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Old Apr 12th, 2021, 04:27 PM
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The Jensaarai and the "Grey Tortoise"

The Grey Tortoise
right-aligned image
Craft: Corellian Engineering Corporation HT-2200
Background on the Model:

Type: Medium freighter
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 54.8 meters
Skill: Space transports: HT-2200
Crew: 2
Passengers: 8
Cargo Capacity: 800 metric tons, in four cargo bays
Consumables: 3 months
Nav Computer: Yes
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x2
Hyperdrive Backup: x12
Space: 3
Atmosphere: 260; 750 kmh
Hull: 5D
Shields: 1D
Passive: 10/0D
Scan: 25/1D
Search: 40/2D
Focus: 2/3D
2 Pulse Laser Cannons
Fire Arc: Turret
Skill: Starship gunnery
Fire Control: 2D
Space Range: 1-3/12/25
Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5 km
Damage: 4D
Notes: Since this vessel is easily modified, engineers gain a +5 bonus to their space transports repair rolls when performing modifications on an HT-2200.

left-aligned image
Deckplan Key
1. Cockpit
a. Pilot’s Station
b. Co-Pilot’s Station
c. Technical Station
d. Shields/Weapons Station
2. Life Support Systems Control
3. Ship’s Main Computer
4. To Upper Airlock
5. To Upper and Lower Gunwells
6. Cargo Bay 1
7. Cargo Bay 1 Environmental Controls
8. Cargo Bay 2
9. Cargo Bay 2 Environmental Controls
10. Cargo Bay 3
11. Cargo Bay 3 Environmental Controls
12. Cargo Bay 4
13. Cargo Bay 4 Environmental Controls
14. Medical Bay
15. Common Room
16. Crew Quarters
17. Cargo/Entry Ramp
18. Engineering Section
19. Refresher
20. Galley
21. Sublight Engines
22. Repulsorlift Engines
23. Escape Pods
24. Pilot’s Cabin
25. Co-pilot’s Cabin

Additional VehiclesV 35 Courier

Ikas-Adno Nightfalcon

Current Passengers on the Tortoise
  • Gorga, male Houk - Defender
  • Spereia Stropia, female Ayrou - Defender
  • Hexal Nills, female Arcona - a former big-game hunter, apprentice of Spereia Stropia
  • Kressler, male Advozse - a former smuggler, apprentice of Gorga
  • Gr'bash, male Defel- former thief, apprentice of Bourtai Vekku

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right-aligned image
Name: Triz Bat Sheva
Species: Zabrak
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Homeworld: Iridonia
General Background:
Physical description and personality: Triz Bat Sheva is Zabrak woman standing just over 1.8 meters (6') with tan-orange skin, long platinum blonde hair, and violet eyes. She has a "crown" of ebony horns between her hairline and eyes, with red decorative tattoos on her brow, cheeks, chin, neck, and chest. Uncommon to most Zabrak, she has sparse, black eyebrows. She has a strong physique from constant training and moves with deliberate, smooth, confident motions.
Triz Bat Sheva is strong and determined, almost to the point of being single-minded when her mind is set on a task. Her training has curbed these tendencies to some effect, but not eliminated them. She believes in constantly pushing and testing herself for improvement, a quest for perfection that she can never truly attain. She believes that by moving toward physical, mental, and spiritual perfection she becomes closer to The Force and all living beings, and that by improving herself she is improving life everywhere.
Her intensity can be alarming to some, but it is merely her strong focus that she uses for all tasks. While some relax their mind and open themselves to the Force, Triz Bat Sheva sharpens her mind and embraces the force. If using the Force were a dance, some would waltz; Triz Bat Sheva tangoes.
Master: Sheysos-ka
Form: Form VII Vaapad
Lightsaber: Split Saber - Orange blades




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Syrbo Rasa
right-aligned image
Name Syrbo Rasa
General Background: The story of the Cathar is the story of genoicide. All but wiped out by a Mandalorian invasion, the genetic memory of the massacre burns deeply in the Cathar people… none more so than in Syrbo. The Battle of Cathar, as the massacre came to be known, had led to the few desperate survivors being forced to flee from their homeworld.

