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The Motley

Put your character sheets here!

I want to admire them in a single place!

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Character Template
The Basics
right-aligned image
Human Name: It is, in fact, Steve. Steven Barrett.
True Name: Watcher Upon the Water
Alias: Squire Gainsboro
Kith: Selkie
Seeming: Wilder
Legacies: The Paladin lives for the thrill of challenge. Monsters to slay, enemies to wrestle, causes to champion — these are her life’s blood. She is brave, stalwart, and ready to triumph over anything. Constantly on the lookout for worthy
challenges, when she overcomes one adversary she moves right on to the next. The one thing the Paladin can’t do is sit idle. Without opposition to define her, she becomes listless, hardly able to carry on.

Quest: Regain Willpower when you overcome a truly challenging obstacle.
Ban: Never refuse a fair challenge.
Paladin (Primary Seelie) / The Beast lives to conquer her foes. Everyone falls into two categories: those who bow before her and those destroyed for refusing. If something exists, it exists for her pleasure. If it displeases her, it didn’t deserve to exist. The Beast isn’t mindless fury, however. To achieve her ends, she’ll play the long game, manipulating her enemies against each other. Little is as entertaining to her as watching her adversaries dance to a tune she orchestrated.

Quest: Regain Willpower when you remove significant opposition to your goals.
Ban: Never retreat; never forfeit that which is yours.
Beast (Secondary Unseelie)
Occupation: Security guard at a dockside warehouse.
Age: 24
Gender: Male (he/him)

Physical Appearance: Gainsboro is tall and broad-shouldered, his body tapering downwards sharply into a classic swimmer's build. His limbs are long with broad, splayed hands and feet featuring fine webbing between each digit. He has delicate features and very thin, almost translucent skin that can appear faintly green in certain lights. His large, expressive eyes give him the appearance of always being tinged with just a little sadness for things gone by. His fine black hair is always slicked back, as if he just stepped out of the shower.

He can usually be seen dressed in a pale grey jacket in a vaguely military style, open at the front. Underneath he wears only his seal skin, wrapped around his chest like bindings or bandages. At his side hangs a plain, but serviceable saber.


RP Sample:

The Mask: Squire Gainsboro shall be attending wearing a rubber Richard Nixon head. I mean, it's a laugh, isn't it?

Character Sheet, WIP

Strength ●● Charisma ●● Perception Specialization: Vigilant●●●●
Dexterity Specialization: Steady Hand●●●● Manipulation Intelligence ●●
Stamina ●● Appearance ●●● Wits Specialization: Cool Headed●●●●


Alertness ●● Animal Ken ●● Academics
Athletics ●● Crafts Computer
Brawl Drive Enigmas ●●
Empathy ●● Etiquette ●● Gremayre
Expression Firearms Investigation ●●
Intimidation Larceny Law
Kenning Specialization: Chimera●●●● Melee ●●● Medicine
Leadership Performance Politics
Streetwise Stealth ●●● Science
Subterfuge Survival Technology


Chimerical Item ●● Broadsword
Contacts ●● Two Major (Local Satyr party animalZorba, A young Sidhe of House FionaImogene)
Resources Campaign BonusSufficient
Title ● Squire (House Scathach)
Dragon's Ire ● Burning Thew
●● Confounding Coils
●●● Dragonscales
Naming ● Between the Lines
●● Nickname
Nature ● Base Element
●● Raw Material
Prop ● Ornate Garb
●● Crafted Tool
●●● Mechanical Device
Time ● Three-Fold




