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Application for Baxan
left-aligned image
Credit to Caio Santos,

Name: Lt. Baxan Arthic

Race: Silver Dragonborn

Class: Paladin (Oath of Conquest)

Background: Soldier (officer)

Character Sheet

Stat Rolls
Personality Traits:
-I can stare down a hell hound without flinching.
-I face problems head-on. A simple, direct solution is the best path to success.

-Responsibility. I do what I must and obey just authority. (Lawful)

-I'll never forget the crushing defeat my company suffered or the enemies who dealt it.

-My hatred of my enemies is blind and unreasoning.

Physical Description:

RP Sample:

OOC: I love the idea of the rolls guiding the character creation, as opposed to just being another thing on a to-do list. It also makes you really have to get a little creative with racial selection. I am very curious to see how this works out.


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Application for Sera
right-aligned image

Name: Sera
Race: Dragonborn(Draconblood)
Class: Wizard
Background: Sage
Stat rolls
Long white flowing hair on a jet black skin and medium sized wings.
Sera is warm and caring and generally will do what is best for the group she is apart of. She is very defined about fairness and that everyone's role is just as important as another.
Personality Traits:
I'm used to helping out those who aren't as smart as I am, and I patiently explain anything and everything to others.
Self-Improvement. The goal of a life of study is the betterment of oneself
I work to preserve a library, university, scriptorium, or monastery.
Most people scream and run when they see a demon. I stop and take notes on its anatomy.
Sera came from a poor household that could barely support enough to feed them all. She began showing amazing intellect and aptitude for magic at a very young age bringing the attention of the areas local wizard. He was a old human who took her in and treated her very well but was very strict about stopping her shenanigans' and chaotic nature to better grasp reason and logic as her facet to run her magic from. "We are not sorcerers Sera! We use reason, logic and intellect to channel our magic not some damn whimsical feelings or fiendish overlord. We are what create the magic. Our intellect and our skill are what form our spells remember that and don't let your emotions go wild." With that her apprenticeship just starting she took his words to heart and filled her childhood with learning.

Having been an apprentice for nearly 10 years she begins to take her first steps towards becoming a wizard her master and mentor would be proud of as well as to fill a house of her own with knowledge that she may one day share with an apprentice of her own.

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Application for Marlis
left-aligned image

Name: Marlis Tinkerfoot

Race: Rock Gnome

Class: Wizard

Personality: Marlis is a pretty happy-go-lucky type character who is at home with all types of people. She does, however, have a serious side, which drives her thirst for knowledge and desire to preserve the knowledge of the realm.

Appearance: Marlis was not only small in relative terms of gnomish height, she was so slight she looked like she would blow over in the slightest breeze. She wore a cloak that seemed too large for her, almost dragging the ground as she walked. Other than her size, she was fairly unassuming with dark brown hair and brown eyes, and no particular features that would set her out from any other gnome.

Background: Sage - Researcher

Personality Traits: Marlis is a very patient soul and understanding to the fact that not all those around her are quite as smart as she is. She will take the time to explain things to those who do not understand.

Ideal: Knowledge is all – without knowledge we do not grow and we do not become more powerful.

Bond: Appreciative of the knowledge she gained in her home town, Marlis is dedicated to preserving the ancient lore held within her home village of Rivvenastorp.

Flaw: What? You know something I don’t? Let’s drop everything and tell me all about it.

Backstory: An only child, Marlis was loved and cherished by her parents; so much so, she was overly protected from everything – you see, Marlis was a tiny little thing who was always smaller than the other gnome children, and her parents always looked out for her welfare.

Over time, Marlis grew in other ways – her unquenchable thirst for knowledge very quickly consumed her, and she spent all her time with her nose buried in a book. She started to develop skills in the magical arts, and soon she had discovered a number of small 'tricks' she could conjure up.

Recognising her intelligence and developing magical abilities, Marlis’ parents arranged to have their daughter escorted to some of the most prestigious libraries and universities in the realm so that she could learn. She also spent time with a number of wizards, who helped her develop her magical skills. Over time, Marlis developed knowledge and understanding far beyond the average person, and an understanding of the skills of magic.

