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Old Nov 26th, 2020, 06:33 PM
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[6E] Stormy Waters FS PCs

Name & Principle Alias Project Javelin ''Lily''

Ethnicity & Metatype Caucasian Cyborg

Born Unknown Sex Female Height Small Build Slight
Nationality None
"Description Javelin is a beautifully crafted marvel of cybernetic engineering, each piece of her sleek cybernetic frame decorated with subtle engravings that compliment her fine human features. She has dark hair and large silvery grey cybereyes that have seen too much in their very short life.

To avoid the ongoing pursuit of her makers she has recently commissioned a new body, every bit as fine as the first but now in advanced, skin toned, polymers and resins rather than her previous grey metal combat frame. Her new body isn't as strong or tough as the previous one but her new synaptic booster has given her a different kind of edge."

Race D Attributes B Magic E Skills C Resources A

left-aligned image

>Here’s the file on Lily, careful how you use the information, I think I quite like her despite her quirks and the fact that she may have been created to specifically oppose our goals


>Birth Name: ‘Project Javelin’
>DOB: Unknown
>Birth Place: London Below, House Senjak Labs
>SIN: None

I believe that Lily, as she calls herself, was created by the arcano techs of House Senjak, the Iron Company, in London Below. Not for their own use but for an outside buyer. Unfortunately my efforts to get more information about who or why have been stymied at every turn, even for the close mouthed House this was a secret that was kept deep. I have people working on that angle but Below is not really covered by my network of whisperers so it will take time. She somehow escaped the clutches of her creators, or was let go, and subsequently found her way to the Mechanica in the Squeeze and then shortly after that made the trip here to their New World brethren in Orting. Although I say ‘let go’ the efforts that I have seen to track her down and reacquire her suggest that the Iron Company badly want their investment returned to them. There is a not inconsiderable bounty for her return floating around the various bounty hunter hosts.

Unsurprisingly she was created as a weapon system, one specifically designed to elude magical detection. If you have seen her in action you will know that she is an impressive fighting force with instinctive martial skills that were probably implanted as part of her conditioning. Her will is exceptionally strong however and I believe this is why she has been able to break through the imposed mental blocks and find her way to freedom.

Underneath the combat frame cyborg Lily is a naive little girl, one who hasn’t had the luxury of growing up to teach her how to behave. Don’t let that fool you though, she has a sharp mind and it is both a blessing and a curse that she has the matrix to teach her, some of her viewing choices leave a little bit to be desired, but she is avidly consuming the intel and managing to forge her own emerging personality from that.

Given that her status as a hunted fugitive doesn’t leave many job opportunities open to her, and her form isn’t exactly inconspicuous even in this transhuman era, limited her options for employment. That same form is also expensive to maintain and although by necessity she doesn’t eat much cybernetic repairs are costly. When she appeared in Seattle at the Mechanical’s doorstep she was urged to seek out a local fixer called Feather who duly took her under his wing. He took over her shadow education whilst the Mechanicals, Jazz in particular, helped her to adjust to normal life.

Sometime in 2078 she began to do serious shadow work in and around Seattle and made a quiet name for herself as someone who got things done, albeit there are several fixer’s warnings about her heightened sense of right and wrong and the potential to conflict with job deliverables.

An interesting aside, apparently when she was undergoing a routine cybernetic upgrade the tech, Dr Featherstone, found a previously undetected tactical computer implanted inside her torso complete with its own semi-autonomous knowbot clearly designed to protect Lily from unwanted matrix intrusion. Now that it has been activated Lily is operating with a voice in her head monitoring matrix traffic and offering general advice. How that relationship develops and changes Lily will be interesting to see…

2080 update

Lily has managed to squirrel away sufficient funds to commission a replacement body, one slightly less hot. Although she could have chosen for an entirely synthetic replica she chose, for her own reasons, not to try to hide her nature, preferring a toned down version of the combat frame she’d had. She’s no longer the beautiful metal monster but is no less distinctive. The almost translucent poly resins are skin tone but retain the decorated craftsmanship of her original form. I am told she has dispensed with some of the more aggressive features of her original combat frame but that should not be construed as weakness, merely that she is more discerning about where and when she wishes to use the violence that is a part of her make up.

It remains to be seen whether House Senjak and their hired operatives chose to let her be or still try to reclaim their project!"

Body: 3 ( 3 )
Agility: 5 ( 9 )
Reaction: 6 ( 8 )
Strength: 1 ( 3 )
Willpower: 3 ( 3 )
Logic: 2 ( 2 )
Intuition: 4 ( 4 )
Charisma: 3 ( 3 )
Edge: 5
Magic/Resonance: 0
Essence: 0.06
Initiative: 12+3D6
Matrix VR Initiative: 5+2D6 +1D6 HotSIM

Phys CM: 15
Stun CM: 10

Surprise: 12
Composure: 6
Judge Intentions: 7
Memory: 5
Lift/Carry: 90kgs

Defence Rating 14+2 RACS
Bonus D Damage Res 0
Unarmed Attack 3SS, 11/—/—/—/—

Ambidextrous 4
Ars Cybernetica [Iron Limbs] 7
Ars Cybernetica [Kick Attack] 5
Bushido -10
Candle in the Darkness 5
High Pain Tolerance 7
Impaired: Strength -24
Stolen Gear 0

