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Old 07-27-2020, 10:59 AM
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Hall of Fame Nominations 2020

right-aligned image
It's that time of year again, time for one of the most anticipated events in the RPG Crossing calendar. It's time for the Hall of Fame!

The Hall of Fame is already home to some of the greatest games this site has seen, but we know there are more out there that deserve to join the esteemed ranks of the HoF. It's time to let us know about them.

All of our Hall of Fame games are nominated (and often seconded) by our members from games that have either been running for at least a year at the time of nomination or are already completed. These rules get laid out at the beginning of our nominations phase, after which everyone on site is invited to vote for two of the nominated games. The top results of the popular vote then are offered to our Community Supporters, who get final say in which games get inducted into the Hall of Fame. (Details at the bottom of this post.)

Good luck!
Game Criteria
  • Solo Games must have at least 300 in-game posts. 'Regular' Games are eligible if they meet one of the following requirements: the game must have been active for at least a full year on this site (this means the game's first in-game post must be dated on or before July 27, 2019); or, the game must have at least 750 posts and reached its intended conclusion (please demonstrate how it's reached that conclusion).
  • Games which have already been inducted into the Hall of Fame are ineligible for repeat nomination. However, previously nominated games that didn't get in are eligible.
  • Staff-run games are eligible for nominations.
  • Inactive games are eligible for nomination! Just because a game is finished or has died off, it doesn't mean that it's not a prime example of what we like to see.
  • You can nominate any game that meets the criteria, even if you were/are a GM/player! It's not arrogant. It's nominating a game that you loved and thought was great – and that's what we want to see.
  • You must have at least 100 posts to nominate a game.

  • NEW Any unsportsmanlike behavior will invalidate a nomination, whether that nomination was posted by the bad sport or not, to be judged by Aethera. This includes, but is not limited to, PMing everyone you know to vote for your game, leaning on people to vote a certain way, as well as pretty much anything that wasn't said publicly. Posting a message in OOC threads in which you're involved saying one of your other games has been nominated is fine. That's spreading the word, especially if you ask everyone to come read all the nominations. Spending time in private trying to determine which game you think should be nominated (instead of other equally good games) just to try and ensure a game gets into the Hall of Fame is gaming the system. (PS - engaging in bad behavior on the part of someone else's game just to trigger this rule is also verboten.)

    Instead of any of the aforementioned bad behavior, perhaps your time would be better spent finding the best sections of the game to demonstrate its quality? Please don't make me be the bad guy.

What we are looking for in a game
  • Quality posts – good role-playing is always a plus.
  • Longevity – dedication to a game on this site is one of the highest aspirations of a GM and players.
  • Good Implementation – whether it's a very unique game idea or it's a classical game idea done very well, a masterful GM and players make any game fun.

Nomination FormatName: (include a link)
DM(s): Self-explanatory.
Current Players: include past players if you wish

Reasons for nomination: Describe your reasons for nominating the game and why you think it deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Links: You must provide at least one link to a section of ten posts which you would like reviewers to read. This link is allowed a paragraph of up to 300 words to set the scene. You may only provide two of these linked sections.

All of this makes it easier for the Community Supporters to review.

Seconding nominations should contain their own nomination and description so that the thread isn't cluttered with people just posting "I second this!" Nominations that are a simple 'I second this nomination' will be deleted. Please do not "third" or "fourth" or "fifth" a nomination. It's annoying. Two is plenty.

On August 26th (a month from now), there will be a public poll to narrow the list down. Approximately a week after that, these games will be brought over to the CS Forum where the Community Supporters will decide which games make it in!

Want a hand in the final voting process? Go ahead and become a Community Supporter!

You can peruse all the previous Hall of Fame inductees here.