While Marlis’ knowledge grew and grew, something else grew within her – she started to feel a yearning to explore the world, to explore beyond a book, to experience the things she had read about. Eventually the desire became overwhelming, and Marlis decided to head out into the wider world to gather some real world experience.

Character Sheet:

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right-aligned image

Name: Mordecai Loordus
Race: Human
Class: Wizard (Necromancer)
Personality: Mordecai is a grim man who takes joy in the macabe, with a sadisctic streak when in combat. Still he can often be found snarling at others as he is made to team up with others to further his own ends. Despite all his traits, those of inquisitive minds, or those that refuse to be shackled by fate might, or see past a black and white world, just might find him to be a bit less standoffish.
Description: A lanky and gaunt man draped in crimson robes. Mordecai looks very much like a walking corpse himself and his sickly health is not helping him in that regard. When his hood is not covering hi face, his silver hair is swept back and starting to recede back. His eyes carry a sickly yellow tint to them as well and his smile hen he chooses to wear one, is always near that of a sinister or mocking grin.

Background: Sage
Personality Traits: All undead fascinate me. I collect any scrap of necromancer lore I can find. 2.)My macabre humor often makes it hard for other to tell if I'm joking
Ideal: Knowledge is the path to power and to the secrets of Undeath
Bond:My dark pursuits have made me the black sheep of my university of magic.
Flaw:Unlocking the secrets of an ancient mystery is worth the price of a few civilizations.

Bio: Mordecai grew up a rather sickly child but with a good head on his shoulders. While his health always seemed to be poorer then those around him, his brains got him into a magic academy where he began to slowly delve more and more into necromancy and the less prestigious arts. His peers more shunned him but he was a rather versed expert on the matter which the acadamy found they could use

Years of toiling under the constraints he lived in became stifling. Even after leaving the academy things were not easy for him. There was too many factors in play against him. Holy Orders, inquisitions, and interlopers of various kinds. These were only a handful of problems he had to endure. But if his home land was too hostile to his research, then he needed a change of location. There was one place he could think of, across the vast ocean in a land barley yet to be tamed by the world. He began to save up his coin and eventually made way our to sea boarding a ship that will take him to Westhaven, where he might finally be free to begin his own journey for power, and the secrets to the undead.

Character Sheet

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right-aligned image

Name: Jaira Hindswether

Race: Rock Gnome

Class: Wizard

Personality: Jaira is a stout gnome who has spent most of her life studying in towers. She tends to appreciate books more than people, and her social skills are less than developed. All of her life she has found more companionship with the wizened elders with their noses in old tomes than any of the students her own age, and as a result she has a hard time making friends.

Background: Jaira is a wizard fresh out of her apprenticeship. She has little experience with spells outside of basic defensive enchantments, and though she may be getting in over her head she's excited for adventures and opportunities. Who knows, maybe she'll survive long enough to make something of herself.

Character Sheet:

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Name: Rolf
Class: Barbarian
Race: Half Orc
Background: Outlander
Description: Rolf is something of a hulking brute, standing 6’4” tall and weighing 250 pounds. He inherited a lot of his father’s looks, so his skin is a light grayish green and his eyes are a dark green as well. He has mostly Orc facial features, so he can’t pass as human. He keeps his head shaved to show off a long scar that runs in a line across the top of his head. If anyone looks closely they can also see the top of his head is dented in a little where the bones didn’t heal quite right from the blow that gave him the scar. He wears well worn leather boots, and pants and a short sleeved tunic that have seen a lot of travel. He also has a huge brown bearskin that he wears as a cloak, with the clasp being the front paws, which still have their claws. He has a tattoo of a nose on his right forearm.
Personality Trait: I place no stock in wealthy or well-mannered folk. Money and manners won’t save you from a hungry owlbear. Rolf is quick to anger and quick to laugh. If he is insulted he will lash out, but once he delivers a beating, or whatever level of violence he deems necessary to address the insult, it is quickly forgotten. He plans to tattoo his exploits on his body, so even when he is gone his story will remain, as long as he can find someone to tan his hide after his death.
Ideal: Glory: I must earn honor in battle for myself and my clan.
Bond: I am the last of my tribe and it is up to me to make sure their names enter legend.
Flaw: Violence is my answer to almost any challenge.

