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Old Feb 6th, 2021, 09:13 PM
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Advisors to the Queen

Character bios and links to sheets go here.
DM Village Survival
Knights of Justice now open again.
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-Record of the Frost King

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I was a whispering wind with the force of a sledgehammer.

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Redeploying back home. Short-term hiatus, bear with me.

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I have taken The Oath of Sangus.

I'm playing Katja Starthorn with her companion Alagos in Ysolde's Kingmaker.

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Business is good. Means I am down to 3 posts/week per forum, maybe more. Please be patient with me, and skip if necessary. Thank you, you Awesome DMs you.

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Name: Damon Downe
Age: 115
Race: Dhampir
Class: 4th level Rogue (unchained)
Role: Spymaster -The Spymaster observes the kingdom’s criminal elements and underworld and spies on other kingdoms. The Spymaster always has a finger on the pulse of the kingdom’s underbelly, and uses acquired information to protect the interests of the kingdom at home and elsewhere through a network of spies and informants.

Benefit: During the Edict phase, choose one kingdom attribute (Economy, Loyalty or Stability). Add your Dexterity modifier or Intelligence modifier to this attribute. Taking Stability

Description: He stands at six feet even, jet black hair, just past his shoulders in length. At times, he’ll have it in a ponytail. Dark eyes and a goatee. Dressed in all black, Black studded leather armor over a black shirt & vest and matching black pants designed for simplicity and mobility. Knee high boots. A dagger sheathed at each thigh and rib. A bow at his back and a sword at his side.
right-aligned image

Personality: He carries himself well with confidence, gets along well with others, although he has trouble trusting them. Seems many are friendly for a price or have a hidden agenda. He does not get overly excited, staying calm through most situations. He tries to be a even-tempered man, if anyone cross him, he will be marked. At the same time though, once you have him for a friend, you got a friend for life. One thing he hides is his race, more often than not, bad things happens when others find out what race he is.


How do you know Merina Istara: Now he was in a bind, most of the time, when he reveals himself, no matter what good things he did or is, he either gets shunned, run out of town, or worse, they try to kill him on the spot, especially a few paladins who seem to go crazy of the undead. While she patiently waited, Damon took a deep breath, rose from the chair and stood against the wall like a caged animal, frighten and ready to fight. The way he stood, the queen became concerned but had her guards to stand down. Damon then told her what he was and a bit about his life.
The Queen and the guard’s eyes lit up and looked each other. To his surprise, she just nodded and told him to sit and offered him some wine she had on the table. Turns out, she not only heard of his kind but met his kind as well. They talked for awhile and then she had an idea. Some of her people may not accept him, but she knew who would. She wrote a letter and gave it to him. She told him if you want to be somewhere to be respected and have a place to call home, he was to meet Merina Istara and told him about her and what she was doing.
Well, Damon excepted, he thought why not? The Queen would send word to Merina of his coming, so he set out north to Narmarches in the River Kingdoms. When he arrived, she was fighting the Bandit King and he helped out the best he could. The Kingdom Tatzlford was then formed after the war. Then helped set a town up they named Fairhaven. Merina and Damon talked, Merina trusted him and had the favor of Queen Telandia as well. She also liked that he wouldn’t age so quickly. Damon agreed to stay and help however he could.
Leaning against the wall, watching the others rush by him, he grins. "Go ahead, go get that treasure that's laying there. Be more for me after you die."

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Name: Calvin Ellison
Race: Aasimar (Deathless, Halo, Incorruptible, Truespeaker)
Age: 70
Class: Unchained Summoner (Synthesist, Soulbound [lame curse], Angel eidolon)
Alignment: LG
Traits: Trustworthy, Outcast's Intuition, drawback: Overprotective
Role: Diplomat



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"The baby has known the dragon intimately ever since he had an imagination. What the fairy tale provides for him is a St. George to kill the dragon."
-G.K. Chesterton, Tremendous Trifles (1909), XVII: "The Red Angel"

