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Old Sep 9th, 2020, 07:13 AM
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Player Dossiers

Here is where you can post your character application. Remember to secret anything you dont want the other players seeing.
You can edit your posts to update them as the game progresses, but please 1 post each to keep it clean.
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Old Sep 9th, 2020, 07:31 AM
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right-aligned image

Name/Primary Alias: Hugh Carter / Arcturus
Metatype: Elf
Archetype: (Mystic) Adept (Face)

Description and personality: Tall, dark and handsome. A simple way to describe Arcturus, though given his elven blood maybe not a surprising one. His lean frame and graceful movements suggest a certain level of athleticism, despite it being unlikely that anyone would ever be intimidated by his stature. That effect, if he were to aim for it, would be something to achieve through other means: posture, mannerisms, self-assurance, words. And usually that would be enough. Of course, he's not above "cheating" with magic, if that is really what it could be called.

The black-haired elf is fast approaching his middle-years and some lines have started to carve their path across his face. As of yet, there is no grey in his hair, though it is unlikely anyone would know if there were. Rather particular about his looks, he would likely dye the offending strands. His vibrant green eyes are usually matched by some green in his attire, though it is only ever an accessory or highlight, never the clothing's main color. As long as a job does not demand differently, he likes to pick elegant and well made get-ups, with most of them including a coat.

Of course, such trappings of elegance require money and while he hasn't lost his abilities or skills, the casual and jovial self-assurance of the elf has been joined by a bitter streak that he does not always manage or intend to hide. Where he had been proud of his job, he now does what he has to, to make ends meet and at least attempt to sustain his former lifestyle. As a result, there is no passion any more in his actions, only cold efficiency.

Background: Shhh! It's a secret, chummer!

RP Sample:
Hugh had finally tracked Rory down to his favorite bar. The Crusher looked decidedly like one an elf should rather avoid and he had shown up early enough that he could approach the troll when he arrived outside. Hat and high-collar helped to obscure his face from the casual observer, though he couldn't use all his options, or he was sure Rory would most certainly not recognize him. Hugh wasn't even so sure if the man's mental capacity would suffice to remember him even like this. He didn't have other choices, though. "Good evening, Rory. It's been a while." His voice was that of a man entirely sure of himself. No shred of the doubt and fear inside him could be heard, though the Irish accent was clearly there.

The huge troll stopped dead in his tracks and before he could react Hugh found himself shoved against the nearby wall, one huge hand pressed against his torso, keeping him suspended a good half meter above the ground, while Rory's face came down level with his own. "What d'ya say, skinny?" he growled low and dangerous.

"I merely wished you a good evening, Rory," he pressed out. The trouble to breathe urged him to go for his gun and throw any chance away this meeting held for the future. Not that he thought that the chances to do meaningful damage were high in the first place.

"How d'you know that..." Hugh supposed that "name" was the word swallowed by late dawning recognition, followed by barely constrained anger. "If you're here t' finish the job, you're really botchin' it, skinny."

This was it. The one chance he had to make this count. And still he couldn't just let the implied insult to his honor go. "I gave you my word, right? Never dare imply I'm not good for it!" The heated words did not help in any way to alleviate the mounting pressure on his chest that made his breathing more and more difficult. "The question is: are you good for yours?" I owe you! was the last Rory had said to Hugh back when they parted ways. And he sure did. If only he would agree.

Black shadows were already creeping in on Hugh's vision by the time the troll finally made up his mind. He grunted and said: "It's Strand now."

Abruptly the pressure on his chest went away and the elf found himself on his knees, gasping for air. "Such a pleasure."

What kinds of runs interest you / your character:
Whatever pays the bills and has an acceptable risk/reward ratio.

  • He has strong ties to organized crime.
  • The elf is a racist against anyone not of elven blood.
  • Hes a wanted man with a price on his head.
  • He has no scruples.

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Old Sep 9th, 2020, 08:02 AM
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Runner Dossier
right-aligned image
Name: Varg "Blitz" aka: Dash aka: Vicious V
Metatype: Ork
Arctype: Melee Adept (Athlete's Way)

Description: Varg is big. Just shy of 2 meters and weighing 118 kg of pure muscle. He's a natural athlete though built more like a WWE champ than an American football player. His dark hair is kept short and more often than not a goofy smile can be found on his face. Piercing green eyes accentuate his smooth face and gleaming tusks. He typically dresses in whatever he can find at the second-hand store that fits.

Personality: In two words: Highly Competitive. Varg is an unabashed adrenaline junkie who loves to show off and has a flair for the dramatic. Always gregarious and quick to laugh it can be hard to tell when he's being serious (Protip: It's pretty much never). He's far from the hulking brute stereotype usually associated with his kind. Sure, he's big and can snap some limbs if needed but really he's just looking for a good time.