Rolf grew up in the Iron Claw Orc tribe in the grasslands and rolling foothills at the base of a mountain range. The tribe had made a truce with a nomadic tribe of humans that travelled through the area a few times each year. The orc and human chieftains both had younger sons that needed wives, as well as an unmarried daughter, so the truce was celebrated with a double wedding, and Rolf was born not long after. He took after his father physically, but his mother also had her influence. She was able to blunt the harsher attitudes of the full blood orcs so Rolf never engaged in the more vicious activities of the tribe.

Life in the Iron Claw tribe could be brutal. Those who were too weak were left to die, and the adults would not intervene in the fights of the children. Rolf was as rough and tumble as the other children, but a boy named Goresh, who was a year older, took great pleasure in beating him almost every day. Rolf would always fight back, but Goresh was bigger and stronger, so it never made any difference. Finally, Rolf had had enough, so one day he decided to strike first. Goresh was talking to some other boys when Rolf spotted him and he leapt on the larger boy with a scream of rage. Goresh went down in a rain of blows and Rolf jumped on top of him and kept swinging. Unfortunately, the surprise wore off and Goresh grabbed both of Rolf’s hands and smiled cruelly. Before Goresh could take advantage of grabbing Rolf, the younger boy closes his mouth over Goresh’s nose and bit down until he tore off a large hunk of flesh. Goresh bellowed in pain and let go of Rolf to put his hands over his face. Rolf looked at the older boy with a large, bloody grin and swallowed Goresh’s nose. He then picked up a rock and laughed as he beat Goresh unconscious.

As sometimes happens with young boys, Rolf and Goresh became close friends after the fight. They began combat training together and, when they beat each other bloody now, it had a purpose and there was no malice in it. As they got older Goresh and Rolf would go hunting together and they always fought next to each other when the tribe raided their rival orc tribe in the area, the Bloody Fang’s.

Eventually word came that the nomadic tribe they had a treaty with had a new chief. The old chief’s children had all died in battle or from disease and he had finally succumbed to an illness himself. The new chief, Hyrim, had never liked being allied with them, so the Iron Claw chief was sure it would end. So he declared that when the humans next passed through the area, they would launch a raid on them. However, Hyrim didn’t wait for that to happen. When it was still about a month from when the humas were expected, Rolf woke up one night to the sound of battle. He grabbed his axe and left his hut to join in the fight. Everything was chaos, but he soon saw they were under attack by the humans and by the Bloody Fang tribe. It seemed they had made an alliance and launched a surprise attack. Rolf cut his way through several humans before he managed to see Goresh, surrounded by dead foes, whit his huge bloody maul wreaking havoc. Rolf joined his friend and they slaughtered several humans and orcs, but the attack was well coordinated and his tribe was taken completely by surprise, so they weren’t able to mount any sort of proper defense. Rolf and Goresh were soon surrounded and the last thing Rolf remembers from the fight is cutting a human almost in two, but being unable to recover his axe in time to completely block the sword that was being swung down on the top of his head. He felt terrible pain, and then nothing.

When Rolf regained consciousness, he was lying under Goresh’s dead body and his village was mostly in ashes. He was the only member of the tribe to have survived. He managed to gather some weapons and enough supplies to survive and he left the only home he ever knew. As the last of his people he had vowed to achieve enough glory that they will be remembered, and to some day return home and kill Hyrim and as many of his tribe and Bloody Fangs as possible.

Character Sheet

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right-aligned image


Character sheet: Link

Rolls: Link

Name: Evandur Fulgur

Race: Human

Class: Sorcerer (Draconic Bloodline - Blue)

Background: Mercenary Veteran (SCAG)

Appearance: A lean and strong bodied man with spiky black hair adorned by white stripes and an almost always shaved face. Under thin black eyebrows rest a set of piercing blue eyes that are like the ocean on a clear day.

