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Old Nov 23rd, 2021, 03:40 PM
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Please put all the details of your characters in a single post in this thread as a reference. This will be your official character sheet and will be updated as the campaign advances.

Below is the posting template I would like to use:

Sample Character Post
How the character reacts to what is going on and then what they do with optional comments about what their character is thinking.



Sample GM Post
Important content from the GM that everyone should read...


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Old Nov 24th, 2021, 05:31 PM
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Name & Principle Alias Philip Anders ''Cypher''

Ethnicity & Metatype Caucasian Elf

Born 2057 Sex Varies Height Varies Build Varies
Nationality None
Description Cypher is a little hard to pin down as so few have seen his/her real face. Unless asleep or unconcious they almost always appear in another form, not always the same metatype or sex and, unless deliberately impersonating an individual, often not the same as one seen previously

Race C Attributes A Magic D Skills B Resources E

left-aligned image
Cypher is just that, a blank, their shapeshifting magic has become so integral to their being that they barely remember what their real face looks like. They were born Philip Anders and grew up happily within the protection of the Stillwater Community. Their gift for mutable form began to show up when they were about ten but the transhumanist nature of the community meant that it was accepted as another oddity in a world full of such things, embraced, and as far as possible trained. The community had a rich culture of magic and the latent power running through the site may even have been part of the cause of Philip's mutation. It was also possibly why the Stillwater Community was attacked by mercenary forces which culminated in a Metroplex Guard bombing raid on the site when Philip was just thirteen. The trauma of those few days scarred Philip and they retreated more and more from that early happy life and began to truly lose themselves in the borrowed forms of people around them. This was when they took the street handle Cypher as part of trying to forget the horror they had witnessed.

The Stillwater group scattered following the attack, losing themselves in other urban tribes or falling off the grid altogether. When their leadership drew them back together three years later they reconnected with Cypher and his/her immediate family where they were hiding on the edge of Redmond but were unable to convince them that their new plan would keep the small family safe. Cypher's burgeoning gifts meant they had become quite a successful trickster and con artist by this time and they felt better without the risk of constant haunting reminders of the past. With their mum Rosy and baby sister Madeline, Cypher initially found a home with the Tribe just north of Touristville but the acceptance that was so readily available from Stillwater proved to be illusive there and Cypher’s powers became a source of mistrust. Regretfully Cypher persuaded Rosy to remain with Madeline in the comparative safety of the Tribe whilst they sought out a place where they could be more anonymous… all too easy in the meat grinder of the barrens where trust and comradeship are as rare as a good meal.

Cypher gradually worked their way south, just one more (ever changing) face in the crowd. Preferring to live away from their source of income Cypher drifted all the way to the edge of Puyallup where the Crime Mall and its environs proved an easy place to shift ill gotten gains. Their youth was immaterial when they could appear any age or metatype with sufficient concentration. Although naturally gifted with words Cypher preferred to stick to the shadows and stay anonymous. Despite that they established a network of contacts whom they eventually trusted enough to share their shapeshifting secret.

• Apr 2077 Old One asks Cypher to ‘keep an eye’ on Summer, recently rescued from ‘Winter’ from the Boston quarantine zone
• Aug 2077 Cypher and Summer become lovers
• Jun 2078 Summer goes off on a mysterious VR mission and comes back fired up about ‘the coming’ – reluctantly Cypher becomes more involved and is re-introduced to Silk
• May 2080 ‘present’


Body: 3 ( 3 )
Agility: 6 ( 6 )
Reaction: 4 ( 6 )
Strength: 2 ( 2 )
Willpower: 4 ( 4 )
Logic: 4 ( 4 )
Intuition: 5 ( 5 )
Charisma: 7 ( 7 )
Edge: 3
Magic/Resonance: 6
Essence: 6.00
Initiative: 11+3D6
Matrix VR Initiative: 6+2D6 +1D6 HotSIM
Astral Initiative: 9+2D6

Phys CM: 10
Stun CM: 10

Surprise: 11
Composure: 11
Judge Intentions: 9
Memory: 8
Lift/Carry: 40kgs

Defence Rating 6
Bonus D Damage Res 0
Unarmed Attack 2S, 8/—/—/—/—


Allergy: Common Moderate [Iron] -14
Ambidextrous 4
Big Brother's Blindspot 14
Impaired: Body [3] -24
Low-light Vision [Meta] 0
Networker 5
Small family -8