Birthright: Selkies can take the form of a seal or sea lion at will. They must be wrapped in their seal coat and touching (though not necessarily immersed) in sea water for this to occurSeal Form Frailty: A selkie’s coat is his greatest weakness. If it is destroyed, his fae self is destroyed forever. Fortunately, seal coats are difficult to destroy. They are resistant to fire and require a successful Strength roll (difficulty 9) to damage, and at least three successes are needed to tear it in half. Casual contact with flame does not damage it and small rips and punctures heal over time. The coat is only considered to be destroyed if it is completely burned, or shredded with cold iron.Seal Coat
Birthright: Selkies reduce the difficulty for all rolls involving Dexterity by two while in the water. This applies either in human or seal form. Also, they can never botch a Swimming roll. Finally, selkies can hold their breath for hours, whether in water or out of it.Ocean's Grace  
House Scathach
The Gray Walkers excel at all forms of close combat, and seem to have a preternatural skill at going unnoticed. They make no sound when fighting unless they choose to do so, and receive a –1 difficulty on all Stealth rolls. A Scathach can never botch a Stealth roll. In addition, due to their intense combat focus, all Gray Walkers receive +1 die on all Brawl and Melee rolls, as their perception of time seems to slow down, making it easy to land hits and avoid return strikes. Boon All Scathach suffer from a bad reputation with most of their fellow nobles, as well as commoners with royalist sympathies. All Social rolls with other nobles or royalist commoners are made at a +2 difficulty; nobles from houses Liam and Danaan are exempt from this rule. By ancient pact, Gray Walkers who are Autumn sidhe or members of other kiths are also forbidden to use Sovereign, a ban backed by the full weight of the Dreaming. In general, known Scathach are typically the first investigated if notable thefts or deaths occur among the nobility, particularly if it appears to be a sophisticated or polished job.Flaw
Merits & Flaws
Regardless of the lighting conditions, your eyes adjust automatically, so you can see equally well at high noon, midnight, or entering pitch darkness. The adjustment is instantaneous, so if you are standing in a dark room and someone lights a candle, you’re not blinded.Nightsight (2pt) Your fae side struggles to penetrate that of your mortal seeming. As a two-point Flaw, this makes all changelings view you warily. Social rolls increase in difficulty by two until you make an action inarguably proving your fae natureToo Human (2pt)
When in danger, the Storyteller will make a roll against your Perception + Alertness; the difficulty depends on the remoteness of the danger. If the roll succeeds, the Storyteller will say you have a sense of foreboding. Multiple successes may refine the feeling and give an indication of direction, distance, or nature.Danger Sense (2pt) You have an enemy, or perhaps a group of enemies, who want you harmedEnemy* (2pt)

* T'was a young lass of Fiona,
Resolve-ed her house not to own 'er.
A fling with Gainsboro
Set brows all a-furrow,
And now one and all hate that loner.


A rubber Nixon mask, a cheap Suit and one "I am not a crook." button. Sword (a sword he has attempted to Name. It didn't go well)

Point Tracking+15 Freebie Points (new character)
-2 pts (+1 Prop realm)
-5 pts (+1 Naming art)
-4 pts (+2 Kenning ability)
-2 pts (+1 Gremayre ability)
-2 pts (+2 Willpower)

+5 XP (Chapter 1 Ends)
-4 XP Dragon's Ire 2 -> 3

Current XP: 1
StatusSquire Gainsboro ● Selkie ● Wilder

Real [ ][-1][-1][-2][-2][-5]
Chimerical [ ][-1][-1][-2][-2][-5]
** Out of Town - 10/22 through 10/31 - NPC as needed. **

Characters: Del CorganIris KetteringCaleb ShawDeirdre VenteuseYrena
ZendaSquire GainsboroBaruuk TalonfaceKonstantin LumynMarisol d'Arabeth

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Flint SteelheartHuman Name: Morgan “Rex” Doyle (Not Steve)
True Name: Oisin
Alias: Flint Ironheart
Kith: Troll
Seeming: Grump
Legacies: Hermit (Primary Seelie) / Humbug (Secondary Unseelie)
Occupation: He lives on disability income because the mundane world thinks he suffers from delusional schizophrenia. Go figure.

Age: Approximately 45

Gender: Male

Physical Appearance: Flint stands a hair over nine feet in height and is broad shouldered and barrel chested with a greying beard and wild, unkempt hair. He cuts an imposing figure even among fellow trolls. Normally he dresses simply in Celtic style trousers, boots and a loosely fitting tunic. His skin was once a glacier blueish white shade but is starting to turn a bit grey, especially around the multitude of battle scars he sports. It is his eyes that most people notice first though. They are still a bright shade of green but they betray a deep sadness and more pain than any one heart should have to bear.

In his mortal appearance he is still a large man though not inhumanly so. He typically wears biking leathers and jeans with heavy boots. The same pain is in his eyes and by all appearances he is a solitary outlaw biker. Many people suppose he is a veteran suffering from PTSD and they wouldn’t be incorrect. It’s just not the war they would be expecting.

