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Character Sheets

Please copy/paste your application here and secret your character sheet when it is completed. Thank you.

Current Party Members
Player NameCharacter NameClassRaceStatus
DalarangreenTsarra RhothomirBarbarian/FighterElfActive
Seekr34Thauior ForestwindDruid/RangerWood ElfActive
ClawsomeLoric SilverstringsBard/RogueHalf-ElfActive
UnforgivenAyduin JheregChrono-MageHigh-ElfActive
CreedCirrume JheregMonkHigh-ElfActive
Thanatus MorsAnseisPaladinHumanIn-Active
SilverfeathersKaneFighter/ClericHill DwarfIn-Active
Strange2099An'ne LiyanaClericAasimarIn-Active
Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist.
Children already know that dragons exist!
Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed!

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Rovard KhanCharacter sheet:
Race: Half-Orc
Age: 25
Class: Rogue 2 barbarian 1
Profession: "Community Protector"
Alignment: Neutral good.
Background: Outlander
Personality: Rovard is a kindly man by nature. Those who know him well learn his gruff demeanor and oft snarling visage are covers for a gentle heart that would rather avoid violence. Rovard has devoted his life to his neighborhood community and has guided it's development for the past decade, from a place of lawless violence and cruelty to it's modern stance as one of the safest areas in the city. What little crime does sneak in is met with swift and often debilitating retribution. Some believe that Rovard's vigilante justice is in and of itself a gross injustice but his neighborhood remembers the time before the youth, when no guard would come to your aid as you where mugged, or worse, in the dark alleyways. Perhaps his view of justice is too vicious, but it was born in a vicious place.

When beyond the twisting narrows of his home he is a reserved man, speaking rarely and preferring to be ignored. His physical features make this rather unlikely.

right-aligned image
Even among such a physically imposing species as Orcs Rovard stands out. With tusks thicker than a dwarf's thumb and limbs that would not look out of place on an ancient redwood Rovard is a distorted peak of physical perfection. Standing at well over seven feet in height the half-orc has often been mistaken as a pure blood by those not acquainted with pure blood skin tones. These misidentifications are never corrected, the more people believe him to be a savage orc the less fools enter his home.

He dresses in dark blues and blacks, often one color striped with the other to break up his form as he moves. At his side or resting comfortably on his back is a knot ended quarter staff mere inches shorter than himself. In combat the giant never uses it but it looks appropriately intimidating when needed.

Backstory:Rovard was born among his orcish kin and even at a young age it was clear he would be special. His Father, Rovan, was proud of the boy's physique and sharp mind but early on he noticed something that would not aid him among his tribe, the boy was meek. He towered over the other youths but would acquiesce without complaint on nearly any point. At first Rovan thought his child was simply waiting for an opportune moment to strike or perhaps that the boy was simply not confident in his abilities but as time went on and Rovard continued to bend the proud orc sat his child down and asked him why he refused to stand up for himself. Rovard explained to his Father that he would gravely injure the other children if he fought them and did not want to cripple any of them. His Father was taken aback by the child's sincere fear of his own strength but endeavored to teach his son ways of standing up for himself physically that would not leave his opponent broken. Rovard took tot he training like a fish to water and no longer was he looked down upon by his kin,
rather he was feared for his ability to humiliate every challenger without striking a single blow.

Rovard's life among his orcish family continued in this way for years until the youth was just entering into his teens. At this time the young man's life crumbled around him as his Father grew ill. The tribal shaman was unable to do anything for the orc and so Rovard took him to the nearest city to try and find a healer with the skill to bring him back from the cusp of death. Despite doing everything he could to save his Father the proud orc passed, his form a withered husk of its previous self. For a time after Rovan's death Rovard withdrew from the world and in time he found himself in a dark alley eating whatever scraps he could find just to survive. This time changed Rovard. The happy youth turned into a self contained teen but it did teach him many things, the most important being that he was a very tribal being.

It started slowly at first with Rovard stopping a few attempted muggings in the dark alleys of his home but in time he found himself upon the wrong side of the local King Pin. The man was selling drugs and flesh with equal abandon but the city watch did nothing to stop him, as long as the foul man kept himself contained to the ghettos that the non-humans lived in he was free to do as he would but the man found that Rovard was not so easily bought. Not long after Rovard made this point apparent to one of the criminal's underlings the man flexed his muscle far more than he had before.

Night of glass:The young half-orc lay in his bed staring intently at the back of his eyelids thinking only of the sweet embrace of sleep that so artfully eluded him. He had spent most of the day trying to get a pair of young halflings to stop bickering over who had asked the gnomish lass down at the tavern to the festival first. Lucky for Rovard he was able to talk sense into the little men before it devolved to violence as he had long ago found his father's folksy wisdom to be true, you never wish to stand in front of a halfling out for blood.

