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Old Nov 13th, 2020, 08:13 AM
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[6E] Stormy Waters PCs

Reserved for PC recording
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Old Nov 13th, 2020, 09:34 AM
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right-aligned image

Name/Handle: John Uther Grand / Porterhouse
Race: Troll - Fomorian
Sex: male - Age: 32 - Height: 8 foot - Weight: 360 pounds
Hair: dark - Skin: tanned - Eye: green
Specialization: Aspected Mage

Porterhouse is often mistaken for a norm at first glance due to its relatively small and athletic build, compared to the usual Troll. His tusks are only seen when he is smiling and his little horns are usually overseen by smaller metahumans. He is described as handsome in metahuman categories and prefers a casual athletic look and dress.

In his basic mood, Porterhouse is a friendly and positive person. He likes to make a joke and also likes to take care of the physical well-being of himself and that of his companions. He hasn't been in the shadows long enough to suspect people from the start.

Porterhouse looks back on more than 10 years of experience at Ares Security as an assault specialist, officer and instructor. During the last two years, after his sudden awakening and goblinization, his role shifted to that of a combat mage. His new appearance initially posed a number of puzzles and revealed that his grandparents were originally from irish immigrants, which has not yet been recorded.
He left Ares Security shortly after joining the Firewatch program for unknown reasons at the same time as his (elf) sister. He appeared in the shadows six months later. He uses the fake ID of an assistant professor and postgraduate at the Pacific University Tacoma.
His combat experience clearly exceeds that of his magical colleagues. As an aspect mage, on the other hand, it is not possible for him to summon or bind spirits. He is hired as “advanced muscle” typically in two situations:
1. To complement a unit's firepower
2. When low level magical resistance can be expected or at least cannot be ruled out.

Story Hook:
1. Of course, his extraction has something to do with the insect spirits. I didn't work it out exactly to give a gamemaster some freedom. Porterhouse may have had solid information on what is happening to the recruits for Firewatch. Or his contact "Commander" might have a connection with Anne Ravenheart. Or maybe he lost a friend who became a host.
2. To leave Ares and build a new identity for both himself and his Sister, he had to borrow money from the mafia. He got help from “Silk” during this process, the broker also connected him with the mafia. (If “Silk” prefers other contacts, e.g. Yakuza, I can change that). Of course, his creditors would like to see their money again at some point or at least demand a few favors...
3. Porterhouse is the first reported transformation / goblinization of an elf into a troll. I have no idea what is (could be) behind it. Maybe he comes from an old noble family with Celtic roots? Maybe he just has weird genes?



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Name:	Knight Portrait.jpeg
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ID:	93457  

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Old Nov 14th, 2020, 02:36 AM
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Name/Handle: Jacob Blackcloud/Knighthawk
Race: Human (Native-American)
Sex: Male
Specialization: Shamantic Conjuring Adept/Tracker
Description: Jacob is of obvious Native American heritage, with dark eyes and long black hair he ties back in a ponytail. He has a full torso tattoo of a thunderbird done in a tribal style on his back. Jacob is rarely seen without his duster and mirror shades.
Personality: Before the death of his twin sister Jacob was more outgoing, trusting. Now, he is withdrawn and silent. He feels as if he lost half of himself, that he is incomplete. He seeks solace in the company of the spirits and is rarely without a few of them hovering around him. He now speaks rarely, only when he needs to. Jacob has decided to dedicate what remains of his life to serving others – as a tracker and bounty hunter.
Background: Jacob was born in Denver, along with his fraternal twin sister Maggie. They were inseparable from birth, seeming to almost have their own language. Their mother had complications during the pregnancy and as a result was unable to conceive again, making Jacob and Maggie the only children they could ever have. As such, they were swamped with affection by the whole family. When they were six they developed a severe fever that the doctor’s couldn’t find a cause for, eventually falling into a coma, and for a time it looked like they would not make it. A shaman was called in and she determined that the twins’ were trapped in the spirit world. After a long vision quest she was able to free them with the help of some powerful totem spirits. While early testing hadn’t revealed any magical talents, upon their recovery both children demonstrated gifts. Jacob developed his affinity for conjuring while Maggie became a physical adept. Both followed the shamantic path, and each was chosen by one of the totems that had helped save them. While Jacob followed the call of Thunderbird, Maggie joined the pack of Wolf. Both joined the Sioux Wildcats and served for many years, until the fateful day Maggie sacrificed herself to save Jacob from a grenade. Devastated by the loss, Jacob resigned his commission and tried to start over among the shadows of Seattle. He has not gotten over her loss and feels incomplete; exposed – especially without a few air spirits around.
Story Hook: Still in the process of reinventing himself, Jacob is seeking to develop a reputation as a tracker; a finder of missing things or people. His training in the Wildcats, along with his affinity for spirits, lend themselves to this kind of work. While he has cut most strings with his former life, he keeps a feeler out with his old unit should they learn anything about the terrorist cell that they were hunting when his sister was killed.


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Old Nov 14th, 2020, 07:50 PM
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TADHG Linda Bones Campbell Street Doc United Kingdom TBD

priorityPriority A: 32 pts in Skills
Priority B: Aspected Mage 4 pts in Sorcery
Priority C: 12 pts for Attributes
Priority D: Metatype Elf (4 Adjustment points)
Priority E: Resources 8000


SkillsBiotech 7
--Medicine 7
Electronics 3
Firearms 4
Influence 5
--Etiquette 5
Perception 5
Sorcery 6
Astral 2

QualitiesPositive Quality: Aptitude in Medicine
Negative Quality: Addiction to antidepressants, Lv.3
Negative Quality: Impaired Strength Attr. Lv. 2

Spell ListDetect Life
Cleansing Heal
Cooling Heal
Resist Pain
Warming Heal
Stun Bolt
Stun Ball
Mystic Armor

Equipment listShe brings a
duffel bag with medical gear: a couple of medkits (2)
packed full with supplies (I read that I can get five sets of appropriate supplies)
some dermal patches (2 stim, 4 tranq, 4 trauma)
her Defiance Super Shock (taser)
a Knowsoft about Toronto maps
and some music
She also brings a month's supply of her antidepressants
a foldable mylar blanket (actually takes up very little room)
some chemical thermal packs (let's say a dozen)--these get very hot once activated, you may have seen them as hand warmers, and last...one hour? I'm thinking that things available IRL at this time would be available to us in Shadowrun, they run currently at about $3 US each.
It doesn't even matter.