Background: Flint is a child of an earlier age. He lost a lot of family and friends to the Beltane Massacre and then still more in the Accordance War fighting the nobility. In the war he suffered more than his fair share of wounds fighting in New York. Like any loyal Troll he accepted the out come of the war and pledged himself to the new King, though his heart wasn’t really in it. The idealistic young Troll he had once been was slowly becoming subsumed by grief and resentment. Fortunately, his sense of duty was stronger than his own personal pain.
Over the years to come though the personal tragedies didn’t end. He lost the love of his life to Banality and then the rest of his comrades in arms over time to various fates. When he didn’t think he could handle it any longer he took the new name of Flint Ironheart and took his leave of the north. Eventually he found some solace, and a tiny Freehold to call his own, in the wild lands outside New Orleans. Settling in to the life of a hermit he took it as a personal charge to patrol on his own to find threats to the Fae in the area and deal with them in his own very blunt and very direct manner.
These days he exists on the outskirts of Fae society, wanting deep down to belong and to find people to love again but just as afraid that it will end badly and he will be left even more miserable than he is now. Duty gives his life meaning. That and the hope that he doesn’t dare articulate that some survivor from his previous life will find him again or that he would find new souls to fill the void. For now, he lives alone, trying to shield those who need it the most and putting up walls to keep others away lest he be hurt again. He does not seek praise from the nobility nor the commoners. He only wants to do what he feels is right.
His mortal life is similarly lonely. When his true nature started to exhibit itself in his teen age years, he was diagnosed with mild schizophrenia by doctors who didn’t know any better. The state awarded him a disability pension and his extended family became his legal guardians but were indifferent at best. Flint hasn’t seen his mortal kin in decades and has fallen through the cracks of the legal system. He still receives his monthly checks to afford a small apartment in town, living expenses and gas for his motor cycle. That is really all he needs out of life.

RP Sample:
Willow Heart was small by Freehold standards. Very, very small in fact, but it suited Flint perfectly. He wasn’t the sort to entertain guests and needed a place that could be his secret hide away. His little willow glade and house suited his needs perfectly and was his own sanctuary in a world that seemed needlessly complicated.

Tonight, as was often the case, a sad tune filled the air from the violin he lovingly played. It was his one memento from his mortal life of long ago. It belonged to his grandfather and Flint had learned at the old man’s knee to play it. In recent years he could only remember the sad songs but what the hell? They suited his mood most of the time.

Eventually he set the instrument aside and regarded the room around him. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss. His great spear hung over the hearth right where it belonged and his few furnishings were all in their place. Maybe it was just his imagination? Then his hand came to rest in his lap as he sat and the Troll felt the note in his pocket. Curious, and mildly annoyed, he pulled it out and read it. As he did so his expression became even more somber than normal.

“A party? What sort of frivolous nonsense is this?”

For a moment he wondered how the note had gotten there. The Sidhe were known for their mysterious ways though and he was more agitated that they were annoying him rather than wondering about the how of it. Then he sighed to himself. A party wasn’t exactly an enticing prospect for him. Too many noisy youngsters and overly friendly people that he didn’t really want to deal with. But if there was really someone in danger? Then it was his duty to go.

Memories of other parties in happier times came unbidden to him but Flint forced them back down. He was too old for that sort of nonsense…but he was never too old for his duty to protect those in need. Even if they were noisy and annoying nobles. You couldn’t trust the lot of them…but he didn’t have to trust in order to serve. Fetching his spear, he made his way from the Freehold to go and find out what this was all about.

The Mask: Flint’s mask will be that of an eagle with a great beak, shiny eyes and feathers around the edge. To his thinking it symbolizes his eagle-eyed guardianship of the Count. To be honest he was more of a smash and crush sort of guy and was a little worried of what help he can be in this sort of setting!

Character Sheet, WIP

Strength 8 (Mighty) Charisma 3 Perception 3
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 1 Intelligence 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 2 Wits 3


Alertness 4 (Observant) Animal Ken 0 Academics 0
Athletics 2 Crafts 0 Computer 0
Brawl 2 Drive 1 Enigmas 1
Empathy 2 Etiquette 2 Gremayre 1
Expression 1 Firearms 0 Investigation 2
Intimidation 1 Larceny 0 Law 0
Kenning 1 Melee 4 (Spear) Medicine 1
Leadership 1 Performance 2 Politics 0
Streetwise 1 Stealth 0 Science 0
Subterfuge 0 Survival 0 Technology 0


BACKGROUNDSHolding: Willow Heart 1
Rank: Knight 2
Trasure: Magical Spear 3
Resources: 1
Chimerical Chain Mail: 2
Scene: 1


(X)(X)(X)(X)()()()()()() (X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)() (X)(X)(X)()()()()()()()
[][][][][][][][][][] [][][][][][][][][][] [][][][][][][][][][]



The Oath of Fealty to House Scathach grants you resistance against any mental domination, the difficulty increased by 2.
The Oath of Accepted Burden grants you a point of Willpower to your pool

Troll specific:

Strong of Will and Body — When a troll is at her duty, nothing can stand in her way. A troll gets an extra two dice to rolls to resist being seduced, persuaded, or even magically commanded away from her cause. Trolls also cannot botch Athletics or Alertness rolls.

