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Old Nov 2nd, 2020, 02:13 PM
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The last redoubt

Here you will paste your application, and link your character sheet.

I said no backstories in your application, but at this point if you have one written out that you'd like to store here, feel free to include it. "No backstories" is a philosophy of application-creation, moreso than a principle of character writing.
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Old Nov 3rd, 2020, 04:55 PM
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right-aligned image

Names: Raemka of Khem; Raemka of the Shifting Sands; The Desert Storm
Race: Tabaxi
Gender Identity: But accepting of other gender identities.Cis male, bisexual
Class: Barbarian (Desert AuraPath of the Storm Herald)

Character sheet

Appearance: Although only of average height, Raemka is much sturdier and muscular than most tabaxi. Many have made the mistake of believing that this makes him slow and cumbersome, but the reality is that he is as adroit and graceful as all his race tend to be.

His fur is dark. Depending on the light, it can seem either black or a very dark blue—what the Domanites call caeruleum. His eyes are normally yellow and slitted, but when he is in the midst of a rage they darken to an intense sienna and flicker like the flames of a campfire.

His dress is minimal—some simple strips of white and blue fabric, and light brown pants. Bulky clothing would only impede his movement, anyway. He wears ornate bronze vambraces and greaves that double as ornamentation and practical armor. He likes to keep himself and his clothing clean, and bathes as often as is practical.



I am currently running Night City Blues, an introductory adventure for Cyberpunk Red.
I am currently playing in Uncaged: Found Families and The Topaz Championship.
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Old Nov 3rd, 2020, 05:00 PM
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Character Sheet: Work in Progress

Haemon the Iatros/Physician
right-aligned image

Name: Haemon, son of Kephalos

Race: Human (Variant) [Elean/Greek]

Gender: Male (he/his/him)

Class: Warlock (Celestial) [Demeter and daughterKore]

Appearance: Haemon is a man of Elean descent in his late forties. He is of medium height though the proud way he stands and walks makes him appear somewhat taller. Aspiring to the Elean ideal of a healthy mind inside a healthy body, he often performs exercises to keep himself in form and bathes regularly. His beard is neatly trimmed for he visits the barber as often as possible, as is expected from a man of his station. His skin is tanned, though still fairer than that of the native Anykhetans or those living in the lands to the south. He strives to appear dignified, wearing the chiton and chlamys of his forefathers proudly. His voice is kind and his manner gentle to those that deserve his compassion or respect and firm to those that do not.



Haemon’s acquaintances and opinionsRaemka of Khem: disapproving
Haemon has met Raemka many times at the fighting pits since he, as a physician, is routinely summoned to treat the wounds of the Ta-bash-ke in Anykhetan, meaning „two-legged cat“Tabaxi’s fellow gladiators, and has on occasion even treated Raemka himself. The fact that the Anykhetan earns his living by shedding blood for the enjoyment of the the “many”, mobpoloi is something the Elean clearly disapproves of. Firstly, the Domantine obsession with gladiatorial games is a perversion of the noble athletic games that used to be so popular in Elea and secondly, he considers lives taken to satisfy the basest needs of the people to be lives lost without purpose, which is a terrible sin in his eyes. Despite his misgivings about Raemka’s way of life, Haemon cannot but admire the Tabaxi’s fighting skills, fierce spirit and perfectly sculpted body. The physician will not stop trying to steer the headstrong gladiator towards a more virtuous and satisfying path, though his successes have up to this point been few and far between.

Kyai Applecore: fascinated but uncertain
The towering Dulamah woman is a source of both fascination and uncertainty for the Elean physician. There are only few who are interested in literature, history and the sciences in Synkel that haven’t heard of the barbarian scholar with the strange name as she is often referred as. Haemon has visited the city’s academy many times to teach the secrets of his sacred craft and even learn the ancient Anykhetan ways of treating illnesses and injuries. When at the academy, the Elean actively seeks the Dulamah out in order to hear her opinion on all manner of topics. Despite having had extensive discussions with her, he still doesn’t know what to make of the eccentric Kyai. On the one hand she has a brilliant mind and a thirst for knowledge unlike any he has seen, on the other she equates the barbaric ways of her people with the magnificent Elean civilization. Even the crude Domantines recognized the superiority of the Elean way of life and sought to imitate it – badly. And yet, the woman has won many debates between the two by using arguments based on her people’s traditions, which means that just like the desert itself the Dulamah are in possession of many treasures that are not readily apparent. Knowing that the dune wanderers are true experts in the studying of the night sky, one of Haemon‘s passions, the Elean has repeatedly invited Kyai meaning „of the apple“ in Elean, his “nickname” for the Dulamah scholarMeline to observe with him the stars out in the desert. Unfortunately, she has not accepted yet.

