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The Fellowship

What kind of characters am I looking for:
The characters are a group of Dwarves and their Lawful allies who continue the Watch. They are in the Northlands, a border region to the north of the human kingdom of Eregold. To the south, the lands are rich and the people of Eregold grow strong under the leadership of the half-elven King Arthur II and his advisor, Emrys. To the north the mountains are full of chaos followers who wish to destroy Eregold and between them lie a small number of Dwarves and their allies who continue the ages-long Watch that is their reason for existence. The game will start in Lawton. I aim for a mixed party which has a range of powers and skills.

Character level for the game:
There are three types of player position available:
a) Hero – A single 6th Level Character
b) Hero and Sidekick - A 4th Level PC and a 2nd Level Sidekick
c) Clan Elder - A 3rd Level PC and a 2nd Level Sidekick; part of the Council of Elders of a Clan and have a Clan to run.

Races for the Game: (Note all PCs are Lawful)
Dwarf: There are 7 Tribes of Dwarf. These all use the Dwarf basic features and the features of a subrace:
• Khamuli - Hill Dwarf subrace features
• Durlini - Mountain Dwarf subrace features
• Regini- Duergar subrace features
• Baleni - Forest Gnome subrace features
• Graleni - + 2 Int Rock Gnome subrace features
• Throrini - Stout Halfling subrace features
• Dwalini - Lightfoot Halfling subrace features
Notes: [list]
*All Dwarves have inherent magical resistance 2 (i.e. any arcane spell which is targeted at them will fail if they roll a 19+ on D20)
*There are no Gnomes or Halflings in this world. Graleni are known as 'Gnomes'
*Dwarves are all part of the Folk. They share a lot of culture (more details in the game forum) and a purpose in the world. Even loners like Slayers are bound to the Kings of their Tribe and to the High King if one has been elected

+ Bugbear, Centaur, Elf, Firbolg, Goblin, Goliath, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Hobgoblin, Human, Kobold, Lizardfolk, Orc.

Warforged are only playable as Sidekicks to a Dwarven Artificer.

Character Classes Available: All PHB classes, and Gunslinger, are available, but Artificer and Gunslinger are only available to Dwarves, and Dwarves cannot be Sorcerors, Warlocks or Wizards. Dwarven Barbarians are Slayers so ask before you run one. Geasa needed!

Gods available: The 14 + the Lightbringer

Amount of gold allowed per character: PHB for level.

Ability score method: PC 30 Point Buy; Sidekick 20 Point Buy (and 2/3 exp.) No Dice rolling in this thread
Attributes: Max 16 before racials for PC and 15 for sidekicks.

Hit points: Maximum +Con Bonus for Level 1, either standard + Con or Roll (with advantage for PCs) (in Game) for each level. Once chosen, you take the outcome of the Tumblers of Fate

Homebrew rules included: See above for Races and Character Classes. I will allow most alternate features on request. Alignment is simply Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic. Downtime rules will be used to allow characters to train proficiencys, feats and new classes. Training will be needed to uplevel as well.

Player characters (not sidekicks) will have additional feats or proficiencies from training since they started adventuring as below:
HERO PC: one feat and one proficency
Pair's PCs: will get 1 feat or two proficiencies
Clan's PC: One proficiency or 300TP towards a feat

Magic Items: Each player gets 3 Magic Item points to allocate on character creation. To gain a magic item the player must:
a) spend 50GP and 1 Magic Item Point for a Common Magic item or a Masterwork Weapon that gives +1 to hit
b) spend 100GP and 2 Magic Item Points for an Uncommon Magic item or a +1 Weapon
c) spend 300GP and 3 Magic Item Points for a Rare Magic item or a +2 Weapon (or +1 Weapon with additional ability)

Items available are on this link: Magic Items by Rarity

Post Rate and Type of Players: 2 posts per week on average, and players who are willing to work with me to make this world come alive. Posts that inspire a response from me, or other players, would be really welcome!

Hero: PC: - Name; Race; Class (with subclass); 2 Traits, Ideal; Bond; Flaw; Personality; Background.
Hero+:PC: - Name; Race; Class (with subclass); 2 Traits, Ideal; Bond; Flaw; Personality; Background; Link to Sidekick. SK: Name; Race; Class (with subclass); TIBF
Clan: PC: - Name; Race; Class (with subclass); 2 Traits, Ideal; Bond; Flaw; Personality; Background; Position on Council of Elders; Link to Sidekick.
SK: Name; Race; Class (with subclass); TIBF. Clan Name; Race; Type of Warriors; Main trade good produced; Goal.

