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Old Feb 11th, 2018, 02:13 PM
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The Explorers of Kaer Darrow

Here we go, please put backstories and character sheets in this thread.

How you represent the character sheet is up to you, but I recommend copy pasting a pregen, and then changing the stats within. I can paste a template in the opening post if you wish.

Perhaps two posts would be best, one for your sheet, and one for your backstory. Please refrain from posting anything else in this thread, character discussion can be done in the other character concepts thread. Thanks all, and let’s have a great one.

The active roster:

Favu Cabenwold
Akton Brakebill
Aesindira Elendhen
Khara Venge
Oathtaker, EARTHDAWN GM, Super Set of Step Dice Code

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Old Feb 13th, 2018, 09:46 PM
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Favu Cabenwold

AttributeScoreStepAttributeScoreStep...Defences...Armor...HealthDurability: 3
7 Physical8*Physical4Wound Threshold9
6 Mystical9Mystical3Unconscious26+6=32
6 Social8  Death32+8=40
*Includes +1 from group pattern

2nd Circle Wizard

1st Circle
{Free}Standard Matrix2+--=-- ----Player's Guide170Holds pattern of a spell for safe spellcasting
{Free}Standard Matrix2+--=-- ----Player's Guide170Holds pattern of a spell for safe spellcasting
{D}Dispel Magic3+Willpower6=9 Standard1Player's Guide139Attempt to stop any ongoing magical effect from spell or talent, Range: R#x2 yards, Dispelling (p. 265) Difficulty.
{D}Patterncraft2+Perception7=9 Standard--Player's Guide161Read/Write magic, identify spells, learn new spells, creating spells and magic items etc., see text for full description.
{D}Spellcasting3+Perception7=10 Standard--Player's Guide168Act of casting spell vs specific defense or target number, see spell description.
{D}WizardryThreadweaving3+Perception7=10 Standard--Player's Guide174Spellcasters use magical threads to power their spells as well as bond magical items and weave powers to pattern items. Rank# maximum permanent threads. Spell threads do not count towards this limit. Used for re-attuning spell matrices.
{D}Research2+Perception7=9 Sustained--Player's Guide163Find information through study and investigation, roll vs. Difficulty set by GM, see text.
Novice Talent Option, must use LP to advanceStandard Matrix1+--=-- ----Player's Guide170Holds pattern of a spell for safe spellcasting
Human Racial TalentVersatility1+n/a=n/a n/a--Player's Guide177Human ability to learn talents from outside of Discipline, can learn R# talents, some rules apply, see text.
Gained through Versatility{V}Wood Skin3+Toughness6=9 Standard--Player's Guide181Adept spends Recovery test and rolls Wood Skin, adding result to Uncon/Death ratings for Rank hours.Skin takes appearance of wood.

2nd Circle
{D}Astral Sight3+Perception10=~ Simple1Player's Guide129Rank Rnds. Range rank*10 yards
{O}Speak Language3+Perception10=~ Standard--Player's Guide167Dur: 1 hour * rank

BakingKnowledge1+Perception7=8 Standard--novice
Horror LoreKnowledge1+Perception7=8 Standard--novice
BakingArtisan1+Charisma6=7 Sustained--novice
Engaging BanterTalent as Skill2+Charisma6=8 Standard--novice
PhysicianGeneral1+Perception7=8 Sustained--novice
ConversationTalent as Skill1+Charisma6=7 Sustained--novice
HaggleTalent as Skill1+Charisma6=7 Sustained--novice
StreetwiseGeneral2+Charisma6=8 Sustained--novice

Carrying Capacity:80
Move: 12
Karma Mod: 5xCircle=10

Legend Points
Total: 5100
Current: 800
Notes:+3000 LP. Spellcasting, Wizardry, Woodskin, Astral Sight, Speak Language to 3.

Languages: Read/Write/Speak Dwarven, common tongueThroalic, Human

Equipment: Adventurer's kit, Gallywill's Bakery Secrets (cookbook counting as his artisan kit), Dagger (A: 5 D: 7 R: 10/20) Grimoire (nicely bound book written in Human), Traveler's garb with robe (Robe is ruined, thanks to Tereth!), 1 week's rations, Quarterstaff (A: 5 D: 9 +1 to PD with Defensive Stance), Padded Leather Armor (PA: 4), Writing Kit, Physician's kit (3/used 2), Elemental Coin, Satchel with documentation for House Achura in Travar.

2+75-50 = 27 Silver


Novice Thread Item: Sparcha'athu'ul
An odd device, or perhaps a piece of jeweler's art. A spiderweb, spun of fine silver threads within a frame of onyx and gold, with a pure-white crystal spider in the center, about as wide as two elven hands put together, or slightly larger than a single human's hand.
Max Threads 1
Rank 1 Thread requires key knowledge, learn the item's Name:
Effect: The spider and web act as a matrix item, granting a standard matrix operating at the rank of the woven thread. Magician may use this matrix the same way they use their own matrices.
Thread Rank Woven: 1
Effect: Spell Matrix Rank 1

A shining metal disk engraved with a fractal geometric symbol constructed of circles inside a triangle. The smallest details are too fine to see with the unaided eye. Pattern Item for the Elements of Darrow
Thread Rank Woven: 1
Effect: +1 to Physical Defense

