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Old Aug 15th, 2020, 07:34 PM
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The Fólk

Post your characters or links to them in this thread. Character creation guidelines are below.
  • Characters begin at 5th level. They will likely reach level 11 by the end of the adventure.
  • Ability scores are generated using the Standard Array of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 or Point Buy Method described on page 13 of the Player’s Handbook.
  • PCs get one free feat at creation.
  • Starting gold is 500+1d10x25 GP (plus normal starting equipment). Unwanted starting equipment can be sold back for half the list price.
  • Uncommon magic items can be purchased with starting gold with DM approval (prices vary).
  • Official Wizards of the Coast and Kobold Press material is allowed (if there are variant versions, please use the most recent).
  • UA material is available with DM approval.
  • Just a note on my character creation philosophy: I like to grant a lot of freedom to players to pull from multiple sources. I do this because I trust my players to create PCs that are fun for them to play and interesting to everyone else. The idea is not to look for broken combinations from multiple sources. I believe characters should be powerful enough to be heroic and fun to play, but they should also be flawed. They are the stars of the game. Their journey should be internal as well as external. In my last game, I didn’t choose the players who put forth “optimized” characters. The players for this game are already determined, so nobody will be turned away. I just thought it was worth mentioning what I’m looking for. I like flawed characters. They are necessary for a good game.

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Old Aug 16th, 2020, 02:33 PM
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Azar al-Muhaqiq
right-aligned image
Name: Azar al-Muhaqiq
Race: Human variant
Age: 24
Class: Sorcerer
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Background: Spy
Personality Traits: People fascinate me; what makes them tick, what makes them act the way they do, how best to break them.
I am starting to realise that perhaps not everything that I have been taught to believe is true.
Ideal: Strength; the strong should be served by those weaker, it is a natural law.
Bond: I hope to someday prove worthy to bear a new generation in service to the Empire.
Flaws: Tact is a word which I could tell you the precise meaning of, even if I don’t practice it myself.
I am used to getting what I want through fear; if someone doesn't fear me I'm at a bit of a loss.

Appearance: Azar is a pretty lady until you get to know her. Her skin is soft and smooth, except for the golden scales which run down the back of her neck and across her shoulders. Her eyes are large and brown, except when they glow like hot coals. Her voice is deep and husky, which could be pleasant if you make an effort to pay no attention to the words it conveys. She likes to wear colourful silks and jewelry when the opportunity presents itself, but has no problem slumming it when necessary.

Personality: Brusque to the point of rudeness, Azar is not someone you would describe as particularly sensitive. She admires beauty, but for the most part she considers strength and beauty to be interchangeable. Her background has meant that she is self-reliant and she would find it incredibly difficult to ask for help, particularly from anyone that she would consider a superior or her equal.

left-aligned image
Backstory: Azar was born a slave and has never doubted that she would always be so, but even for slaves there is a hierarchy and Azar is proud to be close to the top. Early on it was determined that she had power, that she had dragon blood in her veins. This was both a boon and a curse, for the draconic races consider her an abomination and most of them would not hesitate to destroy her if they knew. But some are more pragmatic, knowing that her heritage allows her to do some things which most of her race cannot. She is a potent tool and therefore valuable.

Azar never knew her parents, instead growing up the property of Satra bin-Riks, a kobold slave dealer who specialised in children such as her. Right form the start life was a competition and only the strongest of the children prospered, and Azar learned quickly that it was best to be the toughest and meanest of the pack. As the children started to explore their powers Azar quickly found ways to eliminate or handicap her biggest rivals, and so when Mistress Vorel's agents came looking for new recruits for her secret police, Azar was one of the first ones they picked.

Her adolescence was spent learning both finer control of her powers, and also the skills necessary to glean information from people. Azar found that she had a knack for causing unease in even the stoutest of hearts, and where that failed she could always inflict pain. Her success rate at weeding out malcontents and insurrectionists made her a favourite of her superiors and she increasingly found that she had leeway to actually choose where she would be posted next. She travelled the length and breadth of the Empire, digging out weeds and helping it to flourish. But after some time she wanted more. She wanted to help it to expand outward, to bring more of the barbarous regions of the world under the care and protection of the dragons.