For all characters a backstory that fits with the setting would be useful. Please note that main characters do NOT need to be Dwarves though their backstory will need to explain how they came to be working alongside the Dwarves in their Watch.

Post your initial character application into this thread and create a link to your Character sheet(s) to the name of each character. Please create a Stat Block for each character (to be included in each post in game threads) using this template:

I have taken the Oath of Sangus

On phone at weekends so shorter and less frequent posts.

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Telorin the Damned
right-aligned image

Name: Telorin Stormbrow
Race: Durlini
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Barbarian5/Rogue1 Path of the Berserker
Background: Artisan Leatherworker
Deity: Duradonus (The wise one) and Destuvar (God of Dark Air and Storms)
Role: Battlefield DPS. Stealth, Quiet brooding and extreme violence. And bagpipes.

character sheet

Telorin stands just shy of 5ft tall, heavily muscled and bald with a long red beard filled with leather and metal charms and runes. He rarely wears much in the way of clothing except for a leather and hide kilt with a chaos banner hanging down the front. His arms are strewn with tattoos and two symmetrical tribal images grace his bald pate. He has a huge, fur cloak which he wears when weather or propriety requires it but can be shed when entering combat.

The first thing people would notice when meeting Telorin is his calm demeanour and menacing, rasping voice. He is often quiet and attentive and seems to consider his words carefully. He is rarely found at the front end of conversations but rather on the periphery. He carry’s a great sword, in an elaborate leather scabbard, which he can often be seen adding detail to as a leather working artisan.


Personality Traits:
I have been isolated for so long that i rarely speak, thinking carefully about my words and my meaning.
If I draw my sword, it must taste blood, either from an opponent worthy to my cause, or myself.
Emotions must not cloud my sense of what in right and true
I am guilty of terrible crimes and to make up for this I must protect those who cannot protect themselves
I am inflexible in my thinking



Telorin the Damned
right-aligned image


Actual Post Text

Stat Block
Bonus Action:
Interact w/Object:

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Name: Strider Greatmane
Race: Elfish Centaur
Sex: Male
Class: Warlock 3/Bard 1 (Pact of the Blade)
Favored Deity: Strider is superstitious and panders to all the gods. He most commonly looks to Duradonus for guidance.
Description: Standing at nearly seven feet from head to hoof, the elfish centaur has primarily a fawn coloring. His hooves have big tufts of white fur about them, and he has a great white mane running from his head down his back. His tail is also white, with gray and white speckles leading onto his rump.
Personality Traits:
I’m always polite and respectful.
I see omens in every event and action. The gods try to speak to us, we just need to listen.
Ideals: Faith. I trust that my deity will guide my actions. I have faith that if I work hard, things will go well. (Lawful)
Bonds: I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
Flaws: I put too much trust in those who wield power within my temple’s hierarchy.

Name: "Ricochet" Ravinicous Barackus Volitarious
Race: Dwalini
Sex: Male
Class: Rogue 2
Favored Deity: Drascar God of Greed and Cunning
Description: Small for a dwarf, Ricochet got his name when he fired a slingshot at a thief and missed, but the bullet bounced off the doorframe and hit the thief in the pate, knocking him unconscious. He’s a friendly burglar who helps his allies access tough to get into places, and his maneuvering on the battlefield has come in handy on many occasions. Mostly he is a loyal friend to Strider and seems to have pledged himself to keep the centaur company for the duration.
Personality Traits: I idolize a particular hero of my faith, and constantly refer to that person's deeds and example.
Ideals: I trust that my deity will guide my actions. I have faith that if I work hard, things will go well.
Bonds: I owe my life to the friend who took me in when my parents died in the war.
Flaws: I tend to gamble.

right-aligned image
Background: The offspring of a curious elf and a playful fey, Strider is a centaur of elven descent. He met with his companion Ricochet, a Dwalini, when they were working in the Crusade back at the first battle of Lawton. It was an intense battle, and many friends were lost. Strider was on his way to follow Balen to Reginhold when he found Ricochet hiding in some rubble. The sturdy centaur pulled some of the timbers free and hoisted the lightfoot out of the debris and ushered him onto his back. There, they rode to Reginhold where they witnessed Balen’s ceremony to become Lightbringer.

