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Old Sep 21st, 2021, 03:08 PM
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The Crew

This here is where your character info goes! Please reply to this thread with a single post that contains your character application and a link to your character sheet (or a forum version of your sheet, if you prefer).

Character Creation
We will be starting at Veteran level with 48 Attribute points and 1,500 credits. A quick summary of character creation can be found in the spoiler button below.


Character Sheets
This site hosts sheets for Serenity characters (as well as ships), and it is recommended that you use them to keep track of your characters. However, if you have an online alternative that you want to use then you are welcome to do so.

Either way, I just need a link to the sheet and permission to view it!
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Old Sep 24th, 2021, 12:47 PM
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right-aligned image
Name: Remika Roux, Nickname/Operative name - “Eureka”, or Rika. <----------- Character sheet

Description: Remika is a charming young woman who has a look and way about her that gives off the vibe of someone who gets her way most of the time. She looks her age of 29, but still somehow maintains a youthful persona. She is almost always smiling, or has a pleasant look on her face. She’s fast with a joke, and sometimes unnerves those close to her by her intuitive nature and ability to turn a conversation in a direction she wants it to go.

Appearance: Rika is 5'8" tall and weighs just shy of 150 lbs. She's been called 'terminally pretty' in an unofficial Alliance description that highlights her devious nature while working with the Browncoat Resistance during the war as an intelligence operative. Her disarming smile adds to her allure, and she either has the best hair products in the verse, or she's got a hairdresser on every world and orbiting station.

Job: Public Relations... more or lessCaptain - Speaks for the group when making deals or trying to get them out of trouble. A Smuggler has friends in all the right lowly placesJob-getter/MediatorGo between/I've got this great beach property on St. Albans...Influencer

History: Remika grew up on Lilac, in a large family in which she was a middle child. They fought almost all the time, and martial arts was their weapon of choice. She was forced to learn how to fight with what she had, her body, along with anything she could throw, and quickly became the one they didn’t want to tangle with.
All of her siblings either joined the alliance in the war, or worked in munitions factories. She opted to go for the Alliance Intelligence War Agency, and was chosen. Her scores were low and after almost graduating, she was dropped and told to sign up for their logistics training. This did not suit her.
Given she had at least the initial Alliance training, her aptitude and scores were noticed, and she was recruited by a Browncoat Agent. Disgruntled against the Alliance, she readily agreed.
She was something of a prodigy to espionage, sabotage and infiltration and got involved in a lot of classified ops. She even ran a few undercover ops, but these were "black" and never in an official capacity.
The war was brutal, but she used what contacts she had to at least come clean from it, though broke and with blackmarks against her - so to speak - from the Alliance. She was able to transition somewhat to flying aboard smuggler's ships doing mostly black market jobs for whomever would take her, and soon she became a well known name in such circles. It is her experience and certain qualities that got her flagged for this job.

Why: Rika is a thrill-seeker and does what she does for the thrill of it, more so than the payout. She often says, "But it doesn't hurt to be rich", so she's after payment as well.
This character type is a blend of what I've described above. A touch of a persuasive seductress, a touch of a good crewmate, and a healthy dose of operative. For reference, she'll be close to 'Face' from A-Team in her personality, and I'll most likely tend to play her that way since I enjoy some good RP.
Posting Status: Caught up? If I need to post or reply in a game as DM/GM, or as a player, please PM me.

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Old Sep 24th, 2021, 01:00 PM
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Name: Declan Chan

right-aligned image

Appearance: Stocky of build with fine features and a shock of flaming red hair belies both Asian and Celtic heritage. He normally wears an off white t-shirt, combat trousers, fingerless gloves and sturdy boots, pockets full of machine parts and small tools. Some metal plates are attached to his outfit to counter frequent collisions with protruding parts of the ship and occasional assaults from other sources.
He is powerfully built suggesting a history of manual labour in his past which he never mentions. He has various tattoos on his arms, mostly geometric shapes and lines with no obvious meaning but well done all the same. His head is shaved in at the sides leaving a dreadlocked red Mohican style held at bay with a pair of round welding goggles.

