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Old Jan 29th, 2021, 02:32 PM
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Wishkamon's Shiz

-RPGX Book Club - My 100 Themes Challenge -

Current Characters

Agetha Rhyneheart
right-aligned image
Tabaxi (sphynx cat) Bard of glamor - level 8

Agetha can be found in Reliq0770's amazing game Great Old One's. A comedic romp through a nursing home for retired adventurers!

The wrinkled ex-starlet observes you judgementaly from behind her enormous sunglasses, bringing the lacquered cigarette holder to her lips with a velvet glove. The smell of perfume is suffocating.
"Well." she says after a long pause, "You're not as pretty as the last girl, but I suppose you'll do. What is it they say? Fat girls try harder?'

Miss Rhyneheart gives a shrill laugh, brushing a stray strand of her blonde wig aside, and then pouts at your shocked expression.

"Oh, don't be so precious darling, I was only joking. You can take a joke, can't you?"
Another lungful of smoke is exhaled in your direction. You can detect the distinct smell of gin underneath it.

You are beginning to understand why the role of Miss Rhynehearts' nurse is one of the least desirable in all of the F.A.R.Ts facilities -and that really is saying something, given the temperaments of some of the residents in the Valhalla wing-.

"Now, be a dear and fetch some smoked salmon for Madame Friské from the kitchen. None of that tinned tripe mind you, she'll know and so will I."

A grumpy siamese cat meows demandingly at you from a hideous velour chez-long.

Apparently done with you, the old bard returns her attention to the enormous gilded mirror, and the lengthy, delicate procedure of pinning back her wrinkles and applying her face.

Philamine Jones
left-aligned image
Dragonborn Sorcerer - level 1

Philamine is trying to escape the humdrum life of a barmaid in Homestarbaby's game The Barmaids Adventure.

The opalescent scales on the dragonborn's cheeks flushed with colour, and she brushed down her overly femanine pink apron as if to occupy her hands while her brain skitted about for a response to the drunk man's words.
"Oh, that's very kind of you to say sir…" she said with a shy and uneasy smile. It wasn't like she wasn't used to the occasional unwanted advance - Usualy she found it easiest just to play along or play dumb - but this guest's dirty mouth had caught her off guard. "Anyway we can't drink on the job. Perhaps I can bring you something to eat?'

She might have expected his response to be so vulgar. She laughed awkwardly, grimacing through her pointy teeth.

A little thought crossed her mind; a scenario in which she might wipe that lecherous grin off his face with a quick firebolt. Thoughts like that had been coming more and more often recently, but she never had the nerve to act on them. Maybe one day…

"Ok, sir I think i'll just go fetch you some water…"

In her haste to get away she walked straight into a chair and almost fell over. Further embarrassed by her own clumsiness she hurried, red faced, to the bar where Brook was watching her with an expression half of amusement and half of pity.

"Girl, you should slap him." she pointed out.

Philamine exhaled a mighty sigh. If only she were brave enough

Prince Ches of the Windseeker Tribe
right-aligned image

Ches is a well meaning, though worldly naive Harpy Prince in Hotsusama's game Do Good in the World. using the colaborativly composed world of The Etherial Lands.

left-aligned image

Daigen is an Eldritch warrior mage, part of a race who once ruled the world. His life long quest for his people's ancient artifacts has bought him into Silent Rain's adventure Through Sunken Lands.

My bones are lazy, but my soul's on fire.
Agetha - Philamine - Ches - Daigen

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