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Application: Golarion SeverineasName: Golarion Severineas, Golarion Runehands, the Snatcher, Book-thief (officially it's Given to him by his mother at birth, but not used anymoreGolariel Chosen name, used by close friends and direct family translates to mean "Wisdom thief"Harelesherel Used by anyone elseGolarion Closest thing he has to a last name, used for paperwork and suchSeverineas and ofcourse Dewsting, his sprite familiar!
Race: Elf (well, technically half-nymp half-elf, but that just means elf with some choice fey racial traits)
Class: Arcanist (possibly collegiate initiate or occultist) or alternatively magus as the party composition requires.
Gender: Male
Age: 154 years of age
Role: Treasurer. I like the idea that the common folk can speculate he's doing vanishing tricks on their money, rumours about his hand being golden, or possibly conjuring money from thin air.
Drawbacks: You feel compelled to correct every action and argument that contradicts your worldview. Whenever you witness an action or hear an argument that contradicts your alignment, you must attempt to stop or correct that action or argument. If you either don’t try to stop it or fail in your attempt to stop it (as adjudicated by the GM), you are shaken for 1 hour. In Golarion's case he tries to keep others from ascribing him inaccurate traits, or being factually wrong about the world, world politics,...Headstrong
Traits: Being self-taught has made it necessary for you to scour all documentation you can get your hands on. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Linguistics checks to decipher unfamiliar languages, and Linguistics is always a class skill for you. In addition, you gain a +1 trait bonus on Spellcraft checks made to decipher the writing on a scroll.Self-Taught Scholar & You are a master of calligraphy, an art once highly valued in Lung Wa and still held in high esteem in Lingshen. The DC to detect forgeries you create increases by 2. If you attempt to persuade someone via a written message, you gain a +2 bonus on any Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check attempted for that communication. Linguistics is always a class skill for you.Excellent Penmanship
right-aligned image
From the looks of him you wouldn't guess any stray, non-elven blood in Golarion's veins. The man is slender and tall as one would expect of an elf. His face is perhaps a bit less angular than one would assume strictly normal for one of his blood: Golarion's chin isn't "Sharp enough to open letters with" but slightly more half-elven in shape. His ears take away any doubt at his presumed elven lineage, with twice the length of a normal man they stick out through his ochre hair, and from the looks of it it's a miracle how such daggers don't cut into his long hair. In his eyes, one can see the honey he was raised on, anyone peering into them will be soothed by the warmth in his gaze. These golden-brown orbs are the one thing that hint at a non elven taint to his breed. They're significantly rounder than one might expect from an elf, and not at all angled. Between them sits a long, straight nose resting over thin broad lips. Unlike his eyes, his lips provide the viewer no calm, instead they mean business unperverted by emotion. That aside, his smile is still welcoming to many, and shown on many occasions.

Golarion dresses for the job he's set his eyes on recently. Preferring smooth fabrics and long flowing robes when the oppertunity arises, often Golarion selects garments that elicit the iconography of the prophecies of Kalistrade. While that usually restricts the man to wearing white exclusively, Golarion doesn't follow the doctrine and adds in accents of red and gold. The man has an uptight posture, and often meets strangers coldly while he examines them. Not all about the man is pristine however, his clothing is nearly allways marked with dust and his head is often adorned with a locally sourced flowery crown.

By far the most recognisable trait Golarion has is his right hand, the snatcher's fingers. An artifact not yet of legendary status that serves to link the user to the world itself. The gauntlet enables the mage Golarion to interfere in occurences on the planet Golarion and harvest them for energy. Bone, reinforced by gilded steel, extends from the stump of his hand. These are roughly mummified with inscribed linnens. The object is held together by glass, shaped to form a hand and inlaid with small colourfull mosaic shards. To the casual viewer, the item looks like a needlessly expensive prostethic. Examination from one initiated in spellcraft will see it as a kaleidoscope of various magical auras however.

Personality: Golarion wields logic as well as one might wield a sword or a wand. Peerless determination is what characterises Golarion. He's hard working and brutally honest to a point where it could rival a dwarf. This diligent and honest attitude isn't the extent of the dwarven side of his character. Golarion finds honor to be as important as life itself, though he might seems to pull it from strange places. Instead of combat and skill Golarion finds his own honor in duty, crafts and providing for the future.

Golarion is rather confident in his abilities, and while he feigns no humility about his capabilities, he's not one for idle boasting. An exception to this is different mages: Golarion has named himself an entropist for the source of his power, and commonly mocks other mages as "potentialists". Golarion has some envy for these mages, who seem to operate without his weakness, but values his own method more than any potentialist's tricks.

When first meeting a new person, Golarion maintains a serious attitude. Beyond the first contact he's significantly more relaxed and hopes to come across quick-witted, and mostly succeeds in this effort. The man enjoys jokes and anecdotes as much as debates. While the elf often gives the impression to like exclusively appreciate the sound his own voice, this isn't strictly true. In fact, he's particularly susceptible to the common vices of wine and women.

