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Old Dec 22nd, 2020, 11:46 PM
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Crooked Carnivale Mechwarriors

Please post your character information here.
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Old Dec 22nd, 2020, 11:54 PM
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Brenin Cudd
right-aligned image

Name: Brenin Cudd
Home Planet: Andurien
Appearance: An approching middle aged man. Brenin stands around six foot, three inches with well defined muscles and a permenant five o'clock shadow that never seems to go away regardless of how often he shaves. His gear is well kept and well loved, its old but he keeps it going through the roughest times
Personality: Brenin is warm and friendly. He'll greet and make small talk with pretty much anyone who'll talk to him. However, he'll never offer any information and he'll never share anything personal. He's guarded about anything to do with his personal life and past to the point where all he'll really share about his personal life is his name and favourite drink order, peppermint schnapps.

Background: Brenin was born into servitude. His parents worked for minor nobles and as such, he was bonded to work as well. From a young age he followed his father to work and helped him as a scribe in the library, fetching and carrying the various tomes, books and supplies his father needed. Over time, he became a contasnt in the library and quite the scholar. He was an avid reader and debated amongst some of the finest scholars the area had to offer. But it was the Battlemechs that held Brenin's fascination. The behemoths of steel and war, that towered over the battlefield and moved with lumbering grace. He strived to learn all he could about them, their uses, their mechanics and their creation. He applied himself to the science of engineering and by the time he was a young adult he was not only a constant among the library but also at the workshop. The local regiment saw the young man as their unoffical mascot, a star struck child that nipped at their toes who constantly badgered them with questions. Brenin absorbed all of their battlefield tales with absolute glee.

Life was good for Brenin right up until the attack. He was never sure what happened but in the middle of the night a lance of mechs attacked the lords holdings. The local regiment responded but the attackers were better equipped and trained, the defense turned into a slaughter. For civilians, it was worst. The behemoths Brenin had admired were now fighting over head, threatening to crush and destroy all that he held dear. Brenin and his parents tried to flee but in the chaos Brenin and his father were seperated from his mother. Brenin's father couldn't leave without her and after a heartfelt yet quick talk with his son, Brenin's father waded back into the chaos to find her. Brenin never saw either of them again. Brenin spent the next few years adrift, going from job to job, pick up odd jobs and the occasional skills and laying low where he could. Fate took some pity on him, and steered him in the path of a mercenary company. One where they allowed him to use his knowledge of Mechs, tactics and engineering on the battlefield, not only earning Brenin glory and C-notes, but also making the company a not insignificant amount as well. Eventually, Brenin heard about the Arena and hoped that here was his chance to make something proper of himself and out from under the company and all that had followed him in the past.



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Old Dec 23rd, 2020, 12:05 AM
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Name: Jordan James (aka ‘JJ’ or ‘Jay’) Walker
Sex: Male
Age: 49 (born September 3001)




Character Sheet:
Small Arms*Physical24+
Unarmed Combat*Athletics26+

Edge Spent1
Adventure Points8
Skill Points (general)16
Skill Points (Pilot/mech)5
Skill Points (Gunnery/mech)4

Advantages (2 pts):

Assets: 264,250 CB
Initial Starting: 500
Match 1: Win; 31,250 (33250 - 2K repairs); Prominence +2
Match 2: Win; 120K (133K - 13K repairs); Prominence +1
Match 3: Win; 268,500 (199,500 - 6K repairs + 25K bet + 50K bet); Prominence +2
Match 4: Loss; 114,500 (142500 - 28K repairs); Prominence +0

Purchase: -156,000 (12 double heat sinks, 30T endo-steel Javelin chassis)

Posting Availability: 1-2 per week (really busy with work commitments over the next 12 weeks at least)

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Old Dec 23rd, 2020, 12:18 AM
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Name: Laith

Affiliation: Clan Jade Falcon, formerly Clan Smoke Jaguar

Home Planet: Huntress


Personality: Like her birth clans namesake, in battle Laith is ambitious, fierce, and cruel. While she strictly observes the clans codes of honor regarding combat, she is absolutely ruthless to those who break them. On more than one occasion she has deliberately targeted Mech cockpits, ejection seats, or simply stepped on intact cockpits of downed Mechs to kill pilots she sees as dishonorable.

