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Old Feb 6th, 2021, 09:13 PM
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Advisors to the Queen

Character bios and links to sheets go here.
DM - Pathfinder: Kingmaker
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Durya Silverfang
right-aligned image
Durya Silverfang
Name: Durya Silverfang

Age: 27

Class: Monk of Four Winds ArchetypeMonk 4

Race: Human-Raised alternate racial trait, gaining human racial trait, replacing orc ferocity and weapon familiarity.Half-Orc

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Role: General

Description: Standing at 5'11" and grey-skinned, Durya is a female half-orc with a rather stern and humorless disposition. Being a monk, she sees no need to wear any protective attire, even resorting to wear a rather revealing leotard that allows greater mobility and doesn't restrict her movements. Despite being a half-orc, she seems to have more human features, making her seem more like an elf with strange skin condition and tusks. Moreover, her training as a monk seems to have extinguished any trace of her more brutish attributes from her orcish heritage.

Bio: Durya never knew her birth parents as she was found by a pair of wandering monks, shrouded in worn blanket and crying. Despite her orcish features, the monks were willing to take her in and brought her back to the monastery, where she was taken care of by the monks there. Named Durya, she grew up alongside other children in the monastery, and she began wondering about why she was different compared to the other children. Once she learned of her heritage, she was wracked with guilt, knowing that she would never be able to fit in.

Despite learning of her heritage, her life went on. She started to live a monastic life, training herself to be one among the monks in the monastery. She sought to achieve enlightenment, but she felt like she hadn't achieved much in her life and as she grew older, she had decided to leave the monastery so that she could learn more about herself and help herself to grow. During her journey, she encountered an elven sorceress named Merina Istara, and after receiving some help from her in a near-death occurrence, Durya swore to follow Merina and assist her in any way she could in order to repay her.

She also learned of Merina Istara's mission at the Stolen Lands, and still indebted to her, Durya assisted her in any way she could, and once Merina managed to establish a kingdom of her own, she also swore to serve the new queen in her own way. While she might have no experience in administration, Durya's skill and knowledge could be useful in making sure that the new kingdom could thrive.
My work(s):
-Record of the Frost King

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I was a whispering wind with the force of a sledgehammer.

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Grym Banefinn
Grym Banefinn
right-aligned image

”Perfection in all we do.”
Class: Wizard of the Transmution (Shapechange) School.
Race: Human
Age: 28
Role(s): Magister
Alignment: Neutral Good
Physical Description: A large mass of corded rippling muscles formed into a shape not dissimilar from that of a human male, though proportionally too large, Grym is physical perfection from head to toe. Even the scars that decorate his face and body do little to mar and only serve to better highlight his good looks and tight physique. Finishing his look is his carefully maintained and styled hair, and expensively tailored outfits. Grym believes that a man must always look and act his best if he is to achieve the pinnacle of greatness that all long for.
Personality: Bold, Brazen, Brash, and a Bastard above all else Grym is a hotheaded man who never backs down from a fight, and will usually start one if nothing exciting is going on. Beyond his flaws though Grym is upfront and brutally honest to those around him, and as steadfast a friend as you could hope for in these troubled times. While his work keeps him close to places known for vice: Alcohol and women being popular pastimes at the bars he is employed at as a bouncer, and all manner of illegal goods and services being offered at the underground fighting pits, Grym himself doesn’t pay much mind to such things. More concerned as he is with training and perfecting his magical and martial arts.

How do you know Merina Istara: When first banished and struggling to find his way a chance encounter with the sorceress is what set Grym on his path of physical and mental perfection. The kind words and earnest advice from what he thought was just a simple stranger remains tethered to his soul, strengthening his heart even now. When Grym learned of Merina Istara’s mission upon his arrival in the Stolen Lands he rushed to be of service without hesitation. For a chance to repay a kindness and make his mark was not something the mage was willing to squander.

DMing: Last of the Hunters
Playing: Reaghan, Grym

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I have taken The Oath of Sangus.

