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Old May 13th, 2019, 06:07 AM
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The Tourists Dossiers

For Character Descriptions and Sheets.
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Old Jun 2nd, 2019, 12:43 PM
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right-aligned image
Name: Selivanova Valentinovna
Handle: Nomad
Appearance: Nomad is a Nocturna Elf whose origins lay within the Russian borders. Nomad has a black-red In the hair color world, ombré is a dramatic, two-toned hair color effect that is typically darker at the top and lighter on the bottom.ombre mane of fur that comes down to the bottom of her neck and between the shoulders. Nomad also has a pair of cyber eyes she's specifically had toned to a red hue. Nomad's previous line of work has left her with an adjustable bustline, an engineered physique, and a chromed right forearm.

Personality: Nomad is, for the most part, a casual person, never happier than when they're working on a vehicle or taking a ride through the midnight streets going from club to club, bar to bar. A drink, some loud music, and a little company are what makes an evening worthwhile for Nomad nowadays.

Unless of course, there's a job to be done. If the clock's ticking and there's a sizeable payment involved, the gloves come off and it's down to business. No nonsense, no half-assing it.

Mechanic C4 L4 ""Storm" is a female Troll that looks wrinkled and weathered enough to have been goblinised in the first wave. All the hair between her horns, one of which is half broken off, has been shaved away, but to make up for it she has a good stubble going on her chin and upper lip. Since she is built like a truck it's doubtful anybody has ever suggested a salon. In addition to all that she has a lot of old school chrome going on around her head, the kind that is all unsubtle and shiny, but all of her limbs seem to be her own. To top it all off she is generally not very nice to strangers that don't flash enough cash to pique her interest, especially not when they don't know a thing about cars or drones. A bit of know-how can thaw the ice a little, but it does take some work to get to know her really. Evidently she'd been running in the shadows for too long, which will turn anybody into a cynic. But she's made it out alive, something that rarely happens. Which also makes here a valuable person to know, not only for her ability to procure drones and parts, but also for her stories and experience.Storm", Female Troll in Ottakring - Former Rigger and owner of the Chop Shop "Amoiumanblock"
Arms Dealer C3 L2 ""Obersteyrer Charlie" (Obersteyrer meaning person from upper Styria, a heavily forested and mountainous region of austria - at least it used to be forested) is a loud dwarf that runs his own gunshop up in Liesing, selling Euro-Wars antiques to violent Trogs. He presents himself as somewhat of a traditionalist, what with wearing lederhosen most of the times and a hunters-green traditional jacket of pressed sheepswool. The man is not that old looking, especially for a dwarf, even though his ginger hair is starting to thin up top. Of course his beard is still luxurious and long, braided a little to make it a little neater and fashionable. His traditional look goes with his second hand down to earth wares - cheap but reliable - which are appropriate for the district he operates in. He is not above dropping hints that he might have some newer stuff to people that look like they need a little oomph. Sometimes it seems like bravado when he assures a customer he can get a highly illegal item, but it's been whispered that not that rarely it is also true.Obersteyrer Charlie", Male Dwarf in Liesing - Owner of the Weapons Shop "Ak 47"
Fixer C3 L2 ""Catastrophe" Karl is a seriously tall Elf with a gangly and unkempt appearance that is unlike the stereotypical appearance of the archetypical member of his metatype. Having seen maybe too many bad crime trids he likes to walk around town in a beige trenchcoat that documents the last month of cheap meals that he has had in the stains that run down its front. Not that he looks like he eats all that much - he has been suspected of being a Banshee, a ludicrous idea that is easily dismissed by any awakened customer. So what that he's model thin and has dark rings around his eyes? But most remarkably his face is pretty badly scarred up, most of his nose and one entire ear missing - the thing that mostly relates to his nickname. Apparently he never had any interest in reconstruction. Additionally one whole leg has been replaced with cheap gunmetal ware, as has his left hand. He will be the first to tell you that somebody with no scars and all limbs has not been in enough fights - nobody stays the best forever. Karl probably was a pretty bad fighter to begin with, and people keep their mouths shut about what kind of fighting the Ottakring native had been doing in his youth. So there is Katastrophen Karls looks, but when you push past that you realise he is a pretty nice fellow, maybe even surprisingly softly spoken to be in this business.Everybody knows him - especially Doktor Nowaks. So he's got the info, and if he does not then he knows somebody who has.Katastrophen"-Karl, Male Elf in Ottakring


Short Story

BiographySelivanova was born and raised in the Russia Federation, her father owned an automotive vehicle garage and her mother was a soldier for the Red Army, it was through her father that Selivanova learned how to repair and maintain automotive vehicles and through her mother Selivanova learned to both maintain drones and operate long-range ballistic weaponry. Selivanova never saw much of her mother outside of her own mandatory Military Service (of which Selivanova served 12 months instead of 24), but she was raised by her father around Cars, Bikes, Trucks and numerous other automotive vehicles, often helping him in the shop whenever she got the chance.