Spellcasting Rank: 3
Wizardry: 3
Willpower/Willforce: 6
Free Matrix: 2
Free Matrix: 2
Opt Matrix: 1
Item Matrix: 1

Magic SpellsDisciplineCircleThreadsWeavingCasting RangeDurationEffect:Extra SuccessesExtra Threads
Astral SenseWizardFirst25/10Target's Mystic DefTMDSelfR#+10minsUse Astral Sight without strain, if no talent, PER test, Area of Effect: 30y+2 min+2min, Area +10yards
Bedazzling Display of Logical AnalysisWizardFirst05/10Target's Mystic DefTMDSelfR# mins+4 verbal CHA tests+2 mins+2 mins, +2 effect
CatseyesWizardFirst15/10Target's Mystic DefTMDTouchR# minsGives T low-light vision (p.46)+2 mins+2 mins, +R# targets
Flame FlashWizardFirst15/10Target's Mystic DefTMD10y2rndsWIL+5 physical damage, blue arcane fire, continues to burn target for duration+2 rnds+2 rnds, +2 effect damage, +10y range, +1 target
Iron HandWizardFirst05/10Target's Mystic DefTMD10yR# rnds+3 bonus close combat damage test+2 rnds+2 effect, +10y range, +R# target
Mage ArmorWizardFirst05/10Target's Mystic DefTMD10yR# rnds+3 physical Armor, faint glow visible in dark or astral sight+2 rnds+Duration in Minutes, +2 Effect, +10y range, +R# targets
Mind DaggerWizardFirst05/10Target's Mystic DefTMD20y2 rndsWIL+2 Mystic Damage, -2 Physical Defense+2 Effect damage+2 rnds, -2 penalty to Physical D, +10y Range, +1 Target

Favurous ďFavuĒ Cabenwold

Favu is a plump middle-aged human male, only five-and-a-half feet tall. His close-cropped brown hair is carefully shaved with geometric patterns. Male pattern baldness is quite a common look in his family. He favors bright colors and affects a cheerful demeanor. He can often be found in the kitchen, nibbling fresh-from-the-oven sweet buns and discussing recipes with his father. The soft exterior, however, conceals a wit as sharp and strong as a steel dagger.

Favuís family is well-respected in Kaer Darrow, as they have given more to the BloodWard Tree than any other human family in the kaer over the years. He was very close to his aunt Aloos Cabenwold, his familyís most recent contribution. Aloos was over 70 years old, and went freely of her own will, but her loss hit Favu hard. Though he knows the sacrifices are necessary, on a deep, visceral level he resents them. He is desperate to leave the kaer, though he plays it cool. When Aloos died, he sought out Hegger Burniside, a dwarf wizard, and convinced him to take him on as a student. He convinced Shalla Iítali, elf warrior, to show him the trick of Wood Skin to improve his survivability in combat. His eagerness to prove himself leads him to sometimes take unwise risks, but his natural charisma means that heís seldom out on that limb alone.

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Old Mar 11th, 2018, 04:19 PM
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Due to some major issues in RL, I am taking a break from RPGX until December.
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Jo'Sef, T'skrang Swordmaster 2 (+1 social)

AttributeScoreStepAttributeScoreStep...Defences...Armor...Durability: 7 
5 PhysicalBuckler11Physical6Wound Threshold9
5 Mystical7Mystical2Unconscious33
7 Social11  Death39

Initiative: Hardened Leather-16
Movement: 12
Karma: 4/4
Recovery/day: 3, step 6

SPECIAL: T'Skrang may make an additional attack with their tail, up toEven though it's a weapon, it uses the Unarmed Combat Skill/Talent size 2 weapon (page 406) may be attached to increase damage, otherwise STR damage. Using a tail attack is difficult, and all tests that round suffer -2 penalty. Tail Attack Combat Option (page 386)

{D}MeleeWeapons2+Dexterity7=9 Standard--Player's Guide158Melee test vs. target physical defense.
{D}Avoid Blow2+Dexterity7=9 Free1Player's Guide129This talent allows adept to attempt to avoid physical harm. Roll Avoid Blow test against opponents attack test, if = or better, attack avoided. Can avoid up to Rank# separate attacks per round, taking strain for each attempt. Cannot use if blindsided or surprised.
{D}Taunt2+Charisma7=9 Simple--Player's Guide173Distract a character, Taunt test vs. Social D, -1 test penalty and Soc D per success for R# rounds.
{D}Maneuver2+Dexterity7=9 Simple1Player's Guide158Gain superior position against single opponent. Make Maneuver test vs. target's Physical D, each success = +2 bonus to Physical D vs that target's attacks for that round, also adds +2 bonus to first melee/unarmed attack against that target.
{D}Weapon WeavingThread Weaving2+Perception5=7 Standard--Player's Guide174This talent allows the adept to create and manipulate magical threads. Can have up to Rank# permanent threads, each thread to Rank# max thread rank. Used for 'attuning' magical items or creating connections to Patterns. Spell threads counted separately.
{D}First ImpressionFirst Impression1+Charisma7=8 Standard--Player's Guide174The ability to look good to people who don't yet know you.
Talent OptionTiger Spring2+n/a=n/a Free2Player's Guide175Declared action: Add Rank to Initiative