I'm playing Katja Starthorn with her companion Alagos in Ysolde's Kingmaker.

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Yippie Kye Yay, Mother Lover
left-aligned image

"Doc" Abner Halloway
LG Halfling Cavalier 4 / Kingdom Role: Marshal
Alchemist | Healer | Dinosaur Rancher
ALLIES: Mrs. Halloway

A very dichotomic figure, standing a mere 3"2 but having all the confidence of a man who stands 6"5. He tends to dress in rugged leathers and a signature duster hat, appears pretty scraggily with long brown hair and a scruffy beard, usually sports a dopey, half-drunken smile and can usually be seen upon a mega raptor, kicking back lazily and guzzling back some moonshine as he performs his patrols about the Stolen Land wilderness.

Abner is all about the good times and resting on the laurels of his skills and accomplishments, preferring to let his animals do the heavy lifting and his wife to organize the important matters. A skilled rancher, his Megaraptor Charlie makes up for his relative lack of combat prowess, allowing him to kick back and enjoy some casual patrols in a mildly inebriated state. He is rather social, fond of drinking and gambling, and often garners favors from others to be used to gain leverage in social situations.

Laid back as he is, he takes his role of general surgeon very seriously and is very adept with his hands, having a special talent handed down by his forefathers that gives him a special healing touch to keep himself and his troops in tip-top shape. For his seemingly rough edge and charm, he is a fiercely loyal man and will come through for anyone he is loyal to in a pinch, having earned some acclaim and a title for his heroic deeds. He will not deny his greater responsibilities to establish a growing civilization in the wild, but he does not sweat the small stuff, garnering a reputation as a charasmatic and well-to-do leader, and quite talented in his abilities to keep up morale and get the best from others as part of his lazy but personable allure.

Frustrates his wife to no end, but is as deeply in love with her as the first day they met, and ultimately will come through and follow her much wiser guidance, to the benefit of all.

"My Common Sense is Tingling..."

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Ursus Etiam
right-aligned image
Name: Ursus Etiam
Age: 145
Race: Elf
Class: With the Restorer archetypeDruid
Role: Doctor/Councilor/High Priest of Erastil

Description: Ursus strikes an opposing figure for such a mild mannered person. Pitch black eyes with no expression, long dark hair and an equally long beard that's some how well kept all sitting atop a six foot solid frame of muscle and little waste. You could easily mistake Ursus as a barbarian or tribal warrior, but they are soft spoken with good manners and only carries a quarterstaff to assist in walking and not for attack.

Bio: Ursus was raised by bears, that alone really sets the tone for his childhood. He wasn't raised by actual bears of course, but druids who spent most of their time wild shaped as bears. It made for an interesting childhood as you saw your mother both as a human female, but also as a just as easily recognizable female bear. It was Ursus' parent who first instilled his duty to nature, to Erastil and to his fellow people. His parents were healers and past down the healing art to him.

Ursus' family schooled him in the ways of druids and healers that had been past on throughout the generations of the druids living in the Verduran Forest. Teaching him of how to heal the wounds of others and of animals while also training him in the arts herbology and druidic magic. The druids of Verduran Forest have a lot of autonomy and his parent made sure that Ursus' was instilled with a sense of duty so as not to abuse his position. For his part, Ursus took to all of this like a pig to mud. He reveled in his studies and sought to learn all he could about the forest and the beasts within and he become a devout follower of Erastil believing wholeheartedly in his teachings.

Unfortunately Ursus became a little too devout and solitary. He became concerned with his part of the forest and only his part of the forest, believing that anything outside of it was a waste time that could otherwise be spent serving Eratil and honing his craft. For almost a full century he spent in virtual isolation, barely interacting with any non-animal life apart from his parents. He spent his time mostly talking to animals and seeing to his patch of forest and oblivious to anything beyond it, even other parts of the forest. Its why the hydra took him by surprise as much as it did.