She took on a new assignment, becoming a handmaiden to Sultana Azrabahir only months before the coup which ousted her. It was partly through Azar's actions that the Sultana was able to flee the Empire and find refuge in the west, all part of the plan of course. Since Azar, accompanying the ousted Sultana, found herself in the Seven Cities she has been funneling information back to the Empire. She is proud to think that without her intelligence the assault on Kyprion would not have been as successful as it was.

However, not all is well with the young sorceress. During her years in the west she has been coming to like some of the things about these barbarians. She spent some time in Gramvar as part of her mission, and came to respect the minotaurs and humans eking out a living there. And then the dragons razed the entire city to the ground. The loss of these people, inferior though they are, is weighing unexpectedly heavily on her heart, and she can't help but think that maybe the dragons, Baal forbid, might have acted unnecessarily cruelly. A foreign idea is germinating in her mind that perhaps fear and cruelty aren't always the best tools to rule a society.

Extract of a letter from Azar to her handler, Master Ko-roossI have studied the common tongue for many years, grappling with its intricacies and its often infuriating idiosyncrasies until I feel I have subjugated and mastered it, and yet I still find a gulf of understanding between myself and the people of the west. For example, when I tell them that my home is vast they will agree, but it is obvious that they have no real comprehension. I can go into more depth, saying that the Mharoti Empire stretches from the great misty forests around the holy Lumera River in the east, over endlessly-rolling plains, mountains too numerous to count, encompassing cities far grander and majestic than any in these parts. I can tell them that it doesn't even stop for the mighty Ruby Sea, spreading implacably across islands and the new continent, but few have any concept of such scope. It is only when you have flown high above it, day after day, seeing mile after mile crawl along beneath you that you can truly appreciate it for what it is; the greatest empire that the world has ever known. The denizens of the west and the north have no idea what they face, and that will be their downfall.





LevelMax HPClass FeaturesSpellsOther
644Starting at 6th level, when you cast a spell that deals damage of the type associated with your draconic ancestry, you can add your Charisma modifier to one damage roll of that spell. At the same time, you can spend 1 sorcery point to gain resistance to that damage type for 1 hour.Elemental Affinity+Shield (lvl 1)+1 Sorcery Point
750--Chromatic Orb, +Fire Shield, +Wall of Fire+1 Sorcery Point
Current status: All good.

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Asbjorn Grimsson
right-aligned image
Name: Asbjorn Grimsson

Race: Aasimar (Scourge)

Class: Fighter 1, Warlock 4

Background: Noble (Jarl-in-exile from Trollheim)

Alignment: Lawful-Good

Appearance: Asbjorn is a tall, fit and broad-shouldered man with an attractive face framed by his flowing golden-blonde hair and thick, blonde beard. His eyes are strikingly blue and have a tendency to change at times of great emotion, when they start to glow slightly with bright yellow light. He is almost never in public without his thick scale armor and a trusty weapon of some kind. He usually carries either a single-bladed battleaxe or a well-made longsword in his belt as well as a large, round shield.

His weapon of choice, be it a battleaxe or a longsword, is always an ornate weapon. The haft of the axe is engraved with runes from his northern home and the ornate head of the razor-sharp axe is made from a red-tinted steel that makes the weapon look bloodied even when it is freshly cleaned. The longsword has a dark-grey hilt, shaped into the leering head of some otherworldly beast making up the pommel. The blade is always sharp, made of a red-tinted metal that seems to ripple a little when light strikes it, creating the illusion of wet blood running down the blade.

Personality Traits:
- I fear that the shadow that came with Loki’s gift will eventually consume me, making me as ruthless and power hungry as my ancestors.
- I call upon whichever god of the north I think may be able to help me with any given problem.

Ideal: Honor and duty. Since leaving my clan I have vowed to spend my life trying to understand the darkness I carry within me and finding a way to rid my family of it once and for all.

Bond: Family. My younger brother now rules in my place and my two younger sisters work as his emissaries. I have left the family to protect them but if they are threatened I will do everything in my power to keep them safe.

- I am plagued with guilt. Both over how my father and his ancestors used Loki's gift to secure ever more power for my clan, but also for carrying within me the evil that embodies my ancestor's lust for power and conquest.
- I am used to women throwing themselves at me and am quite happy to take them into my bed. It would be rude to deny them, after all.