His fine outfit is colored blue, red and gold, the colors of his old mercenary unit. The only weapons that can be seen on his person are two daggers strapped to his hips.

Personality: A very serious and down-to-earth type of man. After countless skirmishes and years of war, Evan learned close-hand the lesson of mortality as he got to see many of his friends and die on the battlefield. To survive he learned to detach himself emotionally from these that were around him to the point where he barely felt anything when they died.

However, when someone does pierce his inner armor and finds a way to his heart, Evan will do anything to keep him alive.

Personality Traits:
I can stare down a hell hound without flinching.
Ideals aren’t worth killing over or going to war for. Gold is.
I’ll never forget the crushing defeat my company suffered or the enemies who dealt it.
I made a terrible mistake in battle cost many lives and I would do anything to keep that mistake secret.

Backstory: Evan was the only son of a wealthy nobleman. Throughout his childhood the boy was the center of many unexplained phenomena, many of which had negative implications. From a stable burning down as he picked up hey to a lighting hitting a boy that was picking on him, many weird events happened to him as he was growing up. Luckily for him, his father had the power and influence to keep him from too much trouble.

At the age of 13 the boy underwent a ritual of weird origins that he could barely understand the meaning behind it. He was told that it was an important ceremony during which an old robbed man uttered words that were meaningless to him. After the ceremony his father set down with him and told him that he was the blessing of Fulguranus, an ancient blue dragon known as 'The one of lighting'. The blessing of Fluguranus was a myth told around the Fulgur house which told of pact between the first of this house and the ancient dragon Fulguranus. In the myth, the house and its people were made to serve the lightning dragon and in return gained fame and power and rose to the ranks they hold today. They continued serving him until he departed. Right before he did, the dragon promised that he will bless a child in one of the future generations and that child will have his power. He promised that this child will raise this house to the top most rank and will become a king, ushering a new era in the kingdom.

Afterward his conversation with his father, Evan left his house and went to live with the old hermit that conducted the ritual that was used to verify that the child really had magic powers. For two years the boy learned how to control and use his powers so that he would no longer cause them to erupt from him without him noticing, as would happen in his youth.

At the age of 15 Evandur's father called on him and he returned home. He found a much more hostile environment then he recalled. It seemed that the king has died a year past and his son has taken the throne. The son was cruel and unjust his father told him and has risen the tax on all noble men. His father explained that the king was trying to steal from the wealthy men of the kingdom to help the worthless peasants and that it was a spit in the face of everyone who ever helped him and his father out. His father explained that this was what the legacy of their house was all about. The day when they cut down the evil king and sit Evendur on the throne has finally come. And so, the noble houses and their bannermen rose up against the king and his army in an attempt to overthrow the existing monarchy. Unfortunately they have failed. Evandur's father was captured along with many of the noblemen and they were all executed. Evendur was able to escape along with some of the lucky few, fleeing the kingdom as wanted men.

While powerful once, the band of outlawed ex-nobles were reduced to nothing and for the first time in their lives had to tackle hardships and conflicts on a daily basis. The group didn't survive together for long and only a short few weeks later the boy found himself alone and from a boy that was given everything he wanted his entire life he became a teen without anything. It was at that point that Evandur had to start caring for himself.

By luck the teen came across a recruitment notice of a mercenary unit known as 'The diamond company' and signed up. The diamond company were one of the largest mercenary units in the area. They had so many people that they could act as an entire army for a kingdom or turn a small army into a large force.

And just like that, the teen's entire life changed into a military one, his former life of comfort and wealth turned into campfires and bloodshed. While not the only magic user in the company, these that could wield devastating magical powers was rare in the lower ranks. with his noble background, his magical abilities and his high charisma and persuasion abilities, Evan slowly climbed the ranks until he made platoon captain at the age of 19.

By the age of 20 Evandur became on of the most popular captains in the company. His noble background and charismatic nature provided him with the type of flair that separated him from the regular soldiers and his magic abilities allowed him a special type of prowess in battle which made him stand out even more. It was at that point that he started focusing his ambitions on his next role, a general.