Now almost 4,000 years later, Syrbo’s clan had only recently repatriated to Cathar. It was during this return to his ancestral homeland that Syrbo began to feel the first stirrings of the force within him. It had first manifested as a longing to return to the tree cities of his people and by the time the Cathar had stepped foot on his home planet, the young warrior had begun to experiment with the connection he now felt, not just with Cathar, but with the force that permeates all.

Syrbo knew of the force… there had been Cathar Jedi… Sylvar. Her exploits were told over communal fires and it was to her shrine, built high in a secluded city-tree that Syrbo had traveled as he meditated on the path before him. Sylvar had been a Jedi… but that was a path that Syrbo could not travel down. Just as the Mandalorians had tried to exterminate his people… the Jedi were not without blood on their hands as well.

He had heard the stories... drunken tales of Jedi persecution of heretics...the grey. Syrbo had much to learn but in one thing he was firm… never trust those who were sure in their own righteousness. His fledgling immersion into the force continued, the Cathar keen to find a way to harness the energy but fearing the outcome if he did not find a mentor to teach him. Sylvar had almost succumbed to the dark side… Syrbo had no illusions that he could not suffer the same temptations. In the tales, he had learned that the Jedi inquisitors had been brought to Susevfi… that is where he needed to travel.

Physical description and personality. Cyrbo carries himself with a quiet confidence, his slight, athletic build belying his martial ability. He moves with a fluidness of motion, always aware of his surroundings and his physical positioning in space. Cyrbo’s mane is short and a clear indication of his relative youth, though he does carry a significant scar that runs down his fur covered face in three angry rivulets.

The scars are a reminder of Cyrbo’s participation in a ritualistic blood hunt against the Kiltik that ravage Cathar. Cyrbo had acted rashly, rushing forward to deal the killing blow to a hive queen. The blow landed true, but not before the dying giant beetle-like creature almost killed him in return. A valuable lesson was learned that day, and Cyrbo now endeavors to keep his tempestuous emotions under control.

Force and Order specific background:
Master: Diaboye Bede
Form: IV Ataru
Lightsaber: Guard Shoto

Cyrbo's arrival on Susevfi was not welcomed. Arriving unexpectedly... uninvited... and asking too many questions of a sensitive nature, the Cathar was tersely directed to leave... for his own good. Cyrbo, seething on the inside, did as he was told... but he did not return home. Instead he retreated to the plains and savannas where he stayed, honing his hunting skills and waiting... patiently waiting. The force had brought him to Susevfi and he would stay.

His discipline was noted by Master Diaboye and his stubborn refusal and dedication led to him being accepted as an apprentice to the rodent like Chadra- Fan. The pair make for an odd pair, but Bede has diligently worked on harnessing Cyrbo's innate aggressiveness... sharpening it to be akin to a fine spear point and not a dull hammer.


Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.
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Most people are not just comfortable in their ignorance, but hostile to anyone who points it out.

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Rinas Var'adrid
right-aligned image
Rinas Var'adrid

Name: Rinas Var’adrid
Species: Balosar
Gender: Female
Age: 20

Homeworld: Balosar
Physical description:
Rinas is a Balosar woman standing at the great height of 1.63, an average height for a Balosar. Her eyes are a blue grey tone.

If it wasn’t for the antennapalps sprouting from the top of her head, Rinas could quite look like a human, just a sick and gaunt one: her skin was pale and her body looked haggard and frail. Her coarse hairs had a bluish color without much shine and were usually kept them into a ponytail.

In the 3 years with the Jeensari, away from the poisons of her homeworld and of her addicition, she had lost some of her sick and gaunt look, gaining more color in her skin and hairs and weight. She still looks kind of frail but she now has more strength.

The antennapalps are retractable appendages that allow her to listen into the subsonic range thus letting her detect surges of emotions; her species had used such ability as a forewarn from impending danger. Another trait shared with her brethren is the resistance to toxins and most poisons.

She has a metal nose ring on the right nostril and a chin stud.