Having ignored the warnings and pleas from others, Ursus was utterly unprepared to face such a beast. But his lack of knowledge did not dull his confidence at all, he believed the beast could be calmed just like any other he set out to face it. But his skills had only grown so far, and in his solitary learning he had barely scratch the surface. His attempted ending in dismal failure and only served to provoke the beast. Ursus tried to fight it but once again, his skills were sorely lacking. The beast managed to pin him but just before the killing blow several burst of flame erupted upon it. His parents and an elven sorceress he had never seen before had arrived and began to fight the enraged Hydra, their skills being an equal match for it. Wounded and bleeding profusely, Ursus called out to not kill the beast and surprisingly the Elf drove it away just as Ursus passed out from his wounds.

He awoke in his parents care who explained the elf was Merina Istara, an old friend and collegue of theirs. She was chasing the hydra in order to put a stop to its rampage and had called upon them to assit, given their knowledge of the area and being powerful druids in their own right. While they were kind, there was a distinct edge to their words. A sense of scolding and admonishment. They were disappointed in their son for the way he acted and his presumption of power and skill he had yet to even loosely grasp. Ursus wanted to argue that he had things under control and knew exactly what he was doing but the words died in his throat. His parents were right, he knew nothing about the world, the extent of its threat and wildlife.

While Ursus recovered, he made plans. It was time for him to leave his forest and travel the world and actually learn about it. He packed lightly and left without barely a word to his parents, only a note explaining his motives and reasons. He couldn't face them with the shame he had inside himself. He started to travel the continent, slowly, methodically, stopping here and there for a month or two learning about each creature and the people there. He started to realise just how little he actually knew about the world. Along his travels he heard that Merina Istara victory over the Bandit King in the Stolen Lands and her fledgling kingdom. He immeditely started to make his way there, still stopping along the way where he could find new creatures and people. Eventually finding his way to the new kingdom, ready to help Istara and repay her for the kindness and service she paid him all those years ago

How do you know Merina Istara: She saved Ursus' life. A hydra had wondered into his homelands and Ursus tried to calm the beast and send it on its way. It ended horribly for him but Merina intervened and drove away the beast, without killing it.
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-~ ~ Cookie ~ ~
right-aligned image

~ "It's not filth, It's Flavor"! ~

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (NOT Chaotic Stupid)
Class: Witch (Gingerbread Witch) Lv. 2 / Alchemist (Promethian Alchemist) Lv.2
Race: Goblin (w/ Eat Anything which Replaces Skilled)
Age: 26
Possible Courtly Role: Royal Chef (w/ possible use as a Treasurer of Magistrate)

Traits: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Stealth checks, and Stealth is always a class skill for you.Silent Hunter, Bandit (Profession: Cook/Intelligence)(I have no idea why they call it this when Choose one Profession skill and one ability score other than Wisdom. You add that ability score's modifier in addition to your Wisdom modifier on checks with the chosen Profession skill.looking at the description of the trait)
Drawback: Attached (Meat Cleaver) (A Memento from Granny)

Description: Cookie is not what you would call a typical goblin. Although he was smaller then most when he was first born his tendency to eat anything and everything has not only aloud him to grow quite tall for a goblin but also rather fat. He's not obese, at least not as much as some goblin chieftains, but he does have a gut large enough to be consider over weight. His head is also slightly smaller then most goblins but he does share the same toothy grin so common among his kin. However, most noticeable is his well groomed and waxed mustache.

Cookie avoids the more typical rags or makeshift cloths of his kin, instead preferring an actual chef's apron and hat. He also has more formal cloths, similar to a proper butler of valet outfit, but he doesn't like to wear it, finding it far too stuffy or restrictive. No matter what outfit he might wear Cookie always tries to wear his favorite knife and two bandoliers full of his favorite spices, although he sometimes has to hide them. Lady Istara has explained to him that a kitchen knife and bandoliers are not proper attire for more official events but Cookie has pointed out most knights are allowed to wear their weapons and armor at such events. Are not spices like his armor and his knife his weapon of choice? Why should he not wear them proudly?



