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Old May 23rd, 2021, 12:16 AM
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Crossover:: The Hoffmann Institute: Tangents

Coming in July of 2021!
The Hoffmann Institute: Tangents

Our civilization is the product of a particular path our ancestors have followed among the vagaries of historical alternatives. Had events of the distant past taken a slightly different turn, our surroundings and thought processes, what we find natural and hold dear, might be very different.

- Carl Sagan

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Game System: Traveller (MgT2) / Cepheus
Skill Level: Any
Max # Players: 8 Current Status (Game Open for 6 positions - team fit)
Post Frequency: Fast Paced - 1/3+ One post every three days or better.
Theme: Interdimensional adventuring in parallel worlds.
Setting: Modern Times (Baseline Earth, 0.0.0 - 2021 as of this posting)

Its been over 15 years and its time for Dark*Matter, the Hoffmann Institute to have a spin-off.

Department 8 Of the Hoffmann Institute is recruiting for elite teams to battle threats from alternate Earths and beyond. (Think... Fringe and Time Tunnel meets Sliders and Stargate, all have a love child together.)

Do infinite parallel universes coexist with our own, each possessing qualities both like and unlike what we know as standard reality? Now imagine the answer was YES and it was your job was to investigate them.

Welcome to the worlds of Tangents.

Powerful creatures and civilizations exist and thrive in the worlds of Superspace and some of them have eyes on our Earth. Working for a clandestine organization called the Hoffmann Institute, you explore hidden mysteries while eluding forces—both human and alien—that scheme to control the truth:

All that you see is not all that there is.

Your character has been recruited (see “public” brochure) by the Hoffman Institute as a provisional mission specialist. If selected for inclusion as part of a mission team, your character will be given access to OSIRS (Operating System for Internal Real-time Security) at an appropriate level for the details of your mission.

Game Concept: Players will create characters that will become part of Hoffman Institute Research Department to complete specific missions. Some of theses missions will be short, and in time as the character grows and he/her security clearance and abilities increase, longer, more complex assignments will be assigned. Characters will navigate the complex organization of “The Hoffmann Institute” through each other while assigned to a team, and their OSIRS interfaced computer.

I will draw largely from the WOC setting, Dark*Matter and Tangents. Players do not need either of these resources. I just want you to know what to expect. Ruleswise, I'll be using mostly Traveller MgT2 (Mongoose 2nd ed), Cepheus Traveller (for those who don't have or don't want to use MgT2), Barbaric!, and a smudge of Sword and Sorcery of Cepheus. I'll provide everything you need to play mechanically through the game's forums or the Cepheus SRD.

Project Tangent Tunnel:

Research from a mothballed government project called "Tick Tock" was combined with the Hoffmann R&D knowledge of Dark*Matter. The result was the Tangent Tunnel - a superverse spanning device with literally, infinite possibilities.

For both good and bad.

Infinity Awaits You!

What You Can Expect in the Game:

In true Hoffmann Institute and Traveller fashion - this could literally be anything. I'll follow you and the Tangent Tunnel where you lead me. You could be working with Space-Faring Egyptian Societies one moment, or negotiating terms in a North America that remained in the hands of native peoples, and even acquiring technology from a sentient dinosaurs living on a Earth-ring-world the next. The possibilities are infinite.

Crossovers - there may be 'crossover' scenes and story-arcs where members of this team (game) will interact with members of another team (Game) in Dark*Matter: The Hoffmann Institute.

How to apply with The Hoffman Institute as a provisional mission specialist:
right-aligned image

The layout format is yours decide. I hope you understand that this type of game is not for everyone so please bear with me if it takes a little longer to select players for this campaign and that I'm asking a bit more from an application.

1. Please read this before you apply: Its my gaming Foundational Principle and the FAQ. If you have a problem with what you read there, please stop reading now and don't apply.

2. Character Concept: Tell us the story; how did you come gain the attention of the Hoffman Tangent R&D recruiters? let this be a good example of what to expect from your writing. Tip: Go high on feeling and low on details.

3. A Traveller (MgT2 or Cepheus) You'll need to complete the Hoffman Institute Academy and include your final exam results (character sheet) with your applications. Other than that, include any thing else you think will help the review board and is 'fun' for you as a player.

Be sure your application has these elements:

* Character Flavor Text
* Character Archetype
* Character Head-shot
* Key Skills/Abilities/Talents (Your Academy Results - Character Sheet from the Tutorial)

Follow this link to the thread that takes you through the process. Once you are done there, return to this recruitment thread and post your character description 'here.' I hope you enjoy it!

That's all there is to it!!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with and as always, if you have questions or would like more details, please post them below.
GM of: Dark*Matter: The Hoffmann Institute (2007 HOF),
Traveller: The Third Imperium & The Hoffmann Institute: Tangents
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