Goals and ambitions: Asbjorn has two main reasons for his self-imposed exile and traveling away from his family. He wants to limit the power of the darkness inside him, that has influenced the his father and all the previous jarls for generations, over his family and keep it away from his brother. But he also wants to vex the dark entity by using his power to do good. For this reason, his day-to day goal is to protect the general population, especially when their local leaders fail to do so. At the same time, he understands that social order must prevail and will not actively undermine the rightful rulers. His long-term goal is to rid himself of the shadow that has possessed his ancestors, and now rests within him, or at least ensure that the curse ends with him.

BackstoryThe Story of the Bloody Jarls:




Brief Backstory:
People say I'm evil and twisted, but I really have the heart of a young boy. In a jar, on my desk.

I have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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A Leaf on the Wind
right-aligned image
Name: Zenda
Race: Aasimar (Scourge)
Age: 19
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Neutral
Background: Southlands Heroes, pg. 21Desert Runner
Theme Song: Dance
  • Personality Trait: Flirtation and flattery are my preferred tricks for getting what I want.
  • Personality Trait: The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can't do it.
  • Ideal: Nation. Ishadia must be returned to its former glory.
  • Bond: I hold no greater passion than my service to my cause.
  • Flaw: I put too much trust in the words and teachings of the Prophet.
  • Flaw: My hatred of my enemies is blinding and unreasoning.
Appearance: Zenda is a creature of grace and balance. She is tall without being lanky or gangly, slender without being skinny. Dark eyes and fine features of perfect symmetry highlight divine charms, or cold indifference, depending on her mood. Dark hair floats loose and free around her face, fading exotically to bright white at the ends. Her dusky skin has been kept smooth, protected from the ravages of Ishadia's wind and sun. However, if you are so fortunate as to be allowed close enough to see, you will find a fine pattern of ritual scarring across her back and arms, a series of geometric symbols and runes of unknown providence.

She dresses as befits her profession, fine fabrics loose and flowing to enhance her dancing. But meticulous attention has been paid to make sure that everything will serve a secondary purpose. Silk scarves catch the eye and disguise her true location, but they tear away easily in the hand. Nothing that could be used to bind or catch. Subtle reinforcements are secreted here and there throughout her clothes, silk draped over hard leather, bright ornaments hiding steel rivets.

Personality: Zenda is a creature of many parts, hard to pin down to a single aspect. She presents a sweetly innocent demeanor to those she dances for, keeping her true self hidden well away. She is fanatically loyal to the group that has been her family, literal and figurative, since her birth. To them she is a deadly warrior and a skilled agent, a tool to further their cause and bring about Ishadia's destiny. She is well aware of her role, and expects no more or less from any other of the Children. Anyone and anything may need to be sacrificed in the name of the greater good, even her own life should Father so wish it. Perhaps it is that fatalistic pursuit of a singular goal that fuels her passion. She drives herself harder than any other, eager to prove herself worthy, and ready to hurl herself into the fray in the hopes that she will leave a lasting mark on the path they all follow.





ZendaCole SchneiderArtemis

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Renfield Weavers
right-aligned image
Name: Renfield Weavers (aka "Father Ren")
Sheet: >CLICK<
Race: Human: Kariv Wanderer
Age: 33
Name Domain Current
Panthiest Cleric
Alignment: Lawful Neutral Evil
Background: p.106 of Hero BookExile of the Black City
Personality Traits:
  • I am patient with those who express regret for their wrongdoing.
  • I have a gallow's sense of humor, and respect the choices of others.
Ideal: Purpose. I have found a greater purpose in my life and pursue it at any cost (any).
Bond: I will have revenge upon those who organized my exile. Misto Cherno will burn.
Flaws: I am prone to bouts of extreme violence when stressed - these displays may shock others.

Appearance: With a visage that almost seems tailored to be nondescript Renfield has done what he can to blend with the crowds. Honey brown eyes and darkened copper hair give a false sense of friendliness on a somber olive slate. Gone are the vibrant silks and fanciful furs of his people, instead he wears simple temple garb of whatever deity he cries to for that week. The various amulets of the gods stashed in his pouch like trinkets with little care to them. The flavour of the week displayed happily around his neck showing off the tarnish and slight damage that has been allotted from frequent storage.

Personality: With a stoic air about him Renfield often swings between helpful and indifferent. Lively and friendly to dark and drab. The longer he stays in one spot the more restless he seems to be, almost to the point where Ren will pace whilst talking to someone who is stationary. Superstitious to a fault the father will diligently follow the dogma of the deity he is pleading to that week in his almost desperate throes for something.


