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The Protagonists

For pasting character info. Put your application info here as well as your main stat blocks.

I've already mentioned COMP/CON as a very useful app for pilot and mech management. I still want stat blocks here on-site to keep all information together, although you may use COMP/CON for personal management. It allows a data export of your pilot stats and current mech. The export will look something like this.


I'm happy for all players to keep stat blocks similar to this, depending on personal preference.
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Name: Piper Williams
Callsign: Pip

Allegiance: Britannia

Appearance: Piper is a shapely young woman in her mid 20s who seems average enough upon first glance. She always wears loose fitting clothes when not on official duty to downplay her figure, something she learned over the past few years. With short dirty blonde hair, and standing 5’ 8” tall, she would just seem like another grunt if she’s with a group. That’s what she wants you to think.

Background: Spec Ops – Piper had a rough childhood, the daughter of the lowest level of factory worker, an addict, a physical abuser, and that was just her father. Her mother took off when she was very young, her father saying the woman was all manner of unspeakable things. She was fearful of her father, and by the time she started to see some of his weaknesses, he sold her to a Super soldier program – well, “she” signed up voluntarily, but that wasn’t the case.
She didn’t complete the program and instead of turning her into quick cannon fodder, her natural skills as doing things quietly and more, had her moved over to a Spec Ops unit. Here, she beat her fear of her father, though the ease and comfortable familiarity of falling in line and doing what she was told would never leave her.

Geass power: The Order of things – She can accurately identify the positions of targets within a given range and precisely calculates their probably movement trajectories based on all known variables.

+2 Spot

+2 Take Someone out

+2 Act unseen or unheard

+2 Assault


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Pilot Profile
right-aligned image
Artist Unkown - Found on Pinterest

Name: Kenji Saito - Callsign "Okami"

Allegiance: Zero Ronin

Appearance: Short and stocky frame with his dark hair buzzed close and perpetual stubble covering a square jaw. His broad nose and forehead are often smudged with oil making his blue eyes all the more noticeable. You will normally find Kenji in patched up stained coveralls that look like they work just as hard as him. His muscular arms lead to rough hands covered in scars and calluses with fingernails that never seem to come clean no matter how much he scrubs. If he's not in coveralls on the clock he'll be in jeans and a T-shirt most likely with a bottle in hand. He has a quick temper but is just as quick to laugh.

Background: Mechanic - Living in the slums has taught him how to make do with the junk that's passed down or thrown out and he quickly learned how to fix almost anything.

Half-breed, outcast, and soon outlaw would be added to the list of labels slapped onto Kenji. He was joining the rebellion, not out of some sense of duty or Japanese pride, he was only half Japanese after all, but out of fear. It wasn't fear of the Holy Britannian Empire but the fear of losing his fraternal twin brother Shinji. His brother was the smart one, at least book smart, he had the best shot at an actual future outside of the slums of Area 11 but he was hell-bent on throwing it all away.

They were born in Japan when it was still legal to call it Nippon. Their mother, a beautiful french woman died in childbirth and their father grew angry and distant as they were raised mostly by their aunts. It seemed that Shinji got the brains while Kenji had the brawn. That was just fine as they did everything together. Shinji helped his brother through classes and Kenji fought off any and all would-be bullies. They were inseparable and unstoppable.

Shinji had bought into their father's foolish talk of honor and glory. Honor was something for the powerful. Kenji had never had the time for that. But after the business in Tokyo Shinji was swept up in the talk of The United States of Japan and joined up with Zero's rebels. Kenji wasn't about to let his brother sacrifice himself to the machinations of ambitious men so he pledged himself to the Zero Ronin so he could stay by his brother's side and keep protecting him. From his self if necessary.
left-aligned image
Artist -

Triggers: +2 Apply violence, +2 Attention to detail(spot) , +2 I can fix that, +2 I know a guy(get a hold of something)

Geass Power: The Power of Sight Unseen - Illusion: (details to be determined but I picture it like 8 from Stranger Things season 2) can project an illusion that the target perceives as real such as a spider crawling on them, a fire, or even say a Britannian military uniform...


