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The Crew

Please post a copy of your character's application here.

The Crew of the Stone Talon
Captain - Nathan Fields (NPC)
Pilot/Astrogator - Natalia Surkov (PC)
Engineer - Alonzo Tillerman (PC)
Medic - Mattie Hoffman (NPC)
Security - Akina Nakamura (PC)
Security - Urdnot Kurdak (PC)
Security - Nuiis Caliala (PC)
Security - Strogjaw Nulot (NPC)
Security - Strogjaw Crudtar
Systems - Kali Zorah nar Bramilliad (PC)
Steward - Kyle Brownhill (NPC)

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Image Credit: Muju

Natalia Surkov
right-aligned image

Character Name: Natalia Surkov


Despite being raised in a multinational spacer community, Natalias Russian parents and heritage have left her with a slight Russian accent. In her youth she wore her blonde hair long and loose but she kept it short after joining the military out of practicality. Since leaving the service in dishonour she has began to grow it out again in an attempt to regain her individuality and rebel against alliance regulations.

Her biotic potential sapped much of her caloric intake as a child which left her quite low str and endslender, a trait which has even persisted somewhat through the alliances higher allowances for biotic individuals. She more than makes up for her physical deficits with a sharp analytical mind and a strong sense of passion and duty in her work.

Possessing both biotic skills and training along with technical experience and aptitude, Natalia supplements her physical shortcomings in battle with combat drones, sentry turrets, and biotics. She prefers to stay closer to the rear lines but dislikes being a burden, and has began researching and training in Tech Armor and one of my favourite powers. Didnít see it in the book but if it ever comes up Iím going for it. Omni shields to better support and protect her comrades.

Home world/colony/station: Arcturas Station (Or a regional equivalent, given the timeline it might have to be a station in The Eagle Nebula)

Age: 34

Breakdown of Pre-Career and Career terms: Spacer Pre career, 1 Term Biotic, 2 Terms engineer (See Rolls Here:

Character History. Born on Arcturas Station, Natalias parents were part of the stations massive maintenance team, responsible for the engineering and scientific matters that kept the station functional and habitable for human. Natalia spent much of her formative years learning their trade, and developed a particular taste and skill for the various courier work needed to transport required components to the right location. As soon as she turned 18 she started piloting everything from Star Fighters to Hovercraft, and soon enough Natalia had piloted almost every single vehicle the station had to offer.

Much of her technical skill at such a young age came not from prodigious intellect but latent biotic potential. Becoming more apparent as she got older, it eventually reached a point where her biotics were both obvious and potentially dangerous. Wanting to learn how to control it and perhaps leverage them for her own benefit, she enlisted in a Biotics academy with the Systems Alliance military. Much of the other trainees had been there far longer, starting their Biotic training at a much younger age. While at a disadvantage she applied herself in all of her efforts, and began to surpass several of her peers.

One of these peers was Alexander Krevshenko, a Biotic prodigy from a prestigious military family. Smart mouthed and self-assured, Natalia nevertheless found his confidence charming. Over the course of their term together she came to see him as a friendly rival, someone to aspire to and match herself against. Alexander on the surface seemed to return the feelings, welcoming someone who could challenge him. In truth he resented her as an upstart and became more bitter every single time she bested him in some test of Biotic Talents. This came to a head during a cooperative test for advancement, when the two were paired together. While they were supposed to work together to advance in rank, Gain Alexander Krevshenko, Human Biotic, as RivalAlexander sabotaged their exam and used his familial connections to pass, leaving her behind.

The whole experience left Natalia disillusioned with further Biotic training. Turning instead to the machines and computers of her youth, she transferred to the allianceís corps of combat engineers. Putting her biotic training and childhood skills to good use, she soon found herself to be an excellent sentinel. Earning a spot on the crew of an alliance frigate, captained by none other than Alexander Krevshenkos father Andrei Krevshenko. Not wanting to hold his sonsí actions against him, she tried her best to put her personal feelings aside, and she served admirably for several years.