Description: Normally quiet and contemplative in nature, Declan seems much happier in the presence of some mechanical problem he can tinker with than in social situations. Outside of a ship, he is generally found at the crews shoulder rather than up front, either advising on supplies or carrying a shotgun depending on the situation. A stoic individual, he is prone to moments of philosophy either stemming from his fathers contemplative side or the home truths of his Irish mother. Smokes roll ups.

Job: Ship’s Engineer

History: Sketchy history, nothing until a few years ago when he appeared on a flight out of a mining corporation planet.

Why: Declan seems to be happy travelling, keeping himself largely to himself and enjoying the freedoms to be had working on ships.

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Old Sep 24th, 2021, 01:56 PM
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left-aligned image

Name: Eloise “Elly” Arcana
Character Sheet: complete


Description: Eloise Arcana is cheerful, brash, and outspoken. She's uncomplicated, not an idiot mind you, but just unlikely to spend overlong considering a situation before deciding what to do. While she did go through school and belongs to a large extended family, a clan really, of some means and local sway, Elly herself is not a particularly refined person. She prefers saloons and rodeos to tea houses and frilly dresses at the theater.

When the inevitable question of Brown Coat versus Alliance comes up, Elly will claim neutrality, but her attitudes and actions suggest which side she'd have taken in the war. Supporting the Alliance during the war certainly hasn't done her home planet Ezra any real favors, what with the Tongs winding up so powerful. Her father might have been a soldier of some note for the Alliance, a decorated Sgt. in the called the war pigs for the acronym SUI sounding like the call farmers use to call their pigsSpecial Unit Infantry, but joining the military is something he'd come to feel was a mistake.

She has a modest interest in technology, but usually only when it pertains to flying, driving, or sometimes shooting. Her greatest interest is well... flying, and the freedom it brings. She calls it her own personal zen meditation when she's behind the controls of a craft, or in the saddle, and just thinking about nothing more complicated than getting from where she is to where she wants to be.

Both of her parents were Buddhists (her father a self-admittedly terrible one). Elly herself is indifferent to religion, still feeling the immortality of youth. Maybe that will change as she gets older, but god-bothering is not for her right now in her life.

Appearance: Elly's a tall drink of water at 6'2'', and not too delicate neither.

Job: "I'm your fly girl. Put me in a saddle, or behind the wheel or stick of something rideable, driveable, or flyable, and I'll get you where you need to go in style brother. Heck, you might even get there in one whole piece. Course I know a little bout fixin what's broke, no decent pilot don't. When it comes time for a recreational dust-up, I ain't half bad with my fists, and I'm a decent shot with a pistol while we're at it. "

History: "History, well dang. I come from Ezra. I'm sure you done a little research afore making this lil offer, so you surely know about the Arcana clan. First wave family of ranchers of some repute and a measure of wealth, just without all those airs the coreworlders like to put on. Big family too, maybe a hundred at a guess. Half of them spread out across the verse and half in Ezra.

Daddy's name is Mitch and my mom's was Mary. Dad was rancher that helped out with militia work. When the war came round he took up arms for the Alliance, where he picked up the nickname “Old Boot” along with some shiny medals. He don't like to talk about those years much, but he don't much like the Alliance no more either.

Mom was the one with the head for business. Her and dad were highschool sweethearts. She did the books for a couple of the local ranches as well as our own. During the war mom picked up the wasting sickness. *sigh* Mom was on her death bed, and dad managed to finagle some injuries he'd picked up into a discharge in the last year of the war. Mom held on until dad got home, and then she was gone.
After that point I was a teenager who'd just lost her mom, and with a dad she hadn't seen in years. Neither of us was much right in the head at the time. I went a might wild. Round this time I got my love of goin fast. I always liked ridin, but then I added driving, and even flying when I got my hands on an old mud-hopper and my cuz Alberto helped me keep it working.

Dad managed to strong-arm me into finishing schoolin, literally some days, but it was a... rough couple of years for both of us. After a certain point we kinda just saw how much each other was hurtin and all the angry went out of both of us. Leastwise towards each-other. Both of us got the right kinda temper to re-adjust ass to ear ratio when needed.