│I have taken the oath.│ “There's something about this that's so black, it's like how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.”
-Nigel Tufnel

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Pilot ProfileName: Charisma Knoxley
Callsign: Trouble

Allegiance: Zero Ronin

Appearance: Charisma is of obviously mixed descent, with tanned olive skin and a short, curvy figure. Though naturally on the heavier side, regular exercise gives her an athletic build. Silver-blonde hair stands in stark contrast to her dusky complexion, hanging in loose curls to her shoulders. She carries herself with a quiet confidence and, while not conventionally attractive, force of personality tends to make up for it. Risma typically prefers clothes that are simple, comfortable, and easy to move around in. She detests and avoids the expensive finery and jewelry many women of her former social standing wouldn't be caught dead without.

Unexpectedly willful, Charisma is a woman who has firmly committed herself to a life in service to those in need. Leaving behind her family and position has done nothing to dim her fire, or her belief in the power and importance of a group of comrades over selfish desires. She pushes her friends to be always at their best and strive to surpass their perceived limits. More so now than ever, she values loyalty and kindness in those she associates with, and has little patience for those who have no honor or cling to a false facsimile of it. The self-serving people of the world who demand respect and power they haven't earned disgust her.

Charisma is very perceptive of what people need and want, and has a natural talent for understanding them. A compassionate woman, she's able to quickly empathize with others and earn their trust, and uncannily determine if they can be trusted. She may be a stubborn optimist, but she knows firsthand exactly how rough the world can be. She's quick to sarcasm as an outlet for her resulting frustration; those who know her well appreciate her earnest bluntness and dry sense of humor. An honest and straightforward person, she's never sought accolades or recognition; Risma quietly buckles down, rolls up her sleeves, and gets the work done. She has never hesitated to get her hands dirty - whether that means being elbow-deep in someone's guts performing emergency surgery after they take a stray bullet, helping to build shelters for the homeless from the rubble of their former homes, or "strongly" expressing her displeasure with corrupt authorities. She has little patience for the kind of people who take advantage of others and knows how to take care of herself in a scrap.

Background: Civilian
As a native to Area 1, the western coast of the continent, Charisma grew up in a place of relative privilege and stability. While her family wasn't excessively wealthy or influential by most Britannian standards, she never wanted for anything and was able to get a strong education that lead to a budding career in politics. Optimistic and naive when she started out, Risma has always been a bleeding heart, throwing herself at projects for social improvement and peaceful integration of new peoples into the larger Empire. But she quickly discovered her charitable bent went strongly against the grain of typical Britannian social policies. Despite this, she was determined to stick to her principles. She found enough like-minded colleagues to help her organize humanitarian aid on the Empire's most unstable frontiers, but it was an unpopular movement and she had to fight tooth and nail to scrape together support and funding from superiors who didn't take her seriously. Perhaps if she'd been a scion of a noble family she could have framed it as a pet project that they'd indulgently smile and nod about, but Risma wasn't so lucky. Slowly but surely, her team was stripped of manpower, money, and supplies until finally Risma found herself alone on the front lines of Area 11's conflict. She struggled to do whatever she could to assist civilians caught in the crossfire, but soon enough Britannian authorities began to loudly suspect her of "colluding with rebel forces" and threatened to pull her out entirely.

