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Old Sep 24th, 2021, 12:48 PM
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Get to Know the Runners

In this thread you can post information about your character that you're comfortable with all the players knowing, which should probably start with the information in your character application and move from there whenever you come up with something.



Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

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Yamada, Hanako
left-aligned image
Real Name: Yamada, Hanako
Code Name: Vulpine
Metatype: Human

Archetype: Magician

Physical Description: Yamada Hanako is a woman of Japanese origin getting on in her years, her hair has started to show some traces of grey and her brown eyes are far from hiding the quinquagenarian's age... Yet despite this, she still has a rather youthful appearance. Yamada's not quite as quick or strong as she once was, but there's still plenty of life left in her which is shown by her lifestyle. Yamada is never seen without her greatcoat which has an embroidered pattern of four foxes forming a circle on the back and she's rarely seen wearing anything other than a The top two buttons of which are always left undone. She knows what draws people in.two-piece suit.

Personality: Yamada is an unapologetic hedonist, her life is meant to be enjoyed and pleasure is to be not only indulged in but shared with others. Yamada has been described by some as a temptress, she knows the exact kind of things whisper in order to tempt a married man to hit on the cute brunette at the end of the bar, always seems to have just the right kind of liqueur to tempt a recovered alcoholic into just one last drink. There's an underlying sense of malice in the tricks she plays.

In some bout of contrarianism, Yamada has a maternal instinct for younger women she considers friends; they always drink for free at the bar she manages or straight from her personal liqueur cabinet and her door is almost constantly open to them - so long as they call beforehand.

Yamada Hanako previously worked as a bodyguard for the chairman of the Yakai Clan. Details on how the Who at the time was Yakai KonyaYakai chairman met Yamada vary from person to person, but the one thing each has in common is that the chairman saw the immense potential within the woman, who he took from the Kirifuri Highland and raised to be a bodyguard for his heir: Yakai Maeda. Yamada and Maeda were notably close friends, there was rarely an event where the Kitsune of Yakai was not present with her respective chairman.

Hanako served as Maeda's bodyguard for his entire reign as chairman, retiring a year after the cause of Yakai Maeda's death was undiagnosed cancerhis death to help manage a Yakuza front operation in the United States: A nightclub... An environment filled with impressionable, hedonistic youth who more often than not had no aversion to the drugs peddled through the Yakuza dealers present in the club. The ideal place for a hedonist temptress like Vulpine.

Vulpine keeps her house well stocked with booze, food, and other... Delights for metahumans and she quite often finds herself bringing home someone to push down the rabbit hole.

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ApplicationDemons Run and Angels Weep...
...When a Good Dog goes to War.

right-aligned image
Name: Lt. Doug Barkley
Code Name: Stray
Metatype: Transhuman Dogboy
Archetype: Ranged Adept, Spotter/Tracker

Physical Description: German Shepherd. That's the breed that most of the genetic material was pulled from. Barkley's six feet tall and lanky, with a short layer of brown fur and a thick neck. The coloration darkens to black on his legs, forearms, ear tips, and muzzle. He walks on the pads of his long feet and often finds it difficult to find anything resembling normal shoes. Normally, he's barefoot and wearing mended fatigues with a reinforced paramilitary jacket and pack. Often his clothes have been decorated with objects found by the kids at the halfway house. Usually, his lips are curled into an infectious grin that reaches soulful honey-toned eyes. His bushy tail responds to his emotions, arcing upright when he's alert and wagging when he's in a good mood.

When it is time to go loud, Barkley wears a full suit of form-fitting body armor and carries a customized rifle. The armored bodysuit is matte black. Old rank markers have long since been removed. A visor glowing a dull red is set into the black helmet that was customized to fit his unique head shape. Straps and harnesses are connected in ways that show a lifetime of practice, and there is at least one holdout pistol in there somewhere. Worn over all of this is a hooded long coat with an image of three wolves howling at a forest moon embroidered on the back.

Personality: Barkley loves humans. Dwarves and trolls are also nice, but nothing compares to a human. They're just great. You know that feeling that people get when they see a baby animal stretch or stumble around? That's how he feels every time he sees a human. Barkley just can't help it. No, really. He can't help it. That part came with all the other traits they spliced into him while Gene-Techs attempted to vat-grow the perfect soldier. Barkley's also alert, determined, and obedient. Nothing feels better than the satisfaction of a job well done. There may be some issues with territoriality... but he wouldn't say that he was aggressive so much as protective. There has been some biting. In his defense, there were provocations.