It all came to an end however when pirates launched a surprise attack against the frigate. Lacking in discipline and firepower, they nonetheless managed to cause several hull breaches before they were driven back. These breaches could have caused a ship wide decompression, killing the entire crew. Natalia was responsible for overriding several protocols to get the emergency bulkheads to seal, which caused the deaths of seven crew members who could not get out in time. While technically against standard procedure it saved the lives of the rest of the crew. Gain Andrei Kravshenko, Human Captain, as enemyCaptain Krevshenko however did not stand for what she did. He blamed her for the deaths of those seven crewmen and arranged for her dishonorable discharge from the service.

Her once fine record now blemished, Natalia turned to freelance work on whatever ship she could find. Leveraging her talents to the highest bidder simply out of need. She has managed to find work on the Stone Talon as the ships Could also be astrogator, Engineer. Medic in a pinchPilot.

Attached Files
File Type: pdf Natalia Surkov character sheet.pdf (1.06 MB, 33 views)

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right-aligned image
Name: Akina Nakamura
Callsign: Whisper
Race: Human
Age: 25
Home: Eagle nebula, Amun (System), Anhur (3rd planet)
Role: Biotic Adept
Family: Used to live with her younger sister, a medical student, and her sick mother on earth

Description: Akina's frame is small but ripped like an asian wonder woman. Focusing on training mind and body, she spent way too much time in the gym alone instead of partying with friends. She has no interest in a particular competitive sports, otherwise she would have been professional material. Her face is clear, with wide eyes and full lips. Akina's hair are long but often tied as a bun over her head. Akina doesn't makeup or dress up. Her favourite style is plain such as pants and leather coat, with sneakers. She is about 5'8 and 140 pounds of muscle.

History: In her early life, Akina used to be an office clerk in a major corporation that makes drones. She worked in accounting, reasonably smart and educated she was quite capable. Yet, she never really have the ambition or motivation to climb the corporate ladder. Corporate life is brutal and highly competitive, but not much bother the young woman who is made of steel. Her job pays the bills and is a good front for keeping her exceptional biotics talents low profile.

Akina discovered her biotic abilities pretty early on as a kid. It didn't come as a surprise since her father was a Biotic operative for the government. He trained her daughter himself in combat and helped her to develop her talents. As a teenager Akina wanted to enlist and join the corp, but her father stopped her; he didn't want his daughter to be controlled by the government and live a difficult life like him. Unfortunately, he was totally right as that life got him killed. With her dad gone she became the main family provider for her mom who is often sick and her younger sister who is in med school. It became quickly obvious that Akina would never make enough money in an office to keep take care of her mom and pay for her sister's studies.

To provide for her family Akina becomes Whisper, a mercenary working on ships as a powerful Biotic. She doesn't mind jobs that involve beating up some people, but she is not an assassin for hire. Though she is a bit wild at times, and wreck things just because she can. Enjoying the mass effects power flowing through her body and the sounds of crushing metals.

Alonzo & Akina (Whisper)They tracked down together a hacker that was destabilizing the power grid of Humble Roots Arcology. Akina doesn't take kindly that people play with her neighbourhood and decided to take things into her own hands since law enforcement wasn't making any progress. Not having the means to track someone on the net, she teamed up with Alonzo, a young cyberhacker. They managed to catch the perp but it was an adventure to hunt the guy left and right (Athletics - Dex for Alonzo) (Jump and tumbles!Athletics for Akina) in different areas of town and defeat battle drones that were hacked. Alonzo had a revelation and decided to join the police academy shortly after.

Nuiis & Akina (Whisper)Aboard the Stone Talon, Akina accepted Nuiis as her teacher. Getting an Asari perspective of Biotics was invaluable for the young human who only trained with her father . Nuiis is teaching her what she knows about Asari commandos and how they Melee Bioticsmix physical prowess and biotics. The old Asari finds Akina wild and hopes to tame her a bit so that she can be an effective crewmember that is under control and not a liability.