Strider and Ricochet enjoyed the quiet of peace for a time and delighted in the Exemplar Games. Though the struggle with Demons was relentless and they joined forces to defend Reginhold with Balen’s clan. When Balen lost the Grand Melee and the Wrestling, Strider felt it was an ill omen. ”Duradonus must have been tipping the scales of these battles.” He said to his companion. Ricochet replied, ”Perhaps he threw the fight, allowing the other fighter to become champion and boost his confidence enough to marshal his own clan.” But then Balen won the Marathon, and they were elated! Ricochet had placed a sizeable bet on the Marathon, and also the Melee and Wrestling, so he was excited to make his money back. But Strider knew that this dwarf was destined to be a hero.

Ricochet held a Lightbriner banner as he rode aloft Strider while they marched with the clan to Magdenheim. The Crusaders followed the clan to meet the battle at Rockfall and secure the retreat of the Exemplar forces. Strider employed ranged and melee tactics to subdue the goblin army. With his eldritch blasts and massive eldritch maul smiting goblin forces, the centaur looked up just in time to receive a nod from Ori Barkskin, commander of the Banner Guard, for a job well done.

Back at Reginhold, the duo enjoyed more games. It was an uproar when the leader of the Alliance was killed in his wrestling match. But Balen exacted vengeance and justice by slaying the killer and winning the competition. Ricochet’s wagers paid off more than imagined, as Balen went on to win the Marathon as well. Strider still felt it an ill omen that the great leader could not or would not win the Grand Melee. Though he did slay Alric the Intrepid’s killer during the wrestling match. Perhaps balance had been struck.

Still, Balen was made Fist of Dwarves and intended to lead the Crusade, which Strider was very excited about. Under his leadership, he suspected that morale and bravery would increase exponentially. Ori was still there as the general, and as they began their march to Lawton Strider got another nod from stoic Ori, which made him swallow butterflies. The centaur considered it a powerful omen to be recognized by the great commander.

When Balen was bestowed another blessing from Eldaron, Strider was particularly awe-struck to see that Balen had bene gifted the Avatar of Korgal, father of Dwarves! Such an incredible honor that he would have this going into combat. Now he was becoming a mythical hero and his people would follow him anywhere. And so, being among his people, Strider and Ricochet worked hard to build the road to Lawton. And they were well rewarded by being able to meet humans and goliaths for the first time. It was wonderful having them join the armies and train alongside them. Strider was quick to learn the language of the goliaths, having studied some texts that the elves had kept, and was integral in the process of helping to train them.

They marched to Rockfall and combined forces with allies to take over the city. ”This is going to get messy,” muttered Strider, as he summoned his maul. But Ricochet pointed as Balen found a prominent location and called out to the inhabitants, ”We have come to bring peace to this land! Any who surrender and vow to live according to Law will be saved!” There was a hush across the city as the words were carried by all of the people and creatures occupying it. Then, a goblin dropped his jagged sword, and then a wave of other goblins and orcs dropped their weapons. After that, there was a massive wave of calamity as all manner of weapons were dropped to the ground. Balen had saved the day yet again!

Strider touched a talisman that hung around his neck as he watched Balen leave camp for Magdenheim and Lawton. It was a dwarfish coin that had been corrupted in its forging. The coin was hexagonal inset inside a silver frame allowing the front and back to show. Instead of being pure electrum, there were waves of mithral, gold, and copper within. On the front there was a portrait of Duradonus, ruler of Time and Fate. On the back was the portrait of Korgal, keeper of laws, father of dwarves. He knew that someday his fate would rest in this coin. But he was reminded of the subtle twists of fate through life and reached to the coin for guidance.

”This is not good,” he said to his companion.

Ricochet nodded, ”Aye, he should be bound to stay with his people at all times then? He goes where he is needed.” Said the wise dwarf.

”I suppose you are right.” Replied the centaur, uncomforted by his friend’s words. ”Come on, we’ve more road to build on the way to Lawton.”

They were on their way to Lawton when the Chaos forces attacked. Some Crusade armies were pushed into Rockfall, while the rest of the Crusade armies rushed back to Rockfall to give aid. Balen was not there to lead the Crusade! Strider muttered prayers to Orlanth asking for blessings over this battle that they should be triumphant after all they’d been through.