Beyond this, there are some quirks. He vehemently refuses to take to any nicknames and obsesively corrects assumptions made on the subject of himself. He fiercely objects to any attempts to divine his motives or thinking though he openly shares his motives whenever prompted. Beyond this, there's the earlier mentioned snuffing of candles, closing of windows and doors and the deflavouring of food. The man insists these practices are important for him to recieve

Backstory: Golarion's father was wed to a woman of peerless beauty. But when lost in a dense forest, the looks of an untainted glade cannot be matched, and nor could it's nymph guardian Severinea. Golarion's father stayed in this forgotten glade for days. When days turned to weeks, he stayed. When weeks turned to months, their child was born. The elf was had his father's features enhanced by his mother's. The fey wanted to name her child after all the beauty in her home. The dew on the leaves in the morning, the shades of red in the sky at night, the frosted spiderwebs, sylvan had no words for this beauty so instead she named him Golariel. Golariel's father stayed with him and his mother. When months turned to years, the father tried to leave and was struck down by his mistress in jealousy. Severinea was left alone to tend to her now traumatised son.

As a mother, Severinea was like a river smoothing over all the rough patches in the stone that was her son. In doing so she imbued him with her fey intensity and love. The pair was happy, and shared the grove. Elves grow slow by human standards, but swift as storms compared to the timelessness of his mother. Eventually Golariel outgrew the grove in which he was raised. Golariel was permitted to leave, so long as he returned. No amount of freedom satisfied the elf when he had to return though, so he started to steal books.

Severinea saw what her child was doing, and gladly took part in the stories. The pair read most of everything, though Golariel allways enjoyed epic tales of mythical heroism more than anything else. Most specifically he was enthralled by the idea of the possibilities of magic. He asked his mother for tutelage. But the woman was no wizard, her magic was inborn and natural. Since she could not teach, Golariel tried to teach himself. He stole less epics and more manuals. Academical texts on the proceedings of the magecraft.

Now, where Golariel allways longed to venture away from his home, he wanted to stay and learn. Severinea urged him to go out to steal more books. He learned about metaphysical properties, and found it rather intuitive. Despite that, he soon analysed himself. The result indicated his lack of internal power, and no manual he's found yet would teach him. Despite this disability, the man became a scholar at analysing the metaphysical.

Luck is a finite source for the best of men, and Golariel was no exception. Eventually he was caught raiding college secrets. Larceny lead to examination under the Kyonin investigators. Golariel was jailed as he was judged. For his thievery he lost his hand and his home. Exiled and mutilated Golariel was sent to the stolen lands. The elf marked himself as lost. He wandered the lands for a while but soon stumbled upon an expedition of righteous force to rid the land of it's banditry. The scholar, now with a chance to redeem himself, eagerly joined the cult.

For the first few days Golariel could only offer a back to lug around equipment. But he carried a bit more than he ate, so he was kept on. Before long however Golariel learned of the true scale of the operation, this wasn't some never-will-be's attempt at glory, this was a large-scale attempt at cleansing and structuring the lands. Golariel helped on more expeditions, learning to better navigate the lands and map them. The elf could at this point barely cast a spell, but was deadly with a map. With some sketches he predicted strongholds and supply lines. Bandits needed trade as much as any kingdom. He provided the oppertunity to strategically pick battles, and joined on expeditions to learn and map more.

Golariel supped with many stronger men and women than himself, including Merina Istara. The sorceress was an inspiration to her in the way that his mother never was. Over fine food Golariel confessed his longing to arcane learning, but mourned his lacking knowledge and banishment from Kyonin.

After the quelling of banditry, Golariel set out into the world for inspiration. If you havn't found a mentor yet, go out and teach yourself. Merina's words were freshly scratched into the elf's memories. Golariel went out, from the river kingdoms he moved west. Avoiding Kyonin by travelling due north through Razmiran. The elf quickly learned he'd be burned at the stake if he overstayed his welcome. He made notes on the workings of the state religion, as well as the land's ruler. He left before the knives were at his throat. On the way to Molthune he applied what he'd learned: To take aggresively. He tried to reach out and grasp the metaphysical properties he'd learned about, and put them on other things. Experiments with wetted candles and educated ale taught him to think about the effects of applying mismatched properties. By the time Golariel set foot in Moltume he applied his aggresive approach to his studies. He took the property of "world" for himself; he chose his adult name as Golarion and worked to attribute as many worldly properties to himself as he could.