Heliae Eshe: friendly
Haemon came to initially know Heliae as an individual suffering from vitiligoleuke, a very rare condition that causes large patches of extremely fair skin to appear next to an individual’s normal skin. Master Aristarchos claimed that this condition was the result of a curse from the goddess Artemis for a pregnant woman’s lack of piety. Haemon himself however believes the cause to be a different one, since a great many non-Elean women fail to perform the necessary offerings to the goddess and still do not seem to be the targets of her wrath. Whatever the cause, leuke cannot be treated and must be accepted for what it is: a permanent skin condition often stigmatizing those that have it. The only thing a good physician can and should do is protect these unnatural patches of skin from the scorching Anykhetan sun. To this end, the Elean has taught the young woman the way to prepare an ointment made from olive oil, wax, honey and herbal extracts and to properly apply it on her skin. Apart from that, the physician only knows Heliae as a companion, possibly even close friend, to Rubia, lovingly called „Ruby“ by her parents, the scion of an aristocratic family of the city. Haemon takes great care to treat Heliae with patience and kindness, hoping that she might one day introduce his own daughter, Amalthia, to her mistress. To be accepted as a member of the noble girl’s close circle of acquaintances would significantly increase his daughter‘s chances of a good marriage despite Haemon’s financial difficulties.

Altrix Dunyazad: neutral
The Elean has only a passing acquaintance with the elderly servant. Initially, it was her unique form that caught his attention out of a scientific interest to categorize her properly according to her race. At first glance he had taken her for a dwarfnane, but she lacked several of the race‘s characteristics including any facial hair, which made her heritage uncertain. It was only after extensive study and a long talk with Kyai Applecore that the Elean realized that Dunyazad belonged to the usually much larger Leutakimah. The Dulamah spoke very highly of the woman and Haemon had even detected respect and gratitude in her voice, which was extremely rare for the scholar. His curiosity piqued, Haemon tried to know more about the elderly altrix, but without particular success. The children she helped raise seemed to love her more than they would an ordinary servant, but apart from that she didn’t seem to have any particular skills or talents. The fact that many prominent families chose her to rear their children instead of a more traditional male a slave accompanying boys to and from school, a tutorpaidagogos however, seemed to prove her worth and ability in her chosen or enforced profession. Unable to discover anything more of note, the Elean eventually put Dunyazad out of his mind. A good servant was worth their weight in silver, but in the end remained a servant.
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Character Application
left-aligned image
Name: Honorific for a teacher. Strictly used for males only, who are usually older and venerated.Kyai Real name unknown to others.Applecore
Character Sheet Link (Spells have not been chosen yet)

Race: Based on the Bedouin nomads of our worldDulamah (Goliath)

Gender Identity: She/Her

Class: Knowledge Cleric

Appearance (The image is linked with credit to the artist): Applecore is quite young for a Kyai, though well into middle age. At nearly two meters she is a tall woman with excellent posture. She carries more fat than muscle, though that is not to say she isn't powerful. Her deeply bronzed skin has been heavily freckled by a lifetime spent in the blazing desert sun. Long auburn locks flow freely down her back, just barely held in check by a bright blue keffiyeh that she normally ties around the back of her head, leaving her head and face uncovered.

Her green dress is plainly cut and free-flowing, though the bare shoulders leave more skin exposed than might be considered "appropriate". A stylized owl is embroidered onto the dress's right hip, signifying Applecore's adherence to one of the secondary Anykhet goddesses Masiddica; protector of women. A number of golden adornments contrast against her skin including piercings in her ears, nose, and bottom lip. She also wears an upper arm bracelet in the shape of a coiled snake.

