enough whores to not make them turn their eyes on his favorite work horse. And should any slips occur, the chastity belt was ever there as a last line of defense.

And Algara made sure to learn whatever she could from any new crew-mates while they were still perplexed and didn't know quite what to make of her presence on the ship. She sought to gather any and all information she could from the new men as they gave it more freely and without the usual restraint of the original crew-mates.

It was in this way that Algara knew humans generally didn't possess the skills she did. They couldn't breath underwater. The cold of the oceans was unbearable to them. The sea creatures could not understand them. And apparently only few knew to call the fog and control the winds. Or maybe there were other humans like her out there, it was only that these particular men never met any of them. Otherwise what else could she be if not human?

Of course Alie didn’t have much time to dwell on such questions. She was much too preoccupied with controlling her outrage at her slave status. By now she’d accumulate enough world savvy to know she was actually one of few slaves in the world. As only the pirates engaged in such lowly practices. And Algara could not help but feel a righteous anger supplanting her previous quiet obedience. She couldn’t help but think back to all the beatings, all the abuse, all the torture she’d endured.

And for what?! So that The Eunuch and his crew could use her and abuse her however they saw fit. Without so much as a second thought. Just because they wanted. Just because they could.
And so Alie stewed in her mounting rage. And when she was alone and locked for the few hours a sleep she was allotted, her rage would manifest in the most unusual of ways. Wild even. Unpredictable and very rarely repetitive. It took Algara quite some time to learn to control her anger. To channel her rage and call upon it only when she needed it. For if the pirates ever find out she’d acquired new magical abilities, even ones as unpredictable as hers, there would be hell to pay.

They would have either killed her, or worked her to the bone, until she truly wished she were dead.

And so Alie waited and bided her time. Slowly, but surely the thought of escape germinating within her mind. It had taken her thirty and some odd years to forsake her inner slave. Now she only needed the perfect opportunity. And so she waited for one to present itself.

And as fate would have it. One did. Only not in the way Algara expected it to.

The ship had been anchored for a while. One might say in the middle of nowhere. But The Eunuch had business there. Or rather, he’d left instructions for his First Mate to drop anchor there and let Algara do her thing. Then he’d conveniently left the ship to conduct a more important business with the captain of another pirate ship.

Unfortunately for both The Eunuch and Algara the First Mate had lost his temper the day before Alie was supposed to dive down and ‘do her thing’. So by the time the ship had dropped anchor at the designated location she was badly beaten and whipped and in no condition to dive. The First Mate, of course, cared not and all but tossed her over board. For it would be him keelhauled when The Eunuch returned if Algara hadn’t come back from the deeps with the loot.

Alie, for her part, felt beyond disgusted by what they were making her do. She knew she had no choice. If she wanted to survive. But she still felt dirty doing her pirate masters’ bidding.

Unfortunately for her, in her weakened state, she was no match for the parent guarding its offspring while its partner scoured the vast oceans for food. The father, mad with hunger and worry for his children had spotted Algara’s clumsy attempts at stealth. Or maybe the huge aquatic creature had simply smelled the blood seeping out of Alie’s whip wounds. Either way, the crazed creature lashed out before Algara had the opportunity to speak to it. Promise to come back with food enough for it, its mate and all of its offspring. Save for one. She’d felt sick devising this plan, but had hoped the intelligent creature would see reason and also show mercy.

Alie had barely managed to escape with her life. Let alone snag one of the eggs as she’d been instructed. But when they’d pulled her fading body onto the deck of the ship she’d stared at the angry eyes of The Eunuch. She had no idea when he’d returned. But apparently it had been in time to realize the First Mate had sent her down there hurt and bleeding. A mistake for which he’d ended up paying with his life.

For now The Eunuch’s favourite work horse was badly damaged and he would have to look for a disposable healer to fix what the First Mate had so carelessly broken.

The next time Algara woke up, delirious with fever, drenched in sweat and shivering, she’d seen a sight so beautiful it’d almost hurt her eyes as well as make her doubt her sanity. But, as she later found out, it had been a female healer the pirates had procured from the land to heal her injuries. The Eunuch needed his workhorse back in working order y’see.

So at first Alie had been distrustful of the woman. She’d shy away from her touch. Growl and hiss when she’d try and apply some sort of salve or poultice on her wounds. But eventually under the tender care of this stranger Algara slowly opened up. Bit by bit the two women began to know each other better. And care for each other. Until eventually in the span of two weeks they’d become friends. And Alie had received the first and sweetest present ever from Petra, the healer. Her nickname – Alie.