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Old Nov 14th, 2020, 07:55 PM
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Echo is up on Obsidian Portal: Echo

Gear she is taking in with her to Toronto:
She has four 'bags' a good sized backpack (good quality), a cheap duffel bag, a fanny pack, and the case for her crossbow and bolts. Location of items as indicated. 'Worn' means literally worn, or in pockets of what she is wearing


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Applicant Bio
right-aligned image

Name/Handle: Mark Brunn / FX
Race: Orc
Specialization:Illusionist Detective
Description: WIP
Background Summary: FX was born in ork underground he had many brother and sisters. Most didn't survive for one reason or another, Marc did. But that is mostly because Cat found him and guided him helping him unlock his inner talents. Being able to cast spells and call spirits increases ones odds for survival if one can use such talents with a bit of wisdom.

He picked up bits and pieces of how magic worked from Cat and watching and learning from the local mages in return for errands and other services, all of which mingled with his religious upbring (Wiccan) to create an intuitive magical tradition.

If course taking a more of ad-hoc build it as he goes approach to magic sometimes bites him hard. Like the time he tried to Summon a Spirit using AR.. Thinking that Technomancy were just a different tradition of magic he could learn. Well between faulty hard ware and botching a summoning, he ended up with some serious biofeedback. Now he thinks he angered all the spirits involved. So he tries to avoid Air Spirits and any kind of Augmented Reality… Knowing that neither one will let him off easily

In the underground an orc child breathed heavily from his exertions. He had just out run the local bully and he was feeling it. He made a metal note that one of these days his mouth was going to get him into trouble that his legs couldn't out run.

"Yes... Yes it will." the unexpected voice hissed at him in answer to this thoughts.

Marc looked up startled... Had he been followed? Looking around he saw no one... Just the cat that wasn't really there. Marc had been seeing the grey striped tabby with the all too human grin around for a while. He had learned the hard way that no one else could see or hear it. He thought it was kind of cool at first... but the thing was equal parts creepy and annoying. And right now annoying was winning. "You know... You could try being helpful for once" Knowing that no one else was around Marc felt safe talking to what wasn't really there.

The cat found a high spot to perch and grinned down at him. "Oh believe me I am trying... But there isn't much to work with here" It took Marc a moment to realize he had just been insulted. Before he could respond the cat continued. "You need to get an education." It was in a tone of absolute authority.

So naturally Marc rebelled "Oh sure... Someone is going to give a kid, like me, an education" his voice was full of derision and mocking as only a pre-teen can.

The cat's smile never faded but his eyes lit up... "Give... Oh no I would say not. You are going to have to take it"

That made no sense to Marc and so he blurted out "How do you steal and education?"

The cat began to fade from view, clearly pleased. Until only the smile was left. "Now you are asking the right questions" Then the smile was gone too.

Marc looked where the cat had been. "Stupid useless figment of my imagination." Then mockingly "Now you are asking the right questions." He rolled his eyes and began walking home. But the seed had been planted and it began to take root in Marc's thoughts

Story Hook: They say curiosity killed the cat... so what is it going to do to the cat Shaman? FX wants to learn more about magic then he could from the locals in the underground.. But he has never been a learn in the saftey of a class room type, but rather though the school of hard knocks.

Writing Sample
They were pinned down by the local corp security. They had been cut off. There only path forward was through an intersection that was set up as a killing field as one of their members had already found out. "We need a distraction.. FX can you?" the team leader voice came over the com. The Ork nods "When you see them duck for cover... Run". He then takes a few seconds and appears to step out of himself. His illusionary stun double boldly steps out into the intersection appears to be lost in concentration.

The bullets from the security guard rain down on the illusionary orc and they follow the path physics has dictated to them. However one they hit the boundaries of the spell they 'appear' to bounce off a magical force field. The duplicate begins a magical power up sequence that would fit right in with the latest Suki Redflower trid. Fire surrounds him. Then yelling "BURN!" the mage sends the fire down the hallway toward the guards.

The guards see clearly see it coming and find discretion to be the better part of their salary. They dive for cover.

The team snaps into motion. Grabbing the wounded they haul out of there. FX coming up last to maintain the illusion of fire as long as he can. Then it goes and he tells the others "Keep running cause now they are going to be really pissed.... "


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Old Nov 20th, 2020, 03:34 AM
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right-aligned image

Name/Handle: Gabrielle DeJanete aka “Screech”
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Specialization: Face adept/Networker
Description: 5’8” 130 lbs, pale skin, green eyes, Pink Hair held back by a pair of rider goggles, red leather dress over a long sleeved white blouse, yellow leather gloves, blue leather pants, cobalt blue combat guitar axe.

Personality: Loud party girl who stars as the lead singer and guitarist for a rock band called “Birds of a Feather” and they certainly do rock together. He cheerful if somewhat flirty demeanor is enough to make your sweet tooth hurt. Speaking of hurt, everyone knows that she flies under the rule of the white hat motto, but don’t take that as her being a pushover. Any groupie that gets too handsy gets laid out by just one swing of her battle hardened guitar. It won’t kill ya, but it’ll leave a headache for a couple of days. Whether it’s as a distraction or celebrating a victory, she always has a song to sing. Proud to a fault sometimes, but it has won over many an influential contact over the years. Her typical go to is getting chummy with the local gang leaders. She’s even been called in as an objective mediator once or twice when too many people were getting killed on both sides of a gang war.