Ancient WeaponsKnowledge1+Perception5=6 Standard--novice
Trade RoutesKnowledge1+Perception5=6 Standard--novice
ActingArtisan1+Charisma7=8 Sustained--novice
Unarmed CombatTalent as Skill2+Dexterity7=9 Standard--novice
Throwing WeaponsTalent as Skill2+Dexterity7=9 Standard--novice
Acrobatic DefenseTalent as Skill2+Dexterity7=9 Simple1novice
ForgeryGeneral1+Dexterity7=8 Sustained--novice
StreetwiseGeneral1+Charisma7=8 Sustained--novice

Languages Spoken: Read/Write/Speak Dwarvish, Common tongueThroalic, Can't read or write, it's a complex and ineffective pictograph system, even T'Skrang scholars can't decipher T'Skran writings, and that's even the recent stuff!T'Skrang
Equipment: Broadsword (STR+Forged +2 by Fundin7, Step 13) Dagger (Thrown, STR+2, Step 8), Short Sword (Tail Attachment modification, STR+4, Step 10), Hardened Leather (Phys: 5, Myst: 0, Init -1) Buckler (Phys Def +1)

Money: 75 Silver

Carrying Capacity: 125

Legend Points Earned/Current: 1500?/200?

Advancements: Avoid Blow to 2, Taunt to 2, Thread Weaving to 2. First Impression to 1. Raise Circle to 2.
Weave a thread to the group to improve physical defense by 1.

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Akton Brakebill, Windling Windscout, Circle 2

d127 Physical9(Dex) + 2 (Windling) + 1 (2nd Circle Scout) + 1 (Buckler)13PhysicalPadded Leather Armor4Wound Threshold9 
d85 Mystical9Mystical2Unconscious36 
d106 Social8  Death44 

Initiative: d127
Movement: Ground6/Flight16
Recovery/day: 3, step d106
Can spend Karma on any attempt to find something.
Half-Magic Examples: See Page 102, Player's Guide.

{Free}Navigation2+Perception7=d8+d69 Sustained--Player's Guide160Read maps, chart courses, travel safely
{D}Avoid Blow3+Dexterity7=2d810 Free1Player's Guide129Avoid or parry a blow that would otherwise hit you.
{D}Awareness3+Perception7=2d810 Simple--Player's Guide129Uses Awareness instead of Perception when trying to spot something in Short range.
{D}Scout WeavingThread Weaving3+Perception7=2d810 Standard--Player's Guide174Bond magical items and weave powers to pattern items. Rank# maximum permanent threads.
{D}Tracking3+Perception7=2d810 Standard--Player's Guide175Follow the trails of people and animals or obscure his own tracks.
{D}Wilderness Survival4+Perception7=d10+d811 Sustained--Player's Guide179Find food, water and shelter away from civilization.
Novice Talent Option, Circle 1Missile Weapons4+Dexterity7=d10+d811 Standard--Player's Guide158Used to attack with weapons such as bows and crossbows.
{Windling RacialR}Astral Sight2+Perception7=d8+d69 Simple1Player's Guide129Adept may see into Astral Plane to view patterns and imprints, Range: R#x10y.
{D}Stealthy Stride3+Dexterity7=d10+d810 Simple--Player's Guide170Sneak around avoiding detection.
Novice Talent Option, Circle 2Anticipate Blow3+Perception7=2d810 Free1Player's Guide128Anticipate opponents' moves to gain bonuses to attack and defense.

Old Barsaive GeographyKnowledge2+Perception7=d8+d69 Standard--novice
Creatures of BarsaiveKnowledge1+Perception7=2d68 Standard--novice
MapmakingArtisan3+Perception7=2d810 Sustained--novice
EtiquetteTalent as Skill2+Charisma6=2d68 Sustained--novice
HaggleTalent as Skill1+Charisma6=d127 Sustained--novice
Melee WeaponsTalent as Skill1+Dexterity7=2d68 Standard--novice

Languages Spoken: Read/Write/Speak Dwarven dialect, common languageThroalic, Windling

Equipment Weight Cost
Adventuring Kit w. Tent 6.8 25
Traveler's Garb .6 N/A
Mapmaking Tools ??? N/A
Dagger 1 N/A
Trail Rations (1 week) 1.6 N/A
Padded Leather Armor 4 20
Buckler .6 5
Windling Bow 14oz 25
40 Windling Arrows 16oz 10

Carrying Capacity: 50
Current Silver: 15

Weapon Attack Step Damage Step Short RangeLong Range
Dagger Dex 7, Melee Weapons (Skill) 1, 2d68 Str 3, Damage 2, d85   
Forged TwiceWindling Bow Dex 7, Missile Weapons 4, d10+d811 Str 4, Damage 5, d8+d69 2-2425-48

Current Legend: 100
Total Legend: 5,100

Akton is in some ways a typical Windling, chomping at the bit to get back out into the world and see new things. In other ways, he's perceived (by non-Windlings) as non-typical: He's studied. He knows a fair bit of the pre-Scourge world. Plus, he's a Windscout, meaning that he has actual magic to aid him in his chosen journeys.