How do you know Merina Istara?
As mentioned in his background Cookie first met Lady Istara when he snuck aboard a cart destined for the Stolen Lands and would have likely been driven off once found if the Elven sorcerer had not taken an interest in him. It is because of her mercy and willingness to allow him to cook for her that Cookie has grown to see Merina as his 'Great Long Ear Magic Chief of Chiefs', although she has been able to convince him to call her Lady Istara instead. Why Long Shanks are always wanting less impressive names has always been a mystery to Cookie but if his Chief wants to be called Lady Istara rather then Chief of Chiefs that is her choice to make.

Trivia Tidbits:
- Despite what many people believe Cookie does not, in fact, eat humans. HE HAS, Absolutely, but Cookie understands that 'civilized' people become very 'touchy' when the idea of eating their own kind comes up. Cookie doesn't really understand why some people are so sensitive about this idea, after all some people eat monkeys and they taste very similar to humans, BUT he does realize that unless he wants to be chased away or killed like his first teacher he CAN"T EAT PEOPLE. That's fine though as there are plenty of other types of meats he can experiment with and enjoy.

- One of Cookie's dreams was to become a cook to nobility, the personal chef of some great Chief. Now that he has achieved that he plans on using his influence to create one of the greatest kitchens, filled with every manner of ingredient. At the same time he will continue to learn all he can about food by tasting and experimenting with everything he might come across. Then, when he is ready to retire, he will travel the land to sample from all of the chefs he comes across and gift upon them his criticism to help them overcome their limitations as chefs; all while protected by delicious Food Golems

- Cookie has attempted to speak Common in a variety of 'accents' before (French, Italian, etc), despite not actually speaking the language these accents came from, because, at the time, he though they made him sound more like a high class chef. He has since given up on this idea but sometimes mixes old phrases or pronunciations into his normal speech by accident. Unfortunately, because it's all just a chaotic mix it comes across more confusing then cultured.

- Cookie didn't receive his name because of his chosen profession but instead from the fact that his first teacher use to call him Emergency Cookie Ingredient, or Cookie for short.

- Cookie, as a Goblin, does not typically call things by their "Given Names", instead using descriptive titles which better represent such items. It's not that he doesn't know 'Large Milk Giving Moo Beasts' are actually called Cows, he does, but in goblin culture taking time to call something by it 'Full Name' is a sign of respect. To call someone by a 'Name' rather then 'Title' is to either show great disrespect or intimacy with that person. Goblins also believe that words more then three syllables are unlucky so, although Cookie can speak such words, typically avoids them when possible.

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Barakas Urzog
right-aligned image

Name: Barakas Urzog
Race: Half Orc
Age: 24
Class: Inquisitor-Green Faith Marshall/Sacred Hunter
Alignment: Neutral Good
Role: Diplomat or the High Priests Enforcer/Investigator

Description: An imposing half orc at 6’6” tall with well-toned muscles and greenish skin. His fangs protrude prominently from his bottom lip. His red eyes gleam with cunning and contrast to his long black hair flowing down his back in a ponytail. His typical orcish ears are adorned with bone jewelry. He is usually dressed in black, whether it is his clothing or armor. The armor has the emblem of a sword stuck into a mountain engraved into it.

Background: Barakas Urzog was born into slavery and raised all over the River Kingdoms. His parents were both killed by bandits on separate occasions before he even reached his 6th birthday, not that he ever saw them after his birth. They were also slaves.
He was eventually rescued from slavery by a band of Gorum clerics and Inquisitors and raised in the church of Gorum. He got his freedom from slavery, but at the same time he was still beholding to the church that saved him.
On his 10th Birthday his training began. He trained in both clergy duties and martial skills. He found the ways of the inquisitor fit him well and he exceeded his peers on this path. As with all young clergy, once he reached his 18th year he was sent on various missions for the church to promote, protect and expand the church as well as protect the citizens of the realm. He has spent many years in the frontier of the River Kingdoms dealing with monsters and people and spreading the word of Gorum. On one such mission he saved the local Orc Chieftains son from a pack of wolves and was rewarded with a rare baby warcat, a prized kitten by the orcs. He raised and trained it as his own companion.
A couple of years later he was assigned to help Queen Merina Istara on several occasions as a diplomatic liaison with both the church and the local orc tribes as he spoke their language. The fact he was both part orc and part human made him perfect for that job. He was also the enforcer for the Church. Those who broke the law of Gorum or the kingdom faced his wrath.