Backstory: The Barrens. Slum. The Stacks. Whatever you called Redmond its been Varg's home for the 25 years he's been alive. Pops bounced before he even remembers and his Ma said he's probably dead, least she hoped so anyway. They moved around a lot. Life comes at you fast in the ghettos of the Sprawl, you learn to be faster.

Varg's awakening came when he was just 10 years old. He's nicked a couple of nukaritos from the Stuffer on the outskirts of the barrens and the clerk must've been having a bad day, or just had a thing for trogs, because he jumped the counter and gave chase with a bat. He remembered his heart hammering so hard he thought it would burst out of his chest and then everything went slow-mo. Everything except him. Young Varg easily dodged some cars, ducked down an alley, and ran up a wall laughing like a maniac before the clerk could even yell for the Star. This ork has been chasing that rush ever since.

He made a name for himself as the fastest kind in Redmond as a courier called Dash. He would smuggle information and other things tat the local crooks didn't trust to the normal channels. During this time he started actually making some cred and passing it on to his mom. The plan was to get them a decent place, somewhere more permanent than couch surfing and squatting. Turned out she'd been blowing it on bliss and novacoke, Varg found out after she disappeared and he started asking around. So there he was 13, on his own, and too fast to think about tomorrow.

At 16, Dash met an old oni adept who called himself Akuma. He delivered a few things to and from the oni who took a liking to the young ork. Akuma took Varg under his wing and started showing him how to harness and control his abilities. He also taught the young adept about the ways and schooled him in kenjutsu, the ancient art of the sword. Varg didn't take all the bushido stuff to heart but loved hearing the stories.

Akuma became like aa father to Varg as they lived together for four years. The oni rarely talked about his past but it was clear he was hiding from it. From the small amounts that would slip out after sake Varg pieced together that Akuma used to be a runner and was the sole survivor of a double-cross possibly involving Renraku. One morning he woke to find his mentor gone, only a note and katana left behind.

Alone again. But Varg was too fast for that to get him down. He joined up with the Seattle Screamers to find his fortune and fame in urban brawl. Maybe even find a way out of the Barrens. But, life comes at you fast in the sprawl. Five years later he's off the team. Something about being "Too reckless even for these psychos"...

RP Sample:

  1. He's constantly on stims
  2. He was kicked out of urban brawl for throwing games
  3. He quit urban brawl because the Vory wanted him to kill a teammate and now they're pissed
  4. He goes out of his way to put himself in dangerous scenarios

What kinds of runs interest you / your character: I like the idea of mirrorshades in and mohawk out. I'm new to the system as well so published runs are new to me too. Stealing from or generally sticking it to Big Corps is always good.

Varg will tend to be more pink mohawk about things and look for dangerous runs. Anything to get that rush of adrenaline.
Want to see some Spelljamming? Join me and the other Astral Agents as jbear plots a course through Wildspace! roleINC on YouTube.

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Old Sep 9th, 2020, 10:15 AM
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right-aligned image
Character Name: Death Otter
Metatype: Human
Archtype: Technomancer
Physical Description: Skinny, almost scrawny, human metatype young woman with bright colored, unkempt hair and wild eyes.

Personality: Otter typically behaves as someone who has their filters stuck in the 'off' position, saying or doing whatever she feels like in the moment. This is to some extent artifice, as she's capable of restraint in pursuit of a larger goal, but she loves obfuscating the 'signal' of her real motivations with copious 'noise' of impulsive and whimsical misbehavior.

Death Otter's debut was about three years ago, and she was clearly raw green when it came shadowrunning. She made some rookie mistakes, but managed to keep her head intact long enough to learn from them. In '73 she was on a run that went bad and for awhile it looked like she might have been killed on it like most of the rest of the team. Several months later however, Otter reappeared on the scene, sporting a new look and some shiny new gear...and hungry for jobs. This tendency Death Otter has to 'reinvent' herself has some wondering if this is the first time she's pulled this trick...even as a 'newbie' she had serious Matrix skills, the kind you don't pick up in school or at a desk. Of course, as a technomancer, those skills could well come with the package. Of her life before the shadows, very little is known. New or not, she's managed to keep her past obscured. In the end, the reality is that she's still too small a name for anyone influential to care much. For now.

RP Sample:

- "Two words. Fragging nutz. Best thing to do is hire her, wait for the job to get done, pay her and never ask how it went down. In fact, just avoid talking to her at all."

- "Maybe crazy, maybe not, but I heard she took down the whole Mitsuhama grid with some kind of wild DDOS sprite swarm. Why? I don't even know if she knows."