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Aesindira Elendhen

right-aligned image

AttributeScoreStepAttributeScoreStep...Defences...Armor...HealthDurability: 3
8 Physical7Physical2Wound Threshold8
7 Mystical14Mystical6Unconscious24+6=30
6 Social8  Death31+8=39

2nd Circle Elementalist (+1 Mystic Defense)

1st Circle
{Free}Standard Matrix2+--=-- ----Player's Guide170Holds pattern of a spell for safe spellcasting.
{Free}Standard Matrix2+--=-- ----Player's Guide170Holds pattern of a spell for safe spellcasting.
{D}Awareness3+Perception8=11 Standard--Player's Guide129Notice things.
{D}Patterncraft3+Perception8=11 Standard--Player's Guide161Read/Write magic, identify spells, learn new spells, creating spells and magic items etc., see text for full description.
{D}Spellcasting3+Perception8=11 Standard--Player's Guide168Act of casting spell vs specific defense or target number, see spell description.
{D}ElementalismThreadweaving3+Perception8=11 Standard--Player's Guide174Spellcasters use magical threads to power their spells as well as bond magical items and weave powers to pattern items. Rank# maximum permanent threads. Spell threads do not count towards this limit. Used for re-attuning spell matrices.
{D}Wood Skin3+Toughness5=8 Standard--Player's Guide181Toughen self; spend recovery and roll step to add result to Health Ratings for [3] hours.
{B}Item History1+Perception8=9 Sustained--Player's Guide155Study item long term and learn Key Knowledges.

2nd Circle
{D}Fire Heal3+Willpower7=10 Sustained--Player's Guide129Gain extra recovery tests or suffer damage.
{B}Astral Sight1+Perception8=9 Standard1Player's Guide129See into the Astral Plane. Rank rounds, rank*10 yards.

Barsaive HistoryKnowledge2+Perception8=10 Standard--novice
Stone CarvingArtisan1+Charisma6=7 Sustained--novice
AlchemyGeneral3+Perception8=11 Sustained--novice
PhysicianGeneral2+Perception8=10 Sustained--novice
Speak LanguageGeneral3+Perception8=11 Standard--novice
Read LanguageGeneral3+Perception8=11 Standard--novice

Carrying Capacity: 60
Movement: 14
Initiative: Step d43
Karma: 6/8
Recovery/day: 2, Step d85
Half-Magic: Nature, The Elements, Elementals, Elemental Spirits, Elemental Magic. (Page 96, Player's Guide.)
Karma Mod: 4xCircle=8

Legend Points
Total: 5000
Current: 2700


Languages: Read/Write/Speak Dwarven, common tongueThroalic, Sperethiel, Obsidiman

Spellcasting: 11
Elementalist Weaving: 11
Willpower/Willforce: 7
Free Matrix: 2 (Earth Darts)
Free Matrix: 2 (Snuff)
Elementalist Spellcasting Rank: 2

Magic SpellsDisciplineCircleThreadsWeavingCastingRangeDurationEffect:Extra SuccessesExtra Threads
Earth DartsElementalistFirst05/10Target's Mystic DefTMD20 y2 rnds10 Physical (WIL+3); -2 Physical Armor+2 rnds+2 rnds, +2 effect, -2 armor, +10 y, +1 target
Purify WaterElementalistFirst15/106+ Target's Mystic DefTMDTouch1 round15 (WIL+8); Purifies water+2 effect+2 effect
ShelterElementalistFirst45/10620 y10 hCreates shelter+1 person+1 person; +2 detection, +10 y
SnuffElementalistFirst05/10Target's Mystic DefTMDTouch1 rnd2-yard radius; WIL+5, reduce fire damage step -2 per success; will gain back +1 per 2 min if not out+2 effect+2 effect, +2 y area
Air MattressElementalistSecond16/116Touch10 hSleep comfortably, gain +2 to first Recovery test+1 target+2 effect, -1 hour sleep req (min 4), +rank targets
Fingers of WindElementalistSecond26/11610 yRank +5 minLift/Move 10 lbs+2 min+2 min, +2 effect, +10 lbs., +10 y
Plant Feast (not learned)ElementalistThird37/12610 yrank h3 intact plants converted to full meals (1 per success)+2 effect+2 h, +2 effect

Equipment: Adventurer's kit, Dagger (A: 5 D: 6 R: 10/20), Grimoire (String of small stone cylinders carved with Obsidiman symbols), Carving tools, Traveler's Garb, 1 week's rations, Fernweave Armor (PA: 2|MA: 3), Ferndask (PA: +1|MA: +2).

200-125-22 = 53 Silver

Treasure: A ring given to her by Elder Waai'Tosh, made of stone from the Dreaming and wood from the Evertree braided together magically.

An attractive, well-liked young elf, with blond hair and violet eyes, she wears basic, outdoor clothing, and armor of leaves. She carries a shield of leaves and branches,
and she wears a bulky stone necklace. She prefers to stay in the background, listening to other people's stories most of the time, trying to understand how the universe fits together. She eschews the typical elven air of superiority, which made her friends among the most of the kaer but not in the elven community. Her attitude of openness and naivete gets her into trouble sometimes, but she always manages to sidestep the worst of the consequences through resourcefulness, the help of her friends, and sheer luck.