Once school was done, I got my pilot's license quick as I could and lit out of there for the wild black yonder. Been there since, piloting whatever bucket I can wiggle my way into the pilot's seat of."

Why: "Well pop kinda lost his shirt chasing down some old legendary ghost ship. Thought it'd be fun as a last hurrah before he settled down to ranching in his old age. Didn't go so well. Wound up loosing his seed money and then some with nothing to show for it but some old scraps of hull plating. The ranch, my ranch, is in hock for more than it can earn. Dad's been working hard keeping the ranch going, and I've been hustling out on courier runs. It ain't my ship, but it flies, and I like flying. Thing is we're just scraping by, and I ain't gonna let dad work himself to death, and I ain't gonna loose those horses or my family land to the banks."

I live again!
Thanks to all the great great GM's. Especially: Makenshi, Birched, Savoylen, Davion, and Homestarbaby.

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I'll See Your Three Toes and Raise Three fingers of my Left hand.

Name: Vanessa Bayley
right-aligned image

Description: Sharp-witted and quick on the take, Vanessa is a high-stakes competitive gambler. She's laid down bets using everything from the mundane - currency, coins, crystal, and rock - to the whispered - organs, life, time, memories - and the obscure - a pair of blue gloves. She has an easy musical laugh, a smile that is infectious, and a mean wit when provoked. Her memory for facts, numbers, and words is remarkable. She has played more games of Abbac than is reasonably healthy and raced a ridge runner along the Cisslay Depression against bootleggers betting toes. She's comfortable dressed down and joining a street game of Mahjong as much as she is in High Silk at a Dead Man's table fronting for a patron who's just lookin to win bragging rights. She is steadfast amid the pressure of a bluff and squirrelly when it comes to pinning down her draw. She doesn't wear glasses even when playin Eights because she'll challenge any to look into her eyes and read what's behind them. She never cheats, but she'll front your play if you have the spine ta do such a thing. It's nuthin to her if the others at the table are too dim to spot your foolishness. But try to pass that trash through her fingers and you're apt to find yourself missing a few teeth or worse. Cool, calm, and imperious at the table, she is a stalwart friend and even-handed negotiator. She'll bet on your smile and win even if you hold it in.

Appearance: Vanessa is a tall woman and stands a hand or two above most men. Her pale luminous face is framed by dark black hair. Her eyes are a pale brown, almost yellow, with flecks of gold along the edge of her pupils. She is full-figured and long of limb, but rarely uses her lines to pad a wager, front a bluff, or flip a stiff raise. She has fine delicate hands with long thin expressive fingers adept at turning markers and making them disappear like some minor alley magician. Her smile is quirky, the corners of her lips curling upwards whimsically. She has a tell, but you'll have to find it on your own. She guards it well.

Job: Public Relations. Book-keeper. Procurements.

History: Vanessa Bayley is well known in certain circles. Gambling is just an in for many other things. Her easy demeanor and sharp mind makes her a catch for any patron, organization, or crew lookin for a face to put out front when things get tumbled. She hasn't just gambled, but been paid by a number of others to retrieve articles or negotiate terms. She doesn't like that kinda work. It's much riskier even when you try not to figure what you're really gambling to win for one side or another. She lost only one toe racing at Cisslay. She's sat at eleven Dead Man's tables and managed to leave alive. She has seven accounts under various names in various currencies through various intermediaries. Only two of whom have actually ever met her or have an idea of her lineage.

Unexpectedly, Vanessa found herself in a game she wouldn't play, no matter what advance was given, what terms were written, and what threats were spoken. There are some tables from which you don't just walk away, but spend lead and gun smoke hoping your bluff buys you just enough time to find the door and run. She's out Dark from Something Big. Governmental. Corporational. Legitimate Scary. Or at least hiding from it. Someone like her doesn't miss what is hidden in one's hand of Eights. It's hard to unsee the truth behind the play even when they try to hide it.