Active Skills

Athletics 5 ( 14 )
Biotech 0 ( / )
Close Combat 6 ( 15 ) S: Unarmed
Con 0 ( 2 )
Cracking 0 ( / )
Electronics 0 ( 1 )
Engineering 1 ( 3 )
Exotic Weapons 0 ( / )
Firearms 3 ( 12 ) S: Heavy Pistols
Influence 0 ( 2 )
Outdoors 0 ( 3 )
Perception 3 ( 7 )
Piloting 0 ( 7 )
Stealth 3 ( 12 ) S: Sneaking

Knowledge / Language Skills

English N
Seattle Shadows
London Below
Teen Trid Dramas
Green River Burning

Cybereyes [4β] 0.28 w. Image Link, Camera, Flare Compensation, Lowlight & Thermo Vision, Vision Enhancement, Vision Magnification, Smartlink
Cyberears [3α] 0.24 w. Soundlink, Damper, Balance Augmenter
4x obvious limbs & torso [α] 4.25, Limbs Str 3, Agi 9, Armour 1/2/3 to arms, torso, legs (+10DR) +5 Condition monitor
L Hand Shock Limb [α] 0 [4S(e), 8/—/—/—/—]
Legs Hardened [α] 0 [5P*, 9/—/—/—/—] * incl Kick Attack
Hydraulic Jacks [6α] 0 Both legs +6D to jumping, hit adds 0.1m vertical, 0.2m horizontal
Internal Air Tank [1β] 0.18
Synaptic Booster [2] 1

Ares Light Fire 70 [2P, SA, 10/7/6/—/—, 16(c)] w. Laser Sight, Special Silencer, Concealable Holster, 2 Spare Clips, 50 Caseless Normal Rnds
Ares Predator VI [3P, SA/BF, 10/10/8/—/—, 15(c)] w. Integral Smartgun, Silencer, Concealable Holster, 2 Spare Clips, 30 Caseless Normal Rnds, 20 Caseless Explosive Rnds, 10 Caseless APDS Rnds, 10 Caseless SnS Rnds (Clip load 10 Normal, 2 Explosive, 2 APDS, 1 SnS)
3 Thermal Smoke, 2 Flashbangs, 1 CS Gas Grenade, 2 Glitter Grenades

Micro Transceiver & Subvocal Mic, Metalink Disposable Commlink [R1, D/F 1/0, P0], Fake SIN [1] , Fake Licence [1], Trodes, AR Gloves, Local Area Mapsoft
Respirator [6], Lowlight Flashlight, Bug Scanner, Tag Eraser, 10x Plastic Restraints, Medkit, 2x Stim Patch [4], Trauma Patch, 2x Tranq Patch [6], Survival Kit, Weapon Cleaning Kit
Fake SIN [4], 3x Fake Licence [4] w. Driver, Weapon, Concealed Carry

Lined Coat [3] w. Electrochromic Modification, Chemical Protection [3]
Securetech SkinShield [2] w. Concealed Holster, Ruthenium [2], Electrical Resistance [2]
Racing Helmet [+1] w. HUD Image Link, Flare Compensation, Laser Range Finder, Trodes

2x Shiawase Kanmushi [H2/3, A4, I5, Sp15, B0, A0, P3, S2] w. Gecko tips, Lowlight Camera, Audio Enhancement, 1x Sikorsky-Bell Microskimmer XXS [H2, A6, I10, Sp35, B0, A0, P2, S1], 10x MCT Gnat [H3, A4, I10, Sp30, B0, A0, P2, S1] w. 10 Sensor Tags w. Lowlight Micro Cameras


1mnth Low Lifestyle, Mechanicals' Compound, Orting

Jazz [Human Technorigger] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 4
Dr Featherstone [Human Transhumanist Cybertech] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 3
Pukka [Cockney Orc Crime Mall Dealer] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 3
Escher [Human ID Manufacturer/Forger] Connection: 4 Loyalty: 3

Racial Costs 0
Qualities 16
Negative Qualities -34
Attributes 35
Skills 29
Resources 0
Stolen Gear 20
Martial Arts 12
Buy off negative Qualities 20

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Old Nov 27th, 2020, 05:17 PM
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Here is Squeak

Updated through Don't Frag a Fixer...
He spent karma to pick up some Hacking skills. He spent the money on Cyber {Beta Grade} and other high end items

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Old Nov 30th, 2020, 10:47 AM
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Here is Porterhouse.

I keep the character data up to date in this post.
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Old Dec 18th, 2020, 03:06 PM
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DataName: Luke Barret
Street Name: Vault
Troll Martial Artist
Priorities: Attributes A, Resources B, Metatype C, Skills D, Magic E

AttributesAttributes: 24
Strength 9/13 (3 points, 5 adjustment points)
Body 8 (7 points)
Reaction 5 (4 points)
Agility 4/8 (3 points)
Willpower 4 (3 points)
Intuition 5 (4 points)
Logic 2 (10 karma)
Charisma 2 (10 Karma)

Essence: 0.13
Edge: 5 (4 adjustment points)
Composure: 6
Judge intentions: 7
Memory: 6
Lift/Carry: 12 (1690 kg)
Initiative: 1d6+10
Physical CM: 14
Stun CM: 10
Over flow: 16
DR: 8+ Armor
Unarmed: AR 21, Damage 6P, Close 5 Meters

SkillsKnowledge Skills: 3
English (N)
Martial Arts
Small Unit Tactics
Seattle Bars

Skills: 16 points
Close Combat (Specialization: Unarmed) 5 (6 points)
Athletics 5 (5 points)
Pilot 1 (1 point)
Perception 1 (1 point)
Stealth 3 (3 Points)

