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Old Sep 7th, 2021, 03:23 AM
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Character Sheets

Post your character sheets

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Old Sep 7th, 2021, 03:55 AM
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Group 1:
#Player Name Character Name Character Race Class Background
1Onward Ravioli PiccolaRapa Half-Elf Valor Bard Folk Hero
2HitchGunhild MaraHumanFighter (Battle Master)Soldier's Daughter
3O2CXt3Wallace McWhiskersCat (Variant Human)Rogue (Arcane Trickster)Urchin
4penbeast0DDiogHuman (Variant) Spore Druid Folk Hero

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Old Sep 7th, 2021, 04:09 AM
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Remember about picking/ inventing your magic item.
(give 3 suggestions)

Anti-proficiency = -3 to your modifier

Starting equipment = Magic item + one weapon and armour from the options of your class, no packs, no gold.

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Old Sep 7th, 2021, 04:19 AM
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right-aligned image

Name: Ravioli PiccolaRapa
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Valor Bard
Background: Folk Hero
Defining Event: I stood up to a tyrant’s agents. Technically I sort of did.
Traits:If someone is in trouble, I’m always ready to lend help.
I’m confident in my own abilities and that's about it.
Ideal: Maybe With A Hint of Depression Inferiority Complex Sincerity. There’s no good in pretending to be something I’m not.
Bond: I protect those who cannot protect themselves.
Flaw: The people who knew me from my previous world knew my shameful self, so I never want to go back home again.
Additional Flaw: l want to live out my dream and uphold my virtues but that's just too much effort. I'd rather stay at a comfortable home then adventure.
Combat Flaw: Ugh, too much effort. ( Suffer a penalty of -10 for every weapon attack you use, including the use of improvised weapon. Fist's aren't included though.)
Skill with anti-proficiency: Athletics

Appearance: Ravioli isn't very tall, she stands at a height of 4'9" and doesn't look very athletic, weighing at least 102 pounds. She has a robust figure, her skin complexion is white as pasta dough, her braided hair hangs at the back of her ear, which is sharp as knives by the way, a wavy yellowish noodle color streams at the middle of her back and her eyes are grey like the color of small, cut mushrooms. She carries a lute and longsword most of the time. Her attire either has leather armor or a chain shirt covering her white long sleeves, she also wears a red skirt.

Personality: Ravioli is a kind and helpful person, while she tries to be. She's high-spirited and enthusiastic when helping but sometimes or often she's prone to mistakes and laziness. It's a sickness she has called "I can't be bothered with this-itis disease" and is prone to mood swings. Her actual personality is that of a deadbeat but she tries to change that the moment she died. She has an inferiority complex and whenever someone shows off their magic skills, she tries one-uping them. This mostly stems from her younger sister who's a powerful mage and is living the life she dreams of one day.

She dreams one day to become a wandering traveler and to be free from all worries. However, she suffers from an actual illness that makes her body weaker than she looks and causes great stress on the mind. However she doesn't want to tell anyone about it, blaming her laziness as an excuse. And now that she's in another world, no one will have to worry about her.

Once, in a faraway land ruled by a tyrannical king, their raised a great hero that made a revolution, the hero who's name will be sung by the God's as the world's greatest hero. This is not that Hero's story but the tyrannical ruler's city guardsman's stablehand's assistant of the assistant's story, and her name was only remembered by one God. Her name is Ravioli PiccolaRapa, a assistant that comes from a long line of pasta making chefs. However she didn't want to become a chef and instead wanted the life as an adventurer, but first she needed experience which is why she's currently working as an assistant's assistant, for the experience and money. However, one day her folks sent her a delicious pasta to give her good luck on her journey and she died. Turns out she was allergic to cheese, scholars were confused how she avoided eating cheese for so long, even the God's couldn't figure out this enigmatic puzzle. This did however, set-up an entire chain of events that lead up to the great hero to rise in power, which Ravioli thinks of that as her one and only greatest achievement in life, even though she didn't intend on it. Anyway, she died and one God decided to speak with her. He was a God of music and creativity, he didn't like the idea of letting young and inspiring minds expire so quickly. So he decided to sent her to another world for another chance in life, also he gave a few gifts to her, one was her very own it could be a magical one like the instruments of the Bard, but if it's too powerful magic item. then it's just a regular lutelute and the other was untapped inspiration she never knew she had. And so she now lives in this other world and aspires to bring her dream to fruition...
Or maybe not.

