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Old Dec 18th, 2020, 04:39 PM
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New prizes from @KoboldPress for our top 5 donors!

Announcing new prizes from Kobold Press for our top 5 donors!


The individuals (not companies, not matching funders, not things labelled "RPG Crossing") will win 3 digital offerings from Kobold Press (value $80) to bulk up their creature collections. Right now, the donation to beat is $50, but that could change if things heat up! Ties will go to the earlier donor. This award is for the amount actually donated by the individual, and does not include matching funds (but we'd love it if you did it before December 20!)

These donors should also check out the Nordic Spirit prizes, which they might want to also qualify for (1 of 3 of these has already been claimed.)

Here's an image that shows the beautiful covers for these three books:

Of course, you also get all the other goodies that drive recipients are receiving.

And, as already announced, all donations will be matched until December 20!

A huge thank you to Pelgrane Press for pitching in to help support our community and mental health research!!!

- Mark / Birched
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