A tale of old:

Just another day:

A runner:


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The Constrictor
left-aligned image
Name: Batoyangi
Race: Gnoll (Civilized)
Class: Barbarian
Age: 11
Background: Criminal/Gladiator HybridPit Fighter
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Personality: Despite his towering physique, Bato is barely a young adult by his people's standards and still shows the telltale signs of adolescence. He is by turns tempestuous and joyous, his moods driven by a reckless spirit and warrior's pride. In Sarkland, the life of a Unscaled races. The lowest in the Mharoti Empire's strict hierarchical caste system.Jambuka is cheap, a pit fighter's life cheaper still. Cowardice equals death, a lesson young Bato learned early, his instinctive fecklessness forged by necessity into a shrewd animal cunning, reinforced by a faith in his own strength. Bato is at his best the night after a prize fight, when one could find him lounged among the pillows of one of the City of Dust's many untoward establishments, licking his wounds with arak on his lips and a haze of white dream-hammer smoke about his head.

Ideal: Luxury. Strength, power, influence? Feh! Bato sees them all as means to an end, the end being the life of absolute pampered luxury, the likes of which he's only sniffed at.
Bond: Batoyangi is wanted for committing the highest crime a Jambuka could, that of spilling the blood of his betters - an Edjet, an elementalist wizard that owned his debt.
Flaw: Ah, Batoyangi! How easy he is to tempt and distract! Be it gold, victuals, drink, drugs, flaterry or flesh, the young gnoll's appetites make his dedications as varied and fickle as his moods.


Early Years

Batoyangi was barely one year of age when his tribe emigrated from their original home in the savannas of the Southlands. His auntie, Majhuyoag, was the matriarch who led their flight, fleeing the spreading cult of Laughing Nkishi, the Shadow Who Laughs, the mass conglomerate of savage gnolls who sought to conquer and ingest all the smaller tribes around them. Though his understanding of the time was limited to that of a child, Bato remembers that the cult desired to absorb their tribe specifically and had begun hunting them, for reasons Mama Majhuyoag only referred to cryptically as "the blood".

They fled north into the Sarklan desert, dogged by the cult and with numbers dwindling by thirst, violence and defection, until there was little more than a handful of their tribe remaining. The cult had stopped their chase, it seemed, but only because Majhuyoag had unknowingly delivered them into the maw of an even greater and hungrier beast - the Dragon Empire. The ragged remains of their tribe was set upon by one of the many military platoons that patrolled Mharoti territory. It no contest, but a swift and brutal eradication of vermin. Bato saw Mama Majhuyoag fall, killed or taken he did not know, but he himself escaped into the sand dunes - too small and swift for capture perhaps, or simply beneath the soldier's notice.

Current Day

The city of Sarkland was the commercial center of the Mharoti province of Gizmiri, ruled by a colossal red wyrm by the name of Atshah, Heart of the Desert. It was said that this dragon ruler made the desert by his very presence, such was his embodiment of the element of fire. This desert city, the City of Dust, was where Batoyangi grew into maturity. He moved through street urchin, to finding himself embroiled in the world of underground pit fighting. It was a tradition of the city that existed before it was under draconic rule, and it persisted even today, adopted by the wealthy dragonkin and the much less numerous unscaled who were given trade permits.

Batoyangi was thrown to the wolves of the pit as a young pup, meant as little more than chum for the more experienced fighters. But the little gnoll had a vicious streak in him and latched on to the throat of the bigger and stronger brawler who faced him, bearing countless blows in desperate and dogged terror, not letting go until his enemy had bled out and the fight was called. He survived and caught the eye of an old Edjet named Golwan, an old and cunning blademaster turned spice trader turned loan shark and underground pit fighting patron.

He took Batoyangi in and sponsored the gnoll's training. At the time, Bato was pleased, seeing Golwan as his savior, but it soon became clear that all Golwan gave, he expected paid back in multitudes. The Edjet indebted Batoyangi to him, binding him with contracts and debt that the gnoll would die fighting in the pits long before he could pay him back. Golwan would use Bato as his muscle as well, sending him with his other employees to scare and maim those that needed it, and to kill those who had gone past that point. This part, Bato didn't mind. It was the lack of freedom that chafed at him. Which is why Batoyangi, reckless, cunning Batoyangi, decided to kill him.