Background: Screech grew up the daughter of a couple wageslaves for a textile company in Toronto. It was barely enough to get by. Holidays were usually a trip to the local park or watching a fireworks show from the roof of their apartment building. Gabrielle was fine with that for the most part. She wasn’t too happy as the years crept closer to when she would be forced to follow in her parents’ footsteps. One day walking around the neighborhood, she saw a beat up guitar in a trash can. She fished it out and cleaned it up. Some duct tape here and some glue there made it playable enough to make music. She learned how to play from watching trids of music videos. She got good enough that she took to the streets. Playing old rock songs on the side of the road didn’t bring in a lot of nuyen, but it was more than she had before while also giving her an outlet to rage against the machine as it were. She got better and people started to turn off the AR and listen.

Her voice and determined personality commanded attention and a subtle authority to those who listened. One night, she awoke to a feeling of static discharge coursing over her body. Standing on the railing at the foot of her bed was a bird spirit of thunder and lightning. It spread its wings to show off its majesty. [COLOR="Blue"]”I am the thunder that commands all to look up to the heavens. I am the lightning that pierces the dark. I am the storm that cannot be stopped. I am Thunderwing. Your spirit and drive have caught my attention which does not happen very often. You could be great. You have a voice and passion that shouts to the hearts of many. Kneel and I might give you the power to become great.”

She stood up on her bed in defiance and stared down the spirit. ”I bow to nobody!”The large let out a small chuckle. ”Very good...” The spirit sent many volts of electricity from its mighty wings into the girl who helplessly floated in the air spasming in uncontrollable muscle movements. The flow stopped, and the girl fell to the bed in a heap. When she looked up, the spirit was gone. Her parents rushed into the room and held her close. ”Gabrielle, are you ok? Looks like you had a nightmare.” A wide grin formed on the girl’s lips. ”Never felt better.”

After that night, her performances were more outspoken and confident. Her Matrix presence increased as audience members broadcasted her live performances. Credsticks were dropped in her hat at the end of the performance. Greed saw its opportunity as a young male ork ganger snatched her hat full of Nuyen and took off. He didn’t make it five steps before she had bashed him unconscious over the back of the head with her guitar sending pieces of shattered instrument flying. She screeched in defiance and rage at his unconscious form before snatching up her hat and well deserved money. The crowd went wild yelling ‘Screech! Screech! Screech!’. This Screech was born.

Bookings came easy and fast after that. Some legit while some were more for gang rallies who loved the violence. Being the socialite she was, it was easy to make new friends and contacts wherever she went. Her circle expanded even into the Shadows. Fixers liked someone who could talk her way past a guard or take him out just as easily. Some teams would bring her along as a negotiator for meets with Johnson’s who weren’t particularly the best at working well with others. She was respected and valued for her brutality without actually taking a life. Her saying was that it was hard for someone to bow or shout to her glory if they were dead.

Story Hook: While she was doing a solo tour in Seattle when things got dark, she lost contact with her old band mates Birds of a Feather. She wishes to find out if they are ok.


Marks and Nuyen spent from Double Tap, Screech, and Fasionista’s posts:
Attributes: Strength 3 (15xp)
Quality: Finding your Way (Warrior’s Way: Reaction drain stat) (20xp)
Initiate grade 3: Virtuoso (13xp)

Qi Focus (Force 2): Enthralling Performance (4 Karma, $6,000)
Qi Focus (Force 2): Nimble Fingers (Rank 2) (4 Karma, $6,000)
Qi Focus (Force 6): Sidestep (Rank 6) (12 Karma, $18,000)
Qi Focus (Force 6): Power Throw (Rank 3) (12 Karma, $18,000)

Advanced Industries Personal Propulsion Systems w/PFS (Jetpack): $12,500 ($119,900)
Handling 2/Acc 12/SPD Int 25/Top Spd 100/Body 9/Armor 8/Pilot 1/Sensor 0
-Accessory Equipment
—Distinctive Features $4,000 (wild die to social tests)
—Searchlight $800
-Chassis (5 mod slots plus 1 from powertrain plus 2 from Electronics)
—(1) Extreme Environmental Mod: Cold $3,000
—(2) Improved Handling Rating 2 $36,000 (decrease Handling threshold by 2)
—(2) Increased Structural Integrity Rating 2 $10,000 (+2 Body)
—(1) Realistic Features Rating 1 $7,000
—(0) Standard Armor Rating 7 $5,600 (+7 armor/-3 Acc/-70 Top Spd)
—(2) Ceramic Armor $12,000
-Powertrain (3 mod slots)
—(3) Improved Economy Rating 3 $18,000 (12 total hours operation time)
—(0) Gecko Tips Size Class 1 $1,500
-Electronics (1 mod slot)
—(1) Suncell $9,500 (Provides power during daytime)

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right-aligned image
Name: Juno Reyes
Handle: Casper
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Specialization: Combat/Stealth Adept
Description: A slim, athletic latina woman with mocha skin, deep dark eyes, and dark brown hair with a sidecut. She looks to be in her early 20's of age, and just a little tall for her build at about 5' 8". She dresses casually, favoring well-worn jeans and t-shirts or tanktops, with an old synthleather jacket. At least when off duty.

Juno is trying really hard to live up to the legacy she's found herself a part of, to be responsible and professional and competent. It's complicated by the fact that she's still got some growing up to do, and a big part of her just likes chilling and hanging out and scrapping and being the kid she used to be. Despite the hard times her family's fallen to, she deeply respects her dad and the struggles he's lived through...even if she sometimes doesn't show it. Beyond that, Juno finds 'real' shadowrunners to be kind of intimidating, but it's her nature to try to meet scary things head on. Ever since she went 'pro,' Juno's been nosing around the rumors and stories of legendary runners, hoping to learn from the best. One of these days maybe she will...if her temper and stubbornness don't get her killed first.

Juno wasn't raised by elves or amerindians or Awakened parents who recognized her potential early and nurtured and trained her. She was raised by her mother when she was young and her dad was in the UCAS military. When her mom became collateral damage in a shootout down the block, her father got himself discharged at any cost so he could come home and take care of her. Unfortunately, that limited his job prospects, like, a lot. For awhile they coasted on the little savings they had, but then it was time to downsize and move to a rougher neighborhood. Down there folks weren't as picky about military records, and Hector Reyes got himself a job. Pay wasn't great, so Juno helped out when and where she could.