This, however, turned out to be a mistake. At that level, Evandur was no longer a star. His noble background, having been cut short due to his father's ambition, was not established enough to buy him the knowledge in politics that he needed to fit in with the aristocrats of upper rankings and his lack of tactical knowledge was a glass ceiling that he found hard to shatter. As a platoon captain, he was great at providing orders to his soldiers and getting orders from his superiors, but he had no idea how to create strategies for an entire legion which was required for a promotion.

Regardless, he kept pushing for that role, trying to do everything he could to gain more fame. Unfortunately for him there was another captain that was gaining fame among the leadership of the company. One that came from nobility but still held his title and had friends in high places. Not only that but he was trained as a tactician and learned many strategies from war books. He was also versed in the art of politics and knew how to play the game.

With each campaign, Evandur noticed how he was starting to fall while his new nemesis rose. From a promising star that was always recognized and admired to second best. While not as dire, this reminded him of the day his noble status was stolen by his father and he became nothing but a bagger and had to start everything from scratch. Perhaps it was his fear of going through it again, but Evan knew that he had to beat his nemesis no matter what.

It was during a final skirmish against a band of orcs where Evan's life collapsed upon itself for a second time. Evan's group was the main line, pushing through the forest and working their way into the orc's camp. However, the orcs had reinforcement that the company didn't know they would have and Evan's group were fighting against a larger force then they were prepared to meet. A carrier informed Evan that his nemesis was leading a force down the mountain behind the orc's camp to flank them and that Evan's new orders was to keep the orcs occupied while the other force falls on them from behind and eliminates them.

From the carrier, Evan understood that this was his nemesis's idea. When he was given command of the main line he believed that this was a sign that he was still in favor. He knew that the leadership of the company were looking for a new general and thought that this was his time to prove himself, however, it seemed now that he was only to play a side role in his nemesis's rise to power. Filled with fear and anger, Evan made the biggest mistake in his life.. He ordered the full might of his platoon to charge the enemies barricades. The only thing on his mind was making sure that when his nemesis finally made it down the mountain he would see that the orcs wee already defeated.

Evan's force won at the end but it was a hellish battle for them and Evan ended up losing almost all of his forces to attain his victory. Fearing that the carrier would report that he disobeyed his order, Evan killed him with the spear of a dead orc, framing his dead enemy for the carrier's death.

The payment that the company made for getting rid of the orcs wasn't nearly as much as they have lost in that battle. However, with a little gold and some promises, Evan was able to bribe the surviving members of his platoon to lie and help him weave a tale of his own. What his superiors learned that happen was quite different then what really did. They learned that he did what was asked of him, keeping his barricade strong and the orcs occupied, waiting for his backup to arrive. However, it seemed that the orcs captured the carrier while he was heading back and learned that another force was coming down the mountain and that they were trapped. The fear and desperation in the orcs eyes were evident (as Evan and his men would tell) as they charged the platoon's barricade with such rage and ferocity that they were able to keep running forward even as the arrows pierced their bodies. Hell.. It was like their orcish god of war himself was fueling them and pushing them forward, giving them beyond humanoid strength and endurance. From the way Evan told the story, it was only thanks to his quick thinking and planning that he was able to win the fight.

Even though he was not blamed for what happened and came out as a hero from that encounter, his guilt was eating at him alive. He knew everyone in his platoon and many people he cared for died because of his idiocy and poor judgement. He tried to keep going but he lost his will to lead more people and soon afterwards he quit the company.

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Azzymandarius, the Crippled Monk:
right-aligned image

Name: Azzymandarius (Azzy)
Race: Human
Class: Monk
Background: Entertainer (Tumbler)
Personality traits:
-I love a good insult, even one directed at me.
-Nobody stays angry at me or around me for long, since I can defuse any amount of tension.
-Creativity. The world is in need of new ideas and bold action. (Chaotic)
-People. I like seeing the smiles on people’s faces when I perform. That’s all that matters. (Neutral)
-I would do anything for the other members of my old troupe.
-I am very weak of body, a defect from my birth. It makes me rely on others often.