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The Vessel
right-aligned image
Name: Zephyr
Race: Human
Age: 22
Class: Divine SoulSorcerer, UndyingWarlock
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Background Midgard Heroes, pt. 122Prophet

Appearance: Zephyr is slender and delicate in his frame. His golden-wheat hair is often pulled and accentuates his youthful, boyish features. A shock of pale golden-brown eyes are set beneath soft brows and flawless, tanned skin. An air of self-indulgent arrogance is carried about him, unknowingly coming across as egotistical and naïve. Zephyr’s clothes are well-tailored in reds, blacks and golds underneath crafted leather armor.

For all his softness, Zephyr wields two daggers at his hip. At least those he doesn't act naïve about their purpose or how to use them. The young diviner is simple and elegant in his looks and dress.

Personality: Zephyr may look well-groomed and plain in the eyes of passersby, but it’s his off-putting quirks that are a sight to behold. His proclivity to crouch on his haunches rather than simply sit in chairs is peculiar to witness and, as if a wild animal, his tendency to hiss in displeasure at persons or objects of particular irksome variety. He has an insatiable curiosity that often leads the human into questionable situations, unable to quell his desire to know more about the world outside of the Wasted West.

Despite the look of his age, Zephyr behaves rather child-like. He can easily become discouraged or frustrated, but on the other hand, easily emotes his joy and interest. His moods often change rapidly, and has an are of chaotic energy about him. Zephyr isn't easily intimated by new things-- in fact, quite the opposite. He is fearless.

Trait: I have responsibilities put on me and I don’t take them seriously. I'd gladly be rid of it if I could.
Trait: My curiosity motivates me more than anything else. If there is a chance for an experience I haven’t had, I won’t think twice to try it.

Ideal: Freedom. My secluded lifestyle has left me hungry for the new and unexpected.

Flaw: In fact, the world does revolve around me.

Bond: I aim to understand what my purpose is for myself. No longer will I rely on others to tell me who and what I am.

Brief Backstory: Zephyr has gone his entire life in seclusion; kept under the ever-watchful eyes of those who call him their charge and ward-- or as Zephyr would say, their most coveted possession. He grew sick and tired of being treated of a divine relic, or some sort of omen or vessel for a greater power. No one had the right to use him, at least no mortals had that right.

That the entire world as Zephyr knows it, is nothing but the deep heart of a wasteland, ravenous goblins, and the roaming, otherworldly monstrosities. The normality of life outside the deadlands is the most bizarre and astounding in the eyes of the fair-haired human. His curiosity, even as a child, was peaked. It was forbidden to leave. Forbidden to speak about the heathens that lived outside the confides of jealous sect of Totivillus. That didn't stop Zephyr. In fact, it only emboldened him.

One day, Zephyr gave his guards the slip, stealing supplies to help his escape and cross the dangerous, pockmarked desert and into the wilds of civilization

Posting Status: Hiatus

I took the Oath of Sangus

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right-aligned image
Name: Arkady the Mad
Race: Human variant
Age: 32
Class: Fighter (Griffon Knight)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Background: Heroes HandbookMiner
Personality Traits: When in the open sky I can remember the pieces of myself and cling to them. The more constrained I become, the more they rip away from me.
If I had wings, I'd never be on the ground. Wait, do I? [spins around looking at his back] Not yet! *snaps*
Ideal: Slavery, imprisonment, indenturement, these are fates worse than death. Freedom is equal to air, water, food and shelter as a condition for life
Bond: There is no greater bond than to my griffon. We fight together, we eat together, we watch over each other at night. I would die for her and she for me. Is that true of other company? Oh, it is? Then with them too.
Flaws: I have trouble telling apart that which really exists and the things my mind makes up. This makes me a liability to my friends.
The things others hold sacred are a joke to me. Sometimes they make me laugh hysterically, and other times they are terribly unfunny.

Appearance: Though not an old man, his time as a prisoner of war definitely aged Arkady beyond his years. He has a hard look and blue eyes that can give a thousand yard stare but they are usually undermined by uncontrolled giggling or laughing or acting like a fool. The Canton dwarves shave their prisoners (for louse control and humiliation) and it is something Arkady continues to do for his own reasons though has has taken to leaving a goatee and moustache with only the hint of grey in it. Like most hermits and madmen, he is skinny but deceptively strong, wirey with an iron grip. He keeps his many weapons and armor in serviceable condition, but he isn't sentimental about his gear.

