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Old Apr 29th, 2021, 12:50 AM
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CONFIDENTIAL Sentinel Industries Data (PC Details)

For any miscellaneous info, playlists, inspiration, etc. you'd like to post!
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Old Apr 29th, 2021, 12:03 PM
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Just going to start by leaving this here in case anyone hasn't seen it. This was a fanvid made for the MCU from Iron Man up to Doctor Strange and forever associated this song with superheroes for me. Also it's just a great song and a phenomenal fanvid.

Echo's Playlist
Currently Playing: Echo (Masks: Holding Out For A Hero) / Cendalire (NPSG)
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Character Immersion Thread
left-aligned image
I will be updating this post over time with relevant stuff for my character!
right-aligned image

Feed the Machine, Red (Themes of identity and the desire for approval)
Someday, by Godsmack (Foresight's Theme Song)
Rise Against - Help is on the way
Interesting Tidbts:
  • Dylan and Cecil have a one-night-a-week together dinner night (usually thursdays) where they talk about their things and keep in touch, as Cecil is often locked away in his study writing many evenings and honestly forgets to eat.
  • Dylan has great grades not because he's smart but because he's unconsciously cheating; grabbing answers from the minds of those around him.
  • Technically, Dylan's ability is more accurately called 'psychokinesis' instead of Telekinesis, because TK implies remote movement but PK is defined as moving objects using one's mind alone. The fine detail is simply that you could technically have TK because spirits move things for you or something!
  • Both Dylan's backpack and his jacket have the same patch on them: an upside-down pyramid behind three bars/pillars. This will eventually become the insignia of the Paranormal Regulation Department of AEGIS, but hasn't actually been created yet.
  • Adult Foresight is categorized as a class 4 Esper, Rated so because of his combination of PK and Telepathy at equal proficiency.
  • Teen Foresight's Esper rating is only 3 at the current time.
  • Foresight's PK is currently subconsciously locked to expressions of personal protection or quick bursts of Psychokinetic output. The Progenitor had no such limitations.
  • Foresight's disguise is a telepathically-reinforced 'Clark Kent' factor!
Mnemonic Pattern ImplementationPlace the pin where patterns end and you begin...
Draw strength from Astral Planes...
Build the ritual until nothing remains...
Fuel the Threshold until mundanity cracks...
Repeat the word. Repeat the word. Repeat the word...
Control... Control... CONTROL.

Posting Status: Good to go!
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Old Apr 29th, 2021, 02:02 PM
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The Intern
left-aligned image
Inspiration Image
Hero Name: Watchdog

Real Name: Jian-Pa Tsang

Pronouns: They/Them

Playbook: The Protege

Abilities: Weapons and Gadgets [Shared], Power Mimicry [Mentor], Telepathy/Telekinesis [Self]


Jian hit a growth spurt early, rocketing to near six feet in freshman year, but never quite filled out to match their frame. Lanky limbs only add to the awkwardness of the wiry build and left them to fend off nicknames like Gumby and Scarecrow. Fashion-wise, Jian is stuck in a 90's they never even lived through, all flannel and denim and braided leather accessories in grunge style. Long, dark hair is more often stuffed under a beanie or cap than actually styled. Brimming with unearned confidence and unabashed friendliness, they nearly always have a smile or a fist bump for everyone they meet. The costume is all sharp angles and edges with heavy lines, silver and blue with the Sentinel Industries logo etched like a badge across the chest.

Backstory Questions

How did you first meet your mentor?

There was an accident. It's still kind of hazy. My mother, distracted by angry texts from my stepdad Carl. A swerving car cutting over into our lane. I saw it and barely had time to push the car to the right with a sudden exertion of telekinetic force. Not enough to avoid the crash, but enough to put all the impact on my side of the station wagon. I was in the hospital for months, two of them as a roaming mind trapped in a comatose body and another two paralyzed. When Tanya Sheer, CEO of Sentinel Industries, came to my family and offered experimental surgery they leaped at the opportunity. We were told the costs 'would be covered', and only after it was done and I was fully mobile again did I learn that meant suiting up under her superheroic persona, Silver Sentry's, guidance. I didn't argue. How can you say no to someone who saved your life?