How do you know Merina Istara: He has worked for and with her supporting the Kingdom in various dealings with the local Orcs (Tuskgorer’s) as well as dispensing justice for the church and keeping the people safe.

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Name: Damon Downe
Age: 115
Race: Dhampir
Class: 4th level Rogue (unchained)
Role: Spymaster -The Spymaster observes the kingdom’s criminal elements and underworld and spies on other kingdoms. The Spymaster always has a finger on the pulse of the kingdom’s underbelly, and uses acquired information to protect the interests of the kingdom at home and elsewhere through a network of spies and informants.

Benefit: During the Edict phase, choose one kingdom attribute (Economy, Loyalty or Stability). Add your Dexterity modifier or Intelligence modifier to this attribute. Taking Stability

Description: He stands at six feet even, jet black hair, just past his shoulders in length. At times, he’ll have it in a ponytail. Dark eyes and a goatee. Dressed in all black, Black studded leather armor over a black shirt & vest and matching black pants designed for simplicity and mobility. Knee high boots. A dagger sheathed at each thigh and rib. A bow at his back and a sword at his side.
right-aligned image

Personality: He carries himself well with confidence, gets along well with others, although he has trouble trusting them. Seems many are friendly for a price or have a hidden agenda. He does not get overly excited, staying calm through most situations. He tries to be a even-tempered man, if anyone cross him, he will be marked. At the same time though, once you have him for a friend, you got a friend for life. One thing he hides is his race, more often than not, bad things happens when others find out what race he is.


How do you know Merina Istara: Now he was in a bind, most of the time, when he reveals himself, no matter what good things he did or is, he either gets shunned, run out of town, or worse, they try to kill him on the spot, especially a few paladins who seem to go crazy of the undead. While she patiently waited, Damon took a deep breath, rose from the chair and stood against the wall like a caged animal, frighten and ready to fight. The way he stood, the queen became concerned but had her guards to stand down. Damon then told her what he was and a bit about his life.
The Queen and the guard’s eyes lit up and looked each other. To his surprise, she just nodded and told him to sit and offered him some wine she had on the table. Turns out, she not only heard of his kind but met his kind as well. They talked for awhile and then she had an idea. Some of her people may not accept him, but she knew who would. She wrote a letter and gave it to him. She told him if you want to be somewhere to be respected and have a place to call home, he was to meet Merina Istara and told him about her and what she was doing.
Well, Damon excepted, he thought why not? The Queen would send word to Merina of his coming, so he set out north to Narmarches in the River Kingdoms. When he arrived, she was fighting the Bandit King and he helped out the best he could. The Kingdom Tatzlford was then formed after the war. Then helped set a town up they named Fairhaven. Merina and Damon talked, Merina trusted him and had the favor of Queen Telandia as well. She also liked that he wouldn’t age so quickly. Damon agreed to stay and help however he could.
Leaning against the wall, watching the others rush by him, he grins. "Go ahead, go get that treasure that's laying there. Be more for me after you die."