Active Skills

Astral 0 ( / )
Athletics 5 ( 11 ) S: Throwing
Biotech 0 ( / )
Close Combat 3 ( 9 )
Con 6 ( 13 ) S: Impersonation
Cracking 0 ( / )
Electronics 0 ( 3 )
Engineering 0 ( 3 )
Exotic Weapons 0 ( / )
Firearms 0 ( 5 )
Influence 4 ( 11 )
Outdoors 0 ( 4 )
Perception 3 ( 8 ) S: Urban
Piloting 0 ( 5 )
Stealth 3 ( 9 ) S: Palming

Knowledge / Language Skills

Surveillance Technologies
Various languages through Linguistics
Sprawl Life
Matrix Hangouts
Corp Culture

Attribute Boost (Attribute)
Combat Sense [1] (Qi)
Cosmetic Control [2]
Improved Reflexes [2]
Missile Mastery
Sustenance (Qi)
Voice Control

5 Personalised Ceramic Throwing Spikes [3P,—,12/11/4/—/—,—]
5 Throwing stars [3P,—,10/12/6/—/—,—]
Personalised Ceramic Survival knife [3P,—,12/3*/—/—/—,—]
3 Thermal Smoke, 2 Flashbangs, 1 CS Gas Grenade, 2 Glitter Grenades

Qi Focus [1] Spiral tattoo over belly button: Sustenance
Qi Focus [2] Wolf's head tattoo behind right ear: Combat Sense [1]
Contacts [3] w. Imagelink, Flare Compensation, Thermographic, Glasses [2] w. Vision Enhancement, Ear Buds [2] w. Sound Link, Audio Enhancement
Metalink Disposable Commlink [R1, D/F 1/0, P0], Fake SIN: David Works [1] , Fake Driving Licence [1]
Renraku Sensei [R3, D/F 2/0 (2/3), P1] w. Sim Module, Biometric Reader, Trodes, AR Gloves, Local Area Mapsoft, Browse, Signal Scrubber
Directional Mic [6] w. Audio Enhancement, Select Sound Filter [5], Laser Mic [6]
Lined Coat [3] w. Electrochromic Modification, Chemical Protection [3]
1000¥ assorted (mainly baggy or stretchy) clothes and Go bag
Lowlight Flashlight, IR Flashlight, 5x GloStick, 3x Magnesium Torch/Flare, Sungard Jewelry

Low Lifestyle, Puyallup City, Puyallup

Silk [Changeling Infobroker] Connection: 6 Loyalty: 3
Feather [Troll Fixer] Connection: 6 Loyalty: 2
Prospero [FreΣdom Tribe Leader, ID Forger] Connection: 6 Loyalty: 3
Melody [Gnome Tattoo Artist] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 3
Pukka [Crime Mall Dealer] Connection: 4 Loyalty: 1
Summer [Technomantic Oracle] Connection: 5 Loyalty: 6
Switch [Telekenetic Bodyguard (Rival)] Connection: 4 Loyalty: 0

Racial Costs 0
Qualities 48
Negative Qualities -46
Attributes 10
Skills 20
Foci Binding 6
Resources 12
Martial Arts / Driving Styles 0
Initiation 0
Buy off negative Qualities 0

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right-aligned image
Real Name: María de los Ángeles de Espartero y Sicilia
Street Name: Ángel
Metatype: Elf (Female)
Age: 22
Archetype: Street Samurai

A stern and serious elven woman with classic Spanish features and the cold beauty of a marble statue. She has the lean, defined body of a fencer and a grace of movement that almost makes it seem as though she's drifting, rather than walking. She dresses impeccably, though her style is far too traditional to follow something so gauche as a fashion trend. While reserved and composed, she is capable of flashing a fiery temper, at which point the marble becomes a raging bonfire. A woman of extreme viewpoints, she sometimes struggles with moderate solutions, believing them to be half-measures. Tell a joke, and she will either be impassive, not 'getting' it, or she will laugh with full gusto. Insult her, and she will either ignore you or slap you down. Attack her, and she will withdraw or kill you. She has the heart of a revolutionary, but the mind of an aristocrat.

