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Old Dec 19th, 2021, 08:39 PM
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The Travellers

For storage of Traveller details and stats.

RyuujinName: The Rivers Flowing under Moonlight ('Moon')
Race: Keywords: The Human Heart, Love, Youth, Heartwarming tales, Healing, Communication, Human Drama, Friendship, Children, Boys and Girls, Family, Siblings, Teachers and Pupils, AnimalsAo-Ryuu
Level: 2

Artifact: Mascot
Alternate Shape:

LP: 3/3
Bénédictions: PCs who help others expecting no gain or reward can raise their Spirit score by one level for the rest of the session (up to two PCs at once who meet this condition).The Tale of Kindness
Réveils: Costs 2LP. You can change a PC’s failed Camping Check into a success.Berth of the Dragon


Dragon form: Moon appears as a shiny-scaled drake with a flat, stingray-like head (adorned with thin moustache-like whiskers) and large expressive eyes. It's about the size of a brown bear.
Horned Human Form: a feminine figure, tall with pale skin and green-blue eyes. Her horns are long and slender, shining like silver.

Personality: Dreamy and unhurried demeanour, which can be mistaken for complacency or inattentiveness. Moon is highly empathetic and curious.
Goal: Moon wants to capture the 'infinite little victories' that punctuate lives lived with passion and enthusiasm.
Living Quarters: a chasm nestled between a river confluence, deep in a mountain ravine.

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Old Dec 19th, 2021, 10:40 PM
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Mirai; Hunter Panther NekkogoblinName: Mirai
Race: Nekkogoblin
Origin: Mother was an artisan and father was a hunter, spending the majority of his days in the forest areas of Nekko-no-basho. She comes from the Ichamari tribe, who resemble panthers and many of whom are skilled hunters, providing food for the tribe year round.

Class: Hunter
Type: Attack
Personal Item: A small bone, possibly front from a foot or leg, of the first animal she tracked and killed by herself. It is dotted with specs of color, to remind her of her mother and that there are still artful things in life.

Appearance: Standing about 4'1, Mirai is a black furred kitty, witha medium length tail and yellow eyes, that she primarily uses to track down prey.
Attitude: Calm, and friendly towards others, but definitely has an edge to her demeanor, particularly when hunting or attempting to gather food for her tribe, or other travelers.

*Likes: hunting, forests, tracking other animals, arts and crafts, soft things (clothing, blankets etc.)
* Dislikes, people who disrespect nature, misty or rainy weather, mud; crowds (or lots of noise)

Reason for Traveling: She wants to see the world, go on a grand adventure, maybe even come back with some treasure and a good story!

Class Basics
Animal Tracking:If you're looking for a monster in certain categories (animal, magical beast, magic stone, flora), then you can roll STR+WIS to try and track it to where it lives. If you find it and attack it, you get +1 to all damage rolls against it.
Ingredient ProcessingAfter defeating a monster, you can roll AGI+WIS to try and get some extra reward out of it, determined by the type of monster.
Hunting & FishingAt the end of a day of travel, you can roll AGI+WIS against a difficulty set by the terrain and weather to go hunting or fishing. For each point you succeed by, you get enough food to feed one person for one day. The food is extra delicious on a crit, and you can get Injured on a fumble.

Type Attack
Toughness Max HP increased by 4
Power+1 bonus to all damage rolls
FocusGain proficiency in an additional weapon category

Mastered WeaponsBlade and Bow

To Next Level:100

Max HP: 20
Current HP: 20/20
Max Mental Points: 12
Current Mental Points: 6/12

Str: 8
Dex: 6
Int: 4
SPI: 6

Currency:400 Gold and Basic Traveling Kit (Combined Weight: 3): Backpack, sleeping bag, wooden utensils, waterskin, rations x2 and Invigoratonic (1 use) x1 1 tinderbox (temporary from Raniza)
Carrying Capacity:11
Current Carrying Capacity:8/11
Equipped Weapon: a basic kitana

Mastered Weapons:
Blade: Accuracy: d6 +d8 Damage: d8
Bow: Accuracy:d4 +d6 -2 Damage: d6

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Old Dec 19th, 2021, 11:46 PM
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Raziya, Nekogoblin
Name: Raziya of Kaibun
Origin: Nekogoblin of the Lion-like warrior tribeShishi tribe, from Basho-no-Neko
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Reason For Travel: To go on adventures like a hero would, and to make friends along the way.