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Old Sep 7th, 2021, 09:08 AM
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The Knight of TearsGunhild Mara
(a.k.a Gunnie) (*)
right-aligned image

Race: Human
Class: Fighter (Battle Master)
Background: Soldier's Daughter
  • Trait: I try to be polite and respectful to everyone.
  • Ideal: My lot is to lay down my life in defense of others.
  • Bond: My honor is my life.
  • Flaw: I obey the law, even if the law causes misery.
Dramatic Flaw: I want to be popular so much that I become a mumbling, incoherent mess when I know people are watching me.
Combat Weakness: Gunnie is affected by Bane whenever someone she respects can see her. Her bar for respect is very low.
Skill Inability: I don't want to seem weak or needy. Asking someone to do something for me would make me want to cry.

(I'm tempted to make this Performance, but she's actually so bad at performing for people that it becomes an altogether even more entertaining spectacle.)

Appearance: Despite her true nature, Gunhild has the appearance of a calm, collected young woman. Her posture is proud and firm; clothes and armor fashionable and well-maintained; her voice clear and fine as a soft bell's chime. However, when she knows someone is watching her Gunnie's intense fear of judgement causes her stoic demeanor and all her built-up resolve to crumble.

Personality: Gunhild is, at her core, a good girl. She has a love for goodness and honor that makes her want to help others in any way she can. She can be surprisingly reliable when no one is watching and in a perfect world Gunhild would likely be a Great Hero. However, Gunnie's want to be loved and respected is so extreme that even a single person watching can make her become panicked and make all her natural ability implode.

The worst part is, Gunnie is aware of all of this. She knows how capable she is and why she keeps failing and it torments her to no end.

Backstory: Gunhild was born the daughter of a soldier, and after it became apparent that she had no talent for cooking or sewing she took to her father's ways instead. She loved the quiet, direct work involved in soldiery and was quite good at learning the forms of the raven (not that she had ever been able to prove that when anyone was watching). Gunhild died on the day after her Last Vigil; an all-night watch to represent the transition from civilian to soldier. On that dreary morning her dreams of solitary watches and brush-up were shattered. Her post was to instead help train the new recruits.

A silent admirer of hers, who somehow knew, had spread the word of how good she was at the forms. That made the higher ups interested. It made her old comrades interested. And those new recruits knew to expect something special with how everyone was watching her.

Wrenched suddenly into the spotlight, Gunnie immediately became flustered and ended up dying in a training accident against a straw dummy.

Gunnie was given the Choice by the God of Guardians, Helm, whose cool stare and questions of how she could fail so horribly made Gunhild fold into a choking mess of grief. Before Helm even suggested the Choice she swallowed her pride, lent her head and begged for a chance to do things right.

Helm gave her a boon to ensure she would.

Godly Boon
A small carven stone similar to a Figurine of Wonderous Power. It can summon a fairy to give Gunnie advice. The fairy can fly, turn invisible and emit five feet of bright light in a radius around it. However it cannot move more than 100 feet from the Fairy Stone and disappears for one day upon being hit. It is also wholly sentient and does not need to listen to Gunhild.

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Old Nov 11th, 2021, 12:39 AM
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right-aligned image
Name: Wallace McWhiskers

Race: Human (Variant) / Cat

Age: 16 (1 cat year)

Class: Rogue (Arcane Trickster)

Background: Urchin

Personality traits: 1) I like to squeeze into small places where no one else can get to me.
2) I think anyone whoís nice to me is hiding evil intent.

Ideals: I help the people who help me ó thatís what keeps us alive.

Bonds: No one else should have to endure the hardships Iíve been through.

Flaws: I will never fully trust anyone other than myself.

Additional personality flaw: I wake up early and I insist that everyone else wakes up at the same time as me.

Additional combat flaw: Wallace canít wield weapons or armor, and he canít (or wonít) carry anything.

Gear: Collar of protection (+1 AC, +1 Saving Throws - see Cloak of Protection)

One skill with anti-proficiency: Intimidation. Letís face it, even though Wallace might threaten to kill you for not giving him that piece of chicken, itís hard to take him seriously.

Appearance: Wallace looks like a grouchy potato with ears and a tail. Heís a young tabby who can often be found sleeping in a patch of sun. Although he doesnít look very graceful, he can be nimble and sneaky when he wants to be. His markings help him hide, particularly in underbrush or the dark. He has an acute sense of hearing and is a good hunter, although he has never enjoyed killing other animals with his claws. He prefers to be fed from the table.

Personality: Wallace is usually annoyed about something. Why havenít we eaten yet? Why is it raining? Why are you making me walk? And so on. He is quite fond of his friends and acquaintances, and he relies on them for food and warmth. Although he can be a pain, Wallace genuinely tries to help his friends and is attached to them. However, when Wallace sits by the fire glowering into the darkness, one does wonder what he is thinking about.

Wallace can be a little bit paranoid. One moment heís curled on your lap asleep, and the next moment heís a flash of fur bolting out of the room. I thought I heard something, he says upon his return. Or rather, he sends that thought to you - Wallace is telepathic. And he enjoys letting the people around him know what heís thinking.