Strider saw the Goliaths and Bannerguard moving in to fight as an auxiliary unit. ”Climb on!” he said to Ricochet, as they charged into battle. The centaur blasted Chaos creatures while they closed in. When they arrived, he summoned his maul and crushed the enemy. The auxiliary unit, with the Bannerguard and Goliaths of BloodnGuts, formed an anvil against which the chaos threw itself while human and Elvish forces flanked then destroyed them.

Balen’s heroism was elevating beyond mortal standards. Balen solidified his position as winner of the Marathon by running from Magdenheim to Rockfall in just a week. He made it in time to join the battle and then to forge a friendship with the Elven Queen, a moment that Strider greatly cherished.

The duo marched to Lawton with the Crusade, then, in Lawton Vale, they met the Waargh in battle. Strider and Ricochet had grown weary of fighting goblins and orcs, creatures of Chaos. But when the massive construct appeared, morale dropped, and hopelessness began to settle in. Strider broke off from the goblins and made way for the construct. From a distance, he continued blasting it with force rays, though it didn’t seem to be doing much. The centaur, moving and dancing about the battlefield to get a good line of sight, caught the attention of Ori once again. They witnessed Balen and the Raven charging the construct and the big flash of light as it exploded into oblivion.

Strider was quick to get up and moved over to Ori and held out a hand to help the commander to his feet. Ori smiled. ”You’re a great warrior, even if your methods are unorthodox. I’m glad to have you on our side. Now how quickly can you get me over to that blast site?”

The centaur smiled and hoisted Ori onto his back, then rushed over to the blast site. But the blast ended up consuming Balen Lightbringer and destroying the Raven in the process. Balen disappearing shook everyone to the core. This was a mythic hero and the confusion of the event indicated that he just vanished, while the Raven had died fighting the same construct. Ricochet rode Strider to the funeral for Balen and the Raven. Things would never be the same. As a memorial, each was given a Lawton Vale brooch with two silver axes crossed over a black enamel raven. Along the way, Ori caught up with the centaur on a coach. He stopped the duo and said, "My artificiers just finished this and I think you will wear it well." Ori opened the door and shoved a white cloak into Strider's hand and gripped the back of it with his left hand. "Next time you need to be somewhere, may you have the speed and grace to get there! Travel safe, brothers. Gods speed!" He said, with a smile. Then, the door closed and the four horse carriage took off again.

Strider opened the cloak, which was rimmed with white feathers, and slipped it on. The cloak grew a slit in the back halfway up so that it stayed out of the way of his rider, Ricochet. But the rim of feathers along the split made it look like wings, conceptually. It was not until they rested that Strider realized what the cloak actually was for. The next day he sprouted great white feathered wings and flew to catch up to Ori who waved at him from the coach window. Strider landed and said, "Thank you, Ori, you have outdone yourself. Would you like a ride?" He asked. The dwarf grinned wide and said, "You bet I do! Stand aside, Ricochet." And Ori climbed aboard Strider. They got a running start and then took off with flaps of his powerful wings. They laughed and talked about the different locations as they flew. Strider mentioned that he was into cartography and Ori gave him someone to talk to about making maps for money... Eventually, they caught back up with the coach and Ori was beside himself with glee at the experience. He invited Strider and Ricochet into his camp so they could talk further about their career paths.

Ten years went by, and Strider and Ricochet had continued their service in the Watch. They followed the Lightbringer Banner Guard and were doing what they could to assist Balen’s clan building Lighthold. After such a tenure of service in the Crusade, it felt like it was time to retire…

They had another encounter with Ori on their way out of the Crusade. Ori said that Strider's aerial maps were the best in the business and he needed them to make more. That’s when they were assigned to continue the Watch to protect Eregold from the Chaos to the north. They arrived in Lawton a day ago, hungry and weary from travel. But they were welcomed by Ori and the Lightbringers and given food and a place to stay. On the morrow their service begins anew.
Painting the sky with butterflies and giants, a little boy dragon found a balloon in the sun.