Faced with a lifetime trapped behind a desk, unable to make a difference, when she'd seen what the Empire was doing to the people it ostensibly was supposed to protect - the choice was a simple one for Risma. When the rebellion broke, she went underground, faked her death, and sought out the very same people she'd been accused of supporting. They hadn't been blind to her efforts, and had in fact been keeping an eye on her; it was simple to find a place among them as they began to rebuild. At first she did much the same as she had for years, helping steer bystanders out of combat zones, misdirecting authorities away from vulnerable cells, patching up those who were caught in the line of fire, and rebuilding in the aftermath. She wore a mask to keep her identity safe, mostly to prevent retaliation against her family - she might not be close to them anymore, but she had no desire to see them hurt because of her. Piloting a Knightmare would not have been her obvious choice of role; she never imagined herself as an actual combatant. But people with the will and talent to drive a frame and not get killed in their first sortie were in short supply for the rebels. When she climbed into a heavily damaged frame after the pilot was killed and managed to get it moving, using it as mobile cover to protect a rebel squad fleeing on foot, Risma proved to have both. Somehow, despite her lack of experience and terror falling under direct fire, she found the controls intuitive and the experience... enlightening. She wouldn't say this was what she was born to do, but... it was something she could do, that others couldn't. And so she threw herself into training as a Knightmare pilot.

Geass Power: Absolute Understanding. On physical contact, Charisma can begin an empathic exchange between herself and who or whatever she's touching. She has no control over the specifics of this information, and it is a two-way street, leaving her own mind open as well. A brief touch or brush will share general emotional state, while extended contact will give a sense of values, causes, and people they feel most strongly about, penetrating more thoroughly and deeply the longer this contact continues. Prolonged usage can leave a lingering imprint of the other in both Risma and her target's minds, though this imprint has no direct influence on the host and fades with time. Interestingly, her psychometry also works on inanimate subjects. Risma gets a general understanding of the object, its function and operation, and a vague sense of its recent history; as usual, prolonged contact deepens this understanding. If a person had a strong connection to this object (i.e. not just something they used often, but something that was important to them) she can also get insights into that person to a lesser extent.

RP example:


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Pilot Profile
right-aligned image
Name: Osian Davies
Callsign: Cwtch (Snuggles)

Allegiance: Britannia

Appearance: Tall, dark-haired and handsome. Osian is muscular and fit; a lifetime of fighting has shaped his body and his mind.

Background: Mechanic - Osian spent five years at a frontier base in New Zealand where he gained a reputation for getting in close and personal with his mech, often leading to regular breakage. Fed up with the chiding of the base mechanics, Osian learned enough rudimentary skills to service his own mech, but worked more toward incorporating new ideas instead of just patching up holes. Six months ago, he was transferred to Area 11 due to his unique skillset in CQB and Aerial Insertion and Raid. Elevens had begun a strategic increase in armaments and munitions. Strike teams were poised to stomp out threats before they could reach critical mass. Few knightmare frame pilots were as capable and efficient at depredation missions as Private Davies. Along with his tactical skills, his aptitude for mechanical troubleshooting and field-expedient repair made him a perfect attachment to the newly formed anti-knightmare test unit.

Station Transfer MessageA swarthy young man unfolded the crisp paper with Britannian letterhead and scanned through the paragraphs of orders.
"Area 11? I thought things had cooled off there...more hurry up and wait, I suppose." he mused to himself and tossed the orders packet on his bunk. He plucked a photo off the wall above his bed, gave it a long look, then tucked it into his breast pocket. Shouldering his kit, he headed casually for the plane to Japan.

Geass power: Precognition - When he makes eye-contact with someone, he can see the next few actions, words or decisions they intend to take. This is accurate for a few seconds, at best, as the world and situation around them changes, so do their decisions.

+2 Assault Trooper
Assault - Every weapon, every way, every enemy, every day. Git 'er done.

+2 Necessity is the mother of invention
Invent/Create - Crank it, spank it, smack it on the bing-bong. Practical applications and jury-rigged components

+2 Full tilt boogie
Get somewhere fast - Out of trouble or into it, usually, faster than is wise. Safety third.

