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Old Feb 10th, 2022, 11:59 AM
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Team Roster

normal image without text wrap

Welcome everyone! Thanks for joining in. Let's meet our heroes, shall we? Post below to introduce your character. You can copy/paste your application or set up your character sheet. Or both!

Each of your posts in the story thread needs at least a current stat block, and this is a good place to have it ready for copy/paste purposes. You are free to make your own design. It just needs to contain the appropriate information: your hero name, playbook name, labels, current conditions, and influences. If you are going to link to a character sheet instead, please make sure it is up-to-date with every post!

Below is a basic Character Sheet and a Stat Block. Feel free to quote this post to get at the text so you can edit and make them your own. Or make your own from scratch. I won't be offended.



Or if you want something a bit more complicated, below is a quick example of a reference template. You are free to use it if you wish, but it is not required for this game. Feel free to improve on the design as well!

Please be patient with me. Life got crazy, and I haven't caught up yet. PMs for reminders are welcome!
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Old Feb 12th, 2022, 12:06 PM
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right-aligned image
Art by katalean
Hero Name: Starevna
Legal Name: Anastasia Michaels

Playbook: What kind of villain are they? grandiose tyrant
What is your relationship with them like? full of denial
They have an array of abilities, assets, and strengths; what are some of them? endless minions, unrivaled genius, powerful allies
What abilities do you use to fight them? impressive martial prowess, cosmic energies
The Scion (Unbound)

Description: Anastasia might appear to be a fairly non-descript fifteen year-old girl at first glance, a little short, a little skinny. Her Russian accent has mostly faded under an onslaught of American media and classmates, but the occasional word crops up when she gets over excited. Her chestnut hair falls to the middle of her back, usually in untamed waves. Her clothing might be generously described as 'thrift store chic', compiled from whatever hand-me downs, cast-offs and second-hand items she has accumulated. But it's all comfortable and well cared for. She hasn't really had the time (or funds) to put together a costumed alter-ego... but then people pretty much know who she is already. So what's the point? Despite being raised as a (semi-literal) princess, Ana has managed to maintain a plain-spoken, down-to-earth attitude. Coming back home with her mom and living in her aunt's spare bedroom has probably helped a lot with that. She can be a little impetuous at times, sometimes high strung, but always a fast and loyal friend to those who can put up with the inherent... oddities of her life.

Self Discovery - Like many (most?) teenagers, Anastasia is still seeking her own identity. As a child, everything you do and are is governed by your parents and your relationship with them. Doubly so when your father is No, it's not a typo. Tsar like the old... you know what? It makes more sense in Cyrillic.Megatsar. As a teenager, even more people begin to pile expectations onto you. Teachers, friends, relatives. Everybody thinks they know who you are, who you should become. But Ana is ready to find her own path. To learn about who she wants to become by living life and making choices.

Potential - Ana may not have asked for these powers, and they can certainly be a burden. But they are a part of her... and everyone's telling her not to use them. (Except for dad, but he has his own ideas about how she should use them that she's not necessarily down with) "It's too dangerous". "You don't know what might happen". Anastasia knows she is not some action figure to be kept in its packaging forever lest it lose its value. She wants an excuse opportunity to cut loose, to see what she can really do. She doesn't want to hurt people or destroy things... but you'll never really know what you can do unless you face real challenges, right?

Background: I think that many kids, when their parents get divorced, wonder if its their fault. Or... maybe not fault, but if there was something they could have done to prevent it, you know? Not me. When my dad declared himself High Emperor of the Sol System and All Surrounding Galactic Environs? I think that was what opened the first cracks in their marriage.

My mom's story is pretty standard I suppose. She met a boy in college, they got married and eventually I came along. Of course, when it turned out that the boy in question was the son of a warlord turned premier-for-life of a The People's Republic of Tunguska declared its independence from Russia in the late 90s, and much to the surprise of the West, was not immediately crushed under the heel of the Motherland.tiny isolated nation carved out of Siberia... that was a little unusual. When Dedushka (Uh, that's my grandad. Dad's dad, anyways.) passed away, dad took over.