He tends to do well with other runners. Barkley's instincts have him deferring to strong leadership figures and watching over any fragile teammates. He doesn't believe in cutting losses and leaving other runners behind if a job goes south, so his sense of self-preservation could probably use some work. Once he's locked onto a target, he is rarely shaken or evaded for long. The boy is downright tenacious. Have I ever told you about the time he bit a ghost?

left-aligned image
The premise was simple. Soldiers needed to follow orders unquestioningly. They needed to be hyper-aware of their surroundings, and capable of reacting at a moment's notice. They needed to instinctively work as a unit. Never one to leave well enough alone, a team of ...that may have also been responsible for making cat-girl assassins...biotech researchers developed Barkley. Well, they developed the product line that Barkley was a part of.

Barkley was what you would call a Lost Asset. Technically he's still an Ares citizen, but his name was taken off of payroll lists and corporate housing programs. Certain members of his former corporation knew that he was still alive, but Barkley's current position made him more useful in the shadows. Besides, the process of getting back on the official payrolls would be a nightmare. The lieutenant was on his own.

Before long, he landed a spot doing odd jobs at a foster home. He would spend some time fixing broken hinges, patching holes kicked in walls, and picking up groceries. In exchange, he had all the ...which he enjoys...kibble that he could eat, a spare room, and he got to play with the children. He tried not to show his favoritism for the human pups. The children were quick to play games of hide-and-seek, with gifts reserved for the last one found. Those troubled pups prone to violent outbursts were rewarded for time spent in guided meditation, stillness, and internal reflection. It really was an idyllic life, but these kinds of things always came with a cost.

The home had a not-so-loose connection with the local crime syndicates. The vice trade had a way of producing accidental children, gang violence had a way of taking away their parents, and the next generation of enforcers had to come from somewhere. The area was a known neutral ground, but that came with certain strings attached. Expensive strings. Lt. Barkley was quick to volunteer to shoulder a part of his pack's burden and was put in touch with a few relevant fixers. These shadows wouldn't run themselves, after all.
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I work at a Hospital but like to pretend that I can keep a regular schedule.

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I'll go through and edit out what people shouldn't know about Mika when I get the time. I decided, screw it

Character Application
right-aligned image
  • Real Name: Going to use the Prototype Transhuman quality from Chrome Flesh and Made (Wo)Man from Run Faster to explain how she managed to finance the bar.M59I-K732-A6
  • Code Name: MIKA
  • Metatype: Human (Female)
  • Age: 10 (looks between 21-24)
  • Archetype: Face/Street Samurai

  • Physical Description:
    Looking at her from behind, the first thing you would notice about Mika is her black cattail swaying back and forth. If you were to mention the tail to her, the next aspect you would see is Mika's cat eyes as the woman gave you a glare. The rest of her looks like the classical Chinese phenotype with the added exception that she moved with a grace only a cat or enhancement people can manage. Now people might wonder why someone would go through all the trouble to have a cat tail implanted only to snipe at the first person who mentions it, and there is a reason. Unlike most people, Mika was born with most of her Bioware. From the eyes, tail, and claws to the enhanced hearing, agility, and cat pheromones, they have all been a part of Mika since she first stepped out of the vat.

  • Personality:
    When you've been grown in a lab and only conscious of your existence for the past ten years, that tends to screw with one's perceptions. The melding of Panther DNA with human DNA has left Mika with instincts not wholly human, which sometimes comes out in her actions. To curb these instincts, Mika has spent quite a lot of time studying the proper behaviors of metahumans and how best to interact and even manipulate them. Though if she is honest, Mika is still learning that last one. When someone feels in their bones that they are something other, something different, it's hard to empathize with the rest of metahumanity. Fortunately, her DNA test confirmed that she was 60% human, so Mika makes an effort not to alienate herself from the rest of metahumanity. Mika rarely smiles as baring her teeth has her instinctively wanting to hiss or growl in warning. Sometimes, it's easier not to smile than fight instinct.