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Clan Elder
right-aligned image
Name: Bazitelin Twilightbringer

Race: Baleni

Class (with subclass): Ranger/Hunter 3

Background: Urthgardt Tribe member Background from SCAG renamedClan Elder/member

Trait I place no stock in wealthy or well-mannered folk. Money and manners won’t save you from a hungry owlbear
Trait I have a lesson for every situation, drawn from observing nature.
Ideal It is each person’s responsibility to make the most happiness for the whole tribe.
Bond My family, clan, or tribe is the most important thing in my life, even when they are far from me.
Flaw I am slow to trust members of other races, tribes, and societies.
History: Bazi is of one of the older named families that can accurately trace the line back to the first tellings of the Clan. Being something of an oddity in that she has an affinity with nature, she is young for an Elder, but has had her position for two decades. That position being Elder Hunter. One is called Elder Hunter at a young age - for a Dwarf - when one is the only Clan member who is doing such a thing.
To other Hunters and Rangers she's crossed paths with, they think it odd that she uses a crossbow instead of a longbow. Bazi thinks her affinity for the weapon comes from her kind being more familiar with tools and the crossbow is more like a tool than a long or short bow is.
Her prized Crossbow was gifted to the clan by a contingent/group of elves who purchased one of their tomes of History a few decades ago. When Bazi rose to her current position as Elder, it was bestowed up on her as a fitting use of the item. It is carved with elven runes and is a beautiful work of art. It's an oddity for an elven weapon, given they have an affinity for the longbow.


Position on Council of Elders: Elder Hunter

Link to Sidekick: Wisica Softbranch is from another Clan, but taken in at a young age when her Ranger mother was killed in the wilds. For just over a decade, she's had Wisica under her wing, so to speak.

RP Sample between the Elder and Sidekick: "So, you could have picked any creature to take the form of this... this Wildfire Spirit, and you chose a chicken? Why not a formidable beast, or dwarven looking warrior?", Bazi asked her young apprentice of sorts.

"No, no. I could NOT have chosen anything but the noble chicken. It's fearless, inquisitive, friendly..."

"And they taste good. So is that why you went with a chicken? Because it's the best tasting beast if roasted over a fire? And why not a rooster? They look a bit more menacing at least. If that's even possible."
Wisica's brow furrowed as her mother just wasn't getting it. "No, it has nothing to do with how they taste if basted right over a fire. They're majestic creatures? And why would I choose a rooster? What's noble about waking everyone up in the morning with all that crowing?"

Bazi sighs and says, ""I knew I shouldn't have let you sleep with all those baby chicks you were raising when you were little. I had a feeling that would come back to be regretful."

Sidekick - Wisica
right-aligned image
Name: Wisica Softbranch

Race: Khamuli

Class (with subclass): Druid - Circle of Wildfire 2

Background: Clan Crafter

Personality: The diminutive personage that is Wisica almost always has a mischievous or whimsical look on her face. She's short even by dwarven standards. Her long auburn hair stays braided most of the time, always when she's working. Aside from the Scimitar hanging from her belt, and the two javelins in the thin sheath hangar on her back, she's only got a pack on her back, a shield in one hand, and her leather armor under traveling clothes. If she's awake, there's probably a fire nearby or she's holding something burning. Fire makes her happy. And beer. Or Ale. Or whatever she can brew up.
Trait I always want to know how things work and what makes people tick.
Trait I don’t part with my money easily and will haggle tirelessly to get the best deal possible.
Ideal My talents were given to me so that I could use them to benefit the world.
Bond An injury to the unspoiled wilderness of my home is an injury to me.
Flaw There is no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest.
History: One might think that Wisica's outward demeanor is atypical of that of the clan of her birth. She's lively, outward going, enjoys a good time in the company of others, and doesn't scare easy. Her birth clan is more serious, a bit barbarous, doesn't like outsiders, and tends to be more quiet around others. It might seem odd for those of such small stature, but Wisica likes to say that she's the small package that good things come in.
Having a deeper affinity and love of the wilds than her typical kin, Wisica quickly stood out. Instead of being wary of fire anywhere but in a controlled environment, she deeply connected to the spirits of wildfire that are so often misunderstood by Rangers, Druids, and the fey alike. Fire washes things cleaner than water, and sometimes it is necessary to destroy in order to let life start anew or make way for new things.
Wisica's Scimitar has a large stone-sized ruby affixed to the pommel. It was unearthed and "finished" by the Clan and originally the pendant of a necklace that Bazi wore. When Wisica became her student, or squire of sorts, she had a War Mage she rescued from a failed adventure imbue it with magic and presented it to Wisica.

Adopted Mother - Bazitelin Twilightbringer
Posting Status: Normal- Road trip - 10/3 to 10/7 Posting Slow, nightly only if possible

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Seegar “Siege” Billowburn
Graleni Dwarf Engineer
Artillerist Artificer - Arcana Cleric
Ranged Specialist, Utilitarian

Trait: It's not magic - or anything, really - if you do it only halfway. Whatever I do, I give it all I've got.