In the process of helping out she bumped shoulders with a gang that seemed different and maybe even kinda cool. They'd adopted mesoamerican artistic styles and were largely composed of people with Mexican and Central American ancestry. At first Juno felt like there was kind of a 'finding her roots' thing going on there. Once she got deeper in though, things took a darker turn. The leaders of the gangs took some of the old Aztec, Incan and Mayan rites a little too close to heart it seemed...right up to the occasional human sacrifice. That wasn't okay with Juno, so she tried to slip out...in the process having to fight her way through a few of them that were watching the door. During that fight she thought she saw someone watching her, but when she went over to look as she made her escape, no one was there. That night though, she was visited in her dream by that same man...bronze-skinned and angular-faced, with some kind of tattoo or markings around his face and arms. Somehow both old looking and young looking. They spoke of many things in the dream.

It was the first of several visits by what Juno came to know as a powerful spirit of wisdom and strength, a wise warrior who had been suitably impressed by her actions that night. Strong enough not to give in to what she knew was wrong, wise enough not to fight foolishly or in a futile gesture of defiance. And he sensed in her a strong power sleeping. Under his guidance, Juno learned to send herself into the astral plane, where she and the warrior could speak more clearly, interact more directly. There he could train her. A thin thread of blood connected her to the priest-kings of old, to the savage magic that had carved an empire out of unforgiving jungles... Together they ignited that spark and fanned it to a flame.

For all his training and tutelage though, the wise warrior could give Juno little guidance about how to use this new strength. The mortal world had fallen far from the spirits, and she would have to find her own path. Trust her instincts, trust her heart, and find her calling. Fortunately one of her friends knew a guy who could set her up with a guy they knew who might have just the job for someone like her...

Juno hasn't been in the shadows long now. She's had a few jobs; enough to get situated with some gear, and to meet some people who are willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Story Hook:
Juno was getting into the gang culture before she pulled out, and still has some friends who are in there. She's likely not going to be overly gung-ho about reckless casualties!
Her dad is still a wageslave, slowly getting older and less firm. He's a tough old codger, but that can only take you so far.


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left-aligned image
Name/Handle: Lani Yisarrilin / Rechederee
Metatype: Elf
Sex: Female
Specialization: Heavily Chromed Street Samurai
Description: At first, Lani looks like a bundle of rags that blew out of the Redmond Barrens by mistake. It isn’t that her clothes are dirty, but they look like they were made for someone else and had several other owners before they got to her. Her boots look equally disheveled and the helmet that hangs from her waist is dented and worn.

Underneath the charade of baggy clothing is a short, elven woman with features from the western side of the Pacific Rim. Her long, brown hair and clear complexion are a complete contrast to her raggedy clothing. When she speaks, her voice is clear and strong. Sometimes she moves with the grace of a dancer and other times she is as stolid as an Urban Brawler.

Personality: Under normal circumstances, Lani is confident and purposeful. Decades as a Tir Ghost forged her into a pragmatic and capable woman. She is organized and prepared in a way that career military personnel often are.

When in the field, the covert operative comes out. She plays the wallflower, intentionally acting demure to lull potential adversaries into a false sense of security. If that isn’t having the desired effect, she can easily switch gears. If necessary, she is more than willing to open a can of…. determination; complete with automatic fire if need be.

Background: Lani was born before the Night of Rage but was too young to remember much about it. Her parents were caught in a bad spot that night but because of their position in those early days, the elven leadership made sure that they were kept safe. Still, Lani grew up hearing about the hateful actions of the humans and the stunning bravery of the elves who came to her family’s defense.

Once Tir Tairngire was founded, Lani dreamt of joining the Peacekeepers, but her father forbade it. As his oldest child, he wanted Lani to follow his footsteps in politics and, he hoped, magical aptitude. He was disappointed on both fronts. Lani was determined to pursue a military life. She moved away from home to get some separation from her father’s influence. Once that was done, she used her family’s status to pry her way into the armed forces.

She was bored by the humdrum pace of the regular military, though. Sitting around in the barracks she heard story after story about the exploits of the Meraerth ke’Tolo and resolved to join them. Back in those days, the Special Forces didn’t have an entry test. You got in by convincing the commander that you had the chops. Unfortunately for Lani, this normally meant being Awakened. To get around that, she went down a road that she’d hoped to never have to travel. To become a Ghost, she took the plunge and had herself heavily augmented with cybernetics.

She chose for herself the moniker, Rechederee, a witch from elven mythology who caught unwary hunters and ate them. Shortly after becoming a Ghost, she was assigned to Hestaby as a bodyguard. If she was worried about more boring garrison duty, she needn’t have been. At that time, Hestaby aggressively used her bodyguard for a wide range of covert (and sometimes overt) activities. Lani operated on both sides of the Tir border with the S-S Council, in CalFree, Seattle, and what used to be Canada.

Not only did she work with other elves, but she also participated in combined operations with a variety of metahumans from the UCAS and NAN. Many of the operatives from outside the Tir mispronounced her name, calling her “Red Cheddar Ray.” She grew tired of these non-elves butchering her name, so she adopted a second nickname. To those outside of Tir Tairngire she was the Black Banner Witch.

After years, decades if she was being honest with herself, of watching Tir Tairngire and its military transform into things she no longer recognized, Lani didn't have it in her anymore. She was running on momentum more than anything. Finally, when she got news that her mother had died, she realized how much life had passed her by. Even though elves had incredibly long life spans, they can still miss out on the important things.

After the funeral, she finished her enlistment and got out. Her first goal was to track down her brother who had moved to Puyallup and disappeared. He was another casualty of their father's so-called love. Lani’s brother had gotten involved with the Ancients, thinking that his elevated birth would mean something to them. It didn’t. His mouth got him into a duel with a fellow Ancient and had been dead for years by the time his sister tracked him down.

While looking around, a weapons dealer in Tarislar put her in touch with Cannon who, in turn, put her in touch with Silk. Silk was always happy to have another pipeline into Tir Tairngire. Since then, Cannon has been her arms supplier and Feather her fixer.