A homeworld full of poison and desperation could not foster beings full of positiveness. Rinas was no exception and, for the first part of her life, she quite filled the stereotype of the Balosar people: gloomy and depressed, cynical and sarcastic with a dark view of the future.

However, her personality has started changing after she joined the Jeensari: she has regained some positiveness toward the galaxy at large and the future itself. The depression had been receding some as are her cynicism and sarcasm. She is not yet fully free of them and it is an ongoing fight, she still has bouts of depression where she loose will and her thoughts turns darker and often self-deprecating.

Rinas Var’adrid was born on the heavily polluted word of Balosar, a planet that didn’t foster positiveness and a good outlook of the world or the future. From an early age, she had visions… or very real dreams or nightmares, like she thought for most of her early life.

The general attitude of society and the poor living conditions didn’t help the young Balosar as the visions started to become stronger and more frequent. She couldn’t explain them nor control them, they just happened: some times she saw herself, some time she saw others, some time she saw worlds she didn’t even know the name of, some times she saw people she couldn’t name or place.

In a world dominated by a drug production and addiction, Rinas soon found out how the Death Sticks, produced deep into the overly polluted planet, helped her keep the visions at bay. They would shut them off, make them less vivid as the world took on a brighter, less glum, tone; it wasn’t for long, but it was enough to feel slightly more “normal”.

One try lead to a second and, as many of her brethren, she slowly slide down into the spiralling darkness of addiction. If the death sticks shut off the visions, they would come back even harder and this “return” pushed her into getting more and more.

She was immune to the lethal effect of the death sticks, the shortening of life that cuts other’s addicted life shorter at each usage, but it didn’t protect her from the world around. Her addiction led her to a near death experience, one she woke up from with the feeling that, if she didn’t do something, she won’t see the raise of another week, not to say another year.

There wasn’t much for her on her poisoned homeworld, but the galaxy was a wide place, would it be somewhere a possibility for her to change? Off world she headed, with a baggage of ghosts and visions weighting on her gaunt looking shoulders.

She had no hopes or dreams; she just hoped to be able to outrun the ghost lying just outside her vision, in that dark corners, corners that would be less dark if she took one more sip of a death stick. However, outrunning an addiction as a lone soul in a storming see-like galaxy is a near impossible task and, for as many hops she did, the addiction kept up with her as did the ghosts and the visions, coming back again and again.

Despair started settling in heavy, afar from her homeworld, alone in unknown places, she started despairing there was no way out of the sick circus she felt she was endlessly dancing in. This was when a follower of the Jeensari current found her.

Nobody would have given a gaut, sickly looking Balosar in a descending spiral, a chance: too old for the Jedi if they ever found her, not powerful enough for the Sith if they too ever found her. Instead, the Jeensari adept did. But why he did?

She had asked herself that question many times in the oncoming years but she never had a complete answer. She often believed it was out of pity more than for her Force sensitivity with which she struggled to come to terms with.

Question aside, the Jeensari follower tried to help the sick Balosar: they spoke of the Force, this mystique power that gave her the visions but at the same time, powers she didn’t know she had, about the light that could help her heal herself and free her from the shackles of her past.

She had nothing to lose, she was already lost and something deep into her core resonated with the talks of the Jeensari. She took the rope she had been thrown and let the Jeensari follower push her toward the Jeensari homeworld of Susevfi.

Reaching the Jeensari didn’t mean she was saved and happy; if she had been saved from the wider galaxy, she wasn’t yet safe from her own ghost and chains. If the journey had been painful till now, it wasn’t going to be any easier onward as she started the hard path of making peace with her visions and latent powers and more importantly, the path of rejecting the addiction and the death sticks that were sitting at its centre, like a spider in its web.

It had been a journey which hadn’t ended yet; through small steps, she developed from a sickly, gaunt looking, on the verge of destruction Balosar with a doomed view of the world, to a less sickly looking woman looking to a less grim future as she strived to get better and help the others get better.

If she had such powers, why she couldn’t use them to try help others from falling into the same spiral of total darkness she did? It was kind of natural for her to align with Jenwai Midwan in an attempt to spread the word of what was saving her.