As sleep could just be felt on the edge of his mind a loud pounding erupted from the wooden block Rovard used as a door. The youth rose from his bed and moved the block to the side. Standing before him was a half-orc merchant gasping for breath. "What is the matter Fritz?" Another deep intake of air and the man finally managed to form words.
"Some guards are smashing up the marketplace. Destroying everything they can get their hands on. They aren't in uniform but Evalia recognized them." "Go get some on duty guards, tell them a human has been kidnapped and they need to get there quickly but not startle the abductors and get them to the market as fast as you can." The winded half-orc nodded before rushing off down the twisting narrows of Rovard's home. Rovard grabbed four sets of manacles from his wall as well as a length of rope with a deep sigh. When fully prepared for what was to come the youth ran as swiftly as his long legs would carry him and arrived on the outskirts of the market in minutes.

Laying before him was ruin.

Stalls were shattered, food was trampled into the ground, ceramics had been turned to dust under hobnailed boots. A pair of the markets hawkers were laying bloody on the ground,
their forms occasionally twitching with spasms of pain as moans rattled from their chest. The vibrant life and energy of the market was filled with the frantic energy of terror and in this now fragile place a growl rumbled from Rovard that drew every eye in the square. The guards stared at him as he approached but after only a few steps they got enough of their thoughts together to gather into a crowd. The largest of the guards was the first to make a move. The man did his best to slam into Rovard with his truncheon but the orcish youth slid under it with the practiced ease of a dancer before sending an elbow back into the base of the man's spine, dropping him to his knees. Swift hands clamped manacles onto the man's wrist and began binding them tightly as the heavy stomps hobnailed boots hit pavement behind him.


The boy slammed the kneeling man's face into the ground while launching his legs into the air, vicing his thighs around the man's throat before he could begin bludgeoning the child. He squeezed tightly as he brought the man to the ground and smashed a manacle roughly into the bridge of his nose. Blood began to run from the broken bridge and the young man released his grip as he manacled the second man.


The other three guards stood back with a look of fear in their eyes. Rovard stood and the sound of rushing feet came from behind him, the on-duty guards had finally arrived.
"City Watch your brethren have invaded my home. They have crushed the dreams of hard working men and women. This day I will return your fellows to you unharmed, if one of you ever enters this neighborhood again I will leave them more shattered than this marketplace." With that the young man hauled the two manacled guards up by the the manacles, their wrists and shoulders audibly popping out of sockets before dropping the men at the recently arrived guards feet. "Tell Trask that he is done here. If he keeps trying to operate in my home I will hold you responsible." After that the youth simply turned and walked away to return once more to his small little shack.

A festive bear:The years since the night of glass had been good for Rovard. The event had cemented him as a protector of his community and since then his basic needs had all been taken care of without worry. Given a steady supply of good food and even better company Rovard became an amicable mountain of a man. Around new people he was still gruff and dour but when around those he had taken into his tribe he was a font of joy and on this day that font was overflowing. The neighborhood was in rare form for the Great White Festival. Fireworks made by the mad gnomish inventor made the night's sky fill with light and sound. The man had been drinking since the moment he walked out his door,
a flask being shoved into his hand by an already inebriated dwarf, and any time he ran out he was topped off by a
Update: Out of the hospital, long story short had a blood clot that didn't break up with medicine that wreaked a bit of havoc on my lungs, seem to be past the worst of it just some breathing troubles remain.

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He is known as Anseis the Fierce by the public at large. An avenging angel of death for his Lord, the King of the Gods. Though, in fairness it is his hatred of evil that binds him more to the Great Father than love or devotion. To those who know him, he is Anseis the Damned; because the cost of his failure will forever weigh upon his soul until such time as he dies and continues to pay for his sins in eternity. He isn't motivated by atonement, devotion, or altruism as such...though he displays all of those traits and more. He is capable of great compassion and soaring acts of kindness, which are counterbalanced by his capacity for violence and torment. He is a wandering Knight of Vengeance, constantly on the hunt for evil. Ladies and gentlemen...I give you Anseis.

Official Application

Anseis the Damned
Male Human Paladin (Oath of Vengeance)
Neutral Good

Apologies to Grafit Studio of Voronezh, RU for the use of the image above. IT spoke to me...

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral Good (NG)

Background: Enforcer (Constabulary) [Basically a “cop” variant based on the Outlander base]

Personality Traits (2): (1) Once I'm on a case (or a trail, etc.), I don't think of anything else until it's resolved; one way or another. | (2) I am stoic in the face of every kind of hardship; so long as it’s me enduring the hardship.

