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Old 08-13-2020, 10:17 PM
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New Students

Please post your relevant player information here. Include sheets once we get to that point.
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Old 08-15-2020, 09:29 PM
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Saeldrin Carter
left-aligned image
Race: Human
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Class: Magus (Card Caster)
Casting Modifier: Intelligence
Alignment: True Neutral
Favorite Color: Hazel
Stat Array: Str: 12, Dex: 14, Con: 10, Int: +2 racial bonus16, Wis: 10, Cha: +2 racial bonus14

Personality or Goals: Saeldrin's main goal is to become a greater magician than his father, his secondary goal is to find said father and ask him why he was abandoned.

Saeldrin is an affable character, often found practicing his magic tricks with his friends, or tossing harrow cards at a watermelon behind the barn. Modeling himself after the fantasy image he had created of his father, Saeldrin over-dressed even for the simplest occasion. He is prone to over-exaggeration and grandiloquence, he is prone to inventing words or extending them to sound extravagant. He likes to play small magical tricks on his friends and himself, changing appearance and making things 'disappear', only to materialize them at the most 'opportune' time.

Despite his light-hearted nature, Saeldrin is fiercely competitive and will strive for perfection in his craft. He takes He will take the pride drawback if allowed!pride in his abilities and will not hear anyone doubt him without a challenge to their honor. Saeldrin is a firebrand, quick to anger and the defense of his friends and morals.

Background: Born to a failed magician who abandoned him to his mother (Cordelia Carter), a laborer's daughter, the deck of harrow cards was the only thing that he had left behind. As a child, Saeldrin was fascinated by the cards, wondering after his father's existence. He only knew that he was named for his father and that he was quite the dashing character in his day. His magical talent manifested as simple card tricks when he was young, then developed into fully-fledged wild magic, only tamed by the chance encounter with Laurent Havel, similarly magically endowed.

They bonded instantly, trading in magical knowledge and tricks. Laurent's mother oversaw Saeldrin's rudimentary control of magic and both Saeldrin and Laurent grew from strength to strength under her keen eye. Saeldrin saw it his duty to tease his more serious friend, conjuring mock challenges for his friend to duel or draw him away from his study for a sneaky drink at the tavern (once they have grown some whiskers on their face as a rudimentary disguise). He is in and out of trouble, yet his nous and wit generally keeps him clean.

When not with his friends, he works with his mother on the farm, who chides the boy for trying to use magic to bypass his chores. His grandfather still works in the lumber mills and resents Saeldrin's existence, as the magus is a constant reminder of the betrayal of Saeldrin's father, and hardly speaks to him. Saeldrin counters this in childish mischief, drawing ire from both his mother and grandfather.

Slow posting at the moment - one more assignment to write...
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right-aligned image
Name: Lotara Jindosh

Race: Human

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Class: Siege Mage archetypeWizard

Casting Modifier: Intelligence

Alignment: Leaning HEAVILY towards lawful evil. Willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done fast, even if it is questionable - Excessive destruction of property, physical threats, non-lethal torture...Lawful Neutral

Favorite Color: Gold and white.

Personality or Goals: Lotara's goal is to eventually have a ship to commandeer as her own with herself at the helm - for she has heard the stories of islands of treasure and great adventure to be had upon the open sea. Whilst most of that is childish fantasy, part of her still clings to it, or anything similar, as when she knows she's "made it" in life.

The young Miss Jindosh is a very direct person, finding it easier than dancing around societal niceties and conventions for the polite way to phrase things. Whilst this sometimes gets her into trouble, it also tends to throw people off just enough that they don't immediately notice it and just give her the answer she wants. This is somewhat sparked out of a sense of superiority in having a greater arcane capacity than most - especially given her days of boredom on the river docks giving her time to refine a very... Novel means of utilising one's magical bond - Rotating and dry firing the light ballistas mounted onto the decks of military boats (And, of course, fleeing once someone figured out it was her). Additionally, it is not out of the ordinary for her to pick a fight with someone of obviously higher stature than herself, especially if she has the backup to put physical power behind her words. If not, magical prowess will usually do the trick with a certain distance between herself and them.

Background: Born in Tovia, Lotara enjoyed a quiet childhood as the daughter of a widower-blacksmith after her mother died in childbirth. Where some may have held resentment to the child for taking away the love of their life, her father did the far more reasonable option - instead cherishing her as one of the last parts of the woman he once loved upon the material world, giving the love of two parents even if he could only afford her the attention of one. Such an upbringing came with lax rules, not wanting the resentment of his only child and having to maintain his business both leading to little effective punishment. As such, Lotara found herself free to do as she wished - Swiping candy from market stalls, explore the forest (Though the thankfully still extant self-preservation instincts kept her from going too deep), and as she grew: Test the limits of her arcane understanding and capabilities without restriction. This lack of a guiding hand has made her overconfident and perhaps a tad stuck up, as well as allowing her to pick up some more... Macabre tricks, making the skulls of dead animals in the woods bark or baa or whichever sound they'd normally make - It was amusing to pull back some awareness for a brief few seconds in Lotara's opinion.