Dad had always been a little... kooky. I guess most kids think that about their parents, but he took it to extremes, you know? I think I was about 9 or 10 the first time he tried to conquer America? I'm not exactly sure, I didn't really find out about it until later. You might ask yourself, 'How does a tiny land-locked nation in Siberia have the people, money or resources to attempt to invade the local Stop-n-Slurp, let alone a global superpower?'. Well... a little over a hundred years ago something fell out of the sky over Tunguska. The Soviets built a secret research lab on top of the shatter remains of... whatever. Grandad leveraged all the secrets and tech from the lab and blackmailed the Russians into leaving him alone. Dad set his sights a little bigger. Like... 'High Emperor of the Sol System and All Surrounding Galactic Environs' big.

So where was I? Oh right, the divorce. Mom was never quite sold on the who semi-benevolent dictator thing. But I think it was the human experiments that finally broke the proverbial camel's back. Did I not mention the human experiments yet? Oh. Well, you see, that's where I come in. Puberty hit me like a brick. Also... I started bleeding cosmic radiation all over the place. Turns out that dear old dad had been sneaking Or comet? Asteroid? Whatever.meteorite dust into everything I ate, drank or touched for pretty much my whole life. Previous experiments on live subjects had hit a wall with absorption rates, so he figured he'd get better results starting from scratch, as it were.

So where was I? Oh yeah, the divorce. A couple weeks after that all came out, Mom and I were on the first plane back to Halcyon City and my dad was left with nothing but some hastily signed paperwork. Of course, mom doesn't have a job or even any work history or references. So for now the two of us are crammed into the spare bedroom of Aunt Lena's apartment. It ain't much... but it's home.

RP Sample:

Why: I enjoyed my stint in my solo game, but the lack of teammates was felt. Interacting with other players is one of my favorite parts of gaming, and it feels hard-baked into this system even more so than others. I would enjoy the chance to experience MASKS as part of a group.




ZendaCole SchneiderArtemis

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Old Feb 12th, 2022, 01:12 PM
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Brutalizer"What’s up, nerds?"
right-aligned image
Brutalizer the Bull

Hero Name: Brutalizer (but my mom calls me Honey Pot). It’s Brutalizer. Just Brutalizer.

Or Danny.

Oh, umm. I mean Dan. Or Daniel. Yeah. Daniel.

You’re not my mom, don’t call me Honey Pot.

Playbook: The Bull.


Goals: I’m a tough guy and I want everyone to know it, and the best way to do that is beating up the villains.


Roleplaying Sample: Player Sample!

GM Sample!

Supers Sample!

Why? I’ve been trying to get into PbtA game for a while but so far, no dice. Who doesn’t want to be a superhero, and once upon a time I taught High School, so I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a part of that just loves the self-absorbed enormity of teenaged life. Have you ever seen prom season from the outside? Hysterical.

Character Sheet

Posting Status: Caught Up?
Don't be afraid to use all the colors in the crayon box.
Pronouns: He/They

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Old Feb 12th, 2022, 08:27 PM
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The Audacious Apocalypse Fox!
right-aligned image
Hero Name: Apocalypse Fox
Real Name: Dana Marie Cooper

Playbook: The Outsider
Look: Woman - Animalistic Body - Animalistic Eyes - Flashy Clothing - No Costume

Description: 5' / 154 cm anthropomorphic vixen. Short-cut and stylish outfit (weather permitting). Prefer cool, earthy colors for casual attire. Can also shapeshift, especially into a human guise of Gaelic descent. Accent is somewhere between New Yorker and Southern drawl; an Irish accent peeks out when very emotional. Tomboy that says bad words and has bad habits. Might not be a mere mutant? See attachments for more references.

Goals: Stop the hurters. Keep the nice ones safe, or avenge them if it comes to it. Learn to get attached to people again. Be a teen girl in a stable world.

