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Old May 6th, 2021, 12:08 PM
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The Team

Once your characters are finished, post'em here!
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Old May 8th, 2021, 06:02 PM
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right-aligned image
  • Name/Street Handle: He only shares his real name with people close to himFrank Nohea/Frank originally named himself Thermopauze, the boundary between the thermosphere and the exosphere in Earth's atmosphere but it was too long and so dropped the "rm" and "pause" from the name to became Theo. A much easier name to shout during a gunfight.Theo
  • Role: Fixer(male, age 29)

  • Discription:
    Since Jade's death, Theo has a tendency to let his personal grooming slide. With a persistent five o'clock shadow on his boyish features, Theo still maintains a wide mohawk from his childhood by cutting short the hair on the sides of his head. The lack of using proper hair care products has caused said mohawk to become more of a bush of brown curly hair and only faintly resemble a mohawk. Add in the occasional facial scar from blocking with his face, and a recently broken nose and split lip, and Theo looks as if he's having a hard decade. It's when you look in his eyes and see that he's unfazed by whatever life throws at him that one realizes Theo is tougher than he looks. Theo can often be seen smoking a thin black cigerate and he's a borderline alcoholic thanks to working out of a bar.

  • Personality:
    While not introverted, Theo likes to let other people talk while he sits back and listens. Theo can learn much about a client if they are chatty enough. And considering most of his clients are boisterous gang members and this social tactic has seen Theo through quite a few rough encounters. His secretive nature however does tend to impede Theo's social life as he rarely feels comfortable sharing anything about himself with people. Given the fact he's still hurting from Jades' death two years ago and Theo currently couldn't care less about his social life.


INT: 8, REF: 7, DEX: 7, TECH: 4, COOL: 5, WILL: 5, LUCK: 8, MOVE: 6, BODY: 5, EMP: 8-2(cyberwear)6.

HUMANITY: 80-25=55
FIXER ABILITY: Operator(Rank 4)

[WILL 5] Concentration 3 = +8
[INT 8] Perception 6 = +14 ( +2 for Checks involving hearing. Cybernetics.+16 )
[DEX 7] Athletics 5 = +12
[DEX 7] Stealth 4 = +11
[INT 8] Business 4 = +12
[INT 8] Education 2 = +10
[INT 8] Language(English) 4 = +12
[INT 8] Language(street slang) 3 = +11
[INT 8] Local Expert(The Glen) 3 = +11
[DEX 7] Brawling 5 = +12
[DEX 7] Evasion 6 = +13
[REF 7] Handgun 6 = +13
[COOL 5] Bribery 5 = +10
[EMP 6] Conversation 4 = +10
[EMP 6] Human Perception 6 = +12
[COOL 5] Persuasion 5 = +10
[COOL 5] Streetwise 5 = +10
[COOL 5] Trading 5 = +10
[TECH 4] First Aid 2 = +6
[TECH 4] Forgery 3 = +7
[TECH 4] Pick Lock 4 = +8

  • Light Melee Weapon(Combat Knife): # of Hands(1), Damage(1d6), Rate Of Attack(2), Concealable?(Yes).
  • Heavy Pistol(Mustang Arms Mark III): # of Hands(1), Damage(3d6), Rate Of Fire(2), Concealable?(Yes), Magazine(8 Heavy Pistol rounds).
  • Very Heavy Pistol(Sternmeyer P-35): # of Hands(1), Damage(4d6), Rate Of Fire(1), Concealable?(No), Magazine(8 Very Heavy Pistol rounds).
Gear: Agent, Bug Detector, Computer, Disposable Phone(x2), Generic Chic(Contacts & Jewelry), Leisurewear(Mirrorshades), Urbanflash(Footwear, Jacket, Bottoms, & Top), 50 Basic Heavy Pistol Ammunition, 50 Basic Very Heavy Pistol Ammunition, Light Armorjack Body Armor(SP 11), Light Armorjack Head Armor(SP 11), Memory Chips(x2), 10 Armor-Piercing Very Heavy Pistol Ammunition(spare clip), Carryall(small).