There is no Arkady without his mount, Tempest. She is not the mild, speckled griffons favored by the riders in Zobeck. Tempest comes from the Ironcrag mountains around the Juralt Valley where the griffons are half-wild. She is dark brown to blend into the mountains with talons like swords and rear haunches muscled for leaping. She has a mane of long feathers and a cruel beak that could rip a man apart. Often the looks she gives have the impression she wants to do just that. It is hard not to have a healthy respect for this creature.

Personality: Arkady is at once fun to have around and a nuisance. He's quick to laugh and try to make others laugh even when it it not appropriate to do so. He mumbles to himself which sometimes devolves into argument. But he has a soft heart and genuinely seems to care about those he's with. It is not hard to notice that when he is alone with his griffon he seems almost normal, leading people to question if his lunacy is just an act. He doesn't relish fighting, but when pressed to it he is brutally efficient at ending it quickly with a great amount of bloodshed. He isn't a coward in the broad sense though he has a great many phobias that are ever evolving with his madness. His greatest redeeming quality is loyalty; there is no doubt Arkady will be where he is needed when he is needed and be the last man standing to cover a retreat.

The story as it really is:

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Lucia Ayamath
right-aligned image
Name: Telucamatia Cheimis Ayamath, Lady of Bright Shadow, also known as Lucia Ayamath
Race: Shadow Fey
Age: 162
Class: Illumination Wizard
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Background: Fey Court Noble

Personality: Lucia is a confusing and alien presence to most mortals who've had the misfortune of attracting her attention. The shadow fey are an unusual people, and even among them Lucia's logical leaps would prove dubious. Mortals tend to find the seamless blend of seemingly irrelevant observations, questions, and hypotheticals jarring, particularly when they result in impressive displays of knowledge, insight, or trickery. It doesn't help that she expects people to keep up and rarely cares to make time for explanations. Despite this, she's a perpetually cheery sort, in her own way. When something or someone has her attention Lucia nearly walks on air and is excited to share with anyone nearby, and even in dark moments she has words of comfort to share.

For her own part, Lucia operates with arrogance that comes from a lifetime of informed superiority and certainty. Life doesn't work the same way that it did in the Shadow Realm, but it certainly seems like it should, even if everything is unnecessary bright all the time. Modifying her behavior is out of the question, though she occasionally does try to make it a bit easier for her favorite mortals.

Trait: I tend to confuse people, which is quite tiresome. I understand that the mortals have a more difficult time following my logic, but it's not that outlandish, is it?
Trait: I'm an eternal optimist. I can always find the bright side of a situation, even (perhaps especially) when others would rather I not.
Ideal: There's always light enough to guide us through the darkness, if we care to look, and the darkness is not to be feared.
Bond: I've come to follow my star. I'm in no particular hurry, but before the end of my path I will find it.
Flaw: Places, things, events - people, too - that I find boring are the worst, and I'm liable to tune them out entirely.
Flaw: I tend to assume that my customs are superior. They are, of course, but this breeds problems when dealing with the world outside.

Appearance: Lucia is a small, slim woman marked by oddities at every turn. Her lines and curves of her face and body are sharp and soft by turn, elegant and refined as though by an artist. Her hair falls in waves of darkness down to the middle of her back. It sparkles with something like starlight, particularly noticeable in dim light, and with these alone Lucia would be eye-catching in even the most densely packed city. However, she is marked as strange and possibly dangerous in other ways; her skin is deathly, inhumanely pale, and her eyes are an endless black pitch that seems to see everything despite their uniformity. Despite it all, Lucia carries herself with the air of someone who expects to be unnoticed and unobtrusive, rarely taking up much space and watching events unfold from a safe distance.






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Name: Nae'laa
Race: Jinnborn (Genesai reskinned)
Age: 19
Class: Wizard (Elementalist)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Background: Exile of the Black City

Personality Traits:
  1. Actions mean far more than words and rarely will I forgo the first for the latter. Often that leads to others qualifying me as impulsive, but I prefer to think of it as seizing opportunities and letting my instincts guide me through the chaotic situations which I thrive in.
  2. An unabashed extrovert, I love having a good time and thrive as the center of attention. I'll often go out of my way to include others or find a way to make someone smile.