Story Hooks: While Lani left the service on good terms, much could have happened since then. Someone within the service could want to clean her up because of some operation that she participated in. She worked against most of the political entities in the Pacific Northwest at one time or another. One of their spook organizations could have gotten a lead on her and might want to get a little revenge. Her father, always a conniving bastard, might want to use her and her impressive talents to further his political ambitions.

Character Sheet
B: 5 (7) A: 7 R: 5 (7) S: 4 W: 4 L: 4 I: 5 C: 4 Edge: 4 Essence: 1.02 Karma: 2

Initiative/Actions: 12+3d6 / 1 major, 4 minor

Condition Monitors: 13/10

Defense: DR 17 +2 BOD for damage resistance

Active skills: athletics 4, close combat 2 (unarmed +2), con 1 (bulldrek +2), exotic weapon (monofilament whip) 4, exotic weapon (launchers) 1, firearms 4, outdoors (survival) 1, perception 2, stealth 2 (sneaking +2)

Knowledge skills: Sperethiel (N), Or’zet, English, menial jobs, Tir culture, police procedures

Qualities: low-light vision, first impression, guts, allergy (dairy) severe, honorbound (esprit de corps), incompetent (piloting), social stress (high society)

Lifestyle: Low (1 month)

Contacts and Fake SINsCaleb Mais - [L5/C3] White Banner Tir Ghost. As a couple, Lani and Caleb were a match made in hell. Once they put that disaster behind them, they became good friends. Now that she's on the outside, Lani and Caleb occasionally trade favors.

Longfinger - [L3/C2] Puyallup street doc. Lani tangled with several gangs while looking for her brother. That led to more than one visit to the doc. Longfinger handled her 'ware as well as the parts she was born with and knew how to keep his mouth shut. Who cares about his BTL addiction?

Cannon - [L3/C6] Lani was introduced to Cannon through a weapons dealer that she had met in Puyallup. The two have had a good, professional relationship since then. Lani goes to him for all her weapon and ammo needs.

Silk - [L3/C6] Since Lani was in the Seattle area looking for someone, it was almost inevitable that she'd run into Silk. Cannon introduced the two and the relationship has been mutually beneficial.

Feather - [L2/C6] To make ends meet, Lani has been engaging in a little shadow work. Mais scoffs at her for it but you gotta do what you gotta do. And when she does it, Feather is the guy who she gets her jobs from.

Fake SIN 6 (cyberware and firearms)
Inspector Lin Xin Pi, a Police Detective for the Tir Tairngire Constabulary

Fake SIN 3 (cyberware and firearms)
Barbara Walters, an independent personal bodyguard from the Free State of California.

Augmentations and GearAugmentations: datajack, cybereyes II (low-light vision, image link, smartlink), bone lacing (titanium), wired reflexes II, cybernetic right arm (Agility 11, Strength 5, armor 3, fingertip compartment with monofilament whip)

Weapons: combat knife, survival knife, Colt secret agent (throwback, concealable holster), Ares Predator VI (quick draw holster), Yamaha Raiden (gas-vent system, tactical sling)

Ammo: holdout 20 rounds regular and 2 spare clips; heavy pistol 60 rounds regular, 30 rounds APDS, and 3 spare clips; rifle 400 rounds regular, 60 hi-ex, 60 APDS, and 5 spare clips

Grenades: 2x flashbangs, 2x frags, 2x smoke; 4x frag minigrenades, 4x smoke minigrenades

Armor: armor jacket (chemical protection 2, cold resistance 3, fire resistance 3), helmet (audio enhancement, select sound filter 1, spatial recognizer)

Electronics: Erika Elite commlink w/biomonitor, programs (virtual machine, toolbox, signal scrubber, browse), tag eraser, 2x credsticks (silver), Fake SIN 6 (cyberware and firearms licenses), Fake SIN 3 (cyberware and firearms licenses)

Medical and Survival: plastic restraints (10), crowbar, survival kit backpack, medkit 6, long haul x4, kamikaze x4, stim patch IV x2, trauma patch x2, clothing (165 nuyen), flashlight, gas mask, 4x light sticks, microflare launcher

Starting nuyen: 5,400

WeaponsUnarmed [DV 4P, AR 14]
Combat/survival Knife [DV 3P, AR 15/2]
Monofilament Whip [DV 6P, AR 21]
Thrown grenades
  • Flashbang [5S/4S/3S]
  • Frag [8P/6P/4P]
Colt Secret Agent holdout pistol [DV 2P, SS, 9/7, 6c]
Ares Predator VI heavy pistol
  • Regular Ammo [DV 3P, SA/BF, 10/10/8, 15c, smartgun system]
  • APDS Ammo [DV 2P, SA/BF, 12/12/10, 15c, smartgun system]
Yamaha Raiden
  • Regular Ammo [DV 4P, SA/BF/FA, 4/11/10/7/2, 60c, silencer, smartgun system, gas-vent system]
  • Hi-ex Ammo [DV 5P, SA/BF/FA, 4/11/10/7/2, 60c, silencer, smartgun system, gas-vent system]
  • APDS Ammo [DV 3P, SA/BF/FA, 6/13/12/9/4, 60c, silencer, smartgun system, gas-vent system]
  • Grenade Launcher [DV as grenade, SS, 4/11/7/1, 4c]

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left-aligned image
Principle Alias ''Cream''
Ethnicity & Metatype Mixed Human
Born 2064 Sex Male Height 5'9" Build Stocky
Nationality Japanese
Description Black Hair, Blue Eyes, Light-colored Skin

Race D Attributes A Magic E Skills C Resources B

SWHR Karma: 7 Marks: 27 Spent Marks: 0 Total Marks: 27
Current Karma: 4 Spent Karma: 35 Total Karma Earned: 32 (39)

Cream is a touch tall but that height comes from his mixed heritage. Same with his build. His skin pigmentation is what truly gives it away. He keeps his hair cut just past the shoulder leaving a wave in it that allows it to flow like lapping water across a shore.

His eyes are deep blue eyes but it is clear that they are cybernetic replicas when up close. Same with his ears. Oddly what flesh can be seen do not show any scars which seems to infer that these were not trauma induced replacements.