Force specific background:
Her chosen weapon is a lightsaber staff: a lighsaber with a long hilt that doubles as a walking stick. She first started using it when she was still too weak to dive into weapons and styles that required strength such as double bladed lightsabers but then she got used to the additional reach and she kept it, refining it.

Through her life she had noticed how people would underestimate her just by her look. A sickly looking Balosar… what it could do? As in her early stages of her training she still looked quite gaunt, she noticed how the walking stick would only strengthen the image of a sick woman and she decided to work with it: now the walking stick wasn’t a walking stick anymore but it worked as a weapon, both with and without the white yellowish energy blade coming out one of the ends.

Her lightsaber takes the shape of a staff, a bit shorter than her, of grey metal with two thirds of the length covered in leather for a better grip. Her fighting style is still in development but at core it’s a more defensive style where Rinas use the increased reach to keep an opponent at bay and soften the brunt of the attacks’ force.

In regard to the Force itself, she prefers once again a more defensive approach, trying to use her powers to sense the situation and build a “virtual image” of it before acting, instead of jumping headlong into the fight and using the Force to fight right away. In this, she is helped by the antennapalps with their ability to listen to the subsonic range, adding one more layer of data to what the Force and the standard senses can give her.

Her lightsaber
normal image without text wrap

The Master and Her

The relationship with her Master hadn’t been the simplest, if so could be said.

When she first arrived on Susevfi, she really had little ideas of how things would work: she came there to save herself, without any knowledge but what that follower of the Jeensari she met told her. Her addiction to death sticks was a problem not everybody knew how to deal with but it was too important, too big into her life, not to be addressed.
The choice was made for Bourtain Vekku to take on the role of her Master as he knew about compulsions, about the nightmares derived from it and about the discipline needed to fend said compulsions off. He was the one that could relate the most with her addiction.

The start was rough: his very testy approach to teaching gave her plenty of problems. He often pushed her further, past whatever limit she had reached till then; she knew he could understand her, but at the same time, she sometimes felt like he didn’t want to, as if he rather had her alone fight her own demons than lending the help she knew he could provide. She felt like he didn’t care enough for her. While not the most vocal on her personal problems, there had been moments where she had screamed at him and even, a time or two, things had flown around, more in reaction than with purpose.

Not to mention, she had quite some sleepless nights fearing that her now Master would come and drink her brain out of her nostrils! Anzati weren’t the most friendly race that walked the galaxy at large and they had a reputation for being a dangerous one. She knew death sticks would kill her sooner or later, but being “sipped alive” wasn’t on the top of her “how to die” list nonetheless.

It wasn’t an idyllic relationship but, at the same time, on the long run, it gave her sometimes she might not have gotten if he had helped her a lot more: a trust into her abilities, a trust into the fact that she could do more than take death sticks until the end of her time. If he had her painfully fail many times, at the same time, when she succeeded, she knew she had done it, for real.

RP Sample:

The character Sheet


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right-aligned image

Name: PK8-08
Species:Class five Cybot Galactica PK-Series Worker Droid
Gender: N/A
Age: 43 (9 Years since last memory wipe)
Homeworld: Manufactured in a Cybot Galactica droid factory on Affa

Physical description and personality: PK8-08 stands nearly four feet tall and is constructed of durable alloys that provide him a frame that made him suitable for construction in inhospitable environments. As with other PK8s, he is painted yellow, though this has become faded and scratched with age. Despite being a droid, he does posses an anatomy that resembles that of a humanoid.

Even before gaining his freedom, PK8 has always been fiercely protective of the Jensaarai, doing whatever he can to protect them and their agenda. He is friendly and enjoys having conversations with anyone. Although he has begun to experience emotions, such as anger and happiness, there are still many that he struggles to understand and express. In general, humor is lost on him.

General Background:
PK8-08 was purchased by the Jensaarai in the year 22 BBY to aid in the building of their halls and other structures. As per usual with the purchase of any droid, PK8's memory was wiped before being sent on his way to aid in the construction.

