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Old Aug 20th, 2021, 11:55 AM
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Party Roster

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PCs: Varley, Dr. Ouzo, Goio, Ingo, Dunyazad | GMing: FFd6: Dreaming of Today

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Old Sep 6th, 2021, 02:10 PM
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right-aligned image

Name: Lustren

Job: Thief

Race: Viera

Level: 1

Quote: "A life long lived or a life worth living? Easy... I want it all!"

Appearance: A wiry young man who appears to carry himself lightly, his steps always deliberate and legs always ready to pivot at a moment's notice, never too heavily weighing down on one side or the other to carry the slight-statured boy forward.

The boy's head is a mess of silver-grey hair which contrasts slightly with his light tan, cut rather unevenly to just past the neck but still seeming well cared for enough to not seem a total rat's nest. Two long rabbit ears sprout from the top of the mess, the same color as his hair, flopping about or standing straight along with the young Viera's mood. Hazel eyes always appear to be on the move, staring hungrily at the world for things in which to partake. When he expresses himself, he seems to do so with the whole of his face, nothing held back in showing how he feels, from wide, toothy smiles to deep, petulant pouts. Even when he seems to be in a relatively neutral mood, his face seems to reflect that empty feeling too well, leaving one with only the hungry eyes of unfulfilled ambition.

The clothing he wears is very light for ease of movement and in dark colors of browns, greens, and black. He armors himself in leathers when he must, with a bag or pouch here and there to carry tools and equipment, and otherwise will go with breezy but fashionable clothing in the style of the humes, though it appears he always sports shirts and equipment which leave his middle exposed, as that seems to be what he is most comfortable with.

Personality: Conniving, hedonistic, and single minded in his desire to increase his wealth, it can be easy for Lustren to give off the impression of a flippant and superficial scoundrel, especially when he has so little regard for the personal space of others, but he is more thoughtful in his actions than he lets on. For one thing, he has no desire to steal from those on the bottom rung of society, a sort of solidarity with the working poor being ingrained in him due to his upbringing, which in turn also complements a resentment towards the upper classes of society who have all the gil and make all the rules only by virtue of being born into wealth and status. Consequently, Lustren will pick and choose whatever laws he has to follow at any given time at his convenience, and will throw himself into his work against a suitable target with gusto whenever he gets the opportunity. The viera is a fan of calculated risk taking, recognizing that greater rewards require putting more of oneself on the line, but when the risk becomes unacceptable he either takes steps to reduce said risk before proceeding or turns tail to run away and move on to the next scheme. He does not have a single chivalrous bone in his body, and the idea of just charging head first into clear danger without maximum precaution seems insane to him.

He keeps a polite but healthy wall between himself and other people, and so very rarely does he ever become close with others, treating his relationships more like business contracts than anything else. A positive to this is that Lustren will not betray a comrade, as he is working with that individual for a reason, and so will see the job through to the end in order to get properly paid, and everybody walking away happy is both good for business and for his reputation. But if the young viera feels like he is being cheated, and that the contract has been broken, he has no qualms about cutting an individual off and letting them fend for themselves at the worst possible time.

He works hard and he plays hard, trying to make up for a childhood devoid of all but the simplest of treats, his newfound life opening him to a wonderful world full of delights, and when business is done, it is always time for pleasure, then back to business, the two never, under any circumstances, mixing with one another. He wants everything the world has to offer, and he refuses to moderate his appetites, fully and completely working under the belief that he deserves to lay claim to all the riches and comforts he and his family have been denied in life, and the only thing standing between that reality and his current one is the power and the skill to take them, and Lustren will not stop until that personal failing is rectified.



1. Obtain a valuable treasure.
2. Acquire expensive property in Agora city.
3. Find his parents' home village in Aia Forest.

Life Goal: Earn enough gil to pull his family out of poverty.


Other Jobs
Ninja would be the class I'd switch Lustren to if I ever decided to do such a thing down the line, although losing Steal would hurt, so I'm still on the fence about it.