Why: Vanessa understands that when someone is looking ta keep things quiet, it's likely to be profitable and leave little of a trail. If done right that is. Quiet jobs are like private invites to play Skreee at the Temple or Josen down with the Pipe Warrens. Generally, no one knows about it and those that do, forget it ever happened once the last bet was laid and the winnings figured. She needs a job like that. Quiet. High yield with low exposure. She can't go to the Temple or the Pipe Warrens anymore. Skreee and Josen were off limits. It would only take her a few Cleans to be tracked, tagged, and put in a box for the rest of her life. She has to work other tables for now. As for me, I'm interested in seeing what she does. What exactly she is running from. And when it finds her, how she Gambles her way out of it.
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right-aligned image

Name: Wyatt "Quicksilver" Hamilton Description: Wyatt is calm and often quiet, seems laid back, and wholly apathetic to the comings and goings of most people, except those he has interest in. Almost languid. Which is why catches people so off-guard when he snaps to action when it's necessary, like a snake resting in the sun suddenly threatened. He has a dry wit, not shy of rubbing people the wrong way with an off-colour comment, but is amiable enough for the most part. There is a steeliness behind his eyes that tells of a deeper resolve, but he's not unkind - it just takes some digging to find that heart of gold.

It's hard to tell whether he exhibits bravado or bravery, or a potentially fatal mix of the two. But whichever it is, Wyatt carries himself with the confidence to back up his words, whatever they might be, with actions. He'll stand true to his word, come what may. Despite that, he prefers to stay in the background, watching, waiting, until his call to action comes. Minimal effort, maximum results. Or maybe it's part of how he does his job so well, blending in and staying unnoticed until the right time.

Appearance: In his early 30s and tall, coming in at just over 6ft, Wyatt has neatly kept dark hair, and a trimmed beard. His skin is tanned showing long hours spent outside in various qualities of fresh air. He dresses well, and prides himself on his appearance if not always its cleanliness, which is odd. He seems to appreciate practicality often winning out over presentation. Wyatt carries himself with a stiff bearing that may indicate some history of military service, which is a little at odds with how he almost flows into chairs when he takes a seat, moulding to their form.

Connection: Wyatt served under Elly's father, Mitch, in the Alliance for a time. They became friends and respected colleagues, bonding over their increasing unease with the war, before Wyatt finally deserted some time later. Wyatt met Elly while spending some time with Mitch and some of the other war pigs at the Arcana family ranch, Elly in the midst of her flight training at the time. They became brief, but friendly, acquaintances in the short time Wyatt was on the ranch. Wyatt, good with a gun, spent some time teaching Elly to shoot, while she showed him some of the lands around the ranch, and some of her skills as a pilot. They parted ways when Wyatt and the other war pigs finished their retreat on the ranch and headed back to the black above.

Job: Security - This wasn't on the application form for joining the Djinn's crew, but Wyatt makes for a good hired gun, or bodyguard, possibly.

History: Wyatt was drafted into the Alliance on Ezra right out of school. He didn't know any better back then, nothin' but a young kid with no rudder nor wind to steer him true. He was good at taking orders, and a better shot, and rose through the rank and file within a few years to end up serving in the SUI. That's where the mounting feeling he'd been carrying around in his gut for a while finally caught up with him.

A village here, a town there. "Pacify the population," they said. "Put down the rebels." It's all well and good when you know who you're fightin' and those are the enemy, but when you're told to wander into someone's homestead, place they lived for all their lives and their mom's lives and their grandmom's before 'em, and ordered to clear 'em out? Well that just didn't sit right with Wyatt. I think some people call it a conscience?

After a particularly traumatic mission, Wyatt ensured he 'missed' the transpo back to the cruiser. Most of the inhabitants of the town were dead, and as tasteless as it was, they didn't need it any more, so Wyatt took some clothes, supplies, an ID chip, and what little credit he could find, and hopped the next shuttle off-world.

Thus began a career in bounty hunting and general hired-manning that can only be described as a mix of illustrious and infamous. But Wyatt did begin to make a name for himself, and pretty soon was able to take jobs working for crime lords, government agencies, and big business alike. He tried, as much as he could, to stay on the right side of the conscience he had discovered back in the war, choosing those jobs that best fit what he might call a moral compass.