I value freedom and individuality above most things. I avoid those I feel are suffocating or overly clingy, while also standing up for those that I feel are being taken advantage of or need to be protected.


What started out as a passing interest has morphed into almost an obsession. I spend hours pouring over the spell book that came into my possession and intend to decipher its every page.

  1. Despite being compassionate at heart, I find it uncomfortable to allow myself to be vulnerable or witness the vulnerability of others. I will often maintain a hard exterior in the face of pain or sorrow - whether it be mine or someone else's.
  2. Good intentions are not enough to combat the chaos which seems to rule my life, though much of it is self created. I'm rarely on time, no matter how early I try to be, I'm easily distracted, regardless of how interested I am in something, and I have little time to slow down and organize neither my belongings nor my thoughts. Thus, I can be overwhelming to those around me and seen as less-than-reliable. In fact, those who know me best have learned to compensate for me, often expecting me to forget things or procrastinate until the last possible moment.






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Name: Khamyra - Sweet Smelling Soul
Race: Tabaxi
Age: 22
Class: Darkness Cleric
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Background: Far Traveller

Personality: Finding comfort in the shadows, Myra is quiet and everwatchful of the people, places, and things around her. Learning as much as she can and finding unconventional solutions to all sorts of problems are where Myra thrives. When something intriguing catches her eye, she will explore and learn as much as she can about it. She prefers constantly being on the move, and is always looking for a new adventure.

Trait: I often make others uncomfortable under my observant gaze though, they are to blame for being so intriguing.
Trait: I have excellent control over my outward emotions and expressions. My tail however, does have a mind of its own which can be quite bothersome.
Ideal: The world has many curiosities to offer, I am here to explore them all.
Bond: I will one day find my home, where I am meant to be, until then I will explore the world.
Flaw: Once my curiosity is piqued it can be quite difficult to turn away, even if I or those around me are in danger.

Appearance: Despite her tall figure, Myra uses her fluid and graceful movements to meld into any shadow. Her deep black fur, highlighted by silver streaks adorning her body, allows her to all but disappear from view. The occasional glint from silver streaks, and her everwatchful icey blue eyes are often all that can be seen of her. Even with her affinity for the shadows, Myra does love wearing colorful clothing from all areas she's travelled. She often has mix-matched colors, clothes, and trinkets on, and is constantly finding and gathering more.

Background The warmth of the sun shining on her fur, the gentle sway from the River Nuria, and the calmness found during the quiet night, give Myra a sense of familiarity and comfort. Since she was a young child, travelling throughout Nuria Natal has been the closest Myra has ever felt to her family or her homeland, of which she only has fleeting memories. After many months of aimless wandering and searching for her home, Myra was found next to the River Nuria by Latija, an elderly perfume merchant. Latija offered Myra more than just a home, but a friendship and a direction in life. She is the one who introduced Myra to the religious workings of Bastet. Latija was Myra’s biggest supporter and encourager, and for many years the two of them sailed up and down the River Nuria, selling perfumes and sharing the wisdom of Bastet. Unfortunately, in the past year Latija passed away, and Myra has been looking for a new path to start down, using her faith in Bastet as a guide.

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Kazimir, the Man with a Million Stories
right-aligned image
Name: Kazimir
Age: 113
Gender: Male (he/him)
Race: That's a lie. He's not an elf. He's an Elfmarked but he'll gut ya if you rat him out. Nobody likes a snitch!100% True-Blooded Elf
Class: Bard (College of Entropy)
Background: Gambler
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Theme: “Casanova” by Rayland Baxter

Personality Trait One: I lie about almost everything, even when there's no good reason to. Strike that. Especially when there’s no good reason to.
Personality Trait Two: I'm a born gambler who can't resist taking a risk for a potential payoff. And if you came out on top as much as I do, you would be too!
Ideal: Independence. When people follow orders blindly they embrace a kind of tyranny.
Bond: I seek to finish the Song that's haunted me for what feels like eons. It comes to me in my dreams. Bits and pieces. Slipping in and out of my consciousness like water through a sieve. It is a madness I thirst after, like a drunk that laps after a drop of spilled wine. I cannot resist its call. Because I know if I learn its words, if I play its ephemeral notes, I could change the world. It does not matter if it is for the better or for the worse, so long as I am the one to write it.
  • I'm always in debt. I spend my ill-gotten gains on decadent luxuries faster than I bring them in. And after a hundred years of dodging debt collectors, the list of places that I don't owe somebody something are coming up uncomfortably short.
  • An innocent person is in prison for a crime that I committed. I'm okay with that. Most days.