+2 Hold my beer
Show off - Flashy, cool, impressive and usually reckless or dangerous

and homage to HeinleinRP example:


Pledged the Oath of Sangus

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Kenichi "Ken" Landsfall
Spec Ops, LL0
GRIT:0 // H:0 A:2 S:0 E:0
[ GEAR ]
“No man chooses evil because it is evil; he just mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.” - Mary Wollstonecraft

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Name: Nigel Archibald Henry George Charles Edward Thornberry The Third
Callsign: Dynasty

Allegiance: Britannia

Appearance: At a solid 5 feet tall, solid and rontund build, blazing red hair and mustache and a very large nose. The very ideal of a british gentleman

Background: Soilder - A military man all his life. Nigel lives, breaths and eats Britannia. He whole heartedly believes in the Empires cause and inherant superiority. He joined the military from the moment he could, leaving his British family behind and he has never looked back. Rising through the ranks, he's been fighting the Empire's enemies for years. After the Rebellion his belief in the Empire strengthened. Seeing the damage these rebels were doing to the land he loved, he needed to act. To prevent such horrors from occuring again. The Zero Ronin were terrorists and cowards through and through. They must be stamped out and executed for the good of all. Only then would there be peace. Only then could the Empire truly become an unblemished utopia.

Triggers: Assault, Inspire, Show Off, Blow Things Up

Geass power: The Inspiration Of Patriots: Nigel can hold the attention of those in a 15m radius around him for 60 seconds. Any kind of hostile action breaks the effect, as does physically interacting with the subjects. But otherwise, Nigel has their complete and undivided attention for a full minute

RP example:

Nigel approached the podium. He was accepting an award for battle field prowess just before his transfer to a post in Area 11, they asked him to give a speech as he accept this aware. He was only too happy to oblige. He cleared his throat and began.
"Men. I am honored to accept this. As I am honored to have fought beside each and every one of you. It has been decreed that I am to serve elsewhere. In the morning I am off to a new posting in Area 11, but I wish you all to remember that I will have found memories of you all. During my time here we have done great work in securing this area and upholding the substantial example His Imperial Majesty Emperor Charles Zi Britannia sets for us all. I cannot think of a finer body of men than those gathered here that has upheld his message.. His Imperial Majesty's Empire stands on the brink of a new era. One filled with chaos and destruction. The Zero Ronin think they have won a victory. They have not. They have merely awoken the Imperial Dragon. We. Will. Crush. Them. We killed their cowardly leader Zero, and we will drag the rats out into the light and put them down like the mangy dogs they are. Oceans Rise, Empires Fall. But Not Britannia, Not Today.


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We shall revive Japan at all costs.

left-aligned image

Name: 賢史・港Kenshi Minato

Callsign: 武士道Bushidō

Allegiance: Zero Ronin

Appearance: A formally dressed Japanese man

One first notices the huge circular spectacles Minato wears at all times. His face is long and pale, as is the rest of his body. Even a frail man like him looks formidable in his ironed three piece suit. When Minato walks, his black loafers make a rhythmic clacking sound. He often has an indifferent or irritated look upon his face.

Look for subtext, motives, or threats in a situation or person.Read a Situation
Research a subject, or study something in great detail.Investigate
Set a deceiving scene, or get rid of evidence.Clean Up
Spot details, objects, or people that are hidden or difficult to make out.Notice

Background: Historian
HistorianMinato is a true lover of Japan. He specializes in the country's modern period, and delves deep to uncover its charms whenever he can. For several years he has been living a nightmare.

After Japan was annexed by Britannia, the empire began a movement to erase the nation's cultural identity. They started with the deep cut of renaming Japan to Area 11. In those troubling times plagued with revisionism and anti-national propaganda, Minato was betrayed by many of his peers. Prominent historians ceased the preservation of established Japanese history and embraced the narrative imposed by the Empire.

Minato was a broken man. He often attempted to hold public lectures about Japan's identity and culture. This would result in him being penalized heavily by officers of the Empire. Over time the public was browbeaten into accepting their new identities as residents of Area 11. Fewer people than ever dared to even inquire about his lectures, let alone attend them. Minato found himself lost in the depths of despair.