Bond of Duty — A troll’s integrity is as much a part of her as her strength of arms. Should a troll break an oath or sworn contract, she loses her Titan’s Power Birthright and begins to sicken. The only way to regain her strength and vitality is to atone for her broken promise, which can involve fulfilling a new oath or making restitution to the aggrieved party. Because of how integral a troll’s word is to her very being, a troll chooses her oaths — and those to whom she becomes oathbound — very carefully. Should a troll be betrayed, the player must roll Willpower (difficulty 8) to restrain the troll’s rage. Should she fail, the troll attacks the betrayers until restrained by others or the player succeeds at another Willpower roll (difficulty 8); she can attempt this roll after a number of turns equal to the troll’s Glamour.

Boon (due to loyalty to House Scathac):
The Gray Walkers excel at all forms of close combat, and seem to have a preternatural skill at going unnoticed. They make no sound when fighting unless they choose to do so, and receive a –1 difficulty on all Stealth rolls. A Scathach can never botch a Stealth roll. In addition, due to their intense combat focus, all Gray Walkers receive +1 die on all Brawl and Melee rolls, as their perception of time seems to slow down, making it easy to land hits and avoid return strikes.

Flaw (due to loyalty to House Scathac):
All Scathach suffer from a bad reputation with most of their fellow nobles, as well as commoners with royalist sympathies. All Social rolls with other nobles or royalist commoners are made at a +2 difficulty; nobles from houses Liam and Danaan are exempt from this rule. By ancient pact, Gray Walkers who are

1 Banked XP for later use.

I have taken the Oath.

Beware: Gamers at play. Not responsible for any damages inflicted by wandering monsters, random encounters or my over active imagination!

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Human Name: Gethin Couch

True Name: Robin Redcap

Alias: The French Quarter Strangler

Kith: Red Cap

Seeming: Grump

Legacy: Grotesque/Hermit

Occupation: Taxi Driver by Day, Wetwork Thug by night

Age: Somewhere in mid-50's

Gender: He/HIm

Appearance: Gethin Couch is a small, stout man in a study of grays. His head is a craggy pock-marked map of an aged man who has done little to take care of himself over the years. Sunken burned-coal gray eyes under a sea of crows feet and a thick salt-and-pepper mono-brow. A great twisted, black-head covered lump of a nose takes up the vast majority of his face, ending in warty hook. Lips like a thin slash, almost hidden by a thick and disturbingly crusty silvered mustache, that is until he opens his disturbingly huge mouth to reveal flat yellowed teeth filled in iron filings. A few wisps of gray hair escape from under his bright red newsboy cap, what's left over from his male pattern baldness apart from his ragged tonsure. His long, knobbly arms end in two cartoonishly large hands, made primarily out of calluses and nicotine stains, and barely contained by frayed fingerless gloves. Gethin's clothing of choice is a mishmash of purchases from good will usually under a thick old coat regardless of the weather. Other than his hat, the only piece of his attire that is well taken care of are his thick black boots, steel toed and iron soled.

Robin Redcap is everything Gethin is but pushed into the realm of caricature. His bitten nails extend into terrible claws, teeth become a bear trap, hat drips with fresh blood.

Personality: The Red Cap sit firmly within the realm of the Unseelie, being among the most horrid of the fae to originate out of the nightmares of Welsh and Cornish borderlands. Like many of his fellows Gethin is a bloodthirsty (literally) brute who cares for little else beyond his satisfaction, especially in keeping his namesake red cap dipped in fresh blood. His kind have never been known for their hospitality or for getting along well with any creature (even other Red Caps), however the years have strained this dark race, their ancestral haunts becoming fewer and their numbers decimated by banality. As such he's adapted to work more closely with various other Fey, often doing jobs too dirty or despicable for the more ethereal of their kind. Gethin is no different, an antisocial and brooding sort who'd rather stick his claws into someone than talk to them. That said, he's learned to adapt to a certain extent in human and fey society, learning to take jobs that do not require that he be social, ones that are easy to disappear from. Among the Fey he has taken to associating with any number of unseelie (even a few Thallians) as he's been learning that having "friends" is essentially required to get through the world nowadays. While you might expect one to say that under all of this there beats a heart of gold, the truth in Gethin's heart is about as leaden as you can get. Gallow's humor and dark strong beer might help him come out of his shell some, but there is little like cold blooded murder to get Gethin to really shine.