Her resting face is usually stern with half-lidded eyes and slightly pouting lips in anticipation of the less-desirable side of people's personalities, both her students and her peers. That is not to say she can't soften up and relax, quite the contrary, though her smiles, laughter, and light-heartedness are usually reserved for the company of those she trusts.

RP Samples:
One night you were in need... Help came from an unexpected corner...

Words and deeds are two different things...


Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Mesiddica Shield.jpg
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Name:	Mesiddica Armor.jpg
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Name:	Lantern of Revealing.jpeg
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Old Nov 3rd, 2020, 08:37 PM
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right-aligned image

Name: Heliae Eshe
Race: Human
Class: Druid
Gender Identity: Born female, now non-conforming they/them or she/her/hers

Character Sheet

Appearance: Heliae is a human of slim build, standing at 5'10" and weighing approximately 130 pounds. They are 27 years-old. Heliae's appearance is rather unique, and their skin is a puzzle of both dark and light pigmentation, a condition in modern times known as vitiligo. The caramel brown and white tones swirl together like blots of ink on parchment. Their thick, dark hair has been cropped short on the sides, while the top is longer front swoops down their face, often covering their electric blue eyes. Heliae wears nondescript clothing, often a tunic or something that does not suggest any gender specificity.




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The Altrix Dunyazad
left-aligned image
Name: Altrix: a Domantine house servant of low station dedicated to tending, teaching, and overall raising the children of a wealthy family. Reports to the housekeeper or majordomo, but never the Domina or Dominus. Effectively, a nanny and governess. Altrix Dunyazad (character sheet)

Race: Half-orc tribes of the Anykhet mountains, descended from generations of half-orcs. Literally translates to "peoples of the mud-home." Have an earth affinity and, in addition to traditional half-orc presentations, sometimes manifest earth genasi presentations, such as stony ridges protruding from their bones, rocky fissures in their skin that emanate faint light, or dust unsettling from them when they move. Leutakimah (Half-Orc)

Gender Identity: Female; She/Her

Class: Bard, College of Lore

Appearance: Her already short stature seemed even shorter from her hunch - craned forward from a lifetime of picking up children that were not her own. Old Dunyazad wore her years plainly, in the folds around her eyes and cheeks and knuckles. One sunspot for every story she'd come to carry, she'd say. And there were so many.

Inside the domūs and villas, the standard was to keep one's hair in a tight bun, suspended with wooden hairpins. The uniform only changed slightly between families and generations, but it was usually some flowing robe with a long, embroidered apron. More as a badge than for any utility. Jowls stoic and unmoving around the other servants, of course. Especially around the Domina. And when reporting and deferring to the housekeeper, she kept her gravelly voice down to only the gentlest of whispers, no more than dust settling. To be seen was to be trouble.

When she was traversing the open city streets, whether on an errand or slipping away to exchange news with some distant, native-born kin, Old Dunyazad leaned on a gnarled cane to keep a steady pace. Her eyelids hung low, barely moving when she'd wrinkle her brow and tut, as was her response to so many things anymore. Swaddled in the layered wraps of her cowl - another must for all good Domantine house servants venturing outside - the altrix might even appear as any common dwarf. Maybe at a quick glance, anyways. A sarab, her people would have teased her. Able to pass. None of the traditional protruding incisor underbite. No gemtone sheen to her eyes, which had instead begun to develop a mild haze. Her only real mark as a child of the Leutakimah - the half-orc tribes of the Anykhet mountains - was that small areas of sand-colored skin would appear to sometimes shift and settle along the surface, almost granular. But surely, it must have been a trick of the light. This was just a common dwarf, an Anykhet local, a hunched elderly maid running some nothing errand, after all, no?

Most wouldn't know it, but Dunyazad loved to smile. Sometimes at the most simple things, though she didn't always have the opportunity. Her jowls would pull back and crease a thousand and one times on either side.


PC Strings

Roleplay Sample 1: You know now that words and deeds are two different things. You learned this the hard way. What happened?
Roleplay Sample 2: One night you were in desperate need. You could not solve your problems alone. Help came from an unexpected corner, forging a lifelong bond.

Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Dunyazad Profile.jpg
Views:	468
Size:	12.2 KB
ID:	87936  
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