Cream likes comfortable, nondescript clothes even when on a job unless the job requires a specific wardrobe. But the clothes also fit him, efficiency over form. He moves with a quiet fluidity.

Cream tends more toward a quiet persona, not silent more the observant type. He does not bring attention to himself unduly like so many others do, unless there is actual need. Cream has a wry sense of humor that tends toward the dry and sarcastic.

It takes him awhile to warm up to new people but those he bonds with, he remains quite loyal to and protective of. In that respect, like friendship, trust is earned not given.

Michael Bandura was born 1 November 2064 to Timothy Iwassa and Michelle Bandura both employees of Shibata Construction & Engineering. Michelle was Caucasian who specialized in Spaceframe Construction while Timothy had a doctorate in Propulsion Systems Engineering. Two years later, his sister Carol was born.

Michael and Carol often faced discrimination due to their mixed heritage which forced them to work harder to prove they were equal to the pure-bred. While Carol excelled, Michael did not. He just wasn't intellectually inclined and he really didn't manage people well but he did excel in physical activities. Other children often called Michael cream, it used to be because of the color of his skin but later it was because of how he would often beat up the bullies who teased the two of them.

Eventually, his use of violence lead to him being sent for discipline training and eventually on a path focused on what he did excel at. It is where he learned to live by his Code. By the age of seventeen he was a member of Shibata's Security. He managed to complete his High School Equivalency but with only average grades. Nonetheless, he excelled in security. His sister chose to study Construction Engineering in her post-secondary after graduating high school three years later. Around the same time, Michael was sponsored by his team leader to attend special operations training to see if he could complete the course. He did, as once again discrimination drove him. His natural aptitude was recognized by one of the trainers which also helped. By 21 years of age, Michael Iwassa became a member of Shibata Major Assets Recovery Teams (SMART).

For the next three years, Michael continued to excel in the teams but he kept getting passed over. Until an opportunity arose last year, Shibata earned a construction contract in Toronto through a bid placed by their local office. His sister, having recently graduated, was transferred to Toronto to gain experience. A SMART team was also transferred to that office and Michael was reassigned to that team as the team's second due to his language proficiency. He accepted the assignment as was his duty but he was secretly relieved to be able to keep an eye on his sister. She had been struggling of late and was becoming more introverted. Their parents were concerned by this development and what it may lead to under the pressure of this new assignment. Though Michael believed transferring to Toronto would lead to less discrimination for them both.

Part of the reason for his reassignment had to do with an internal matter that left Michael one of two survivors of his original team that left him with a deep rooted fear of Monads.

As part of their cover, each member of SMART was given a Fake ID. Michael's was Mark Yeung, a bodyguard specializing in wilderness travel. His entire team, in fact, belonged to a small private company that specialized in this...of course it was owned via multiple shell companies by Shibata. The reason for this soon became apparent, Shibata was the lead runner for the AAA JapanaCorps to thwart S-K's move to exploit Ontario's natural resources. So under the cover of the construction project, Shibata would have various assets travel out into the province to make contact with various natives attempting to leverage them into if not signing with various Japanese interests at least rejecting Saeder-Krupp.

The team would escort these assets to meet with these tribals, with varying degrees of protection ranging from one member of their SMART team to the entire team. This is how Michael/Mark met Phillip Cardinal. During another operation, Michael met Dr. Ericks. Trying to recon an off-books S-K operation that Michael had stumbled upon, Michael got jumped by a gang. He managed to fight them off but not without being badly injured. He couldn't get to a hospital without blowing his cover and potentially letting S-K know they had been discovered. His commlink had been destroyed in the fight and he had heard of a street clinic nearby. He managed to find it and convince the Carl Ericks to patch him up. From that day forward, Michael as Mark cultivated the man known on the street as Clamps. He even arranged for that clinic to occasional get much needed supplies while being able to use it as an off-books site for medical treatments.

Unfortunately, Michael's battle with the gang drew some interesting attention from the Street Shaman known as Chesire. She began trying to learn more about this man as she had a vendetta against the gang and his handling of the small group of them gained her curiosity. Knowing someone kept following him, forced Michael to avoid Shibata and the team's business front until he finally managed to confirm than confront Chesire. After a tense standoff, Michael realized that he did not need to kill her and instead they had a brief fling fueled by Chesire's whims or ongoing curiosity. After that leveled out, they maintained a cool but beneficial relationship, each trying to decide if they wanted to develop it further. Chesire introduced him to the music group, Birds of a Feather, which lead to a side job of added security for one of their concerts in Toronto for part of the team but Michael aka Mark Yeung was the lead so got to know Screech the best.

Life was good...Michael Iwassa was finally having his merit recognized and he was moving up toward promotion, the discrimination was less, and his sister seemed to be better settled here. A week ago, he was assigned a mission to deliver supplies to Phillip Cardinal's tribe. As part of his cover, he was sent out to check out a new trail and possible camping spots for a new client. It was supposed to be a two week job but two nights ago, Phillip brought him news that Toronto had gone dark. The two of them drove back as this aborted the mission given SMART protocols.

It took them a day to get close enough to the GTA to recon it. It didn't look good. Nothing was moving, comms were done, and driving in with what appeared to be the only working vehicle would draw possible undue attention given that they had no real intel on what happened. So Michael Iwassa known as Mark Yeung to most everyone in Toronto decided to walk in and let Phillip take the jeep back to alert his elders in the tribe. He turned off his comms, tucked them away, once again to avoid undue attention and as he walked into the city, he decided for the time being he would use a street name while he gathered intel and worked his way toward making contact with his superiors. He smirked as he considered it, and laughed, Cream it is ... most would assume he was a runner. Taking the Ares Alpha out of the duffel, he slung on the tactical sling. At this point with the obvious signs of rioting, overt threat and being prepared would be best if stealth failed.

