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The Wardens

post your application and a link to your character sheet here
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Name: Keridan Gladewarder
Race: Dalish - Wood Elf
Class: Ranger
Background: Outlander
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Level: 1
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Andruil: Goddess of the Hunt, known also as "Blood and Force" and the "Great Hunter".
Others of the Elven Pantheon on certain occasions
Character Sheet

Keridan hails from the Virnehn Clan that lives in the northern Brecilian Forest, to the east of Dragon's Peak. As fate would have it, Keridan, the second eldest son of the Hunt Master, and Neithorn, the Keeper's eldest son, had vied for the affections of Ashila, the Clan's most desirous Dalish maiden, with Keridan winning her hand in the end.
Nighttime with the Dalish
But Neithorn did not take Ashila's rejection very well. Thinking she might change her mind in time. He played a waiting game. After a lengthy courtship, the two announced their betrothal. Which set off a series of events, which had Neithorn kidnap Ashila and short while later tried to rape her. In her attempt to get free of her abductor, Ashila accidentally fell off the precipice at edge of a deep ravine, plummeting to her death. Keridan and three others that had been pursuing them arrived to late and saw what happened from a short distance away. When Keridan saw Ashila's bloody smashed body on the rocks below. Enraged, he charged forward and grabbed up Neithorn who had been standing there, somewhat in shock of what had happened. Before the Keeper's son could do anything to stop him. Keridan tossed him to his own death at the rocky bottom of ravine. His body lethally crashing down on the rocks, no more then a half a dozen feet from where Ashila's dead body lay.
Though what Keridan may of been somewhat justified under the circumstances. After much deliberation he was exiled from his Clan for a period of 10 years. His Vallaslin, based on Vir Tanadhalian or "The Ways of the Hunter", was modified, showing clearly to any Dalish the date and length of his banishment from his Clan. How any individual Dalish or Clan as a whole might treat him is hard to tell. Those who take the time to learn the circumstances behind behind his exile, however, tend to treat him in a more favorable manner.
Almost half a year has passed since that happened, during which Keridan's wandering took him westward out of the Brecilian Forest. An for awhile he had scratched out a living selling wild game he's has hunted or trapped to innkeepers in the small villages and hamlets along side the the West Road. Reaching Lothering, in the South Reach. There he sought to find himself some more substantial work. Keridan was looking at some notices that had been posted on the Chanter's board. One said that a caravan headed northeast to Denerim, the capital of Ferelden. Was looking for thoses with the right abilities and skills to hire as guards and scouts. He had been about ready to go and apply for a position, when he was approached by a Grey Warden named Duncan, who spoke to him.
Of course, ever since he had been small, there was always periodic rumors of possible Blights taking place, but nothing seem to come of them. In the couple of months he had begin to hear rumors of another such Blight having begun. Rumors which seem somewhat more substantial then those he had heard in years gone by. Thus when Grey Warden confirmed and added facts to what he had already heard. Including that King Callen had indeed raised an army that was going to be marching them off to south to the ancient fortress of Ostagar to meet the Darkspawn Horde coming north out of the vast Korcari Wilds. Meeting them there head on. Realizing that this Blight was not stopped there. It was only a matter of time before his people in the Brecilian Forest very existence would be threatened by them.
Thus when Duncan suggested that he apply to become a Grey Warden. He readily agreed and thus he was recruited. After which, he demonstrated he had the skills and abilities that were needed for such a position. Thus he is traveling south with Duncan to the ancient fortress of Ostagar. Where he has been told he will take part in secret ritual called the Joining. With other recruits such as himself. To find out if he has what takes to become a full fledged Grey Warden.

Keridan stands 5'10" and is sinewy and wiry of build. His somewhat handsome face has a Dalish facial tattoo on his forehead. With green eyes, whom look at the world with a determined stare. His tawny colored hair falls halfway down his back. A good portion of it in a fighting braid that helps to keep the rest of it out of his eyes, at inopportune moments. He is dressed in finely tanned green dyed deerskin clothing. Over which is donned leather armour, light boots(moccasins) clad his feet. With a green woolen hooded cloak. With Longbow and a quiver of arrows over his shoulder. Belted at his waist is a plain but serviceable longsword in it's scabbard. Along with a large sheathed hunting knife. Along with a circular shield across his back. To use with his longsword in hand to hand combat. That is if any foe still living can get close enough to do so!