Qualities/Martial Arts/Racial BonusQualities: +20 Karma
Uncouth (+6 Karma)
Uneducated (+6 Karma)
SINner (+8 Karma)
Long Reach (-12 Karma)
Addiction: Alcohol Level 4 (+8 Karma)
Compulsion Rank 2: Horde Paydata in Datalock (+4 Karma)
Built Tough 2 (Racial)
Dermal Deposits (Racial)
Thermographic Vision (Racial)

Martial Arts: $10,000 (-32 Karma)
Tae Kwon Do Style (-7 Karma) $2,500
Flying Kick technique (0 Karma) $0
Kick Attack technique (-5 Karma) $1,500
Iron Limb technique (-5 Karma) $1,500
Tameshiwari technique (-5 Karma) $1,500
Feint technique (-5 Karma) $1,500
Mean Right Hook technique (-5 Karma) $1,500

Cyberware/BiowareCyberware and Bioware: $183,300 (plus $18,330 troll mark up) 5.87 Essence lost
Used Platelet Factories: $8,500 0.22 Essence
Alphaware Bone Density Augmentation Rating 4: $24,000 0.96 Essence
Used Muscle Replacement Rating 4: $60,000 3.08 Essence
Used Datalock Rating 12: $6,000 0.11 Essence
Tooth Compartment x10 $8,000 0 Essence
Pain Editor: $48,000 0.3 Essence
Toxin Extractor Rating 6: $28,800 1.2 Essence

GearGear: $65,970 (plus $6,597 troll mark up)
Transys Avalon Commlink $8,000
Shock Gloves $790
Harley Davidson Scorpion $14,000
Sun guard Jewelry Flash-pak $2,125
Area Jammer Rating 6 $1,200
Silver Credstick x2 $40
Contacts Rating 3 (Image Link, Low Light Vision, Flare Compensation) $1,375
Goggles Rating 6 (Smartlink, Ultrasound Link, Vision Enhancement, Vision Magnification) $3,350
Ear Buds Rating 3 (Audio Enhancement, Spatial Recognizer) $1,650
Handheld Ultrasound Sensor Rating 3 $300
Gecko Tape Gloves $250
Biomonitor $300
Jazz x10 $750
Actioneer Business Clothes $1,500
Revolution Arms Iron Hawk Composite Bow Rating 13: Internal Smartgun System, Easy Breakdown $1,345
Explosive Arrows x20 $520
Gel Arrows x20 $390
Quick Draw Quiver $115
Hidden Melee Arm Slide x2 $250
Securetech Armor Augmentation System: Shockweave Rating 6 $6,500
Securetech Invisi-Shield Armor: Gel Weave Rating 1, Hidden Pocket $10,200
Ballistic Mask $200
MEMS Tactical Armored Vest: MEMS Equipment Pouch x10 $1,400
Armor Jacket $1,000
Throwing Stars x20 $320
Thermal Smoke Grenade x5: Gecko Grip Modification $500
Stun Grenade x5: Gecko Grip Modification $750
Fragmentation Grenade x5: Gecko Grip Modification $1,000
Large Reflective Paint Grenade x5 $450
Chemical Grenade x5: Gecko Grip Modification $1,250
Glitter Grenade x5 $500
Incendiary Grenade x5: Gecko Grip Modification $1,250
Pepper Punch Gas Grenade x5: Gecko Grip Modification $750
Glue Sprayer x5 $750
Ballistic Shield $900

IdentificationID’s: $21,300
Real SIN: Luke Barret (Security Guard, Driver’s License)
Fake SIN Rating 6 (Blake Shorewood) $15,000
Fake Security Guard License Rating 6 $1,200
Fake Driver’s License Rating 6 $1,200
Fake SIN Rating 1 (Marc Hatchet) $2,500
Fake Security Guard License Rating 1 $200
Fake Driver’s License Rating 1 $200

LifestyleLifestyle: Middle (1 Month prepaid) $5,500

NuyenNuyen: $275,000 + $36,000 from Karma
$310,997 of $311,000 spent

ContactsUppercut: Male Orc Brawling Adept (Connection 2, Loyalty 5)/Legwork, Favors, Martial Arts Instruction
Bloody Mary: Female Elf Bartender (Connection 2, Loyalty 3)/Legwork, Drug Dealer

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Priorities: Stat, Skill, Magic, Race, Wealth (descending).

Real name: Otto Flemmings; Former Corporate Mage
Cover name: Owen Flanders; Freelance Researcher; Rating 4 ID and Rating 4 Permit
Running Codename: The Cunning Man*
Metatype: Human


Derived Stats:
Init 1d6+ 8
Astral Init 1d6+8
No Hot/Cold Matrix Init (stays in AR, not VR)
Limits: Mental 7 Phys 5 Soc 5 Magic 5
Phys 9.5; Stun 10.5; Overflow 3
Street Cred 0 Notoriety 0 Awareness 0
No living presence.