[Dice Rolls] [Old App]

Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	asian-small.jpg
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ID:	92142  
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The Brutal Killer
right-aligned image

Character Name: Urdnot Kurdak

Kurdak is a mass of muscle and bone standing nearly eight feet tall from plate fin to toes, well above average by even Krogan standards. When equipped for battle, he wears a deep emerald Armax Arsenal Predator X covered with multiple scorch marks from countless fire fights while a shoulder pad is adorned with a preserved varren skull, though it was reclaimed by his previous employers when he decided to part ways with them. The self-styled battlemaster is always found with little totems of the creatures he has killed and they are hung off necklaces or different cables of his armor. He is unusual for a korgan as he has had his skin and head plate tattooed with a dark purple lightning bolt pattern.

Home world/colony/station: Tuchanka
Age: 579
Breakdown of Pre-Career and Career terms: Roll Link
No Pre-Career terms exist on the deathworld that is Tuchanka and no other Citadel Race academy in their right mind would admit a Krogan, so Kurdak dove head first in the only life that would allow him to get off that dying rock, a life of violence. But before he could do that, the krogan stumbled around in the fights among the different clans of the homeworld for over four hundred years before even getting to space.


Character History:
Term Background
Term 1 - Blood Pack Mercenary (Soldier) Having finally gotten the recruiter's attention with a clan raid, Kurdak received an 'invitation' to join the Blood Pack. As he was yet untested in space combat, the krogan ran drills on his assigned orbital station that served as a refueling station for their raiding craft. He became faster, improving his reaction time and strengthening his quick muscle fibers in a variety of environments.
Term 2 - Blood Pack Mercenary (Soldier) His training period over, Kurdak began to run smash and grab jobs for the gang all across the Terminus systems. In the process he picked up a knack for using Incendiary Ammo to burn away the heavy armor of rival mercs during their shock assaults. He was not so lucky when one of their raids included trying to ambush two Asari. Kurdack and his band of Vorcha managed to separate the two but he was caught in a singularity field by the maiden who added insult to injury by only crippling his leg instead of finishing him off. She fled before the biotic power had run it's course, but Kurdak learned her name was Nuiis and vowed he would get even somehow.
Term 3 - Blood Pack Mercenary (Soldier) Seeing his potential for the future, Kurdak was assigned to an advanced training regimen to focus his skills and while he didn't achieve the highest marks, he did impress the bosses enough to get a promotion along with some experience with a Krogan Battlemaster. There Kurdak learned a bit about his own biotic ability as well as the devastating power of a krogan hammer.
Term 4 - Blood Pack Mercenary (Soldier) Kurdak's reputation as an efficient, lethal killer was growing especially as he began to master the grenade launcher. He could clear entire sections of installations with a few well placed shots and this brutality served him well on the extended black ops missions he was starting to be sent on. Blood flowed more than the ryncol as the soldier climbed ever higher in the organization, but as the years went on he was beginning to have doubts about his future. Was killing all that he was good for? It was then that the Reaper war itself broke out and the Blood Pack answered the call of Aria T'Loak. Synthetics and cyborg abominations fell before their fury even as the tide slowly turned against them. Kurdak served his masters well, even performing an airdrop on Palaven to force the Reaper capital ships off the planet. A higher purpose seemed to be calling Kurdak's name, one where grateful turians shouted their thanks while humans died bravely shoulder to shoulder with him.
Term 5 - Blood Pack Mercenary (Soldier) The destruction of the mass relays stranded their Blood Pack cell in the Eagle Nebula and the rest of his allies gleefully returned to their old ways of piracy, raiding and pillaging everything within their grasp. Kurdak's enlightenment over the course of the ferocious battles against the Reapers was at risk of slipping from his grasp if he did not change the company he kept soon. He caught a lucky break as a portion of the crew were sent to seize a former cryostasis facility in the sector and sell off the tech at a huge profit. The vorcha scurried over the main areas, sweeping away most of the panicked inmates with hardly any effort before the stubborn or foolish of the prisoners started to have them band together. Kurdak wandered off on his own and discovered a newly revived quarian, an employee named Kali who had been frozen since before the war. Seeing his chance, Kurdak helped the quarian woman reach a restricted section to activate a distress beacon. Inmate and vorcha fell alike as the krogan's shotgun rang out again and again as they waited for her pick up, and the merc contemplated staying behind to mop up what he could. Thankfully, a bit of tactical sense had been drilled into him over his long years with the Blood Pack and knew he probably wouldn't survive all the enemies who would be arrayed against him. Kurdak joined Kali aboard the Stone Talon and offered his services to the human captain for at least a little while. Just until she is safe.....