Ideal: Mind The Gap – Laws are good. They keep society balanced by keeping good people and cowardly, petty, or merely self-interested people in check through fear of incarceration or costly sanction. But there's a point where small, selfish evil grow perniciously into dark, malevolent forces, and the laws are no longer limiting factors to them. It is in these times when society needs an equally dark force whose intentions are good, to mind the gap.

Bond: I do terrible things to terrible beings, so that others do not have to, and may live their lives in peace and ignorance.

Flaw: My apathy and failure allowed a great evil to take place. When the night is quiet and I have no evil upon which focus my hatred, it turns inward; only the bottle numbs the pain and keeps the demons at bay.


The Dude abides. I don't know about you, but I take comfort in that.

The house I plan on building in anticipation of the imminent Zombie Apocalypse.

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left-aligned image

Tsarra Rhothomir

Name: Tsarra Rhothomir
Class: Fighter 1 / Ranger 3
Profession: Sailor
Background: Folk Hero ("The Elven Hornet")

Appearance & Personality:
With tussled black hair and piercing brown eyes, Tsarra is as fierce as she appears. It is no wonder that she is respected even amongst the crudest sailors. While she is neither as strong nor as muscular as some of her peers, she is nimble and hardy. In bar-room scuffles, many a rowdy drunkard has received a swift punch in the gut before he could so much as swing a punch. Others are further surprised when their own powerful blows connect but seem to do little to dissuade this fearless elf.

In conversation, Tsarra is skeptical with a slight touch of bitterness. But that is not to say she is unable to have fun! She loves i.e., a great keg of beera great party, even if she tends to be somewhat of a wall-flower--a fact which startles people, particularly dwarves. Though her laugh is neither loud nor boisterous, her asymmetric smile and glittering eyes speak volumes about her mirth and amusement.




Random NotesI just wanted to note that I am happy to alter / modify some of the backstory to fit the world better. For instance, I wasn't sure the political systems etc. of humans and elves, so I just sort of made things up. If it makes more sense for Tsarra to be from a "duchy" or some other kind of region / country, I'm happy to adapt.

Also, let me know if the racial biases are too overplayed. Your advertisement made it seem like racial tensions are high in general, so I thought it seemed appropriate.

Unpacking... to a new normal?
Academy of Heroes [DM]
Catrin Gantzlan in The Founding

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left-aligned image

Kane Ironfrost
Race: Hill Dwarf
Gender/Age: male, 168
Class: Fighter 1/ Cleric 2 (war domain)
Profession: Stonemason, Tailor

Appearance: Kane is of average height by dwarf standards, just barely standing 4’ 7”. He has a broad chest and shoulders, and thick limbs. Looking at him you can tell he is no slouch as he walks with his armor and carries his hammer with ease. Like most Ironfrost dwarves he has reddish-auburn hair that he keeps tied back in a knot. His beard is trimmed very short and close to his face and is always well cared for. His face is a bit flat with a wide nose. Kane wears black armor with purple trim or robes in a similar color scheme in honor of the God of War; whom he serves. He has a tattoo in Dwarvish script on the inside of his left forearm and has a silver chain and pendant wrapped around his right wrist. He has a baritone voice with a soft gravelly quality.

Personality: Kane is slow to warm up to new people, which makes him appear as gruff or stand offish. But once you are in his good graces and inner circle he becomes quite personable. He has a practical mind having trained as a stonemason and builder; sticking to logical conclusions before venturing off into speculation. He can also be witty and sarcastic with those that dish out the sarcasm first.
Backstory/History: The Hill Dwarf city of Umbra did not always rise above ground like it does today. King Boldred II commissioned the building of the surface. The Ironfrost clan was one of the main builders on the project laying out the terraces and building heights for maximum impact on visitors. It is a grand city to gaze upon thanks to the Ironfrosts eye to detail and engineering. Umbra is divided between Upper Umbra on the surface and Lower Umbra inside the mountain the Hill Dwarfs call home. Umbra prospered until the war of the gods came from the heavens. Large portions of newly constructed Umbra was destroyed by demons and evil spirits. The dwarves of Umbra did all they could to defend their city from darkness and chaos. Then, man and the Gods arrived and the demons were pushed back and held at a stalemate.

Umbra was rebuilt under the Great Council, with the same clans returning to work on the city they so loved. Once again the Dwarven Empire flourished for centuries. That was until man sought to bring the other races under control of the empire again. This is where Kane’s story begins.

Unlike his forefathers Kane was called into the service of the king as a soldier not a stonemason. Though he had trained and studied the craft of stonework and engineering those skill were retired and would not be used again. There were soldiers in the Ironfrost clan back many, many generations but none in recent memory.

