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Old Aug 30th, 2020, 03:35 PM
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September POTM

This is the place to nominate those posts in September games that rose above the humdrum and ordinary.

Go ahead. Nominate someone, it's easy. And it feels good. And it's free.

Not much in life can say all three of those things, eh?
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Old Sep 19th, 2020, 06:58 AM
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Nominee: SonofSamWich
Game: Tyrant's Grasp
System: PF 1E
GM: Pianoman90
Post Link: Celeste's Hope and Despair

Reason for Nomination: The PCs have been trudging through a crypt hell-bent on returning to their town to right some wrongs, only to discover in shuddering detail that they are dead and their town has been destroyed. Moments after this terrible revelation, they actually discover that they themselves are not dead, they have survived in some strange way yet to be explained, but their friends, families and lovers are most certainly dead-dead. Confusing? Yes. Emotional roller-coaster? Most certainly.

Cue SonofSamWich's post. Not a word was spoken, yet the intense roiling emotions could be felt. The victories hard-fought for so far are meaningless when contemplating the void. Death feels so final, so much perhaps left unsaid. Celeste may have 5 other PCs nearby, but this post captures the cruel feelings that we can all feel so strongly and for all these reasons, this post moved me in particular. Beautifully poignant writing, short and simple, yet powerful!


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Old Sep 22nd, 2020, 07:24 AM
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Nominee: cottontailwind
Game: Niyaga's Silver Marches
System: D&D 5e
GM: Niyaga
Post Link: Varley-of-Tuesday

Context: The PC's are nearing the end of a battle. Nothing incredibly world-shattering is happening, just another day in the life of our adventurers. Varley the introspective-if-not-terribly-bright half-elf barbarian has been unconscious for several rounds of combat.

Reason: It's all too often that unconscious PC's get skipped over, both at the real-life table and in pbp games. Cottontailwind proves that there is perhaps more to be considered... much more... when it comes to experiencing the unconscious state that comes from getting beaten to a bloody pulp. The surface post is deceivingly basic, just one simple sentence, but mousing over the tooltip reveals a wealth of insight into the barbarian's mind! This was hands-down the best interpretation of being unconscious I have ever witnessed in 6 years of gaming. Bravo!

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Old Sep 24th, 2020, 11:10 PM
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Nominee: PIG
Game: Legacy of Fire
System: PF 1E
Link to Post

Reason for Nomination: This is a nomination on behalf of someone else who said:
Originally Posted by Anonymous nominator
I, for one, thought it was a wonderful piece of prose. I mean, I've studied Shakespeare and Proust, and this makes both look like cheeto dust on a yellow sticky note. And not even a 3M sticky note, but one of the cheap, generic knock-off ones. It might have been the best piece of writing I have ever encountered in my life, and I have read the Dead Sea Scrolls, in their original Aramaic. It made me cry, actually, big manly tears, it was that good.

Damn near shorted out my keyboard.
Old Sep 25th, 2020, 08:43 PM
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Nominee: The Rat Queen
Game: Contagion!
System: D&D 5e
GM: Fromthe1980s
Link: This is a closed game, so link only open to admins; original post included at end in spoiler button

Background: Contagion is a race against time and obstacles to bring a cure to a village struck by plague. In this adventure, The Rat Queen plays exiled wizard Najiba bint Farid—a slightly supercilious and vain scholar who is also a master strategist. The perfumed wizard has strangely enough befriended a party of comparatively low-brow locals (rangers, a druid and a monk) and often chides them for their crude songs or their unscientific approach to religion, which she sees as endless supplications for "handouts." These past observations come into play late into the game when we find Najiba bint Farid struggling with wounds from an attack and her life hanging in the balance.

Reason for Nomination: Not another death scene! I know, I know. Death scenes are overdone and oft-overblown. But The Rat Queen takes our expectations as readers, her character's personality, the colorization of text, and the pendulumlike results of her three-step saving roll to upend the tired tropes of a death scene and create a pull-no-punches epitaph of a post. It's short, sudden and sharp—just like death.


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Old Sep 28th, 2020, 06:58 AM
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Nominee: Squeak
Game: PIG's Legacy of Fire
System: Pathfinder 1e
GM: The Ginormous HOG himself, PIG!
Link to Post

Reason for Nomination: Squeak by this point has a vast number of truly great posts for his Gnoll character Grak, mainly because almost every post as Grak could be considered a great and magnificent post in its own right. Admittedly, some more so. While I cannot say I have read all of them, he never fails to deliver Grak's starkly different worldview, in comparison to those around him, through to the reader. Whether it's in a gnoll's hideous, to us at least, standards of beauty, unacommodating definitions of loyalty, or absolute devotion to Lamashtu, Mother of Monsters, Grak is Grak. Even when, or in all honesty, especially when the unpleasant emotions inspired in my character are strong enough to leak over into me out of character.

Moreover, Grak is full of all sorts of cunning that those just looking at him would never be able to pick up on. He is a surprisingly adept plotter and schemer when it comes to furthering the goals he sets from himself on behalf of his 'Grandmother Nightmare'. In this post, from PIG's LOF's Stories of Past and Present, we see these traits on full display. And even when plans do not go entirely how they are intended, Grak just uses it as an opportunity to springboard his agenda forward in spite of it. So when he is only able to get the less influential of two individuals he seeks to reincarnate brought back to life, he takes advantage of the changes brought on by this method of cheating death to hide the fact he has pulled a veritable 'shell game' con and has the mentioned less influential but entirely more faithful Bloblog take the place of Dullen, whose own unflinching faith refuses to allow himself to serve Lamashtu in any fashion.

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