During the Jedi assault in 20 BBY and their attempted capture of Nikkos Tyris, PK8 was preset during the battle and ultimately damaged when the Sith Holocron was destroyed. PK8 was repaired and put back to work, this time to rebuild what he had spent the last couple of years building.

Several years pass with not much changing for PK8, despite the Clone Wars ending, the Republic coming to an end, Palpatine issuing Order 66, and the fall of the Jedi Order, those on Susevfi remained sheltered from the chaos swirling in the galaxy around them.

In 17 BBY, Palpatine sent a small contingent of inquisitors to hunt down and destroy what he believed to be the relatively small group of Jensaarai. One of the inquisitors came upon a resource gathering station that was still under construction. PK8-08 had been sent there to assist with the building. Only a handful of Jensaarai were present to oversee the construction, along with several of their children, two of which were force sensitive. The inquisitor was closest to the children's location when he approached the station and sensed their presence, as he had been trained to do...





Stat BlockPK8-08
Class Five Cybot Galactica PK-Series Worker Droid

Defenses: 2D + 1D(Physical)/+2(Energy) | Init: 1D | Move: 10
Dexterity: 2D | Knowledge: 1D | Mechanical: 4D | Perception: 1D | Strength: 2D | Technical: 5D |
Name Attribute Dice Skill Specialization Attachment Total
Computer prog/repair Technical 5D +1 - 1D 6D+1
Space Transport Repair Technical 5D +1 - - 5D+1
Sensors Mechanical 4D +1 - - 4D+1
Blaster: Welding Laser Dexterity 2D - 1D - 3D
Droid Repair: Worker Droids Technical 5D - 1D - 6D
Missile Weapons: Onboard Flame Projector Dexterity 2D - 1D - 3D
Languages Knowledge 1D 2D - - 3D

Weapons/Tools: Skill: Blaster: welding laser
Range: Short
Damage: 5D+2
Welding Laser | Skill: Missile weapons
Fire Rate: 1/2
Range: 3-4/5/7
Damage: 5D (first round, 3D for next five rounds unless extinguished)
Flame Projector | Skill: Firearms: taser / melee combat
Range: 0-2/4/7
Damage: 4D stun/ion damage
Taser | Skill: Missile weapons
Range: 2-15/35/100
Internal Grapple Gun | Roll: Dexterity vs Perception
Range: 10-meter cone
Damage: On success, blinded for one full round
Multispectrum Searchlight