Cyberwear(# of Slots) [-25 Humanity & -2 EMP Loss]: <NOTE: Note the Implants that take up a slot in 2 Eyes/Limbs>
  • CYBEROPTICS(3 per Eye)
    Each Cybereye has 3 Option Slots. Someoptions must be paired (purchased twice and installed in twodifferent Cybereyes on a user. HL must be paid for each)Cybereye [Right Eye]
    SLOT 1: Projects subscreen into user's field of vision. Requires a Cybereye. 1 SLOTChyron Display
  • CYBERAUDIO(3 total)
    Has 3 Option Slots. Cannot install more than 1Cyberaudio Suit
    SLOT 1: Fully functional Agent installed internally. Can be linked to a Cybereye with Chyron display. Otherwise, audio-only. Requires a Cyberaudio Suite. 1 SLOTInternal Agent
    SLOT 2: +2 to Perception for Checks involving hearing. Requires a Cyberaudio Suite. 1 SLOTAmplified Hearing
    SLOT 1: 2" x 4" (5cm x 10cm) storage space just under the skin with RealSkinn™ zipper.Subdermal Pocket
  • CYBERLIMBS(4 per Limb)
  • BORGWARE(???)
EURO BUCKS: 160 eb's
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Name:	Frank-Theo.png
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ID:	90843  

"There are many fates worse than a quick and foolish death."

Sun - Thu: Normal / Fri & Sat: Rairly Available

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Old May 9th, 2021, 01:49 PM
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right-aligned image
Cassie, IRL
Collie Active

Real Name: (not generally public information) Cassandra D'Addario
Role: Rockerboy (flavored as 'Idoru-type, who uses an avatar when on the Datapool, and who wears a full-head mask and coat to project a hologram of her avatar, when she's doing a live appearance as media influencer')

RP / personality sampler"Hey Actionistas! It's your girl Collie, on the scene of the next big anti-cap Overthrow! Holla!"

Collie's face is being streamed to hundreds of her subscribers, leechers, detractors, and obsessives. Her face is lit by the camera she's holding in her hands, and behind her is a blurry urban scene. Laudromat signs flash, street lights glare, and red brake lights streak and zig-ziag as Collie quickly re-adjusts the framing of the shot so that watchers can see where she is.

"Corner of 36th and Hayes! Don't know how long we'll be able to keep the stream up, so make sure to hit those 'like' and 'subscribe' buttons to make sure you get all the updates, if I go dark!" Behind her, there is an all-glass panel of doors. It looks like the first floor of a corporate headquarters skyscraper. At the door are a few masked individuals of mixed race and gender. They are violently kicking at one of the glass doors. One of the masked agitators rips a nearby municipal trashcan off its base, and hurls it at the glass doors. It has no effect, and Collie barely seems to notice it happening. She adjusts her hair attractively, and laughs at a comment in the chat feed.

"Ha! No, Prol_Supreme, I WON'T show you my feet! But, if I can get up to 300 paid subscribers, you'll all unlock the next SECRET reward level, so who knows what's hiding there, right?!" She winks coquettishly at the camera.

Something shatters off-camera, and Collie gets serious. "Remember, we're here with THREE major demands: ONE, bi-annual management wage confiscation to fund pensions for all workers after age 45. TWO, at least 80% worker representations on all Boards. And THREE, universal representative re-distribution of all stocks and private equity positions."

Just then the telltale flashing lights of police vehicles begins strobing across the glass and Collie's face. There is some shouting far off camera, and suddenly the stream becomes almost completely incoherent. The camera is shaking, moving, rotating; it's pointing in every direction but the one that would give you information about what's going on. Whatever is the situation, it is loud and violent, and Collie is in the mix. Collie is letting off a stream of profanity, directed at the authorities. There are people nearby shouting slogans, and police shouting commands. People cry in pain, people shout in anger.