- "So a run went bad and, without pay, she has to take a dive and cool off...then comes back with a suitcase full of shiny new gear? Yeah. A loot fairy didn't put that stuff under her pillow, choomba. She owes someone big."

- "When 'death otter' joins a run, God flips a coin. If it comes up heads you get some kind of ex-black ops ninja hacker whirlwind. If it comes up tails you get a freaking useless giggling trainwreck that'll blow a whole run just to spite your Mr Johnson. Do you feel lucky?"

What kinds of runs interest you / your character:
Death Otter loves 'corp on corp' ops, or even just 'whoever on corp.' She relishes jobs that let her humble the mighty, jam the cogs of polite society and industry, and ideally get paid to do so. Her 'dream job' would be something out of the old show Leverage, where ordinary schlubs that had been wronged by people the law can't touch hire her to exact poetic justice that also nets a fat payout.

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Old Sep 9th, 2020, 11:01 AM
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Application for AdoraCharacter Name: Sofia "Adora" Valentia

Metatype: Elf

Archtype: Mage (Summoning, Spellcasting, Dispelling), off face

Physical Description:

Personality: Adora is a young and slim Elf that has left the chains of Aztechnology behind to indulge in the freedom and liberty that unrestrained magical use can bring. She was raised in an environment of socialites and high ranking officials and, despite her rebellious nature, still tries to maintain her sense of fashion and appearances.

The Adversary took her under their guidance at a very young age and has been instilling rebellious thoughts and hatred of authority figures in her for years. She now has deep authority issues and will only follow orders if they go against a larger source of authority or otherwise align with her wishes.

Despite her looks and fashion sense, Adora is sometimes prone to bouts of cruelty. Adora can be manipulative and spiteful, but she believes her actions are justified as long as her cruelty is directed by the Adversary against the forces or order and oppression. She enjoys using her magic to control people and forcing them to do her bidding and serve the Adversary.

A follower of the Aztec magical tradition, Adora believes that the Adversary is her animal twin, and acts to incorporate them into her spirits and her spells. She seeks to help the downtrodden and oppressed, seeing them as much like herself before she was free, She often espouses the benefits of the freedom she enjoys and hopes to convince others and bring more people under the sway of the Adversary.


RP Sample:

Magic girl from Aztlan shows up here, no story and no SIN? You just know blood magic was involved…

Im telling you! Ive seen Aztec spirits before, what she summons are no Aztec spirits….

I have it on good authority that that Aztlan mage is starting to turn toxic....

Word is, that chick gets off on throwing agony spells at people and seeing them writhe in agony at her feet...

What kinds of runs interest you / your character:
Sofia despises authority and so loves running against the AAA corps and their servants as well as law enforcement. Anything to take the man down a peg!

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Old Sep 9th, 2020, 03:26 PM
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Character Name: Taylor Elisabeth Harukana, aka 'Wraith'
Metatype: Elf, mixed ancestry, changeling?
Archetype: Infiltration (not-Social), Scout, sniper

Physical Description:



Eddas: I'll stick the secret stuff down at the bottom, which includes the full story of her background, rather than the publicly known

Some observations that have been made:

RP Sample:


What kinds of runs interest you / your character:

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Old Sep 11th, 2020, 03:00 AM
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Character Name: David Cardinal aka Rook
right-aligned image

Metatype: Human (Lakota Sioux Nation)
Archtype: Private Investigator (mundane)

Physical Description: He's in his mid-twenties, stands just shy of 1.8 meters and weighs in around 100 kilograms. His skin is weathered, almost tanned if Seattle ever got enough sunlight. His eyes and ears look almost normal but close inspection shows that they are cyber. His pupils are dark brown but seem to be surrounded at times with a gold ring reminding some of a wolf's eyes. His long hair is black, straight and tapers to an end just past his shoulders. He never goes anywhere without his battered brown armored jacket. The jacket had shoulder patches at some point but those have been removed.

(I don't have a picture but he looks like a young Lou Diamond Phillips.)

Personality: Rook is stolid and reasonable rarely prone to rash action.

Public Backstory:
David Cardinal showed up in Seattle late 2072 and by the end of the year had established Cardinal Investigations, a business in Touristville. For most of 2073 he worked low-profile cases barely keeping afloat. Living out of his office, public washrooms, gyms, and the back of his car. It was mostly muggings, robberies, missing persons cases...stuff the cops wouldn't touch, desperate cases for a desperate man.

But in 2074, he caught a couple of breaks, solving two high-profile cases and aiding the police in rescuing the son of an elite outrider on the Seattle Screamers Urban Brawl team. The son had gone slumming and the kidnappers saw a chance to fix the game. The outrider retired after that but David had gained money enough to rent a second office beside his own and turn it into an apartment.