Selivanova developed an interest in Drag Racing when a friend of her father's (Nikonov Sergeyevich) arrived at the garage with his own highly & illegally modified car. Selivanova had seen some extreme modifications to vehicles before but witnessing this frankensteins monster of parts opened her eyes to a whole new world of the automotive industry. Selivanova spent years building her first bike, fixing up and modifying an old Harley Davidson-Nightmare. The Nightmare would become her iconic vehicle among the drag racers of her home with the name 'Drekchugger' carved into it. There were a few trids put up on the Matrix of races Selivanova participated in and thanks to these (questionably legal) races Selivanova found herself being offered a sponsorship from EVO.

The young nocturna had accepted this offer without reading any fine-print, looking beyond the legalities for the money and fame. Selivanova's sponsorship deal allowed a number of actions from the EVO corporation: 1. Free reign to augment Selivanova for marketing purposes. 2. Selivanova would serve half her due time with the Red Army. 3. If the Sponsorship is canceled on 'less than desirable' terms, Selivanova was to pay back the price of her Augmentations, Vehicles and Sponsored Riding Armour. Selivanova was taken off guard when she found out EVO had booked her in for not one, but three augmentations. The first two were for a Control Rig and Reaction Enhancement
but the third was simply registered as 'Marketing Requirements'. The Nocturna quickly discovered that the marketing team had requested Selivanova (now 23) received the latest in breast implant technology so she could adjust her bustline to be more appealing for the male demographic as apparently, she wasn't very popular outside of the Elf and Nocturna circles, supposedly the added sex appeal would help remedy this.

During her sponsorship, Selivanova purchased a highly customized Ares Crusader II, which she called "The Kommentator" which provides feedback in the voice of a famous Russian race commentator. The Kommentator is also visibly designed to represent what was once her brand with the race handle of 'Skorost' zverya' along the barrel of the pistol. The logo of 'Swift Beast' features her ombre-coloured mane flying behind the lettering as though they were moving at a high speed. Despite her slowly growing fame and Nuyen-lined pockets, Selivanova felt... Wrong. There was something about her that just didn't sit right, something that just felt incomplete. It wasn't until after seeing the band 'Screaming Leviathans' live that Selivanova identified the source of this problem.

The Nocturna woman was booked in for one more augmentation - her lower right arm was to be chromed up with an in-built toolkit. Selivanova took this opportunity to meet with a BioWare specialist privately and arrange for an
operation. The details of this operation were leaked a few months afterward when the company Selivanova had her operation under suffered a breach of security. It was through this breach that the operation details were discovered by a celebrity gossip-based publication who immediately ran a story which smeared Selivanova's name by making her out to be not only a freak but a rampant sex fiend who regularly dabbled in Drug-binges and binge drinking, these claims were quickly picked up by the Orthodox Church who saw the operation records as enough evidence to legitimize these claims.

Selivanova hadn't been a huge success for EVO, who tried for a few months to control the backlash, but eventually, Selivanova found herself cut-dry from the Sponsor, using what Nuyen she had left to buy back her beloved bike "Catherine". The Nocturna would normally have been left alone by certain racial-supremacist groups due to her being a Russian national but when the details of her father being Asian came out this quickly changed, now facing difficulty with finding new sponsors, employment then the added racial attacks caused Selivanova to leave the country.

The next year or so was spent preparing herself to run the shadows, making connections, talking to people and partying her nights away. The partying had become a bit of a problem, Selivanova (now Nomad) had become used to the intimacy of a new partner whenever she wanted, the warm embrace of a partner who cared - even if the duration of this care was only a few hours, it was enough to soothe her slightly chromed soul for a little while. Booze didn't quite do anything for her and Drugs were just too expensive for a short-term fix. In Nomad's eyes, it was easier to go scour the bars and clubs in search of a quick fix than it was to throw her money at a barman or a dealer. Nomad (thanks to her love of the band 'Screaming Leviathans') ended up developing a particular taste: Ork Women.