Petra had managed to do quick work of the wounds left by the sea creature. But the outraged father had left Alie with a far more dangerous parting gift than her slashed skin. A poison that had almost done the slave in. Thanks to the unyielding efforts of her new friend, however, the poison was soon dealt with. And to Algara’s surprise, instead of reporting her success to the pirates and ultimately ending the beautiful fairy tale of their friendship, Petra had lied. She’d done so in order to give Alie the chance to rest. Heal properly and regain her strength.

The pirates, not famous for their patience, decided after two weeks enough was enough. They dragged Petra away with the intent to end her services the only way pirates knew how. By tossing her in the ocean.

Alie didn’t even think. She couldn’t have even if she wanted to. The rage she’d been harboring up until this point. That she’d been nursing and raising almost like a child, burst free. The few brave, or foolish pirates, who made to stop her stood no chance.

By the time Alie regained her senses, she was on a dinghy with Petra and they were quickly making their way to shore.

Literally feeling like a fish out of water on dry land Algara stuck close to Petra for the next year. Watching and learning. Gaining her land legs. Until the time that she could stand tall on her own two feet without needing Petra’s support for every little thing. Not that her friend minded. But after being dependent on others for her daily sustenance, as measly as that had been under the rule of her slave masters, Alie needed to know she could provide for herself. She needed to feel independent.

Still, even as Algara gained a sense of independence and struck out on her own, she remained fast and close friends with Petra. And sought her company every chance she got.

Why are you interested in this game? I like character development, character interaction and an RP oriented games in general. I was also drawn to the realism aspect you plan to incorporate into the game. Fantasy is fine and all, but that's not to say you can't have realism in a fantasy setting. I'm also the type of player who prefers plot driven events and challenges as opposed to pure combat. If there is combat to be had I prefer it with a twist. I was also drawn to the Alpha Creatures aspect. The alpha characteristics within the animal kingdom have always fascinated me.


How do you wanna do this?!

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Alias: "Spanners"
Real Name: Cuthbert d'Cannith III
Race: Human, Mark of Making
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Artificer (Artillerist)
Age: 28
Personality: He has an industrious, rather than energetic, nature. He is always doing something, usually building, repairing, or modifying something, even when he's in the middle of something else, like a conversation. He tries to downplay his family connections with the rest of the Force, but is in no way shy about using any of his connections to get something the Force needs (usually information). He also hates his first name, and prefers to be referred to by his Alias of "Spanners."

Backstory: The Cannith family established themselves in Four Winds more than two hundred years ago. Using their family-secret techniques they had acquired on the mainland (some stories say from another world, but that's just hearsay) they quickly monopolised the higher-end crafting market. In those early days, they boasted a higher than usual concentration of Alpha's, but their numbers dwindled, in fact, Spanners is the first Alpha in the family for three generations, and it all occurred after he defied his father....

Over twelve years ago, the Cannth shipments to outlying towns were being disrupted by bandits along the trade routes, this had eaten into the House profits so much that if the following shipment failed to get through, then that route would be shut down indefinitely. Cuthbert d'Cannith III (as he was then known) wanted to escort the shipment, reasoning that the thieves would not expect an Artificer, and his devices could make a Marked (Hah!) difference. Cuthbert d'Cannith Jr (his father) would not hear of it, and sent him back to his Workshop.
He, off course, disobeyed, and joined the caravan disguised as a driver.
His father was furious when he realised, and bribed an official in the Guards, to send out a force of his men to intercept the caravan. They Guards smelled the battle before they saw it, or at least they smelled the smoke! Cuthbert III had rigged up a device that could shoot vials of Alchemist's Fire at high velocity and range, but it had only fired a few times before breaking, later analysis would reveal it to be a Wand of Catapult. It had been enough to turn the fight, the remainder were being sniped at by the young Cannith with some kind of fire-spitting rod. The remaining thieves were taken into custody by the guards, who were later discovered to have been working for a Cannith-rival, the Forever Trading Company.
And that is how he fell out with his father, and came to the attention of the Four Winds Special Operations Committee.

Background: Guild Merchant
Personality Traits: I always want to know how things work and I like to talk at length about my profession.
Ideal: Community. It is the duty of all civilized people to strengthen the bonds of community and the security of civilization. (Lawful)
Bond: I owe my guild a great debt for forging me into the person I am today.
Flaw: I'm never satisfied with what I have – I always want more.

Why are you interested in this game?: It's something a little different from the regular gaming "rehash," and I like the idea of the world being more grounded, but people with class levels being something special, which they should be anyway.

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