The second case had to deal with a local street doc, <red-acted>. No one knows exactly what David did for him but <red-acted> talked him up and sent enough business his way to keep him slightly above his means. David even started taking better jobs because of it but the work wasn't enough to pull him out of where he was and he had no plans to stay there.

That's when the doc introduced him to his current fixer <red-acted> at the end of 2074. David wasn't sure exactly how he feels dipping into the shadows but his first few runs have been closer to what he does for a living. He pounds the pavement, getting information, doing the legwork in the Barrens where these teams don't know the lay of the land. In some ways, he feels like an imposter, but the money has helped and he knows only time and building his network will give him what he needs to be a better P.I. and build his network. The fixer gave him the street name of Rook but left David wondering whether doing these jobs will take him so far over the line he'll never come back from it...or whether he can find a way to walk that line?

<Non-public Background I will send in a PM.>

RP Sample:
“Look, sir,“ Rook kept his voice calm and his features mostly expressionless, showing just a tinge of sympathy, “I know you want to go in there to confront your husband. But that, pea-shooter,“ Rook glanced down at the Lightfire in the man’s hand, “isn’t going to do anything for you but escalate the situation where it won’t end well for you.”

The man, dressed in a suit that had clearly seen better days and had food stains all over it, desperately glanced toward the door then down to the gun in his hand. He tried to calm his shaking hand wisely, at least, keeping his finger from the trigger as he combed his other hand through his thinning hair. Thinning hair was generous, gracious even, balding with strands used in an embarrassing comb-over more accurate. He sputtered but didn’t try to push past David Cardinal, instead he pushed out past clenched teeth, his voice a whine that would set most others on edge, “But he’s in there with a woman! I have to do something.”

David looked down at the man, in his fifties, if but a day, his client’s glasses fogging up, “I get it George. You’ve been betrayed and you are hurting. But he’s shacked up with Big Bertha. She just finished doing a dime and she’s clearly working off some steam in there as you can hear.

“Your husband may be more in pain than pleasure. He’s human. She’s a troll and that Lightfire is just going to tickle her from what I know of her. But you go in there and interrupt her pleasure and you’ll be adding another cyberlimb to the one you have.” David glanced toward the hand George was using to run over his head.

David managed not to wince as a particular string of sounds and words came through the door but George was not so lucky, paling further and adding a new layer of sweat to his forehead. The man was getting rather pungent but he had paid David to bring him here so he could see and hear it for himself.

“George, Tim clearly has a thing for Troll women that have done time. His browser history shows that. Clearly you two need to talk but now is not the place or the time. Give me the gun and that spare clip you have in your pocket and go home. Talk it out. Then come by my office tomorrow and pay me the remainder of my fee, I’ll return your gun then or we can see about disposing it.” David stated calmly keeping his tone reasonable, reassuring as he gestured toward the gun.

George looked at the gun but clearly didn’t even see it as David gently took the gun from his hand. Numbly his client looked up at David and David gave him a brief smile before pocketing the gun and turning his client around toward the stairs and the door. “Now remember go home. Talk it out. Get counseling and come see me tomorrow.”

David knew it wasn’t good firearms discipline but if he had practiced it right then it may have snapped his client out of his fugue and started things all over again. David was known to be stolid and reasonable but even he had his limits and George was a Drama King if he’d ever met one.

Nonetheless now was not the time to ask for payment instead he walked George to the top of the stairs and watched until the man walked down them and out the front door. David turned back, walking down the hall as he pulled out his Commlink, dialing the man who had named him Rook. The name he was known for when he ran the shadows. The man, the fixer, who had wanted him to find Big Bertha because he had a team that wanted to have a word with her. She knew something that would help them with a job. David smiled, she’d been a treasure, a trinket, a shiny …. He loved it when his two worlds intersected allowing him to be paid twice.

This time he did wince as he heard the sounds coming from behind the door as he passed it. His call connected and he paid no more attention to what was behind the green door.

- Rook's an orphan that's why he has a soft spot for kids.
- Rook's mother is a high-ranking member of the Lakota Mafia.
- Rook's actually a clone.
- Rook is a member of the Human Nation.

What kinds of runs interest you / your character:
- As a player I am not opposed to any type of run though most of my characters do tend to be hooders.
- While Rook isn't absolutely opposed to Wetwork, he'd have to be highly incentivized to do so as he prefers to keep a low profile and murder usually isn't.
- Same with ruining a person's life/rep not because he can't do it...doing it is easy but because he doesn't want to get a rep as a scumbag lowlife that takes the sleazy jobs.
- He won't take any jobs that involve hurting kids or placing them in a worse position in life
- I am more of a Mirror Shades with a lean in toward Pink Mohawk (this time).

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