A note, however, that might add a little shine to the rust on his heart. Gethin is the underdog's ultimate wingman. Whoever is the most downtrodden in the room, this is the person Gethin will stick up for. He has a burning hate for authority and thinks the fears associated with balanity are...well banal. Folks shouldn't have to fear things like politics and where the next paycheck is coming from. They should be fearing the primal things of blood, tooth and nail, it is much more natural. The more free people are from banal worries, the more open their brains are to the things they really should fear. As such, Gethin voted for Clinton.

Character History: Robin has been gifted (or cursed) with a very strong Remembrance, the mist repeatedly filling new new host-bodies to the brim with memories of his distant past. At this point there is more there than can be easily contained in one brain and Robin often mixes up his history as Gethin versus his story as any of his other incarnations. Robin's twisted and rotted swiss cheese of a soul refuses to forget or be forgotten.

Like much of his kind, Robin was rose out of the lingering malice present in dark and haunted places. Robin's earliest memories of the Autumn World are the ruins of Dryslwyn Castle, the last bastion of the Welsh princes. He could tell you next to nothing of he place's history, however, as he did not occupy the site until it was left to ruin in the early 15th century. From this dark haunt atop the hills of the Tywi Valley, Gethin preyed upon travelers, shepherds, and the occasional knight-errant. Such a life was perfect for the terrible creature: a dark and gloomy haunt, a regular supply of victims, and a scary enough reputation that he had enough solitude to brood in. Best yet, he didn't need to report his allegiance to any of the Courts nor associate with any of the Trooping Fey. His soul was free to be born again and again to mortals who would grow to be brigands, mercenaries, and monsters. However it was in the mid 19th century that life would make a drastic change for the Red Cap of Dryslwyn.

While the Age of Reflection and Enlightenment was a great time for human development, it was a sorry time to be a fey. Science, logic, and reason seeped into society, replacing superstition, fear and folk religion. What was once the haunt of "Robin Red Cap" was now merely an interesting bit of archaeology. Economics had the locals moving in droves to the cities and to the New World across the sea, putting fewer and fewer victims in line to meet their fate at Dryslwyn. Furthermore people even had the audacity to investigate the disappearances and deaths around the ancient castle. It was these investigations that would eventually lead to Robin's flight across the sea. The world had changed greatly around him, and Gethin was still working on 15th century logic. He wandered the moors and quiet regions of the countryside, however what few ruins he would come across were taken already or showed signs of too much human activity. It was, with heavy heart, that Robin Redcap hid among the poor masses and emigrated across the Atlantic in search for a safe place in the late 1850's.

Hiding among his fellow immigrants, Robin quickly found that this new land held little for a Red Cap who held too firm to the old ways. For a time he found work as a butcher in in a small mining town in northern Virginia, a mountainous little region where the occasional disappearance could go unnoticed. However it was not long before the War Between Brothers began and Robin found himself in the middle of the young nation's greatest bloodbath. The awful imp haunted the fields of battle, occasionally posing as a soldier from either side or other times merely trudging through the aftermath and picking off stragglers. For Robin, it was a wonderful time. However, like most things, the fun was not to last and an uneasy peace was re-established. His Northern Virginia Home became West Virginia and he came to find that the iron and coal had overtaken his little isolated home.

Robin's last incarnation died in balmy day in Honolulu on December 7th 1941. Robin's newest incarnation is Gethin Couch, a mean old man who was born a a mean old souled child in Cole County West Virginia on that very same day. His father was killed only two years later in the Pacific Theater of WWII. Raised by a mother with lungs full of coal dust and a future of the very same, Gethin was a cynical boy with few pleasures beyond petty acts of spite and a good hot meal, usually acquired through theft. As Gethin grew, he of course ended up on the mines but it wasn't long before he signed up with the military to escape the mines. Well, more so he could escape before the bodies of all those missing foremen could be found. It was a good war for Robin to break free in, because it was a war of pointless atrocities on both sides. Gethin's service would end when he was found drinking Agent Orange, being dishonorably discharged on the assumption he was attempting sicken himself and escape the war. Truth be told, Gethin just wanted to taste it and see what all the fuss was about.