Keridan is the quiet observant type. Usually only speaking if he has something worth saying. Not just to fill the silence. If need be, he is not shy about taking charge of a situation. If he judges that such is needed. An once in awhile, when he is with those he likes and in a festive situation. He'll let his hair down a bit, so to speak.

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Character Application
right-aligned image
right-aligned image

Name: Arozen
Race: Human (variant)
Class: Fighter (Dueling)
Background: Soldier
Personality Traits: I am always polite and respectful. I can stare down a hell hound without flinching.
Ideal: Independence. When people follow orders blindly, they embrace a kind of tyranny.
Bond: Those who fight beside me are those worth dying for.
Flaw: My hatred of my enemies is blind and unreasoning.

Personality: Arozen is a friendly and outgoing young man, friendly almost to a fault and willing to give the shirt off his back to help others out. His parents taught him right from wrong and he is quick to defend those he believes to be in the right. While he does not often smile, the loss of his family still weighing on him to this day, he is no stranger to a good laugh and an occasional smile when among friends. He would give his life to defend a friend or family member and is quick to offer aid, if you wrong him though he does not forget quickly. His own personal loss great, and still ever present in his mind.

Background: Arozen was born into a simple life, his parents simple farmers, who worked the land they owned. It wasn't much but it was theirs, and they were proud of it. The crop sold each year, with the exception of what they needed to pay for the things they needed to last the winter. From a young age Arozen their first born son, was taught the importance of the farm and all the creatures that lived upon it and fed off of it. He was tasked with feeding the hogs, goats and few cows, as well as cleaning the barn stalls. When the time for planting came he worked the fields with his father. Of course once the crops were sowed and they waited for them to grow he hunter with his father to put fresh game on the table. It was a simple life but a rewarding one. It was during his 14th year that while out hunting his family was attacked by marauders. His father had done his best but he fell in battle and his younger sister and brother were both killed his mother used and then killed as well.

Upon returning he saw the smoke first and thought his father was burning brush or something but as he cleared the threes he saw the smoldering remains of what had been their home. The bodies of his parents and siblings left to burn inside the crumbling remains. Devastated he saw to burying the bodies, and recovering what he could of value which amounted to very little. While he was searching though he found a compartment beneath the floorboards of the house wrapped in oiled cloth. Opening it he found a sword and dagger and set of studded leather armor. He had heard rumor his father had been a warrior before meeting his mother and settling down but it was never spoken of. Taking the armor he donned it, and strapped on the sword and dagger. He was nearly the size of his father already, so it fit fairly well.

Leaving his home behind he went in search of the men who had devastated his life seeking vengeance for his family's death. HE knew little of tracking men but he followed rumor mill but eventually lost the trail entirely. Since that time he has been working as a mercenary guarding caravans. The pay is not high but it keeps him fed and he always listened for word of similar attacks as those against his own home. The past year Arozen has been working as a soldier in a small city as a guardsman. At one point a minor conflict erupted between lords in the area and a small war broke out. Arozen fought bravely in service to those he called friends and comrades and was promoted to Officer. When it ended he was promoted to a Lieutenant of the guard as a result and has served as such since. Arozen had heard of the Grey warden's but until he was approached and recruited he knew little of them. Still the opportunity to do good and perhaps one day find those who killed his family was reason enough to join.

Description: Arozen stands six feet in height with a strong muscular build from years of farming and hunting. He is an average looking man with long brown hair and emerald green eyes, while not overly handsome he is not unattractive at the same time. He keeps his face clean shaven, only a day or so's stubble at any given time. He has a rugged look about him from a physical upbringing.

Current Characters: Barthal, Fezaliax, Galileo, Thorin, Vesden,

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Name: Vanrik
Race: Golem
Class: Fighter (Brawler)
Background: Soldier

Personality #1 Enjoy's breaking things
Personality #2 Crude sense of humour
Ideal Live and let live
Bond Fight for those who can't
Flaw Little respect for anyone who is not a proven warrior
Backstory: Vanrik was a soldier, a volunteer for the Golem projects, fought on the front lines. After the Paragon left, he remained and became one of the Legion of Steel. After a while they were all sent out seeking the Paragon, Vanrik eventually got cut off from the Legion and found himself a safe place to sit and rest. Due to the high presence of Darkspawn, sealed himself in and waited. Centuries passed until he was found by a human traveler who had been seeking treasures, loaded him up on a wagon and took him out.