Attachment Bonuses: Computer Programming/Repair: +1D | Climbing/Jumping (On starship Hull): +1D | Search: +2D
Attatchments: Notes: The VoxLink has a broadcast and reception range of 50 kilometers in clear weather. It can monitor up to 10 frequencies simultaneously.Internal Comlink | The internal defenses activate when a character attempts to access any of the droid’s maintenance panels without the droid’s permission. It discharges and electric shock that does 3D damage to the invader, but leaves the droid unharmed. The system remains active until it is disabled (Very Difficult security or droid repair roll, 1 hour of work), or until its power is depleted after 10 attacks.Internal Defenses | A hidden core allows a droid to retain all of its programming, skill improvements, and personality after a memory wipe. 1D days after the memory wipe, the droid can try to make a Difficult droid programming/repair roll in order to restore its backup. If the roll fails, the droid may attempt it again every 1D days. In order to discover a hidden core, a character must be actively searching for something suspicious in the droid and succeed in a droid programming repair roll against the droid’s willpower, or against a Heroic difficulty if the droid has spent an extra 200 credits for the deluxe installation.Hidden Core | The HL welding laser is a small, versatile tool designed for ship-based repair efforts. The laser is small (5 cm long), attached to an external blaster power cell that can be strapped to a droid. The laser has a short range (3 centimeters) but is extremely powerful (5D+2 damage); the welding beam lasts for 10 rounds. If there is no power cell available, the laser can be powered for short periods of time by the droid’s own energy source; such a hook-up requires 1D rounds and a Moderate droid repair roll. The beam will last for 5 rounds if powered by the droid. If the droid attempts to run the beam for longer periods of time, it must make a Moderate stamina or Strength roll (whichever is higher); if the droid fails the roll, it takes 2D damage each round until the beam is deactivated. (Regardless, the beam will only last for a maximum of 10 rounds.)Welding Laser | The scomp-link allows information transfer from a droid to virtually any type of data-storage device (such as a computer, dataplaque or datapad). In addition, the scomplink allows a droid to search computer networks for information (adding 1D to computer programming/repair rolls).Scomp-Link | Adds +1D physical and +2 energy protection.Quadanium Shell Armor | A sensor booster is a droid enhancement that extends the range of its sensors to a maximum of 2 kilometers, if the droid has a sensor pack installed.Sensor Booster | This spotlight shines visible, infrared, or ultraviolet light, negating 1D of low-lighting penalty, with a 6-km range. The light may also be used to blind targets within a 10-meter cone. The droid makes a Dexterity roll against the targets’ Perception. If the droid succeeds, the target stared into the light and is blinded for one full round (characters with specialized eye protection are not affected).Multispectrum Searchlight | Courier compartments are hidden storage spaces which can be installed in the droid’s torso, head or limbs. The cargo space varies with the size of the droid. Detecting a courier compartment requires a Very Difficult search roll. A common accessory in a courier compartment is a toaster, which destroys the contents of the compartment with a brief blast of plasma energy triggered by the droid.Courier Compartment | Occasionally installed on rescue or medical droids, an emergency oxygen tank carries enough breathable air for 30 minutes. The oxygen may be attached to a character via a breath mask, or may be used to recharge a vac suit.Emergency Oxygen Supply | Magnetic Feet allow droids to move normally across unstable or slanted metallic surfaces, like a ship’s exterior. Magnetic hands provide a +1D bonus to any climbing/jumping roll when scaling portions of a starship’s hull. Also, the combination of magnetic hands and feet adds +5 to the difficulty of any attempt to knock the droid off a ship’s hull.Magnetic Hands & Feet | An automap system actively scans the area within a 20-meter radius of a droid in which it is installed, granting a +2D search bonus. The scan reveals terrain, atmospheric conditions, electromagnetic signatures, and lifeforms. However, an automap scan cannot penetrate solid objects such as walls and closed doors. The scan also includes navigational information, such as the droid’s direction and speed when readings were taken as well as global coordinates if the droid can establish a link to an orbiting satellite or starship.Automap | The internal grappling gun allows a droid to fire a magnetic grappling hook with 15 meters of ultra-thin cord. An external magazine allows the droid to carry an additional 100 meters of cord. The cord can be detached from the droid as a free action. Range: 2-15/35/100Internal Grapple Gun | The basic version of the flame projector is detectable with an Easy sensors roll or a Moderate search or Perception total. A droid equipped with this type of weapon is susceptible to corrosion damage if the chemical tank that fuels the flame projector is damaged. (The chemical does 3D damage each round until it is washed off.) Internal tanks can be damaged if the droid is incapacitated. External tanks can be ruptured by stray blaster shots or physical blows; treat them as if they have Strength 3D to resist damage.Onboard Flame Projector (Sensor Resistant) | A droid taser fires two small projectiles attached to long, thin wires that deliver an electric charge that incapacitates an organic target’s nervous and muscular systems, or interferes with a droid’s systems like an ion gun. Additionally, a taser can be used as a melee weapon like an electroshock probe.Taser

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Name: Gil Dangir
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Homeworld: Serenno

General Background:
Born of modest means on Serenno to a rural, backwoods working family his father worked as a mechanic at a logging camp and his mother worked part-time doing data entry and medical billing over the holonet so she could help raise the family. The eldest of four, Gil took the big brother role seriously, especially when times were lean and he had to help supplement with everything from hunting to running spice through the backcountry and forests, to learning to fly to help run people and things off world. He managed to eke out a full course of schooling, though he spent as much time working for his father and helping raise his siblings as he did on his education. A robust, adventurous young man Gil never considered the hectic and busy life a burden.