Now in both debt and Vienna, Nomad finds herself leaving the apartment of her latest fling, returning to the Bulldog she calls both her Home and Workshop.
Just another night in the Sixth World, where everything has a price.

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right-aligned image
Name: Iev Sokolov

Handle: Leshi

Appearance: An Ogre from the Russian Federation, the only things that set Leshi apart from any other portly old Russian are his pointy ears and big Ogre jaw. However, those are things he's learned to hide over the years to avoid the stigmas that come from being an especially rare meta. Besides that he often grows out a thick beard and dresses in plain clothes fitting for a man of his girth, though often he chooses to forgo a shirt entirely. He's a little older for an Ork and so is balding a bit on top, his face similarly weathered and etched with the first signs of wrinkles.

Personality: Leshi is a proud Russian, often stoic and silent, possessed of a peaceful self-surety. Others might call him dim-witted and stubborn. Either way, he knows what he believes is right and is both confident and decisive in following his internal guidance. Though usually at peace with the world around him, as a follower of Bear he can at times fly into a rage. But ultimately he is driven by respect and reverence for nature, life, and the spirit world, and feels a sense of kinship with all beings that respect the same. As this often puts him at odds with megacorps he finds good company in the Shadows.

Capabilities: Shapechanger Druid

the disposal"I ain't afraid of some fat old Shaman." The ork pushed past the younger human, wearing the same gang colors. He hugged a big barrel marked with faded "toxic" symbols and dragged it towards the edge of the dock. "We got a job to do. Easy cred." The young man continued with a worried look on his face. "You don't get it man. He's everywhere. Every bird, every rat, every stray dog, it's him." The ork tipped the barrel onto its side and it began to drain its sickly green contents into the river. "Ah you're just being paranoid."

The man pleaded further. "He's got spirits, man. The animals. And they say he can turn into anything. I heard he turned into a bear, and that's what ate Collins!" At this the ork stood upright and raised an eyebrow. He looked left and right quickly, then narrowed his eyes. "Bah..." he said dismissively, "I'll be fine." He patted the heavy pistol under his coat and went back to work. "You gotta listen to me," the human started again, "He doesn't care about your gun. He's not just some backwoods mojo slinger. He'll eat that gun before he eats you!"

The ork scoffed as he wrestled another barrel to the edge of the dock. "Alright smart guy, if he's so scary, why don't you just clear out? I got this. I'll take your cut and you can just stay at home with your mamma, crying about the scary magic man. That sound good to you?" He stood and put his foot up on the barrel as it drained. But the man didn't answer. He looked around. "Uh... hey. I was just kidding man." He stared down the dim-lit dock and saw something moving. "Is... s'that you?" But from the shadows sprung a snarling wolf instead, poised to pounce and barking ferociously. The ork fumbled for his gun and pointed it clumsily at the wolf, but before he found the trigger a huge weight fell on his back, flashes of claws and teeth obscured by shadows and brown fur. The last thing he saw was the open maw of a great brown bear.

Short Biography: Though he's originally from the Russian Federation, Iev mostly grew up in the Allied German States. He was born in an obscure farming village in Western Russia his family was driven to the Ork and Ogre communities of the AGS by extreme poverty and mounting fears of oppression. When Iev manifested as Awakened it was the final straw; they had to escape or lose him to the Red Army. It was in the AGS he got his first fake SIN and started work as a warehouse laborer near Leipzig under the name of Iev Sokolov. Over time he worked his way up to security at a wildlife preserve a dozen klicks from the city, a position that suited his talents and interests quite well. For years he lived happily in the AGS. But that was before he was found out.

It all started with pollution. It was always pollution. Corporate drones trashing the natural world to cut costs. It was the cold reality of the sixth world, but it always left a bitter taste in Iev's mouth. He never thought to do anything until he caught a toxic shaman practicing his sickly magic in the preserve. He didn't try to scare him off or arrest him, he just killed him on the spot. From that point on he started moonlighting as a vigilante purifier. He went after toxic shamans, sure, but also poachers, corporate lackeys, and even processing and manufacturing facilities. But one night he was almost caught and nearly got himself killed. He wasn't identified, but amidst a cloud of suspicion he fled west to Vienna. Short on cash and needing to lay low for a while, he started looking for work in the local scene.