He spent the next few generations as a house ornament simply because he didn't know what to do about his new surroundings, and the people slowly grew on him. Passed down from father to son, until the current blight invaded his home. Vanrik burst into action without even thinking, which stunned the family, but held off the encroaching Darkspawn until dawn when Duncun arrived...

Woppity things happen here.

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Joseph DePetcher
right-aligned image

Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Background: Smuggler
Character Sheet
Backstory: Jay was born in the city of Amaranthine. His mother died in childbirth, so his father was left to raise him all on his own. His father was a simple fisherman, but his trade was in high demand in a port city, for sale and for trade. Jay grew up on the poorer side, but well loved.

Though he learned the art of fishing from his father, it was never enough for Jay, who craved a bit more excitement. In his teens, Jay got in with the local criminal underground and began using his father's fishing boat to smuggle in-demand items along the shire and out to larger ships to avoid customs. His general confidence and smooth talking got him out of almost every tough spot he invariably put himself into, except for when his father discovered his transgressions. Wanting a simple and safe life for his son, Jay's father was appalled and after catching Jay one too many times ultimately disowned him as smooth talk never worked on his father. From that point on Jay was on his own.

After being disowned by his father, Jay struck out on his own and fell deeper into the criminal underground. He had a dream of designing and building his own boat for smuggling. He would be his own boss and be able to avoid unnecessary violence and control what cargo he took on. Unfortunately, starting out with nothing, Jay had to do more and more varied jobs in order to stay ahead. The reputation he developed was a good one, a smooth talker who could get just about anything through inspection. But he had to break a number of his own rules, too, and he developed a bit of a gambling problem. Most of the time, he won, but every once in a while he would lose big.

Upon suffering his biggest loss ever, Jay became desperate. He was forced to take a job he had vowed never to take, slave trafficking. He didn't ask many questions at first. But upon joining with the crew and spending time on deck, he couldn't keep his guilt in check. He was told, vaguely, that they were transporting a number of elves to be trafficked to nobles in Orlais.

About halfway through the voyage, he decided to take a peek below deck. He saw elves of every shape and size, obviously viciously beaten and kept in too-small cages. The sight disgusted him. It was then that he made a decision he could never take back. He decided to double-cross his crew and save this bunch of elves he didn't even know. It was a rash decision, but he had no intentions of acting in a way that would get him killed. He got most of the crew together for a game of dice, spiked their drinks, and waited until they fell asleep. After that he knocked out the helmsmen and maneuvered the boat to a hidden launch he knew would be empty around that time of day and let all the elves out.

Unfortunately, things did not end so easily. Upon mooring, they were intercepted by an Amaranthine patrol boat. With the crew incapacitated, it was easy enough to take the ship. Jay didn't even put up a fight. After being taken into custody the crew by silent consensus blamed it all on Jay. For their cooperation, their sentences were light while Jay's was severe. Not only that but his reputation in the underground was ruined as they spread the truth there.

Jay was sentenced to be hanged. His own father did not even come to visit him. Before the sentence was carried out, however, someone did. Duncan of the Grey Wardens came and spoke with him. Jay told him his story, just hoping to have someone maybe believe him. Whether or not he did, the next day Jay found himself released into the Grey Wardens custody and promised to their cause. Whatever it was, he was just grateful to be alive and given another chance. Maybe this would be the true adventure he'd always craved.

Personality: Jay is a generally good natured person, although he has no problem with deception or breaking the law. He has his own personal code of ethics which he now adheres to given how his last transgression went. He is rather talkative and friendly, able to figure out what someone might want to talk about and lead conversation there. He is headstrong and confident, sometimes overly so, tending to get himself into situations as much as out of them. Fiercely loyal to those he called friends or even allies, he will do anything to keep them safe even at the cost of his own life.
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Name: "Mad Dog" Morgrim Proudmine
Race/Class: Dwarf Barbarian (Berserker)
Personality: "Mad Dog" Morgrim, bane of brothels, bars, and following orders, is a ruddy faced reeking dwarf soldier. Born the second son into a once powerful mining caste family, Morgrim has hair as black as his temper, and as thick as his head. When he's not arguing with his father or throwing back a stein of cheap ale down in Dust Town, he's travelling the Deep Roads in search of his elder brother. An outsider might view Morgrim as nothing more than a drunken lout, a ball of rage and fists and blood, but to the very, very select few who have gotten close to Morgrim in his life, they know there is no more loyal friend.