An Elementalist, she was apprenticed to Elder Waai'Tosh because of her family's high status in the elven community and her talent for magic. She should have finished her apprenticeship years ago, but she's always been most interested in hearing Waai'Tosh's stories from long ago, and her studies suffered as she was often able to trick him into telling long stories about the old times, when he should have been teaching her magic. However, she did eventually finish her training, and she was expected to take her place in the Elven community, and shake off the egalitarian folly of youth. Instead, she decided to escape those dreary duties, help out one of her best friends, and take the greatest opportunity for adventure she could imagine.

Hopes and Dreams:
She loves to listen to other peoples' stories, and the chance to hear any not set in Caer Darrow will thrill her.
She wants to forge her own legend, to live an amazing life, and to be able to tell her own story and keep people enthralled for hours with the excitement of it.
She wants to learn everything she can about the outside world and how the Universe fits together.
And she really hopes she won't get eaten by a horror. Or anything else. Sure, everyone hopes that, but she really, really doesn't want to get eaten.

What had she gotten herself into? She'd known Bak'ri was rough, but she'd thought with understanding and patience he would rise to positive expectations and be his best self. But, no. Things kept getting worse and worse. But still, she didn't regret her decision...
"Sindi, what am I going to do about Bak'ri?" Flik had been almost crying in terror, "He says I have to go with them. He told the elders I wanted to go, so now I can't even say no! Please, you always know what to do! Tell me!" The dwarf was wringing his hands now, and the dam of tears had burst down his cheeks, "He called me a coward! And... worse things..."

She hugged her friend, holding him tight, and whispered in his ear. Knowing this might be the last conversation she'd have with him. "I'll take care of it, ok? I've always dreamed of escaping the Kaer, but you belong here, taking care of the people. I'll come over later with a bottle of my special tonic, ok? It's going to knock you out, so make sure you're in bed when you drink it. I'll leave a note, that I took your place. I'll make sure what I write makes my father blame Bak'ri and me, and he won't even realize the connection with you. You just tell them you drank too much of my new brew and when you went to meet Bak'ri he was gone already. I'll make sure as many people as possible have the same story - I have a really tasty and potent recipe, that I don't use often."

Flik looked up at her, his voice squeaking in relief. "Really? You'd do that for me? But you know... Bak'ri... he's horrible... are you going to be ok?"

"Don't worry," she said, "I can handle him. And he won't give a thought to finding you, he just wants a spellcaster along, I'm sure he won't care who it is."
Well... she'd been wrong about handling him. The bullying had started early and been unrelenting. It was starting to get a dark edge to it, too. It was high time she left... Exploring without the big warriors, scary as it was, would be better than continuing to put up with his torments...

Once again, alchemy saved the day. OF COURSE Bak'ri expected her to make dinner every night. Well, at least she had magic to do the cooking. But the way he asked... she shuddered, and stroked her ears.

Well, she could guarantee the hangover would be the worst he had ever experienced. She felt the tips of her ears again. Healing or no, the pain and humiliation hadn't faded yet. She could do a lot worse than just make him sleep for twelve hours and wake up with a splitting headache... part of her wanted to... but that would not be a good way to start the story off.

As she prepared to leave, she was shocked, and panic-stricken, to see that one of the brothers was awake. But his first few words put her mind at ease. By the end, she was saddened, saying, "Best fortune to you. I truly hope you and your brother will be well."

So she hefted her pack, and walked into the forest with her windling friend, leaving the snoring brute behind her forever. Hopefully.

To the Universe, she thought, Let my mercy be the coin that buys us a fortunate path. Please?
Taken the Oath of Sangus

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Tresalamis - T'skrang Nethermancer, Third Circle

Character Sheet
right-aligned image
Attributes: STEP 6Dexterity 13 ~ STEP 5Strength 10 ~ STEP 6Toughness 13 ~ STEP 7Perception 17 ~ STEP 6Willpower 13 ~ STEP 7Charisma 17

Defenses: Physical Defense 8 (9 with buckler) ~ Mystic Defense 11 (12 with buckler) ~ Social Defense 10

Armor: Physical Armor 0 ~ Mystic Armor 3

Ratings: Unconscious Rating 29 ~ Death Rating 35 ~ Wound Threshold 9 ~ Carrying Capacity 80

Karma Points: 4

Durability 3Steel Thought [3]Spirit Talk [3]
Standard Matrix [-]Avoid Blow [3]*Stealthy Stride [3]*
Standard Matrix [-]  
Astral Sight [3]  
Frighten [3]  
Patterncraft [2]  
Spellcasting [3]  
Thread Weaving [3]  
Command Nightflyer [1]*  
*Optional Talents

FIRST CIRCLE - Astral Spear, Dark Messenger, Ethereal Darkness, Experience Death, Shadow Meld, Soul Armor, Soulless Eyes, Spirit Dart
SECOND CIRCLE - Shadow's Whisper

Barsaive History [3]Unarmed Combat [3]Cooking [1]
Creature Lore [1]Speak Language [2] - T'skrang, Dwarven 
Animal Handling [2]Read/Write Language [2] - T'skrang, Dwarven 

Adventurerís Kit (backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, torch, waterskin, large sack)
Cooking Tools
Travelerís Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, robe or breeches, travelerís cloak)
Trail Rations (1 week)
Crystal Buckler (Physical Defense +1 Mystic Defense +1, 5 lbs)

150 silver pieces

Legend Points:


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Fanfan - Elf Swordmaster

Character Sheet
right-aligned image

AttributeScoreStepAttributeScoreStep...Defenses...Armor...Durability: 3 
5 Physical9Physical3Wound Threshold8
5 Mystic7Mystic3Unconscious45
8 Social12  Death53

Initiative: DEX 77
Movement: 14
Karma: 4X3=12
Recovery/day: 2, step 5

SPECIAL: Elves have the racial traits of Can see 30 yards with a single torch; starlight on a clear night is sufficient lighting.Low-Light Vision.
NOTE: Left-handed.