Gethin arrived in New Orleans, just around the time of the Sidhe return. He fought in the Accordance War against the new Sidhe Nobles who wished to take away the last shreds of his joy. His Corby joined the commoner forces against these newcomers, but he and his lot were defeated long before the last stand in New York. Going solo worked for a time, however the creature eventually had little choice but to align himself with the powers that be in New Orleans...

Today Gethin is just a mean old man who makes a living by day as a Taxi Driver, hiding himself with thick leather gloves and copious coats. He earns enough to maintain his cab and occasionally rent a motel room for a bed. By night, the Robin Redcap does dirty dealings to keep his cap red and his belly fed.

In-Character Writing Sample: The sun was glaring down O'Farrel street, where Gethin's old yellow cab sat baking. An Indian restaurant to his right and a bar too swanky for him to get a drink on his left, Gethin was caught between the smell of too warm curry chicken and the too far promise of whiskey. Needless to say the mood was not exactly welcoming in his musty vehicle. When the man who made the call came hurrying out of a hotel twenty minutes late, Gethin almost considered leaving him there. But...he needed the money. Rent a month late and the water was already turned off. He couldn't pass up another job.

The fare was perhaps in his mid-twenties, had on an ill-fitted jacket and tie on (looked like it could have been for a man of much greater width), and the fresh wide-eyes of someone unused to the City. "Hmph?" Gethin grunted by way of greeting and inquiring the fare's destination. "Nothing Records, I have a recording session so if we could be quick." The fare buckled in and was immediately toying about on one of those new fangled "cell phones." The hunched sour-faced Gethin grunted again, fares who were in a hurry were less likely to give a tip, in act they are sometimes in such a hurry they forget to pay.

He could get there in 19 minutes taking I-10, perhaps getting there in a hurry was more likely to get him paid than taking the kid on "the tour" and racking up the meter. The drive was uneventful, Gethin hated social fares who wanted to talk to him, but this kid was too absorbed in chattering into his black flip phone and such shenanigans. " Hmph." Gethin grunted once again once they had pulled up outside of the recording studio. The kid's hand was immediately on the door handled, but the door was locked before he could even give it a tug. "Hey, come on man, I'm in a rush!"

A too-big hand covered in a leather glove reached back into the seat. "Hmph, pay. Twenty-Six bucks." The kid rolled his eyes and pulled out a credit card. "Hmph, no. Cash." The kid sneered, "Who carries cash any longer? I'm not carrying anything except plastic. Come on man, have a heart." Gethin's hand flexed beseeching. "Pay now." The kid kicked at the door, scuffing the plastic panels. That did it. Gethin squeezed his huge hand and pulled it back, then pulling the red cap down hard over his brow. A finger reached over and flicked a hidden switch under the steering wheel, causing tinted film to suddenly push up over the windows. Unfortunately the kid wouldn't be making it to his appointment. On the bright side though, Gethin knew a few guys who would bought second hand cellphones and business casual wear...

Mask: A very shitty rubber werewolf mask from party city.

Theme Songs: 16 Tons , Misery is the River of the World and Hand That Feeds

[FIELDSET="Character Sheet, WIP"]

Strength 4 Charisma 1 Perception 2
Dexterity 2 Manipulation 4 Intelligence 2
Stamina 4 Appearance 1 Wits 4


Alertness 1 Animal Ken 0 Academics 0
Athletics 4 Crafts 0 Computer 0
Brawl 5 Drive 3 Enigmas 2
Empathy 0 Etiquette 0 Gremayre 2
Expression 0 Firearms 0 Investigation 1
Intimidation 5 Larceny 1 Law 0
Kenning 1 Melee 4 Medicine 0
Leadership 0 Performance 0 Politics 0
Streetwise 4 Stealth 0 Science 0
Subterfuge 0 Survival 2 Technology 0


Remembrance 5 Autumn 2 Fae 3
Treasure1 Redcap BootsDragon's Ire1Scene2


(X)(X)(X)()()()()()()() (X)(X)(X)(X)(X)()()()()() (X)(X)(X)()()()()()()()
[][][][][][][][][][] [][][][][][][][][][] [][][][][][][][][][]


Yellow Cab

Strength- Vice Grip
Stamina- Tireless
Manipulation- Cunning
Wits- Instinctive
Athletics- Track & Field
Brawl- Dirty Fighting
Intimidation- Violence
Streetwise- Gangs
Melee- Improvised Weapons


Merits: Eidetic Taste 4, Murderous Mein 2, Wheelman 1
Flaws: Flashbacks 3, Echoes 2, Short 1, Twitch 1 (grinding teeth)


Dark Appetite: Redcaps can eat anything. Full stop. Tough or toxic materials (waste products, jagged metal, wood, etc.) take a point of Glamour to keep down. Redcaps prefer meat, animal or human, but once the hunger gets going, they will eat anything.
Bonuses: Dark Appetite used in Combat requires a point of Glamour to use.
Base DMG is STR + 2 (Difficulty of 5)
Additional Information:
A redcap may also try to sever a limb in a fight, which requires five successes on a Dexterity + Brawl roll (difficulty 8), or three successes if the victim has already been grappled. If successful, the attack inflicts a minimum of three health levels of damage in addition to any damage rolled, and the redcap comes away with a mid-fight snack.