CannisOrk, Middle Aged, Male, Rasputins Capo - C3/L3
Cannis grew up in a poor part of Vienna and, although he was awakened, his magic didn't get him far. He spent his youth protecting gang turf and being a trog rights radical. At some point he mellowed out and settled down in Föhrenberg. He has a cabin with a big yard where he raises a mixed pack of dogs for illegal dog fights. Besdies that he likes to spend his time drinking with the other Rasputin members and clubbing a few heads if someone does something stupid.
Though he can create a few elemental effects, Cannis can't actually call strong magic. In fights he mostly relies on an armored cyber forearm and an old metal baseball bat.
He has a particular taste for Russian liquor and thus gets along well with Leshi.

RouletteOrk, Female, Fixer - C3/L2
Roulette is a Fixer operating mostly out of the Badner Megacasino, but which also has her finger in many pies in mödling and laxenburg. She's a young ork with a sidecut, her black roots showing within the bright red dyed hair she has left, and cybernetic mirror-lense eye replacements. For her metatype she is built relatively thin but well curved in the right spots, a fact that is clearly visible, since she generally forgoes bulky armour in favour of bright dresses and outfits. Her skin is covered with a plethora of tattoos, most of which thematically revolve around gambling, luck and related imagery. The majority of it lights up under blacklight, which is not the only thing that flashes on her, since she has her eye implants programmed to display various gaudy neon patterns on occasion. Her personality generally goes with the appearance - fun and over the top - unless she is talking business. Because with all of this showmanship she is still a hard worker, well connected and fairly intuitive about who to drop her runs and info onto.


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Little Mako
right-aligned image
The armor covers her stomach and the pistol she's carrying looks quite similar to the Altmayr SPX2 shotgun, minus the clip :)
  • Name: Mako Chen
  • Handle: Germin for mancer(turns out it means Thin)Dünn (her old Handle was Manderin for ThunderLéi)

  • Appearance:
    Her first name comes from her Japanese heritage, and her last name comes from her Chinese heritage, and if that didn't tell anyone her nationality, Mako looks classically Asian. She keeps her long black hair in a loose ponytail and it is her main vanity in life right now. While she likes following Retro and Cyberpunk trends to fit in with her friends, being on the run has Mako dressing in the same common everyday brands of clothing that the working-class locals of Ottakring in Vienna wear. Only time will tell if she will be able to keep that fashion for long. She loved her Hong Kong Cyberpunk look, but it's too distinctive. At 5' 2" she is short with a lithe build. Mako's jade green eyes are a genetic gift from her mother, and she has no qualms about using her exotic looks to get what she wants. Her only weapon in meatspace is an Altmayr SPX2 shotgun pistol. Though she prefers to use an HK DMR 11D sniper rifle whenever she can, which she keeps broken down in her backpack with several other pieces of tech scrap. The farther away from the action Mako can get, the happier she is. Thanks to her past, Mako also prefers commlink's that can clip to her coat collar and be detached and put into her coats Faraday Pocket at need. Her look is finished off with a pair of jade green
    normal image without text wrap
    less transparent
    visors the color of her eyes.


  • Capabilities:
    "What am I good for?!? While I may not look like it, I can hack as good as any up and coming decker out there. And I can do it without any of the standard dreck a decker has to lug around to boot." Pulling the wicked little shotgun up from her side where it hung on a strap, the Chameleon Coating trying to adapt to its new surrounding's making the weapon look more intimidating caused the Johnson to take a step back, "This here is the second most expensive piece of tech I got besides my sniper rifle. Deckers are expensive because their expensive toys get damaged and they whine about a bonus to replace them. If my sniper rifle gets damaged I'll whine about it in private and eat the cost." Letting the weapon slide back on its strap under her coat, Mako crosses her arms and leaned back against the wall. "I'm your girl if you got the nuyen. And I'll even do the job without complaining about needing a bonus like a Decker will when his expensive toy gets shot."


  • A Note on Contacts:
    So contrary to how this is often done do not describe your contacts in great detail right out the gate, but tell me what kind of contacts you would want for the character when you are getting to that stage.
    • Fixer 4/2 - "Brand" (Which as Dünn could look up means Fire, as in a building set on fire rather than the flame itself), which she's only ever seen on trid but who is a male human.
    • Decker 3/2 - "Houdini", local Decker/Shadowrunner with a top-hat icon.
    • Infobroker 3/1 - "Argos", an icon of a large eye.

  • Lives on the corner of Kulmgasse & Lobenhauerngasse in Ottakring. A thirty-story apartment building.