{D1}Avoid Blow3+Dexterity7=10 Free1Player's Guide129Dodging attacks.
{D1}Maneuver3+Dexterity7=10 Simple1Player's Guide158Moving into a better position against an opponent (+def and +hit).
{D1}Melee Weapons3+Dexterity7=10 Standard0Player's Guide158Poking holes into bad guys.
{D1}Taunt3+Charisma8=11 Simple1Player's Guide173Piss opponent off. Penalties to SD and all tests.
{D1}Thread Weaving1+Perception5=6 Standard0Player's Guide174 
{O1}Winning Smile4+Charisma8=12 Standard0Player's Guide180Appear more attractive. Bonus to Interaction tests.
{KNACK}Flirting4+Charisma8=12 Standard0Player's Guide196Winning Smile
{D2}First Impression2+Charisma8=10 Standard0Player's Guide147Improve Attitude.
{O2}Impressive Display3+ =Varies Simple1Player's Guide154Bonus to Interaction tests.
{D3}Riposte2+Dexterity8=10 Standard0Player's Guide165Parry and counter-attack an opponent.
{O3}Speak Language2+Perception5=7 Standard1Player's Guide167Human, T'skrang

Speak LanguageLanguage2+Perception5=7 Sustained--Throalic, Sperethiel,
R/W LanguageLanguage1+Perception5=6 Sustained--Throalic,
Puppet MakingArtisan2+Charisma8=10 Sustained--novice
Telling the tale (puppeteering)Knack-as-Skill3+Charisma8=11 Sustained--As Emotion Song
The Serpent RiverKnowledge2+Perception5=7 Standard--novice
AwarenessGeneral2+Perception5=7 Sustained--novice
ConversationGeneral1+Charisma8=9 Sustained--novice
Mimic VoiceGeneral1+Charisma8=9 Sustained--novice

Spoken: Throalic(S), Sperethiel(S), Human(T), T'skrang(T)
Read/Write: Throalic(S)

Equipment Weight Cost
Adventuring Kit w. Tent 6.8 25
Wealthy Traveler's Garb .6 32
Sewing/puppet making tools ??? N/A
Dagger 1 N/A
Broadsword (rapier) 4 25
Trail Rations (1 week) 1.6 N/A
Espagra Cloak 10 200
Firefly chalk 0 12
Whistle 1 0.2

Weapon Attack Step Damage Step Short RangeLong Range
Dagger Dex 8, Melee Weapons 3, D10+D811 Str 6, Damage 2, 2D68   
Broadsword Dex 8, Melee Weapons 3, D10+D811 Str 6, Damage 5, D10+D811   

Legend Points: 5000/100
Money: 5.8silver
Carrying Capacity: 25/125

As you all walk in the village, you start noticing groups of small children all running excitedly toward the same direction. Turning a corner, you are witness to a rather strange scene:
Several children are sitting on the ground, facing what appears to be a makeshift stage made of wood and fabrics. Behind the stage, a man is sitting on his knees and seems to entertain his young audience by telling a story using several puppets, making them act the scenes he describes, switching from one puppet to another as the story progresses:

‘And on that day, on the floating barge-city of the Scavians, was born the elf Fanfan. As soon as he was old enough to talk, everyone around him could tell that he had been blessed by Astendar since his beauty was only equaled by his grace and the sharpness of his wits. But alas, as it is often the case for those so gifted, jealousy entered the hearts of some of the people around him; for every lass who was enthralled by his charms and for every lad who laughed at his jokes, a rival was plotting against him. But little did he care about such trivial things.

His gracious mother and wise father being both adepts, it was no surprise when it was found that Fanfan had the potential as well but, while his heart wished to honor Astendar by becoming the greatest Troubadour that Barsaive had ever known, his community needed stout fighters to defend it and the whole floating village pressured him to become a Warrior. He eventually found a compromise between both Disciplines and became a master of the blade and tongue; a Swordmaster!

As he fought to protect his people, his legend grew and the fame brought him even more love from the ladies, more friendship from his companions and more resents from the jealous. Was it his fault that, as a true devotee to the Passion of Love and Beauty, he could not refuse the advances made toward him? The blacksmith was quite angry when he caught him in his daughter’s bed, but Fanfan protested that the father was partly responsible for the poor lass did not even knew that she was beautiful. The human’s anger at the dashing Swordmaster only grew stronger when he found him in his own bed beside his lovely wife.