Q & A

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Old 07-27-2020, 01:49 PM
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The Thousand Hidden Paths

From the very first weeks, I knew this was hall-of-fame material. This is maybe the best game I've played in here. It has over 750 posts in it and chapter 1 was very much resolved. It was like we played a game to completion, and then we were all having so much fun that we continued. It ran for a little longer but then the DM couldn't keep it up. I'm not sure how to judge that. Had it just ended with act 1, it would have been perfect. That's why I'm nominating it even though it only ran for about 6 months.

The Thousand Hidden Paths
DM(s): MemoryBeast
Players:Reasons for nomination:
Where do I begin? The DM stood out right out of the gate. Expertly plotted and paced. Every choice felt important. On top of amazing structure, MemoryBeast can write! The custom setting is so well crafted it sucks the player in and doesn't let go. The idea of a centralized religion that may or may not even be real is an interesting take on traditional pantheon games. The idea of an empire that is perfect begs the question, 'who decides what perfect is and what if they had absolute power?' This game has enough layers of depth to feel really meaningful, but enough pulp to be incredibly fun. I'm running out of adjectives.

Then the players. Every. Single. Player. Every single player in this game deserves an award for outstanding playing. Every character is memorable and interesting and every post is well written and engaging. I frequently can't give RPXP because I gave it for their previous post.

This game represents, in my opinion, the best a play-by-post game has to offer. I have no criticisms. Every aspect is an example one can look at to see the how it is done. There is no doubt in my mind that this game belongs in the hall-of-fame.

two sections worth reading. I recently had a new player ask me, "how should I begin my game?" I pointed them to the beginning of this game and said, "like this". Now, it is easy to start reading at the beginning, so I won't link to it below. But you should start there. I am supposed to identify two areas that stand out, and this is difficult for me when the whole game stands out. Do I point to the excellent combat sections, the amazing character development moments, the world-class scene settings, the political chess-games that are going on as their own separate layer?

(Example 1)
The first chapter is outstanding, start to finish. It runs as a one-shot, and was SO much fun. I'm linking to the end, after we've defeated the boss and have looted the abandoned temple. A powerful magic item has plagued us from the start of the game, an iron-torc. This torc allowed a powerful necromancer to jump the bodies of his undead minions - which was very difficult for us low-level characters to deal with. Combat in this game hits hard and hits fast. We tracked this necromancer to a creepy hidden temple deep in a creepy hidden swamp. There we discovered that the necromancer was a puppet of a forgotten god or god-like being named Naraka. We battled her avatar or something like it, and her zealots and undead. Now, with the torc in our possession, we find a journal that details the necromancer's fall from sanity. This journal we found is a good synopsis of what we've just dealt with, and it springboards well to 'what now'. In subsequent posts, we learn that one of the PCs, Drevan, is possibly a revenant.

(Example 2)
The first chapter felt so amazing that we wanted more. The DM agreed, and we begin chapter 2. My favorite part of chapter 2 is the elves. Elves, and other non-human races have been driven out, deemed unclean by the Heavenly Cult. They are treated as corrupted monsters or impure. As a result, they are extremely rare. The half-elf in the party (whom my character is in a romantic relationship with) has to be very careful to hide her true nature else she be captured and killed.

Having been unable to figure out what disease or curse is afflicting Drevan, we seek out the help of an elusive healer. Our lead is an enigmatic character known as Seven Devils Clever. We learn later that, apparently, elves have these strange names, as we meet his sister, the healer, Nine Songbirds Silent. This is the sort of richness that permeates the world the DM, MemoryBeast, creates. I've linked to the part were we learn of this healer, just prior to meeting Seven Devils Clever.

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Old 07-28-2020, 03:15 AM
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Name: The Breaking of Exandria
DM: 4eyedBadger
Players: Vislands, Syne, Odyssey, Lazer, kymrel, hafrogman, Drachenspirit, AmonBlackwood

Reasons for Nomination: I think many of us would agree that the greatest strength of the play-by-post format is its capacity for depth. It’s the characters and their personal stories of growth and redemption, or even their failures, that make a story great. I believe this game exemplified those strengths. While there was a detailed plot, it was never the “star of the show.” The spotlight remained on the characters, both PCs and NPCs, throughout the game. I was constantly amazed as player after player wrote detailed, emotional posts that pulled the reader into their characters and the situation!