Tragedy befell Gil when an explosion killed most of his family. His father was tinkering on a personal project in the attached garage and a fuel containment failure caused the engine he was working on to explode, exacerbated by the volatile materials in a backyard machine shop which lacks all the controls and protocols of a professional shop. The ensuing blast and fire tore through the house, claiming not just his father but his mother and his second youngest brother. The heightened scrutiny of the disaster brought unwanted attention to their other forms of income. The somewhat corrupt local law enforcement could no longer turn a blind eye to the doings of the Dangir clan, and so Gil and his brother fled.

After a few years of journeying around the outer rim doing hired gun style work, Gil’s brother Tom found a girl and settled down on a backwater moon where no one would ever come looking for them. Gil, on the other hand, had developed a meager reputation as an honest crook, the kind of smuggler that holds an obnoxiously questions-asked kind of policy, but also one who can get in and out of sticky situations. He’s known for being a good teammate, and decent company during down time. As an old backwoods kid he has a rustic skillset many spacers lack. Most of all he has a tenacity to never give up and to never quit. He’s not above playing dirty to win, but avoids it when he can. He is loyal to his friends and companions and brave in the face of adversity.

Physical description and personality:
Gil Dangir is a tall man, 2 m even, with an athletic build and decent posture. His brown hair is kept short enough to stuff under a helmet without getting in his eyes, but is otherwise unkempt and a bit scruffy. He does keep his face clean shaven. His left cheek is pitted with some small stippling scars. When he can he tends towards dressing in civilian inspired attire. He has a tendency towards pants with scarlet and red piping and waist length jackets in double breasted style. His color pallet leans towards dark greens and browns. When he wears shoes they are usually hiking style shoes or military low boots with his pants bloused over them, or he wears knee high boots with the pants tucked in. He is the type of person to wear both a low slung blaster on one hip at the thigh, and a knife on the other side. Whenever he is planetside for something mission or expeditionary oriented, especially if it is anything involving nature, he dresses in a far more military fashion with appropriate camouflaged poncho or trench coat, combat boots, and other paramilitary paraphernalia.

Force and Order specific background:
Gil is not a jedi, or a member of any force sensitive order despite being an (unwitting) force sensitive himself. His ties to Jensaari would be fairly nonexistent, except they are the type of people he would naturally band together with when circumstances require it. As a man who’s mostly a good guy at heart, thrust into unfortunate situations where tough decisions need to be made and difficult actions undertaken to survive, his guiding philosophy in life is similar to the Jensaari – if not as well defined. Since he likes to think the ends can justify the means as long as the ends are just, he would find the corruption of the order’s founder as an unfortunate tragedy, as he’s seen time and time again when people who fly too close to the sun get burned. The goal of making a force sensitive character who doesn’t use the force yet is entirely an artifact of meshing with the particulars of this game. However, if he does begin to explore the use of the force due to his new friends, he would notice that what he previously described simply as an overdeveloped sense of inner discipline and resolve is, in fact, the force. Thus he would focus mostly on control force skills, continuing to develop his internal strengths as opposed to the flashier telekinetic or telepathic abilities.

Originally Posted by Phettberg View Post
Our story takes place only six years or so after the Clone Wars, so I was wondering if your Character left Seranno before or after Seranno became a separatist hotbed. It sounds like he certainly did not end up fighting or anything like that, but it may inform his view on the empire as it is now.
Good question, he'd have left to go be an outer rim fringer long before Dooku turned his palace into a Separatist stronghold. Gil would be in his mid twenties by the time the Clone Wars officially started, and in my head I see him as a young adult when he flees the authorities, since the decade before the war is a more plausible time for the planet to care about local affairs of petty criminals vs. the outward focus of the politics of the war. It is my goal to avoid actual military or governmental influence in his character - he's a good shot with a rifle because he's a hunter not because he's an ex-republic sniper; he's a decent spacer because he's a blockade runner not because he's a former Imperial pilot, he's a capable operator not because he's a former special ops solider, but because he's a scrappy survivor in the lawless, dangerous outer rim. Etc. I think this creates a better Jayne Cobb / Malcom Reynolds style "let's be bad guys" good guy personality, which my gut says makes a good "muggle" fit for a group of Jensaarai defenders and knights. Similar to the borderline resigned "that's a shame" attitude he would have toward the corruption of the founder, he lives in a mindset where governments are more trouble than they're worth. The rise of the Empire, the cleansing of the great houses on Serenno, etc. are all just confirmations of his stance towards loyalty to his friends, his team, over organizations.