Idea: I love my job! Despite the dangerous working conditions, there's nothing I'd rather do.

Bond: I have the schematics for an invention that I hope to build one day, once I have the necessary resources

Flaw: I get bored easily, and if nothing is happening I'll make something happen.

Stout looking by Dwarf standards, and especially so for Graleni. Singed brows and a frizzy un braded beard of scorched orange encapsulates his rugged Dwarven face. Much of his visage is designed for life in the North, purposeful like the furs which lay under his emerald scale armor to keep him warm, or the high topped trappers boots to keep his feet dry from the snow. He wears a leather aviators cap and protective goggles not only to keep him free of infringement barring the driven snow, but also to defend his vision from debris while creating. On his hip is various pouches and concealed items, as well as his multipurpose pick’n’axe. In his hands he carries a unique wooden staff, carved to represent the modern firearm he adores so fondly. The head of this staff bares the mark of the dragon. And lastly upon his shoulder pauldron is a magnetized piece of technology representing a wolfs head, similar but different to that of the staff.

Seegar is… resourceful? absolutely. Reliable?… sometimes. Underwhelming?... Not at all. He is school yard playful and scholar level curious, but with a serious undertone. He knows hard work and the benefits in which it reaps, being a foundation of his methods and ideals. He is intuitive, inquisitive and down right nosey, to the most innocent degree. Seegar carries his friends close and his enemies at firing range. He treats every situation as a learning opportunity, most so the failures. Like most Graleni Seegar is quirky, fun and playful. He tends to be viewed as strange and eccentric, talking in riddles or of verbiage more commonly associated with his race or craft. If you asked him he would probably admit to being a bit dastardly, but would argue it comes from truest of intentions. His canonical catch phrases are “From da Hip!” As he mows down his opponents with his Arcane Firearm and “Let freedom rain!” as he lobs his grenadas (Grenades) into the air. His last identifying statement is when he makes use of his “Howler cannon” upon his shoulder, where he no doubt, howls like a wolf. “AaWooooooo!” His greatest fascination comes from things that go boom!

As a child of the Thunder blessing, his parents were so proud of their gift. He showed a protégée level mind from an early age, far exceeding pupils his own age. A bright star of Hakars eye no doubt.

As he matured he curve any hellish adolescent tendencies and apprenticed among multiple journeyman. The Blacksmith, the Carpenter, and the Woodcarver to be precise. All the while practicing his own crafts in secrecy, which weren’t so secret after all.

Upon coming of age, Seegar had joined the engineering guild and proved his worth while working along side Berlani Thundrsen, the chiefest of builders among his clan. He held a natural affinity in designing and building larger war machines, catapults, ballistas and the like. In addition he became known as a “Siege hand”; an inventor specializing in warfare and machines.

Seegar was called to the battle of Lawton and defended her walls valiantly as emissary to the Guild. Initially he acted as one of the siege hands but When the casualties amassed he switched his role to medical assistant practitioner, showcasing his diverse skill set.

Once the battle was over he stayed in Lawton to rebuild her and see her move to the next age of industry. Working with the newly established banner guard.

To arms was called again and he followed the troops to defend the retreat of the Examplars after their siege on Rockfall and again fought bravely as a collective Folk. It was here he got to know Ori Barkskin and the great hero he was.

He marched once again to Rockfall to join the allied forces and witnessed Balen’s supreme mercy. An unheard of deviance from tradition. Here he was forced to retreat into rockfall once the chaos forces regrouped, catching everyone by suprise.

Finally in Lawton Vale he used his siege knowledge desperately but to no avail. He thought the end was upon them but eventually the Raven brought down the Waargh and peace was of the moment.

He now works as an individual entity under instruction of the guild, working with the other heroes of the North to rid the land of chaos. Troops have started spelunking forgotten keeps seeking ancient knowledge, and at their side stands the formidable artificer, ready for any task.

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Eregold's Smallest Giant
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Name: Bran Eidwigsson
Race: Throrini (though he thinks he was born to a hill giant despite all proof to the contrary)
Class: Rune Knight (fighter)
Background: Outlander
Patron Goddess: Somonol



Appearance: Standing but 3'3 and weighing a scant 3 stone (about 42 pounds), Bran certainly looks like a Thronini at first glance. What sets him apart is the look he has chosen, which is much more akin to a traditional hill giant than a normal Thronini. His face is tattooed with his clan tattoos, his breastplate is concealed under the tanned hide of a bugbear he killed on his manhood quest, and his neck is heavily hung about with charms and runes, some of which have actual power.