Many of these characters had significant flaws, and their players did not shy away from that. They embraced the challenges of writing pain, joy, relief, anger, and a dozen other emotions. Each of them stayed true to their characters throughout the nearly two years it took to complete this game! And through their writing, we all came to care about these characters and the world they were trying to protect.

The dedication of each of the eight players in this game is apparent from the first posts all the way through the ending epilogues. Some of them had no other game on the site. Some of them had several. But they each poured themselves into this one for its entirety. I think we all felt like we had something special going, and none of us wanted to let each other down.

When the story was finished and it came time to end it, we were a little sad and hesitant to let it go. But we were also proud of the story we had told. To be able to look back at the adventure we had shared and the fictional and real friendships we had made was an amazing feeling. I already posted about that in The Completed Games Thread entry, so I won’t duplicate that further here. But it is something we are very proud of.

All that aside, Hall of Fame is about story and writing. So I’d like to point you toward a couple series of posts that stood out to me as I looked back over The Breaking of Exandria.

Gameplay Example 1: A powerful artifact of a goddess of madness allowed a Star Spawn Seer from the Void to possess the party’s warlock, Confire, filling him with mad prophecies and the power to nearly destroy his friends! These posts take place in the immediate aftermath of that emotional battle as the clerics, Bellamy and Ada, try to save both Confire and Giran, a bystander who was broken by the dark visions of the Seer. Meanwhile, the rest of the party deals with guilt, anger, and pain over what just happened. Interspersed in this thread, we also see Verdigris, the party’s Dragonborn druid making his way back to the party alone through the wilderness even as he faces his own internal and external conflicts.

Gameplay Example 2: One of my favorite scenes in the game was during the journey to Westruun when the party came under attack at night from a living mound of corpses. During this battle, it looked like Ron, the party barbarian thug played by kymrel, would likely die, having been engulfed by the corpse mound. As the battle raged beneath rain and dark clouds, an unconscious Ron found himself alone on a field of grass, with a distant storm approaching. Out of the storm came a Valkyrie, the herald of the Storm Lord. She waited with Ron for death to arrive, so she could carry him to Ysgard in the afterlife. The conversation between the simple-minded thug and the Valkyrie, as the battle raged around him but beyond his view, is one of my favorite moments in any game I have played!

Conclusion: Thank you for taking a few minutes to see the hard work (and play) we all put into it. This site boasts a ton of talent, and I appreciate these opportunities to showcase it. I hope you’ll agree that this game was something special.

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Name: Portage, Rising From the Ashes
Game Master: Kapera
Players: The current players are Sageheart as Jan Babyak, Aethera as Margherita Carrara, Wynamoinen as Leesa Liddy, Yuul as Alec T Thorne, PopCultureBard as Jordan Cross-Ghannam. There have been other players in the past, but that is the current group. We have been on a bit of a break due to COVID-19, that is expected to change soon!

Reason for Nomination: This game has been an excellent experience as a player and a story teller. Kapera has built up a beautiful living and breathing world for each of us to explore and interact with. Each NPC is not only extremely well flushed out, but full of nuance and complex emotional layers which only adds to the interactions. It is very clear Kapera has developed a multilayered plot of mystery and politics, very fitting for a World of Darkness game, while still maintaining the normality that each vampire attempts to maintain in this strange new life. I had been wanting to play in a World of Darkness game since this site introduced me to the system, and Kap was able to provide me a space. Since starting, I feel like I have grown as a writer and character developer as I have to really focus and debate the various ways I interact with every individual I come across. There is no boring Innkeeper, or faceless NPC, every character is fleshed out that even a shopping scene is fascinating to read and write. I am constantly on my toes and feel like I am experiencing a real world.