In the King’s army Kane was sent off to defend Umbra from an encroaching wave of humans. The clash between the two races did not go well. The dwarves were unprepared for the large amount of cavalry and took heavy loses. It was a crushing defeat, the humans moved closer to Umbra as a small handful of survivors trickled back to the dwarven stronghold. Kane and his brother’s-in-arms were not treated as heroes or even celebrated that they made it back alive. The whole battle was swept under the rug, to be ignored and forgotten, it was not a memory the City wanted to remember. Kane and his friends called themselves ‘the score’ as there were exactly twenty of them that made it back from the battle. Most of them acquired matching double X tattoos somewhere on their body. ‘The Score’ meet every year during the Great White Festival to honor those lost in the battle and unable to return home.

Kane and the others of The Score assimilated back into society as best they could. Kane couldn’t bring himself to return to working on the building of the city after city seemed to have turned its back on him when he needed it the most. Instead he joined the Temple of Mars, God of War as his past as a soldier was accepted and not questioned. There Kane remained for nearly twenty years learning to be a cleric, a war priest. A balance between soldier and service.

RP Sample:
Beth Quinn
Tower graduate #820

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Harvish Boarswood
Character Sheet
right-aligned image

Name: Harvish Boarswood
Race: Lightfoot Halfling
Class: Rogue (Arcane Trickster)
Background: Sage
Profession: Brewer
History:Harv comes from a long ling of brewers, these Brewers were well respected in the Shire, why they would even trade their brew to the major races but still stay neutral from political affairs. Harv would have been the fifth generation owner of the Boarswood Brewery with its regional favorite Boarswood Lambric. Unfortunately due to the mismanagement from the fourth generation, the Brewery was sold to their major supplier, the Hops. With nowhere to go, he stayed on with the brewery and would travel the region looking for new emerging markets to sell the brew for. Even went to the Empire at some point but it didn't work out well.

While visiting another village, he and his cousins at the Boarswood warehouse acquired a few more skills. Skills that capitalized on their natural dexterity and would help them along in big cities and towns. There he learned to find and disarm traps, pick a lock... pick a pocket. He then would travel the region, taking orders of Boarswood Lambic. If his family wasn't going to profit for it, he'd at least do his best to keep the name alive. He supplemented with a picked pocket or lock now and again. Then he found his new calling that of an adventurer. Most had short lifespans, but those that made it, made it rich relatively quickly. His life plan came together. He and his cousins would travel with anybody. Going on adventures, stealing with theirs hearts content, and with the goal to buy back the family business. But all things tend to come at an end, one job they did would be their last. Their tasks was to retrieve an item, in a place called the Shar, they've heard a different name from the Empire, they called it the Citadel. What happened next led to the deaths of Harvish's many cousins and him laying in his own pool of blood. He lies at death's door steps right now, he knew that he would be consumed by whatever inhabits this hellhole but can't help regret that failure to buyback the family business.

As he goes closer, and closer to the afterlife, he heard a voice, a graceful and powerful voice. One that he never heard before, "My child, a great injustice has occurred upon you and your bloodline. But fret not for you have my blood within your veins and are thus my descendant, as you lay dead, you shall meet your allys but first I shall unlock the wisdom of the sages that were once from your ancestors and unlock the archaic powers
that lay within your bloodline."
and just like that, Harvish Boarswood gain powers he never thought of having and gain the knowledge of his ancestors that were great and powerful roguish tricksters of the night. From the knowledge of his forefathers, he knew that he was a being between realms, he knew that he was a Demi God. Whether this was a stroke of luck or a miracle, the Goddess of Fate smiles upon him today, as he finds himself in different planes of existence. Whether his alive or dead, he does not know, with so many questions and confusions, he just doesn't know. But one thing he does now, he picked the adventuring life for a reason. And so he ventures forth into the unknown.

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right-aligned image

Name: Cyndra
Race: Aasimar
Class: Sorcerer (Aberrant Mind)/Warlock (Celestial)
Profession: Musician
Background: Entertainer

Apparance: All of Cyndra is white, even her iris's are white under their golden glow. She wears the brightly coloured dress she was killed in and sometimes seems to fade out of existence a little.

Personality: As a spirit Cyndra spends a lot of time missing her peaceful and happy childhood. Or at least that's how she remembers it. Being dead she finds little to be happy or peaceful about and comes across as melancholy and pessimistic. Still, she strives to emulate what she remembers of her family and spread joy and happiness through her music. She is very controlled and cautious. While willing to chat with anyone she can be slow to trust.


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[FIELDSET="Character Application"]
right-aligned image

Warlock 7 (Pact of the Tome)

Name: Theris
Class: Warlock 7 (pact of the Tome)
Profession: Calligrapher
Background: Guild Artisan
Appearance & Personality:
Theris is a handsome young man as long as you can see past the red tinged skin and horns protruding from each side of his head. His eyes are a bright yellow in color and his dark grey hair is worn long and loose past his shoulders. He is average height standing five foot eleven inches in height and weighing a slender 172 pounds.