It's possible that at one point Collie brandishes a weapon of some kind. Again, the video feed is a jumble (and conveniently non-incriminating!). But very near the microphone, a police officer is shouting, "Hands up! Put it down!" There are a few loud bangs. Collie's voice is then shouting, "Let him go! Get off of him! Let him go, pig!" It sounds like she then spits, and from the rapid jarring of the camera, it's clear she has set off running.

About a minute later, the running slows. Collie's face appears re-centered in the frame. The street scene behind her is now different. It's darker; a side street or alleyway of some kind. She's breathing hard and moving at a fast walk. She looks over her shoulder every few seconds.

"OK. OK," she pants. "Whew. OK. So. Jackboot fascists just disappeared some comrades. Gotta sign off. Once I'm secure, I'll get back on stream to give The Line." Collie looks at her arm. "Oops, I think I'm bleeding. Remember, if you donate at the $25 a month level, you get access to the exclusive medical records tracker, in addition to the Chairman Meow photo feed, and ability to participate in the monthly subscriber Theory Teach-in event." It looks like she sees someone off camera, and waves to them.

"All right. Until next time. Remember: the Revolution WILL be streamed!" The video goes dark, and the red dot indicating a live stream turns off.
Backstory: Lifepath summary
ReclaimersCassie's family drifted into University City when she was 4 years old. They had criss-crossed the country for years. University City promised a lot: the ruins of some of UCSD and nearby research institutesthe most advanced tech, what's left of some of the nearby La Jolla on the searichest neighborhoods, and that The Mormon Templeodd temple as a beacon for Reclaimers. Night City nearby provided markets for particularly tasty salvage.

The D'Addario family believed in self-reliance. University City offered a community of like-minded individuals, but Papa D'Addario demanded discipline, obedience, and hard work. He was always disassembling this, re-building that, and giving his children little tasks and errands to complete. Sloth was not permitted, nor a lack of Honor of the Mother and Father. Working for the family was critical, to build a community. If the choice was between reading a book to the child, or re-starting the power supply to a refortified living block, the power supply always came first. The community came first.

Cassie grew up shy, with few friends. Eventually, things got bad and Cassie had to run. Clairemont wouldn't take her in, nor would Miramar. The Borjias were too powerful. Where could she hide? There was only one option: Night City

Cassie in The Big CityFor a time, Cassie was just another cast-off life, barely getting by on the street. Work rarely came, nor a sense of who she was. Shut up so long, she barely knew how to relate to the press of humanity. She was dumbfounded. How could she find herself here, swarmed by humanity on all sides, and yet be more alone than when she was living isolated on literal heaps of rubble? Where did community come in? Where was friendship?

Eventually, she began to learn the game. Jobs and work were held by the corporations. If you didn't sign your soul away to them, you had little hope. She took the dregs of such jobs to get by, and at night, she started pouring her heart out onto the Datapool. At first, it was incoherent: the ramblings of a scared girl looking for connection, and meaning, and friendship. After years of isolation, she wasn't willing to broadcast her face to the world, so she hid behind an avatar. Early on this changed this virtual visage to fit her mood.

Without a message, and without a purpose, she had little audience. She was earnest and direct, and those things were hard to come by in Night City. It garnered her a few fans, but also the attention of more dangerous types, sensing easy prey. Hellswynd, leader of the boostergang the Razor Knights, reached out to meet. He was terrifying, and callously violent. But he promised something intriguing: power. Action. The ability to make something of yourself, to enact change outside of corporate feudalism. It was a community. Perhaps this was the way forward, in Night City.

Collie in the Big CityIt was, and it wasn't, the way forward. As Cassie witnessed the agitation, the violence, the action of the boostergang, she saw that they DID make change. Slow diligence with your head down was the path to slavery. Her broadcasts became more focused: don't just look for community, build it. Don't just complain about the corporations, fight them. Don't despair alone, be part of the collective!

Collie Active was born! Cassie stopped flipping her avatars. She adopted some old Soviet iconography. Cassie herself is of southern Italian stock: deep olive skin, dark raven hair kept wild as her blood mixed Roman, Greek, and North African ancestry. Her avatar is a young blonde woman, eternally wearing twin braids and an Imagine a Swiss Miss wearing a Castro cap.olive-drab patrol cap with a red star in the center.