  • Where did you come from? An alternate, paranormal, post-apocalyptic Earth.
  • Why did you come to this Earth? Because her nemesis threw her across space-time, and she's stuck here.
  • Why do you want to stay here (at least for now)? This stable Earth is cool, and could use more heroes. And to feel like a normal teenager.
  • Why do your people want you to come home? They need heroes like her, even if she doesn't realize or accept that fact.
  • Why do you care about the team? They're her friends good people, and put up with her attitude and lack of mercy for villains.

  • You've been learning about this Earth by spending time with _____.
  • You have a crush on Danny but you keep it under wraps.

When Our Team First Came Together...
We didn’t trust each other at first, but that changed. How? Why?
"You all trusted me first, duhhh. In spite of first impressions."

Character SheetPotential
[X] [X] [X] [_] [_]

  • [_] Afraid (-2 to directly engage a threat)
  • [X] Angry (-2 to comfort or support or pierce the mask)
  • [_] Guilty (-2 to provoke someone or assess the situation)
  • [X] Hopeless (-2 to unleash your powers)
  • [X] Insecure (-2 to defend someone or reject others’ influence)

Influence: Over Dana
If you're haughty, you think you're better than them. Give no one Influence. If you're cheerful, you're thrilled to be here. Give everyone Influence over you.Current Demeanor: Haughty
Adults - "Begrudgingly."
Lilith - "I can't stand her. She reminds me too much of my worst aspects."

Influence: Over Others
Starevna (Ana) - "I'm a wild card against this Earth's hero / villain dichotomy, allegedly."
Weasel - "...if we ever meet again, I'm not letting go."
Lilith - "Danny isn't her toy. She knows that now. Sucks to be her."
Brutalizer (Danny) - "Respect's a two-way street. So why is he meeting me halfway?"



Letters From The EditorWhy: I love PbtA games, Teen Titans was awesome, and Masks fits such a genre like a glove. The game seems less about "will your heroes survive?" so much as "what happens if they fail?". That stands out to me more than Mutants & Masterminds. I'd love to see what kind of heroics we get ourselves into.




Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	la zorra.png
Views:	11
Size:	2.48 MB
ID:	94398   Click image for larger version

Name:	0Plet7n.jpg
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ID:	94399   Click image for larger version

Name:	ash_racheltheseeker_transparent.png
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Size:	358.0 KB
ID:	94488  

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Old Feb 13th, 2022, 09:07 AM
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Weasel Character Sheet
right-aligned image

Hero Name: Weasel
Playbook: The Delinquent
Looks: Man - Hispanic/Latino - Untrusting Eyes - Ragged Clothes - No Costume
Moment of Truth: Not Unlocked Yet
Potential: X X X O O
Abilities: Teleportation and tricks illusions


Conditions: None

Danger: 0
Freak: +1
Savior: -1
Superior: +2
Mundane: +1

• You keep trying to impress Apocalypse Fox with your antics.
• You and Brutalizer pulled an awesome (if illegal) stunt together.

Chosen Playbook Moves

When you assess the situation, you can always ask one of the following questions, even on a miss:

- what here is useful or valuable to me?
- how could I best infuriate or provoke ____________?
- what’s the best way in/way past?
Criminal Mind

When you mislead, distract, or trick someone, roll + Superior. On a hit, they are fooled, at least for a moment. On a 10+, choose three. On a 7-9, choose two.

- you get an opportunity
- you expose a weakness or flaw
- you confuse them for some time
- you avoid further entanglement

On a miss, you’re hopelessly embroiled in it and under pressure; mark a condition.
Are you watching closely?

Whenever you reject others’ Influence, add +2 to your roll.I don't care what you think!



Weasel Application
Posting Rate: Daily

Characters: Hei Giddem (Lost Mine of Phandelver) | Zinlar 'Zin' Hazelmane (Dragon of Icespire Peak)

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Old Oct 19th, 2022, 07:47 PM
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