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Name: Calvin Ellison
Race: Aasimar (Deathless, Halo, Incorruptible, Truespeaker)
Age: 70
Class: Unchained Summoner (Synthesist, Soulbound [lame curse], Angel eidolon)
Alignment: LG
Traits: Trustworthy, Outcast's Intuition, drawback: Overprotective
Role: Diplomat



Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Supes2.jpg
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ID:	89715   Click image for larger version

Name:	Supes.jpg
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ID:	89726  
Happy Easter!!!
"The baby has known the dragon intimately ever since he had an imagination. What the fairy tale provides for him is a St. George to kill the dragon."
-G.K. Chesterton, Tremendous Trifles (1909), XVII: "The Red Angel"

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Application: Golarion SeverineasName: Golarion Severineas, Golarion Runehands, the Snatcher, Book-thief (officially it's Given to him by his mother at birth, but not used anymoreGolariel Chosen name, used by close friends and direct family translates to mean "Wisdom thief"Harelesherel Used by anyone elseGolarion Closest thing he has to a last name, used for paperwork and suchSeverineas
Race: Elf (well, technically half-nymp half-elf, but that just means elf with some choice fey racial traits)
Class: Arcanist (possibly collegiate initiate or occultist) or alternatively magus as the party composition requires.
Gender: Male
Age: 154 years of age
Role: Treasurer. I like the idea that the common folk can speculate he's doing vanishing tricks on their money, rumours about his hand being golden, or possibly conjuring money from thin air.
Drawbacks: You feel compelled to correct every action and argument that contradicts your worldview. Whenever you witness an action or hear an argument that contradicts your alignment, you must attempt to stop or correct that action or argument. If you either don’t try to stop it or fail in your attempt to stop it (as adjudicated by the GM), you are shaken for 1 hour. In Golarion's case he tries to keep others from ascribing him inaccurate traits, or being factually wrong about the world, world politics,...Headstrong
Traits: Being self-taught has made it necessary for you to scour all documentation you can get your hands on. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Linguistics checks to decipher unfamiliar languages, and Linguistics is always a class skill for you. In addition, you gain a +1 trait bonus on Spellcraft checks made to decipher the writing on a scroll.Self-Taught Scholar & You are a master of calligraphy, an art once highly valued in Lung Wa and still held in high esteem in Lingshen. The DC to detect forgeries you create increases by 2. If you attempt to persuade someone via a written message, you gain a +2 bonus on any Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check attempted for that communication. Linguistics is always a class skill for you.Excellent Penmanship
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From the looks of him you wouldn't guess any stray, non-elven blood in Golarion's veins. The man is slender and tall as one would expect of an elf. His face is perhaps a bit less angular than one would assume strictly normal for one of his blood: Golarion's chin isn't "Sharp enough to open letters with" but slightly more half-elven in shape. His ears take away any doubt at his presumed elven lineage, with twice the length of a normal man they stick out through his ochre hair, and from the looks of it it's a miracle how such daggers don't cut into his long hair. In his eyes, one can see the honey he was raised on, anyone peering into them will be soothed by the warmth in his gaze. These golden-brown orbs are the one thing that hint at a non elven taint to his breed. They're significantly rounder than one might expect from an elf, and not at all angled. Between them sits a long, straight nose resting over thin broad lips. Unlike his eyes, his lips provide the viewer no calm, instead they mean business unperverted by emotion. That aside, his smile is still welcoming to many, and shown on many occasions.

Golarion dresses for the job he's set his eyes on recently. Preferring smooth fabrics and long flowing robes when the oppertunity arises, often Golarion selects garments that elicit the iconography of the prophecies of Kalistrade. While that usually restricts the man to wearing white exclusively, Golarion doesn't follow the doctrine and adds in accents of red and gold. The man has an uptight posture, and often meets strangers coldly while he examines them. Not all about the man is pristine however, his clothing is nearly allways marked with dust and his head is often adorned with a locally sourced flowery crown.

By far the most recognisable trait Golarion has is his hand, the snatcher's fingers. An artifact not yet of legendary status that serves to link the user to the world itself. The gauntlet enables the mage Golarion to interfere in occurences on the planet Golarion and harvest them for energy. Bone, reinforced by gilded steel, extends from the stump of his hand. These are roughly mummified with inscribed linnens. The object is held together by glass, shaped to form a hand and inlaid with small colourfull mosaic shards. To the casual viewer, the item looks like a needlessly expensive prostethic. Examination from one initiated in spellcraft will see it as a kaleidoscope of various magical auras however.