<<< Dünn's Matrix Persona and her
normal image without text wrap
Dunn's Mark
Mark's; Future Persona>>>


* Sephiroth: old boyfriends hacker name from Hong Kong.
* Owes Houdini a favor for trying to connect Nomad with Isidor Schuhart before "Run #2: A fight at the opera"
* Miss Magdalena Baumgartner, aka Mag is a nosy neighbor that I made up in this post here.
Originally Posted by Phettberg View Post
A technomancer is always mundane, as "awakened" only references being magically active or not.

Resonance is not magic, in fact the two have zero relation. Resonance is a word that is used to describe the particular energy a technomancer can sense as being resonated by the matrix. Like with magic the setting does not make definite statements as to where resonance comes from, but the digital world (and technology) and resonance are closely related, as one would guess.

So no, sprites are not magical either - they are "resonance-ical" or whatever you want to call it. Actually their components are not supernatural at all, they exist as strange snippets of code that shouldn't fit together but do. Any normal decker (or other kind of user) could spot one with a matrix perception check. They don't exist in a separate layer of the matrix, like with mundane versus astral space, but then again they also don't have to "manifest" into the normal matrix. Given the nomenclature it's implied that a technomancer sees a reflection of the matrix (i.e. a resonance of it) rather than the thing itself, but in this case the two are identical.

So the danger of having spirits hover around you is actually a lot more acute, given that any old schmoe could theoretically spot a sprite using a run of the mill commlink. It's not all in the spotting though, as they appear as really odd code on casual inspection and not everybody would know that this is a sprite. It's more that if you have them right next to you it's not hard to trace them back.

Anyway, all of this is why it takes a lot of analysis for a mage to realise that there is something "off" about the aura of a technomancer, but it is not because they are awakened. They are different though.
* Have information on the Sacra Corona Unita - this information is worthless to Dünn but can be traded to a faction for reputation.

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~ Work just kicked me in the nuts when I wasn't looking.... limited posting from now on. ~

Posting: Friday & Saturday only

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right-aligned image
Name: Theda Morgenstern

Handle: Quatsch

Description: A tiny gnome, standing only 2'8" and weighing 55 lbs., with a tirelessly cheerful expression and demeanor, her hair dyed purple, she always has a ready smile and a joke, regardless of the direness of the circumstances. She takes in her surroundings with almost childlike wonder, until one notices the keenness with which she observes things. With an almost unnatural ability to read people and convince them of nearly anything, she makes friends quickly and seems to consider life to be a party thrown in her honor. Too bad that things always tend to go a little wierd when she's around, but that just makes things more fun!


Background: Theda Morgenstern was born in Kreuzberg, Berlin, in 2052, to dwarven parents who met as members of the Anarchist Movement Berlin (AMB) and fought in the civil war after the Night of Rage in 2023. When Theda was two, the family was forced to move to Lichtenberg in East Berlin when joint coprorate forces invaded and occupied West Berlin. When Theda, active in the local Anarchist movement, was 20, the Surtr nanoweapon allowed the corporations to invade and occupy East Berlin. Most Anarchists were killed or driven out, but Theda, operating under the code name "Quatsch", stayed under the direction, guidance, and protection of her mentor spirit, Chaos, to harass, weaken, and undermine the corp establishment. Unfortunately, she was eventually captured and arrested. Before she could be shipped off for experimentation on her gnomish magic resistance, a team of shadowrunners invaded the detention facility and freed her, introducing her to the world of professional shadowrunning. She fled Berlin, heading south to Czechia. Taking jobs where she could, she eventually migrated further south to Vienna, Austria.

R1 L2Fixer - "Dachs", male querx in Neu-Wien.

R4, L3Talismonger - "Die Chefin", female human in Innenstadt (Owner of "die Spielerei")

R2, L3Infobroker/Spicevendor - Kamal Mohammed, male Hobgoblin in Himberg

R3, L1Shadowrunner/Shark Shaman - Scylla, female Troll in Vienna

Capabilities: Illusionist/Face


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right-aligned image

Name: Fenya Harkevich
Handle: Russian: phoenixFeniks
Appearance: At six feet tall, Fenix is just a touch taller than the average for her sex, meta-type and origin. The young woman - she appears to be about twenty years of age - is extremely athletic, though some of it can surely be attributed to a good helping of cyber- and bioware. None of that is readily visible, though.

She has a relatively non-descript face with fair skin and a nose that betrays that it must have been broken once. Her hair is kept short and usually colored a fiery red, though sometimes she shows her original black. In accordance with her name she keeps it styled to resemble flickering flames and when she feels like it the theme is continued in the nano-tattoos on her arms and her back.