Attached Files
File Type: pdf Kurdak Character Sheet.pdf (522.6 KB, 22 views)
"We are sons of Durin, and Durin's folk do not flee from a fight. I have no right to ask this of any of you, but will you follow me one last time?"

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Kali Zorah nar Bramilliad
Employee Number:308F03-7
Description:See image
Physical Characteristics

INTellect 12+2
PSI -  
Skills and Talents

Athletics 0Mechanic 0Recon 1Streetwise 0
Cryo Blast 2Medic 0Sabotage 1Survival 0
Electronics (computers) 1Melee (Bludgeon) 1Science (Physics) 1Vacc Suit 1
Engineering 0Melee (Unarmed) 0Science (Mass Effect Fields) 1 
Gun Combat (Submachine Guns) 1Omni-Tool 1Stealth 0Untrained -3
Term 1
Like most Quarian Kali left the Bramilliad and the migrant fleet to began her Pilgrimage at the age of 18. She flitted around citadel space for a few years doing odd jobs here and there before impressing a representative of CryoMatrix who offered her a place within the company which she accepted. Being somewhat disillusioned with the Migrant fleet and not particularly eager to return having been at odds with the captain of her birth ship and unsure if she could get along with any other captain. Working for CryoMatrix would put money in her pockets and keep her busy.
Term 2
CryoMatrix originally made its money in Refrigeration but had recently started a new venture into criminal justice of all things. Building a new facility in the Eagle Nebula designed to hold inmates in suspended animation through cryostasis while they served their sentences. This was not meant for high profile or those that needed rehabilitation, but those who simply needed to be 'punished'. While this raised many questions especially those of the moral type the facility completed construction and began testing while the politicians, lawyers and businessmen argued. Frankly, Kali didn't care about all that and took great enthusiasm in her work. During the first test on a sentient lifeform (a human male, imprisoned for insubordination, theft of an officers shuttle and possibly also their wife, initials J T K) a BlueSuns operative was sent to sabotage the test, kill the test subject and creating doubt and trouble for CryoMatrix. By perhaps sheer luck the operative was discovered by Kali who had been sent to retrieve refreshments for the guests who were there to oversee the test. Kari tripped over them on her way back spilling very hot beverages all over them and then tried to use her Cryo Blast to alleviate their pain, much to their chagrin. An inquiry into this breach of Occupational health and safety (spilling hot liquids/ discharge of Cryo fluids at a fellow employee) that it was realised he was not an employee and had been trying to sabotage the test. While Kali got a commemoration for outing this saboteur it was still noted she needed to work on her 'people skills'.
Term 3
By this point, the Facility was up and running. Though not catering as much to Criminal justice as to anyone who wanted to spend some time frozen and 'timeless' Spending time dead for tax purposes as some jokingly commented, though perhaps true in some cases. Kali tried to form a familial relationship with one of her co-workers to improve her people skills only to accidentally out them as a Cerberus Spy having worked undercover for many years in an attempt to liberate an inmate who was useful to Cerberus' goals. Once again earning a commemoration and being left quite confused after the whole ideal.
Term 4
By this point, she had decided to wholely focus on her work rather than learn these 'people skills' everyone complained about. Her hard work and dedication earned her a place in a public relations stunt, much to her horror. Normally she would not be placed in a position to work with the public or awake customers due to her snarky nature. Thankfully the Asari dancer hired to entertain at the event made such a fool of herself that Kali was forgotten in the PR chaos afterwards. Having been ordered to make the dancer vanish, they hid in a backroom and discussed Mass effect fields till all the guests had left. During all this, she came to realise how much she didn't care for the work she did and how much of her life felt wasted. Not only that, the citadel was attacked by a strange vessel and the Geth! What was the universe coming to?? Disheartened with her existence she resolved to freeze herself until such a time things were... um... Better? Different? Oh, what the hell, it will be an adventure right?? [Learned 'Science (Mass Effect Fields) 1' from Nuiis Caliala]
Present year
Thankfully because of all the ethical concerns during its construction the facility had been designed to go into defrost and wake its inmates/clients in the case of failing power reserves. So when Kali awoke there was few to greet her and assist with the cryo sickness most suffered after their first time frozen. It also turned out the facility was under attack and it was only by the graces of a random Krogan that she was able to get into the staff areas and to the port control centre where she was able to activate a distress beacon and were eventually picked up by the Stone Talon. [Learned 'Melee (bludgeon) 1' from Urdnot Kurdak]
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Link to Rolls
Weapon: M-12 Locust
Implant: Neural Comm
Enemy: Blue Suns
Enemy: Cerberus
Credits: 0
Posting Status: Too much to do and not enough time
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Character Application:
right-aligned image
  • Character Name: Nuiis(Nu-ice) Caliala
  • Home world/colony/station: Thessia
  • Career: Rank 2 ~ InitiateBiotic Adept / Performer(Dancer), Rank 1Entertainer / Wanderer, Rank 0Drifter / Rank 0Soldier [Mass Effect Class: Vanguard] (14 PP)
  • Age: 207

