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Old Feb 21st, 2021, 11:30 AM
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Who's who

Put your character's info here.
To Absent Friends
My PM Thread. It is whatever you or I want it to be.
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Old Feb 21st, 2021, 11:34 AM
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Brian Left. I hope he comes back someday.


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Old Feb 21st, 2021, 11:36 AM
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right-aligned image

Race: android
Class: technomancer(role engineering)
Theme spacefarer
Appearance: generally humanoid though void of any of the dangly parts. Silver with no hair they stand at 2 meters in height. They have red eyes that move as one while scanning. He has multitool hands to cut, pinch, torch etc.

character sheet

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Old Feb 22nd, 2021, 04:36 PM
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Valyra Rindu
~Valyra Rindu~
"What do you mean, I'm only in it for the money? I'm very concerned for... uhh... androids!

left-aligned image
Name:Valyra Rindu
Class: Solarian
Race: Lashunta
Theme: Ace pilot

Personality To say Valyra is like a can of Pop is an understatement. It'd be more accurate to liken her to a bouncyball with ADHD on a sugar rush. She's got boundless energy, and a childlike sense of wonder at just about everything she's doing. That said, she's got the attention span of an eight-week-old puppy. While she knows when to sit around bored and quiet like a good girl, she's not very much enjoying time spent this way. It's only a matter of time until something near her spontaneously breaks. The "obviously misplaced" chagrin of the owner of the broken doodad simply slides off of Valyra's shoulders, she's had nothing to do with whatever went wrong, so it's not her fault she's being yelled at.

Beyond her hyperactivity, Valyra is a thrillseeker, allways hunting down the next greatest excitement she can muster. That's not to say she's just a thrillseeker though: She's learned from the past and knows that allways doing the next fun thing isn't ethically justified. She doesn't put much stock in ethics, but in the grand scheme of things tries not to become some monster her parents couldn't be proud of.

Friends will find her either very easy to be around, or rather annoying to have around. The latter usually doesn't have to tolerate her long, Valyra knows where she's not wanted and tends to bounce away quicker when she notices frustrations with her. Anyone who's known her for long enough though will find the solarian as someone who can get things done. She's generally easily channelled into helping and very easily motivated by shiny trinkets or sometimes even compliments.

Appearance: Valyra is a rare case of a Lashunta that never quite evolved into the proper subrace. Her days as a racer left her physically strong and nimble, but it didn't make her quite as squat as other Korasha. She's still short though she herself would call her 5-foot-something length compact or fun-sized. Her overactivity keeps her body rather thin but well-toned and somehow doesn't touch her chest as much as would be predicted.

The centerpiece of her face would be her rainbow-irised eyes. The advantage of cybernetics are you get to pick the colours. They seem to protrude a little bit, but the doctors have assured her that it's no more than one might find in a perfectly regular Lashunta. The thin eyebrows above her eyes are still original, and the red shade betrays which parts of her hair are dyed the various neon colours they are: All parts. Starting from the roots they're violent pink, and somewhere halfway they quickly turn purple and then blue. This notable hair colouring might allow her to better camouflague her face by blowing large enough bubbles with the bubblegum she seems to allways be chewing.

For clothing, Valyra is often seen in a Dermaflex Slimline bodysuit for quick and easy conversion into a rudimentary spacesuit. That's not to say that's her only clothes, she wears some thin clothing underneath for hygeine sake.She also constantly accesorises with a series of bangles, belts, gloves, jackets, skirts, shoes, etc. which are worn over the spacesuit for the sake of variety.

Backstory: Like many of her species Valyra was born on Castrovel. In spite of common knowledge about the planet however, her youth was boring. Her parents lived in one of the many city states and went to work doing some unimaginitive desk job more likely to bore them to death than make them rich. Seeing the near comatose state of her parents Valyra vowed to herself to never settle for such a lifestyle. when she was young she developped a fascination with hovercar racing, and when she was older she developed a virtuosity. Ofcourse hovercars were inexplicably expensive, and such expenses weren't on the table when Valyra's mother got sick. Valyra stopped her schooling and got a job as a receptionist for one of the major spaceports to help, but ultimately the price for her mother's well-being got too high to keep paying. Worst part about a desk job: it's hereditary, she thought as she used her contacts with the spaceport to evoke a carreer change.