    Another quirk of Mika's is that she considers all felines as people and treats them accordingly. When a cat walked in and hopped onto the bar, she gave it a bowl of milk and talked to him as if the cat was a person. When a cybered-up freak named Jak batted that cat off the bar for kicks, Mika immediately emptied an entire clip from her submachine gun into the prick. The fact that Jak was more stunned by her actions than injured by the bullets had them staining at each other, and the bar went dead quiet. For some reason, violence did not follow that silence, and instead, Jak left to come back another day. Mika was relieved that her bar was not about to get trashed before she went to tend to the injured cat. On the flip side, Mika and dogs do not get along! In fact, any mutts in her territory tend to end up on the menu. Metahumans that look like canines get her undivided attention while they are in her presence. Due to her living on the street and her feline instincts, and being a made person, Mika has few morals when it comes to protecting what's hers. She will not hesitate to kill someone that threatens her property or friends.

  • Background Summary:
    Due to an errent keystroke made by the decker of a group of Shadowruners, specimen M59I-K732-A6 was released into their midst. Luckily specimen M59I-K732-A6 was a catgirl and not some monster that wanted to eat them. Taking the cute girl that looked kind of Chinese with them they had to lay low after blowing up the Biotechnica lab that she was found in. After some time specimen M59I-K732-A6 overheard that her saviors were about to sell her and so she left. A few years wandering had M59I-K732-A6 who now went by the name of MIKA finding a stash of smuggled Yakuza equipment in a secret flooded basement during a heavy rainstorm, Mika tried selling them, unfortunately, to a Yakuza backed pawnshop. Luckily, Mika kept her head, both literally and figuratively, as she offered the Oyabun a deal. He accepted and she soon had her own tiny bar with a Yakuza safe house in the back.
    Something NOT in the background is that between working for the Yakuza and managing a business without the knowledge to do so, Mika's Den has been struggling to make a profit. So Mika has hired a new bartender to be on call so she can make some nuyen running the shadows.


    left-aligned image
    Mika's Den
    Mika's Den

    During the day, the entrance into Mika's Den is behind a storage unit garage door that looks like every other secured storage unit on the lot. The garage door opens up during the night, showing a dimly lit stairway leading down into the dark bar. Dim AROs advertise Mika's Den above the door, and to each side are translations in eight languages of her den's name. When she first searched the matrix, Mika found out that the name Mika had the blame google if this is wrong. I was actually surprised by a random grouping of letters that I had chosen for my character came up with this result same meanings of 'beautiful fragrance' in Hungarian, Japanese, and Russian. Finding that the exact spelling also meant 'rabbit' in the Sioux language had Mika frowning and finding other variations of her assumed name in Finnish, Hebrew, and Polish had Mika decide to add them to her ARO sign as well. Not wanting to offend any other gangs by leaving out their language on her bar Mika adding Chinese and Sperethiel to the list. Aching to the left of Mika's Den was HungarianMika Barlangja, Japaneseミカの巣窟, RussianЛогово Микаэля, and FinnishDen Miikki. Arching to the right was, Hebrewהמאורה של מיקאל, Chinese猫窝, PolishDen Mikaela, and Sperethiel. I used French for the language <shrug>La tanière de Mika. And under these arching translations and on either side of the door are AROs of two naked dancing with fur and big anime-style eyescatgirls. Yes, even a vat-grown catgirl like Mika knows that sex sells.

    However, once you get inside Mika's Den, there is a distinct lack of naked dancing girls and the only cat tropes in the place are Mika and two adult cats. There is a large black cat, and her name is Bast. And a medium-sized white cat and his name is Kali. They both fight all the time, but anyone who hurts either of them deals with an angry Mika. While the place still has a faint moldy smell about it, the smell of alcohol and unwashed bodies tend to cover that up. The Matrix reception out here is crap, and the space is tight, but the acoustics are excellent. Any music playing over that of a conversationsixty decibels makes it hard to hear, and Mika keeps the music loud. Due to Mika's sensitivity to specific frequencies, some music is banned in her bar. The place is about as clean as the bartenders and Mika, with her busy life as a shadowrunner and being a secret Yakuza gang member can make it.