Personality: However, he gets along well with other Thronini, and indeed most everyone who isn't hostile. The abuse and prejudice he faced growing up as a midget in a clan of giants has left deep marks in his soul and he rejoices every day that he has found a people and a purpose to his life where he is accepted for what he is rather than ostracized for what he is not. However, this does not mean he denies or conceals his origins. He doesn't. He wishes one day to return to his large and unruly family and clan to show that he did indeed make his mark in the world and hungers for the fame and recognition that that will require.

Background: Bran was the oldest of 11 sons of Eidwig the Wanderer, a notorious and widely feared hill giant matron. Why he never grew like his younger siblings is a mystery to any who accept his parentage. Those who claimed he was not Eidwig's son growing up had to deal with Eidwig and no one really wanted to get on the wrong side of the clan matron. AS the clan priestess for Somonol, the Goddess of Fertility, this question crossed religious as well as personal insult lines.

However, that didn't mean life was easy or smooth. The other giants, and particularly his brothers, teased, bullied, and excluded him whenever his mother's watchful eye wasn't directly on them and he grew up tough and more than a little mean. But Eidwig herself never treated him any different than any of his brothers, if anything, as the eldest, he had more of everything, both privileges and duties. His mother also taught him the lore of the giantfolk, expressed in the runes of power, a study that none of his brothers had much aptitude for. This made the rest bearable.

But not pleasant and when he had grown old enough to survive on his own, Bran packed a pack and set forth to seek his place in the world. To help him find and fit in with others more like himself, his mother gave him a magic belt and told him of the Folk. His wanderjar lasted 3 years before he was recruited into a dwarven military band. There, his differences were just seen as eccentricities and his fighting ability gained him respect and honor. In addition, he took to heart the special charge of the dwarven folk, The Watch, and made it the guiding star of his code along with the precepts of his mother's clan. Now he is part of the Folk, part of the Watch, he belongs.


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Rotten Bhargda

Type: Hero
Race: Dwarf - Khamuli
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Druid - Circle of Spores
Role: Battlefield Control, Healing, Aura Damage, Pet Summons, Alt. Tank, Utility Magic, Cryptic Mutterings
Background: Hermit
Trait 1: I'm oblivious to etiquette and social expectations.
Trait 2: I connect everything that happens to me to a grand, cosmic plan.
Ideal: My gifts are meant to be shared with all, not used for my own benefit.
Bond: Nothing is more important to me than the survival of the Folk.
Flaw: I let my need to win arguments overshadow friendships and harmony.

Draft Character Sheet


The Unusual Life of a Dwarven Druid


On the Road to Lighthold:

Not Fade Away (IHTTOOS)