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Old Sep 6th, 2021, 02:32 PM
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Character Application
Name: Vittoro Gabríka de Campos
Job: Much like how adventuring is a staple entertainment industry in and around Agora, Lucha Ruidosa has become a similar, if much more staged, way for the Agoran citizenry to unwind and vicariously blow off steam. One part pro-wrestling, one part theater drama, and one part opera, Lucha Ruidosa translates to "Noisy Struggle". And it is!Lucha Ruidosa Entertainer
Race: Human
Level: 1

left-aligned image
Quote 1: It's not the strength of your arm
that wins the day, it's the strength of your wit!
right-aligned image
Quote 2: I'm just an old man who's lived a long and fulfilling
life. Why would anyone want to hear what I have to say?
Appearance: At 66 years old Vittoro is nearing the end of his prime, although And most would be hard pressed to argue!he would say he is still very much "primed" and ready for action. He keeps himself in peak physical condition, which isn't easy considering his size. All 6' 8" or 2.1 meters20 hands and 353lbs or 160kg25.2 stone appears to be split evenly between hardened bulk and rippling muscle. Shoulders and pecs unabashedly flare out from washboard abs, and during public appearances he always has a few adoring fans of various race and gender pining for him to put them in one of his trademark leglocks in-between his And, if they are insistent enough, he sometimes can't deny them this!tree trunk thighs.

Although quite fearsome on stage, when Vittoro is just being himself he has undeniably kind eyes that show the wisdom of his years. He leaves his grey-white hair naturally wind-swept back from his face with a rough and rugged approach to grooming that his Lucha Ruidosa stylists constantly object to, but the fans seem to embrace. He does keep a healthy wardrobe consisting of athletic gear, formal wear, and casual outfits keeping up with the current fashion trends. He likes to keep at least a few options available for any occasion, even as he steps out into the professional adventuring world. It's another form of public spectacle, after all, and he needs to dress the part!

Personality: On stage Vittoro becomes The Wise, Raging BullSabio Toro Furioso; a cunning and devious character in Lucha Ruidosa who usually ends up as the villain in most storylines. He's the bad guy everyone can't help but love! After decades he falls into the role like a second-skin, able to easily move in and out of his character.

Off stage de Campos is almost the exact opposite. Soft-spoken and gentle with his movements, he seems to overcompensate for his size and evil role in the ring by making extra-sure everyone is comfortable in his presence. He loves to play host and even when attending the parties thrown by other performers he usually ends up serving food or washing dishes, making the rounds and ensuring everyone is having a good time. In conversation he's not afraid to voice his own opinion, although he tends to wait for someone to pose an agreeable viewpoint and then support it with his own wisdom and anecdotes.


  1. Attain a full-fledged Adventurer's License!
  2. Have a From a meta/game rules perspective Vittoro should drop to zero HP and get K.O.'d in combat or escape from a narratively appropriate dangerous situation that could have left him K.O.'d!near-death experience!
  3. Get to know real adventurers!
  4. And get credit for discovering!Discover a long-forgotten location or artifact!
  5. This isn't something Vittoro necessarily wants for himself yet, just a cool player goal!Meta Goal: Acquire magi-tek gloves!
  6. End Game: Become a producer on Lucha Ruidosa!

RP SampleThis scene has always been a favorite of mine from the game I have personally been playing the longest on RPG Crossing: Niyaga's Silver Marches!



Advancement Thoughts
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Fried_Frontier_Skewer.jpg
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Size:	80.6 KB
ID:	92387   Click image for larger version

Name:	Vito.png
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Name:	Vito Happy.png
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ID:	92831  
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Currently GM'ing: 1,000,000 Ways to Die in the Weird West (it's publicly viewable!)
Current Characters: Prince Brucían Pough | Rolf da Minek | Kyai Applecore | Vittoro Gabríka de Campos

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Old Sep 6th, 2021, 07:30 PM
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"There is magic in every life, from squirrels to trees to humans. We are not gaia's oldest, or her strongest, but we can be her wisest; the destined protectors for the rest of her creations."