The blacksmith called for him to be punished by the barge-city leader (called Helmsman among the Scavians) but the value of the fighter adept to the community was too high and Fanfan walked away free. Over the next few years, this scenario repeated itself several time; the daughter of the cooper, who had been promised to an old and ugly landlord, the wife of the master carpenter, whom was cheated by her husband, and even the sister of the first mate, among many others, came to his arms to find comfort and understanding and yet, by selflessly helping those ladies in need, he made even more enemies amongst the envious.

How long would have that situation had continued before someone found the courage to challenge his blade? We will never know; for one night, Astendar herself appeared in his dreams and warned him of a grave danger; the (human) wife of the (human) Helmsman had just given birth to a beautiful daughter… with pointy ears.

Would Fanfan had been able to win against the combined might of the Helmsman and the many other men who were coming from him now that he had lost the protection of the leader? Perhaps, but although he was a formidable fighter, he had trained his tongue much more than his blade; a Swordmaster specialization known as ‘Gallant’. Thus, hastily putting his meager possessions into a bag, he gave one last kiss to the lovely daughter of the village alchemist who had been sharing his bed that night and jumped naked in the cold Byrose River and swam to the shore undetected.

What happened to him afterward you ask? Well, he walked to the nearest town of course. The magnificent white walls of Travar brought tears to his eyes. For a few weeks he lived there but with little money to his name he had but two choices before him:

Would he sell some of the jewelry he owned?’

As he says that, you notice the sunlight reflecting on the MANY earring suspended on his long ears as well as the perhaps dozen or so varied bracelets on his wrists and forearms.

‘Of course not, what kind of Scavian would he be without all that dazzles? Thus, he was left with the other, nearly as dreaded, option; finding work!

And this is how he ended here; he had heard in Travar of this village request for help and decided to offer his services. But it would appear he arrived too late as other heroes have already provided salvation to your people. What will happen now to poor Fanfan? Only time will tell.’

Getting up, he bows to his audience with a florid hat movement under the clapping and laughters of the children.

Standing before you is a young-looking elf with long black hair being held in place by a scarf under his large, plumed, hat. His clothes are of a flamboyant cut, mostly scarlet and white. On his right hip, an elegant rapier dangle from his belt. A smile appears on his face, framed by a black goatee and a thin but wide mustache on his upper lip, as he notices you.

‘Ha-ha! The aforementioned heroes I assume. Greetings! I am named Fanfan, at your service.'

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Khara Venge - 3rd Circle Dwarven Nethermancer

AttributeScoreStepAttributeScoreStep...Defences...Armor...HealthDurability: 3
7 Physical8/10Physical5Wound Threshold11
7 Mystical10Mystical4Unconscious34+9=43
5 Social7  Death41+12=53
       Initiative6-Armor4Recovery Tests3

1st Circle
{Free}Standard Matrix 12+--=-- ----Player's Guide170Holds pattern of a spell for safe spellcasting
{Free}Standard Matrix 22+--=-- ----Player's Guide170Holds pattern of a spell for safe spellcasting
{D}Astral Sight3+Perception7=10 Simple1Player's Guide129Peer into the Astral Realm; vs 6/MD, Rank Rounds, Rank x10 yards.
{D}Frighten3+Willpower7=10 Standard--Player's Guide149Stare into target's eyes and roll vs MD. Gives -2/Success to tests for Rank Rounds. Will vs Frighten Step can end effect.
{D}Patterncraft3+Perception7=10 Standard--Player's Guide161Read/Write magic, identify spells, learn new spells, creating spells and magic items etc., see text for full description.
{D}Spellcasting3+Perception7=10 Standard--Player's Guide168Act of casting spell vs specific defense or target number, see spell description.
{D}NethermancyThreadweaving3+Perception7=10 Standard--Player's Guide174Spellcasters use magical threads to power their spells as well as bond magical items and weave powers to pattern items. Rank# maximum permanent threads. Spell threads do not count towards this limit. Used for re-attuning spell matrices.
{O}Awareness3+Perception7=10 Simple0Player's Guide129Replaces Perception tests in most cases.

2nd Circle
{D}Steel Thought3+Willpower7=10 Free1Player's Guide170Resist abilities that target MD. Can use a number of times equal to Rank, but only once per effect.
{O}Stealthy Stride2+Dexterity6=8 Simple0Player's Guide170Move at half-speed, sets target for Perception to notice.

3rd Circle
{D}Spirit Talk2+Perception7=9 Standard1Player's Guide169Can talk to spirits and entities, regardless of language or even lack of speech. Roll vs target's MD, on Success can talk for Rank minutes. Doesn't compel them to talk, just makes it possible.
{O}Novice Talent Option, must use LP to advanceStandard Matrix 32+--=-- ----Player's Guide170Holds pattern of a spell for safe spellcasting

Magic TheoryKnowledge2+Perception7=9 Standard--novice
Horror LoreKnowledge1+Perception7=8 Standard--novice
Spirit LoreKnowledge1+Perception7=8 Standard--novice
Barsaive HistoryKnowledge1+Perception7=8 Standard--novice
Alchemy&PotionsKnowledge1+Perception7=8 Standard--novice
Wardrobe & StyleArtisan1+Charisma5=6 Standard--novice
Disarm TrapTalent as Skill1+Dexterity6=7 Standard1novice
ResearchTalent as Skill2+Perception7=9 Sustained--novice
AlchemyGeneral2+Perception7=9 Sustained--novice
Avoid BlowTalent as Skill1+Dexterity6=7 Free1novice
Languages: Throalic, Or'zet