María was only six years old when Juan Carlos II, an ogre, became king of Spain, after a power struggle that resulted in the disappearance of his human brother. Spain was already largely anti-metahuman, and the idea of an ogre king drove that influence more toward the extreme, despite the king's efforts to rebuild relations. As an elf from the traditional town of Logroño, María often bore the brunt of that prejudice, and got in plenty of fights to defend herself and her honor. As she got older, the fights became duels, and María, an accomplished fencer, wound up facing legal trouble as a result of these duels. Her family was able to use its influence to prevent serious trouble and cover the scandals, but that only gave María more leeway to cause trouble.

Eventually, she became involved with the Asociacion Vasquez Spanish mafia, and was soon participating in low-level criminal activity such as influence dealing and extortion. While the Asociacion was happy to use her for strongarm tactics and intimidation, she quickly realized that there was a very low glass ceiling, being both an elf and a woman. Disgusted with the hypocrisy, she left the Asociacion and became an activist for Partido Verde, the Green Party, acting as an agent to assist Galician eco-terrorist cells. However, María wasn't particularly interested in 'saving the Earth', at least not to the extent of the eco-terrorists, and began an independent career as a shadowrunner, originally believing it to be the ticket to true freedom and independence. Of course, she quickly learned that the Johnsons she worked for were no better than the organizations she had left, but at least now it was on a 'per contract' basis. And the pay was better, too...important, since her family had been forced to cut her off and socially disown her once her activities became more than they could cover up.

Oh, after all the folderol and hauling over coals stops, what did I learn?

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Amanda Cray, AKA: Olia
right-aligned image
It looks like an interesting book and I was struggling for a name so... <shrug> Olia's also a hair care product but it'll do for my character's street name :p <<<NOTE: The shoulder coat is a Trench Coat and no pistols, only a small collapsable crossbow at the base of her spine.>>>

  • Real Name: Amanda Cray
  • Street Name: Olia
  • Metatype (Ethnicity): Human (Caucasian)
  • Age (Born): 26 (2054) Sex: Female Height: 5'3" Build: slim
  • Nationality: UCAS
  • Archetype: Aspected Magician (Healer)

Metatype: C, Attributes: A, Skills: D, Magic: B, Resources: E.

Description: (+1 Character Creation Karma )
Olia is overall average in appearance. She's not plain-looking or anything like that, but nothing about her screams "look at me!" She's pretty enough to be seen but not exotic enough to keep anyone's interest. Throughout high school and college, this fact has plagued her social standing and led directly to her falling for Adam in the first place. Olia's one bit of vanity that she continued to indulge in despite Adam's controlling nature was her hair. She was a natural brunette and spent a good amount of nuyen on it to keep it long and lush. Cutting her long hair and tying the remainder up in a loose bun was a sacrifice that Olia felt needed to be made. High-tech purple sunglasses hid her brown eye color and gave the mage tactical advantages during combat while looking fashionable at the same time. Considering the experience she gained running the shadows for the past five years, Olia had been shot at more times than she would like to admit. And even outside of a run, the 'geek-the-mage' mentality from policlubs like Humanis and all gangs, in general, has Olia worried about protection. And so, Olia never leaves the apartment without wearing her Securetech Invisi-Shield Armor under her clothes. Olia has her lined trench coat with the gear access mod to enhance her survivability during runs.

Background: (+3 Character Creation Karma )

Rival: Adam (+5 Character Creation Karma )

Throw-away contact: Anthony Doyal [4C/2L]


Miner action(2):

Major action(1):
Olia's Character Sheet^Physical: 0 /10 ^Stun: 0 /8 ^Overflow: 0 /6 vEdge: 7 /7
PAN: Erika Elite Commlink [Rating: 4, DP/F: 3/4, Programs(2): Signal Scrubber & Browse programs] ~ Running Silent? During a run YES, otherwise NO.
Light Collapsible Crossbow(Injection Bolts), Purple Tinted Glasses, Concealable Quick Draw Holster, Subvocal Microphone(when in use), Stealth Tags(when in use), Trauma Slap Patches(when used), Medkit(when in use).
Ammo(Light Bolt - Injection): 10, Ammo(Light Bolt - Regular): 20, Stealth Tags: 10, Antidote Slap Patches: 2, Stim Slap Patches[R6]: 2, Tranq Slap Patches[R6]: 2, Trauma Slap Patches: 2, doses of Narcoject: 2, drams of Reagents: 10, Medkit[R6]: 4 uses,



* Olia only ever says Thank You and Sorry once!
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Name:	OliaBig.jpg
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Name:	OliaSmall.jpg
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ID:	94220  

"arE yoU ReAdy To PlaY a GaMe?"