I cannot heap enough praise upon Kapera. In fact I believe this is my first time nominating a game for Hall of Fame, and am happy to be able to provide a nomination that has so much thought and detailed planning within its creation. Even during the moments where posting has been light due to Coronavirus or Real Life, I find myself going back to this game just to reread the posts since they are genuinely fun to read as a story. Many times I catch myself learning new things about the world and characters just from this!


I have included two links here.

A peaceful moment for the group to figure out their game plan, while Jan meets the local rulership. I really enjoyed this thread for a number of reasons. It was my initial introduction to the game, as well as a peaceful moment for the characters to speak without worrying about any harm going there way. Secrets were shared, and new characters were introduced into the game. It is also a thread where all the players interact at some point, giving a reader the ability to see us all playing!

Jan's Adventures. My character Jan, an aging Draft Beer Line Cleaner and Malk Vampire, is new to the city. Here he meets his Primorgan, as well as a few other important figures within the city of Portage. It is an example of the way Kapera is able to subtle place hints and clues throughout conversation, while being able to react with the various ways my character approaches the conversation. I was also very proud of some of the writing here, and found Kapera's responses stellar! I am running out of complementary words so will have the writing speak for itself.

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HoF Nomination
The Founding

Game Master: wodine

Current Player Characters:
  • Squeak’s Corrivander Bookbinder; Historian, Bard, Mastermind, and Skill Monkey Extraordinaire
  • Imveros’ Theomar "Theo" Lassic; The Charismatic Bruiser
  • dalarangreen’s Catrin Gantzlan; Tamer of Barbarians, Arbiter, and Profiteer
  • Crocodile’s Jurgen Bauer; Frontline Artistic Chronicler and Pretty Face
  • Seekr34’s Hawke Amill; The Spell-less Ranger
  • ManicMonky’s William Istvan; The Grizzled Ranger
  • Black Jim’s Gulvor; Of the Sea
  • Jarl11’s Adeena Flokart; The Lovable Voice of Law
  • Ziether’s Kyarek Ironheart; Chaplain of Reyrgor
  • Thaco’s Kayal; The Banished Druid

Previous Player Characters: MoonZar’s Leo Helklinge, PopCultureBard’s Raelia Auldiven, AximusLokar’s Cina O’Shami, Insacrum’s Blainth Horish and Imra Augorit, DraconigenaArma’s Ranor Durant, Firecat’s Avaline ‘Whisper’ Leafsong, taleteller50’s Reggie Miller, Sarsprilla’s Senieth Ros’linor, and Cristal08Darkmoon’s Zenevieva Sileny

Reasons for nomination:

Start Date: 09-29-2018
Current In Character Post Count: 1683
Current Out of Character Post Count: 3085
Average IC posts per day: 2.5

The Founding consists of two groups of adventurers who were conscripted into the Imperial plan to colonize the island of New Märklend. This is the second attempt at colonization; contact was lost with the initial colony a year prior to the start of the game, which is why several experienced heroes were dispatched along with the colonists. So far the heroes have cleared out an infestation of evil Fey, faced a plague-demon in the depths of the New Märklend wood, befriended a nearby group of aquatic elves, fought against a rampaging evil known only as “The Unfortunates,” explored an underground prison, sunk an island, and made contact with a mysterious stranger possessing extraordinary powers.

Throughout all these adventures I have often found myself in awe of my player’s creative abilities. I may set the scene, shape the world, and control the NPCs, but they remind me just how great and collaborative these games can be. I am humbled and honored to play with such a great cast of characters and such friendly and kind players. This game has truly been the pinnacle of gaming, and one that I strive to match with all my other games.

The setting is a homebrew environment that I’ve built from the ground up with a complex Imperial hierarchy, countries in a tentative détente, rising darkness on the island of New Märklend, a fully fleshed out religion with 15 gods, a competitive religion based on the elementals, and the strange religions of the Sundered Isles and the large monotheistic kingdom of Öster. The players have added so much not only to the game’s story and plot but to the world around them; from the little ways in which they worship their patrons, to the in depth details of their family history that some of the characters have developed. Truly this game has grown to have a tremendous plot and detailed characters who have all added to the world around them. This game continues to grow, bloom, and flourish thanks to the devoted works and beautiful prose of my players, and they deserve a place with the Hall of Fame.