Special Qualities: Dedicated Summoner (beast); Spirit Whisperer.
Problematic Quality: Saeder-Krupp has records on file about him, including his fingerprints, genetic code, aura, and retinal prints.
Bonus Karma/Money taken: 10/20,000.
Essence spent on upgrades: 0
Has raised Edge Stat with Karama
Remaining Karma: 4

Magic level: Full Mage (with magic raised using racial bonus points)
Spells Known: Knows formulas for Fireball, Heal, Improved Invisible, Physical Barrier, and Combat Sense. Does not actually use spellcasting himself.
Magic: Summoning Pool of 11, with spirits rolling 7 dice to oppose. Spirits are summoned at strength 3, but appear at strength 4. Can also banish and bind.
Starting Talisma: 0

Skills and groups:
Conjuration Group 5(11)
Astral Combat 4(9)
Pistols 3(7)
Blades 3(7)
Arcana 2(7)
Astral Perception 2(6)
Stealth 3(7)
Survival 3(8)
Deception 3(7)
Perception 3(6)
Performance 3(7)
Slight of Hand 3(7)
First Aid 4(9)

Native Language: German
Background knowledges and laguages:
English 3(8)
Japanese: 3(8)
Arti History: 1(6)
Political Recent World History: 2(7)
Basic common knowledge: 3(8)
Background science: 3(8)
German Literature: 2(7)
Local Knowledge (Hong Kong or Seattle, depending on setting): 1(6)

Equipment: Rating 4 ID and Permit (magic); Urban Explorer Jumpsuit, Taser with laser sight; Survival Kit, including Wireless Combat Knife; First Aid kit. Comlink R1.
Other gear: Glasses with flare compensation; Earbuds with space recognition. Some trivial money on a low-grade credstick.
Cybernetics: None.
Bioware: None.
Mystic/martial Adept Powers: None
Technomancy: None
Drone/Vehicle: None
DP Rating; 1
Firewall rating: 1
Has no attack or sleeze rating.
Lifestyle: Low Class; Lives in loft apartment and eats mainly cheap stuffers.

Melee Offense: Knife 7 dice for 5 damage AP -1 + wireless map accuracy 5
Ranged Offense: Taser 8 dice for 7 stun AP -5 + wireless dart R1 accuracy 6 but subject to my limit of 5
Other ranged notes: Ammo 30 total/4 at a time; RC 1; fires SA.
Astral Offense: Astral Strike 9 Dice for 4 damage accuracy 5 (based on my limit)
Defense: Jumpsuit Armor 9, with 1 level of resistance to fire, cold, and electricity.

Appearance: Blond hair, blue eyes, somewhat above-average height for a normal human (Around 6 feet). Wears a dirty urban explorer jumpsuit.
Background: Associate of Arcane Arts, Rhine Community College of Hermetic Magic. 3 years 3 months experience as entry-level research assistant, magical summoning lab. An experimental mental remapping technique change the magical pathways of his mind, rendering him permanently unable to cast spells (but he was never able to do so in the first place because he never learned,) but also allowing him to summon beast spirits. For unknown reasons, this also made his spirits less reliable, but more powerful. Reported killed and possessed by a shiedam following a run on the lab where he was working**.
Known Contacts: Fixer (fake id's and permits) L 1 C2; Street Shaman (summoning talisima) L1 C1; Bartender (actually a barista at a coffee bar) L1 C2.
Current Location: A loft utility apartment in Seattle (or Hong Kong if the focus of the campaign has moved).
Personality: Doesn't have much of one; Several years of exposure to corporate 'proper' lifestyle removed much of it.
Motivations and Goals: Just trying to survive when in over his head. Tends to take small runs for little reward.
Instructions if seen: Do not engage directly; observe and record his activities so that these records can be kept current.

Important Note: This character is based on 5E. I am willing to drop out if that makes him unusable in 6E.

*'Cunning Man' is a folk name for a hermetic mage, as opposed to 'Hoodoo Man', a shamanic mage.
**This is just a Corporate Court cover story; he is not actually possessed 'Following a run on the lab' means that he followed the runners out an emergency exit when the defensive drones began malfunctioning and shooting EVERYONE.

I have finalized background and contacts, and split the information up a bit to make it easier to understand.

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Someone suggested this conversion:


Name & Principle Alias Otto Flemmings ''The Cunning Man''

Ethnicity & Metatype Human

Born Sex Height Build

Race D Attributes A Magic B Skills C Resources E


Body: 3 ( 3 )
Agility: 4 ( 4 )
Reaction: 4 ( 4 )
Strength: 3 ( 3 )
Willpower: 5 ( 5 )
Logic: 5 ( 5 )
Intuition: 4 ( 4 )
Charisma: 4 ( 4 )
Edge: 4
Magic: 6
Essence: 6.00
Initiative: 8+1D6
Matrix VR Initiative: 5+2D6 +1D6 HotSIM
Astral Initiative: 9+2D6

Phys CM: 10
Stun CM: 11

Surprise: 8
Composure: 9
Judge Intentions: 9
Memory: 10
Lift/Carry: 90kgs

Defence Rating 3
Bonus D Damage Res 0
Unarmed Attack 2S, 7/—/—/—/—


Close Minded Summoner [5] -15 For each lvl can't summon one of the standard spirit types
Forbidden spirits: guardian, guidance, kin, plant, task,
Incompetant (Sorcery) -10
SINer -8 Closest to 'records on file'
Spirit Affinity (Beasts) 14 Bonus edge for Conjuring test for chosen class

Active Skills

Astral 5 ( 11 )
Athletics 1 ( 5 )
Biotech 1 ( 6 )
Close Combat 3 ( 7 ) Survival Knife Special +2
Con 1 ( 5 )
Conjuring 5 ( 11 ) S: Summoning
Cracking 0 ( / )
Electronics 0 ( 4 )
Enchanting 0 ( / )
Engineering 0 ( 4 )
Exotic Weapons 0 ( / )
Firearms 3 ( 7 ) Pistol Special +2
Influence 1 ( 5 )
Outdoors 0 ( 3 )
Perception 4 ( 8 )
Piloting 2 ( 5 ) for Land Vehicle
Sorcery 0 ( / )
Stealth 1 ( 5 )

Knowledge / Language Skills

Art History
Political Recent History
Seattle Streets

Combat Sense
Improved Invisibility
Mana Barrier
Physical Barrier


Taser with laser sight
Taser Darts
Wireless Survival Knife (in survival kit)
First Aid Kit
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit
Flash Compensation Glasses
Spacial Recognition Earbuds
Cheap Motorcycle: [H3/3, A15, I20, Sp180, B6, A4, P1, S1, St2]
Non-combat cycle helmet.