Once prideful, arrogant, and dismissive, her capture by the Jade Falcons and her brief tenure in the technician caste as a bondsman has fundamentally changed her. While still believing in the supremacy of the clans, and the inherent weakness of freebirths and the inner sphere, she now has more respect for the other castes, and some of the other Clans as well.

An upbringing in a Trueborn Creche has made Laith disciplined and obedient to authority. Her speech, movements, and behavior are all indicative of a strict military lifestyle she now adopts without even thinking. Her deployment with the Watch to Solaris VII is the first time she will have to hide her nature and heritage and as such she has been extensively instructed on how to blend in, or at least not stand out. Relaxing however is not something that comes naturally to her, and even when she is most at ease she is ready to spring into action at any moment.




AP: 8
SP (General): 12
SP (Gunnery): 4
Prominence: 6
C Bills: 402,600

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Old Dec 23rd, 2020, 01:25 AM
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right-aligned image
Name: Hott Anson, "The Duke"

Appearance: A massive bear of a man, it is a wonder how Anson manages to squeeze into the cockpit, but he always manages it somehow. A middle aged heading into old age, he sports a salt and pepper military cut that is slowly just fading into pure gray. His arms are crisscrossed with scars from a lifetime of close calls and a Nordic style dragon tattoo just peaks out of his sleeves on his right shoulder. Frequently sporting a fat cigar in his lips, he seems to constantly be chewing the end of one even well piloting his mech. His face is a version of rugged handsomeness that many of his female fans find irresistible when meeting him in person.

Personality: A rather jovial man despite his threatening size, Anson is known for enjoying the finer things in life. Even as a man who should be slowing down, he is frequently found in the bars, clubs, and taverns with a group of adoring hanger-ons until final bell before finally staggering home in the early morning with whatever fans have managed to keep up with him. Despite this wild abandonment that is mostly seen with carefree young adults, he takes his duties seriously and is usually found either in a simulator or the gym trying to ensure that he can keep his body and skills sharp enough to compete with the men half his age.

Background: Duke Hott Anson arrived in the scene of mech pilots an odd 15 years ago as a leader of a mercenary crew called the Black Banner. The mercenary company was a meager band of mixed tonnage mechs, tanks, a few platoons of heavy weapon infantry, the group almost resembled a military outfit. Extremely skilled and dedicated, they managed to get a choice of contracts before damage and losses started to mount. For 10 years the group lived the mercenary life, fighting for every C-Bill and scrap they could acquire but as new replacements filtered in and the old veterans retired, the group eventually lost financial solvency. Selling off the last of the scrap to pay off their debts, the company dissolved and scattered to make their own way through the galaxy. Duke Hott took the last remaining scraps of his money bought passage and washed up on the steps of Solaris VII seeking to earn back some of the fortune and a dying piece of fame before he finally dies. Fighting a few small time matches under the arena name "The Duke", he has started to build up a loyal following of fans that he is now seeking to join the Crooked Carnival as one of their fighters.

Character Build

I think I got everything put together. I have some questions about a mech and if we can was variants, but I will deal with that if I am accepted into the game.
BUILD: Human- 0 Attributes - 2 (24) , Skills - 4 (24), Advantages - Raised from a 12 (2), BattleMech - 3 (Heavy)

Attribute Score Save  
Build BLD 4 10+ 
Reflexes REF 5 8+ 
Intuition INT 4(8) 10+ 
Learn LRN 3 12+ 
Charisma CHA 4 10+ 
Advanced University Package- Mechwarrior: 18 Points
2 Skills at Level 3
3 Skills at Level 2
3 Skills at Level 1
Skill LVL Target
Alternative Identity 2 9+
Gunnery/BattleMech 4 5+
Leadership1 9+
Negotiation 19+
Piloting/BattleMech 3 6+
Seduction 1 9+
Small Arms 2 7+
Streetwise 1 9+
Technician Mech 29+
Survival 1 10+
Unarmed Combat 2 7+
Athletic (9) (18-BLD-REF)
Physical (9) (18-REF-INT)
Mental (11) (18-INT-LRN)
Social (10) (18-INT-CHA)
Toughness 2
Mech at Start Black Knight Modified BL-7-KNT
Strensnacht Heavy Pistol 200 C-Bills
3x Reloads 15 C-Bills
Auto-Pistol 50 C-Bills
3x Reloads 6 C-Bills
Boot Dagger 2 C-Bills
Armored Vest 50 C-Bills
Respirator 50 C-Bills
Personal Communicator 50 C-Bills