Appearance: Azzymandarius is far shy of six feet tall by a whole head at least. He is constantly garbed in a long cloak with a fur lined neck and sewn embroidery in swirls of gold thread, it's a might ratty at the bottom edges from constant use. His hair is shaved on the sides and wild on the top while his goatee is about all the hair he can grow on his face. He wears a ruby earring in his left ear, a token from an adoring fan. His clothes beneath the cloak, while not seen often, are far simpler than the cloak, a light shirt that ties at the neck and breaches that looked like they were dug out of a dumpster all hung on a skeletal frame of a body even for a young kid of seventeen summers. His feet are always bare and the bottoms are lined with calluses from a life spent on the road. His dark brown eyes are usually half-lidded but watchful until something really exciting happens. He tends to watch and calculate, a cunning hidden behind those eyes.

Personality: Azzy always seems laid back and ready to laugh, laughter comes easy as he tends to joke around a lot. He doesn't seem to get angry about anything, he seems slow and cautious at best but he is ready to always talk about his past performances and all the fun he had. Despite his small size and obvious reason to be down or sad, he often springs into random bursts of acrobatics. He doesn't like anyone near him to be sad or upset and will often try to cheer them up or at least talk to them and help make them feel better.

Backstory: Azzymandarius was born to a slave woman or a redlight district sort, the kind who couldn't support a child or even wanted one, Azzy was an accident of the trade, more than likely. He wouldn't know for sure since he never knew her. She took one look at the frail, fragile, skin-and-bones infant and sold him on the street to the first person who came along. Luckily, a more fit mother was in town at that very moment. The Mysterious Madam Zuko with the Kalishney Circus was in town and while she was already in her mid-forties, she fell in love with the poor child and the idea of being a mother. She would have paid all her money to save Azzy but the mother wanted no more than a few copper.

Now, Madam Zuko didn't like to tell Azzy stories of his birthmother only because the Madam had no intention of speaking ill of her because she did bring a wonderful gift into the world. While Zuko couldn't provide much more than the birth mother for little Azzy, she did live comfortably with the Kalishney Circus in her own tent. Madam Zuko was only mysterious because she was from a far away country in the East, bringing with her many things from her home that seemed strange to the others in the Circus. As Azzy grew, Zuko nurtured the boy and taught him everything he would need to stay alive and to make a living alongside the circus, according to her upbringing, at least.

As Azzymandarius grew into a young man, he began working alongside his surrogate mother in a new act, sparring in the fashion of her country, tumbling about and leaping with great agility, While his body was weak of limb, he was very quick and in time, tireless. The act brought in many customers and brought many admirers of the two. It was in one very cold locale that Azzy met Ana, a girl about his age whom he spent much time with until the circus moved on. He had grown very close to her in the two weeks they lingered and before he left, Ana gave him one of her ruby earrings to remember her by. Needless to say, Azzy was hopelessly in love and so was this girl but he would never see her again.

Only weeks after meeting Ana, in a town that looked down on the circus troupe as vagabonds, n'er-do-wells and even thieves, attacked the tents on the third night of the event. In the shuffle, Azzy was nearly crushed beneath a tentpole if not for his surrogate mother. Unfortunately, Azzy had no way of helping her back, She knew this and gave her only real possession, her small drum to Azzy and told the boy to flee. As the weak and grief-stricken boy crumbled in a heap just far enough away from the fire, cradling the drum in his thin, stick-like arms, he was forced to accept the fact that he was helpless.

With the few possessions he had left, he made a vow that he would become stronger and live in memory of Madam Zuko and the only family he had known even if he knew that it would be very difficult and he would need lots of help.

Character Sheet: Here
Stats: Here

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Name: Tolan Meadowcreek
right-aligned image

Race: Halfling
Class: Rogue
Ability Rolls

Personality: Tolan always enjoys being the center of attention and sharing stories with someone over drinks. A happy go lucky halfling that has a bad habit of creating a new identity in every city he visits, which sometimes can get him into trouble.
Appearance: Dressed in the finest clothes, just under three feet tall with light brown hair. Tolan likes to find a balance of standing out and blending in with the crowd.