It was very difficult to select just two examples of the fabulous role playing in this game, but I think these are two of my favorites:

Example 1: The Morning Meeting

In this scene Alpha team must prepare to meet a never before seen species of elves, who have an empire all their own. With all the risk of sabotage and open war and the pressures of first contact, the PCs must delicately walk the balance between diplomacy and intimidation. If they are seemingly hostile they could easily start a war they have no chance of winning but if they are seen as weak they could be ignored, conquered, or enslaved. The PCs flawlessly navigate the difficulties of courtly intrigue while still trapped in the wilds of an untamed land.

Example 2: The Mysterious Stranger

Here we see Beta team meeting the mysterious stranger for the first time. Trapped in an underground jail complex with death by drowning fast on their heels, they find only one option left for escape - a magical portal none of them know how to operate. Luckily (or perhaps unluckily) for them a mysterious stranger capable of operating the portal appears, and offered them escape, for a price. This concluded the second chapter for the beta team, and lead to their return to the primary island colony on New Märklend.
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I've been told that this game should be in the HoF, so I might as well do my part and nominate it

Nomination FormatName: Vault of the Dracolich
DM(s): some guy called hvg3akaek.
Current Players: none, but there were a few players involved in its run...
Former Players: I had the pleasure of having Olorian, jrice408, Spizzow, Graknar, Chansuu, EngrInAZ, Firedog, epelj1, Velez, RadarD, bigAl, zarzak, Anouris, Malikane, Thriftshop, DRutledge, ChrisNorcras, Aden Cook, hippo, Jarl11, Coeur de Lion, Finch, MagsDidIt, JimRazor, LupusRegalis, anamiac, GinJapan, Trinity, Mastlymad, WildJessi, Aethera, coachjmcvay, Troy, Kelkas, Skunknik, Neqq, jbear, Still_Pond, and Isand Akri play in the game. All of them, at once, together.

Reasons for nomination: This was a one-shot game with a change - and, hopefully, if you made it through the "former players" list, you may be able to guess what that change was. Yes, lots of players. 39 players, across six different threads, with each team taking their own unique path through to the final battle. Teams were able to meet or interact with each other along the path, then meeting for the final show-down with the BBEG at the end. 22 players made it to that battle! And if that's not enough, here's what two of the players had to say for it:

Originally Posted by Jarl11
It was an introduction to 5e for most and a chance to play in such a HUGE game. This was ground breaking, record breaking even based on the number of players in one thread (at the end) and the quick pace that it moved...Seriously, anyone else ever been in a chaotic PbP room IC with 21 other PCs and had it successfully go from start to finish within a year? This HAS to be a benchmark on the site. Mic drop.
Originally Posted by Neqq
The game redefined what is possible in PbP...The game was played at a cracking pace maintain two to three posts a week. Most members would realise what an achievement this is with most games involving a normal size party struggle to maintain regular posting.

The roleplaying was of a high quality and for many players this was their first 5e game. At the core of this game laid Hugga's amazing organisational and time-management skills. The game ran to COMPLETION in 8 months and 6,676 post were made. I don't know if the site will ever see a game of its scale again.

All in all this game is an outstanding example of PbP, well done Hugga and all the players.
Link 1Link 1 (chosen by Jarl11)
Originally Posted by Jarl11
It gives a sense of how chaotic things are when were are being divided into groups and getting the information for our mission. There were several groups each having their own conversation in the same thread. it was hard to follow with so many people posting. However, here was the GM playing the NPC that sent us on the mission and he just strolls through the crowd, commenting on each conversation as he goes. It gives you an idea of how chaotic it could be and how much time he put into / how well he handled it.