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Very tentative placeholder. Definitely got too much on at the moment ... but if things quieten in the new year, I'm certainly enjoying my Shadowrun journey ...
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Name: Caber Trunkster Alias: Grinder Age: 48 Height: 5'10" Build: Medium

Ethnicity: Calfree Caucasian Metatype: Human Archtype: Rigger

Race: D Attributes: A Magic: E Skills: B Resources: C

Life Style: Low (Paid One Month)




right-aligned image


right-aligned image


Character Building Expenditures

Starting Nuyen and Purchases


Sample Character Post
How the character reacts to what is going on and then what they do with optional comments about what their character is thinking.


Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Agent_Kay_2.jpg
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ID:	94140   Click image for larger version

Name:	ford-crown-victoria-makes-sporty-digital-comeback-with-mustang-and-taurus-cues_2.jpg
Views:	156
Size:	63.1 KB
ID:	94142  

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Better put my placeholder in as well. To be edited!








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right-aligned image

NAME: James Smith ALIAS: Z3R0-D
BORN: 2057 GENDER: Male
HEIGHT: 5'10" WEIGHT: 180 lbs
BUILD: Athletic NATIONALITY: UCAS (American)
PERSONALITY: Z3R0-D is a naturally reserved personality type, one who has been through some trauma in his life, and has had to deal with some stigma. Being a technomancer, with all the baggage that brings (especially interest from research grab squads), he has had to become capable of adapting his behavior to blend in; that is to say, he is something of an Omnivert.
Z3R0-D is able to display personality mannerisms of both introverts and extroverts, usually as a result of situational stimuli or stressors. For the most part, Z3R0-D's aim is to be completely and utterly average in every way; he wants to be another face in the crowd, he wants to avoid the spotlight, but he can put himself out there if the need arises, and isn't afraid to interact in any particular way - though he does prefer socially quieter interactions and easy conversation, over deep-dives into his feelings or thoughts.
Because of a hard childhood, where everything Z3R0-D got was earned by his own merit, he has a strong protection of personal belongings. He can't stand theft (of his things), generally, and when running with a group expects there to be no skimming of his share of payday. Of all his beliefs, that is probably the only one Z3R0-D is unmoving on - and if anyone does steal from him, they immediately lose trust. It's worth pointing out that Z3R0-D also has the same expectation of himself, and would never steal from his runner team.
Funnily enough, he's fine with runs that are stealing from others - just not him or his team.
DESCRIPTION: Z3R0-D is a lean, physically toned, and clearly fit Elf. He isn't too big or too small, he isn't overly attractive or terribly ugly, and he tends to blend into a crowd quite easily. His dark hair is kept short, he has dark eyes, and possesses very typical traits of his race - his face is angular, giving him the pointed chin and defined cheekbones, he has pointed ears and a litheness to movement.
Depending on the task, Z3R0-D can wear many clothing types. Usually he favors a clean, crisp suit of average expense, though does keep more infiltration-specific clothing on hand, namely sneak suits and designer wears. Sometimes looking important makes others not want to bother you, or so Z3R0-D believes. He also knows how to blend in, or change his physical appearance with his clothing - such as broadening his stature with large coats, or hiding his ears with certain hats or beanies, etc.