He is outgoing and friendly to others so long as they are the same to him in turn or first. Growing up in a guild hall he had the opportunity to train with people of many different races which allows him to get along with mostly anyone, and has no real prejudices against any race. HE is not always quick to make friends but once he does he would do anything to aid a friend in need. At the same time he has a good memory and is not one to forget those who offer offense either.

Personality Traits: "I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. I can’t help it — I’m a perfectionist."
"I always want to know how things work and what makes people tick."

Ideal: "People. I’m committed to the people I care about, not to ideals. (Neutral)"

Bond: "I owe my guild a great debt for forging me into the person I am today."

Flaw: "I’m never satisfied with what I have — I always want more."

Theris never knew his parents having been abandoned by his mother when he was first born. Left on the doorstep of the Calligraphers guild, the very same day of his birth. The elderly Chief Scholar had never had children and upon finding the child chose to take him in. For Theris growing up in the confines of the guild afforded him an excellent education and a trade when he came of age. Theris took to his studies but never truly excelled in them. Still he always did his best to earn his mentor and adoptive father's respect.

As Theris grew he began to notice things about himself that others were not capable of doing. Many who studied in the guild hall also practiced magic as well, or worked as Sages. Theris though seemed to have an innate connection with magic different from the other arcane or divine casters. Confused and curious Theris set to try and determine what was different about him in comparison to others who practiced magic. Of course there was the obvious fact of his birth after all tiefling were not overly common, and most believed his abilities were deep seated evil manifesting itself.

Theris though knew the power he could wield did not make him evil or that it came from an evil source. At least he did not nor does he now believe he is inherently evil. In fact he is quite confident he was born to help others in any way he can, all while advancing his own knowledge of the vast world he lived in. Upon reaching adulthood, his guild training complete, His Mentor gave him a book he had discovered during his adventuring days, and had never fully understood. Theris thanked him, and said his goodbyes, eager to find his way in the world and learn all he could about who and what he was, and where he truly belonged.

The adventuring life was difficult at best when he first set out, but over time he learned his way. Taking jobs here and there sometimes adventuring others working in the local guild where he had stopped long enough to earn enough coin to continue his travels. It was during one of his stops that he found the true purpose of the book given to him, allowing him to take the spells of other casters and transcribe them into the book to later cast the spells himself. Using his new found skills he continued to adventure and travel always eager to find more spells to add to his book, and increase his knowledge and power.

Current Characters: Barthal, Fezaliax, Galileo, Thorin, Vesden,

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Nozorami Raine
right-aligned image

Name: Nozorami Raine
Class: Fighter (Samurai)
Profession: Shipwright
Background: Skill proficiencies: History, Perception
Tool proficiencies: Carpenter’s tools, Vehicles (water)
Equipment: a set of well-loved carpenter’s tools, a blank book, 1 ounce of ink, and ink pen, a set of traveler’s clothes and a belt pouch containing 10GP

Feature: I’ll patch it!
Provided you have carpenter’s tools and wood, you can perform repairs on a water vehicle. When you use this ability, you restore a number of hit points to the hull of a water vehicle equal to 5 times your proficiency modifier. A vehicle cannot be patched by you in this way again until after it has been pulled ashore and fully repaired.
Deity: Clotho, Goddess of Fate
Appearance & Personality: Nozorami Raine is a follower of Clotho and as such wears much of the oriental themed garb that she has inspired within her following. Wearing a Hakama style robe with a top knot on the back of his head he has a very specific style. On his side he wears his katana which is his primary weapon of battle. Nozorami does not follow nations, he follows men and takes and promises he makes very seriously, however he is always one to enjoy a good moment when one can be had.

A small sketchbook is always found with him where he captures his latest designs for what he declares is the one ship even a demon horde couldn't sink. A believer in fate he believes that the goddess will guide him to what he needs to create such a ship.

Personality Traits:
I love sketching and designing objects, especially boats.
A pipe, an ale, and the smell of the sea: paradise
Hope. The horizon at sea holds the greatest promise
I will craft a boat capable of sailing through the most dangerous of storms.
I get frustrated to the point of distraction by shoddy craftsmanship.

The boy named Nozorami Raine grew up on a small village in the Northwestern continent near the seas and lakes of the northernmost part of the area. It was there that he grew a love for the sea. Although it was not the sea itself that grabbed his fascination but the ships that glided across it. Kaniko Raine, Nozarami's father was a fisherman and every day he would take his boy to the docks while he would go out for his early morning rounds. Nozorami would stay on the docks watching the various boats leaving and returning and sketching each and every one of them.