"A pilot, eh? well we have one, but he's only under contract for some two weeks more, and he's been having trouble staying sober behind the controls." Said captain Lager.
"Sounds great, I'll even have some time to ease into things," Valyra beamed in response.
"Yeah, about that," Captain Lager stammered, what followed didn't matter to Valyra who was now blinded by the oppertunity to make a living steering ships. It should've mattered though, as Valyra was made to work the cargo bay until she'd start her piloting carreer. Said carreer "definitely will start next week, I promise, maybe the week after" for six months now when she got a message on her ProxCom link. The details were a bit foggy, but appearantly Fleem co. was a sort of external management oversight company. The terms and conditions were a bit long, but the gist was that for the low-low price of 1750 standard galactic credits she could have the company come over to evaluate the leadership of the crew and step in if necessary. It might've been a lot, but she could pay in sixteen east installments of 150 credits to help in that regard.

Sure, the captain got a bit pale in the face, but Valyra got her chance to prove herself as a pilot after an unfortunate workplace accident her predecessor had. The flight controlls were remarkably similar to the hovercars she was familiar with. Her flying might've felt a bit more... exciting than her predecessor, but it only felt that way because of a problem in the inertial dampeners. The young pilot learned a lot of things in the pilot seat: how hard it can be to find a find a planet, how easy it can be to get lost in space, how many lasers were fired in space in general and how many management evaluations Fleem co. did. The rough environment of space only made Valyra's job more important, and all the more appreciated.

All was well, and Valyra was appreciated and lauded as an essential part of the ever changing crew. All was well, untill one day, one oppertunistic ship decided to light up space a bit with a focussed laser salvo directed towards the nacelle where Valyra was working on upgrading the turning control. As per standard when settled in an astroid field, shields were disabled. The assault exposed Valyra to the cold vacuum of space. Funny enough, Valyra spent 15 seconds thinking about that expression, it wasn't cold at all. If anything it was dry: her tongue felt like leather and her eyes like she's been swimming in an overchlorinated pool. When she came up with that apt metaphore after four seconds she thought to 'swim' back to the hole in the ship. after twelve seconds she started to notice space wasn't viscous enough for swimming to work. She didn't make it to the count of thirteen before losing consciousness.

When she came to, she was in her quarters with a million tubes stuck in her arms, mouth, nose. Whatever mix of nutrients, vitamins, hormones, antihistamines, hydrants, antioxidants, oxidants, and anaestethics was pumped into her by the gallon kept her confined to bed. She had a mind of limited freedom at her disposal, and thought about what she saw. She'd vomit out the mouth tubes often enough for the ships doctor to reluctantly decide to inject it nasally, which left the patient to dialogue with the ships computer. While she was on the mend, she got more than a formal education's worth of facts in the span of a few days. It was dreadfully boring, but it sharpened her mind enough to know what was going on. Soon she recognised Fleem co. for the well-marketed piracy it was and decided not to linger there any longer.

With the help of a few well-placed telepathic suggestions Valyra convinced a friend from the original crew to help her. She'd get out of this place. For the moment that meant sneaking to the escape pods. Valyra was a talented pilot, but her space excursion cost her her eyesight. Instead she worked the comms while her friend was on crypto-duty. That worked well enough, a few days later they were picked up by a law-enforcement ship. One clever play to cripple Fleem co. later and Valyra was compensated enough for her efforts to have her eyes replaced by cybernetics, board a ship headed anywhere, and even a few months of rent. Her friend was overjoyed, saying she could finally go home. Valyra boarded a ship headed back to Castrovel. The ship barely got halfway before it unknowingly ejected an escape pod.

Valyra managed to wrangle the escape pod, an asteroid field, life support and shield systems into boarding absalom station. With more luck than any gods should've allowed her, she didn't die on impact. The station was a well chosen destination: Here Valyra looked for a chapter of solarian, in the hopes they'd be able to explain what these flashes she's been seeing since her first impromptu space expedition. Valyra's ongoing problems with education remained, and the young solarian left before she could manage more than short-lived physical manifestations of solar energy. Her next carreer move was coincidentally an ethical one, she'd chase the high of crippling Fleem co. but wanted a more... direct method of doing similar things. To that end, she joined a merry band of mercenaries as their top pilot, hired muscle and ill-advised ethical consultant.
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Old Feb 23rd, 2021, 01:19 AM
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Name :: Jheron
Race :: HalfElf
Class :: Operative
Theme :: Outlaw
AL :: CN

Appearance :: Jheron regularly changes his style and hair, so as to avoid those that may be looking for him
Age :: 20 Gender :: male
Background :: Jheron was abandoned as a young kid on a station. He played on the sympathies of those with big hearts to survive, though he moved on often, even stowing away on the occasional ship. He learned to survive and thrive, picking up skills from others wherever he could.
Personality :: Jheron is the consummate opportunist, using others when necessary, stealing when in need, playing nice with others when it benefits him to do so.