Born to unknown parentage, a small elf baby was delivered to a local orphanage in the barrens of Seattle. He was raised from that day on by the employees of the shelter, given the name James Smith, registered with a SIN, and learned many hard lessons quickly. The other children in the orphanage weren't always kind, James was usually called a an elf (vulgar)keeb by one bully in particular, A future unfriendly rival contact that is equal to your character (+5 karma)Levi Jones. Over the years, James also made friends with others, but the orphanage didn't allow for long-term relationships - as there was no way to know when a family would adopt one of them.
James found he was able to see the world... differently... than most others, especially when it came to early mental matrix interactionsseeing weird things in day-to-day life, and soon discovered that he wasn't normal. Others didn't see what he did, in his mind. Because of the need for self-preservation, James developed a highly adaptive personality, one able to move through various social groups with ease. It made for a fairly distant lifestyle, since James found it hard to get close to people, otherwise he drew attention. However, it was that inner-mental connection that made him a perfect hacker and petty thief, which allowed him to venture out onto the mean streets of Seattle to grab some extra creds by interfacing with low-security cash dispensers and other old style machines. It wasn't like the orphanage was giving out pocket money for their kids, after all.
James' biggest confrontation came when Levi, who was older and bigger, had finally had enough of the elf kid. Whatever the reason was, it was hard to say, but the hatred was obvious and there was no way Levi was going to back down. So, the pair fought, and being the stronger of the two, Levi beat the hell out of James; and once it was over, the latter was left battered and bruised, bleeding from cuts across his face and body. Thankfully, Levi didn't last much longer at the orphanage, as he decided to leave when the caretakers started reprimanding him for his behavior (and for what happened to James).
James would find out weeks later that Levi fell in with a violent gang, and had moved out of the shelter, to live his own life. And over the years the pair would cross paths, with Levi having become even meaner and that hatred for James only having grown. It also didn't help that during James' early teenage years, he fell in with bad crowds - with some of them being local thugs that Levi knew. Still, James proved to be an asset, and was protected somewhat from his rival. So, James was often used the boy for cash grabs with rival gangers, delivering packages or lifting scrip chips from SINners unsecured comm connections. All the while, James maintained the facade of 'having tech', in the form of hollowed out equipment that he 'used' while doing his technomancyinterfacing.
As a result, James made a good living, but the constant threat of danger was there, which helped to hone his natural instincts and improve his skills - especially when he had no choice but to get better, or face the rage of the people he 'worked' for.
It was around his late teens that James started to make a reasonable name for himself. He had a penchant for being able to find his way into most hackable systems, to hide his involvement on those systems, and to find his way into digital places that shouldn't have been accessible. Some attributed it to luck, others to his gear, but the truth was that James was more skilled than he let on and had found out he was a able to interact with the Resonance. But with that knowledge came additional dangers, especially from interested threats such as research grab squads - those who worked for nameless corporations that wanted to dissect the brains of people like James; needless to say, James began to fly under the radar whenever he could, if only to preserve his functional physicality (brains tended to be required for that).
In his twenties, James caught the attention of a fixer - An (Expendable) Contact that you can use for free while they are aroundPennywise - when she needed someone who could do things nice and quiet like, on the matrix, and the alias Z3R0-D was born. The job involved accessing a gambling ring network, where infiltration of data-trace nodes were needed to be placed into the computer in the main office; the purpose was to copy files, find evidence desired by the employer, and leave a functional sub-routine that acted like spyware, before jacking out quietly. Z3R0-D was able to live up to his alias-sake and performed the job admirably - and not only did he gain the fixer as an on-going contact, but he received a small jing bonus for the effectiveness.
It was an excellent start to his shadowrunner career...
More recently, Z3R0-D has been accepting bigger jobs, mainly lone runs. He has worked with several MegaCorps, posing as a Decker for sensitive jobs, but plans to expand his operations - even being willing to work in runner groups. He has basically left the gang work behind, instead focused on becoming a dedicated shadowrunner, where he feels the better pay comes from. His efforts so far have been mostly reliable, however a run in with a grab squad (who raided his dwelling) resulted in the loss of his equipment, belongings and gear. As a result, and to keep functioning as a runner (reputation is everything!), Z3R0-D had to take some drastic measures... and he ended up using most of his saved funds to replace equipment. It wasn't perfect, but it gave him a starting leg up on nothing.

Character Sheet
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Name:	shadowrun_spy2.png
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ID:	94268   Click image for larger version

Name:	shadowrun_spy_matrix.png
Views:	7
Size:	164.3 KB
ID:	94330  

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