  • Experience: 5th & 6th edition only. I've played four characters in Shadowrun, a Her name was Rain, an elf, and the game didn't last long after I joined.Street Sam sniper, a An Orc with a shotgun. For some reason, I can't remember his name. The game also puttered out and died.Street Shaman, another FUBAR was this Dwarf's name. I still feel bad about leaving Arialles' Stormy Waters game, but I had RL issues I had to deal with at the time.Street Sam(guess I just like that type of character), and a a Chinese slum rat from Hong Kong named Dünn. DM had to end the game for personal reasons.Technomancer. I also DMed a game called An Untimely Encounter for two years before having to end it at the beginning of this year. Given all that experience, I still have to dive into the books and get a headache from reading up on game mechanics.

  • Other: I suppose, I should have kept the Yakuza safehouse a secret but it's been sitting there for a day or two for everyone to see so too late to make it one now

Additional Questions

"arE yoU ReAdy To PlaY a GaMe?"

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right-aligned image
Name: Lilith Auemheimer
Alias: Revenant
Occupation: Decker
Metatype: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 1.6 m / 5'3"
Weight: 60 kg / 132 lbs
Age: 18
Hair: Black (dyed red)
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Fair
Primary Arm: Right

Description: Revenant is an aficionado of the old styles, a mixture of punk and goth, but without the bright colors that others tend to mix with their punk look. Her normally-dark hair is dyed a dark crimson, and on missions she affects a "warpaint mask" of matching color. Black leathers complete the look, with particular pride in the jacket. She found it in an old store...the owner probably forgot he had it, or didn't realize what real leather was going for these days, and she snatched it up. She's a little out of shape; the price of spending hours at a time perched in front of a deck, but she's got a gym membership...somewhere.

Normally enjoys a dry wit sprinkled with sarcasm, when she bothers talking to people at all. Considering the quality of "people" these days, she doesn't see it as an issue. She doesn't have much of a filter for what she says or how she says it, but she's not particularly mean-spirited. There's an aura about her...sadness? Angst? Is it part of the goth thing? It's hard to say, it just kind of hangs like a dark cloud.

Background: Well, for starters...she's dead. No really, look it up. Lilith Auemheimer, a.k.a. "Eden" died earlier this year in what is believed to be a criminal activity. She was traced through the Matrix to her physical location, which was unfortunately destroyed by an explosion when corporate security attempted to arrest the alleged perpetrator. No body was found, but considering the amount of damage done to the structure, she was pronounced dead.

Obviously, it wasn't supposed to go that way. Eden, her handle back then...get it? Lilith? Eden? Hyuk, hyuk...was running overwatch for her group of shadowrunners, and everything seemed to be going smoothly. She shut down cameras, rerouted security, closed of lift access...the team was sliding through the complex like a dragon through an airbus. That's when she got that feeling...y'know, when you realize you're not alone? Well...the fragger had been running silent, and she'd missed it! The spider was tailing her the whole time, letting her do her thing until the team was good and deep into enemy territory. She managed to detect one of the markers, and tried to sleaze, but couldn't shake the spider. Security miraculously got their act together and the team was in trouble, so Eden went after the other decker. Started slotting his stick real good, too...until security moved in on her. Apparently, the spider squealed and the corpos outside her location decided to act immediately. There was a BOOM and a lot of smoke, fire, and...something that knocked her sideways. She must've blacked out at some point...

When she woke up, she had a pile of debris to dig herself out of. Her team was dead, and so was she...officially. All because she didn't look over her shoulder. After spending some time healing and feeling sorry for herself, she managed to get a new deck (old one was part of the debris) and a new identity, and she started rebuilding a new life for herself. Let Eden be dead...Revenant wasn't gone yet, omae.

Character SheetLilith Auemheimer as "Revenant" (Human) Movement: 6/12 (2m/hit) Swim: 2.5 (1m/hit) Current Form:
InitRiggerAstralMatrix ARMatrix ColdMatrix HotCMPhysical LimitMental LimitSocial Limit
9 +1d69 +1d6 9 +1d69 +3d69 +4d610/11486

Qualities: Big Regret (Getting previous group killed.), Codeslinger (Hacking on the Fly), Dead SIN, Fear of Failure, instinctive Hack, Ninja Vanish, Overclocker, Quick Config