left-aligned image
right-aligned image

Name: Sierra Auton
Job: Blue Mage
Race: Human
Level: 1
PWR: 1 | RES: 6 | DEX: 8 | MND: 10
Starting Abilities: Learning, Observe, Deep Blue Chocobo, Azure Dream. Tricks: Aggressive (Non-Elem, Confuse, Finesse), Rejuvenating (MP)Animal Companion
Favored Weapon: Gemstones

Appearance: Most who see her would guess Sierra to be much younger than she actually is. She still barely passes five feet and is exceptionally thin even for her height. However she gives off a sense of vitality and energy that greatly surpasses what her body seems capable of through sheer optimism and intensity. Her long black hair is often unkempt from frequent 'adventures' and her clothes tend towards simple shirts and pants, though of striking colors. She wears thin-framed glasses over her wild green eyes and nearly always has a glowing smile of genuine excitement not just in spite of but often because of how tired she is after spending time in the woods. She isn't prone to dresses or jewelry, with the exception of a green-stoned silver ring she inherited from her mother.

Personality: Sierra refuses to let her frail form stand between her and her love of the outdoors. She wouldn't call herself a 'tom boy' so much as 'an avid admirer of animal and arboreal activity'. She also happens to love alliteration. When the opportunity presents itself she'll spend hours in the forest just walking and exploring. She delights in identifying the various flora and fauna she'd read about as a child, but entirely new discoveries are what drive her forward. She is rarely a dominant voice in conversations, preferring to sit back and listen to others' opinions, unless a topic catches her interest. In those situations she becomes almost impossible to silence. She can be a bit naive at times, having grown up far from the bustle of the city and it's fast living. She tends to lean on the expertise of friends in those situations, comparing it to following the footsteps of a mountain guide on treacherous cliffs.


  • 1: Convince a natural (avian, beast, etc) creature to share it's magic (ie: Learn a spell through diplomacy instead of combat)
  • 2: Defend a helpless creature/person at risk to her own life.
  • 3: Make friendly contact with a non-minor Nature Spirit (or Chocobo Eidolon).
  • Life Goal: Write a comprehensive guide to the wildlife of The World, or at least a survivalist-style biography, titled "Animals, Arboreals, and Aberrants: Activities for/of an Avid Adventurer".

Roleplaying Sample:

Blue Magic Wishlist
  • 1: Choco Ball (!!!)
  • 2: Blank Gaze
  • 3: Flash
  • 4: Frog Song
  • 5: Revenge

Sierra AutonLv 1 Blue Mage
Job Abilities: Learning, Observe, Deep Blue Chocobo, Azure Dream. Tricks: Aggressive (Non-Elem, Confuse, Finesse), Rejuvenating (MP)Animal Companion
Spells: Intuitive Wind, Intuitive Life, Restore Mnd x Half Level HP+MP Pollen (5MP)
Abilities: Deal Mnd (10) x Nature Skill +2d6 non-elemental vs Armor; Confusion (Finesse) Azure Slipstream (1/E), Restore Mnd x Half Nature Skill (2) +2d6 MP and remove one negative status effect Azure Lifestream (1/E)
HP 20 / 20 PWR 1 Force 1 Nature 5 Tinker 5
MP 12 / 12 RES 6 Finesse 4 Scavenge 5 Armor 3
Avd 7 DEX 8 Arm 2 Healing 2 Alchemy 1
Acc 2 MND 10 M.Arm 6 - -
Name Type/Tier Properties
Weapon: Memento Mater Arcane 1 Powered by Mind. Quick Cast 1/encArcane, Upon a successful strike, has a 50% to cure the negative conditions Zombie and Curse. This does not affect the equipment's Tier level.Mother's Ward
Armor: Forester's Jacket Light 1 Arm 2 / MArm 6 -
Shield: - - - 
Accessory: Azure Heart 1 Limited, Acts as a Chocobo Whistle but only for familiar trusted/trusting chocobosCall of the Heart, Bonded animal companion gains Talkative trick. Communication is only facilitated between the bonded pair.Language of the Heart 
Inventory: T2 Consumable. Drain all other teammates' MP by 10% (rounded down), then regain that much MP. Ancient Mantra

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right-aligned image
Name: Yrena

Job: Dragoon
Race: Elf
Level: 1

Quote: "What is that smell?" - Yrena upon her first visit to a human city.