Basics Cat's Way (Nekogoblin): You do not suffer from journey check penalties regarding nighttime. However, you may suffer additional penalties during rainy weather.
Class: Healer - Spend one Healing Herb. Recovers (INT + SPI) HP or, if used during battle, only (INT) HP.Healing, Relieve a character's status ailment for one hour. Lowers the ailment's strength by Raziya's level, curing it if reduced to 0. A character can only receive First Aid once per day, regardless of success. Stats used are (INT + SPI). TN is status effect's strength.First Aid, Find a single Healing Herb, based on current terrain. Critical = Find three Healing Herbs. Fumble = Afflicted with (Poison - 6). Usable once each morning. Stats used are (STR + INT). TN is based on topography.Herb Gathering
Type: Max MP +4, Spellbook, Seasonal SorcererMagic (Summer)
Mastered Weapon: Polearm
Personal Item: Journal - Leather bound, properly sized for a nekogoblin, with a fiery paw print symbol etched into the cover
Dances Learned: Olivewreath Ribbon Dance


PersonalityAppearance: 4' tall, sandy fur with a cute reddish-brown tail tuft, blue-violet eyes, rounder ears than most nekogoblins. Scarlet chest wrap, stitched linen skirt, bronze bracelets, red leather anklets. Has a small bronze pot with a strong herbal scent, like those that her race wear on their heads, but it's usually hanging by its handle on a cherry wood staff.

Attitude: Cheerful and always willing to lend a hand paw, sometimes at her own expense. Brave, but mostly when others need her to be. She can get very angry when under duress, and doubly so if her mama bear cat instincts are being triggered by endangered loved ones. Despite this, she (usually) doesn't hold grudges for long and can show mercy to her enemies. Naïve, hard on herself, and gets snide when talked down to. Despite how close-knit she can be, she's irrationally afraid of others reading her journal, and recharges best when she's alone and writing or drawing in it. Downright bubbly among friends, tense but fearless against enemies, and hopeful of strangers' good intentions.

  • Loves to eat (especially if meat's involved), and sleeps in too long.
  • Spends every other morning practicing katas with her staff and exercising.
  • Reacts with a "mreow?" in place of "huh?", "hmm?", et cetera.
  • Never has much money or many possessions for long.

Likes: Food (especially venison and similar meats), dancing, martial arts, being cozy, warm fires
Dislikes: Bullies, water, bugs, greedy people, pork from domestic pigs (boars and hogs are fine)

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Old Dec 20th, 2021, 12:34 AM
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Ki the NekogoblinName: Kidaru, Ki for short. Actually, just Ki. She doesn't like her full name. She knows the origin of it, and doesn't want to discuss it. Ever.

Race/Origin: Nekogoblin from the southern end of Olivewreath

Class: Minstrel, though Dancer may be more accurate, since she plays no instruments and she hasn't sung in public ever (though she's quite good).

Type: Technical, but she wishes she were more magical.

Personal Item: A well-crafted sanshin. She doesn't know how to play it yet, but it's something she wants to learn while she travels, probably to the annoyance of her traveling companions.

Appearance: Ki is a very smol (thinking 3'10"-ish) Angora, and is overall just...cute. Has heterochromia, with a blue eye on the right and a green eye on the left. Her tail is long and fluffy, and very clean, and her ears are large (all the better to hear new music to dance to). Her clothing is equally pristine as her fur.

Attitude: Ki likes sweets and small confections, even though they always make her fur sticky...which is just an excuse for her to lick the stickiness away! Hopeful, but nervous around new people, friend or foe. Quiet, even around friends, but eventually she'll break that habit. Ki keeps herself well-groomed, just in case. In case of what, she doesn't know, but she's sure it'll matter when the time comes. She tries her best to avoid violence when necessary, as she doesn't consider herself good at it. Nor does she want to be. Her parents are merchants, so she knows how to save money, even if she didn't take after them. Ki has a tendency to knock things over accidentally (or "accidentally". It's unclear if she's trying to).

Reason for travelling: A sudden and powerful wanderlust.
MechanicsMastered Weapon: Unarmed
Party Role: Undetermined

STR 6, DEX 6, INT 6, SPI 6

Hit Points: 12/12
Mental Points: 12/12
Carrying Capacity: 12

Well-Traveled: +1 to Travel checks (always active)
Knowledge of Tradition: You can get more information about the things you see and hear. Anytime you come across something interesting. [INT + INT]. TN is up to the GM.
Music: Give all party members a +1 bonus to their next roll. Critical: +3 bonus. Fumble: Any PCs with Condition of 6 or less gain the [Muddled: 6] status effect. Usable when in a suitable area. Roll: [DEX + SPI]. TN based on Topography. Each use reduces the Minstrel’s HP by 1.

Accurate: Gain an extra +1 bonus to any check when using Concentration, for a total bonus of +2.
Quick: +1 bonus to Initiative checks in combat
Pocket: Your Carrying Capacity is increased by +3
Equipment150 Gold

Cute Clothes
Basic Kit (Combined Weight: 3): backpack, sleeping bag, wooden utensils, waterskin, rations x2

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Character ApplicationName: Katheryn Wyndell, prefers to be called Kate.
Race/Origin: Human / Daughter of a baron in the southlands.
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Personal Item: A choker, a gift from Kate's mother.