Japan was already a memory fading rapidly from the soul of the universe.

Minato was still trying to do his duty as a historian when Zero launched his rebellion against Britannia. While he was no fan of the strange character, he implicitly supported Zero for trying to liberate Japan. A year after the fall of Zero, when Minato heard rumours about the insurgent movement regaining steam, he chose to involve himself with those people. He could speak openly about what Japan truly was as a nation, good or bad. Sure, not all rebels would listen too keenly, but nobody would rebuke him, or hurt him for speaking the truth. But it was not enough to preach to a choir while the world around him shrivelled away. He listened to youths brimming with patriotism suggest the undertaking of more direct action.

Soon enough the strange fire within Minato took the form of volunteering to step into a mech and take on the forces of Britannia head on. This was as close to a samurai as a man in the modern era could get.


RP example: 赤い円に立っていて、影に囲まんでStanding in the red circle, surrounded by Shadows


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ApplicationName: Hamato Sugi
Callsign: Mogura
Allegiance: Zero Ronin

Apperence: At first blush, Sugi looks like your typical Japanese lower-middle class woman. She is slender but well built as far as muscletone goes, tends to favor pretty casual fashions in dark but still neutral colors, and she keeps her slightly unruly hair up in a ponytail at most times. Really the only distinguishing physical feature you might find on her is the series of lines and squares tattooed on her forearms and the back of her hands, a call to her Ainu heritage she is personally rather proud of. (She opted out of the trademark mouth tattoo only out of concern for her possible future getting jobs. Arms and hands can be hidden after all.)

Background: Tag: Worker
Sugi was born and raised on Hokkaido, her family being natives of the industrial city of Muroran. Her father was a steel worker, her mother a half-Ainu homemaker who tried her best to keep some of the old ways alive while still blending in as best she could. Growing up, Sugi was never the smartest student, but never the bottom of her class either. However, she also refused to follow in her mother's footsteps and just settle down with someone. This combination of events lead to Sugi entering the work force right out of high school, specficly finding employ as a sakuradite miner. The hours were long and dangerous, but the pay was good enough she was able to get her own apartment and start thinking about her future. But the longer she thought about that, the more she hated it. Sugi had been a schoolgirl when Britannia had taken over, and she was already looked down upon before that in some ways due to her bloodline. The only thing worse than being a second-class citizen was being a second-class citizen of other second-class citizens.

And then it happened. The Black Rebellion. The Black Knights and the assault on Tokyo. The Holy Empire wasn't beaten, but it was shown they could bleed. And if it can bleed, it can be killed. When talk went around the next few days at the mine, Sugi was front and center in support of the upcoming strike, which quickly lead to her taking place in a newly formed rebel cell taking potshots at the soldiers sent to break them. Now a criminal on the run, Sugi has made her way south onto Honshu. Towards Tokyo, towards freedom and an end to the Empire.

Triggers: +2 Blow Something Up
+2 Stay Cool
+2 Hack or Fix
+2 Word on the Streets

Geass: The Will of the Kamuy - Given to her by a mysterious elder she met when meeting her mother's family for the first time as a child. Sugi can force a target to be completely overwhelmed by a singular base emotion, such as Fear or Lust. Unless the target is of strong enough will to power through this emotion, it will overtake them entirely and sweep away their reason. Sugi uses this power sparingly, as while it is effective, the reactions of those she targets tend to be anything but subtle.

RP Example: "Well, we knew it was only a matter of time..." Sugi sighed with a chuckle as she hunkered down behind a crate of mining equipment, a stolen shotgun in her hands. The worker's strike had gone from just civil disobedience to a full crackdown in just a matter of days, and now the miners themselves were engaged in a full on military standoff. The damn Britannians had even sent a Knightframe, which was more than a bit overkill in her opinion for dealing with a few citizens with some highjacked hardware.