Yet it became increasingly clear that the gang itself needed to go from her life. She quickly learned that many of the members were quite literally psychotic. They just wanted harm for harm's sake, and to do the harming themselves. They didn't want a better world, they want a worse one, with them on top. She denounced them publicly, calling out the members by name. She called them the poison of capitalism, as virulent as the corporations. They wanted no community, no solidarity, no directed action. They were just capitalism's anger. Collie Action would be the PEOPLE'S voice, the PEOPLE'S anger!

From there, her popularity grew rapidly. She streamed regularly, focused on the themes of positive change and communal spirit through direct violent action. Corporate masters must fear the people, not the reverse. She set up funding, spawned off a few different feeds (everything from reading groups to Chariman Meow!cat pictures), and began to take more opportunities for live events. Always, she maintained the persona of Collie. In live appearances, she always wears a mask This protects her identity, given her increasingly-violent encounters, and allows for the avatar to be superimposed over. It builds her brand, day-by-day.

Eventually, her audience grew enough that she began eating into the audience shares of other Idoru on the Datapool. Just_Princess had built her audience through a mix of slick production, ever-present deep cleavage shots, and a dedication to always claiming to adopt the progressive issue-of-the-week. While not exactly making her a superstar, it gathered her a respectable army of simps and parrots who would follow down whatever path they took her. Yet for what Just_Princess offers in terms of fan service, she lacks in results. Collie Action offers a more visceral experience - a direct human connection, and true peril to her own person. As Collie's star rises, the Just_Princess could fall, and this is not something she's likely to take lightly
MechanicsStat block or BBcoded sheet to be added later?

Character sheet link

Collie lives in a container at the north end of the South Night City combat zone, about halfway between the boxes numbered 01 and 26 on Marsh's map
GM of Uncaged: Found Family, a folklore-inspired D&D 5e one-shot adventure.

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right-aligned image
Bruja smoking one of her favorite cigarillos
Handle: Bruja, sometimes Crash Witch
Real Name: Only a select few actually know this name, and only close friends are allowed to call her Ellie.Elisabeth "Ellie" Kovacs
Role: Netrunner
Age: Early twenties
Height: 1,73m (5'8")

Character Sheet: Link

Physical Description:
Bruja is a relatively slim woman of average height and average weight, with a little bit of extra curves (and with the state of the world being what it is, it may be natural or biosculpting, who knows?). She keeps her hair long and straight, dyed black and transitioning into pink and finally into a bright red, only rarely styling it different. If necessary to keep it out of the way she'll typically just tie it back in a ponytail. She has old style tribal tattoos on both arms, sleeves reaching up onto her shoulders, and has EMP threading embedded in her skin, most notably on her face and torso. From her time with the Nomads, she's taken to wearing leathers and rugged denims and only rarely deviates. While not averse to makeup, she typically doesn't wear it much.
Personality, Philosophy and Motivations:
The Netrunner can usually be described in three words: selfish, abrasive and impulsive. Bruja throws herself into hedonistic acts with the same abandon that she throws herself into the Net, and is no stranger to a number of bars and night clubs around Night City, nor is she a stranger to the Datapool. While she's slow to trust, she's fiercely loyal once it has been earned. Previous friends and acquaintances of Bruja have no compulsions about spilling the beans about how that rough exterior stays even with her closer friends, although it does soften to a degree.

Although her family trace their origins to Poland, Bruja doesn't show much of that in her facial features. She does speak Polish and after having spent an extended time with the Nomads, she's also picked up Spanish, which she tends to use both as an affectation and for many of the expletives she strews liberally into her normal speech.

She's developed a hatred for both the corporations at large as well as gangs, and only grudgingly takes jobs working for either of them. When asked about this she has no problem sharing her distaste for both groups, how the corporations will use someone dry and how the gangs are just another side of the same coin, using violence rather than capitalism to gain what they desire. She has no love lost for either.