Appearance: Kate has long black hair she tied up with a fancy red ribbon. While she tried to appear modest, she has no idea what a commoner would wear on a normal day so her outfit is still kind of elegant. She picked what she thought was a simple dress, but it's actually still pretty formal if she'd were to pose for a normal traveler.

Attitude: She was always raised to be demure, and it shows. Generally she's pretty calm and withdrawn. She's doesn't express her emotions very well. A frawn instead of anger, for example. She smiles rarely, but people that have seen it say it's a very precious thing. Yet beneath that hides a strong-willed young woman who knows what she wants and actively works towards that. She doesn't let others look into herself easily and is slow to trust, but a friend is a friend for life. While she isn't stupid, she can appear a little out of touch sometimes due to her sheltered background.
  • Likes: Stories, Calm weather, Trying different clothes, Spicy food.
  • Dislikes: Manipulation, Harsh sunlight, Violence, excessive make-up.
Reason for travelling: A mix of not wanting to marry the guy her parents want her to marry and a desire to see the world.

BasicsClass: Noble
Noble Abilities:
  • Etiquette: Leave a positive impression on someone of high rank or status with a contested [DEX+INT] check.
  • Refined Education: Know detailed information about the things you see or hear. Seeing or hearing something may allow an [INT+INT] check for history, famous people or key locations.
  • Weapon Grace: Choose Blade, Polearm or Bow; it becomes an additional Mastered Weapon. If chosen category is already a Mastered Weapon, gain +1 bonus to Accuracy checks.
Type: Magic(Spring)
  • Will: Max MP +4.
  • Spellbook: Acquire two Incantation Magic spells per level.
  • Seasonal Sorcerer: Acquire Seasonal Magic.
Mastered Weapon: Light Blades and Bows(Weapon Grace)
Party Role: ???

StatsMax HP: 8
Current HP: 8
Max MP: 20
Current MP: 20
Cumbrance: 4/7


ItemsWealth: 500 Gold

Weapons: Dagger (Weight: 1): Accuracy: DEX+INT+1 Damage: INT-1
Bow: (Weight: 3): Accuracy: DEX+INT-2 Damage: DEX


Other: Basic Kit (Combined Weight: 3): Backpack, sleeping bag, wooden utensils, waterskin, rations x2
Magic Grimoire

Incantation MagicNormal:
Alert Bell Alarm: 4 | 12 hours | 10 sqm area | Touch
Causes a magical bell to appear. The bell will sound an alarm if a monster comes within 10 m. The bell cannot be
moved. This spell is recommended for new players. Grants +1 on Camp Checks.

Shooting Star | 4 Instant | 1 person | All Areas
Shoots a blast of heat from the caster’s palm that slams into the target. Caster rolls [SPI] (1 die) and deals damage to target equal to that amount.

Spring MagicNormal:
Wake up and Stand Up | 2 | Instant | 1 area | Close Area
Anyone sleeping in the area immediately awakens and stands up. Anyone awake but lying down will immediately stand up. This only affects living things with 2 legs.

Emina Nonno | 2 | 1 day | Touched area | Touch
The area touched will be covered with lots of tiny flowers. The caster decides the variety of flower. If the flower chosen is appropriate for the area touched, and is cared for, the flowers may last longer than the normal duration.

Cure Plus Plus | 2 | Instant | 1 person | Touch
This is cast at the same time as Cure Touch (only one Magic Check required) and makes that magic stronger. Add 1d6 to the effect of Cure Touch. This spell may not be cast separately.

A Little Beauty | 4 | 1 day | 1 person | Touch
The target’s hairstyle and hair color are changed, and makeup is applied to fit a desired image. This hairstyle and
makeup will not change until the end of the spell’s duration. This spell cannot actually change a person’s features.

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Old Dec 20th, 2021, 01:50 PM
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Wulfwin CobblerName: Mr. Wulfwin Cobbler

Race/Origin: A human from a small farming community in the Southlands. Happily married and with a full set of grandchildren, Wulfwin has a son set to take over the family shoe making business.

Class: Artisan (Shoemaker)

Type: Attack type

Personal Item: An old, knitted scarf, given to him by his wife.

Appearence: Wulfwin Cobbler is an old man, with a broad frame that is a bit rounded from a less than vigorous lifestyle. He dresses in the simple yet tough clothing of a craftsman, often donning his apron and toolset as a matter of habit. Wulfwin has a bushy beard and a round pair of spectacles that help him with his day-to-day life.