But then, a job went wrong. Or that is to say, Wyatt was lied to by the client and refused to complete the contract. Damn conscience messin' things up again. A young mother-to-be had somehow made her getaway from a medical lab intent on poking and prodding her with all manner of sharps and pointies, and Wyatt was hired to find her and bring her back. Of course, they didn't tell him any of that, selling the job as an escaped death row fugitive who had voluntarily signed up for medical experimentation. When Wyatt found out the truth - that she had been nothing but a poor labourer, scooped up in a sweep and essentially 'volunteered' on threat of death to participate, well. Hell no. Wyatt gave her the deposit he was paid for the job up front, half the full credits, and sent her to the rump-end of the 'verse to disappear. Big corps don't like it when you give their money away, and let their 'valuable goods' go. So now Wyatt's on the run. Again.

Why: Wyatt needs to get out of dodge, and fast. He needs to disappear into the black as far away from here as possible, and an inconspicuous ship like the Djinn looks just perfect. And unless he wants to stay disappeared forever, or be disappeared if the corps ever catch up with him, he needs to earn enough credits to pay back the deposit for his last job, with a hefty chunk on top for the trouble.

As for me - I've played a Firefly-based game before a long while ago, though it didn't get too far off the ground, but what little it did I really enjoyed. I love the setting and the chance to flex RP and writing muscles that don't get used during the normal fantasy-style games. And Wyatt, after working alone for so long, might do well to make some new friends. More than happy to adjust based on any feedback!

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Character App: Garrett Liu
right-aligned image

Name: Garrett Liu, MD Character Sheet

Description: Garrett is a pragmatic man, slow to anger, with a brusque bedside manner. If his patient's chances are not good, he won't sugar-coat his prognosis. Once he gets to know someone, he is a loyal friend. Garrett will defend himself and his companions if necessary, but has no problem backing down from a fight and will usually attempt diplomacy before resorting to violence. Along with his Buddhist world view, Garrett's Hippocratic oath was the faith he's clung to during and after the war: First, do no harm.

Appearance: Dr. Garrett Liu has deep blue eyes, unruly light-brown hair, and a neatly trimmed beard. At a height of 5'11" he has an average build, and keeps himself in good physical shape. His long-fingered hands are always clean.

Garrett met Vanessa when he attended an illegal, high stakes gambling event as a spectator, and Vanessa was one of the players. Conflict between the patrons resulted in the stakes escalating to a Dead Man's Table, and Garrett could not stop himself from interfering with the game's lethal consequences.

Garrett also recalls a mysterious man whose life he saved five years ago on a mining planet - shot in the back. Patched him up fine, but checkin' in on him middle of the night, the man had vanished. Damnedest thing though, he'd fixed the coffee machine and tuned up the air conditioning before he left.

Job: Doctor

Idealism is for fools. Leastwise, the kind of idealistic fool Garrett was when he finished medical school. It's what allowed Garrett's brother Sinclair, five years his elder, to wrangle him into the Unification war on the Independent's side. They'd grown up on Sihnon, immersed in privilege he didn't appreciate or even notice at the time.

Garrett was goin' to make the 'Verse a better place and save the lives of righteous Independent heroes as a field surgeon... if any sane person could call what he actually did to keep those men and women alive saving them.

The worst part was the deciding. Sure, in a fully equipped medical facility, with trained nurses, a good night's sleep, and several hours of intense concentration, he could have saved most of them. Reattached limbs, replaced organs. Instead he had to do the best he could for each in the ten or fifteen minutes he had before movin' on to the next, and hope he didn't lose even more to infection.

In the end, none of it mattered. Sinclair died, and their parents blamed Garrett. The war was lost, the Alliance won, and most everything went back to the way it was for the outer planets - only worse. The Alliance took his license to practice medicine - in the core worlds anyway. Out on the rim, folks were desperate for freely offered medical help, and not so particular about legal details.