Active Skills: Animal Handling 2, Archery 2, Armorer 5, Automatics (Submachine Guns) 8 (10), Blades 2, Clubs 2, Computer (Matrix Perception) 11 (13), Con 2, Cybercombat (IC) 12 (14), Demolitions 5, Disguise 4, Diving 3, Electronic Warfare (Hide) 12 (14), Escape Artist 2, Etiquette (Matrix) 8 (10), First Aid 5, Forgery 5, Free-Fall 3, Gunnery 2, Gymnastics 2, Hacking (Files) 12 (14), Hardware (Cyberdecks) 11 (13), Heavy Weapons 2, Impersonation 2, Instruction 2, Intimidation 2, Leadership 2, Longarms 2, Navigation 4, Negotiation 2, Perception 8, Performance 2, Pilot Ground Craft (Bike) 5 (7), Pilot Watercraft 3, Pistols 2, Running 1, Sneaking (Urban) 4 (6), Software 11, Survival 4, Swimming 1, Throwing Weapons 2, Tracking 4, Unarmed Combat 2

Knowledge Skills: Area Knowledge: Chicago 8, City Speak 8, Data Havens 9, English N, Hebrew 6, Matrix 12, Matrix Games 8, Matrix Threats 10, Religion (Judaism) 7 (9)

Karma: 2

Colt Cobra TZ-1208 (10)4 (5)7P-SA/BF/FA4 (5)
Folding Stock, Gas-Vent 2 System, Laser Sight, Sling       
Unarmed Attack24 2S- 2  

Combat SkillRtg
Automatics (Submachine Guns)8
Heavy Weapons2
Throwing Weapons2
Unarmed Combat2

Armor (7)
Padded Leather 7
(Custom Fit, Padded)

Cyberware/Bioware: Datajack Plus Rating 3

Gear: Ammo: Regular Ammo (Submachine Guns) ×160, Data Tap, Datachip ×10, Electronic Parts, Five-Pack ×5, Fake SIN 4 (Lilith Auemheimer)[Fake License 3 (Automatic Weapons License); Fake License 3 (Cyberdeck License); Fake License 3 (Driver's License)], Hermes Chariot[Armor; Baby Monitor; Biofeedback; Blackout; Bootstrap; Browse; Commlink Functionality[Camera, Micro; Chip Player; Credstick Reader; Earbuds 1; GPS Guidance System; Micro Trid-Projector; Music Player; RFID Tag Scanner; Shock- and Water-Resistant Case; Touchscreen Display]; Configurator; Decryption; Defuse; Edit; Encryption; Exploit; Fly on a Wall; Fork; Hammer; Hardening; Hitchhiker; Lockdown; Mugger; Nuke-from-Orbit; Signal Scrub; Sim Module, Hot; Smoke and Mirrors; Sneak; Toolbox; Universal Connector Cord (Meter); Virtual Machine; Wrapper], Subvocal Mic, Tool Kit (Hardware), Tool Shop (Hardware)

Lifestyle: Low (Low-rent apartment), Security Rating: C
Months paid: 3, Cramped, Extra Secure, Obscure/Difficult to Find, Grid Subscription (Public Grid)

Nuyen: 6,260¥

Vulpine Pretty much everything Revenant isn't: Classy, worldly, carpe diem older woman with style, flair, and confidence. Probably originally scared the crap out of Revenant when they first met. Now, though, she admires her, though a bit from afar. Still scares her a little, but not as much.
Stray She had a little trouble with the 'dog' thing at first, and still thinks it's weird. Nice doggie...guy...thing, though. She's still not sure exactly where the runner ends and the pet begins, but so far he's proven capable. So long as he doesn't try to hump her leg, they should be fine.
Mika So...first a dog, now a cat? What the frag, were they shadowrunners or the SPCA?? Pretty likely that Revenant received one of Mika's trademark glares, and never mentioned the tail again. Luckily, they seem to have moved past it and get along well enough, once the initial faux pas faded. Revenant always was more of a 'cat person', anyway...
Ovinnik Big fragger, but a nice guy. Pretty interesting, too...not a lot of trolls go to college. Revenant just doesn't really get into the physical fitness thing that much, but thinks the guy's pretty subzero.
Deuce Another example of a lot of things Revenant is not. Beautiful, sophisticated, impeccable taste, and capable of wrapping people around her finger. She even has a British accent! least she doesn't act too snooty. Between Deuce and Vulpine, Revenant has to work hard to keep her insecurities in check.
Pete What the frag kind of street name is 'Pete'?! For some reason, maybe because he reminds Revenant of Chip, she kind of likes him. Maybe it's because he's one of the only ones other than her who doesn't look like they drifted in from some Hollywood blockbuster...or is an animal. Kind of weird seeing a dwarf mage, but go figure.
Character Questions
Character Questions


Oh, after all the folderol and hauling over coals stops, what did I learn?