Background: Charlatan
Personality Traits: 1) Flattery is my way of getting what I want.
2) I fall in and out of love easily, and I am always pursuing someone.
3) I lie about almost everything, even when there is no good reason to.
Ideal: 1) Fairness. I never target people who can't afford to lose a few coins. (Lawful)
2) Charity. I distribute the money I acquire to the people who really need it. (Good)
Bond: 1) I come from a noble family, and one day I'll reclaim my lands and title from those who stole them from me.
2) I swindled and ruined a person who didn't deserve it. I seek to atone for my misdeeds but might never be able to forgive myself.
Flaw: 1) I can't resist a pretty face.

Backstory: Tolan grew up living with a noble family, they took me in when I was a child. Learning the finer things in life and how to be a gentleman. When his new guardians passed away, Tolan no longer found living in the upper class enjoyable. He snuck out of the house every night and spent his time in taverns among the people. There he saw how the other side lived.

It was at that time that Tolan decided to change as many peoples lives as possible. Learning from those living on the streets, the halfling soon found that he could create a new identity in every city because there was a new crowd. Instead of keeping the coin for himself, Tolan would give those who were in more need then him. Taking small jobs like slight of hand games, and forging documents, to larger jobs like smuggling goods into cities. Tolan could not help himself by take more and more risks.
I have taken the Oath of Sangus
Playing- Amari the Elven Bard, Jarik the Human Rogue, Harmony the Tiefling Warlock, Creed the tiefling Ranger

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Dal 'Spirit Breezer' Ready to help party to have healer ( DM last Priority )
right-aligned image

left-aligned image
Name: Dal "SpiritBreezer"
Race: Dragonborn White
Class: Cleric - LIFE Domain
BAckground: Urban Bounty Hunter
Appearance: All White Skin, wearing clean Chain mail over some purple vestment. even if his wearing are very clean, his body is not the same ... many imperfection on his face reveling that he was not the most popular over the temple
Personality: he Got some kind of code to drive his action . most of it turn around his famous shout: Nobody fall under my watch... unless not those on my side, Haahaha!
Personaliy traits : always got a plan when thing go wrong
Ideal : i'm loyal to my friend , not to any ideal... and everyone else can take a trip down to the styx
Bond : Someone I loved fall because of me ... that will never happens again

History: receive as a mariage gift for donation a the life temple .. he was raise for bring back ostage in particular delicate mission ... waiting his first real job ... he got time to make his scale a little harder... now its time to make news friend

Char Sheet
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Yes ... I'll take the Oath of Sangus ;)

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Turva, Arcane Scholar
left-aligned image

A wizard is all Turva ever wanted to be. Gold is the only reason she ever got the chance. Her father had some, the elderly Wizard needed some, so an exchange was made. A respectful some of coin and Turva went together to study magic. She was a terrible apprentice. Nearly every spell she attempted she got wrong... yet somehow the effect was cast anyway. Only by going very slowly and taking her time was she able to summon magic that earned her master's approval. That's how she got her cat! An amazing breed of cat from a long line of wizard's familiars.

Unfortunately for her, the old wizard soon ran out of her father's gold and with it his patience. Unable to learn real magic, "not that sorcery blimbo" as he called it, he sent Turva away. To go study abroad, in Westhaven. Turva delighted in the change of scenery, looked forward to starting a new life of adventure. Looked forward to becoming a powerful wizard, with her own signature spell. All the best wizards have spells named after them. Turva would be no different.

Lord Ashton Thurston Cowen the third
left-aligned image

What god did I anger to become a -sorcerer's- familiar?! I feel nothing but shame and embarrassment.Meow.



Champion Lurker

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Name: Pehki

Race: Khenra (Reskinned Half Elf)

Class: Warlock - Raven Queen (Though re-flavored to follow Anubis.)

Personality Trait
I see omens in every event and action. The gods try to speak to us, we just need to listen.
Tradition. The ancient traditions of worship and sacrifice must be preserved and upheld.
Everything I do is for the common people.
I judge others harshly, and myself even more severely.