Appearance: Not to be confused with her much taller Elvaan cousins, one might describe Yrena as elfin. She is short, somewhere south of a grown human, but still taller than most dwarves, and more delicate than either. Her slender limbs might appear frail on a member of another race, but for an elf they reflect all the resilience of green saplings, allowing her to move with an alien grace. Yrena keeps her blonde hair tied tightly back, where it will not interfere with her vision. Her clothing is sturdy, designed to resist thorn and branch, but crafted with skill and artistry.

Personality: Self-assured. Opinionated. Outspoken, but all too often wrong. Yrena has led a very sheltered life up until recently, and believes that she knows far more than she actually does. Removed from the verdant bowers of her homeland, she nonetheless attempts to force the rest of the world to conform to what she already knows through dint of sheer will. She is on a collision course with reality, but her own folly is the one thing she cannot see coming.

Backstory: The wood elfs of the Efflorene live quiet lives of seclusion, relying on the tall mountains and deep woods to keep would-be explorers at bay. Yrena has wiled away a number of human lifetimes in this sylvan paradise, never feeling the need to concern herself with the world beyond the forest's edge. But for all her years, she is young by the reckoning of her kind, impetuous and head-strong. The years pass slowly for Yrena's people, yet pass they still do, and with them they bring changes. When the time arrived for our protagonist to come of age, leaving behind the trappings of youth and taking on weightier matters, the elders held private council. There were those among them concerned for Yrena's arrogant ways, they felt she was not fit to stand among the tribe as a woman grown. And so the Seedseer consulted with the Great Spirit of the Forest and together they set for the girl a test, a test of resolve, of patience and of prudence.

A test which Yrena failed.

Children among the elfs are not so numerous that one can be cast aside as unworthy, however. But nor could the tribe simply wait the years or decades more it might take for Yrena to master wisdom. The winds brings with them news of a changing world, and their time of isolation would be coming to a close. The elfs needed strong leaders to weather the coming storms. So it was decided that the world would have to teach young Yrena what her kin had failed to instill in her. She was to be sent away from the woods into the lands of men and other races, to prove her worth by taking their troubles upon her shoulders. She has been tasked to earn herself a place among the people of the lands beyond the tree line. For her part, Yrena still does not understand why she has been exiled, and thinks the punishment incredibly unjust. Still, it seems like earning one of these `Adventurer's Licenses` seems like it should be a trivial enough task for one of her abilities.

  1. To demonstrate her natural superiority by besting a larger opponent in single combat.
  2. To visit another forest, even though it is not her home.
  3. To gain knowledge of the human lands she can use in defense of her homeland.
  4. Life Goal: To return home triumphant, proving wrong all those who doubted her.

Roleplaying Sample:

Other Job InterestI am interested in switching to the Ranger job at some point in the future. This does not represent an interest in Yrena becoming an archer or similar, so no need to add suitable weapons. But I am interested in many of the more thematic abilities.
  • Advice
  • Ambush
  • Survivalist
I do like the Ranger's innate Reversal ability, but do not necessarily want to give up Jump entirely. A relic akin to the Dragoon Boots from FF6 (or something similar) might not go amiss.