As he got older he learned that he had a knack for working the wood they had been crafted from, and he quickly got work patching the ships as he made them whole again. Soon he was designing his own shifts with only the opportunity keeping him back from one day building his own perfect ship. Nozorami made friends with the other kids in town and everyone seemed to measure everyone else based on their ability to pull their own weight. They even had a few refugees, orcs and half-breeds who were without home or place that would accept them. The town took them in and put them to work. The town orc known as Mazog was considered 'their orc' and the guy to go to whenever you need some heavy lifting done. He would often be hauling large nets of fits from the docks to the market while Nozorami had been sketching, and they enjoyed a morning routine of the boy sparing some extra bread and sausages for the orc from his breakfast.

Despite his talents and success the world of the sea was as dark as any other in Prym and the presence of the vengeance seeking demons were always a threat. Mostly they had kept to the central continent and the wild sea but recently they had become more bold. That was when the raids began.

Reports of such raids had been coming from all up and down the northern towns and cities. The Emperor had even begun to send out patrols in support of the towns to identify the truth of such rumors but the towns had been burnt to ash before they had been able to come across the ones doing so.

Kaninko, Nozorami's father, was a man of the sea and therefore had a great respect for the unpredictible nature of the sea. He had subscribed to the respectful worship of the Goddess of Fate knowing that the spirit of chance was in her hands. As such he had raised Nozorami to not only act in accordance with those beliefs but also to dress in the style of the goddess and to practice the ancient art of swordsmanship inspired by her. It was because of these lessons, taught as a patronage tot the Goddess Clotho, that Nozorami had been prepared when the demons came. It began in the evening when the ships were in harbor and most were asleep. Nozorami woke up to the screaming as he ran out of his small village home to see what he could do.

Running to the docks they found demons making port and working to destroy the fleet before plundering the town. Mazog had already stepped in to defend his home and Nozorami quickly joined slowing down the demons long enough for the Emperor's forces to finally catch them in the act. Much of the town was destroyed and many were dead but the demons had been fought back by the Imperial forces and one of the captains had caught interest in the young swordsman.

The captain was more than what he seemed for he was part of the boy emperor's intelligence network. The captain had been looking for someone outside the military who could be trusted to gather intel not to be shared with those around them. As with many lords he had his own network, but also secretly served the emperor by feeding him information.

Nozorami had lost his father in the raid and his mother had left them while he was still at a young age. All he had left was Mazog so it wasn't a hard decision to take up work with the captain who had saved the village. Not letting any know he would take up various task from time to time, relaying a message, acquiring certain packages, feeding back rumors and the like and before he knew it he was getting an audience with the Emperor.

The Emperor had asked the lord for someone loyal and Nozorami had been recommended. That moment would change the course of Nozorami Raine's life forever.


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Fallen Angel (Child Oracle)
left-aligned image

right-aligned image

Character name: An'ne Liyana
Theme Song Alternate theme Modern Ultra Modern Lament for An'ne Liyana's Totem

Race: Aasimar (Protector)
Class: Cleric (Oracle)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: You have spent your life in the service of a temple to a specific god or pantheon of gods. You act as an intermediary between the realm of the holy and the mortal world, performing sacred rites and offering sacrifices in order to conduct worshipers into the presence of the divine. You are not necessarily a cleric – performing sacred rites is not the same thing as channeling divine power.Acolyte

Concept: Child Oracle who provided aid to the mortals in their fight against the evil goddess, her actions construed a violation of the Non-Interference Pact decreed by Poseidon and so she was punished with banishment from the Heavens. Even though she, herself, is a daughter of Cronos (god of prophecy), she thus "Fell" to the world of Pyrn as a mortal Aasimar (of divine heritage) as punishment by the gods. Now a mortal and no longer bound by the gods' Pact of Non-Interference, she is free to act directly on the mortals' behalf as one of them.
She is not accustomed to direct, physical combat; but serves a role to guide and protect via her prophetic visions and angelic abilities (divinations, healing, blessings, etc.).
Although still formidable in power and abilities, her descent to mortality left her with gaps in memory and knowledge. She was found within a Temple of Cronos after her initial fall, where the Temple Order cared for and exalted her as a child cleric and ambassador of the Prophecy deity. Thusly shielded from general society, she has yet to fully acclimate to “normal life” and is still highly dependent on others to function as a mortal.

