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Old Jul 13th, 2021, 07:16 PM
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Pewter (The Slide)

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Alias: Pewter
It might LOOK like he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but on closer inspection... Particularly sarcastic interlocutors will sometimes call him Lord Pewter
Playbook: The Slide

Look: Man. Frock coat, silk scarf, a few subdued tasteful bangles. Well-trimmed, if a bit shabby on close inspection. Attractive in that "average-looking mixed-heritage" way. Changable. Hair and beard will grow into a tangled mane if left alone, but he cuts them so much for his various guises that it rarely reaches that state.

Real name: John Whetshire

Heritage: Related action: FinesseIruvian - Mother migrated to Duskvol when she was a young child

Noble: Related action: CommandNoble - bastard son of an old family (the Whetshires, obviously) on his father's side. Pewter lived with his poor mother. His father would visit on occasion, sometimes for an hour, sometimes for a few days.

Vice: Pleasure: gratification from watching you know, like knucklepunching, or round-o-bladesbloodsport
Often to be found at Grembsy's Pitch, a dank warehouse-like space near the docks where various distasteful contests and the associated gambling can take place.

Sketch of themes and fluff
  • Deep-seated dislike of the nobility; deep-seated jealously of them, and desire to be part of them
  • Very naturally changes what he is (or appears to be) in social situations, in order to fit in. He hardly seems to notice it, like a chameleon.
  • Intolerance of deception against him; excellence at engagement in deception
  • Always feels caught between two worlds. Wants a place to belong, will do horrible things to find such a place.
  • Hates to get his hands dirty; thinks dirty deeds need being done.

Mechanicsxp: ☑☑☑☐☐☐☐☐ (Filled box icon for future reference: ☑*) Gain xp with I address a challenge with deception or influence
Coin: Earned from Frosseri heist1 | Stash: 0

Insight: 2 ☐☐☐☐☐☐
Prowess: 2 ☑☑☑☐☐☐
Resolve: 3 ☑☑☐☐☐☐
Load: Light for first mission
Items: 0 loadFine clothes & jewelry, Fine disguise kit
Armor: uses tbd

Special abilities:
  • When you use disguise or other covert misdirection, get +1d on rolls to confuse or deflect suspicion. Throwing off disguise gives me initiative in a situation.Cloak & Dagger
  • You can always tell when someone is lying to you.Like Looking into a Mirror

Stress: ☑☑☐☐☐☐☐☐☐ (2 taken from pushing myself to crack safe)
Traumas: ☐☐☐☐ (no types yet)

HARM Effect
3 (none) Need Help
2 (none) (none) -1D
1 (none) (none) Less Effect

Friend: Nyryx, a prostitute (grew up among The Oldest Professionals)
Rival: Harker, a jail bird (an old comrade in the Con game. He was worse at the game, at the wrong time. Pewter might have named names...)
GM of Uncaged, a 5e campaign of one-shots inspired by folklore

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Old Jul 17th, 2021, 11:52 AM
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What others (might) know of PewterOld residents of Silkshore would easily know John as one of the many street urchins of the neighborhood. He grew up but a few blocks from his current base of operations, Doc's Medicinals! Residents of Crow's Foot or The Docks might recognize him as a teen, putting on airs, but running with the urchins. Residents of ie, rich placesBrightstone or Charterhall are much less likely to recognize him by sight, but might have heard of (one of) Lord Whetshire's shame(s).

John grew up with his single mother, a first-generation Iruvian immigrant. It's not clear whether she worked in the brothels, but she is certainly familiar with them, and seems to be on good acquaintance with many of their employees. But she rarely, if ever, seems to work. Only the very well-informed would know of the gentleman caller who frequented her (and John's) home. That said, by the time John was a teen and treading the streets beyond Silkshore, he was bragging about noble and elegant birth. It wouldn't take a genius to figure out John's state of life, as a bastard child of a 'kept' woman. John is not ashamed to use the name "Whetshire" when it suits him, but he's learned that saying it too loud and too often brings unwanted attention from rogues and sire alike, and so he goes by Pewter (or the pseudonym of the hour) whenever he can. His lineage is an open secret in this sense.