Stat BlockName: Yrena | Race: Elf | Age: 117 | Job: Dragoon | Level: 1 | Destiny: 0
HP: 21/21 | MP: 0/0 | PWR: 5 | RES: 5 | DEX: 9 (11) | MND: 6
Force: 2 | Finesse: 3 (4) | AVD: 7 | ACC: 2 | ARM: 4 | M.ARM: 4
Skills: Athletics (2) | Awareness (4) | Escape (2) | Nature (4) | Stealth (4) | Swimming (2)
Abilities: Dragoon Innate Ability

With a Standard action, the Dragoon may leap a Long range - vertically, horizontally, or both. Upon doing so, the Dragoon's turn immediately ends. Until the beginning of the Dragoon's next turn, the character is considered to be soaring through the air too quickly to be targeted, and the Dragoon is Immune to any negative or beneficial Single-target attacks or spells. Status conditions such as Poison continue to affect the Dragoon while they're Jumping, and the character cane still be affected by Group or Local target attacks. When the Dragoon lands at the beginning of their next turn, they may make an instant Force check to destroy the surface they land on, or an instantaneous melee attack against one enemy within a Short Range - however, this attack cannot be a critical hit or a limit break.

Spells and effects treat the Dragoon as having the Auto-Flight status during the use of this innate ability, preventing them from suffering falling damage or being affected by Earth-based spells and abilities for the duration of the Jump.

The Dragoon may only use Jump while on a reasonably solid surface, and while riding a mount capable of Flight the attack is generally more of a swoop than a jump.
Jump, Dragoon Job Ability

You may now calculate damage with Reach weapons with your DEX attribute instead of PWR, and when making an attack with Jump, you now target all enemies within a Short Range of your landing.

If you successfully deal damage to a target with a Jump attack, you may also cause a short-range knockback with a successful oppose Force roll.
Dragon's Fang, Shared Ability

The character receives a +2 bonus to all skill checks, opposed rolls and attack rolls while in the Forest environment.
Favored Terrain (Forest)
Limit Abilities: None | Limit Breaks: None

Right Hand: Tier 1 Reach weapon
Critical Attack
Spear | Left Hand: empty | Armor: Tier 1 Medium armor
Special: +2 to Awareness when in a crowd.
Leathers of the Vigilant Warden | Accessory: empty
Gil: 0 | Pack: Tier 1 accessory
Auto-Transform (fox, +2 stealth)
Vixen Pin, Tier 2 consumable
May be used as a Free Action to immediately prevent the Broken condition from being applied to one of your items.
Unbreaking Charm
Constant Status Effects:
Victory Pose: Yrena turns her back on the defeated enemy, and stands upright, a phantom wind causing her cloak to billow dramatically about her.
** Out of Town - 10/22 through 10/31 - NPC as needed. **

Characters: Del CorganIris KetteringCaleb ShawDeirdre VenteuseYrena
ZendaSquire GainsboroBaruuk TalonfaceKonstantin LumynMarisol d'Arabeth

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right-aligned image
Moggi the Moogle

Name: Moggi
Job: White Mage
Race: Moogle
Level: 1
PWR: 3 | RES: 6 | DEX: 7 | MND: 9
Starting Abilities: Party recovers 100% HP at battle's end if Moggi is conscious.Body and Soul, Racial flavor: let's Moggi "fly" short distance and ride on humanoidsDefy Gravity, and SylphGrand Summoner

Pact Gift: Mystic Dance (because who doesn't love a cute moogle dance!)
Favored Weapon: Arcane

Quote: "Kupo!" (with arms outstretched for a hug)

Appearance: Moggi is short with white fur, a red deely-bopper, and dark purple wings. He likes to wear cute hats and will happily collect them to wear much like other races wear normal clothing. He is always smiling and is most often seen to be hugging or about to hug someone.

Personality: Moggi is bubbly and encouraging. He loves making friends, and absolutely loves warm hugs! Moggi wants to see the world and can be very naďve about the dangers (and cost) such a lifestyle might introduce. He literally chose his job (White Mage) and goal of getting an airship just because someone suggested the ideas and he got excited about them! He really is that simple, with no underhanded or ulterior motives.



  1. Make a Moggi doesn't know it yet, but his goal is to collect espers as friends.Best Friend
  2. Obtain an Airship to see the World in
  3. Ride a Dragon
Life Goal: Have a friend in every single tiny corner of the world!

Roleplaying Sample:

Sheet and Stats

Imagine reality creatively
--If I've not posted in your thread for a week, PM me!--

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