Sighing again, Sugi looked back into the supply room she was hiding out in. Less than half her crew had made it past the initial assault, and worst of all her supervisors were all dead as well. This meant by some sick cosmic joke she was one of the most senior workers still alive, obvious in the way the others looked at her, eyes filled with fear and shock. Her tattooed hands gripped the shotgun tighter as another blitz of bullets rang against the thick metal doors of the room. The supply room had been picked for a good reason as a rally point, it was closed to the entrance and reinforced on all sides in case of both cave-in and accidental detonation of the mining explosives. The last thing anyone wanted was the whole city going nuclear because a crate of bad TNT set off a whole sakuradite vein.

As that thought crossed her head, a wonderfully terrible idea filled Sugi's brain. Quickly she looked around the room and found what just might be their ticket out of here. "Hoshi, hand me that busted razor." She commanded, pointing to the shelf above one of her young comrades, who tentatively did as he was asked. Sakuradite was tricky sensitive stuff, and had to be carefully shaved out like ice off of a glacier to get anything more than dust out of the mine. Specialty equipment had to be made for this, including the 'Razors', two-handed monstrosities that resembled a deli slicer combined with a chainsaw. This razor in particular was in here awaiting servicing, the blade housing being jammed with debris after an accident one of the newbies caused. With an experienced eye, Sugi examined the device and found what she was looking for: highlights of dusty rose amidst the pebbles jamming the poor machine. Impure sakuradite, not good enough to actually power a Knightframe in any way, but still enough power to cause some damage in the wrong hands.

"Alright boys, get ready to run like hell." Sugi stated with a grin as she grabbed a roll of det-cord and began winding it around the razor. Confusion in their eyes quickly turned to a strange mix of fear and excitement. As she slammed a blasting cap on the end of the tied off cord, Hoshi moved up to open the door slightly, waving a white handkerchief out the gap in order to distract the Britannians and keep them from shooting. Quickly the white flag was pulled away, and the door opened wider, allowing Sugi to swing back with the improvised exposive. Silently praying to all the gods and kamuy, she hammer-tossed the rigged razor right at the gunline. Before the soldiers could react, the dirty bomb went off, demolishing the quickly rigged barricades they had set up and taking out several of the occupiers.

What followed next was chaos. A dozen miners with nothing left to loose poured out of the room, spewing hot lead into the broken line. Shouting and gunfire filled the mine entrance, but the gods were on the side of the miners today. The Knightframe pilot, a low-level noble born brat, had been outside of his suit and on the front line at the time of the explosion, conversing with the commanding officer no doubt. Now with a leg missing from the knee down, he tried to crawl towards the Sutherland he had been sent with, something Sugi managed to notice in the chaos. With the ferocity of a mountain lion, she roared and charged the crippled pilot, slamming him in the back of the head with the stock of her shotgun before rushing past him to the mech. The poor Britannians didn't notice that she had climbed into the cockpit until it was far to late...


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Borz Melikov WIPName: Borz Melikov

Allegiance: Zero Ronin

Appearance: A rough Eastern European man from devastated Chechnya, Borz sports a rough black beard, multiple scars, a black beanie and a beat up old jacket. Borz has always had a menacing look to him, with the grizzled features of a born fighter. His wide, unnerving grin has never helped in that regard, as the way his eyes light up is very concerning. Borz is built strong, being raised in the countryside of Chechnya, and stands at an intimidating six foot eight.

Background: Priest. Borz grew up in Chechnya. When Brittania came to conquer Chechnya Borz fought against them with his fellow citizens. They knew they would be no match for the empire, but they had their traditions and ways at stake, and few cared to live in a land ruled by the empire. Ultimately, after months of protracted guerrilla warfare, the empire had enough and leveled the country. Borz found himself one of the only remaining Chechens on earth. With little left to turn to, Borz turned to the only Sufi mystic alive in ruined Chechnya. Together with the few other living Chechens, they performed the rites of the dervish. Every day they danced in their dusty circle as long as they were able, hoping that some voice would guide them. Only one heard the voice of most holy Allah, Borz. Led by this voice, Borz found himself sneaking into Area 11.