Golarion travelled through Moltune for a while as he worked on his beginings of magic. The spellcaster kept at his art, and eventually decided that power enough wasn't enough. He learned to think things through, and determine what properties he could give an object and theorise what combinations could exist. As he dove deeper into his studies Golarion also learned to use the world's balancing reactions offensively. His spells were little more than cantrips at this point though. He needed some greater acces to metaphysical properties. The mage designed an artifact that'd better connect him to Golarion (the planet), in an attempt to improve his magical reserves.

The construction would prove expensive however, and Golarion's current financial status couldn't cover the costs. He set to work, writing letters, bribing clerks and securing an audience with Markwin Teldas, the imperial governor. He proposed to organise a tournament, festival and a large market in honor of his birthday. He arranged low taxation for the market, and used the coin thus won to arrange a second prize for chivalry outside the arena. With lesser knights and sellswords alike traveling alike merchant caravans and guarding during the festivities he saved money on the actual guards. The mage in training collected the money thusly saved, and used it to fun the construction of his artifact.

Now laden with gold, Golarion went to where men grew their fortune to arrange a permanent residence and home base from which to travel from. Druma was the logical conclusion. He travelled along with a banking family's escort and landed close to Kerse. Golarion learned from the Prophecies of Kalistrade out of cultural curiousity. He initially didn't feel much of a pull towards the religion, but drew some conclusions. Their notions of purity were similar to an absence of the metaphysical properties Golariel studied. To the scholar it felt like an abyss at first, but over time it evolved into a blank canvas. He likened the Kalistrocatic "Purity" to his metaphysical "Vacuum" and pursued the lifestyle for both financial and magical might.

The hypothesis turned out to be correct. Before long, Golarion finally managed to cast a proper spell. By this point, Golarion had a library's worth of books. He compiled them into one consistent doctrine and magical method which he eventually called entropism. The eternal student became a teacher. He sent a pile of his manuals back to the magical academies in Kyonin to appease the elves about his previous larceny and travelled often. Until one day he found a message from a certain sorceress.

How did you know Merina Istara: Golarion met Merina Istara right after his banishment to the stolen lands. He conversed with her many times during her campaign against the country. The mage served as a military advisor, powerless on the field but deadly with a map. In the evenings he served as an advisor, during the day he stayed near the back lines with the seige weaponry.
Illeryces - Aaron - Golarion - Sylva - Anima - Ion
DM: Pokemon Island Expedition

Catching up! I'll get to you, I promise!

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Pashe Orett
right-aligned image
Pashe(Pae-sh) Orett
  • Name: Pashe (pronounced Pae-sh) Orett
  • Race: Oread
  • Age: 73
  • Class: Sorcereres (elemental[earth])
  • Role: Magister
At 4'3" tall, greyish-white is Pashe's most defining feature when someone first sees her from a distance as her skin and hair are awash with the color. But once someone gets closer, that light color spectacularly offsets Pashe's eyes of glowing obsidian gem. Looking into those pools of black tends to unnerve most people who meet her, and Pashe tends to avoid looking directly at strangers because of this. Her Orend features and short stature aside, Pashe does not favor her father much, whoever he may be, and she instead takes after her human mother.

It's strange having a human for a mother when you are a long-lived half-human. Pashe effectively grew up while her mother, Gabriell, grew older. The young Pashe didn't really notice this until someone mentioned to her mother in her presence that Gabriell should find a husband before she was too old. Growing up on the outskirts of Sezgin, one of the three main merchant towns in Lambreth, she and her mother were ostracized from those around her. While her mother would not tell Pashe anything about Gabriell's family, Pashe's slow growth compared to humans did not mean she couldn't figure out what was happening around her. With no real prof, Pashe pieced together the facts that Gabriell was of the Vizcarra ruling family. However, she did not know her mothers' exact relationship. Given the looks she received and the hushed insults thrown her way by the Black Eagle horsemen who guarded the kingdom, it was not hard to guess that they lived ostracized because her mother had become pregnant with Pashe.

