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Old May 1st, 2021, 05:24 AM
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May is a bit of a weird month; we have our 2 minutes of silence at 20.00 to think about all the casualties in all wars, Dutch Flags half-way up and the King and Queen putting flowers at the Dam, a huge famous square in AmsterdamNational Remembrance day the 4th of May followed by 5th of May 1945 was the end of WW2 for usLiberation Day the 5th. This year will not be the usual Liberation day, concerts and music everywhere, everyone dressed in orange (national color besides the red-white-blue)

Maybe next year we will embrace normality again :-)

Guess what else is happening in May?????

You guessed right --> another Month where we can nominate well-written posts, posts that made you laugh or wonder, posts that stood out and deserve recognition. Please share this with everyone at the Crossing by copying the post in here, link the post and tell us WHY you nominated this post. Being nominated is a huge reward already so get those awesome May posts in here

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Old May 3rd, 2021, 01:32 PM
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Nominee: Talkin
Game: Hoard of the Dragon Queen
System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e
GM: Chocoladevla
The Post: Post is set to private so I'll quote it below

The raisin: We all fail charisma checks in games - heck, I fail almost all charisma checks in real life! How you handle the failure is often what really matters and Talkin does so in such a fun way. Trying to prevent a massive combat Talkin's character, Cynar, attempts to convince a group of cultist to leave their task for another. Posing as a messenger for the very cultist he's trying to deceive. Due to a good roll on the DM's part, it fell through. Taking it in stride Cynar makes sure to do as much figurative damage as possible before exiting stage left!

Status:Getting back on track. Thanks for your patience!
Old May 7th, 2021, 12:37 PM
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Nominee: hafrogman
Game: Descent into Avernus
System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e
GM: DaysUntold
The Post: Link

The reveal: So often levels and new abilities come and go with little explanation or in-game consequences. hafrog has never been a player to subscribe to such thinking and always waits for the perfect time to upgrade or explain new abilities. However, this was a moment over a year in the making. His character leveled up in February of 2020, and while he hinted at the changes his character was undergoing, it took until a few days ago to make his big reveal. It was well worth the wait. Not only did he paint the scene with wonderful imagery, he explored the emotions and insecurities involved with transforming into a werewolf in front of a tentative group of acquaintances, as well as the motivation that drove him to make such a decision.


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Old May 8th, 2021, 08:11 AM
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Nominee: Runetide
Game: Carrion Crown (Shuddering Dark)
System: Pathfinder 1e
The Post: Linky Link

Raison d’etre: It is not everyday that players get chances like this. An opportunity to really delve into some deep philosophical thought centred on what could be considered fairly trite and over-used concepts. Good vs evil, fear vs understanding, the unknown and untested coming back to haunt you. Runetide’s Xaro embraces all these concepts and stirs up some seriously well articulated thought processes all told through the guise of a gentle and generous halfling medium’s soul. The duality he expresses between his character and the spirit that currently shares a body with him as well as the considered and careful approach to assuaging a key NPC’a fears and embarrassment at her awkward line of questioning deserves all the merit I can bestow. A little man with an express connection the hereafter is causing ripples for the game and giving his DM so much to work with.


On break for now.
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Old May 21st, 2021, 01:57 AM
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Nominee: FraterChad
Game: Agents of Edgewatch
System: Pathfinder 2. Edition
GM: Begon Ugo
The Post: Link

Why this post?: In fantasy there are certain stereotypes that dominate the genre: the strong fighter, the knowledgeable wizard, the charming bard and the compassionate cleric, just to name a few. Everyone attempting to create a more interesting and memorable character knows that they have to search deeper in the character’s soul and give them some unique characteristic that will turn them from cardboard figures to life-like, realistic individuals. FraterChad does that by giving their own answer to the question: What if a healer is the one most in need of healing?

After a masterfully narrated prolonged battle against escaped animals and magical beasts, the protagonists (the Edgewatch agents) feel completely spent, physically and emotionally, having been unable to prevent the deaths of innocents and having almost been killed themselves. Each one of them has a different way of coping with the loss and the pain they have been exposed to. Phenex Anselmo, FraterChad‘s character, has a way of his own, not the right kind of way, but an all too human one - he uses pain to fight pain and keep away the ghosts. FraterChad manages to capture in their post the essence of the borderline personality disorder and they do so with extreme care, describing it in such an elegant, poetic way that it doesn’t offend or alienate the reader. I was so touched by the post that I wanted to share it with the RPGX community, even though the subject is a very sensitive one.