Str :: 14 +2
Con :: 14 +2
Dex :: 17 +3
Int :: 18 +4
Wis :: 11 +0
Cha :: 16 +3

Initiative :: 3 Speed :: 40
Hp :: 10 Sta :: 8 Resolve :: 4
EAC :: 14 KAC :: 15 CM :: 23
BAB ::+0 Fort :: +2 Ref :: +5 Wil ::+0

Skills ::

Acrobatics 1 rank [free] 7
Athletics 1 rank 6
Bluff 1 rank 7
Computer 1 rank 8
Culture 1 rank 8
Diplomacy 3
Disguise 1 rank 7
Engineer 1 rank 8
Intimidate 3
Perception 1 rank 6
Physical Science 1 rank 5
Pilot 1 rank 7
Sense Motive 1 rank 4
Sleight of Hand 1 rank 7
Stealth 1 rank [free] 10
Survival 1 rank 4

Feats ::

Operative Edge +1 init, skill checks
Specialization - Ghost- free rank acrobatics, stealth
Trick Attack +1d4
Skill Focus - stealth
Light Armor
Basic Melee, Small Arms, Sniper
Low Light Vision
Immune to Sleep, +2 vs Enchant

Languages ::


Equipment ::

Survival Knife +3 1d4S+2
Azimuth Laser Pistol +3 4d4F burn d4 80' 20charges
battery 20 charges
Second Skin
Everyday Clothes
Disguise Kit
Engineer Kit
Hacking Kit
Hygiene Kit
Industrial Backpack
132 credits

bulk 3.7 // 7 // 14
gaming since 1980

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Old Mar 1st, 2021, 01:45 AM
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QuiStay calm. Getting excited won't help the situation. Find your center of tranquility and we can resolve this crisis.
right-aligned image
Qui the Mercenary Mystic

Name: Qui Gon Jinn Se Cultan of Clan Resam

Class: Mystic

Race: Kasathas

Theme: Mercenary

Personality: Qui's primary motive is Beneficence: To protect the helpless, heal the sick, feed the hungry, etc. His emotional disposition is usually calm. The mystic is confident, industrious and steady. Qui can be valorous at times. He is both candid and forgiving. The mystic likes to chew sticks (preferably hickory) and when he has the time his hobby is gardening.

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Old Mar 2nd, 2021, 07:46 PM
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Sibon, or SIR Sibon to you!
right-aligned image
It is really hard to find images of Ysoki envoys!

Name: Sibon Roloploch
Race: Ysoki
Class: Envoy
Theme: Spacefarer
Alignment: Chaotic Good


This Ysoki does what he can to command the attention of a room, and being unable to do so physically, he attempts instead to do so visually with his attire. He dresses as colorfully and formally as possible, even adorning himself with medals when he can get away with it.


Sibon comes across as often as possible with outsized authority and bravado, but he's boisterous and friendly when his guard is down.


Born to a family of Akitonian aristocracy, Sibon was pampered in his childhood and groomed to take his place among the wealthy and powerful as he grew up. He began his training as a diplomat early and was immediately enraptured by the diversity of peoples and cultures in the Core, and awed by the immense power of the great stellar empires, especially the long-enduring (but supposedly terrible) Azlanti.

As his interest in other cultures grew, so did the idea of seeking them out on his own among the stars. He dove into studies of space travel and exploration itself, imagining himself more and more in the role of an intrepid interstellar peacemaker. So much so that he became discontented with his impending assignment to what amounted to little more than pencil-pushing bureaucracy.

So, in a decision that deeply disappointed his family, he decided to strike out on his own among the stars at the completion of his schooling. He would make an adventure of his life and would make a name for himself doing it.

Character Sheet

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