Pashe learned to ignore those glances and hushed insults and focused on helping her mother in any way possible. If Gabriell could sacrifice her life in Sezgin for her, Pashe could spend her youth helping her mother have a full and prosperous life despite the residence of Sezgin. So in pure stubbornness that only youth could bring, Pashe set about doing just that. At a young age, she would insist on doing the most demanding and most strenuous jobs around the house. As Gabriell grew older, Pashe would do more and more of the chores around the house, and she continued this over a decade into her adulthood until the day Gabriell grew sick. It was inevitable and a day that Pashe dreaded would come.

Pashe had decided decades ago that when her mother passed, she would leave Sezgin and the River Kingdoms entirely, but Gabriell had other plans. As her dying wish, Gabriell wanted Pashe to head to the Stolen Lands and aid her friend Merina Istara who was building a new kingdom there. So, after her mother had passed away, Pashe buried her and left the only home she ever knew. Pashe set out for the Stolen Lands and Merina's budding kingdom to tell her mother's old friend that Gabriell was dead and that her mother had wished for Pashe to aid Merina in her endeavor.

How do you know Merina Istara:
Pashe first met Merina several decades ago when she was still a young girl and had just shown that she shared her or fathers? since he was an outsiderhuman mother's potential for sorcery. Occasionally over the years, as Pashe grew up, she and her mother Gabriell received visits from Merina where they would talk in private for hours. Pashe thought of Merina as her mothers' friend and never really concerned herself much about the elf's visits.

Something only Merina Istara knows about Pashe: Oret was Pashe's fathers' name, and Gabriell took it as her surname but added a second 't'. She did this to prevent any possible snafus with magical summonings since Oret was an outsider, and so was their daughter. Pashe does not know this, but Merina Istara does.

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~ Work just kicked me in the nuts when I wasn't looking.... limited posting from now on. ~

Posting: Friday & Saturday only

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left-aligned image

Name: Means "Prosperity"Abadard

Age: 40

Class: Unchained Rogue (Phantom Thief Archetype)

Race: Human

Role: Councilor

Description: "Towering" at 5'5", and weighing in at 140lbs, Abadard is invariably either grinning or preening, and usually both at the same time. Impeccably (and flashily) dressed, not physically imposing, but definitely noticeable!

Personality: In a word "Friendly!" Most would say overly friendly and exuberant, always trying to get people to like him, as it is easier to sell things to people when they like you! Has a habit of talking about himself in the third person. i.e. "Abadard is glad you came to see him today, Friend!" Only in the thick of battle, does this "salesman" façade tend to disappear, then he becomes serious, focused and tactical.

Many years ago, Abadard was part of a Merchant Caravan that was ambushed by a large group of bandits. Not content with stealing the wares of the caravan, the bandits also took all the Merchants and assistants who had not already perished in the attack, and sold them all in the Slave Markets of Cheliax. Fortunately, Abadard was canny and had a glib tongue, he began trading when his duties permitted, with whatever he could get hold of and whenever he could, eventually raising enough to to barter for his freedom. While this did nothing to slake his thirst for riches, he gained a newfound sympathy for the downtrodden, and decided that he would find a way to both enrich himself and help other who are in a similar situatuation to the one he escaped from.

Abadard set himself up as a moderately successful Merchant who used his mercantile connections (across borders) to run an underground railroad, helping slaves escape from Cheliax, and even smuggling Andoran Agents into Cheliax, again being sponsored by the Andoran Government. He suplemented his income with the Sales of various Alchemical Items and Legal Poisons, that he had crafted himself, to save coin.
It was through this network that Abadard met Merina Istara. A dear friend of the Sorceress had been captured by Slavers, and taken to Cheliax for auction. Abadards network helped the friend to escape, and Merina told Abbadard that she would "Remember what he had done for her".

Many years later, Abadard was on the run from a slaving gang that he had liberated/stolen slaves from. He needed to get FAR away from Cheliax, and even Andoran, for a good long while, maybe forever, and find a place where they would never go.

But where?

It was then that a messenger finally found him....

Character Sheet

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Andalis Myramar
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Name: Andalis Myramar
Age: 25
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Unchained Rogue

Description: To call Andalis scrawny, is an understatement. This is a man who had fought hard, just to survive, and the former malnourishment of his youth is plain to see. His jaw is of an angular cut, with high cheekbones. His features are otherwise gaunt, despite the visible musculature he has acquired in recent years. His hair is dark, raven-hued, and long, hanging between his shoulders. His eyes are a cloudy green, not very dissimilar to moss, though there is a deep scar that bisects his left eye, he was lucky enough to not lose it. And while he isn't the tallest of individuals, he still holds himself proudly.