[Fixer] Connection: 2 Loyalty: 1
[Talismonger] Connection: 1 Loyalty: 1
[Rumor-monger] Connection: 2 Loyalty: 1


Racial Costs 0
Qualities 14
Negative Qualities -33
Attributes 35
Skills 30
Foci Binding 0
Resources 4
Stolen Gear 0
Martial Arts 0
Additional Spell 0
Additional CF 0
Initiation 0
Submersion 0
Buy off negative Qualities 0

Recent changes:
Clarified motorcycle stats

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right-aligned image
Alias Kunoichi
Name Takara Izumi
Metatype Human B&E/Security Operative Mundane
Sex Female
Height 167 cm/5'6"
Weight 60 kg/132 lbs.
Age 21
Heat 0
Reputation 0
Karma 3 Total Karma 3
Essence 3.90
Nuyen 2070¥

Background: Takara's father was a security officer for Fuchi Industrial Electronics prior to the dissolution of the company in 2060. He was transferred to Renraku Computer Systems when Renraku absorbed many of Fuchi's assets, and was in fact involved in dealing with the system malfunction that trapped personnel and visitors inside for two years. Backlash and scapegoating ran rampant throughout the company as CEO and founder Inazo Aneki committed suicide, and Takara's father was driven out in disgrace.

Dishonored and forced to work menial jobs, Takara's father began teaching his daughter the security trade. Her uncle, who worked the physical side of security and was among the few who had not shunned her family after her father's fall from grace, taught her combat. Disillusioned with the corporate life that had cast her father aside so heartlessly, Takara began her career as a shadowrunner making infiltration runs against corp targets. Her favorite targets are Renraku, in retaliation for her father's treatment, and Mitsuhama, due to their harsh treatment of female employees and their close association with the Yakuza.

Kunoichi follows the Edo Bushido Code as defined by Saitō Chikamori's scrolls of the Kashoki.
• Sincerity - do not lie, do not be insincere, do not be superficial
• Responsibility - do not be obsequious
• Frugality - do not be greedy
• Politeness - do not be rude, do not slander
• Modesty - do not be boastful, do not be arrogant
• Loyalty - do not be unfaithful
• Harmony - be on good terms with comrades
• Tranquility - do not be overly concerned with events
• Compassion - show concern for one another, be compassionate, with a strong sense of duty.
 RtgPool RtgPool
Body55Minor Actions13
Agility79Initiative88 +2D6
Reaction56Initiative (Matrix VR)44 +2D6
Strength44Initiative (Astral)66 +2D6
Intuition22Judge Intentions05
Edge55Lift / Carry08
Exceptional Attribute (Agility)Sinner (Corporate)
High Pain ToleranceHonorbound (Bushido)
Quick HealerMitsuhama Death Warrant
Close CombatAGI615 
BladesAGI 17 
LockpickingAGI 14 
Submachine GunsAGI 14 
Environment: UrbanINT 7 
Ground CraftREA 10 
SneakingAGI 14 
Lang: English (Exp.)
Lang: Japanese (Native)
Area Knowledge
Security Systems
Cybereyes (Image link, Camera, Rating 0, Flare compensation, Vision enhancement, Smartlink, Thermographic vision, Low-light vision, Vision magnification), Rating 5-0.4CRB 285
Damage compensator30.3CRB 293
Muscle toner20.4CRB 292
Wired reflexes 1-1.0CRB 287
Act. Essence (3.9) = 6 - Hole (0.0) - Sum augmentations (2.1)
Autopicker1CRB 278
Bug Scanner1CRB 269
Catalyst Stick1CRB 449
Chisel/wrecking bar1CRB 278
Glue solvent1CRB 279
Glue sprayer1CRB 279
Grapple Gun1CRB 449
Jammer (Directional), Rating 61CRB 270
Keycard copier1CRB 278
Maglock passkey, Rating 41CRB 278
Miniwelder1CRB 278
Miniwelder fuel1CRB 278
Sequencer, Rating 61CRB 279
Stealth Rope600'CRB 449
Tag eraser1CRB 270
Thermite burning bar1CRB 279
White noise generator, Rating 31CRB 270
Armor jacket (Fire resistance)4 -3
Defensive Pools against Defensive Actions 
Attacks8Block (Minor)+6
Combat spells (Indirect)9Dodge (Minor)+0
Combat spells (Direct)5Hit the dirt (Minor)+2
Toxin Damage8Full Defense (Major)+3
Drain0Boosted Defense (Major)0
Ingram Smartgun XI
Pool 14Damage 3PAttack Rating 13/11/10/-/-Mode SA/BFAmmo 32(c)
WIFI Digital ammunition counter and an ARO that tells you the ammo type loaded.
If equipped with DNI, you gain a bonus Minor Action any turn when you eject a clip (for weapons that have them) or change fire modes.
Modifications Smartgun system (internal)
External Accessories
Barrel Silencer, Gas-vent system
Top mounted
Pool 0Damage 0PAttack Rating 4/11/9/3/-Mode SSAmmo 4(c)
WIFI Digital ammunition counter and an ARO that tells you the ammo type loaded.
If equipped with DNI, you gain a bonus Minor Action any turn when you eject a clip (for weapons that have them) or change fire modes.
Pool 12Damage 4PAttack Rating 7/9/10/-/-Mode SS/SAAmmo 2(k)
WIFI Digital ammunition counter and an ARO that tells you the ammo type loaded.
If equipped with DNI, you gain a bonus Minor Action any turn when you eject a clip (for weapons that have them) or change fire modes.
External Accessories
Pool 12Damage 4PAttack Rating 6/14/16/13/6Mode SA/BF/FAAmmo 60(c)
WIFI Digital ammunition counter and an ARO that tells you the ammo type loaded.
If equipped with DNI, you gain a bonus Minor Action any turn when you eject a clip (for weapons that have them) or change fire modes.
Modifications Smartgun system (internal), Gas Vent (improved), Easy Breakdown
External Accessories Extended Clip, Rating 2
Barrel Silencer
Top mounted
Under barrel Yamaha R. Shotgun, Yamaha R. Grenade Launcher
Flash-Pak2CRB 263
Grenade, Fragmentation2CRB 263
Grenade, Incendiary2FS 37
Heavy Pistol/SMG (10x) (APDS)16CRB 262
Heavy Pistol/SMG (10x) (Explosive)16CRB 262
Heavy Pistol/SMG (10x) (Regular)32CRB 262
Rifles (10x) (Explosive)30CRB 262
ShizukesaPool 17Damage 4PAtt.R. 13/-/-/-/-
Modifications Personalized Grip, Dikote
UnarmedPool 15Damage 2SAtt.R. 10/-/-/-/-
Suzuki MirageHandling 2/6 ([]) Pilot 1 Body 4 Acc 29
Speed Interval 30 Speed 260 Armor 2 Sensor 1
Body (0/1)
Electronics (0/4)
Drone Software (0/1)
COMMLINKModel Erika Elite
Level 4 Data processing 2 Firewall 1
Programs (concurrent 2)
Matrix status ( 10)
CONTACTSAlias Hadrian Type Fixer Loy. 2 Infl. 2
Alias Jacob Finley Type Renraku Corp Cop Loy. 2 Infl. 2
Alias Takatoshi Type Yakuza kaikei (accountant) Loy. 2 Infl. 2
25-year-old freelance security consultant
Licenses Concealed Carry License 3, Firearms License 3, Cyberware 3, Driver 3