It was three or four months after her 17th birthday that things had started to go wrong and reality met her head on. Her first love, a beautiful girl by the name of Lizzy, had brought her out into the woods to escape for the night - to sit and sleep beneath the stars like travellers across the open plains, to escape the realities of city life with all of its horrible smells, crowded streets, constant noise. It might've been perfect, laying in each-other's embrace in the cold and exchanging stories by a small campfire. For some time, it was actually perfect. But as the night grew darker, the way back to Tovia dimmed, and the fire slowly dying, howls began to ring in their ears. After a harsh winter, the wolves were hungry, desperate, and closer to the walls of the city than they had ever ventured before. Neither were fighters, neither could run in the dark nor see as well as the beasts that were coming closer with barks and howls. Prey was to be made of at least one of the pair...

Desperate, they climbed a nearby tree, the possibility of waiting in the branches above for the night to pass being their best hope. Only Lotara's lover had prioritised getting the young Miss Jindosh to safety first - She quickly found that there was no time to get herself to safety afterwards as the baying pack burst out into the clearing and surrounded her.

Lotara never speaks of the event - but the light in her eyes was forever changed by the event, to see the blood... Spirits, so much blood... The screams quickly going quiet... The single strip of bloodstained cloth she was able to bring back to explain Lizzy's disappearance. Since then, she became colder, focused more on her studies of the arcane, vowing that if such a thing ever happened again, she would be ready to defend herself and anyone with her... That is, if she ever found it in her heart to make herself vulnerable to the world taking away something from her again.

Personal cantrip: Detect magic, Mending, Grave words
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right-aligned image
Laurent Havel

Race: Human | Age: Eighteen | Gender: Male
Class: Magus (no planned archetype) | Casting Modifier: INT
Stat Array: Str: 16, Dex: 12, Con: 12, Int: 16, Wis: 10, Cha: 10

Alignment: While I have a strong idea of Laurent's personality, I am not quite certain where that would put him on the alignment chart. Somewhere between Good and Neutral however.True Neutral

Player's Favourite Colour: Purple
Connected Character: Most, at this point.

Personality or Goals:
Laurent's life goal is to become a master duellist.

On a more day to day level, Laurent is an affable, if not truly open, young man with a wry wit who enjoys spending time with friends, especially vibrant ones that pull him out of his shell by their presence (though not by peer pressure, which is too much like a contest of power in his mind to capitulate to.)

He divides his time between martial training, study and friends, though he is more than willing to blur the lines between any of these three activities.

Background: Technically born in the capital, Laurent has lived in Tovia since he was three years of age. There they have lived, nearly forgotten by their noble family, on a small stipend after Laurent's father died in a duel.

Laurent's mother has never quite explained what caused the duel, but it's loss was considered enough of a dishonour to estrange his mother and himself.

Worse, for a young man trying to find somebody to blame for the circumstances that befell him, there was no reason to believe the death was anything but an unfortunate accident. Uncommon, but far from unheard of in a duel. Leaving Laurent room only to blame the failure of his inexperienced father.

Laurent's mother has still managed to give her son a comfortable life, occasionally supplementing her income with the production of scrolls, or teaching cantrips to the noble children of other families. The latter of which has also become a pastime for Laurent.

Personal Cantrip: Stabilize


Copy Code

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Veldi Red
right-aligned image
Name: Veldi Red

Race: Goblin

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Class: Arcane Trickster (will either multiclass wizard/rogue or just go rogue with the eldritch scoundrel archetype; either way, aiming for the prestige class)

Casting Modifier: INT

Alignment: acts CN, but actually CG.

Favorite Color: deep purpleHEX#500096

Personality or Goals: Veldi spent nearly the first half of his life cold, hungry, and surrounded by squalor. Now that he's clawed his way out of that hole in the ground, he's determined to never fall back into it-he never wants to have to wonder where his next meal will come from, or sleep on hard, wet cobblestone ever again. Though he acts cutthroat with others, the truth is he has a soft spot for anyone in a similar position, and may "drop" a few coins as he passes by them.