Bio: Very rarely do people come into your life and leave such a profound impact on you to make your life better for it. Merina Istara was one such individual for a young boy on the streets. 'Andalis would have been a thief like any other, born to the street, unknowing of any real family. The closest he got was the other kids he lived with, at an orphanage in a rather disadvantaged part of his city. There were more children there than there were people to care for them. That could often drive older children to grow up faster, take care of the younger ones... but that was not who Andalis was back in those days. No one had cared for him, so he cared not for anyone else.

As soon as he could find a means to escape the orphanage, he did and found himself worse off for it. He struggled to survive in those early days, looking for work... and finding some. He met a man named Silas Imari. A massive wall of a man, who offered many a kid a means of earning money, a place to stay, and hot meals. He jumped at the opportunity and soon learned skills to rob another person of their livelihood. In his opinion, if they couldn't hang onto their wealth, they didn't deserve it. Problem was since Silas was the one offering them this "new and better life" that meant he got a cut. If a child did not do well that day, then they didn't eat.

It sparked a rivalry between the children under Silas's "care". Andalis stood at the top of a downward spiral that there could have been no escape, as several orphans died of numerous causes... starvation being number one. Andalis and a girl named Sandrine often competed for wealthier and wealthier marks... but for the first time in his life, he was letting someone else win. He was drawn to her... wanted her... He would go without food for days at a time, stealing food instead of coin, just to survive... making sure Sandrine could eat. He hated himself for this weakness.

One day, he heard about a rather wealthy mark in his area and hoped that perhaps Sandrine and himself could both partake... He approached a young woman in, what he believed, regal attire, planning to cut the strings of her purse and be off-- as soon as his hand touched it, however, he was hurled backward, against a wall. Guards appeared around him, weapons drawn... but her voice rang out, calling the men off of him. She told him her name, Merina Istara... She gave him her purse, on the promise that he'd walk with her and have a chat. She claimed to have seen something in him that she doubted he could see.

She explained that she'd be leaving in a few days to the Stolen Lands... and that she could see a good heart that had become calloused over due to a lack of true kindness. She suggested he show others the kindness that he needed... he may not receive it right away, but patience would lead to a truer reward that was not petty baubles. She promised to send him a missive one day, no matter where he was, and she believed she wasn't wrong... that he'd answer her call. She left him with so many questions that would go unanswered...

He returned with the purse and met with Sandrine, offering to split it with her. It was one of the biggest hauls they'd seen in a long time. So Andalis gave her a different offer on top of that. Run away with him. Forget everything, this city, Silas... everyone but each other. They'd make a better team than they did as enemies. She balked at the idea and tried to take the purse from Andalis. She threatened him with her dagger... but he allowed her to have it without a single word of resistance. Broken-hearted, he decided he'd just leave, alone in the morning...

Unfortunately for him, Sandrine told Silas his intentions, and Andalis was beaten in his sleep by the larger man. But Silas slept with his own dagger. He struggled to fight back... wounded before the fight even truly began, but he utilized his smaller size and speed, to get around him, sinking his knife into Silas's side- it wouldn't prove fatal, but it'd be the start of many cuts, Andalis swore. A glint of steel, however, made him snap his head back, as a dagger nearly stabbed him in the eye, instead turning downward, and slashing him, deep. Sandrine had come to assist Silas. The pain in his eye was numb in comparison to the pain he felt deep down... the scuffle soon became even more heated, with Andalis leaping out of a window with several cuts across his chest, back, arms, and legs... and upon hitting the ground, a broken arm as well... but he escaped.

He left the city and tried to find his own way... but infection set in, and his arm set poorly. He was later found, unconscious on the road... he woke up in a warm bed, however. He was being taken care of by some farmers, who rebroke and realigned his arm in his sleep... with his wounds treated. They claimed to not be the one who found him though. An elven woman with white hair had found him and saved his life first. She left him a note that only had one word written on it: "Patience".

The boy he had been would have robbed those poor farmers blind. The man he had become, however, stayed with them. Helped out around the farm. He was there when the patriarch passed away... and that man's children, all five of them, called him brother. He stayed with them for several winters, until he received a letter from Merina. Bidding his new family ado, he makes way for the Stolen Lands... After all, he doesn't want to be the one who proves her wrong.

How do you know Merina Istara: After attempting to steal from her, he was shown a kindness he didn't expect. She would then go on to save his life... he feels he owes her a great deal.
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