Appearance: Small, young, slightly immature and still developing, An'ne has the energy and frailty of a young girl. She looks and sounds like a normal human, which helps to hide her identity within the mortal world. She usually wears her black hair hidden under a cloak and hood, while a veil often hides her tanned skin and olive eyes. Her clothing is typically white, though on occasion she employs a red robe for temple ceremonies that invoke the favor of Cronos, her father and the God of Prophecy.
Eyes = Green
Hair = Black
Height = 4'7"
Weight = 89 lbs.
Skin = Lightly Tanned

Personality: Since her "arrival" as a Mortal and being taken in by the Temple Order, she’s grown used to everyone catering to her every need and doing whatever she wants, though she understands the relationship as two-way with the fulfillment of her part in an implicit pact. So, she’s not selfish or arrogant (maybe a little arrogant as she might inherently see everyone else as inferior to her, especially given her previous life as a Celestial) but simply reliant on others to take care of her and guide her for mundane things, as she guides them in the higher-order things.
Traits: #1) Lingering Divinity - Not yet fully adjusted to life as a mortal. Has many 'quirks' that result from her former nature as a celestial (e.g., she detests eating meat, and chewing food, in general).
#2) Pacifist Tendencies - she is inherently afraid of physical violence. Although she understands the necessity in the fight against Evil, she is still upset at the sight of blood.
Ideal: Divine Obligation - It is my duty to guide and care for the people beneath me. (Good).
Bond: The Evil Goddess must be defeated to restore the sanctity of life and the Balance of Order.
Flaws: #1) Bound by Fate - she has trouble understanding the concept of "free will".
#2) Entitlement of Innocence - After being catered for since her arrival, her memories of being a celestial angel linger and she often (usually?) thinks that others should naturally protect and provide for her, while she fulfills her responsibility to offer them her Vision and Guidance (and lead others in the correct path of the gods).

Backstory: An'ne was born an Angel. As a young Celestial of the Heavens, upon completion of her education her role would have been to assist her mother and father by planting dreams into the minds of sleeping mortals. She enjoyed the practice of taking the Prophecies she learned from her father (Cronos, god of Prophecy) and infusing them into the Dreams of mortals as taught by her mother (Ruya, goddess of Dreams).

One day, she got a little overzealous in her activities. An'ne frequently heard the other deities talk about the importance of the war against the evil goddess, and how they lamented the inability to directly help the mortals in their effort. Dreams would not be a direct help, she reasoned. So she took the knowledge told to her by her aunt and uncles - the locations of the 9 stones of power - and attempted to deliver the information to the mind of a young Emperor, in his dreams. However, her skills were not yet sufficient to allow the child Emperor to correctly glean the information. Before she could refine her skills and make further attempts, her actions were discovered by elder celestials.

Her actions were discovered and reported to Cronos, her father. Although he cherished his daughter, her actions could not go unpunished as any interference in the lives of mortals was strictly forbidden by Poseidon’s Pact with the evil goddess. In order to satisfy their obligations, Cronos made the decision to cast his daughter down from Heaven and she appeared in the mortal realm, below. Stripped of her divinity and half of her memories, she awoke to find herself within a Temple. Lost and confused, the Temple clergy took her in and cared for her. They soon recognized what she was (an Aasimar of divine ancestry) and what she could do (channel the power of her father as a Cleric / Oracle of Prophecy). They helped her as best they could to adjust to her new, mortal life, while working with her to further the cause against the evil goddess.

Although now exiled from the Heavens, An'ne's father and mother still look after their little "fallen angel" as best as they can. They provider her with clerical power and abilities and occasional hints via prophecy to aid her in her quest. After a few months with the Temple, where she learned some basic skills to live life as a mortal (eating, sleeping, walking everywhere) she informed them one day that she needed to travel to obtain an item of significance, which would aid in the destruction of the evil goddess. Being a small, clerical order, the Temple Clergy were unable to provide her with safe escort, so they contacted the Crimson Accord to arrange a protective escort and take her to meet the Emperor of the Northern Empire. In the palace of the child Emperor, An'ne revealed to him who she was and her divine lineage. The child Emperor promised to aid her in her quest by arranging for safe transport and provided her with with a defensive guard to protect her.

Secret #1: Known Secret = her father is Cronos, God of Prophecy. Although this is a secret that she does not reveal willingly, the fact eventually becomes known to those close to her. It is also a source of pride for her and she does not shy from expressing her pride and joy to those that know the secret.
Secret #2: Unknown Secret = She cannot remember her mother. This is upsetting to her and she is reluctant to talk about it.









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Thauior Forestwind
Character Sheet:
Name: Thauior Forestwind
Race: Wood Elf
Class: 2nd level Druid (Circle of the Moon)/4th level Ranger (Ranger Archetype: Monster Slayer)
Background: Outlander Feature: Wanderer
Profession: Guide
Personality Trait: I watch over my friends as if they were a litter of newborn pups.
Ideal: Nature: The natural world is more important than all the constructs of civilization.
Bond: An injury to the unspoiled wilderness of my home is an injury to me.
Flaw: I am slow to trust members of other races, tribes and societies.
Personality: A typical wood elf, though he enjoys travel and exploring new areas, he’s more at ease in the forest than anywhere else. He is friendly and gets along with others just fine, although there are times where he keeps mostly to himself.