327567 C-Bills in cash

SP and AP

8 Adventure Points
7 General Skill Points
2 Gunnery Mech SP
1 Technician Mech SP

MechBlack Knight BL-7-KNT
OwnerHott Anson
Heat Sinks20Heat Level0
Large LaserRT8801-56-1011-15Nominal
Medium LaserRT3501-34-67-9Nominal
Medium LaserLT3501-34-67-9Nominal
Medium LaserRA3501-34-67-9Nominal
Medium LaserLA3501-34-67-9Nominal
Small LaserH130123Nominal
HatchetLA0 0000Nominal
CTR  88
RTR  77
LRT  77
Life SupportHDNominal
Fusion EngineCTNominal
Upper Arm ActuatorRANominal
Lower Arm ActuatorRANominal
Hand ActuatorRANominal
Upper Arm ActuatorLANominal
Lower Arm ActuatorLANominal
Hand ActuatorLANominal
Upper Leg ActuatorRLNominal
Lower Leg ActuatorRLNominal
Upper Leg ActuatorLLNominal
Lower Leg ActuatorLLNominal
Enjoy your summer!

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Old Dec 24th, 2020, 12:42 PM
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Jiffy Pop
left-aligned image
BUILD: Attributes - 4 (30), Skills - Bumped from 3 to 44 (24), Advantages - 1 (1), BattleMech - 2 (Medium)

Name: Caphius Remnant aka "Jiffy" or "Jiffy Pop"
Affiliation: Merc
Home Planet: Capella
Appearance: Caphius is just over 50 years old, and his gray hair and beard show this. He's six foot even and weighs just over a hundred Kilos. Everything on his person is worn, but anyone taking more than a glance knows these scuffs, chips, and blaster marks are all well earned.
Personality: He often says, "I didn't get this age by being stupid." He's quick witted when he thinks the time calls for it, loyal to his friends to a fault, and he doesn't suffer fools. At all. In the arena he's hard, tenacious up front, with tactics always thrown in to keep his foes off balance.
He's mostly the same out of the arena, but if he feels he's in safe company, he'll let loose and drink you under the table for sure.


Attribute Score Save  
Build BLD 4 8+  
Reflexes REF 6 6+  
Intuition INT 6 6+ 
Learn LRN 5 7+ 
Charisma CHA 3 9+ 
Skill LVL Target
Alternate Identity 1 6
Gunnery/BattleMech 4 2
Piloting/BattleMech 4 2
Quickdraw 2 4
Scrounge 1 9
Small Arms 1 5
Streetwise 1 9
Survival 1 6
Tactics 1 6
Technician/BattleMech 3 4
Unarmed Combat 1 5

Athletic (8) (18-BLD-REF)
Physical (6) (18-REF-INT)
Mental (7) (18-INT-LRN)
Social (10) (18-INT-CHA)
Edge 2
Edge Used 0
AP Total 0
SP Total 0
Extra Edge 1
Modified Mech Vindicator

Assets: 100 Cbills
Armored Vest (50 cbills)
Vibrodagger (25 cbills)
Pistol (40 cbills)
Pistol Reloads x 4 (8cbills)
Standard Rifle (80 Cbills)
Rifle Reloads x 4 ( 8 Cbills)
Underslung Grenade Launcher-5shots (100 Cbills)
Filter mask (2 cbills)
10 Filter replacements (2 cbills)
Basic Field Kit (10 cbills)
Basic Toolkit (250 Cbills)
Various clothes and personal effects
25 Cbills on person
Posting Status: Normal- Road trip - 10/3 to 10/7 Posting Slow, nightly only if possible

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