While she knows how to dress up, she usually tends to wear comfortable clothes, with or without a dark-brown, worn looking armored, leather jacket, depending on the occasion. It is a rare day when Fenix does not carry some kind of weapon with her, even if seldom openly.

Personality: The only time Feniks truly comes to rest is with a work of poetry in her hands. At other times she is an easygoing young woman, who is nearly always on the lookout for excitement. Such excitement can come in the form of parties or dares or bare knuckle fights or trouble she may or may not be specifically looking for. With the right level of intoxication involved, for instance, it’s pretty simple to start a bar fight. Thankfully, the general risk involved in her chosen line of work means that it is (usually) enough excitement to keep her satisfied.

The street-sam has a problem with authority, especially when it comes to someone trying to dictate her life's choices.

Capabilities: Ranged and melee combat.

“The redhead? If she never comes by again it will be too soon. Haven’t caught her starting a brawl yet, but she always is in the thick of it. Knocked out my troll bouncer last week, for crying out loud!”
Frank, bar-owner

“Ah, Russian: yesda. A straight shooter with surprising depths.”
Jevgenij, Weaponsdealer

“Damn, that one can’t seem to sit still. At least I haven’t seen her do it. Patience, girl, patience for crying out loud!”
Findus, spell-flinger and former “co-worker”

Short Biography:
What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how
infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and
admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like
a god! the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals.

Shakespeare, Hamlet

It is said that our dreams live on in our children. And boy is that true. Never mind if the children want to be their parents’ living dreams or not. I could probably write a book about the topic. Or fill a big box with the proof of my mother’s dream tried to be made manifest in me. While I have missed having a sibling, I guess I can be happy I have none, or he or she would now have to stand in the place I escaped.

As bad as this sounds, I guess there are actually worse ways to grow up. At least I have never been wanting for anything material. And I cannot claim that moving as often as I have was not educational. My parents are successful architects, always traveling from one project to the next. I have lived in Russia, England, the ADL, Japan, Bahrain, the UCAS and Austria. International schools were to be had in all the plexes, though I picked up the local languages easily enough. I've always had a knack for it. Guess, most parents would have been happy to educate their kid in that direction. But languages and their study are worth little in the military, right? And that was something I have been very well educated in.

When I was not at school or enjoying the scant few weeks of actual leisure time, I was sent to boot camps. And during the school year I got lessons in pretty much everything ranging from simple physical exercise to stealth exercises and melee and ranged combat. I guess what I hated most about it were not the lessons in and of themselves, but the discipline asked for. I can think for myself, thank you very much, and I don't care in the least for someone yelling at me to jump here, run there or quack like a duck.

And once I was old enough all that wasn't enough. Of course. Might have seen it coming, but somehow I was even then laboring under the assumption that she wouldn't go that far without my consent. But oh, was I wrong. After all, as long as someone's underage all that's really needed for operations is the ascent from the parents – and enough money for no questions asked. So, wanna know if I've got a problem with cyberware? Not so far as it's general existence is concerned, but certainly concerning the first parts being put into me without so much as the hint of a question.

It all comes down to cyberware in the end. The military expects it in its soldiers today, my mother’s body wouldn't take it. And because she thus failed to fulfill her family’s tradition of military service, I became her scapegoat. Healthy, fit, with no physical aversion to cyberware. I can likely be glad that my father actually put his foot down and did not go along with having me genecrafted. Or maybe the technology wasn't quite ready back then. Who knows. He certainly tells the former story.

In short, I don't miss either parent one bit and will be quite glad if I never see them again. My problems with authority, especially at school, have so far paid off, that I made some rather shady contacts, greatly facilitating my escape. Not that I consciously planned it, really. But enough was enough. I am of age now and was not going to let my mother continue to dictate my life. Especially if that would have meant joining the military, where I certainly wouldn't have lasted a month, before being thrown out for insubordination.

In any case, I changed my looks and got myself a nice flat to live in. Now I only need some money to keep financing my lifestyle. So I'll fight. The education I got has to be good for something. Just as long as nobody gets the idea of telling me what to do with my life.

Tho' much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Alfred Lord Tennyson, Ulysses


C3, L4Jevgenij Romanov: human male of Russian origins. Weapons dealer. Resides in Neo City Port.
C2, L2Dr. Osu: oni female. Streetdoc. Resides in Neo City Port.
C3, L2"Katastrophen"-Karl: elven male. Fixer. Resides in Ottakring
C4, L2Fred König: ork male. Fight promoter. Resides in Liesing.
[b]C3, L1Flachse ork male. Shadowrunner

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