LIFESTYLESSmall, but tastefully-furnished apartment in the city.
Type Middle Cost 5000
Month 1 SIN Umemura Sawano
Oh, after all the folderol and hauling over coals stops, what did I learn?

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Double Tap
right-aligned image

Jared Handley aka Double Tap
Elf Gun Adept

Physical Description:
Jared is a 6’0” 140 lbs. slim elf even by normal elf meta standards. His look has been described by some as Gothic Steampunk. His black jeans and black button up cover the pale skin underneath. A black armor lined trench coat conceals his pair of Ruger Super Warhawks and tasers. His look is completed with a black cowboy hat and black leather boots with spurs. He hides a rebreather underneath a black bandana that covers his mouth at all times because the toxic air in Seattle might compromise his health.

Jared Handley aka. Double Tap grew up a poor kid in the Barrens like many kids his age. His parents were Seattle natives and had official SINs along with Jared, but Knight Errant had long ago kicked them to the curb when his dad had run out of new ideas for urban warfare. Life in the Barrens was simple, fight or get drekked on. Jared had the good fortune to be blessed as an Awakened. His skills became apparatus after a fight with a local gang of teenage kids who thought they were adults. Jared bobbed and weaved faster than they could keep up. His trusty hold out rang out in the darkness to chase away the riff raff. He soon learned that he was an adept. This lead to getting involved in gangs and killing off potential rivals. His one dream was to be like Sid Six Shooter in the trideo, Barrens Bullet.

It was a trid series about a man who conquered a Barrens with nothing more than a pair of Ruger Super Warhawks and grit. This was who he envisioned himself becoming with his newfound magical powers. He practiced shooting Pistols night and day against passing cars and the occasional Devil rat. When he became a legal adult, he went into the military under a Knight Errant subsidiary academy for the guys who had the skills but not the smarts for combat, the Jar Heads.

There he cultivated his firearms abilities under careful supervision. He graduated and did his four years working for Knight Errant as an undercover agent before his contract was up. From there, he got his licenses to become a freelance personal security agent. He had learned the hard way in the academy that life wasn’t like what you saw in those trids. Guys like Sid Six Shooter didn’t exist in the real world, at least not in the spot light. Not sticking with Knight Errant as part of the force had one major drawback, money. He had to scrape his way off the bottom to buy his gear and guns. Each job was meant to help him move up to the next level. Shadowrunning became his under the table major source of income. Jobs were lucrative and networking resulted in getting to know both the right and wrong people. Even though his magical abilities put him above your local ganger, it wasn’t enough. So he found himself a street doc you had just ‘recycled’ a deceased client to upgrade himself with some natch Bioware that was what the doc said to be ‘gently used’ to make up for his weak immune system and low muscle tone.

His need for better firearms and gear got him mixed up with a loan shark who worked for the local Italian mafia mob boss. Now he needed money just so he would still have his fingers to work his jobs. One day he would be able to pay off his debt and hit the big time. His new Longterm goal was to make a name for himself in the shadows. He wanted to be both valued and feared by those in the field.