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Character Applications
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Reeda AleSwallow - Dwalini, Lawful Evil Cleric (Trickery Domain) 4
  • Trait 1: I like to squeeze into small places where no one else can get to me.
  • Trait 2: I think anyone who's nice to me is hiding evil intent cept for Alice.
  • Ideal: Retribution. The rich need to be shown what life and death are like in the gutters.
  • Bond: I owe my survival to Alice, who've I've been teaching to better survive the streets.
  • Flaw: Gold seems like a lot of money to me, and I'll do just about anything for more of it.
  • Personality: Reeda has lived the rough and tumble life in the city. She has a hatred for nobles with vast amounts of wealth but also has an avaricious side to her that contradicts her hatred. She would do anything for gold, however she can be kind to those that are as miserable as her.
  • Background: Urchin
  • History: Reeda Aleswallow was daughter to a brewery clan somewhere in the middle of the plains. Her time their was just a simple and average life that spanned for a few centuries. The land she lived upon used to be the battleground between the forces of Chaos and The Folks, it looked completely different than it was in the present. The plains Folk thanks the three daughters of Korgal for that, many in the clan were varied in who was responsible for this miracle but they give thanks to the three none the less. Reeda had just about enough and wanted to have a change of pace. A life different than the average. She got more than she bargain for in this bigger human city she relocated to, it was far to the north, humans called it the Capital of the North. Thinking it was called Albany. Their she had a tough time to survive, however she's learn a thing or too. She became a devout followers to that city's most avaricious God, Drascar, after she was conned by one of said God's faithful. So she copied what that follower did, practicing through only memory of that con so she can one day con that follower and take back her gold and more. It just so happen that Drascar favor's such ambitions, and it also helped that she successfully conned others, particularly nobles, out of their money whenever she practiced. Ever since then, she's become a somewhat involuntary follower of this God. She only wants money though. Eventually she moved out of Albany after the humans started noticing her schemes, and a Noble's ire are notorious in harsh punishments, so she left the city and headed to a dwarven community to lay low. It was somewhere on a mountain where the Folk built a city called Reginhold.
  • Link to Alice: Reeda and Alice met up on the streets of a Reginhold. Reeda was mostly a drifter looking for coin and such, used to be a simple plains girl until she had a sudden epiphany, city life was a jerk as she found herself struck with unwanted attention and poverty. She had become nothing more than a petty thief for the past several months. That's when she met a Half-Elf that was being conned and was about to do something a bit worser than be stricken with poverty, Reeda didn't want that to stand so she intervened and revealed the trick. The Half-elf was indebted to the dwarf and the duo became somewhat close friends. She sometimes gave her food and money while she in exchange shows her how to better survive the streets. Eventually due to Alice influence, Reeda decided to clean up her act by earning money through a more legal manner, where her skills could be much appreciated and their be gold to be had in an instant. Mercenary work, she's doing mercenary work which she advertises can take on any job, no matter how mundane or underhanded it be, she accepts as long as she's paid well. She didn't meet Alice back then, however it only took her at least four jobs when she was suddenly hired as her friends bodyguard. Turns out she was a noble that was training to become a valued ally to the Watch, it was by coincidence that she found Reeda as a bodyguard. And so the duo was reunited again in an adventure.

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Alice SkyBright - Half-elf, Lawful Good Cleric (Life Domain) 2
  • Trait 1: Despite my noble birth, I do not place myself above other folk. We all have the same blood.
  • Trait 2: My eloquent flattery makes everyone I talk to feel like the most wonderful and important person in the world.
  • Ideal:Respect. Respect is due to me because of my position, but all people regardless of station deserve to be treated with dignity.
  • Bond: I will face any challenge to win the approval of my family.
  • Flaw: By my words and actions, I often bring shame to my family.
  • Personality: Despite her noble birth, she doesn't really have an air of regality about her. She's somewhat scatterbrained in a conversation and not to mention she's rather sheltered in her upbringing and ignorant of the way the world works. However, she's a very kind person by heart, and is determined to face dangers of any sorts.
  • Background: Noble
  • History: Alice is a strange case, she has an appearance of an elf but is actually a Half-Elf. Her mother was an elf and her father was a dwarf, she may not look dwarvish, but her brother's certainly do and they have pointy ears too, it just so happens that their dear sister was excluded from any dwarven appearances. Her childhood was a bit trying, her father and mother did not love each other, they only married in a very poor attempt in making amends and a way to capitalize each other's wealth. This arrange relationship started straining further as this alliance between nobles started shrinking in obscurity as other matters in the noble class arise. As things began too hot, Alice just about had enough and left her home to find avoid her parent's strained relationship. She decided to move out alone in the great dwarven city of her father's birthplace, called Reginhold... She received some unexpected problems and an even more unexpected ally. But after that, she worked part time as a caretaker to a church of Torlin. Their, she was fascinated to hear the tales of a head priest, about his faiths creed and stories about the Folks responsibility to humanity. She felt inspired by his tales and stories that she became a fellow devotee. Not just cause of the head priest, but because she wants to have the ability to mend the broken body and to someday mend bonds. And also, when she felt her connection to her God, she thought this was a sign, she believed her Goddess wanted her to take the responsibility in taking care of mankind. The dwarven blood in her veins were proof that her responsibility was real, but with her elven appearance, she knew that she wouldn't receive much of a good reception nor does she feel confident that her clerical magics are up to snuff compared to more devout followers. So, she had an idea of hiring the strongest bodyguard money can find, that plan flew by her once she unexpectedly met back with an old friend. She wanted someone she could trust in this recruitment and she believed Reeda was both trustworthy and strong enough to make the cut. Though she knew her friend didn't care much of this sacred task her entire race vowed to (Reeda completely shirked her duties and would only help for selfish and greedy reasons), Alice felt this was a test of fate. If she ever wanted to become a true member of the Watch, she needs to help her friend that's irresponsible to her duties to become the best of the best in the Watch.

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