Bully Browbeat: Redcaps are so frightening they can Intimidate anything, from mortals and unenchanted supernatural beings to imaginary or chimerical creatures.
Bonuses: The difficulty of all Intimidation checks is reduced by 2, and a Redcap can never botch an Intimidation roll.

Bad Attitude: Nobody likes a redcap, just on general principle. Whether it’s their eating habits, their issues with authority, or just their tendency for destruction, redcaps are often targeted by nobles for exclusion from freeholds. If something goes wrong, the redcap is the first suspect.
Drawbacks: +2 difficulty on any roll involving social situations other than Intimidation.

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Frank Yves/Papa Mungo/Silent M
The Basics

Character Sheet

Strength Charisma Specialty: Infectious Humor●●●●● Perception ●●●
Dexterity ●●● Manipulation ●●● Intelligence
Stamina ●● Appearance ●●● Wits Specialty: Clever Retorts●●●●


Alertness ●● Animal Ken Academics  
Athletics Crafts Computer
Brawl Drive Enigmas ●●●
Empathy Etiquette Gremayre
Expression ●●● Firearms Investigation
Intimidation Larceny ●●● Law
Kenning Melee Medicine
Leadership ●●● Performance Specialty: Storytelling●●●● Politics ●●
Streetwise ●● Stealth ●●● Science
Subterfuge Specialty: It Wasn't Me●●●● Survival Technology


Contact ●● Two major contacts Chicanery ● Trick of the Light, ●● Veiled Eyes Actor ●● Personal Contact
Resources ● Sufficient Legerdemain ● Ensnare, ●● Mooch Fae ● Nearby Commoner
Dreamers ●● 2 Dreamers - - Prop ●● Crafted Tool
Treasure Gold Pocket Watch with the inscription 'HH' inside the cover. Frank found it in the mud when the Aquarium was under construction and cleaned it up, he was very surprised to find that it had kept the elements out and, once wound up, still kept reasonable time.Common, 1 rank of an art - - Scene ● The Chamber


●●●●○○○○○○ ●●●●●○○○○○ ●●●●○○○○○○
[][][][][][][][][][] [][][][][][][][][][] [][][][][][][][][][]

Birthright: Now you see them, now you don’t. Look away for only a moment, and a clurichaun can disappear into her surroundings, completely undetectable. Unless the clurichaun is bound with iron, she can vanish in a blink, even from someone’s physical grasp, reappearing within the same area but out of her observer/captor’s line of sight. If someone is physically touching the clurichaun, or she is tied-up or otherwise restrained, disappearing costs one point of Glamour.Twinkling of an Eye Frailty: For clurichaun, collecting isn’t a mere hobby, but a consuming obsession. They must spend time with their collection frequently to satisfy this aspect of their nature, an easier task for a clurichaun with a smaller, more portable collection than for one whose hoard is large or unwieldy. Spending more than a week away from her collection triggers Banality.Hoard (Hats)
Birthright: After only a few moments, a clurichaun can get a read on a person or group, knowing exactly what to say to provoke a fight. Clurichaun view fighting as an ice breaker and a form of rough-and-tumble bonding. The clurichaun can prod anyone into throwing the first punch, which the target can resist through a Willpower roll (difficulty 8). This birthright can be used to incite a fight between the clurichaun and the target, or between the target and another person.Fighting Words  
Merits and Flaws
You have a high degree of off-hand dexterity and can perform tasks with the “wrong” hand at no penalty. The rules for taking multiple actions still apply, but you do not suffer a difficulty penalty if you use two weapons or are forced to use your off hand.Ambidextrous ●●● You are devoted to the protection of a mortal or Kinain. This character may be a friend or relative from your pre-Chrysalis days. Wards get caught up in the action of stories, and they’re frequent catalysts for dangerous situations. Describe your ward to your Storyteller in advance of your chronicle’s commencement.Ward (mother)
You are especially convincing when telling tall tales about your exploits. You receive a –2 to your difficulty on Social rolls related to recounting your deeds, whether true or not.Your Best Advocate Action always trumps inaction, and standing around is for grumps. Once per story, if you’re forced to wait around instead of acting, make a Willpower roll (difficulty 5). Failure makes you repeatedly insist on action, to the likely annoyance of your motley. If they do not follow your advice, you likely act no matter their attempts to stop you.Impatient
●●● You talk a convincing game. Sometimes you are even convincing enough to be right. Maybe you claim you can “make that jump,” “ace that test,” or “hit that target.” You may be criminally lucky or possess hidden talents. When you successfully lie about your proficiency in a task with a Subterfuge + Manipulation roll and then attempt to prove your claims, the difficulty of the roll to carry out your ambition is reduced by two.Fake It