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right-aligned image
Alias Grenx
Name Jo Junk
Metatype Human
Sex Non-binary
Height 130 cm/4'8"
Weight 35 kg/80 lbs.
Age 24
Heat ?
Reputation ?
Karma 3 Total Karma ?
Essence 3.7
Nuyen 420¥

Background: Jo Junk. That’s all the name they got. A lost child of the junk yard running with the urchins. Who knows where they came from who knows whose they were … never loved, abandoned.

Jo found their solace in junk and tinkering. There were plenty of cells amongst the junk and circuits to join together. So, while others learned their letters and history, Jo learned how to make things go. How to join them together and how to improvise new from a someone else’s discards. The urchin soon became in demand and found their trade, making kit for the bigger kids who brought them food and kept the bullies away.

Jo’s break came when they befriended a concept art student who was on a junk kick – StarKrak had hit on building-sized purposeless automatons as ironic commentary of the tech-obsessed mega-corps – outrageous investment for little discernible effect. The pair of them scoured Jo’s yard for a semester, unearthing discarded plant to rig the pieces that won StartKrak best in show and kick-started his career. StarKrak saw Jo’s potential and tried to encourage, sponsoring a late-flowering academic career, giving the grown-up urchin a grounding in the electronics and engineering they had intuited.

But Jo was a player. StarKrak was not their only patron – they were commissioned to build, then drive a growing range of vehicles and drones … step-by-step Jo, known on the street simply as Grenx, was drawn into the runner’s world.

 RtgPool RtgPool
Body22Minor Actions13
Agility44Initiative811 +2D6
Reaction45Initiative (Matrix VR)?7 +2D6 (+1D6 HotSIM)
Strength11Initiative (Astral)?12 +2D6
Intuition66Judge Intentions?7
Edge33Lift / Carry?10kg

Impaired body-8
Impaired strength -8
We ship anywhere4
Close CombatAGI26 
ElectronicsLOG511Specialism h/w and s/w
PilotingREA611specialism aircraft
Lang: English (Exp.)    
Lang: cityspeak (Native)    
Sprawl life    
Computer science    

Cerebral booster???
Control rig???
RR: Piloting???
Wired reflexes 1-1.0CRB 287
Act. Essence (3.9) = 6 - Hole (0.0) - Sum augmentations (2.1)


Runner chic3 -2
Racing helmet+1 -4

Defensive Pools against Defensive Actions 
Attacks?Block (Minor)+?
Combat spells (Indirect)?Dodge (Minor)+?
Combat spells (Direct)?Hit the dirt (Minor)+?
Toxin Damage?Full Defense (Major)+?
Drain?Boosted Defense (Major)?

Ceska Black machine pistol
Pool ??Damage 2PAttack Rating 10/9/8/-/-Mode SA/BFAmmo 35(c)
External Accessories
Top mounted

Ingram smart gun – mounted on Sumarai
Pool ?Damage 3PAttack Rating 10/11/8/-/-Mode SS/BFAmmo 32(c)
External Accessories

Rutger Super Warhawk
Pool ??Damage 4PAttack Rating 8/11/8/-/-Mode SA Ammo 6(cy)
External Accessories
Top mounted
Under barrel

Ares crusader 2 – Aztech mounted
Pool ??Damage 2PAttack Rating 9/9/7/-/-Mode SA/BF Ammo 40(c)
External Accessories
Top mounted
Under barrel

Machine Pistol ammo 100CRB ??
SMG ammo 50CRB ??
Rutger ammo25FS ?
Tranq patches10CRB ??

Combat knifePool ?Damage 3PAtt.R. 8/2/-/-/-
Blades on SamuraiPool ?Damage ?PAtt.R. ?/?/-/-/-
UnarmedPool ??Damage 2SAtt.R. 10/-/-/-/-


Maersk Spider Rigger Command ConsoleModel Maersk Spider
Level ? Data processing 4 Firewall 5
Concurrent drones 12
Programs (concurrent ?)
Matrix status ( ??)
Autosoft programmes:
Clearsight 1
Electronic warfare 1
Evasion 1
Maneuvering 1
Stealth 1
[Weapon] Training 1

CONTACTSAlias StarKrak Type Artist Loy. 4 Infl. 2

Licenses In gear

LIFESTYLESLiving in the van.
Type Squatter Cost 500 (bribes and protection)
Month ? SIN ??


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right-aligned image

Name & Principle Alias: Harvey Block ''Fubar''
Ethnicity & Metatype: Caucasion Dwarf
Born: 2039 Sex: male Height: 3' 11" Build: Stocky
Nationality: UCAS

Harvey Block looks like your standard Dwarf that is trying to hard to look dwarven and hence blends right into the background. With a five-year-old beard growing on his face, Harvey fits the bill of what everyone thinks of dwarves. He always hated being overlooked, but now that he’s running the shadows of Seattle, he has aped to conformity. If it gets him shot at less, he can take being overlooked. His standard outerwear is an armored jacket; though in his line of work, he has found it doesn’t work everywhere, so he also has an armored suit and a handy Streetline Special to go with it. He even has some casual clothes that are armored, too, though he has never needed to wear them yet. Besides the rough armored jacket, Harvey has a cowboy hat made of the same armored stuff as his suit. Sure, it doesn’t protect his entire head, but it’ll get you into places that a wearing a riot helmet won’t. Not to mention it covers the bald spot on the top of his head nicely. While he keeps his hair cut short, Harvey’s beard is another matter. Other than trimming the edges, no clippers have touched it in five years. Under his jacket, Harvey always has his Remington Roomsweeper and occasionally has his Yamaha Raiden hanging there as well. If anyone were to see him without his black wraparound sunglasses, they would see grey eyes as cloudy as his personality when on a run. Harvey carries no other weapons and tends to use his hands if the threat is not dire enough. People who know what to look for can tell that those hands have some sort of bone lace underneath and would hurt if Harvey ever hit them.