Body: 6 ( 7 )
Agility: 5 ( 6 )
Reaction: 5 ( 6 )
Strength: 4 ( 5 )
Willpower: 3 ( 3 )
Logic: 3 ( 3 )
Intuition: 5 ( 5 )
Charisma: 2 ( 2 )
Edge: 5

Essence: 2.05
Initiative: 11+1D6
Matrix VR Initiative: 6+2D6 +1D6 HotSIM

Phys CM: 12
Stun CM: 10

Surprise: 11
Composure: 5
Judge Intentions: 8
Memory: 5
Lift/Carry: 250kgs

Defence Rating 15
Bonus D Damage Res 4
Unarmed Attack 5S, 14/—/—/—/—

Nuyen/Cash: 554

Bilingual -5
Bushido -10
High Pain Tolerance 7
Karate 7 (w/Tameshiwari)
Non live-in family member -4 (Sister)
Phobia Rare -6 (Monads)
Quick Healer 8
SINer -8

Active Skills
Athletics 3 ( 9 ) S: 0 E: 0
Biotech 1 ( 4 ) S: 0 E: 0
Close Combat 5 ( 11 ) S: Unarmed Combat E: 0
Con 1 ( 3 ) S: 0 E: 0
Electronics 1 ( 4 ) S: 0 E: 0
Engineering 1 ( 3 ) S: 0 E: 0
Firearms 5 ( 11 ) S: 0 E: 0
Influence 1 ( 3 ) S: 0 E: 0
Outdoors 1 ( 6 ) S: 0 E: 0
Perception 4 ( 9 ) S: 0 E: 0
Piloting 1 ( 7 ) S: 0 E: 0
Stealth 3 ( 9 ) S: 0 E: 0

Knowledge / Language Skills
English (Native)
Japanese (Native)
Cree (Basic)
French (Expert)
German (Expert)

Shibata C&E
SMART (Shibata Major Assets Recovery Teams)
Small Unit Tactics

  • Bone density augmentation [4]
  • Cyberears[Rt 3] with Damper
  • Cybereyes [Rt 4] w/Camera, Flare compensation, Image link, Low-light vision, Smartlink, Thermographic vision, Vision enhancement, Vision magnification.
  • Orthoskin [Rt 4]
  • Platelet factories
  • Sleep regulator
  • Suprathyroid Gland

  • Armor Clothing, Armor Jacket, Ballistic Mask
  • Extendable Baton, Survival Knife
  • Ares Predator VI, with Quick Draw Concealable Holster, Silencer, Ammo: (30 Regular, 15 Explosive, 15 Gel, 15 Stick n'Shock), 4 Spare Clips
  • Ares Alpha with Tactical Sling, Ammo: (126 Regular, 42 Explosive, 84 Gel, 84 Stick n'Shock, 5 Stun Grenades), 7 Spare Clips
  • 1 Ammo Sling per Gun, 1 Ammo Pouch per Spare Clip
  • Metalink, Renraku Sensei, GTA Mapsoft, Ontario Mapsoft, AR Gloves, Trodes, Microtransceiver, Subvocal Mic, Bug Scanner, Tag Eraser
  • Fake Sin R3 (Mark Yeung) with Fake Licenses R3: Bodyguard, Concealed Carry, Driver's License, Ares Predator VI, Ares Alpha, 4x 'Ware
  • Standard Credstick, Medkit, 4 R4 Stim Patches, 2 Trauma Patches

Low Lifestyle

Chesire [Street Shaman] Connection: 2 Loyalty: 2

Dr. Carl "Clamps" Ericks [Street Doc] Connection: 2 Loyalty: 2

Phillip Cardinal [Amerind (Cree) Tribesman] Connection: 2 Loyalty: 2

Racial Costs 0
Qualities 20
Negative Qualities -28
Attributes 0
Skills 49
Resources 0
Stolen Gear 0
Martial Arts 7
Buy off negative Qualities 0

09/02/2022 +2 Reviewing Missing Persons.
06/03/2022 +23 IC Posts 46

09/02/2022 +2 Reviewing Missing Persons.
06/03/2022 +23 IC Posts 46
06/03/2022 -15 Logic 3
06/03/2022 -5 Con 1
06/03/2022 -5 Engineering 1

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Cantankerous "Tank" Olshenko
Troll Street Samurai
(rest of the writeup got deleted twice, will add whn I regain the will to type up again.)
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Tank.pdf (4.09 MB, 23 views)
Wife is cancer free. Son is healthy and happy. Im blessed.

Interested in Round-Robin GMing? PM me.

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right-aligned image


Name: John Nepomuk von Rekkenberg
Race: Elf – Human looking
Specialization: Aspected Mage
Sex: male Age: 30 Height: 6’ 4’’ Weight: 200 pounds
Hair: darkblonde Skin: light Eye: green

Knight's most distinctive feature is his attire: whether he's at the bar, in a corporate meeting room, infiltrating a building with a rifle at the ready, or even in the astral space: the suit is always smooth-ironed and tailored, the belt is chosen to match the shoes, and the Shirt collar white and starched even under armored vest. His attractive aura and muscular athletic body do the rest to make his counterpart feel underdressed and misplaced.

At first glance, Knight is the typical spoiled descendant of a good family. At second glance too. Let's see if a serious and reliable partner emerges from under the stylish facade after a longer period of cooperation.

John is the only son of Junker Gunther von Rekkenberg, both of whom were the last descendants of the Anglo-Saxon noble family of the same name with estates in Bavaria, Saxony, Pomerania and England. The family could trace their roots back to the Saxon invasion of England in the 5th century. Rumor has it that there are even secret documents documenting the Rekkenbergs' negotiations with Consul Gnaeus Papirius Carbo in 112 BC. and ultimately culminated in the Cimbri Wars.

John grew up first in Bavaria and later in England and attended schools in both countries. He later studied New Hermeticism at Edinburgh University. During his final year at university, his parents disappeared without a trace during a research trip. At the same time, the family business went bankrupt due to mismanagement. The remaining goods and estates were handled by Stark, Theissen & van der Mer. The law firm also took care of the last heir, who only just finished his studies under the impression of his loss. He was employed and trained as a security magician in personal protection.

The young magician tried - also out of gratitude for the chance - to become part of the office. But the methods and background bothered him more and more. Ultimately, he agrees to the offer of an extraction, only to realize that not he, but his ward was the target of the run and murdered in front of his eyes.