Backstory: Wallace wasnít always a cat. Long ago, he was a boy. Wallace something or other. And he lived on the streets. He had been abandoned or maybe run away - the details are fuzzy now - and had survived by stealing food and picking pockets. Occasionally, he would sneak into peopleís homes and take a few things, mostly small things. His life was going very well, as far as he was concerned, until one day when he was caught snooping through someoneís larder.

As Wallace stood with a mouthful of bread, he thought he heard a sound behind him. Spinning around, he stood face to face with an elderly gentleman. He was about to run when all at once, there was puff and bang and a whooshing sensation and the next thing he knew he was a cat. Or almost a cat. For he still had his memories, and he could still understand what people said.

"Who are you?" the man asked him. Wallace, sir, he replied. And to his amazement he found that could still speakÖ or think? He was speaking with his mind. "Very well, Wallace McWhiskers. And who are your parents?". I doní have any parents, sir, Wallace replied. The old man considered for a moment and then said, "I suppose you can stay with me then," and walked out of the room. And so Wallace became a cat. And he found that he rather enjoyed being a cat. It wasnít that different from his life before, only now he had a guaranteed meal and a warm place to sleep.

As the days passed by, Wallace became more and more cat-like and began to forget what it was like to be a boy. Where is my dinner? he would ask the old gentleman each night, all pretense of politeness dropped. And he would sit on the kitchen table and meow loudly to make his point.

Perhaps some of the magic had rubbed off on him in the process of becoming a cat, for Wallace found that he had some other newfound abilities. For example, he found that he could hunt with his mind and that just by thinking hard enough and whispering a few noises, he could kill his prey with a blast of mental energy. He sometimes hunted rats this way, but soon found that he preferred cooked chicken with butter to things he caught himself.

Just as Wallace was growing fond of being a cat, with his belly growing rounder day by day, his blissful life was cut short. One afternoon, he decided to take a nap in a patch of sun behind the elderly gentlemanís wagon. He never even felt it when the wagon backed up. So ended the promising life of Wallace McWhiskers.

Or so he thought. Mask, the god of shadows and thieves, had other plans for Wallace. For a moment after he died, Wallace stood in Plane of Shadow with Mask stooped low before him whispering, "Go back, you incompetent fool - I am not done with you!" And with a flick of his wrist, Mask pointed Wallace towards a tunnel of light leading back to the world of the living.

I have taken the Oath of Sangus

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Old Nov 11th, 2021, 10:22 PM
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Fat boy killed in his sleep
right-aligned image

Name: DDiog
Race: V. Human
Class: Druid (Spores)
Alignment: N

Personality Trait: I like a job well done, so long as I can convince someone else to do it.
Personality Trait: I'm smart, brave, funny . . . but lazy.
Ideal: Each of us should be free to do (or not do) what they wish.
Bond: I died due to my carelessness. I will do better this time.
Flaw: I never pass up the opportunity for a nap.
Flaw: I snore, loudly.

Combat Flaw: Ddiog is big, but slow. Everything jiggles when he tries to run and he gets tired fast. Movement is 20, rather than 30.

Anti-Proficiency Skill: Athletics. Ddiog is a big guy, but it's all fat. There's just no muscle tone underlying it at all.

Appearance: Ddiog is a big boy. Not just tall, though he's pretty tall; not just wide, though he's pretty wide; he's massive, with a jutting stomach, big breasts, and cheeks that force his eyes into an almost closed squint . . . when they aren't actually closed in sleep.

Personality: Yeah, he's lazy. He loses focus easily (ADD) and covers it with a mask of not caring. Ddiog's voice is higher than you might expect, he smiles a lot and tells jokes. He is always slapping others on the back, nudging them with an elbow, or playfighting. But sit him down and try to talk seriously to him or get him to focus on his studies and his eyes start closing.

Backstory: "The laziest boy in town." That's what his mother calls him. Even his friends pretty much agree. I mean, he's a nice guy and all but when it comes to getting any work done, good luck. He was apprenticed to the local druid who owed his mother a favor and even his spells were lazy, mainly spells of decay and sleep. I mean, he likes the old drunk and all, but the whole looking for herbs, doing chores, and the like, didn't really take.

He was out avoiding work when the raiders struck. He had been assigned a list of herbs to find and he'd looked for the first one, sort of. But he didn't find it and the morning was hot and, well, he fell asleep. And didn't wake up. Someone killed him in his sleep, I guess. But just when you would think that karma would say, THIS boy deserve the eternal rest, no. He woke again, in a strange place, among strange people, with no idea why. It must have been some Trickster God; one connected with sleep and dreams. Maybe if he slept on it, it would get clearer. . . . .

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