Why: Garrett has been operating a small clinic on Argabuthon as best he can with limited supplies, but recently a local criminal has claimed the clinic and Garrett as her gang's private and exclusive resource. He intends to high-tail it off Argabuthon at the first opportunity.

The 'Verse! I've watched the TV series and film multiple times, and I've read five of the tie-in novels (so far) - The Ghost Machine, Life Signs, Generations, The Magnificent Nine, and Big Damn Hero. I have never played an rpg game using the Serenity rules, but I have the Serenity rulebook (both physical copy and pdf) and I am keen to learn. I've played in text-based rpgs set in the Firefly 'Verse before, but without dice rolls - narrative only.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to apply for The Test Flight game!
she/her, Oath of Sangus

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right-aligned image

Name: Former Sergeant Scarlet Roux

Scarlet is usually very calm and observant of her surroundings. She throws out small jokes here and there with her friends and acquaintances while giving a stern look to anybody that threatens her crews or tries to pull one over on her. Her posture is very relaxed unlike the stiff posture one might expect of an ex-sergeant. One thing everyone will tell you is that she is honest to a fault and can be blunt at times, but it’s all with the best of intentions.

Scarlet is a strong woman of roughly 27 years in age and stands above average at 5’10” while weighing 150lbs of lean muscle. Dark brown eyes that seem to stare through you. Her hair is short and black with the back and sides shaved and the top combed over to the left side to cover the massive claw mark over her left eye and top of her left ear that appears to have been bitten off. Her body is covered in a combination of scars and tattoos. Each tattoo is the name of an event, place, or person with a date listed underneath as if she is making sure she never forgets specific points in time. The only one that is slightly different is the name ‘Zhou’ tattooed over her heart with an infinity symbol underneath. Anybody who calls it cheesy finds themselves waking up from a dirty nap shortly after. Her bomber jacket style plate vest has many various patches sewn into it from all the places she has been as mementos of her time there. Usual attire under that is a plain white no sleeve shirt, brown leather pants, and black combat boots. A heavy pistol is holstered in a quick draw pistol strapped to thigh while those with a good enough eye might notice a combat knife hidden in her right boot or the extensible sword strapped to the small of her back along the spine. The big metal gauntlet that stretches up her forearm to the elbow also gives people pause when they decide to get frisky.

Job: Security and Hacking

History and Connection to Rika Roux:
Scarlet turned the chair around as she sat down facing the man who would he interviewing her. Her chin rested in her left hand with her elbow propped up on the back of the chair. Her right hand holding a cigarette that was freshly lit. She takes a drag and blows the smoke to the side away from the person in front of her. ”So you want me to share a little bit about my history and why I’d be good for the job? Forewarning, I’m a straight shooter. So I’ll tell you what I can remember ‘cause there’s a clear line where I can’t remember anything before I was a little girl wandering around in a daze in a small town on Lilac covered in mud, blood, and scars both old and fresh. Hell I don’t even know what my real name is.” She motioned to the obvious scars on her face, chest, and arms. Some looked like bite marks while others were made by bullets or knives.

Scarlet gave a small chuckle as she knocked some ash off her cigarette before continuing. “Whole damn town thought I was some sort of young Reaver. Can’t say I blame them though seeing as how I looked at the time holding a knife covered in dried blood. Speaking of blood, I had lost so much that I passed out in the middle of the road. The only person who gave a damn was a girl named Rika who scooped me up and took me back to her house so her dad could patch me up. Rika had a big family and a big heart. Took a lot of convincing on Rika’s part, but that vixen flashed the big ol’ puppy dog eyes making her dad adopt me as his own daughter. Named me Scarlet. Don’t know if it was because of all the scars or the fact I was covered in blood when he first met me. He had a sick sense of humor at times. Pops encouraged me to learn basic stuff to protect myself like how to shoot and wield a sword. Said if you can’t protect yourself and your friends then you’re likely to have them ripped away from you. Luckily, I had a way with computers and other electronics which allowed me to be a big help whenever any of their tech went on the fritz instead of just being a brute.”