John went into hiding and took the street name Knight. He received unexpected help from an old friend of his father's who ran the Kingsmen tailor shop in London. He provided him with a new SIN and enough gear to start over in the shadows.

Character Stats

updated July 6th 2022

Karma spent: 5
Total Karma: 5
Nuyen: 40

Priorities: A–Stats / B-Elf / C-Skills / D-Aspected Mage / E-Nuyen

Body 4 / Agility 6 / Reaction 3 / Strength 4 / Willpower 5 / Logic 7 / Intuition 5 / Charisma 5
Edge 1 / magic 5 / Essence 5.9

Composure 10 / Judge Int 10 / Memory 12 / Lift+Carry 9

Initiative: 8+1D6 / Astral 12+2D6
Defense Rating(DR): 7 (Armored Vest) / 6 (actioneer business clothes)
Physical Damage Track: 0/10
Stun Damage Track: 0/11

Skills Rating (Pool):
Astral 5 (10)
Sorcery 6 (11)
Athletics 1 (7)
Firearms 5 (11)
Perception 4 (9)

Language: German (Native), English
Knowledge: magic theory, magical lodges, security procedures, menswear, luxury goods, delicacies

Qualities (pos): low-light vision, aspected magician, exceptional attribute: logic, focused concentration 3, human-looking
Qualities (neg): Allergy Bee Venom (seasonal, moderate), incompetent Biotech, prejudiced ganger

Flowers – L6/I1 – Fiona Voltaire, female human, 28, barkeeper, girlfriend
Merlin – L4/I6 – Tiberius Windsor, male fomorian, 57, talismonger, dealer, tailor
Diplomat – L4/I3 – Helen Boyle, female elf, 32, administrative staff corporate court, ex wife
th3rapy – L1/I2 – medical KI, runs several street clinics all over the 6th world.
Silk – L1/I6 – Infobroker
Feather – L1/I6 – Fixer
Cannon – L1/I6 – tech/weapons Dealer

lightning ball, manabolt, heal, increase attribute, fashion, physical barrier

Augmentation (-0.1 Essence):
datajack deltaware (-0.05), skilljack R1 deltaware (-0.05)

R3 Max Powers, private investigator, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Firearms, Spellcasting

Lifestyle: Low x1 months


Clothing (High)
Armor vest: Gear Access, Holster
Actioneer business clothes

HK 223C “Commando”: Tactical Sling, 4x Extended Clip, Flashlight Thermograpic, Gas-vent-System, Foregrip, Folding Stock, Personalized Grip, Biometric Gun Lock, Smartguns system (internal)

Walther Secura II: Concealable Quick Draw Holster, 2x Spare clip, Flashlight, Smartgun system (internal), Personalized Grip, Biometric Gun Lock

Contacts R3: Smartlink, Flare compensation
Earbuds R1: Audio enhancement
Sunglasses R4: image link, thermographic vision, Vision enhancement
Sony Emperor Commlink: subvocal microphone

Credstick Gold
Survival Kit
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Knight-suit low.jpg
Views:	123
Size:	39.2 KB
ID:	96297  

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Dana is available here, including her recent background.

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Here is my character idea. It's rough right now, but I have more details and specifics that I'll go back and edit if it seems like my character fits into the universe. I also have a pdf of the character created in Genesis, but I can't seem to attach it.

Grantwynne is an elf who grew up in the countryside of the UCAS. He has always had an interest in learning about the anatomy and physiology of critters and metahumans, and this led to his lifelong dream to join DocWagon as a healer. He has been unsuccessful at every attempt, despite actually being at it. Maybe it's the pressure of being judged. Instead, he has been working as a veterinarian, healing the critters that other metahumans call pets.

Although his business used to attract a steady supply of customers, a rival veterinarian has been cornering him out of the market. Grantwynne knows the new vet has a good grasp of magic, and can heal better than he can with his patches and sutures.

He never developed any attunement with magic, unlike much of his family. He has tried nearly everything to become awakened, from meditation to buying scammy "Awaken-Quick Potions", but nothing has been successful so far.

As his clientele dwindles, he has been looking for "new" sources of nuyen to keep his doors open so his most loyal customers return.

By adopting the runner alias "Ant", Grantwynne has been providing support for other runners as a medic, while selfishly working to develop his own healing and augmentation skills. Maybe, if he gets enough experience in the heat of battle, he can join DocWagon as either a healer or part of their High Threat Response team. Either way, he'll become part of the DocWagon family.

Name: Grantwynne
Race: Elf
Sex: M
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 170 lbs
Essence: 5.90
Karma: 3


A: Attributes
B: Resources
C: Skills
D: Metatype, Elf (4)
E: Mundane


Karma: 3
Body: 3
Agility: 4
Reaction: 4
Strength: 3
Willpower: 3
Logic: 6
Intuition: 5
Charisma: 5
Edge: 4
Initiative: 9 + 1D6


Low-light vision
Analytical Mind
Resistance to Pathogens
Toxin Resistance

Action skills

Biotech 12D6 - First Aid 14
Outdoors 10D6 - Beast Mastery 12
Firearms 9D6 - Light Pistols 11
Influence 7D6 - Etiquette 9
Perception 6D6 - Environment Woods 8

Knowledge / Language

English (Native)
Critter physiology
Critter behavior
Critter anatomy
Street cuisine
CZ geography
CZ history


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Body: 3
Agility: 3
Reaction: 4
Strength: 2
Willpower: 5
Logic: 2
Intuition: 4
Charisma: 4
Edge: 5
Magic: 6
Initiative: 8 + 1d6

Active skills
Sorcery: 5
___Spellcasting: 7
Astral: 3
Conjuring: 3
Enchanting: 1
Influence: 2
___Etiquette: 4
Perception: 1
___Aural: 3

Knowledge skills
Magical Societies: 4
Toxic waste locations: 4
Religion: 2
Antiquities: 2
History of Magic: 2
Magical Spirits: 2

Lightning bolt
Power bolt
Analyze Truth
Detect Magic
Increase Reflexes
Physical Barrier
Shape Plastic




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