Backstory: Hundreds of years before, the Proudmines were a great noble family in the mining caste. The expanding threat of the Darkspawn changed all of that. As the tainted hordes encroached further and further into the tunnels of the Deep Roads which had been the fount of the family's wealth, the Proudmines power and prominence in Orzimmar began to erode. Cut to the more recent past. A young dwarf, barely into his eighties, has enlisted in the dwarven army, to the chagrin of his beloved father Helgrim. "You're a miner, not a soldier. Do you realize that this family has been working the mines for generations? What were you thinking, enlisting?" Morgrim glared at the elder Proudmine. "Well Da', I was thinking there's not much use for a man being a miner when there's nowhere to mine - ever think of that? Every day we go down to dig, and every day our tunnels are more and more infested with monsters. We keep getting pushed back, and for what? How many diggers have we lost to spiders? To darkspawn? To those little cave stalkers who like to spit acid - you know Joric lost the sight in his right eye to one of those little -." His father cut him off, as he liked to do. "I will not have this conversation again. You are a miner, and that is that." Morgrim only looked at his father sadly, and shook his head. "No Da', I'm not. I'm not like Therrigrim. He may be my brother, and I love him dearly, but we're not cut from the same stone. I want to do my part to win back our lands, and I can't do that with a pick in my hands. Goodbye Da'."

It was two years after that conversation that word reached him of a darkspawn attack on his brother's crew. By then Morgrim had established himself as a fierce, yet short-tempered fighter in the dwarven army. His propensity for drink and violence toward his enemies on the battlefield earned him the moniker "Mad Dog," and he tried to live that every day. When he heard of the attack, he requested leave to go find Therrigrim, but was denied. This, predictably, did not sit well, and ended with Morgrim in the stockade for striking his commanding officer. Upon his release, he made for the nearest tavern, where he proceeded to drink himself into a stupor. Another soldier who was there made the mistake of joking to his friends within earshot of Morgrim. "Get a load of Mad Dog, boys, he's off the chain again." The mistake this poor soldier made was in thinking Morgrim was fully unconscious, and it took five of them to drag Morgrim off the unfortunate grunt.

After his discharge for drunk and disorderly behavior, Morgrim returned home. His new mission, besides a war on sobriety, was to find a trace of his brother in the Deep Roads. The most he ever found was signs of blood, a spilled mining cart, a rusty pickaxe, and a knife. The knife was his brothers, the blade forged by Therrigrim with his initials touchmarked into the steel. There was blood on the blade, giving him hope his brother was able to fight and get away. Though he never found the body, he never gave up hope.

It's been two years since he found the knife, two years of hard drinking and hard living, and hope. But as the days turned to weeks turned to months, that hope began to dwindle as fast as his remaining coin. That was how Duncan found him, slumped over a seedy bar in Dust Town drinking watered down ale and absentmindedly twirling the knife on the countertop. Duncan, on a recruiting drive in Orzimmar for the Grey Wardens, walked self-assuredly toward him and began his pitch. There was some question as to what the Grey Wardens would want with a drunken dwarf, but Duncan had a way with words. "I see steel in you still, and the Grey Wardens need all the help we can get. Dwarves know all too well the threat the Darkspawn pose to the world, both your world underground and ours topside. I had a chance to speak with your father, and he told me you used to fight for the dwarven army until the death of your broth-"
"HE'S NOT DEAD!" the dwarf roared. Duncan put up a hand. "I understand. But you must know, a Grey Warden is the only force that can put an end to a blight. Should you choose to follow this path, you would be doing your family proud. You could win back your honor. You were born to fight, not to waste away here. Please, think about it. I will be staying in the Greystone Inn." The man made to leave.
"Hail, Warden. Is the beer topside any better than this swill?"Duncan turned back, a small smile on his face. "The best, my friend."
"Well then what in blazes are we waiting for? Let's get going. My axe is as thirsty as I am."
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left-aligned image

Name: Chera[/B]
Race: City Elf (Eladrin from DMG if allowed, high if not)
Class: Wizard

Background: Haunted One
Feature: Heart of Darkness
Those who look into your eyes can see that you have faced unimaginable horror and that you are no stranger to darkness. Though they might fear you, commoners will extend you every courtesy and do their utmost to help you. Unless you have shown yourself to be a danger to them, they will even take up arms to fight alongside you, should you find yourself facing an enemy alone.