When and why did you choose to train with them?

Tanya pulled me out of school and took me to her office tower. The crazy tech I saw that day was incredible but nothing beat the realization that she could reach into my mind as easily as I could reach into hers. Everyone always says that she gets her abilities from the advanced science her company develops but the truth is much larger. She's a power mimic, capable of mirroring the abilities of anyone in a range that I have yet to define. I felt obligated from the surgery, sure, but it wasn't just that. The chance to be a superhero out in the open, to be associated with someone so capable, was just too good to pass up.

Why did they agree to train you?

She says she saw something in me, whatever that means. My mom has always been super supportive and my step-dad is as distant as they come, so to have someone who is not genetically connected put faith in my efforts feels nice. But I've gone through the databases and seen how much dirt she's dug up on various heroes and villains in the city so I know she must have details on me that even I don't know. I want to trust that this is all just because she believes in me, that she invests in me because I am worth it, but sometimes I slip and catch a stray thought from her mind that tells me there is something more going on. Everything is always so big and public with her so I have to believe the secrets she keeps hidden away are even bigger.

Who else, outside of the team, knows about your training?

Hell, everyone with an internet connection I'd guess. I don't slip around in the shadows or hide behind a mask to keep things secret. Tanya was very adamant about keeping a public persona as her trainee. I've seen enough secrets in people's minds to know how bad they can twist even the best intentions, so I was on board with it from the jump. I even had a page on the company website with social media tie-ins and everything. I'm not gonna lie, it's kind of great to be popular. I mean, I spent my whole life in a single wide mobile home and now I cruise the city on a motorcycle with jet boosters. What's not to love?

What do you want to explore with this character?

Never Meet Your Heroes - I love the idea of facing the reality that the people you look up to and rely on are flawed, possibly even dangerous, at their core. Can wealth and privilege really allow the perspective necessary to live heroically? Pushing the tension between Jian and Tanya could lead to some very interesting emotional turmoil.

The Mind is a Prison - Telepathy is a power that always terrifies me because of the potential for misuse and the generally violative nature of it. How does seeing people's thoughts and feeling their emotions ultimately change who you are? I'd like to explore what it is like to struggle with what it means to reach into someone else's brain and how one can justify that kind of behavior.

What does your character think is their role on the team?

Jian-Pa wants to have fun and do good, simple as that. The pressure from Tanya to take charge and lead this crew is a heavy burden constantly weighing on their shoulders. The pressure from their mom to excel in school, from Carl to get out of the house and stop draining the family's limited resources, from other students to take up authority positions in school events. It's all too much and they don't have the energy to address everything at once so they usually just try to avoid responsibility completely. Some see this as them being an unambitious slacker but in truth, Jian-Pa just wants to be a part of the whole rather than being saddled with a label.

Confirmation of Safety Tools

Confirmed and appreciated. In a shared narrative, it is important to ensure everyone is comfortable with the direction of the story. I look forward to not only working within the Lines set by the players but also feeding into the directions each player has indicated they want to explore.


Other StuffI like this idea, so I'm hopping on board.
Watchdog's ThemeReady to Go by Republica
Watchdog's Public Crimefighting PlaylistSteal my Sunshine by Len
Gold Guns Girls by Metric
Cannonball by The Breeders
That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings
Way Less Sad by AJR
DDU-DU DDU-DU by Blackpink
Nowhere Generation by Rise Against
Come & Go by Juice WRLD
Playing - High Risk, Heist Reward | The Grand Tour

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Old Apr 29th, 2021, 03:29 PM
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Character Info
  • Devon is nonbinary, but not out to anyone except Daniel. Everyone uses he/him pronouns for them. Deviant is out as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns.
  • Family: Connor (Dad), Mary (Mom), Martyn (younger brother)
  • HC Likes: Cheap food trucks in a variety of ethnic styles, Spring Park.
  • HC Dislikes: Having to use public transit
  • Works part time after school and on weekends at Stand Your Grounds, a coffee shop run by a conspiracy theorist.


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