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Old Apr 15th, 2021, 02:00 PM
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the basicsName:

DM: Sassafrass
Current Players: DaysUntold, UngainlyFool, Retry, phinar
Past Players: Odyssey, simandl

Reasons for Nomination
Led by celebrated DM Sassafrass, Out of the Abyss brings together a sizeable cast of PCs and a staggering wealth of NPCs in an adventure that begins in adversity. From a mere ember of hope, the PCs engineer an escape and flee into the subterranean wilds. This journey is full of imaginative skill checks, tense roleplay, and deep characters.

How many characters are ex-slaves, turned loose into the world as adventurers? Countless. But how many adventurers start their career as a slave? Many fewer. With 6 PCs and over a dozen named NPCs, the story takes shape as the slaves plan a revolt, a revolt that takes place against a backdrop of profound cruelty and a pitched resistance.

This game is not for everyone. It interrogates the limits of our PG-13 rating. It features great deprivation and hardship, and very little of the heroic power fantasy that fuels much of our hobby. Instead, this game offers opportunity to write about a group of wretched survivors overcoming the oppressive darkness of the Underdark.

a dark turn
Isarrel and Aryka have been dragged away to serve as sadistic entertainment for Ilvara, while the rest of the crew tries to talk one of our captors into aiding our escape. Our companion Stool has released a cloud of spores that permit telepathic communication, and we have recently admitted our captor Jorlan into this secret.


the battle
For maybe twenty or twenty-five posts, the slave revolt was bloody and desperate. The dice did not cooperate and our people crumbled. Just as we thought we had triumphed, the noise of our fight attracted some terrifying demon-bird into the fray.

he/him/his Aryka | Erna | Hade | Jamir
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