-Death Trance: Stay calm under pressure +2
-Survive +2
-Inspire +2
-Blow Something Up: Using Explosives +2

Geass power: Seal of Righteous Retribution. Redirect Geass attempts from others to a nearby target within line of sight.


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Vengeance is best served in flames
right-aligned image

Name :- Dr. Satoshi Ishida (he uses first-name family-name like the Britannians unlike the Japanese)

Callsign :- Doc

Appearance :- Doc is short, even for a Japanese and .. healthy? He used to be fat but lost weight since he joined the Rebellion. He hardly smiles or laughs and when he does it feels cruel and unnerving. He is awkward around people but is quite comfortable with machines and their systems.

He is 25 years old but looks much older due to his prematurely white and balding hair.

Background :- Calling Satoshi a genius was perhaps - an understatement. Born and educated in Britannia, the boy had breezed through school and college at an early age and had completed his PHD in Neural Networks and Artifical Intelligence by the age of 18. If not for an unlucky genetic accident, Satoshi would have been guaranteed the top tiers of any scientific institution - he was, by birth, Japanese Eleven.

Satoshi knew this very well and both accepted it and tuned it out. His world was not one of politics and intrigue. Talks of honor, ancestry, pride and national image annoyed him. The only thing Satoshi took pride in was his work. Work was his world. He was swooped into the ranks of Special Operations almost before he finished his PHD and there Satoshi found a place which did not care about his lineage, only his brain.

He didn't really care where he went or with whom he worked as long as he could advance the cause of science. When he was shifted to Area 11 from Britannia to inspire the Elevens to rise up to be honorary britannians, he didn't care. He thought he could never want anything more than working on cutting edge science. If that science was resulting in new and improved Knightmares, so be it. That was till he met her.

Katsumi Nishihara came into Satoshi's life like sunshine after an ice age. A beautiful shy girl, Katsumi made the mechanical Satoshi become a human fall in love with her and find courage to ask her to marry him. Even though the nervous Satoshi fumbled over every word and Katsumi laughed so hard that tears came out her eyes, she ultimately said yes.

Love however is a fleeting thing, few ever find it and fewer still manage to hold on to it. On their first anniversary, soldiers broke into their apartment, charging Satoshi and Katsumi as traitors. That was the last he saw of her.

Now Satoshi is an inferno of hatred out to take down the Brittanian Empire at any cost to avenge his wife.


BTW- he was brought up in an environment where he was the outsider and could only rely upon his own abilities. Moreover, most of his classmates and colleagues have usually been jealous of him and casually ostracized him. He has grown to be a selfish and self-centered person because of that.

Triggers :-

1. Hack or Fix - Satoshi is a master of Electronics and Software and can tap into or break into almost anything. He is not half bad with mechanical stuff either.

2. Invent or Create - This was literally his job for the last 8 years.

3. Study/ Investigate - Putting data together and finding patterns is second nature to him.

4. Blow something up - Did I mention that he wants to set fire to everything Britanian


» DOC «
Dr. Satoshi Ishida
Scientist, LL0
GRIT:0 // H:0 A:0 S:2 E:0
Hacker 1, Infiltrator 1
Technophile 1
[ GEAR ]
« KAT »

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Character Bio
right-aligned image
Artist Name: Yua (結愛) Yamada (山田)

Age: 20

Rebel Callsign: DollNingyō (人形)

Allegiance: Zero Ronin, Japanese patriot!

Background: Celebrity

Appearance: Beautiful and charming, she is one of the top models of the country. Her face is sincere with a contagious smile, she warms the heart of her followers on television and on stage. Standing 170 cm, and 52 kg, she has an athletic shape and an inviting body.