Content Warning: In the writer’s own words: If you aren't comfortable with self-injury and (fantastical) substance abuse, go ahead and skip the second part of the post!

He/Him - I have taken the Oath of Sangus
Running Dragons of a Broken World: A Dragonlance (Age of Mortals) 5e DnD campaign
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Old May 22nd, 2021, 12:51 AM
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Nominee- Marshmallow
Game- The Spiders Web
System- Cyberpunk Red
GM- Marshmallow
The post- Click me for I am a link.

Why this post?
First, please note this also clickable link, for it will take you to a thread, in Players Seeking Games, that Marshmallow started six months ago to talk up the latest version of Cyberpunk. The TTRPG, not the video game.

Second, consider that this site used to be called DnDOnlineGames. Why did it change to RPG Crossing? To represent that we play more than "just DnD" here.

With that stated, I ask you to consider the rarity that is both a game featuring a fairly new iteration of a non draconic system and a game first rooted in the Players Seeking Games section.

And then behold the game thread's opening post. As color filled as the Core rulebook, which should you ever read both thread and book, you'll know what I mean. The words used, the info conveyed, gives the perfect glimpse into a post-post modern world both mecha-fantastical and smartphone era believable.

It is exactly the kind of post I was hoping for when I first accepted the GM's invite.

Oh, and there's a threat of death by Murder truck, right there in Episode 1, Post 1. You know you want to read that.

Old May 27th, 2021, 01:08 PM
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Nominee: Lazer
Game: Battle of the Bards One-shot
System: D&D 5e
DM: Fillyjonk
The Post: The final performance of Minstrel/Maxtrel, at the Battle of the Bards

It's likely this post won't make a lot of sense to you when you read it. It's astonishing to me that so much shared story and collaborative character-building could be done by relative strangers in just a few months, that the interior of this game could become so unique and specific, but here it is. Fillyjonk's original adventure, her dedicated DMing, the players' mad abandon, and our breakneck posting rate created this enthusiasm and energy between us that is hard to describe or capture in a summary. But this post shows a few things.

First, while Lazer wrote the song that frames the post, and collected and organized all of our work, this post includes writing from all the band members, which we posted and developed in a separate "Set List" thread, for Lazer to draw on for this final show. Our whole game had been leading to this scene, when we would escape from kidnappers, destroy those who plotted against us, and make it to the stage. All the wildness that you see here, as chaotic and emotional and loud as it is, reflects the shared effort of all seven players, and the DM who managed us through it.

Second, in the post that follows this one, you'll see the end of the game. After over 900 game posts and 3000 posts in our lively OOC during the five-ish months of the game, Fillyjonk valiantly tied it all together there, and then broke it all apart. She sent us on our way in a simultaneously fractured and unified way that really reflected all of our big feelings at the end of this wild ride. Filly started with seven, thinking that a few would drop, but no one did. We posted 5 days a week, sometimes more, rarely fewer, and stayed together. This final post from Lazer brought us a lot of happiness, and a great feeling of satisfaction: we did it!

Finally, this post really shows what PbP can do. This type of collaboration would never have developed in a tabletop game. Not only the pace, but the character connections, the straddling of ridiculousness and pathos. And this post itself, the culmination of all of it, was a uniquely PbP kind of thing. So yeah, though it's sometimes hard to express why we all love PbP, to me it's never been more clear than in the relentless creativity and joy in language that came out of playing with all the writers represented in this post.

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Old May 29th, 2021, 01:25 PM
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Nominee: Saratek
Game: Lost Mine of Phandelver
System: 5e
GM: chocoladevla
The Post: over here (protected thread so only Reds can read, I'll quote the post in a spoiler)

Reason for nominating: the most basic and simple reason: saratek did not have to make a post like this; and did it anyway. This group had been suffering by players leaving, BUT two players are still going strong since October 2017 and the one additional players since November 2017. When the fourth player was leaving a month ago we were at the final chapter, just headed towards the final combat but it could not be done with only three characters. And adding players was no option, I had nothing to offer anymore, one more big fight and that was it. I invited Kweheri (who made a new character) and Saratek who was willing to take over the character from the player that left.
And they both made it work! We have finished this adventure and Saratek decided to go out with a blow. A death scene is always a challenge to write and a treat to read but this post was more than that. It as completely in character (not even his own) and he went beyond expectations to write this post.
To me as a DM it felt so respectful, so thoughtful and it helped this group to reach the grand finale with honor and dignity. Again, he did not have to write this epic death but did it anyway, he went all the way.

Tip of the hat to that


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