She brushed a lock of hair out of her face revealing more of it and just how jacked up the left side of her face was from a serious claw mark and the top of her left ear being bitten off. “Then of course came the Unification War. Look I really don’t give a damn what side you were on. Both the Alliance and the Independents had the good and the bad playing for their team, and I’ve seen them both. Me personally, I joined the Browncoats while my sis, Rika, tried her hand at the big fancy Alliance school. She eventually came around to the Independents though when things didn’t work out for her.”

Scarlet took another drag of her cigarette and looked off into space as if reliving what she spoke of next. “Rika and I fought a lot of battles in those hush hush Black Ops missions. She led the charge while I had her back. Was able to put my hacking and sabotage skills to good use sneaking into complexes and getting out without anybody ever knowing. Of course not everything always goes to plan when the other side has the fancy toys. You win some you lose some sort of thing. One day, there was a lot of refugees starving on a nearby planet, and my squad was there to raid a supply depot. Get in and get out with the goods. When I reported back to the Independents’ camp, I ran into the supply sergeant, Zhou. Cute well and polished guy, but it doesn’t take a Reader to see that he hated his desk job. Said that he wasn’t allowed to be out in the field because of his asthma being too much of a liability according to his superiors. I told him they could screw off and that he was coming with me where he could do some real good and live up to his full potential. He thought I was kidding at first until he saw I wasn’t laughing. That’s when his Captain walked in throwing a giant stack of folders in front of him. I noticed a hint of red lipstick that was mostly wiped away on his neck just below the collar. I gave a quick peek around the corner while he was talking to Zhou. Sure enough I see the colonel’s wife stepping out of the supply closest buttoning up her shirt and reapplying that same red lipstick that I saw on the Captain’s neck. Long story short, Zhou was reassigned to my squad in exchange for my silence on the matter.”

She smiled and her cheeks got a little red as she blew another puff of smoke. ”Me, Rika, and Zhou were like peas in a pod always having each other’s back. Smooth talker that Zhou. Between that and his marksman eye I was smitten, and the feelings were mutual. I’m sure your folks gave you the birds and the bees talk. My old man had never been more uncomfortable in his life than we he told me, but that’s another story. Anyways, we got the job done no matter what was tossed at us. Felt like the three of us could take on the world. Unfortunately one day we bit off more than we could chew. Intel on an Alliance cargo transport was bad and twice the number of soldiers are on board than expected. Sometimes I suspect that we were setup. Got my squad to the escape pod, but Zhou had fallen behind when he took a bullet to the leg. Before I could run back and get him, he had hit the launch button for the pod sending us into space.”

Her grip tightened on the chair and her face had a clear sign of grief and anger as she put out the cigarette in the tray. “Damn idiot always liked to act like a hero. I could’ve made it back to him in time. War ended shortly after that. Spent a lot of time and creds trying to find out what happened to him. It doesn’t pay the bills though. Had to take up various contracts as a hired hacker or bodyguard to make ends meet and move onto the next planet to continue my search. It’s starting to take forever and having my own ship would go a long way towards being self-sufficient one day. Ships are expensive though, even the clunkers. So that’s why I’m here. I need a lot of money, and your boss needs someone to get the job done with a no questions asked understanding. Well that’s me. If you say it’s somebody else, I’ll knock’em out so you don’t have a choice. We got a deal?”

Scarlet may seem like a tough cookie on the outside, but she longs for the day she can settle down with her man, Zhou, and have kids on their own ship exploring the Verse. Unfortunately, she has to find Zhou’s whereabouts and whether he is dead or not which requires money, networking, and a ship which she is hoping this job will provide her with enough money to acquire these things.

Part of my inspiration for Scarlet is based on a movie called Momento which is about a guy whose wife died but can’t remember how she died due to his short term memory loss, so he tattoos himself with reminders of clues he finds out. That way he isn’t starting off at square one each time. Scarlet doesn’t care about the past that she doesn’t remember but is afraid of forgetting what she has experienced now. I also like the mystery of the Amnesia complication and how her past could come back to haunt her.

Character Sheet:
Taken Oath of Sangus
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