Personality: Golarion wields logic as well as one might wield a sword or a wand. Peerless determination is what characterises Golarion. He's hard working and brutally honest to a point where it could rival a dwarf. This diligent and honest attitude isn't the extent of the dwarven side of his character. Golarion finds honor to be as important as life itself, though he might seems to pull it from strange places. Instead of combat and skill Golarion finds his own honor in duty, crafts and providing for the future.

Golarion is rather confident in his abilities, and while he feigns no humility about his capabilities, he's not one for idle boasting. An exception to this is different mages: Golarion has named himself an entropist for the source of his power, and commonly mocks other mages as "potentialists". Golarion has some envy for these mages, who seem to operate without his weakness, but values his own method more than any potentialist's tricks.

When first meeting a new person, Golarion maintains a serious attitude. Beyond the first contact he's significantly more relaxed and hopes to come across quick-witted, and mostly succeeds in this effort. The man enjoys jokes and anecdotes as much as debates. While the elf often gives the impression to like exclusively appreciate the sound his own voice, this isn't strictly true. In fact, he's particularly susceptible to the common vices of wine and women.

Beyond this, there are some quirks. He vehemently refuses to take to any nicknames and obsesively corrects assumptions made on the subject of himself. He fiercely objects to any attempts to divine his motives or thinking though he openly shares his motives whenever prompted. Beyond this, there's the earlier mentioned snuffing of candles, closing of windows and doors and the deflavouring of food. The man insists these practices are important for him to recieve

Backstory: Golarion's father was wed to a woman of peerless beauty. But when lost in a dense forest, the looks of an untainted glade cannot be matched, and nor could it's nymph guardian Severinea. Golarion's father stayed in this forgotten glade for days. When days turned to weeks, he stayed. When weeks turned to months, their child was born. The elf was had his father's features enhanced by his mother's. The fey wanted to name her child after all the beauty in her home. The dew on the leaves in the morning, the shades of red in the sky at night, the frosted spiderwebs, sylvan had no words for this beauty so instead she named him Golariel. Golariel's father stayed with him and his mother. When months turned to years, the father tried to leave and was struck down by his mistress in jealousy. Severinea was left alone to tend to her now traumatised son.

As a mother, Severinea was like a river smoothing over all the rough patches in the stone that was her son. In doing so she imbued him with her fey intensity and love. The pair was happy, and shared the grove. Elves grow slow by human standards, but swift as storms compared to the timelessness of his mother. Eventually Golariel outgrew the grove in which he was raised. Golariel was permitted to leave, so long as he returned. No amount of freedom satisfied the elf when he had to return though, so he started to steal books.

Severinea saw what her child was doing, and gladly took part in the stories. The pair read most of everything, though Golariel allways enjoyed epic tales of mythical heroism more than anything else. Most specifically he was enthralled by the idea of the possibilities of magic. He asked his mother for tutelage. But the woman was no wizard, her magic was inborn and natural. Since she could not teach, Golariel tried to teach himself. He stole less epics and more manuals. Academical texts on the proceedings of the magecraft.

Now, where Golariel allways longed to venture away from his home, he wanted to stay and learn. Severinea urged him to go out to steal more books. He learned about metaphysical properties, and found it rather intuitive. Despite that, he soon analysed himself. The result indicated his lack of internal power, and no manual he's found yet would teach him. Despite this disability, the man became a scholar at analysing the metaphysical.

Luck is a finite source for the best of men, and Golariel was no exception. Eventually he was caught raiding college secrets. Larceny lead to examination under the Kyonin investigators. Golariel was jailed as he was judged. For his thievery he lost his hand and his home. Exiled and mutilated Golariel was sent to the stolen lands. The elf marked himself as lost. He wandered the lands for a while but soon stumbled upon an expedition of righteous force to rid the land of it's banditry. The scholar, now with a chance to redeem himself, eagerly joined the cult.