Physical Appearance: Handsome. Suave. Five feet tall. Every woman's dream.
Stat BlockKazimir | Human (Elfmarked) | Bard (College of Entropy) | Level 7

HP: 26/39 | AC: Leather Armor12 | PP: 15 | Initiative: +2 | Speed: 30ft

Stats: Str 8 (-1), Dex 14 (+2), Con 12 (+1), Int 12 (+1), Wis 14 (+2), Cha 18 (+4)

Saves: Dex +5 | Cha +7

Attacks: Attack +5 ; 1d6+2 Piercing Damage ; Range: 30/120 ; Light ; LoadingHand Crossbow, Attack +5 ; 1d8+2 Piercing Damage ; FinesseRapier, Attack +5 ; 1d4+2 Piercing Damage ; Range: 20/60 ; Finesse ; Light ; ThrownDagger

Skills: Acrobatics +5 | Athletics +2 | Deception +7 | Insight +5 | Perception +5 | Performance +7 | Persuasion +7 | Sleight of Hand +5 | Stealth +5 | Musically Inclined +7

Languages: Common, Elvish, DraconicMharoti, Northern Tongue

Relevant Equipment: Hand Crossbow, Leather Armor, Lute, Dagger, One Shoe, Lucky Coin

Thanks to your elf blood, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.Dark Vision | You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put you to sleep.Fey Ancestry | You can inspire others through stirring words or music. To do so, you use a bonus action on your turn to choose one creature other than yourself within 60 feet of you who can hear you. That creature gains one Bardic Inspiration die, a d8.

Once within the next 10 minutes, the creature can roll the die and add the number rolled to one ability check, attack roll, or saving throw it makes. The creature can wait until after it rolls the d20 before deciding to use the Bardic Inspiration die, but must decide before the DM says whether the roll succeeds or fails. Once the Bardic Inspiration die is rolled, it is lost. A creature can have only one Bardic Inspiration die at a time.

You can use this feature 4 times per day. You regain any expended uses when you finish a long rest.
Bardic Inspiration | You can add half your proficiency bonus, rounded down, to any ability check you make that doesn’t already include your proficiency bonus.Jack of All Trades | You can use soothing music or oration to help revitalize your wounded allies during a short rest. If you or any friendly creatures who can hear your performance regain hit points at the end of the short rest by spending one or more Hit Dice, each of those creatures regains an extra 1d6 hit points.

The extra hit points increase when you reach certain levels in this class: to 1d8 at 9th level, to 1d10 at 13th level, and to 1d12 at 17th level.
Song of Rest | College of Entropy: You learn to borrow a little bit of other people's luck for yourself. When a creature that you can see within 60 feet of you makes an attack roll, ability check, or
saving throw with advantage, you can use your reaction to expend one of your uses of Bardic Inspiration to grant that
creature a penalty to the check equal to the number rolled on your Bardic Inspiration die. You gain Inspiration that
is usable only on yourself and lasts for a number of rounds equal to the number rolled on the Bardic Inspiration die. If you do not expend the Inspiration before that time, it is lost. Stealing luck, regardless of whether you use the
Inspiration, causes a chaos magic surge.
Luck Stealer | College of Entropy: When you cast a chaos spell, you cause a chaos magic surge and regain one use of your Bardic Inspiration. You regain the use of infusion of fortune after a short or long rest.Infusion of Fortune | You regain all of your expended uses of Bardic Inspiration when you finish a short or long rest.Font of Inspiration | You gain the ability to use musical notes or words of power to disrupt mind-influencing effects. As an action, you can start a performance that lasts until the end of your next turn. During that time, you and any friendly creatures within 30 feet of you have advantage on saving throws against being frightened or charmed. A creature must be able to hear you to gain this benefit. The performance ends early if you are incapacitated or silenced or if you voluntarily end it (no action required).Countercharm


Status: HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!! | Pronouns: She/Her
GMing Die Fabulous | Old Gods of Appalachia

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