He is known to be charming and capricious. He can be elegant when he wants (which is often!) but easily reverts back to his street roots when it serves him (or when he's tired or upset). He will not disguise himself in his usual haunts, first and foremost Grembsy's Pitch and related dens of violence and vice. Venturing beyond Silkshore, Crow's Foot or the Docks, he will almost always goes incognito. He has no shame in this (the nobles do the same, wearing masks, when they 'step down' to In the 1700s and 1800s, this was a more general term than we use it today. It's literally 'full of vice'!vicious neighborhoods), and can often be seen in his disguises at the start or end of the day, as he's coming from or going to adventures abroad in the city.
What Pewter thinks of the CrewBrass Tacks - Money and power are good! Getting them alone is hard. Getting your hands dirty is bad. Information is nice and clean (no matter how sundry the info). The best info is in the thickest vaults, and not all vaults are physical. Some are mental, emotional, or social. I can get us near those vaults. I can crack them open, if they're the metaphorical ones at least. But finding them can be hard, and exposing oneself always presents dangers. That's where a Crew can help. Father's funds are all for mother, and she's gotten so used to spending them, that none are left over for me. Where else am I supposed to get money? Good looks and a silver tongue will get you killed in Crow's Foot, but in Brightstone, they're the foundation of a fortune! Brass Tacks gives me the structure to build a fortune upon that foundation.

Brick - Cunning, obviously. Perhaps too cunning; it can help to hide one's gifts, and she has no notion of doing so. Perhaps that means she's not as cunning as she seems? Cunning in the stratagems and thrust-and-parry, certainly. I'd take her for the Crew ten times over, for that purpose. But muddy the waters or live life as a human, and she goes a bit cockamamie. She's the most consummate rogue of all of us. I wonder if it doesn't do something to your head, that. Everything is an angle. Sometimes life is for living, and adventure for having, you know? She and the i.e., StitchSawbones both need to put their feet up more.

Charming Adelaide - Fascinating, probably the most fascinating member of the Crew. Real, in a way that none of the others in the Crew are (yours truly first and foremost, let's be blunt). One of the last people you'd want to find yourself alone with in a dark alley. It's exciting, isn't it! Rarely dull with her around, unless she's getting soppy. Which seems to be happening more. Age catches up with us all. Still! We've had a few good times. I've seen her fight (I bet against her, and lost the bet; won't make that mistake again). We've gone to watch a few together. Always something to learn from her.

Fancy - He's the one who most needs to be watched in the Crew. Full of thoughts. Isn't that Brick's job? But, information is information, and he seems tediously full of the stuff. Strangely scrupulous to be in such a business as ours. He's almost as pretentious as I am! It seems too obvious that he'd throw a legion of lickspittle lawyers and Bluecoats at us when it finally suits him. There's some angle he's working, though, and I can't yet get a grip on it. The mutt, at least, speaks well of him.

Stitch - What if Fancy had been my father, rather than Lord Whetshire? *shudder* If so, I might be walking in Mira's shoes, rather than these fetching ed: Pewter's riding boots were nice 10 years ago, I have this nagging feeling we met - how could we not have? She's only a touch older than me, surely, and Doc's couldn't be closer to Mother's place. Yet she's so quiet, so calm. Perhaps she was always lurking behind me and I never knew it. Stitch is more than a bit bloodless, and could stand to let loose. We'll work on that. Yet, a steady hand and a cool head are certainly better than histrionics. In another world. perhaps we could have been close. At least here and now, we can both be useful to each other.
What Pewter thinks of his contactsNyryx, a prostitute - old family friend. Almost a second mother, especially when Mother was on one of her weekends with The Lord. Heart of Gold and all that. Mother tried to keep me at arm's length from the Silkshore Industry. Nyryx really gave me my first introductions to What Goes On. I owe her much in this way, and I hope the thinks I've done well by her since.

Harker, jailbird and rival - Look look look, it's not as bad as it seems, right? I mean. We both knew what we were getting into. We were friends. Still are, for my part! Not a bad man. But well. It was a bad idea to try to Make Whitecrown. I see that now. I got pinched first. We expected that. I just didn't think they'd be so... vigorous in their methods. *rubs his hands as if remembering old wounds.* Harker thought he made it out, but they found him. MAYBE based on SOMETHING I said. That put him away. He got out eventually. He came for me, upset. I understand. It was the bystander lady who got cut up in our scrap that brought in the Inspectors. Took Harker away again. I didn't name him that time, I swear! I would never talk to the Inspectors. But I think it's THAT jail time that really got his dander up. No reasoning with him now. Sad, really.
GM of Uncaged, a 5e campaign of one-shots inspired by folklore

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