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Old Nov 6th, 2021, 11:05 AM
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Ishiguro Meiji
right-aligned image
These demons speak double, sometimes triple, as means to deceive or confuse their victims. Yet, Meiji believed Shu Ten when it came to the particulars of his father; however, for some reason, even despite evidence to the contrary, was hesitant to let go of the fact that this creature was Ogawa made vile.

Did it matter? Master made monster; puppet of the damned; yet another in a long line of victims for this spirit — these particulars mattered little.

The Demon Daimyo must die.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Still, it was hard to tell whether or not any progress was being made when it came to trouncing Shu Ten, especially so when the weapons wielded were forged by mortal hands; those which glanced off the shadowy surface of the demon's hide or armor, ineffective.

Something had to change, something must give — ever the way of Tenka these days.

So, in a blatant disregard for his centuries-old training and technique, likely to the chagrin of any ancestors who stilled watched over him, Meiji opted for a maneuver more suitable to his current status as an outcast Lord.

(Inspiration Used) Grapple Attempt vs Shu Ten; rolled 16After something of a running start, the soot and smoke stained youth leaped from the building's porch and sought to entangle himself around Shu Ten's neck; specifically, by looping his long blade over the demon's head and holding on for dear life at each end.

That was presuming the foe's attention was still shifted away, still making the most grievous of errors and giving the samurai his back to grapple and climb.


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Old Nov 8th, 2021, 08:28 PM
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right-aligned image
Turushno releases the horn. It's not quite separated from its host's head but the damage is done. For a moment, panting from his exertions, Turushno feels a pang of pity for the way he's mutilated this sapient, if malignant, being.

Then, even in his weary state, he senses the change in the air. Billowing heat, and the roar of a sudden surge of energy. He throws himself aside and the mangled oni is caught in the flame. It doesn't stand a chance, and mews mournfully as it crumbles to nothing. The other oni is caught as well, although Turushno doesn't hang around to see its fate - Tsuyui is on that side of the battle, so there's little need for Turushno now. Instead, there's a fierce fight between Meiji and the demonic daimyo that may need more attention.

A part of him that still attempts lip service to Tenkan notions of honour and dignity had Turushno wondering if he might need to stay his hand from the duel between the daimyo and Meiji. The latter, certainly, would probably rebuke Turushno later for interfering. But then he sees that Tsuyui has already thrown his axe into the fray, and so Turushno's doubts evaporate.

Good thing all this water hasn't done the same.

The ground beneath him is slick with mud, and Turushno runs his hands through the sludge to draw the water back out. This sodden earth was a gift from his guardian spirits, and he hopes they'll allow his use of the gift for a moment longer. Droplets float in the air as the mud dries and cracks beneath him, and the risen water sloshes across the earth like a charging army, smothering the daimyo from below. It sprays upward like a fountain, then coalesces in the air and crashes back down onto the demon with concentrated force.

As the water crashes upon Shu Ten, Turushno whips his head back and finds Usui in the gloom. "Keep an eye on whatever you see, but come back towards us! Get closer to Ikari!"

OOCThere literally seems to be no way for San to survive Ikari's assault, so I'm acting as if it isn't there anymore.
  • Water whip on Shu Ten. Dex save required. 7 damage and prone if the save fails, just 3 damage if success.


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Old Nov 9th, 2021, 10:01 AM
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Tsuyui Kokoro
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Flame erupted again, this time from behind Tsuyui and not from the farm house. It was joined by water from Turushno that threatened to knock the demon daimyo from his feet. Meiji had decided to switch tactics as the ronin leapt upon the huge akuma attempted to restrict its ability to fight back. Not waiting for any invitations, Tsuyui swung his axe again, taking advantage of the distractions of flame, water and clinging warriors. His wild magic gift materialized again in the form of a foul kappa, that crawled out of Turushno's mud to explode next to the giant oni.


I have taken the Oath.
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