He also seeks to prove goblin stereotypes wrong, and refuses to eat spoiled food unless absolutely necessary. He also takes great effort to enunciate his words clearly, speaking with tact, decorum, and eloquence at all times. He would also rather mitigate the goblin-fire relationship, but isn't willing to pass up on useful spells just because of the stigma associated with them. He does, however, at least attempt not to rely on such spells more than necessary.

All of that, however, is just a ploy to get what he really wants-respect. Used to being looked down upon just for being a goblin, Veldi acts the way he does because he believes that doing so will prove that he's not just "another goblin". Veldi has very low self-esteem, and is all to eager to please for even the slightest sign of validation from others. Those rare few who not only show the goblin respect but actually treat him like an equal are the only ones who have ever seen the true Veldi, a free-spirited prankster who would jump down a dragon's throat to save a friend.

Background: Veldi never knew his parents-whether they died young or simply abandoned him was anyone's guess, but from his earliest memory, Veldi's family has always been his "brothers" and "sisters" on the street. A family that shrank almost monthly as they were arrested by guards in raids gone wrong, or else died from starvation, sickness, or hypothermia. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your point of view) it grew just as fast as disinherited orphans were forced into the streets and unwanted bastards were rescued from abandonment.

Divided into small gangs, the homeless children of Tovia marked their turf with arcane marks, begging, stealing, or fighting for any scraps of food they could find. The Red Knife Gang Veldi grew up in was no different. His "family" was the first to show him respect, and while he eventually realized that they were just using him for his small size, he didn't care at the time-manipulative respect was still respect in his mind. His upbringing taught him to fight tooth and nail to keep what was his, and that included gang-on more than one occasion, he risked his own capture to set free one of his own.

That all came to an abrupt end one day when he got picked up by the guards in one such attempt, his sacrifice letting the rest of his gang get away with their bounty. Ironically, however, his sacrifice ended up saving him and dooming his gang, as a union of the Red Knife's two greatest competitors, the Black Cobras and the Green Hands, came in during the night and killed every last one of them. When Veldi was let out a few days later, he found himself truly alone for the first time ever. Part of him wanted revenge, but Veldi wasn't stupid, and he knew he'd never stand a chance alone. The bigger, smarter part of him just wanted out of this life once and for all. Thankfully, the two gangs had not found their gang's secret stash, and the goblin emptied it out, using every last coin to buy himself a passage to the academy. Taking the surname "Red" in memory of his lost family, he dreams of a future where he never needs to live that way ever again, though he is still haunted by the nightmares of his past.
To a commoner, orcs are terrifying brutes.
To a soldier, orcs are savage and dangerous opponents.
To a king, orcs are a constant threat to the peace.
To an adventure, orcs are 135 XP apiece.

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Ka'ssaName: Ka'ssa
right-aligned image

Race: Kobold

Age: 17

Gender: Female? Hard to tell with kobolds, but that's what she says she is, so most people listen. Not that anyone really seems to ask much.

Class: Brawler (Snakebite Striker)

Casting Modifier: Charisma

Alignment: Chaotic Good, though she'll do anything for "love." She also tends to start a lot of fights, but she thinks they're just good-natured and lighthearted romps.

Favorite Color: Lemon yellow or pale pink

Personality or Goals: Ka'ssa tries to be cute, with her dress and her words, especially around Lotara. She intends to one day ("ONE DAY! I SWEAR IT!") win her love. She doesn't crave power, like some, but she doesn't want to be weak, or even seen as weak by outsiders. She's also always up for a challenge or a fight.

Background: Born the daughter (a twin, at that, with an older brother and sister, too) of a tailor and a fisherman, and not much else has happened in her life. They weren't skills she picked up, though she got good in a tussle for...reasons? She just felt the need to prove herself. Frequently. But she hasn't always fought fair, learning very quickly what hurts the most to hit on softer creatures, like humans, and expanded that repertoire to include more robust opponents. She took down an orc boy once, though she doesn't say that it wasn't necessarily fair, since he went into it in an unexpected manner (she punched him in the chin out of nowhere, to show off for Lotara, though she's not sure she even saw it).

Cantrips: Create Water, Detect Magic, Purify Food and Drink

Traits: Anatomist, Crush

Stat Array: Str 12, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 16
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left-aligned image

Name: Orrin Havel

Race: Human

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Class: Inquisitor. No archetype at this point

Connected Character: Laurent Havel

Casting Modifier: Wis +2

Alignment: LG

Favorite Color: Navy blue

Personality or Goals: Orrin's greatest goal is to bring order to what he feels is a chaotic world. A quiet man by nature, Orrin prefers his own company typically, but will spend time with his younger brother Laurent when he is not praying to the spirits.



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