Description: He looks like your typical wood elf as well, he is covered in mostly green with a bit of brown, a typical woodsman, only he seems to be as one with the forest. A sword at each hip and a bow at his back. He stands at 5’8, green eyes with coppered colored hair and copperish colored skin with a greenish hue. Slender but athletic build.
right-aligned image

Backstory: He grew up in the Wealdath forest, which means “unspoilded woods” in elvish. A huge tribe of wood elves lived there. The forest was located northwest Tethyr, just north of the Starspire Mountains. His father was a ranger, his mother, a druid, so it was only natural that he would take after them. He has an extra fondness of not just his homeland, but forests in general.

Once he became an adult, he became a guide. Guiding travelers through various trails and forests as he traveled more, gaining more experience. He noticed after a couple of years, he was coming across more monsters, so when the time came, he chosen the ranger profession “Monster Slayer”.

The Great White Festival had come. A yearly festival that celebrates the day the goddess was thrown from the heavens. He always enjoyed this time with others. He spend many times alone, which he doesn’t mind, but now and then, seeing other people, he enjoys, trading stories and rumors of what is going around across the land.

It was there when he received an envelope. The envelope was black and sealed with an origami black rose. He didn’t know how to open it, which was strange. He looked to the person that gave it to him for help, but that person was gone. He looked all around but there was no trace of him. Since it seems magical, he hunted down a wizard. One didn’t know, the second wasn’t powerful enough, but he pointed Thauior to a more powerful wizard. When he showed the envelope, he was told that it can only be opened by cutting your finger on a "petal." It's ancient blood magic, he was told. No trap, he was assured, so with a shrug, he cut his finger and was able to open the letter.

Roleplay Sample: The wizard read over his shoulder. “Lord Mallowar, something very important is going on lad, so stay alert and always be at your best.”

Thauior looked confused. “It doesn’t even say how he will find me, I mean, he doesn’t even know I will accept.”

“Oh, he’ll find you alright, don’t worry about that. As for accepting, well, it is entirely up to you lad, but it’s from Lord Mallowar, it means he had chosen you for a task, what, I do not know, but he doesn’t choose just anyone. There must be something special about you. I also doubt you are his only choice. It will be a life changing experience for sure.”

Thauior read the letter again a bit later while he was eating. He rubbed his forehead. He supposed it wouldn’t hurt to find out what is wanted of him.

Leaning against the wall, watching the others rush by him, he grins. "Go ahead, go get that treasure that's laying there. Be more for me after you die."

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Loric Silverstrings
right-aligned image

Name: Loric Silverstrings
Race: Half Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Bard/Rogue
Profession: Entertainer

Description: He stands 6’ tall with a wiry build. His skin tanned from years on the road. His brown eyes matched his hair which was had slight curls and came down to his neck. His traveling garb was nothing spectacular but was a colorful blue and red.


Trait: I'll settle for nothing less than perfection.
Ideals: When I perform, I think I make the world better than it was.
Bonds: My instrument is my most treasured possession, and it reminds me of someone I love.
Flaws: I have trouble keeping my true feelings hidden. My sharp tongue lands me in trouble.

Background: Loric was born in the unfortunately as a tryst between a traveling human bard and an elven bar maid. In the small city of Bask, tucked in a section of the Northern Territories between the Kaganite Mountains, the Yuel Forest and Collogen River. The mother didn’t even know the fathers name and the father never knew of the child. Life was not easy for his mother, Elloween, nor Loric. Her job and life were hard. Not a day went by not in misery. Loric grew up in no better circumstances and was an outcast to most being a half breed. Instead of letting it hurt him, he used it to harden him to the slurs and jokes. Growing up in the tavern gave him the hard lessons of life, but it also gave him some skills growing up. One night he heard beautiful music and voice, and it changed him profoundly. He picked up the lute and learned to play while getting pointers from bards that stayed weekly at the tavern. His mother loved to listen to him play. It seemed to be her only pleasure. Over time, he mixed that up with his odd night jobs here and there. He wasn’t a criminal. He was just trying to survive in this world. He came home one evening to find his mother dead on her straw bed. He mourned and buried her the next day. He knew then it was time for him to move on. From that day forward he traveled and played many, many miles both on land and the waterways. Continuing to improve his skills. He left the shadier side of work for the most part and focused on his music. He knew he was destined for something better and was determined to make a better life for himself. He took odd jobs working for various organizations obtaining objects of value for them. One such group was The Library Under the Sylvan Tree. He retrieved books and scrolls over the years for them. It was one of the more honorable jobs he had taken. They asked him for another mission and to join some others of their sect. He agreed and was now anticipated his newest challenge.

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