Carrying Capacity:80
Move: 10
Karma Mod: 4xCircle=12

Legend Points
Total: 5000
Current: 200

Hide Armor (5/1/-1), Footman's Shield (+2 / -1)
Writing Kit
Adventurer's Kit (Backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, torch, waterskin, large sack)
Traveler's Garb
"Style" kit - assorted changes of clothes, ribbons, cheap jewelry, simple cosmetics; total value ~25 silver

12 Silver

Pure optimism

Spellcasting Rank: 3
Nethermancy: 3
Willpower/Willforce: 7
Free Matrix 1: 3
Free Matrix 2: 3
Opt Matrix 3: 2

Ex SuccExtra Threads
Ethereal Darkness--1Target's Mystic DefTMDTouchR+5 rndCreate a sphere of darkness, giving Full Darkness penalty in 4-yard sphere. Those with Nethermancy are immune.+2 rndRange +10 yards, Area +2 yards
Experience Death--1Target's Mystic DefTMD20 yrdR+5 rndExperience another's dying moments. Gain WIL+5 temporary DPs to absorb damage taken, MA protects, cannot take Wounds.+2 EffDuration +2 rnd, Effect +2, Range +10 yards
Life Circle of One--16*TouchR MinsCreate 4-yard radius circle to repel undead, Horrors, or Horror Constructs. Roll Spellcasting vs entity's MD, success repels & does WIL+2/M damage. Can only repel 1/rnd.+2 minDuration +2 min, Effect +2, Area +2 yards
Shadow Meld11Target's Mystic DefTMDTouchR min+4 to Stealthy Stride tests+2 DurDuration +2 min, Effect +2
Soul Armor--1Target's Mystic DefTMD10 yrdR min+3 to Mystic Armor+2 DurDuration +2 min, Effect +2 MA, Range +10 yrd, Target +1
Spirit Dart--0Target's Mystic DefTMD20 yrd2 rndWIL+2/M damage, reduce MA by 2+2 DurEffect +2 Dam, Effect -2 MA, Target +1
Spirit Grip20Target's Mystic DefTMDTouch2 rndWIL+2/M damage, MD and PD -2+2 DurEffect +2 Dam, Effect -1 Defenses
Ex SuccExtra Threads
Shield Mist30Target's Mystic DefTMDSelfR+5 rnd+4 to Avoid Blow+2 DurEffect +2

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Tharkul - 3rd Circle Orcish Warrior

[IMG][/IMG]Image goes here

Thanks to Utsukushi for the character sheet I've blatently ripped off.

AttributeScoreStepAttributeScoreStep...Defences...Armor...HealthDurability: 7
5 Physical10/11Physical3Wound Threshold12
3 Mystical6Mystical1Unconscious38+21-3=56
4 Social6  Death46+24-3=67
     Initiative7+Tiger Spring11+Tiger Dance14+KRecovery Tests4+K

1st Circle
{D}Avoid Blow3+Dexterity7=10 Free1Player's Guide129Dodge, TN is attack result.
{D}Melee Weapons4+Dexterity7=11 Standard--Player's Guide158Pointy end goes into the squishy bits. TN: PysDef.
{D}Tiger Spring4+Dexterity7=11 Free1Player's Guide175Improve initiative by rank.
{D}Wood Skin4+Toughness8=12 Standard--Player's Guide181Spend recovery to gain temp HP.
{D}War WeavingThreadweaving3+Perception5=8 Standard--Player's Guide174Bond magical items and weave powers to pattern items. Rank# maximum permanent threads.
{O}Acrobatic Defense1+Dexterity7=10 Simple1Player's Guide124Improves physDef 2/success vs highest enemy physDef in CC.

2nd Circle
{D}Wound Balance3+Strength7=10 Free0Player's Guide181Knockdown tests.
{O}Maneuver1+Dexterity7=8 Simple1Player's Guide158TN enemy physDef +2/success to physDef and first attack against target.

3rd Circle
{D}Air Dance3+Dexterity7=10 Free2Player's Guide124Replaces initiative tests. CC enemy beatern by 10+ get free attack after enemy's turn.
{O}Tactics3+Perception5=8 Standard0Player's Guide172TN enemy commander's SD. +1 to attack/damage/any defense (pick one). Rankx20 targets for rank minutes.

CookingArtisan3+Charisma4=7 Standard--novice
StreetwiseSkill3+Charisma4=7 Standard--novice
Orc LoreKnowledge2+Perception5=8 Standard--novice
AwarenessTalent as Skill3+Perception5=8 Standard--novice
Languages: Or'zet, Throalic

Carrying Capacity:175
Move: 12
Karma Mod: 5xCircle=15

Legend Points
Total: 5000
Current: 0

Leather Armor (3/0/0), Buckler (+1 / 0)
Obsidian-tipped Spear
Dagger (included w/ starting)
Basic cooking equipment (artisan tools)
Adventurer's Kit (Backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, torch, waterskin, large sack)
Traveler's Garb
Desperate Blow Charm

1 Silver

Pure cynicism


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