Race: D
Attributes: A
Magic: E
Skills: B
Resources: C

Agility: 5
Reaction: 4 ( 5 )
Strength: 5
Willpower: 4
Logic: 3
Intuition: 4
Charisma: 3
Edge: 5
Magic/Resonance: 0
Essence: 3.60
Initiative: 9+2D6
Matrix VR Initiative: 5+2D6 +1D6 HotSIM
Astral Initiative: 7+2D6

Phys CM: 14
Stun CM: 10

Surprise: 9
Composure: 7
Judge Intentions: 8
Memory: 7
Lift/Carry: 250kgs

Defence Rating 5
Bonus D Damage Res 2
Unarmed Attack 4P, 12/—/—/—/—

Built Tough 16
High Pain Tolerance 7
Impaired: Strength -24
SINer -8
Toughness 12
Thermographic Vision [Meta] 0
Toxin Resistance [Dwarf] 0

SKILLSActive Skills
Astral 0 ( / ) S: 0 E: 0
Athletics 4 ( 9 ) S: 0 E: 0
Biotech 0 ( / ) S: 0 E: 0
Close Combat 4 ( 9 ) S: Unarmed Combat(+2) E: 0
Con 0 ( 2 ) S: 0 E: 0
Conjuring 0 ( / ) S: 0 E: 0
Cracking 0 ( / ) S: 0 E: 0
Electronics 2 (LOG 5/INT 6) S: 0 E: 0
Enchanting 0 ( / ) S: 0 E: 0
Engineering 2 (LOG 5/INT 6) S: 0 E: 0
Exotic Weapons 0 ( / ) S: 0
Firearms 6 ( 11 ) S: Rifles(+2) E: 0
Influence 0 ( 2 ) S: 0 E: 0
Outdoors 2 ( 6 ) S: Navigation(+2) E: 0
Perception 4 (INT 8 /LOG 7) S: Urban(+2) E: 0
Piloting 0 ( 4 ) S: 0 E: 0
Sorcery 0 ( / ) S: 0 E: 0
Stealth 4 ( 9 ) S: Sneaking(+2) E: 0
Tasking 0 ( / ) S: 0 E: 0

Knowledge/Language Skills
English (Native)
Ares Macrotechnology
Seattle [Street]
Weapon Manufacturers

CYBER / BIOWARE Bone Lacing (Aluminum)
Platelet factories
Wired Reflexes 1



GEARSee Fubar's OP character sheet located here for his gear.

LIFESTYLELow Lifestyle( +10% cost) {Basement of an apartment complex. 2 months paid (2,200 nuyen/month)}

CONTACTSFeather Troll(Male) [Fixer] Connection: 6 Loyalty: 3
Melvin Zorgo Dwarven(Male) [Arms Dealer] Connection: 4 Loyalty: 2
Jackdaw Pixie(Female) [Hacker] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 2
Aisha Chaka al-Baz Orc(Female) [Trauma Surgeon & Implant Maintenance] Connection: 2 Loyalty: 3

KARMARacial Costs 0
Qualities 35
Negative Qualities -42
Attributes 0
Skills 55
Foci Binding 0
Resources 0
Stolen Gear 0
Martial Arts 0
Additional Spell 0
Additional CF 0
Initiation 0
Submersion 0
Buy off negative Qualities 0

"arE yoU ReAdy To PlaY a GaMe?"
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right-aligned image

Name & Principle Alias Jeff Stone ''K3nJ1t5U A.K.A. Ken''
Ethnicity & MetatypeCaucasion Human
Nationality UCAS
Description Jeff Stone worked at Christian Charity Shelter helping women who had no where else to go. Jeff, his wife and three daughters all worked at the shelter. If you met him on the street, he appeared to be a well-educated middle-class citizen, wearing modest well-kept suits, white shirt and a tie. You would think he was a corporate man, except there was something in his hazel green eyes that declared independence. He kept his hair short and tidy and was well-groomed. In a time and age of augmented technology, Jeff appeared to be a relic of the past with nothing but what God gave him.

From time to time, a woman would come to the shelter in need of their help. Sometimes it would be an abusive boyfriend that needed to stop harassing them. Other times it would be a child stolen, or maybe they just wanted to change their life around. His family would take the woman in, give her a safe place to sleep and food to eat for as long as she needed/wanted their help. But whatever it was, those would be the times that the other side (a secret side) of Jeff would came out, or more precisely, go into the shadows. He was good at tracking people down, so that abusive boyfriend would get a midnight call that would put the fear of God into them (there is just something scary about when a quiet good man gets angry that lets someone know they crossed a line and there would be consequences if it happened again), or that stolen child would be found and returned to a very grateful mother (and those that took the child would not be left in a state to come looking again).

Jeff had some connections in the shadow world and sometimes his help would be needed by others outside the shelter. Those jobs he took because let’s face it, a non-profit shelter doesn’t make enough money these days to stay open. So, Jeff heavily relied on those jobs to help pay the bills. To the Shadow world, he was known as a tracker and hired gun. Only a few close friends knew Jeff’s true secret that he was a Technomancer. In the Matrix, he was K3nJ1t5u, or just Ken to his friends.

Race D Attributes A Magic B Skills C Resources E









Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Jeff Stone aka K3nJ1t5U - Technomancer.png
Views:	371
Size:	334.4 KB
ID:	93037  

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