  • Description:
    Nuiis is slightly smaller and thinner than the average asari; the Aysyn Syndrom that afflicted her when she was a child has left its lasting mark upon her. Other than that slight difference, the unknowing would only remark upon her red facial markings to be the only thing peculiar about Nuiis. With blue skin and green eyes, Nuiis looks as striking as any asari to other races. It's when one encounters her flinty disposition that one tends to take notice. Having felt the need to prove herself because of her disability for nearly two hundred years has caused Nuiis not to accept help from anyone and even become angry when offered aid. Lately, though, it seems Nuiis has begun to mellow, though from time to time, that flinty disposition raises its ugly head.


Character History:
Nuiis groggily climbed out of her bunk with a groan. The recent wounds she had received from... Nuiis growled and clenched her fist in anger and shame at the image of her jailer that she saw every morning upon waking. While unable to name the man who tortured her and other captives without being filled with hatred, the wounds Nuiis received had finally healed. The slight weakness and stiffness that she still felt after healing from that ordeal was a daily reminder of why she hated the man so. Given enough time even hate could heal but that wound was still too fresh and it pulled on a wound over a hundred years old that added cold shame to her heated hatred. A curious mix and one that had Nuiis sighing in frustration as she got up to splash some water on her face. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Nuiis felt as if she had come to a turning point in her life. For as long as she could remember Nuiis felt it was as if the universe was against her and she against the universe.