For the first few days Golariel could only offer a back to lug around equipment. But he carried a bit more than he ate, so he was kept on. Before long however Golariel learned of the true scale of the operation, this wasn't some never-will-be's attempt at glory, this was a large-scale attempt at cleansing and structuring the lands. Golariel helped on more expeditions, learning to better navigate the lands and map them. The elf could at this point barely cast a spell, but was deadly with a map. With some sketches he predicted strongholds and supply lines. Bandits needed trade as much as any kingdom. He provided the oppertunity to strategically pick battles, and joined on expeditions to learn and map more.

Golariel supped with many stronger men and women than himself, including Merina Istara. The sorceress was an inspiration to her in the way that his mother never was. Over fine food Golariel confessed his longing to arcane learning, but mourned his lacking knowledge and banishment from Kyonin.

After the quelling of banditry, Golariel set out into the world for inspiration. If you havn't found a mentor yet, go out and teach yourself. Merina's words were freshly scratched into the elf's memories. Golariel went out, from the river kingdoms he moved west. Avoiding Kyonin by travelling due north through Razmiran. The elf quickly learned he'd be burned at the stake if he overstayed his welcome. He made notes on the workings of the state religion, as well as the land's ruler. He left before the knives were at his throat. On the way to Molthune he applied what he'd learned: To take aggresively. He tried to reach out and grasp the metaphysical properties he'd learned about, and put them on other things. Experiments with wetted candles and educated ale taught him to think about the effects of applying mismatched properties. By the time Golariel set foot in Moltume he applied his aggresive approach to his studies. He took the property of "world" for himself; he chose his adult name as Golarion and worked to attribute as many worldly properties to himself as he could.

Golarion travelled through Moltune for a while as he worked on his beginings of magic. The spellcaster kept at his art, and eventually decided that power enough wasn't enough. He learned to think things through, and determine what properties he could give an object and theorise what combinations could exist. As he dove deeper into his studies Golarion also learned to use the world's balancing reactions offensively. His spells were little more than cantrips at this point though. He needed some greater acces to metaphysical properties. The mage designed an artifact that'd better connect him to Golarion (the planet), in an attempt to improve his magical reserves.

The construction would prove expensive however, and Golarion's current financial status couldn't cover the costs. He set to work, writing letters, bribing clerks and securing an audience with Markwin Teldas, the imperial governor. He proposed to organise a tournament, festival and a large market in honor of his birthday. He arranged low taxation for the market, and used the coin thus won to arrange a second prize for chivalry outside the arena. With lesser knights and sellswords alike traveling alike merchant caravans and guarding during the festivities he saved money on the actual guards. The mage in training collected the money thusly saved, and used it to fun the construction of his artifact.

Now laden with gold, Golarion went to where men grew their fortune to arrange a permanent residence and home base from which to travel from. Druma was the logical conclusion. He travelled along with a banking family's escort and landed close to Kerse. Golarion learned from the Prophecies of Kalistrade out of cultural curiousity. He initially didn't feel much of a pull towards the religion, but drew some conclusions. Their notions of purity were similar to an absence of the metaphysical properties Golariel studied. To the scholar it felt like an abyss at first, but over time it evolved into a blank canvas. He likened the Kalistrocatic "Purity" to his metaphysical "Vacuum" and pursued the lifestyle for both financial and magical might.

The hypothesis turned out to be correct. Before long, Golarion finally managed to cast a proper spell. By this point, Golarion had a library's worth of books. He compiled them into one consistent doctrine and magical method which he eventually called entropism. The eternal student became a teacher. He sent a pile of his manuals back to the magical academies in Kyonin to appease the elves about his previous larceny and travelled often. Until one day he found a message from a certain sorceress.

How did you know Merina Istara: Golarion met Merina Istara right after his banishment to the stolen lands. He conversed with her many times during her campaign against the country. The mage served as a military advisor, powerless on the field but deadly with a map. In the evenings he served as an advisor, during the day he stayed near the back lines with the seige weaponry.
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