Background (Lifepath)
Early ChildhoodWith corporate managers as parents, Elisabeth had a better than average childhood, although that's not saying a whole lot when the average is "sometimes not even having shelter for the night and going hungry." Her family came from Poland originally and although they migrated to the United States four generations ago, the Polish heritage had been kept strong with tradition. Couple that with her parents being closely tied to a Nomad family with people of various ethnic backgrounds and her being raised by the Nomads as much as by her parents, Elisabeth is something of a mishmash of ethnic backgrounds; American, Polish, Mexican.

Her early childhood was a happy one for the most part. Sure, she grew up during the Time of the Red, but she never went hungry, nor did she lack for excitement. Hell, the Nomads even taught her how to drive once she was tall enough to reach the pedals, who could brag about that without being a Nomad themselves?

Welcome to the World, Kid!Of course, things couldn't stay happy and idyllic forever; or as happy and idyllic as things could be in the Time of the Red anyway. Eventually, things came crashing down. The agricorp corporation her parents worked for took a massive hit and rather than take the blame, they shifted it over to her parents citing mismanagement, corruption and whatever else they could think of. Everything was taken from them and they were left practically destitute, or they would be if it wasn't for the Nomad family with whom they had built such close ties with. That didn't stop Elisabeth from developing a deep seated hatred for the corporation, corporations at large, and those who work for them willingly. Some years later the corp went bankrupt, although this was of little conciliation to Ellie as things had already taken a turn for the worse at this point. The "failure" had taken a toll on her family and her parents had since split, along with her father having committed suicide due to a mounting depression.

All wasn't lost at least. Elisabeth was taken in by the Nomads, with whom she felt a certain affinity to. Still, she didn't quite fit in with them. But it would do for the time being, until she was old enough to fend for herself, until she was capable.

Tragedy Strikes AgainEllie wasn't a Nomad. She didn't really want to be one, and while the family were happy to take her in and teach her a few things, they still saw her as connected to her parents. Although they had done nothing wrong, the corporation had landed a blown as they had laid the blame of their misfortunes at the Kovacs family. The Nomads weren't an intended target, but they had been collateral, losing recognition and missing out on business opportunities as a result. Still, they did care for Ellie, now in her late teens, and she was showing promise in the technical fields, specifically in the realm of computers and electronics.

As a part of the whole but separate, Elisabeth lived... an odd world. Her mother was barely present anymore in her life, and the Nomad family were mostly just supporting her now, giving her shelter and food while she learned, while she helped as best she could. Still, it wasn't all bad. She had a handful of friends, one of whom was another girl, Teresa, a young woman who clearly didn't care about who belonged or not. Naturally, things couldn't be left well alone by the universe.

Boostergangs are endemic to Night City and its surroundings, and even the Nomads aren't immune to their rampages of theft and murder. Elisabeth and Teresa were out in a borrowed car running a quick and simple courier job when tragedy struck, a boostergang deciding to assault them on the open road. The resulting fighting resulted in a bad crash, Teresa's death, and Elisabeth was saved only by the fact that she had managed a call back to the Nomad family, informing them of what was happening. The crash had killed Teresa on impact, Elisabeth had been badly injured, and just about anything valuable had been taken by the gang. Thankfully, the Nomads arrived quickly enough to save Elisabeth.

Ready or Not, Here I ComeThings were souring quickly with the Nomads. Now seen as a bad omen, Elisabeth wasn't welcome anymore. Telling herself she didn't want to stay anyway, she struck out on her own. She'd just make a living in Night City, using her technical skills to do so. She stopped calling herself Elisabeth, taking up the moniker of Bruja instead, and started hiring herself out as a Netrunner. She was her own person, she would become something. Someone. She'd be an Edgerunner. A Cyberpunk. And frag anyone who got in her way.
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Name:	Crash Witch3.jpg
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ID:	90930   Click image for larger version

Name:	Crash Witch4.jpg
Views:	5
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ID:	90931  

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