Trying to think back to when that had started, Nuiis had to concede it was because of her condition. It was painful to accept that you were so shallow in your youth that you felt no one could understand, but there it was. Nuiis frowned at her reflection and then accepted that she was quite selfish in that regard. Being born with a severe case of Occors when the Biotics in an Asari fully mature during early childhood instead of during puberty when their Biotics normally develop. Side effects include organ defects, neurological degradation, and even death. Those that live always show decreased endurance and rarely live long enough to become a Matriarch.Aysyn Syndrom was no call to think one was alone. True, her parents didn't help what with her mother being an active duty military admiral who was more comfortable shouting orders than comforting a sickly child and her father a career ambassador with a penchant for saying little and keeping her opinions to herself. Nuiis remembered thinking as a kid that she would have been better off if one of her parents had been a Krogan instead of both being Asari.

Even though Nuiis wanted to join the military like her mother, Visima Caliala would have none of it and even had the gall to suggested that Nuiss not train her Biotics. Her father, Ranese of course held her own council as usual. Fortunately, Nuiis discovered a mentor in Zelari Morate, a retired huntress and friend of the family. For nearly sixty years, Nuiis trained her biotics under Zelari's tutelage and if she was honest with herself, they were the happiest decades of her life. Nuiis sighed at her reflection and shook her head at what happened after the First Contact War with the humans. It was a simple disagreement, one where Nuiis thought the humans too were arrogant and greedy and where Zelari thought the humans had potential if they could only curb their eagerness. On the culmination of that disagreement, Nuiis, like the child she thought she wasn't decided to pause her training and take up being an entertainer. It was a shallow move on her part and one that Zelari probably saw through. During her time as an entertainer, Nuiis realized with the Eden Prime War followed by the Reaper War, it was the worst time to stop her training and miss out on actually making a difference. It was an insult to injury that Nuiis found being an entertainer was not as fun as all the stories she had heard it to be.

By the end of the Reaper War, Nuiis found herself on a refugee ship stuck in the Terminus Systems of all places. With three years left on her contract, Nuiis found being an entertainer was as demanding and as in demand as before. Once her contract was done, Nuiis effectively drifted about the Terminus Systems as if she had no destination in mind...which she didn't. It took her old mentor spotting her while trying to book passage off station in a seedy pub to give Nuiis the kick in the butt she needed. Of course, Zelari Morate was a retired huntress nearing 600 years old and didn't play fair when it came to kicking errant protegees in the butt. Instead of dragging her out of the bar and yelling at her to get her 'act' together, Zelari first no one was injured. Zelari would have seen to that.burned down the place and then yelled at Nuiis while she was coughing on smoke, unable to reply. Before walking off, Zelari informed her that she had framed Nuiis for the fire and "hoped" she would take the opportunity when it came. While feeling shamed by Zelari, Zuiis still reacted poorly and was drunk in another bar when the station police arrested her. Given the option to serve time in prison for the fire and breaking the nose of the officer who was sent to arrest her, or being drafted into the Amun Systems Military, Nuiis realized that this was the opportunity Zelari mentioned. Shrugging, Nuiis chose the military over prison.

Running a hand over a scar on her cheek, Nuiis gazed into the mirror and sighed before admitting something that she had denied for over a century,

"You were right to try and keep me from the military mother. But all the same, I wish you would have let me try back home instead of out here in the hinterlands."

Just admitting that felt as if a weight had lifted off her shoulders.

"Or maybe that chip that Captain Nathan Fields says I have sitting there fell off?"

Nuiis snorted and shook her head at the human's annoying idioms. Nuiis still thought humans were arrogant, and even some of them like Captain Fields agreed with her on that point, but Zelari was right too. They did have potential. Thinking of her old mentor, Nuiis wondered where in the Terminus Systems she was right now before shaking her head and getting dressed for the day. Occasionally, Nuiis's mind would wander back to the past seventeen years and her time with the Amun military only to shy away from remembering too much. Too many dead friends filled those thoughts and so Nuiis focused on what she might say to her old mentor turned...what?

'...antagonist? ...rival? ...kicker of my butt when I needed one?'

Nuiis snorted and excited her bunk with a never-before-seen-aboard-the-Stone Talon smile and an arrogant strut that deposited her in the commons room where Captain Nathan Fields was outlining the latest job. With a smart-aleck remark, Nuiis said,

"So Nathan, are we going to get shot at again?"