Trait: I don’t talk about the thing that torments me. I’d rather not burden others with my curse.
Trait: I expect danger around every corner.
Ideal: I kill monsters to make the world a safer place, and to exorcise my own demons.
Bond: There is evil in me. It must never be set free.
Flaw: I feel no compassion for the dead. They’re the lucky ones.

Backstory: It all started the day of the wedding. I had come to the Alienage in Denerim to be betrothed to a young man named Soris; I had not met him until that day of course but he seemed attractive though a bit of a roguish type. The Alienage was a bit of a shock, poor and a bit nasty looking. I was used to being in a manor house, as a servant but still. However, my parents had saved their whole lives and bought me out and a life in the Alienage was at least free, if not luxurious.

However the wedding was interrupted by some drunken shem. They were rude, especially to the women, but things quickly got worse when a redheaded girl struck one from behind with a bottle, injuring him. His friends took him away but they were hurt, more in their pride than actual injury. The wedding had actually started when the shem returned, this time armed and with retainers. They grabbed four of us, the two brides, the redheaded girl, and a dark haired girl named Brianna and dragged us off to their castle for "a bit of fun." I won't go into details except to say they killed Brianna and hurt us all. We were rescued by Soris and some of his friends who came in armed and killed the shem, one of whom was the son of the Teryn. Before they could escape, however, they were arrested, all but one. One of them was taken right out of the hands of the guard by a Grey Warden named Duncan who singlehandedly stood off the whole shem power structure, but not Soris who was taken by the guard and presumably killed, probably slowly.

Things quickly went from bad to worse. The killing of the shem gave the guard free rein to hurt or kill any elf they could catch and their brutality brought reprisals. But they would kill 10 of our people for every one we killed. It was clear that armed resistance was not the answer. I joined a group that had another plan. One of our people had an old manuscript that taught how to raise a revenant. We gathered all of us that seemed to have a spark of magic, trained as best we could to become fledgling mages, performed the ritual, and it worked. But the revenant was not under our control. It killed most of us who raised it, before going forth into the city to continue its horrors. They deserved it if anyone did but we knew we were in the wrong.

Also, the Templars would come to hunt the Alienage for any of us still alive; magic is still forbidden to any outside of the Mage Tower, especially to elves. I confessed to the Hahren and he hid me and smuggled me out to the same dark skinned shem who took me in and is going to make me a Grey Warden. I don't know what these Grey Wardens are, but like always, I have no other choices. That's life for one of the elven in Denerim.

Personality: Once plump, Chera has grown thin and pale. She is quiet and bitter; rarely attempting humor except for self mocking or self denigrating comments. She is still blonde and attractive, at least from a distance, but guys rarely approach her when sober, her dark circled eyes burn cold at any attempt at flirtation or badinage. This is particularly noticeable if the target is a human, even a Grey Warden. She has not committed any violence since being brought under the protection of the Wardens but it's always close to the surface.



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Name: Tenal Adaar
Race: Qunari
Class: Paladin
Backstory: Tenal is an Agent of the Ben'Hassrath, working on assignment to investigate the rumors of the Blight rising in Thedas. Coming across a small detachment of Grey Wardens fighting Darkspawn in the wilds, and wanting to learn first hand the tactics used by both factions; Tenal hastily joined the battle and aided the Wardens in their defeat of the enemy. Explaining his purpose in secret to Duncan, and eager to learn the truth behind the blight... Tenal agreed to join the Wardens on their trip to Ostagar, and partake in their Joining ritual.
Personality: Tenal is warm and friendly, he has learned that joviality is a great way to keep himself on the right side of many blades, though he does still sometimes struggle with civility towards those who do not fall into the same compartmentalized lifestyle The Qun provides for.

Trait#1 I am always polite and respectful
Trait#2 I enjoy being strong and breaking things
Ideal The Qun is all that matters (Nation)
Flaw My hatred is blind and unreasoning
Bond The Qun is my Honor, My Honor is my life
You must take your opponent into a deep, dark, forest, where 2+2=5 and the path leading out is only wide enough for one...
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