Legacies: You live for the moment, and do things on impulse - Quest: When you survive a truly dangerous situation by your own wits, regain Willpower. - Ban: Never plan for the future.Wayfarer (Seelie) / There is no meaning in the world, so you act like a clown - Quest: When you deflate an overblown ego or knock the self-righteous down a peg, regain Willpower. - Ban: Never search for the “whys” in life; there are none.Fool (Unseelie)


RoundEarnedSpentRunning Total
LLNS5New realm; Fae50
Current status: Currently up-to-date.

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Character Application
BasicsHuman Name: Luna Fitzroy
True Name: Melancholy Muse Friara
Alias: Lady Gale
Kith: Slaugh
Seeming: Wilder
Legacies: Hermit (Seelie) Pandora (Unseelie)

Occupation: (Former) Librarian at the Public Library, (Current) Front Desk Clerk at Madam Scarlet’s Sanctorum
Age: 31
Gender: Female (She/Her)

Physical Appearance:
Human Appearance:

Changeling Appearance:

Born and raised in New Orleans, Luna Fitzroy had always been fascinated by the historic and mystic sites of the city, particularly the beloved French Quarter. Though she grew up in relative poverty, she did everything she could to expose herself to its wonder as much as physically possible. This ranged from scrounging up enough coin to take a walk through the museum or spend whatever spare time she might have had between summer jobs in whatever odd little niche store or cafe she could find. A bookworm through and through, her interests were inexorably drawn toward the occult. Thankfully she lived in a city that was all too willing to cater to her bizarre tastes and as she spent day after day on the search of old, forgotten books and antiques, she eventually crossed paths with the local communities gothic enthusiasts. Faux Vampires, Self-proclaimed seers, spirit mediums, history nerds, and just plain ol’ goths, Luna found her people, found a place she thought she truly belonged. But even among them she was an outsider, one who felt different, felt strange.

In the end, one of the seers in her friend group whom she had always thought to be a charlatan who spent the tourist season ripping off fat, balding businessmen from Milwaukee, revealed that she was more than that... and, yes, also that. It was her first encounter with another changeling, and one that would lead to many more. Her thirst for knowledge, her need for secrets, her meek and sheepish nature could all be traced back to her heritage. Her friend soon introduced her to other members of House Beaumayn, including Madam Scarlet. The elder Slaugh took interest in Luna, offered her a job despite the rumors about her, um, previous employment, and taught her everything she needed to know about her heritage and the world that she had been missing out on, the one that she had been hungry for, searching for all this time. Half of her had been alienated for so long, only now could it properly blossom, and blossom it did. Under Madam Scarlet’s care she began to grow in popularity amongst the Dark Stars. She quickly demonstrated a disturbingly natural affinity for autumn, along with an almost innate ability to hear the whispers of the Realm around them. Convinced that she was just as Clairvoyant as any other member her prestige grew. Unfortunately this new status came with a price, as she grew in power, her mentor no longer felt a need to watch over her. Reclusive in nature, Scarlet knew she didn’t need to baby sit her charge, and thus frequented the shop less and less until the Lady Gale could say that she was truly self-reliant, even if she did still lean heavily on her Madam’s hold/employment...

The Mask: Pierrot Mask
Character SheetClick image for larger version

Name:	90941653133a3ada9c118be42a6f78f4.jpg
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ID:	90049

Click image for larger version

Name:	c90b4239860a0534a2fcff8f0ccd78cc.jpg
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Size:	109.0 KB
ID:	90050

Characters: Lady Gale/Zadari/Furza Amberglow/Bad Sister
Avatar and Zadari Character art used with permission of the always excellent Lepidoptera!

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