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Name:	Nuiis Small.png
Views:	341
Size:	216.4 KB
ID:	92047  

~ I'm Back!!! ~

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right-aligned image

Alonzo Tillerman 878B76-0
Base of Operations Open to Negotiation
Species Human
Description Brown hair, 6' 1", brown eyes, burly build
Age 34
Rad. Dose 0

Physical Characteristics  
STRength 6
DEXterity 7
ENDurance 8
INTellect 11
EDUcation 7
SOCial 6

Dice Modifier Table
Ability 0 1-2 3-5 6-8 9-11 12-14
DM -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2

(EDU + INT) * 3Skill Points MAX /Used: 15/51

Skill (specialty) Rank
Athletics 0
Athletics (STR)  
Athletics (DEX) 1
Athletics (END)  
Art ( )  
Art ( )  
Combat Drone 0
Deception 0
Drive 0
Drive(wheeled) 1
Electronics 0
Electronics (Comms)  
Electronics (Computers) 1
Electronics (Remote Ops)  
Electronics (sensors)  
Engineer ( )  
Flyer 0
Gun Combat 0
Gun Combat ( )  
Heavy Weapons  
Heavy Weapons ( )  
Investigate 0
Jack of all Trades
Language ( )  
Mechanic 0
Medic 0
Melee 0
Melee (Blade)  
Melee (Unarmed)  
Overload 0
Pilot 0
Pilot (Small Craft) 1
Profession ()  
Sabotage 0
Science 0
Science (cybernetics) 1
Science ( )  
Streetwise 0
Tactics ( )  
Vacc Suit 0
Untrained -3

Name Description
- -


Weapon TL Cost Wgt Range Damage Type LL
Unarmed Strike melee (close quarters) 1D6  

Weapon TL Cost Wgt Range Damage Type LL
Revolver 4 Cr150 900g 1 ranged (pistol) 2D6 P

Leather Coat, Pistol (standard issue), shotgun (standard issue)

Character Notes:
50 Kcr. (15 kCr. Medical Debt) = 34.850 kCr. COH


Term 1 CyberNet - CyberhackerAlonzo got lured into having wet work down as a way to get an advantage in the big city. Unfortunately the first augmentation surgery went terribly wrong. Thought the system works well after the follow up repairs, both his forearms are disfigured, though fully functional. Engineering Alonzo was always good with machines, even more than people. It set the pace for the rest of his life. After a few years of this, he ended up being an enforcer.

Term 2 Agent - Law EnforcementHis run in the the worst of the city lead him to join up with the city Law Enforcement as a street cop. He learned more about the streets than he really wanted to know and was surprised how well he understood it.

Term 3 Agent - Law EnforcementHe was a little too good at it for the bad guys who set up a series of events that resulted in him being in the hospital for weeks and this informants in the ground, forever. That was reason enough for him to leave the force

Term 4 Scout - ExplorerTry as he might, Alonzo took private and corporate jobs as a private investigator and 'field scout'. He currently left the corporate payroll and only works solo taking work he finds interesting and will pay the rent.

Relationship - Alonzo & Akina (Whisper)They tracked down together a hacker that was destabilizing the power grid of Humble Roots Arcology. Akina doesn't take kindly that people play with her neighborhood and decided to take things into her own hands since law enforcement wasn't making any progress. Not having the means to track someone on the net, she teamed up with Alonzo, a young cyberhacker. They managed to catch the perp but it was an adventure to hunt the guy left and right (Athletics - Dex for Alonzo) (boosted her endurance to run after the guyAwareness - Use clairvoyance to pin point his exact locationClairvoyance for Akina) in different areas of town and defeat battle drones that were hacked. Alonzo had a revelation and decided to join the police academy shortly after.

Rolls and Details here
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