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The Russian Troll
left-aligned image

Real Name: Yuri Petrov
Code Name: Ovinnik
Metatype: Troll
Archetype: Physical Adept

Physical Description: Standing at just under 10ft tall (9 feet eight inches) and weighing in at five hundred pounds with horns, tasks striking out of his mouth and dermal plating sprouting out at various places, Yuri looks like a monster. While he looks imposing, his general physically demeanour is laid back and casual. He slouches when he talks with people, he keeps his hands in his pockets and tries to keep his tusks within his mouth. He generally has his brown hair trimmed into a crew cut to avoid loose hair while fighting and to try and maintain a professional and friendly look about him. It doesn’t really help.

Personality: Yuri is for the most part quiet. He's not one to blather on incessantly or needlessly, he'll speak politely when spoken to and short and to the point. He was raised to be a polite boy by his Babushka, and the most he'll swear is the occasional soft "frag" when the drek has really hits the fan. His Babushka taught him to be weary of his strength and just how strong he is and he takes that to heart, being very careful and deliberate while he moves. This kind of mindset is why he started taking up Jujitsu to control his strength and why he began learning about engineering and chemistry. All the better to put things back together again if you know how they work. He personally hates gangs and organised crime and vehemently hates where he's gotten to in life, a pawn of the Vory and treated as dumb muscle because he lost control once.

Background: Summary - College kid tries to pay for tuition through underground fight clubs. Kid becomes in debt to the Russian mob and is now completely under their thumb.


Experience: I have never been a player, but over the last six months I’ve been running my own 5E game IRL. Before that, nothing.


- Ovinnik is a real world myth from Slavic folklore. It’s a creature that burns down barns unless tribute was paid. These tributes were usually in the form of chickens and pancakes.

- Yuri lives out of his GMC Universe.

- Yuri's Babushka is not his blood relative or even a troll. She’s a dwarf. Yuri has never once in his life questioned this or even thought about how odd this was
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right-aligned image

Real Name: Juliet Hardwick

Code Name: Deuce

Archetype (if applicable): Face

Physical Description: Like she just walked out of the c-suite. Nothing so predictable as a ‘chief of’, more like the ludicrously paid lawyer that was going to dig their sweet behind out of whatever trouble they’d landed themselves in. Her stature and slimness talk of a near-pathological self-control and her self-confidence makes her noticed in any room. She has an imposing presence, standing as tall as the six footers found at the top of the corporate ladder and she doesn’t shy from anyone’s eyes.

Personality: You want her on your side. As friend or valued employer, she’s wit and charm, she’ll make you feel loved and respected – its nearly genuine. But Juliet’s true client is always Juliet. While charm is her first point of call, there is plenty more in her armoury – notice the iron? that’s what’s going to get you. Ultimately she’ll not leave any trick in the bag to win her way. As I said, you want her on your side.


Promising London Lawyer
Juliet was born in London to an ambitious middling family. Expensive schooling gave her the right training and helpful contacts - contacts that led to employment in the family office of Beaumont family. The Beaumonts could trace their wealth back to land granted by William the Conqueror; it was wealth that had been husbanded and invested over centuries. So, when the Corporations took the role of nations, the Beaumonts slipped happily into the shadows, holding stakes buried behind corporate vehicles, tax havens and downright lies. Their deals were big – and having a hand in them made you wealthy.

Never Enough
The problem is, there is always more wealthy. Juliet had a taste and she wanted more. She became a weak link – the kind that the Carnetti Family were adept at finding and turning. Starting small – some information here, taking a position there, the Carnettis profited from the insider Juliet. But again, the problem is there is always more wealthy – the Carnettis were happy to up the ante and milk their
asset - first a quick hack, then leaving the doors wider open - of course she’d be caught in the end … they always were.