Link 2Link 2 (chosen by Neqq)
Originally Posted by Neqq
The Chamber of the Diamond Staff is the ultimate battle of the adventure and probably the ultimate battle ever staged on the site. 22 PCs and 2 Familiars versus the Dracolich protected by four warding shield, a copy of the Dracolich, 4 Dark Priests, 4 Cultists, 8 Mercenaries, 2 Mummies and 4 skeletons. In all that's 44 combatants. Only Hugga would be crazy and organised enough to take on this monumental scene. The battle raged for 13 rounds and the tide of battle was constantly shifting, it was riveting to be a part of it.

I hope you enjoy looking through the game as much as my players enjoyed being part of it, and I enjoyed running it!
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HoF NominationName: Broken Isles
DM(s): Silent Rain
Current Players: HughtheHand, Draidden, Oakie, Anea, SalmonMax, Hundur
Former Players: MontageManiac, Simandl, Stadiumite, delpinator , RadarD, TiesKnots, Houtoku, Impaleddearan, Mrjoegangles, Reisespieces, Trapper, tom0eh, Jrod

Reasons for nomination: This game started out as a bit of an experiment on my part to see how well a massive battle (21 PC's and about 40 NPC's) could be handled in Pbp, all the while using a rather unique method of battle mapping (it involves youtube...see link 1 below). This then turned into so many great players surviving that experience that I settled on two unique groups that each set down their own paths.

With one group taking refuge aboard an airship and becoming involved in the larger organizations and machinations of the world at large, and the other group chasing down the very forces behind the original attack of their home, each took on a life and voice of their own and told very different stories.

A little over a year after all that began, the survivors of both those groups have become reunited, with one group attempting to save the lives of the other. All in all, it has (and still is) a lot of fun and an experience I wanted to share with others.

Link 1
This link brings you right to the beginning of the campaign during the siege of Willow Grove, the town where the PC's all were located. This amounted to a sweeping push to escape an unrelenting wave of enemies. Add to that the fact that the PC's were all level 0 commoners, only added to the tension, and not everyone made it out alive.

Link 2
This link shows one of the parties freeing a goddess that had been trapped for centuries. In a world where all signs of the gods had vanished without a trace, this was a big deal, with two of the PC's even taking on the mantle of paladin then and there. The information gained from this meeting also set the players on their next major arc, one they are still pursuing today.
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Name: Academy of Heroes

DM: dalarangreen

Current Players:
Imveros as Marcus
rhaiber as Spindletop
Atalla Wanderer as Sam
ElvenMaiden as Mira
xenavire as Gorwin
prometheous100 as Kin'ta

Reasons for nomination:

Dala has crafted a massive and lived-in world for their players to explore. There are pages and pages of maps and continually updated casts of characters, even a detailed student handbook for the players to enjoy. Despite the obvious love and care put into the world, Dala isn't afraid to let us explore and interact at our own pace. leaving our mark wherever we go.

Speaking of pacing, the game flows wonderfully while building towards a climax with steadily increasing stakes. I tell people about the game I'm a part of where we were level zero for two real life years, and people are shocked. It's easy to hold your players' attention when the world is on the line. It takes a pro to keep players hungrily coming back for more as they assemble a curse-breaking omelet to feed to a cursed adorable woodland creature.

Add to it a group of players more than willing to make the world their own, and you have a truly engaging storytelling experience on par with anything else the Hall of Fame has to offer!

There's a lot of content in that folder above, but it's well worth your time looking through

Example #1 A plan is hatched

As mentioned, this game is ripe with a massive cast of interesting and diverse characters. This is the start of an encounter that contains more than a dozen characters but is handled cleanly and smoothly and set the stage for future encounters with this nefarious cast.

Example #2 Academy placement testing

Dal offers his players an enormous amount of creative freedom, and it pays dividends with their players. Here, and the posts following it, the students are tested, and the players are free to narrate their successes and failures in a way that makes the world truly theirs.
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