Attitude: Wulfwin is a quiet, cheerful old man whose smile is never far from his face. A lifetime of curiosity has led to him wanting to see a bit of everything, and sometimes the youthful whims he indulges in can lead him to making poor decisions (all the worse for his wife Emi not being around to set him straight). Wulfwin loves horses, and sometimes wishes he had become a smith so he could make horseshoes instead. He very much dislikes carrots, and thinks that no good salad or soup should have anything to do with carrots. Wulfwin greets everyone with a welcoming smile and a solid handshake, which is only polite and right to do. A proper "Good day" or "good morning" is of course something given to friends, enemies and strangers alike, though his tone and expression would be Wulfwin's only tell to the sincerity of that greeting.*

Reason for travelling: Wulfwin had always been an adventurous young man, or at least he had felt he had been, and liked to wander the less trod paths of his hometown. But then came responsibility, helping his father with work, doing chores, fixing things as they needed fixing. Then came a girl, who he doted on and courted as best he knew. And then came marriage, with all of its responsibilities at the same time as him taking more work at his father's shop. Then came children and full ownership of the shop. And so on and so forth until now, quite old, with a full life behind him, plenty of grandchildren, a successful shoemaking shop and very few regrets, Wulfwin decided that it was time to do something he had always wanted to do.
So he left a bundle of flowers with his wife's headstone, left his shop with his eldest son, left a good memory with his grandchildren, and left for the wider world.


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Annabelle ForsythName: Annabelle Forsyth {Prefers "Anna"}
Age: 18
Race: Human
Origin: Aspiring knight of the realm! Anna comes from a long line of noble (and sometimes not so noble) guardians. Though to be honest, there's not much call for them these days. Anna's home is suffocatingly peaceful. Her family have grown rich and complacent. But young Anna takes the 'knight' thing much more seriously.

Class: Noble
Type: Attack

Personal Item: A shield-shaped brooch, bearing the family coat of arms.

Appearance: Anna is a tall, muscular teenager. She has long red hair and green eyes. She usually wears 'practical' tunics and trousers. Though these garments are much fancier than she believes.

Attitude: Anna is a proud and dutiful scion of her family's legacy. Her head is filled with tales of knightly virtue. She thinks of herself as a champion of the common people. The common people, by contrast, often see her as a posturing snob. Anna is loud, assertive, and brash. Her desire to do good is genuine. She's a loyal protector of those under her care. But her inner spirit lacks something crucial. Anna's sheltered upbringing hasn't prepared her for life in the outside world. She has a great deal to learn.

Reason for travelling: She volunteered to escort her friend Kate on her own journey.


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Character ApplicationNAME: Bauer
Race: Human
Origin: Bauer hails from the quaint County of Chauncey, far, far away from Olivewreath. Chauncey is prosperous but ever-expanding as a result.

Class: Farmer
Type: Technical

Personal Item: A carved wooden birdcall on a leather string. His very young son made it for him with the help of a family friend.

Appearance: Tall and lanky, but with weirdly big shoulders. Has big ears, ruddy brown hair that sticks up in the front and a thin beard and sideburns. His hands are massive, but his long fingers make him surprisingly dexterous with a pen. Typically wears simple and sturdy work clothes, with just a splash of more colorful fabric here and there (typically a dark green vest). Travels with a huge backpack full of camping gear and surveyor's equipment.

Attitude: His true attitude can be a little hard to pin down; as an administrator he has to deal with people of all classes and professions, and to help things go smoothly he often switches tone depending on who he's dealing with. He can be friendly, professional, or intimidating as the situation demands, though maintaining all these different faces makes it a little hard for him to talk to people in groups. When alone (or with people he trusts), Bauer's true nature shines through: the man is utterly peaceful. He delights in quiet moments filled with small pleasures, like cracking a fresh loaf of bread or watching the winds blow waves in the grass. It is extremely difficult to wrong him in a way he won't immediately forgive, provided you apologize.
  • Likes: Quiet, Weekends, Fresh-cooked meals, Rain, Reading something besides ledgers for a change
  • Dislikes: Being busy, Rude people, Pettiness, Early mornings

Reason for Traveling: The Count of Chauncey's idiot son will soon be coming of age, and to prevent him from mucking up the holdings his father has taken such pains to build, he has dispatched Bauer to work as a surveyor to find a new frontier for him to settle. The spoiled young noble is very particular about the type of town he wants to build, and has given Bauer a long list of traits to look for.


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WinnieName: Winnie Waft (they/them)
Age: 19
Origin: Olivewreath Aristocratic Scion
Class: Noble
Type: Magic (Spring)
Personal Item: A saucer-sized brass astrolabe
Appearance: Waifish build. Sky blue neck-length hair and sky blue clothing with grass green accents.
Attitude: Enthusiastic to the point of obsession
Likes: Books, coffee, learning new things, showing off, stargazing
Dislikes: Early mornings, failure, being snubbed or ignored
Reason for Traveling: To see the things they've only read about.


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