New York!
Juliet was no fool. She’d taken a lover in the Carnettis – high up. His loyalty to her was such that when the moment came, she was gone. Beaumont's security just found an empty apartment, noodles boiling dry on the hob. Juliet was whisked across the world. Another City, another community of finance types. She had to lay-low. Disappear.

But all that beautiful stuff … the life … she could not leave it behind. She’d take the risk. She’d freelance. Cutting her hair, dying it black, shedding her trademarked dresses, Juliet became Deuce – a woman of two faces.

The back-end of nowhere
But the heat followed. Deuce had built a nice business – a reputation with runners for opening the metaphorical doors, for cracking the job before the tyres hit the road. But it’s a small world. A home in London meant home in New York and so finding herself standing in the elevator avoiding the eyes of the Beaumont
General Counsel was the end of that life too.

She barely made it out of the building and had to burn her local contacts just to get out of the city. Where to? Nowhere, that’s where. The kind of nowhere the Beaumonts would not be seen dead. But for god’s sake make it a nowhere where there is some business to be had. Indianapolis? Why not … it’d be a start.

Experience: Pretty much complete novice! Learning the rules and the setting as I go, but loving every minute of it. (I am two posts in to a 6e game with Arialles – so that’s helping me find the Shadowrun rhythm too.)

Other: I kind of know Juliet. She’s a character in a novel I’m working on (yes, yes, me too!) Its not in a Shadowrun setting, but the minute I researched this place, I knew that Juliet would fit right in. So I thought it would be fun to have a go.

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Real Name: Leo Huerta
Code Name: Pete
Metatype: dwarf

Archetype: Street Mage (specializing in Enchanting)

Physical Description: There’s no mistaking Pete for anything other than a dwarf. He stands just a bit under four feet tall and weighs about 135 pounds. He has the ubiquitous beard and broad shoulders of his race and sports a noticeable beer gut.

The concept of fashion appears to be completely unknown to Pete. He wears dull looking clothes that seem to have had several other owners in their lifetimes. His jacket is made of reinforced synthleather and, even though it’s seen better days, it still has plenty of life left in it. When he’s on a run or just collecting reagents, he carries a voluminous satchel over his shoulder.

Pete carries himself as though he’s shouldering the weight of the world. Most of the time he walks with a plodding gait, shoulders hunched and back bowed.

Personality: Pete is a study in contrasts when it comes to his personality. As a youth, he believed all the things his parents told him about doing the right thing, telling the truth, and helping others. However, when they were brutally scrubbed from this world, those lessons went with them.

Now Pete realizes that the only way to get by is to look out for number one. To his dismay though, he is plagued by the spirit of Generosity. Seemingly at the worst times, he is overcome with irresistible urges to help others and “do the right thing.” If he can, he fights off these urges with a little help from some deepweed. When he’s on it, he’s mellow and detached, but also more resistant to the urgings of his mentor spirit.

Background: Before the Awakening, Pete’s mother and father lived a simple life on the outskirts of San Jose in Costa Rica. After the Awakening, things were chaotic for everyone, but the Huertas managed to get by without much difficulty. When Aztechnology started to become a dominant force in the area, the Huertas moved north, not stopping until they reached Texas.

It was in Houston that Pete went through UGE. He was lucky that his transformation was more benign than what orks and trolls go through, but he still faced some discrimination growing up. He also awakened magically shortly thereafter. Back then, magic was less socially acceptable than it is now, and Pete spent most of his time cloistered in his room teaching himself how to channel his magic into physical items.

During the Great Crash, Pete’s parents were killed by gangers who were looting during the confusion. With nothing left for him in Houston, Pete decided to continue migrating north. He didn’t stop until he reached Indianapolis, where he settled into a poor neighborhood on the south side of town. There, he used the name Pete to conceal his identity, giving himself a fresh start.

Over the years, Pete has scraped by as a reagent scavenger. SINless, the corporate life was out of reach to him, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Despite living in a poor neighborhood, he has diligently avoided joining a gang. In large part, this is because of what happened to his parents but he is naturally disinclined to be a part of large groups.

A few years ago, he started running the shadows off and on. His talents were in demand and it beat the pants off of gathering reagents for the local talismongers. The first time he came face-to-face with the wrong end of ‘geek the mage,’ he almost got back out of it. The easy money pulled him back in, but he adopted the moniker Shotgun Pete to conceal his actual skillset. His last run was a complete shambles and, once again, has him wondering if this is right for him. Part of him knows he won’t quit the life but, frag it, he’d told his team it wouldn’t be a milk run!