Triggers: Lead\Inspire +2, Charm\Performance +2, Spot\Listen +2, Word on the street\Gather Info +2

Geass power: An harsher version of Lelouch's, called "Absolute Submission". It gave her the ability to enslave anyone she used it on, turning her targets into mindless dolls that are forced to follow her every order and possess no ego of their own.

The Making of an Idol
right-aligned image
JPoP by night
The Rise of Yamada Yua as a supermodel and idol was a journey of drama, sweat, pain, and talent journey. Born in Yokohama, Yua made her first acquaintance with death when the empire blew up half her district just to kill her father, a high ranking military leader named Masato Yamada. Yua's brother and half the bloc were collateral damage. The destruction threw Yua and her mother on the street, they moved into a ghetto. Her mom did what she had to do to feed her daughter. She became a luxury prostitute but died from an overdose a few years later when Yua was about 12 years old. Alone in the world, criminals found her begging for food and money, they took her in as one of their own. Yua learned a lot from them such as using firearms, learning how to sabotage and do raids. Having a beautiful teenager associate was a good commodity to have. Unfortunately, years later, law enforcement took down that gang and killed most of who Yua knew. She almost got executed but she was spared by a judge and the government took the girl in as an orphan. She spends a lot of time in therapy and on medication, but grew up as a beautiful and talented teenager.

Yua's talent for music and art was discovered late through a local tv program for young talents, and out of the blue she managed to impress a AKB stylelarge girl group that took her in as a replacement. With hard work and stubbornness, she managed to stick around and refine her skills. Her schedule was demanding. Working seven days a week for a crappy salary, confined and need to ask permission even to get outside for a coffee is the life of most idol wannabes. Her career took off when an epidemic of influenza took down five of her primary group members; sixth in line for the principal singer role, she blew the audience's mind across the country.

Now at twenty years old, she is at the top of her game. Yua leads her own group and is one of the country's top idols and is beginning her career as a fashion model. Her face worth millions in publicities for popular local brands. Singing for free once a month in an outdoor set up in many cities, she quickly became one of the crowd's favourites as a girl from the people, for the people. She is promoting peace and love in this era of trouble.

The Making of a rebel
right-aligned image
Rebel by day
Yua is leading a double life for as long she can remember. Her father raised her as a patriot and it became part of her DNA. After his death, her hatred for the empire and desire to make a difference for Japan kept her alive.

As a kid, she saw her father planning ops secretly and as a teenager she learned early how to fight with a rebel cell that took her in after her mother passed away. Yet, Yua discovered her true calling by using a pilot simulator of the rebellion just for playing. After breaking the machine's top score, she was fast-tracked by the rebellion who taught her how to drive cars, motorcycles, planes and eventually... mechas. Unfortunately, her quick ascension as a prodigy was stopped when her rebel group was destroyed and she was taken in by the government.

Becoming popular as an idol, she was recognized on television by her uncle. Her father's brother learned a lot about Mechas from the empire in another country. A patriot like her father, he secretly planned for Japan's revenge for years as one of the founders of the THE ZERO RONIN. After contacting Yua, she gladly joined his band of misfits and complete her pilot training, by the age of twenty she became combat-ready.

The rebel's uncle
Hiro Yamada is one of the primary founders of THE ZERO RONIN and Yua's uncle. He was a key member in the Black Rebellion and a collaborator of the legendary rebel leader Zero. After the insurrection, he gathered some of the remnants of the Black Knights and founded the zero ronin. Hiro never married or had children, dedicating his entire life to science and as a Japense's rebel. In his early life, Hiro learned technologies and Mechaengineering from the empire, posing as an Imperial scientist. When he got from them everything he could, he returned to Japan to become an active member of the rebellion with his elder brother Masato Yamada.

Most of Hiro's family were killed by the empire except his niece, Yua Yamada, that he was recently reunited with. The young prodigy is one of the new generations of mecha pilots ready to die for freedom, for JAPAN! Now at the dawn of his fifties, Hiro has a plan to free Japan from Imperial rules no matter what is the cost.

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Back and catching up!

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