Of course this isn't the only thing that can fit, but it's what I am gravitating towards as a good way to play the martially oriented, rustic spacer type I would like to do, and in the context of the game.

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Name: Navas T’rig
Species: Devaronian
Age: 28
Role: Pilot primarily but likes to see himself as a handy person to have around in a tight spot.

Appearance: Dark red skinned and a stocky build, standing at 5ft 1 in his heavily buckled leather boots which no-one can ever recall him not wearing. Dressed in black combat trousers, a leather waistcoat with an open-necked shirt underneath, and a heavy duster. Add a blaster and cutlass, and finally, a woollen cap fashioned around his short front horns. Navas generally has a half interested look on his face, which comes from a long history of casual mistrust. Initially from those he encounters making assumptions about his honesty and trustworthiness in business (which may or not have some basis in reality) and latterly because, in the current climate, often it pays not to seem too interested. Dark hair, yellow eyes and sharp teeth can also give him an intimidating look, especially to hose unfamiliar with Devaronians.

Personality: Despite his initial appearance, Navas T'rig is calm, add thoughtful, easy-going but with an underlying cynicism for anything which will interfere with his freedom. This he values overall, and it has guided his life. Morally he likes to give the impression he is open to anything but in truth, he has grown up with the matriarchal values of his society and appreciates the balance between personal freedoms and structure which needs to be in place to support these. Having said that, he is far more comfortable with a more 'outer rim' lifestyle, having grown up under a watchful Imperial eye in the colony planets

Background: The T'rig family (his mother's surname) grew up running a short haul shuttle transport business out of Montellian Serat. His mother ran the business, and his father was a pilot in their employ before they fell in love and married. By the time Navas was born, his father was much older than his mother and prone to long, quiet spells. He had travelled in his younger years but very rarely spoke about his experiences. This only fed Navas's imagination of what wonders lay further out in space, and he spent all of his spare time helping and loitering around their spaceport and the other pilots.

The first time he went missing, it took nearly a week and two planets to track him down. He was 12 and had stowed away on one of the company transports. He loved the new experiences, new people, and of course the ships. As he grew, this appetite for travelling only grew stronger, and while he gained much experience flying for his mother, he still felt curtailed. With a growing impact on personal freedoms, Navas began to sense his future lay outwith his current circumstances.

This desire to roam was curtailed somewhat when the clone wars erupted around him. Separatist activity had impacted on several of their routes and Navas began to learn how to avoid necessary military attention. This required some forays into illegal activity and while he did not take to the life completely, it had opened his horizons. He watched on as countless innocents were killed during the battle of Devaron, less concern for who ultimately would win and more for the damage this conflict was causing on his family and others. Deciding that his path lay elsewhere, Navas left and travelled towards the outer rim in an attempt to leave the war behind and carve a new life for himself.

His parents were sad to see him go, but true to his nature, a Devaronian male is heavy prone to seeking adventure, and the outer rim was definitely where he saw his future.

His experiences since have put him at odds with the empire on more than one occasion, gaining a reputation for taking riskier jobs if they appealed to him, either for the audacity value, or on a humanitarian level he could pass off loosely as profit. Navas has mainly flown small cargo freighters or as a combat outrider to protect others in convoy or running imperial blockades. His reputation is of someone who will keep you safe or keep your cargo intact and unmolested, as long as he likes you and your cause appeals to him. It’s never just about the money. He’s a sucker for the right cause.

He has flown with and for pirates when it suited, he has taken part in operations to provide tactical intel and scouting support for some rebel factions but never action directly against the empire. He has no illusions of how that might end and is not sure enough about his commitment.

I would imagine he has many varied contacts feeding him potential jobs but hasn’t stayed with the same group or area for too long.


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