Experience: A mediocre amount, probably more lore than game knowledge.

left-aligned image
Other: Since you said the game is going to be character driven, I’ll use this space to lay out some of the nuts and bolts of Pete’s life. I took some liberties with your world. I hope you don’t mind.

Pete in repose: Pete and his girlfriend, Michele, live in a lower-class neighborhood on the south side of Indianapolis, between Smith Valley and Fairview just east of the 37. The apartment complex they live in lacks many of the creature comforts that most citizens of the Sixth World have access to, but it is largely free of corporate and criminal influence. Utilities and Matrix-access are provided by the city and the average income is low enough to make it uninteresting to organized crime and the larger gangs.

Pete makes a living by scavenging reagents and, when that isn’t enough, running the shadows. When he has a little extra nuyen, he hangs out at an Awakened bar that’s just a few As near as I can tell, Indy doesn't have any kind of light rail IRL. I made this up.metro stops from home. Michele is a receptionist for a local street doc who works out of an abandoned strip mall. While Pete makes more money, Michele’s income is more consistent. Between the two of them, they get by.

Notable people, places, and groups:
Michele – is an ork with the annoying habit of always being in great shape, despite the fact that she doesn’t work out or eat well. She is tough and street savvy. She has always been from the street, whether it was living as a squatter or having an actual home like she does now. When she and Pete met, she pushed him for his full name. He responded by telling her that his name was “just Pete.” Now, she calls him JustPete whenever she wants to prod him.
The Buzz Killers – are a medium-sized gang that claims most of South 65 City, although certain parts are still disputed by rival gangs. They started out as a go-gang, but have quickly grown beyond that in recent years. They have their hands in a variety of things, but they’ve set their sights on the bigger fish in their fiefdom and, for now, don’t have much to do with the poorer residents.
The Mana Storm – an Awakened bar in south Indianapolis. Despite its name, it is very low-key compared to most Awakened clubs. The inside is broken up into different areas dedicated to entertainment, casual conversation, and quiet studying. The basement has been turned into a hermetic lodge and can be rented for a variety of uses, particularly ritual magic.
Harvey and Bob – brothers who work at The Mana Storm. Harvey is a “mundane” with his fair share of chrome. Bob tends bar, knows everyone, and specializes in summoning air elementals.
The Black Library – a loose group of mages who frequent The Mana Storm. They are all ritual spellcasters who help each other with their rituals.
Detective Contreras – a Lone Star detective that uses Pete as an informant. Contreras knows that Pete is a shadowrunner but doesn’t know that he is a mage. The detective knows him as Shotgun Pete and thinks he’s just a hired gun. Because there isn’t much of a criminal element in Pete’s neighborhood (at least not in his apartment complex), their relationship has been fairly aloof. Pete wants to keep it that way since he hasn’t told Michele about it yet.

Plot Hooks:
Crime – there is always the looming threat of increased crime. A great variety of things could happen behind the scenes to make gangs or organized crime elements take an interest in Pete’s neighborhood. City or state governments might invest in urban renewal, a corp might move into the neighborhood, or drug dealers could set up shop nearby.
Cops – Pete’s relationship with Lone Star could rear its ugly head. A surge in crime or just an isolated case might have Detective Contreras knocking on Pete’s door. Pete, of course, wants to keep that away from Michele and also wants to hide his magical ability from Lone Star.
Work – both Pete and Michele are SINless. Therefore, their ability to earn nuyen is inconsistent to say the least. If both suffer a downfall in work for an extended period of time, there would be trouble.
Magic – from paracritters to wizgangs to Pete trying to become a better mage, there is a ton to explore in this direction. He goes out of his way to downplay his abilities so that he stays off the radar of the corps and gangs. Specializing in enchanting helps, but there are plenty of ways that particular cat could get out of the bag.

Rough Timeline:
1990: parents born
2011: Pete born
2022: The ORO Corporation renames itself Aztechnology and proceeds to insinuate itself into every aspect of Aztlan's government
2023: The Huertas move north into Texas
2029: parents killed during the Crash, later that year Pete leaves Texas and slowly wanders north
2060: Pete settles into the south side of Indianapolis
2075: present day

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