Responsible and dutiful, Pehki's pride comes from his devotion to the traditions passed down to him. The rites of mummification. The vendetta towards undeath and the seeking of freeing those trapped it's grasp. He felt if he followed the teachings of those in his sect as well as the guidance from the god Anubis, he and those he wishes to protect would be ensured a peaceful afterlife once they have passed.

However this lofty view on himself and his beliefs has resulted in a very arrogant and stick in the mud demeanor, resulting in a sharp tongue and a stern disposition. He is quick to point this agitation towards those he views as slackers, but also is likely to put it towards himself in the case of failure on his part. He views apologies as no laughing matter and will quickly make attempts to fix whatever wrong he may have done.

Physical Description
Pehki is of roughly average height for his race, with a fairly scrawny build by comparison. He has ash brown fur coating his entire body with a golden marking around his eyes. His attire outside of religious settings is that of a simple common shirt and knee length pants, though with a few cloth robe dressed around his waist. Adorned with black feathers, his robe and usekh are worn loosely. He also wears simple sandals and shinguards.

Background: Acolyte
Link to Character Sheet:
Link to Dice Roller with Stats:

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Name: Nenet
Race: Kheran (Reskinned Half-Elf)
Class: Grave Domain Cleric
Description: Ash Grey short fur covers his whole body, with a lean build. Two huge ears spike from his head, which move often with his current mood; Erect when attentive, worn down when sad. Unlike his twin, Nenet does not seem to adorn himself with piercings of any type. Nenet does however use makeup on his eyes, and on his forehead a symbol to represent Anubis.
Personality: Nenet tends to be really shy and quiet around new people, but will warm up slowly to them if they prove to be kind towards him, or his twin Pehki.
Just like any other healthy sibling relationship, Pehki and Nenet are constantly trying to one up each other, be it in combat or wits. The constantly bicker about who is the oldest brother.
Background: Acolyte
Link to Character Sheet:
Link to Dice Roller with Stats:
The City of Endless Arenas (Always recruiting)
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Name: Malyna of Fletchdall
Race: Human (Variant)
Class: Fighter
Personality/Description: Malyna grew up a noble, the last in line of succession. While her sisters and brothers all did their own games of political influence in their city and around them to what they could, Malyna was bed ridden for the most of her childhood for she suffered from a terrible curse from the gods; she was a cluts of the highest degree. Tripping over her own feet, blades of grass, even nothing at all, Malyna was most seen in her bed recovering from injuries that were impossible for a normal human to get. Healthy as a horse and fit as a fiddle, she would however read the stories about knights from across the lands and soon gain a fascination with them and soon want to become one. And… her parents agreed. Under a condition. She was the most sane, and if not the kindest, one among her siblings. They asked her to do three simple things. Live a life you want to live, be a person who brings good into the world, and most importantly, drop by and visit. So once she was old enough to take leave into the world, 16, she was given a bag of gold and voyage across the sea to find a life made for her.

A defining trait of the Fletchdall family is their blood red eyes and vibrant white hair. Malyna is no exception to this rule with her own little quirks. Being the tallest in her family at 5’11, she is also by far the strongest with a daily routine of exercises and manual labor compared to her siblings. A healthy body and soul, if only she was a bit more careful with it. She has a variety of scar hiding around her body that only seems to appear when she points them out. They look like battle wounds that are nearly faded, but as it turns out to be minor scars she’s accumulated by running her head into door frames and a peculiar loose floor board.

Good natured at heart, she truly believes in the good in the world. She is going to help her regardless of who asked and how difficult the task is, as long as you genuinely need the help with it and with good intentions. She doesn’t like accepting gold from others, and is more likely to tell you to keep it if you offer it as a reward. Fighting to incapacitate instead of killing, she is more than willing to fight the same man over the course of years until a lesson is taught to stop their ways or until they get sick of challenging her. Killing only when absolutely necessary, and only as the last available option.

Background: Noble

Link to Character Sheet:
Link to Dice Roller with Stats:

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